social media toolsWhat are QR codes and how can they help your business? Keep reading to find out.

Quick Response codes (QR codes) and other two-dimensional codes are expected to achieve widespread use this year – and for good reason. Consumers want immediate access to what’s relevant and QR codes are being used to make that possible.

QR Codes 101

If you’re not yet familiar with QR codes, they’re similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products at the point of sale. The key difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold or share.

sme code

QR code to the Social Media Examiner home page.

Bar codes are linear one-dimensional codes and can only hold up to 20 numerical digits, whereas QR codes are two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes that can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information. Their ability to hold more information and their ease of use makes them practical for small businesses.

When you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone, you can link to digital content on the web; activate a number of phone functions including email, IM and SMS; and connect the mobile device to a web browser.

Any of these desired functions are easily achieved by properly creating your QR code.  It’s a simple process of entering the appropriate data into the QR code generator, described below, and it all takes just a few minutes.

The ability of QR codes to connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content is very useful for businesses and consumers alike.

The Origins of QR Codes

While QR codes are still considered a novelty here in the United States, they’ve been actively used for over a decade in Japan where they were invented.  QR is a registered trademark of Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota.  Denso Wave has elected not to exercise their patent rights of QR codes and that has encouraged their widespread use.

There are other software companies that have created 2D codes that work much like QR codes, with Microsoft being the most notable.  Microsoft developed their own proprietary software to create codes known as MS tags.  Unlike QR codes, which can be read by a number of different readers, MS tags can only be read by the Microsoft Tag Reader.

ms tag

MS tag to Microsoft Tag Reader app.

Choosing to use QR codes or MS tags is a personal choice.  It seems that MS tags presently allow for more possibilities for creative graphic designs, such as incorporating images and logos into the tag.  Nevertheless, those capabilities have to be weighed against the reach and ease of use of open-source QR codes.

How QR Codes Work

QR code Generators – There are a number of sites for generating QR codes and they’re all free.  An Internet search for QR code generator will offer many choices.

One that has worked well for me is Kaywa, a site created by Datamatrix, which is another pioneer of 2D codes.  You can use it to create QR codes that link to a web page, text, phone numbers, or SMS.  Another with even greater capabilities, including customizing the color and format of your codes is Kerem Erkan.

QR code Readers – The QR code reader app that works well on my iPhone is i-nigma, which claims to be the most widely used reader in the world.  It accommodates virtually any type of camera phone. For the android, you can also try Barcode Scanner. If you already own the popular price-checking app Red Laser, they’ve recently adapted their technology to accommodate QR code reading.

Applications for QR Codes

SharingThere’s no limit to how, or even how much, you can share with QR codes.  While a video or landing page is easily shared, you could go further and share an entire eBook and even multiple pieces of content that share a common link.

qr code like

QR code Like button to the author’s Facebook page.

Community – Sharing is how you build community, and one of the favorite arenas for doing this is Facebook.  You can use Likify to create a QR code that links your mobile device to a fully functioning LIKE button for your Facebook page.

This greatly simplifies the process of merging your other communities with your Facebook page – and it is all accomplished in one click.

Additionally, the accompanying signature “thumbs-up” clearly suggests the purpose of the code.

Calls to Action – After building a community, the next logical step is to mobilize them to take action.   What are you trying to accomplish?  You can alternate special offers by simply linking your QR codes to new landing pages, and you can combine then with email opt-ins to build your list.

mailing list

The QR code above takes visitors to a Facebook page welcome tab where the calls to action are Liking the page and a list opt-in.

SEO and SMO – Earlier this month I wrote an article on social graphs where I discuss how web objects such as images, music clips, and videos add valuable content to your social graph.  QR codes enhance both your search engine and social media optimization.  Now you can increase traffic to those searchable objects to further optimize them by encouraging more sharing.

Social Proof – To help build a community offline, it can be helpful to use your vibrant online communities as social proof of your influence and expertise.  As one example, you can use QR codes to link to specific blog posts that have earned an abundance of activity.

Analytics – QR codes most commonly link to urls, which is why link shortening services and now automatically generate a QR code for sharing your shortened links.  Using as an example, you simply click on the “more” link after you create your shortened link, where you are taken to a page that not only gives you the QR code, but useful analytics. is another site that provides analytics and the ability to customize the color of your QR codes


This screenshot shows how serves up analytics and a QR code for a shortened link. Scan it to go to a list of recommended QR code readers.

Practical Uses of QR Codes

Here are some ways for using QR codes that are mostly in practice now, as well as a few that I believe we will be seeing in the very near future.


QR Codes could be used:

  • The back (or front and back) of your business card.
  • Your brochures and other marketing materials.
  • The sides of trucks and trailers.
  • Product tags and packaging
  • Convention and event nametags
  • Restaurant menus
  • Event ticket stubs
  • Point-of-sale receipts
ask your questions

QR Code at the Naperville, IL Public Library assists visitors with helpful advice.


QR Codes could link to:

  • Installation instructions
  • Sources for replacement parts and service
  • Directions to your business
  • The process for hiring your professional services
  • Valuable coupons and special offers
  • Recommendations for complementary products and services
  • Free mp3 downloads
  • Customer feedback forms
google local places

A QR code on a café in Seattle, WA links to Google Places and reviews on Yelp and around the web.

How you can you maximize your effectiveness with QR codes:

  • Provide explanations about their use and benefits
  • Encourage actions that support your marketing plan
  • Assuage the fears of the technically challenged
  • Give reasons to come back
  • Experiment with the size, location, and color of your QR codes
  • Study your analytics
  • Make the process fun, such as a QR code scavenger hunt
  • Experiment

Practical Examples

United Airlines – Many of the major airlines are now using 2D codes as digital boarding passes.  I recently learned that by the end of 2011 all carriers will be required to provide this service for international flights.

united airlines

United Airlines 2D code boarding pass.

I tried this myself and it works like a charm.  My only suggestion is to not rely on the link, but rather to save a copy of the image on your phone.   You don’t want to risk not being able to find a good signal when you need it most!

