social media how to Do you want more exposure for your blog?

Have you tried curating articles written by influencers?

Roundup posts help you gain the attention of influencers who can increase the reach of your content.

In this article I’ll share five steps to creating a curated blog post.

influencer roundup post

Discover how to create a curated blog post of influencers in your industry.

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#1: Choose a Topic

To select a subject for your post, start by researching popular topics covered by your competitors.

Make a list of three to five individuals or companies that share your area of expertise. Then, go to, type in the name or URL for each competitor and click search. The results let you see their most successful articles.

For example, a search of Social Media Examiner shows two of their most successful posts are about tools.

buzzsumo competitor search example

Search Buzzsumo to find what popular content already exists on competitors’ blogs in your industry.

After you search a few more companies, identify a common topic you want to feature in a curated post.

#2: Identify Influencers to Feature

After you choose your subject, strategically target experts to feature in the blog post.

First, go over to Followerwonk, click on Search Bios and enter your topic keyword. This free tool lets you see the most influential Twitter users relative to your topic or keyword.

followerwonk bios search example

Go to the Search Bios section on Followerwonk to find specific Twitter users who are experts on your topic.

Next, click the Social Authority tab to sort your list by who has the most influence. Ideally you want to target individuals with high authority and a large number of followers. I suggest individuals rather than companies, since people tend to be more responsive.

For instance, on the topic of social media tools Ian Cleary has a high social authority and a large Twitter following.

buzzsumo authority rank example

Click Social Authority to see who has the most influence on your topic.

Finally, go back to Buzzsumo. This time, run a search for your topic. This is how you find the most popular blogs and authors on the subject.

buzzsumo topic search example

Type your topic into Buzzsumo’s search, and find the most popular blogs and bloggers to target.

Compile a list of 5 to 15 of these influencers, including their blog URL, and move on to the next step.

#3: Select Articles to Include

Once you know which influencers to target, you need to find the most popular content they’ve published on your topic.

Paste each influencer’s blog URL into Buzzsumo search and look for a popular article that relates to the subject of your article.

buzzsumo content search example

Enter a URL into Buzzsumo’s search to find the expert’s most shared content.

If you cannot find any relevant content from the author, don’t panic. Type the topic keywords after the URL and search again.

buzzsumo refine search example

Add keywords after the URL to refine the search results.

Make sure you read all of the articles (you may even want to make notes for later) and gather a nice cross-section of articles without any overlap. You’re curating content from these influencers to share with your audience, so you want to create as valuable an article as possible.

When you’re done researching, choose one article written by each influencer on your list to feature in your roundup post.

#4: Write a Roundup Blog Post

Now it’s time to construct your roundup blog post. Use the following blog post structure to increase the likelihood of getting shares from the influencers you mention.

Headline & Introduction

Start with a strong headline to drive clicks to your blog. Here are some headline formulas you can adapt for your roundup:

  • X Most Popular [TOPIC] Posts From the Pros in [MONTH/YEAR]
  • X Most Popular [TOPIC] Posts From [JOB TITLE] in [MONTH/YEAR]
  • X Most Popular [TOPIC] Posts That Will [DESIRED RESULT]
  • X Most Popular [TOPIC] Posts That Will [DESIRED RESULT] in [DESIRED TIME]

Next, tell your readers what they will learn from your article. Keep the introduction short, punchy and to the point.

Featured Blog Mention

  • Title and Rank: Start with the numbered position of the article (#1, #2, #3, etc.). Then add the original post title and the amount of shares it received.
blog post structure example

Compile all the articles into your roundup blog post, using this structure.

  • Images: Gather and insert the logo, an eye-catching image of the header from the featured blog and a screen grab of the Buzzsumo share count for the original blog post.
  • Attribution: It’s essential to fully credit the website that posted the original article and cite the author. For example:
Original Article: 7 Strategies for Growing Your Community Blog (ProBlogger). Author: Darren Rowse ( @Problogger) from ProBlogger.
  • Short Description: Write a brief description of each post (about a paragraph), outlining why someone should read it and what they will discover.

Repeat these steps until you’ve included all of the blogs you’re featuring.

Call to Action

Decide what action you want readers to take once they’ve read the article, and include it at the end of your article. For instance, ask readers to share, comment, subscribe, download, sign up, etc.

Review your article when it’s complete, and when you’re satisfied, hit Publish.

#5: Reach Out to Mentioned Influencers

Reaching out to the influencers you featured gives them the chance to share your article. Their amplification of your content can be a fundamental factor in its success. You’ll want to start interacting with the influencers you mention at least a few weeks before you publish the post linking to their content.

