social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Chris Garrett, co-author of the best-selling book Problogger and the popular blog

Chris shares the foundation pieces you need to build a successful business blog and explains how to create killer content to engage your audience and get the results you want from blogging.  Chris also talks about the role blogs play within a good social media ecosystem and how this helps you connect with your audience.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • Know why you want to blog, who you’re creating the content for and what you want to get out of it
  • Target your customers when you write because if you simply write in general about your topic you’ll only attract your peers
  • Take advantage of the popularity of list posts
  • Use stories because they never go out of fashion
  • Draw from real experience to show more emotions and engage readers as a person so they can connect with you on a human level
  • Don’t give up too soon
  • Grow a thick skin and learn how to deal with the personal attacks that come with blogging and putting yourself out there

Connect with Chris on Twitter @ChrisGarrett, on Facebook and check out Chris’s blog.

Do you blog? What tips do you have to share about blogging? Please leave them below.

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  • This is a great reminder. I’m about to set up my 2nd blog with a handful of other bloggers in Atlanta. Thanks for the refreshing post.

    My tips for blogging are to have fun, and let things happen naturally. Your traffic should happen organically, through sharing, being yourself, and by NOT focusing on SEO. That will come from staying true to your niche.

  • Great info and tips here Chris.

    I loved your comment ‘Audience Is King’. In the hospitality industry the Audience is King, and we need to know the art of serve our audience. Storytelling is what keep us in business.

    And I like the idea of share your info when something has gone wrong, and then use this to your advantage. We need to find unique and creative ways to bring consumers back. Be proactive and show case what went wrong, and what’s been done to fix it.

    Cheers.. Are

  • efilyojne

    Great Post!

    I recently started dedicating one post a week to video blogging. Here is an excerpt “Video on the web is today’s most powerful medium, and videographers are to social media, what photographers were to publishing. What is most exciting about videography now is…”

    Read the rest at the following link

  • Cpickett

    Lately, I’m finding the comments on other blogs I follow to be really helpful in coming up with ideas for my own blog and other content. I think a lot of people read the main post only so I suggest budgeting a few more minutes and keep reading beyond that.

  • Dkosala82

    Great post Mike, I have 2 questions. What’s Feeds really means? and What’s podcast?

    Kosala from

  • Great timing on your blog. Thank you. I was just asked to step in as President of a new emerging company. Next week I will begin putting in the social media aspect of marketing. The blog was my first stop. No one here knows much about blogging, and in fact, they are very nervous about it. I am going to ask all my bloggers to watch this video to help them overcome their fears and concerns.

    Dano, blogging about business

  • Bluzrider

    I’m new to blogging, and I’m sure glad to have come across Social Media Examiner, I have listened to 2 video posts so far and I have learned a lot already. I can’t wait for more to help me get my blog up and running.
    Thanks for the information. I hope someday to be able to contribute, when I know and learn more.

    Thanks Again


  • Jeff Humphreys

    Great interview. I really liked how you asked Chris for examples following his statements. It’s one thing to talk about all these ideas but it’s another to provide real life examples.


  • Really wonderful tips for a newbie like me. Chris really is intelligent. I do agree that audience is King and its all about engaging others instead of just talking about yourself.
    Thank you for the share.

  • Molly

    Compelling content is by far our biggest challenge! (which is why I was attracted to this post.) We try to get into the minds of our clients and prospects, and determine what they would want to read in order to help them do their job better – it’s tough to come up with quality content on a regular basis but we know that if the quality and consistency is there, we will eventually see results! Thanks for the tips Chris!

  • Thank you for the excellent points. I think one of the best points is that the “audience is king”.

    I just started a blog and my content creation is going a little slower than I thought because I am focusing on the mindset of my target audience. After hearing this interview, I feel better about the process.

    Thank you Michael and Chris! – Theresa

  • trufflemedia

    “Take advantage of the popularity of list posts”
    What Chris says in the video is they are kind of fads, not that he recommends them. He was more focused on the “Use stories because they never go out of fashion” model.

  • CoachJaneLee

    Great tips for newbie bloggers. Several points that I got out of the interview are; Know your audience and engaging them is key. Provide information that the readers want. Don’t give up so soon when it comes to blogging.