Google Places – When you register your local business with Google Places, you’ll receive a decal for your place of business that includes a QR code to your company website. Be sure that QR code links to the most relevant information that potential customers are interested in – such as hours of operation and current specials and offers.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation – This non-profit foundation is creatively using QR codes in partnership with a local small business, and the results have been favorable for both organizations.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation was started in 2007 by Keith Desserich and his wife Brooke, in honor of their six-year old daughter Elena, who died of brain cancer.  They partnered with Graeter’s Ice Cream, based in Cincinnati, OH, who created a special flavor of ice cream for the cause – Elena Blueberry Pie.

The marketing campaign used a QR code linking to the Cones for a Cure landing page, where your contact information is exchanged for a coupon for a free scoop of Elena Blueberry Pie ice cream.

cones flex

Cones for a Cure billboard with QR code.

The campaign not only surpassed the fund-raising goals, but it also helped to increase revenue and distribution for Graeter’s – who actively participated in the fund-raising on a per scoop basis.  The campaign will be rolled out again next year in twice as many cities.

The Future of QR Codes and Tags

The potential for QR Codes is limitless.  What’s most exciting is how they take what social media is doing well now, bringing people together with technology, and extending it to enhance the experience.

The next generation of barcodes will hold even more information – so much that an Internet connection will not even be necessary.  The content will be effectively embedded in the code.  Imagine scanning a digital code to manifest physical reality?

It’s amazing to consider where this can go.

How about you?  How can you use QR codes to take advantage of this phenomenon? Leave your comments in the box below.

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  • you mean QR codes are effective for website and it’s function.Am i right sir?

  • That’s right – one of the advantages of QR and other 2d codes is the ability to hold sufficient alpha-numeric characters to link to even the longest website url. Plus, the ability to accomplish this in real time with a mobile device means greater accessibility to that site.


  • SalesProfs

    Check our code here ! we use it as a recruitment tool

  • This is the best summary of how QR codes are a must for PR professionals now. Much appreciated and I can’t wait to get started.

  • There is also a website that generates QR codes for Facebook pages so people can ‘like your page’ on the spot using a QR code: (including analytics)

  • Glad you enjoyed Darrel. I wouldn’t be surprised if we did a follow-up as this is evolving so quickly. Lots of interesting things to come!


  • Chung – Yes, I did mention that in the article, but thanks for reminding everyone that it includes analytics as well. Also, since this article was written a new service creates a similar tag for connecting on LinkedIn – I went into some detail here:


  • Erik Goldhar

    The most important thing to remember when implementing QR Codes is to make sure that your codes resolve to a mobile website. – is the mobile web and QR Code solution for Realtors and Brokerages.

    Thank you for the post.


  • Awesome break down. I’ve seen QRs in books (you know…the paper kind 🙂 which provide access to the super secret area of the website related to book’s additional resources and such.

    I thought that was a pretty cool way to use them.

  • Great post Jeff. QR codes are certainly something very exciting to watch. So much so we are just about to launch a site this week for creating and managing QR campaigns.

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  • This is a fantastic break down of QR codes. I’ve found them to be extremely useful for clients like Microcenter who have brick and mortar stores – it allows them to leverage their traffic in both directions.
    Sending unique codes to phones via text and dropping your consumer at a PURL (personalized landing page) is huge when you want to increase conversions. Your customers like to feel special and this is a wonderful way to do just that. Great article – thanks! Love all the links to easy to use free services. Very helpful.

  • Dino – Paper books … I like that. Indeed, publishers are embracing 2d codes. It appears that MS tags are their favorites. Since writing this article I’ve seen QR codes on the sails of boats in competition, on the backs of jackets, at a number of bus stops, on menus, even inside of fortune cookies!

    No limits to the possibilities. 🙂


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  • Hi Jeff.

    What an awesome tutorial on QR codes. This was sure a true 101 on QR codes. Found a lot of great and valuable information here. I mostly utilized the QR code from Google Places. Was not aware of the that their short url provided some QR info with some useful analytic.

    I noticed that they utilize QR codes in the Travel industry more then we do in the Hotel Industry. We want to find creative and effective ways to especially implement this towards the concierge service. So this was for me a really helpful article.


    Cheers.. Are

  • Don Kerr

    My company, Grace Hanna Inc., helped Chateau des Charmes become the first winery in North America to feature QR codes on their packaging to help expand market interest to a new generation of consumers. It’s cool stuff.

  • Sandi

    Don’t click on that link above… it opens a popup and another “search” site that spawns several other windows. Go back, instead, to the original link within the article.

  • Fantastic article, Jeff. I’m doing a keynote at a writers’ conference in a couple of weeks, introducing writers to outside-the-box ways they can (and should) be marketing their writing. I already have a section on QR codes in my talk, but your post inspired me with some additional information. I agree that QR codes are going to be the darling of the networking world in the U.S. this year (they’ve been popular in Japan or some time, I’ve heard).

  • Jeff,

    Awesome! I currently use QR Codes – on my business card and Facebook Page banners, and other places too.

    I’ve found that many people in my geographic area do not have phones that support the QR functions – so fighting to get them techno-charged. Articles like this help!! 🙂

    Thanks for the resource links to customize QR Codes, and the Facebook Like QR information. I find it interesting that the airlines will be requiring the QR Code for boarding passes. Probably time-saving!


  • Stephanie

    I feel giddy after reading this. GREAT info. Thanks!

  • Dick Goldsmith

    I get very frustrated trying to use QR codes on my Blackberry, even using the scanner that comes installed. I have a patent pending solution called Per-KeysTM ( that allows you to use a personalized keyword on written communications (Direct Mail, Magazine ads) which a recipient can use to send a text message (SMS). When received, you know exactly who is sending the text message so your response can be personal and targeted. You can even have one click ordering of products and/or information. 99% of phones out there today can text. Only 25% of phones can use QR codes.

  • Nice article. 2011 is going to be the year of the QR code. Try to create a QR Code for your social properties. It is designed for businesses to promote their Fan Page and Twitter Profiles and you can also create coupons that are sharable on Facebook and Twitter.

