social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Amber Naslund, co-author of the new book The Now Revolution and VP of social strategy at Radian6.

Amber shares why social media monitoring is so important and what you need to monitor to get the most value out of your social media activities.

You’ll find out why social media is the new phone and what this means to your business. Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • How to find out what people are saying, what your competition is doing and what’s happening in your industry
  • How to tie your monitoring back to metrics to measure social media results to improve awareness, sales and loyalty
  • What the Red Cross does right in social media
  • How blogging and social media impact your metrics
  • Whether controversy is a good idea on your blog
  • Where to learn how to integrate social media into your business

Read the book Amber co-authored with Jay Baer, The Now Revolution, to find out how to be a social company and how to engineer social from the inside out.  And connect with Amber on Twitter @ambercadabra, at Radian6 and on her blog, Brass Tack Thinking.

How do you measure your social media activities? What tips do you have to share on creating a social business? Please leave them below.

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  • I am actually buying the book today. Can’t wait to read it! It is hard for traditional marketers to wrap their heads around the ROI of listening, since it is such a new part of the marketing strategy. The unbiased HOW and WHY of what people are talking about is so so important, and I think it is revolutionary that we now have the tools to do it.

  • Everything is social media now and we all must keep a tab on whats hot and whats fading out. Companies especially need to monitor progress and well as visibility.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • I tell you what, great video and I don’t question her extensive knowledge of social media, but the Red Cross…at least the Grand Canyon Chapter…is not a company that I’d refer to when talking about successful social media campaigns.

  • Good point about traditional marketers and listing. Many are used to speaking at not speaking with people

  • I used or to saw the reactions of my post at social media. And that new role like community manager is a great job to learn and do.

  • Again, I’m a happy and loyal customer. Listening to this video with high value and feeling that it’s finally about what companies are all about and that is: serving their customers the best way they can. The only way to do that is by listening. It’s that simple and yet so difficult cause financial directors are still thinking in financial results and listening is not always on their list. A great challenge for traditional marketeers to convice their CFO’s. This book sure helps with that. Thanks.

  • Tony

    Hi Michael.Always enjoy your material. I get that much material in the inbox today that 90% of it I dump without reading – but yours is one of the small handful I always keep (even if sometimes I file to read later). Just wanted to give you the feedback. Cheers. Tony

  • Thanks much Tony!

  • Great post Michael… I really love reading your post… I’m learning new things because of the post you create… Thank you so much… Love to hear more from you…

  • Jeanette

    yes, I don’t often read newsletters, but yours has little tidbits I can incorporate immediatelyl This is a pace i can handle, about one new thing a week. recently you had one advisor say to put up bullets and not just paragraphs. makes sense! another fabulous one was the 21 things to do with social networking. Just the idea of Ten this, or seven that….. All simple ideas i can put into my blog or FB entry. Thanks Big Time!

  • Hi,
    social media is effective way of connecting with potential customers. Using Social media is the best way and we have to constantly monitor the growth which follows it and improvise ourselves to do better social media marketing. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very interesting article! Read in one breath! Thank you! Write more such news!

  • Actually, almost of the blogger are using the social media for increasing the traffic for the web page. And, its one of the valuable article to all the people. Thanks a lot for sharing your info on here.

  • I remember one prolific blogger in the social media sphere had sent me a message that social engagement doesn’t really matter as she’s out there to collect site traffic. Isn’t that sad? Now, I’m thinking if this is the reason why no ‘expert’ want to really define social engagement or something. I’ve blogged about the Now Revolution months ago and I like the concept as well. Cheers!

  • Although I was happy using Radian6 in my campaigns a couple of years ago, after trialling Alterian’s SM2, I’m afraid I’ve been converted. SM2 offers a long history of data and (in my opinion) more indepth analysis tools. But anyway…

    These monitoring services are useful not only for promotion and increasing of traffic but also for genuine sCRM purposes. It’s a good step to deal with customer complaints on your social media profile, but even better to pinpoint the discussion and complaints elsewhere and (respectfully) enter conversation to resolve the issues.

  • Very nice interview. I learned a lot and made me realize of a lot of things, too. Social media has become really popular to people nowadays, to both young and old people for communication and business endevours and it’s always great to know what happens within this sphere of interactions. It’s always better to be in the know rather than building your own universe in your website or blog but nobody knows what you’re really talking about.

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