    Thank You Michael and Chris

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  • Thank you for this timeless article. My blog has gone through several different metamorphoses over the past few years, simply because I have done the same. The original intent of my blog was to promote my books, which deal in whole life success.

    Unfortunately, I tried to tie in my side business, my love for music and heath ideas.
    Needless to say I got way off base. Thanks to the many great articles you share I am know back on track.

  • Thanks Are! Keep telling those stories

  • Good idea

  • Rss feeds are those symbols that look like radio waves in orange boxes on blogs. They make it easy for people to discover your content. Podcasting is audio broadcasting

  • Dano, also have them check out the getting started link at the top of the page

  • Thanks Joe! Welcome aboard

  • Jeff, can you give me an example?


  • Why not survey them 🙂

  • Thanks so much Don. keep at it!

  • Great interview. I especially like the Audience is King. Totally agree with that. Thanks for these 6 minutes of high value content. – Juan

  • What can I say Michael? Great post, great timing :).
    My favorite tips are: audience is king, stick with it and grow thick blogging skin.
    For us, the Garious bloggers team, the key to blogging success is “systematic diversification”. In other words, we diversify both the topics and the digital content but we do it on preset dates. For example, we have a category titled “Podcast Mondays” and the title says it all. This way, our readers will know what to except.
    However, all of our diverse post share 5 key features in common: they are fun, compelling, informative, engaging and unique.
    What we are going to add to the mix is systematic incorporation of video posts.
    Thanks again for this very useful post.

  • Thank you for sharing this priceless information. I’ve recently decided to become a blogger and registered at (that is very good service for posting news and profiting from it) and your tips will be definitely useful to me. Thanks again!

  • One thing I’ve done to help me keep my blog relevant is create a list of the top 10 problems people are having in my industry, and write post around practical solutions. Great post Michael.

  • Fixx Coffee

    Hi guys, many thanks Chris for sharing this, very practical advice as it is easy at times to get lost in the midst of it all 🙂

  • Lar

    Video Blogs: amateur hour?

    The more I learn about social media and this new phenomenon, the Video Blog, the more I wonder how much value is placed on it’s production. In other words, have we generally lowered our standards in accepting very basic audio/video presentations in this “You-tube” age?

    Or rather, is this only important to certain topics or demographic audience? In fact, are we who value high production standards, alienating a major portion of listeners/viewers due to our media being “too professional”?

    Personally, I like well produced audio & video, certainly I prefer well recorded and LEGIBLE dialogue, and video that runs smoothly without shake or constant zooming. Yet these qualities are the minority in most media I view today, which annoys me more often than I’d like to admit! In this last lecture/videoblog, the main speaker drifted in and out of the spotlight on stage, had no audience mic when welcoming questions, and made HS film dept mistakes, which to me undermined his whole lecture on media & blogging. Or maybe I’m wrong, and the times have changed.

    I’d love to get your feedback on this, since it seems to me, there are so many more outlets for the music we songwriters create, including the “Video Blog”!

    this is also posted on FB pg l Discussions for reply!

  • Writing content for others seems difficult – we shouldn’t just assume what we find interesting will interest others.

  • Hi
    Consumers no longer want the hassles of long lines, pushy salespeople, telemarketers or wasteful junk mail in their mailboxes. So we have to be a good writer to attract more people to read our blogs.
    Thanks for sharing these views wit us.

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  • Audience is a very spoiled King these days. Thank you for great video.

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  • I read quite a few blogs. The best of them are clearly adhering to the basic priciples presented here. It seems obvious that a blogger should write purposefully, with an actual point of view. Alas, there are quite a few that don’t quite accomplish that goal. Anyway, thanks for the info.

  • sabrina

    Not giving up too soon is the hardest, it needs to be said also that in the beginning of your blog you feel like you are shouting into a void. Months and months with no comments, heck I’d welcome that haters just to know someone was listening. Hard to worry about your audience when you can’t feel them and don’t know if they even exist. I’ve tried quizzes and surveys to try to find out what they are thinking and what they want, but no response yet. But I am not giving up yet!

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