  • All rather interesting – had seem QR codes before and new they were a new type of bar code but didn’t really know what they were all about – very very interesting and will look into them a little more. Many thanks for an interesting article -Any recommendations for further reading on them?



  • I <3 QR codes. Scanned one from a bus bench while on a bus and got a coupon for some hot wings. Seriously.

  • Great article, thank you Jeff. I currently use QR codes on my business cards that links to our hotel website. In networking situations it’s great for discussion. I have also started incorporating into our hotel advertising campaigns and use for the analytics, it’s pretty awesome. I have also toyed with the idea of a scavenger hunt as well. Looking forward to finding more great uses for QR codes!!

  • Best summary of QR codes I have read. Thanks! I am very interested in this technology and excited about all of the possibilities (nearly limitless). The only thing holding it back is adoption, but I imagine as more and more people have smart phones, it will soon become second nature.

  • We can only hope those airline codes will be time savers. Most major airlines use them now, so next time around give it a test drive. I found the airlines are excited that some passengers are trying them – just as you are with your business. 🙂


  • Robinhood

    Hi Jeff,

    Your article is loaded with great info and strategies I had no knowledge of.


  • CJ – I believe it. For many small business offering freebies and incentives via QR codes is a nice way to get new customers in the door.


  • Jeff – Thanks Jeff. I’ll be honest – I read many articles and checked sources to get clear on more than a few points. 🙂

    There is no question that general acceptance is growing all of the time. This is much like buying a new car and then discovering everyone in town seems to have one just like it.

    Pretty soon we’ll be surrounded by QR codes!


  • WSI_Paul_Davies

    I have been looking for a basic ‘how to’ on QR codes for a few weeks now and your post is by far the best I have seen. I do have a burning question that hasn’t been answered yet – can you say whether it’s possible to combine a multiple of addresses into one QR code? For example, a retail outlet that wants to inform customers on their website url, facebook fan page, twitter feed, e-mail address, etc, etc. Do they need to create a QR code for each?

  • Paul – You’ll have to try this out for yourself – but I would imagine using a bundle would make that possible. Though it would require additional steps after the code is read.

    I think it’s easier to get all that info on one page – e.g. I use a code that links to the speaking page on my blog where I host videos of me speaking lives, my speaking calendar, testimonials, contact info, etc, etc.

    I’m getting ready to update that page, so it’s nice to know all of the codes I’ve sent to meeting planners and speaker bureaus will still not only be valid – but will now take them to fresh content.

    Does that help?

  • Great article Jeff. Well done!

  • Gareth – Further reading? Well, most of what I read was in bits and pieces all over the Web. And as you can imagine, many of the articles out there are in Japanese due to the origin of the technology.

    There is a LinkedIn group that you may consider joining:


  • Are – Excellent, I’m glad to hear that. Your industry is ideal for these codes – where the the pace is quicker and customers are looking for information on a timely basis.


  • Clare H

    Have you seen this used in the Industrial Sector, this group has not even fully embraced social media as a means of communication or marketing.

  • Great article. I have a QR code on my business card that goes to my website. I think this has so many uses it will change the way business is being done.

  • Marcia


    Awesome post; one of the best that I’ve seen on QR codes. I think you could expand on this a bit further. When you want to reach iPhone users, as well as Android users, you either have to use two codes or partner with a company that charges for the service of taking the user to one location. That’s a whole other layer to the QR discussion and implementation process. Would love to read more about that and find out what other people are doing to address that issue. It can be costly.

  • Great summary on QR codes. I have used them at a number of events/seminars for a paperless program. Display the code at registration and various points at event so attendees can download program. Full color and no printing means space is not an issue…we can include speaker photos/bios, sponsor ads, etc. and everything is hyperlinked to each website. They have made a huge impact!

  • Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing! One of the best introductory QR Code articles I have read.

    I think it is important to mention the importance of using incentives with QR Codes or at least sending people to a specific page online that can collect information. I hate scanning QR Codes and landing on a website’s home page. What am I supposed to do here? What is the purpose? Why do I care?

    QR Codes are a novelty right now so I find that people who are aware of the technology are eager to scan every code they see. To make QR Codes valuable to your audience there needs to be something in it for them. I read a previous comment that someone received a coupon for hot wings-that’s what it’s all about! I hear so many companies say that their goal is to drive traffic to their website, but after their audience ends up there what are they expected to do? Send them to a subscription page, an about us page, a map for directions, etc. As with any marketing practice make sure QR Codes include meaningful content.

    Thanks again for posting! I learned some great new resources and information.


  • I agree with the others who said this is the best “101” on QR codes that they’ve seen – thank you! As a search marketer, I found the info about Google Places to be fascinating. But would you mind expanding on this? “QR codes enhance both your search engine and social media optimization. Now you can increase traffic to those searchable objects to further optimize them by encouraging more sharing.” I totally get how QR codes can help with social media efforts, but other than the Google Places example, I don’t get how they can help SEO efforts. Thank you!

  • Hernan

    Jeff…thank you for this information, will be very useful for my clients as well.

  • Jeff, I started getting some big traffic from this page, again thanks for mentioning my generator. But what about Qrafter? Didn’t you like that reader? 🙂

  • point-of-sale and trade shows are about the only decent applications for QR codes.
    1) Not Web: Why would someone want to scan their computer screen when they can/should browse and click to get to the same destination.
    2) Not Billboards: Dangerous!
    3) Not Postcards. same as web. after the novelty is scanning a code is gone, it’s just as easy to type in a URL to get to the destination.

  • Seth Weiner, MAS

    Jeff- – great article. As a promotional marketing consultant, I am constantly suggesting the implementation of tag marketing in conjunction with the distribution of collateral and promotional items. I appreciate this article and think that you have a done a great job of making the content easy to understand while also showing the tremendous value that tags have in advertising, marketing and branding programs.