There are a variety of ways to do this. For instance, share their content across social platforms, add thoughtful comments to their blog and social media posts, share links to their blog and tag them when you do so, connect with them on social media and sign up for their newsletter.

Once your blog post is live, send each influencer an email to let them know they’ve been featured in your curated article. Write a nice, genuine letter, sharing your enthusiasm for their work and excitement about your article.

Here’s an example:

influencer email example

Send an email to the mentioned influencers, letting them know you included their content in your post.

You’ll also want share your post on social media and tag each influencer when you do. Maybe send each influencer a direct tweet with a link to the roundup post to let them know they have been featured.

influencer tweet example

Mention the included influencers in your tweets, and they will likely respond and retweet.

Hit the right notes and featured influencers may share your content with their audiences, giving your blog more exposure.

influencer share example

Influencers who share your content will extend your reach.


Creating a curated roundup blog post is an excellent way to get on the radar of key influencers in your industry and introduce yourself to their audiences. I’ve used a variety of blog formats and without a doubt this one is the most effective. It dramatically increases the reach of your posts, while helping you build relationships with the experts in your field. Give it a try.

What do you think? Have you written curated blog posts? How do you find influencers to target? What methods do you have for writing and sharing your posts? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

curate blog post of industry content

Tips to curate an influencer roundup post for your blog.

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  • Kelly Ohlmus

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have always wondered what is the best way to start such a post and you have shown me the way.

  • Wow – thanks for the great feedback Kelly!

    I’m really glad you’ve found the post useful. 🙂

  • have not seen such a original way to round up posts. Very helpful

  • Thanks Arun, really appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  • Hey Suze, thank you, really glad this will come in useful for you. 😀

  • I just needed to mention… Thanks again for the “grat” content!

  • Great spot Aurora, Thet’s one of the spelling mistakes I noticed in the email after I sent it to Jeff Bullas! I need to improve my proof reading for sure!

    Fortunatly he ignored the spelling mistakes and shared my blog which was lucky! ?

  • Hey Vinish – thanks for the suggestions.

    I haven’t used these services before so I’ll have to check them out.

    Thanks again,



  • That’s so awesome Aurora! I hope you find the strategy as valuable as I have 🙂

  • Annamma Philip Vergh

    What Amazing Post@
    Great lessons shared!
    I just curated this post at Kingged dot com a content curation internet marketing platform.
    Thanks for sharing, I just bookmarked it for my further reading and references,
    ~ Ann

  • Hey Annamma thanks for the positive feedback. 🙂


  • Yoram Pohl

    Hay Daniel, this is excellent and very helpful! Do you feel that people will be as likely to share your content by not giving their own opinion versus our own if there is info on them? Also would this strategy work if you do a post on social media influencers, but didn’t focus on just one niche, such as “10 successful social media influencers who stated from nothing”? Thanks

  • Hi Yoram thanks so much for the question and feedback!

    Could you explain what you mean by, ‘Do you feel that peole will be as likely to share your content by not giving their own opinion versus our own if there is info on them?’?

    To answer the second question yes that could 100% work! One thing I’d say is to always think about strategically picking the influencers you feature in your post. You want to pick influencers who have an influence over your target market.

    For example, if you targeted people interested in tech then it may be a good idea to feature someone like Guy Kawasaki, rather than someone more generic.

    Hope this helps, looking forward to hearing back from you.


  • Yoram Pohl

    Hay Daniel thanks for getting back 😊. What I meant was if you do a curated post as you mentioned, do you feel people are as likely to share it versus giving their opinion in a post, such as emailing them and asking a question on a topic, then following up when it goes live?

  • No problem Yoram, yes that is another great way to reach out to influencers and get them to share your post.

    Here are my thoughts…

    I think that if you can get an influencer to provide you with an answer to a question etc. then yes they are more likely to share the post.

    However, what you need to think about here is the amount of effort the influencer needs to invest. They may not see a big enough value proposition to reply with an answer to be featured in your post. However if you feature a post they have already written, it is minimal effort for them to share it.

    Have you tried both methods Yoram? If so how did your results differ, or what do you think?


  • Yoram Pohl

    Oh yes that makes alot of sense. I haven’t tried both, I’m about to launch a website and to get traffic from day 1 was going to doing an expert/influential roundup. This post is great and in relation to what you said you about how much effort would others go to really, and especially for a new site with no real reputation yet. This method would bring better results. Thanks!

  • No problem at all Yoram – best of luck! 🙂