    Seth Weiner, MAS
    Sonic Promos

  • Kerem – ha ha, this article was written about six weeks ago and I was not aware of Qrafter at the time. I will say that I like how I-Nigma goes direct to the link w/o having to click an intermediate link. That’s a nice advantage for some of us with not so young eyes. 🙂


  • Thanks for asking Stacy – This relates to your social graph. Scroll down to “sharing” and “nodes” in this previous article and you’ll get a better idea: And here’s another (and much shorter) one that I posted on my own blog on the concept of “nodal relationships”


  • Well, Qrafter can do that too with its “Scan and Go” setting. i-nigma just does not look good on iPhone IMHO. I am trying to create the ultimate experience in using QR Codes for everyone, generator was the first step, Qrafter is the next one. 🙂

  • Amanda – Great points. You are correct that right now there is a thrill just for making the mobile connection via the code. It’s like the novelty toy at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box used to be – a novelty that wears off quickly.

    The smart marketers are using these codes now to offer incentives. They don’t want to risk the “so what?” factor. How that is accomplished is something that requires some forward thinking, planning, and a budget to match.

    Thanks for those insights,


  • Thanks Seth – We are in uncharted waters, but I think the flood gates are ready to burst on 2d codes. All the better for us marketers, right?


  • I’d love to have a crystal ball to see in to the future to see if QR codes are the huge success that we all think they are going to be. They have massive potential and they are a great way of bridging the offline and online worlds but the question is will people actually use them? I think the technology needs to improve and be baked in to the actual camera on phones so as it is a one click solution rather than actually opening an app etc. I for one love them though and am excited to see where the technology goes!

  • Ted

    Thanks Erik – I’d like to additionally mention our QR Code strategy and development agency, that conceived and built it.

  • Hi Jason,

    Are you suggesting that the QR code be printed on a POS paper receipt or are you thinking in the POS vicinity? Thanks for your thoughts?

  • Robin – I don’t have much expertise in this area, but I was recently introduced to a service called Feedback Footer that seems like it would offer the capabilities for adding a code to the POS receipt – i.e. on the footer:

    Let me know if that helps?


  • Lori, I love the idea of combining QR codes with the use of PURLs – this is going to help conversions immensely.

  • Kerem – You are absolutely correct – thank you, that setting was turned off on my phone. There is a lot to Qrafter that I had not discovered. I especially like how you explain the various types of 2d codes – very handy for those new to this technology. 🙂


  • Laura – Take a look around. My observation is the major publishers are favoring the MS tags – though I recently saw one traditional published book with a prominent QR code that linked to more info – by William Taylor (Fast Company co-founder) – I don’t recall the title.

    And yes, my Asia friends have been telling me for a while how common they are over there. Nobody can figure out why it took so long for them to work their way over here.


  • Hi Jeff. Very cool article. I had no idea these codes were even in existence. I am still a little confused. Does this mean that if I have a code on my business card and someone uses their phone to scan it – they will then be taken to whatever information is encoded into the image (a website, resume, facebook profile, etc.)? Can they only use their camera phone to scan this? Is the code readable by any other piece of technology – other than the camera on your phone?


  • Yes, with a lot of code types circulating around, I think the newcomers should learn what type of code they are looking at. Even the knowledgeable people can think an Aztec Code is a QR Code or vice versa sometimes, so I thought giving some information directly inside the app would be good.

  • Muy interesante

  • Simon J

    Very good article, some stuff I hadn’t thought about use wise, look forward to the follow up 🙂

  • is it possible to change the content of your QR Code overtime. So if e.g. I print this on a CD, the code on the fysical CD stays always the same. However overtime we could change te e the initial link it is referri to. Possible?

  • I’d love to work out how we use QR codes in the voluntary sector. Maybe to point people to particular volunteering opportunities.

  • youscanme


    we believe that QR codes will make the connection between offline and online worlds easier. That’s why we created our QR code generator with social features – You can add all your info like Facebook profile or fan page, twitter, youtube, etc. and connect with others.


  • Jeff – we include special character in our website .

  • Great information. If you provide a URL, is it best that it can be viewed by a mobile device?

  • Benoit Lafronde

    I think it’s a great article. I’m a qr code designer. I’m able to customize QR CODES like colours of your brand.
    Visit my website :

  • Great article, Jeff. Thank you for spreading the word about the many great uses for QR codes. We’re developing a site to allow people to connect with their own personal QR codes and businesses to easily generate landing pages for anything they want. It’s .

  • Jeff,

    Great post! I’m using QR codes to create a scavenger hunt and engage spectators at the World Kickball Championship this October.

  • Thanks for the info Jeff. I’ll give it a look.

  • youscanme

    yes we provide – it looks like that

  • Great stuff. I discovered QR codes a couple of years back and wrote an article on them: I even put one on my business card, which has inspired a lot of people to use them, including the Lawrence Hall of Science for their “Geek Night” (you can see the ad here:

  • Absolutely, I can imagine they look the same to a lot of people. Qrafter has moved to the top of my list. 🙂

  • As something completely strange…Tattooing (or carrying) QRs onto a person. In the event of an emergency all contact info would be available without the un-aesthetic line by line (such as in a tattoo) of listing it normally. Name and such, Emergency contact, blood type, allergies etc. Nurse or doctor scans it and voila!

  • Dominique – Absolutely, that’s one of the cool things about QR – you keep the info up-to-date so that code is always valid.


  • There are several different types of code formats. You can define yours as a link, a contact record, or a text field.

    QR codes were originally developed for factory floor automation, so they are designed to be read by hand-held bar code readers. The phone camera was a recent innovation.

  • Paul – You are correct. Other scanners work too – e.g the scanners at Starbucks read codes that you carry on your mobile device – much like the airline illustration in this article. Those are 2d codes – not QR.


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  • What are the differences between the various QR generators?

  • Jim

    The Google ap for iPhones (and I’m assuming other smart phones) can read QR codes. Sometimes easier than opening a separate ap.

    I’m curious about QRs on sailboats (as a competitive sailor myself). How would you read them? Is a phone (iPhone, Blackberry etc) be able to pick up the data needed from a moving sailboat at some distance?

  • QR codes are a fun idea and a simplistic approach to opening up a mobile web page but I think it will take some time for people to fully adapt to them. The other challenge to QR codes is that people are always on the go and don’t really have the time to wait and take the time to focus in on a code. On the flip side I can see QR codes working really well for comparing products on the spot or for an easy way for businesses to scan a persons qr code on their phone to redeem coupons.

  • Mary Hirsch

    We added QR codes to the back of our business cards about 6 months ago. It links to the individual attorneys bio on our website. We’ve had some positive remarks about the code and our website traffic has gone up.

  • The practical lifespan of this technology is likely to be quite short if NFC is successful. I’d be very wary of investing much time and money into it.

  • I agree Brent, but NFC won’t be a reality at least for another couple years, and it’s going to take a long time for retailers to shift over!

    Anyways, here are 20 great QR Code Ideas that drive ROI:

  • NFC is already shipping in the Nexus One and if it makes it into the iPhone 5 this summer (as most predict it will) I think adoption will be very quick – definitely not a couple of years. Google is already including NFC in its Google Places stickers for business. QR codes are an archaic (in tech years) technology with severe limitations. The tech has recently received some novel treatment over here (it’s been big in Japan for a while, FWIW) but I can’t imagine that it has much life left in it, since NFC is richer, faster, bidirectional, and doesn’t require focus and a steady hand to get the info you want. Color me very skeptical.

  • Awesome. Check out some of our designer barcodes

    They are top notch!

  • QR code is still an enigma to me until I’ve read your post. You have just helped me decode that mystery and I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks gazillion!

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  • Thank you for this article. Great primer and thought provoker! Looking for ways to incorporate QR codes into the work of my office (University Career Services at UNC).

  • Rick

    Can QR codes be used to track where users come from? For example, If I’m running ads in several publications, each with a QR code taking the reader to my homepage, am I able to track the percentage of people that we driven by each pub?

  • nearlyfreelance

    Great article. I just received my business card order with my QR code on the back. It’s been really interesting to watch responses. I get everything from “What is that?” to “Cool!” to “That’s really dumb.” But, the great thing is that it makes an impression beyond just, “Here’s my card.” So far, that’s the biggest advantage I’ve seen.
    I’m trying to use it to offer a FREE eBook about Maximizing Your Website, so people will hopefully find that valuable and scan it.
    It’s fun to get to educate people on what it is and how to use it. It brings out the teacher in me.
    I just put up a photo on my FB page of my QR coded business cards. (In case you want to see).

  • nearlyfreelance

    I’ve been thinking about this for trailer wraps and billboards. Beyond the danger to drivers of messing with their phone, the second challenge is that for the distance people are from the QR code, it will have to be pretty huge to fit in the QR scanning screen. I’ve seen some in the Denver Airport that are 4′ square and that’s for foot traffic.

  • nearlyfreelance

    The key to that one would be to add a parameter like ?ref=time to the end of your home page URL, then create the QR code for each one. An even better solution would be to create a custom landing page for each source, so that when they get there, they see copy related to where they came from, like if you had a code in TIME Magazine, you might write some copy on the top of that landing page like “As a reader of TIME Magazine, you can experience all our product has to offer for FREE for 30 days” or something like that. Studies have shown that these types of custom landing pages reduce bounce rates, so it’s a good idea across the board.

  • Get your Free giffgaff SIM runs on O2 with £5 Bonus credit upon activation!

    Ten pound a month on giffgaff gets you 250 mins Unlimited any UK Network texts, Unlimited UK web with no fair usage policy!

    Want a iPhone4 compatible giffgaff microSIM? order one from


  • Hope you can review the reader programs some time also.

  • Jeroen

    Hi Jeff,
    Great post, but I think that QR codes are to old fashion. It’s just one image to one link. Also in the dark the QR code is hard to read. I came a cross a next gen solution, called mobile visual search and build a nice platform. Check out, try it and give me some feedback.

  • Paul van Horn


    Interesting article for sure. In Japan the QR-code is already in use for some time. One can find it everywhere: billboards, namecards, advertisments, during tv-commercial.
    Of course in Japan they also explore the fun side of the QR-code.
    I mentioned it on my (Dutch) blog.
    I’ve asked google to translate it for you, and this is what they came up with:|en


  • Paul

    Hi, Jeff.
    I’m looking at applications for events that I am planning. I sent you an email. perhaps you can contact me and we can discuss. Cheers, paul

  • We’re utilizing QR codes in a tradeshow next week, to create an interactive experience to users. It’s part also of our social media efforts, and we’re experimenting in putting it into our collateral as well.

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  • Jeroen

    Does that work in the dark?

  • Jeroen Steeman

    Another tip for QR code generation. Please remember these codes are scanned by mobile and handheld devices. It is best to send users to webpages that are geared to deal with mobile phones. Sending scans off to homepage designed for desktop browsers won’t cut it and you’ll land up irritating people with hard to navigate heavy slow loading pages. Don’t do it!

  • Christiaan Beem

    Just look around and you’ll see QR codes everywhere. We started collecting examples of QR code usage in Holland after spotting this trend. For anyone who’s interested:

  • Pingback: QR Codes Marketing 101 or How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business | web, marketing, technology, fun()

  • Jeff:

    Very informative article, but a couple of items to comment on.

    You write: Choosing to use QR codes or MS tags is a personal choice. It seems that MS tags presently allow for more possibilities for creative graphic designs, such as incorporating images and logos into the tag. Nevertheless, those capabilities have to be weighed against the reach and ease of use of open-source QR codes.

    Similar to Microsoft Tags, open source QR Codes can contain/embed an image or logo and be produced in multiple colors and even set at different angles. And the modules (the black and white pixels making up the code itself) in the code need not be square boxes, they can have rounded edges or they can be dots. See this ad from JetBlue as an example of what can be done: Also, see the work by Patrick Donnelly at QRArts. The important part of using any designer code is that it is thoroughly tested before launching into the wild.

    You write: One that has worked well for me is Kaywa, a site created by Datamatrix, which is another pioneer of 2D codes.

    This is a bit confusing. What I believe you meant to say that the company Kaywa offers a code generator that can create a QR Code or a Datamatrix code, which is another type of 2D barcode.

    Thank you.


  • Jeroen Steeman

    Hallo Roger, I do agree with your statements and the most important one being test, test and test a bit more before going live. If anyone wants to play with qr code generators that support color and image embedding to test branding or for social media application online check out the generator we have online and enjoy creating and test QR codes.

  • Dminns

    Erik – good use of QR codes – you need to compliment with a SMS link for those buyers who have yet to download a reader.

    I use QR codes in the print ads for weekend Open Houses – at home the potential buyers scan the QR code to download that weekend’s open houses to their mobile.

  • Thanks for the article – we need more people using this technology strategically.

    You infer that Microsoft Tag and QR are essentially interchangeable. Tag has way more programmability for custom/variable user experience and more analytics capabilities, aside from the expanded graphical capabilities you mentioned. I’ve been a QR evangelist for a long time but recent work with Tag has been quite rewarding.

  • Dminns

    Great Advice – I use QR codes in real estate print ads for upcoming Open Houses. Links the potential buyers to mobile phone formatted web pages of Open House listings. I also use a SMS link as well for those phone users who don’t yet have a QR reader on their phone.

  • I need a new business card and I’m definetely putting a QR code on the back and link it to my website. Thanks for the info about apps!

  • Keith

    Just wondering is there a minimum size when using QR codes in print ads and do you recommend white space around the code.
    This is a great article with lots of info

  • Susie Japs

    Tyler thanks for this resource, I had heard of it awhile back but of course forgot about it and now I will definitely check it out today!

    Thanks also Jeff for writing this article in non-techy jargon, because of that I am able to now send this to my small business clients and they will understand QR codes and the benefits. Keep up the great work!

  • Jeff, great break down of QR Codes. I had a client that went off and put a QR code on packaging in place of directions (without my knowledge). Tons of complaints because people didn’t know how to use the QR code. The watch out there is while adoption is on the rise, it is not mainstream yet, so make sure you are not relying on the QR code for really important stuff. That said, fantastic usage ideas and great info. Thanks again Jeff.

  • Excellent point Josh – You have to identify the code for what it is and help users to scan it. We’re still at that stage.


  • Thanks Keith – I’ve not been able to confirm this but I read somewhere that 2 cm is the minimum. I’ve seen smaller sized codes work, but that is the recommended minimum size.


  • Luis – MS tags will most likely find a place. I just read that USA Today has elected to go with the MS tags for their publication. They still have more capabilities than the QR codes, but I’m told that gap will close over time.


  • Roger – Thanks for the clarification. For all points, that is what I meant to say. This article is written for small businesses with presumably thin budgets, so I had not expected most will be able to invest in customized codes. Though I have seen the work of QRArts and it is exceptional. 🙂


  • The content of a QR code is fixed within the code. They can’t gain capabilities beyond that without changing the spec entirely. It is possible to develop server-side functionalities to try to enhance the code handling, but few will do that, nor should they, given Tag already has them.

  • This is all new to me, and it’s just starting to sink in – so this article helps a LOT! I’m in an unusual business and trying to figure out how to use it as a children’s book writer and illustrator. There are lots of possibilities I want to explore.
    I have one question related to this review in iTunes for the i-nigma: “Everything is tracked by their servers. Do not use if you value your privacy!!”
    Is privacy compromised with any of these scanner apps? If so, how? Thanks!

  • Katie – There is tracking with virtually all of these services. If you don’t feel comfortable with i-nigma, try Qrafter – which provides an equal array of capabilities.

    There are always naysayers and the truth is …. seriously, there isn’t a great deal of privacy once one engages with the social Web. All we can do is use good judgment. 🙂


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  • Formsmi

    Is it possible to capture the respondant’s contact information when they scan the code?

  • Pingback: New Products Part 2, Tech and Gadgets « Promo, evolved()

  • I’m glad you like! Let me know if any of your clients are using it and seeing success on the contact form on the website.

  • Our clients are really just beginning to see and understand the power that QR codes can represent for their business. I think this next year will be a fun one for exploration. Great article.

  • Robin Steele

    So, the questions are
    1: any good info out there about adoption rates?
    2: any good info about the demographics of those who have adopted?

  • Therealestateweekly

    Interesting and informative. We’re just beginning to use QR Codes in our print real estate publication to link to our website. Not a lot of emphasis on technical innovation in our area so we’re still at the stage of explaining what the codes are and how they work.

  • Rob Birgfeld

    Question that I haven’t been able to find the answer to…can QR codes currently work to launch an app? I believe the answer is yes– but I’ll take it one step further– can they launch a specific action within an app? For instance, most “like my page on FB” QR codes take people to the web/mobile web version of FB. Could it launch the FB app and do the same? It just seems as though that’s becoming the native experience to most.

  • Rhab

    Jeff, thank you very much for this post! It has been the best source I have read yet in defining the excellent uses of qr codes for business. This is also a huge help and resource for me as I prepare to launch my offline business and offer custom qr code designs!

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  • Hi Jeff. There is another service that combines your contact and social media information into a single mobile identity that can be shared on mobile devices. It provides instant QR code for sharing of profile via mobile devices.

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  • Glitchoso

    There is a new vendor in Latin America and Spain which is selling Qr integration. Check out:

  • Thank you for this valuable information. Your strategies on how to use QR codes is very insightful and hopefully will allow us to attract and keep clients. Thanks again.

  • so much info ~ thank you it’s just what I wanted to know………

  • Jeff,

    So much valuable information in this post, I appreciate you writing it!! Do you know if there is an analytical program that is able to capture the mobile number of the person scanning the Tag/QR code or their geographical residence information? Thanks

  • Schmidt Daniel

    There is an API for generating such qr codes:

  • cliquee

    Hello Sarah, pls can we talk about the scavenger Hunt?

  • Blaze1_2003


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  • Whitneyoharrah

    I think the best use of a QR code is anything that continues the conversation with the consumer. If you sell a product, connect to a behind-the-scenes video of how it is developed. If your firm is more service-oriented, create a testimonial blog with interviews of satisfied customers. Whatever your direct mail campaign message, QR codes give you the added benefit of the omnipresent, wireless web. Read more about it here!!

  • Nicky

    This is a very comprehensive guide for the uninitiated. I appreciate it. Where can I find the ‘rules’ for printing QR codes? is there a specific amount of white space required around the ‘box’? Is there a minimum size to use on a standard page? Thanks, Nicky

  • Qrsebastian

    design QR codes could be interesting mobile marketing tool as below:
    Seems interesting! Why not use design QR codes?

  • Jeff, just a shout out regarding the inspiration you provided for today’s Search Engine Watch article on Separating Trend from Fad with QR Codes in Social Media:

    Thank you.

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  • Here’s a cool way QR codes are being used in a traditionally static art exhibit. QR codes link viewers to interactive content for each piece:

  • merlonbrand

    I’m selling QR Code TShirt with customable personalized message
    The most Geeky tshirt around now…

  • steveschwartz01

    How many shirts are you selling at a time? Where do they wear them? To an event?

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  • is doing a free QR code promotion for a few more days.. check it out!

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  • Wow, such a thorough explanation of QR codes and how to make use of them. We see them all over the place now, but I think there are still plenty of small businesses that don’t know how effective they can be for them too. Even something as simple as putting them on promotional products can increase interaction with potential customers.

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  • Exceptional article with some great ideas for integrating QR Codes into a business. Today, every business card should include a QR code on the reverse side, every retail business should have signage at the cash register with a QR Code for business name address link to a google map, telephone # and website.

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  • Tagem also offers a great QR code creation service, available at incorporating social media, events, and location codes among other typical cases. Reader available for iOS and Android devices.

  • Hi Paul! My promotional products can now embroider QR code on Cutter & Buck corporate apparel, not to mention printing on promotional collateral! for info!!

  • John

    Kaywa says right on their code generator page that it’s for “non-commercial use only.”

    Can you explain why we should use that, since most businesses use it commercially?

  • Love the example of qr code in library. Still amazed more businesses and organizations aren’t taking advantage of this. I know there is a lot of education that needs to go on for the general public to understand the technology and be willing to use it. Someone (perhaps me) needs to take the initiative to really sell qr codes to a teenage audience and then I think it will spread to the adult population. Think Facebook.

  • Government services could also utilize QR codes to streamline filing. For example, placing personal codes onto W2’s. Although some might consider this a security risk, the threat can be elevated through encryption by requiring individuals to first login to the e-service inorder to decrypt their QR data. This would not only automate filing, but ensure added security to personal data.

  • Darren Kavanagh

    Hi Jeff

    I’m Irish and a little bit late jumping on the band wagon here, but these QR codes have endless opportunities for small business and innovative thinkers. I do have a couple of questions regarding same:-
    Can you track your QR code performance ie. Can you tell how many people visited your website using QR codes?

    Does anybody have any idea how many QR code scanning apps have been downloaded to read these?



  • Andy Lynn

    There is no doubt that QR code usage is growing! You can even incorporate your logo and pictures into the QR Code which is really cool. Check out how we are using QR Codes Andy Lynn

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  • This is a brilliant review of the use of QR codes. It is important for all new QR code creators to remember that it is essential for any web pages behind QR codes to be mobile-friendly. Standard web pages, especially those with complex menus, Flash and difficult layouts just don’t work well on an iPhone or even an Android device.

    Take a look at for a better discussion on this.

    Again, great article.

  • Hi Darren,

    We have an online solution that can help you publish mobile-friendly pages, generate short URLs and QR Codes, and track the number of hits you get. If you’re interested, take a look at

    You may also want to take a look at which can shorten URLs and track usage for regular web pages. You’re not going to get the same conversion rate on the pages if they don’t work well in a smartphone, but you’ll get the data you need.


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  • I’d be interested to talk about how that works out for you. It sounds really exciting!

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  • This is a godsend. What most people think is that QR codes are just for business, but it’s not. Long read but well worth it!

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  • JJ

    Can people really be this naive? Why would you voluntarily bar code yourself? Do you not realize the door you’re opening, and what else this can be used for? If you think this is so wonderful, you may also need a tattoo of a brain, because yours isn’t working very well.

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  • Dand Ward

    Every small business needs to incorporate qr’s into their communication strategies. Only, it takes a solutions provider to help since most small business peeps will not be technical enough or moved to such action. Gazillion business opps here for someone excited enough to develop such a service for small businesses.

  • Hi guys,

    Its really great work guys, I really want to know that how QR Codes Can Grow Business, its really so helpful article.


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  • I agree Qr codes are helping my clients create new clients and are creating interest with the Qr Codes!

  • Thomas Hansen

    Hi Jeff,

    Very interesting post, and a thorough, and in general terms, very sound piece of text!
    You’ve really done your homework here!
    Nice work !! 🙂

    Some things should for the record be commented though, and to be honest, I didn’t have the energy to read through all the 154-something, existing comments, to see if anybody else out there had corrected these issues. But since the paragraphs stands unchanged, I figured none had, since I, and most others I know, would have ‘striked’ out the old [and incorrect] text, and exchanged it with the ‘new and correct’ text in such a great piece of work …

    1. QR Codes are not “Open Source”, they are an *Open Standard* though. Or to be even more specific, QR Codes is an ISO Standard. Read here the definition of the term ‘Open Source’ from the ‘inventors’ of the term;

    As you can see it talks virtually exclusively about ‘access to Source Code’. Since QR Codes is nothing but an idea [though extremely well documented, due to being an ISO Standard], there cannot exist any ‘Source Code’ to them, although there do indeed exist a very high number of Open Source Libraries, Open Source Frameworks and Open Source Applications able to Generate or Scan them ‘out there’ …

    Though the correct way to talk about QR Codes themselves, as opposed to applications that uses them, is as an ‘Open Standard’.

    2. One thing, which I think you emphasized far too little, is the fact that Microsoft Tag is a proprietary technology, while QR Codes are an Open Standard. Yet again the Free World is being insulted …

    “Microsoft Tag is not the Answer, it is The Question! The Answer is NO!”

    Seriously, just say *NO*!

    Regarding; “It seems that MS tags presently allow for more possibilities for creative graphic designs, such as incorporating images and logos into the tag.”

    Hehehe, they *wish* …! 😉

    … 😉

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  • Chris

    Did you launch your QR campaign site? If yes, can you share the link? Thanks. CC

  • Hi Chris

    Yes we did. It is

    It is currently free to use, so you can just signup and give it a go.

    We are meeting with several wine makers (benefits of been in one of the worlds premier wine regions) soon, so we will certainly be adding additional niche features in that area.

    We are however certainly after any feedback from any type of business. If you want/need to contact me regarding anything with QR you can reach me at

    adam [at]

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  • This is just opening my mind about the endless possibilities that QR Code offer to us !
    Thanks Jeff

  • SlimAds have QRCODES . SlimAds are rich media , viral listings for the Web, TV, Mobile and print . Slimads are free to create . check out

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  • Charlie Isaacs

    Hey Jeff (and others who contributed), great article. We are testing some technology that you might be interested in looking at. It allows you to build a custom QR code that is scanned by a general-purpose smartphone app that renders a customized set of functions within the smartphone. The app download is currently free. Let me know what you think: Thanks!

  • Chris

    Hi Jeff
    Great information and post. We recently discovered that Google no longer supports QR (since March 30), as they are moving towards Near Field Communications (NFC).

    You can see the article here –

    – Chris

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  • John

     What, if any applications, do you see for an online-only store?  We don’t do any offline advertising.  I’d love to find ways to use this but not seeing many applications for us.  Maybe I’m not in creative mode tonight.

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  • popmarco


    QR codes are not widely used in the Philippines. I might be wrong or just didn’t notice it, but it’s not as popular as the olden days of barcode.

    Anyway, I’m thinking of putting in some discount coupons in my site. Can I use QR codes in them? Can it connect with, say a resort, and everytime they book for that resort using the QR code I generated in my site, it will register commission earnings (it’ll be between me and the resort)? Or should that be customized by a programmer?

  • Chris

       I work for a company that now makes mobile websites/apps. We attach a qr code to the clients mobile url. We give our clients marketing cards with the qr code on it, instructing them to download their app. After they scan it and open the browser(which is easy) in order for to work like an app, it needs to be bookmarked and saved to their home screen. The problem that we are having is that it seems that a pretty small % of smartphone users can figure out how to bookmark a website. I am trying to create an instruction sheet that tells the customer what to do. Every phone seems to be different, even the different i-phones are all different. Do you know of any websites that explain bookmarking fro qr code to bookmarking to your home screen. Any help would be great. You can email me any info that you may have to– Thanks – Chris

  • A great breakdown of QR codes.  I’m working on a post at the moment on how I’m ordering About.Me business cards that feature a QR code on the front.  This post helped me to quickly familiarize myself with the ins and outs of QR technology.  Thanks 🙂

  • Black Moggie

    Hi there, I learned about QR codes last friday and have been cramming up on them, I was told that in 6 months email will die, thats a big call and I can’t wait to see if it’s true.

    What I’d like to know is, how do I do it so when someone scans my code how do I get their info sent to me, I am presuming that you get them to “opt in” to a landing page? Am I right, is there no automatic way to get there details?

    Thanks for the info it was very interesting.

    Clare from Australia.

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  • They are all basically the same, though some have better capabilities.  I use  as it has advanced options such as increased error correction (can obscure 25% of the code and it is still readable), transparency for the white areas, choice of light and dark colors, and output to many image/file formats, and even include a human-readable logo within the code.  We use EPS forrmat since we can then scale and print to about 4 foot x 4 foot to put on the backs of trucks (can’t do that with the GIFs or JPGs that most generators output.  

  • That’s what is so great about it. Virtually no money to start using them, and very little time, or no time if you already have mobile versions of the pages you are sending them to.   

  • Yes, Tag has the ability to change the the destination or action of the code, but it’s server side. So while it may be true that few will “develop server-side functionalities to try to enhance the code handling”, Microsoft did.    So actually the contents of a MS Tag is also fixed within the code – just like QR codes. MS Tags are simply fixed to a MS URL that you can change on the backend.   And the same can be done easily by end users with QR codes – at least for ones that have URL destinations.  

  • Only if you ask for it – via a web form perhaps – and only if they give it to you. 

  • Yes, in fact there is.  Take a look here.

  • You clearly lack a complete understanding of them. 

  • Email will not die in 6 months.  Tiam answered your other questions…. and was even able to squeeze a bit of SPAM into his reply.  🙂

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  • Hi Jeff, 

    Social Media Examiner is one of my fav blogs. But, did not know you had post on QR codes. Nice to find your post. I am also a QR Code advocate and also believe that it’s implication is limitless. 

    But, one of the thing that your article was lacking is the use of QR codes in web marketing. So, I was inspired to write specifically on it. Here is the link: I’d appreciate your comment.

  • JetCityOrange

    Ready to get started with QR? Here are some implementation ideas:

  • GB

    I just wanted to share, is a website that allows users to create custom mobile-friendly webpages with a unique QR codes for each webpage. It’s easy to use and best of all free!

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  • Alex

    This is probably one of the best articles I have read on QR codes. It really covers how to use them and the benefits of them for not only the business but the customer. My organization is getting ready to incorporate QR codes in the marketing we have for an upcoming fundraiser. We are located in small community who  haven’t really been exposed to QR codes yet. I am eager to see the results. This post really has helped. Thanks!

  • Alex

    This is probably one of the best articles I have read on QR codes. It really covers how to use them and the benefits of them for not only the business but the customer. My organization is getting ready to incorporate QR codes in the marketing we have for an upcoming fundraiser. We are located in small community who  haven’t really been exposed to QR codes yet. I am eager to see the results. This post really has helped. Thanks!

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  • Kimberly

    I run a very small non-profit. Can you give me an example of how I might use a QR code to fund raise?

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  • Catherinefolkes

    Good guide and advice- Have you seen this custom qr code company-
    Very top end qr codes!

  • Catherine Folkes

    Hi kimberley- Link people straight through to a donations page- You can also incorporate a donate image or your company logo into the qr code so people can see what it is about. Look here-

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  • Or you could create your social media QR code at that holds symbols of the Social Media, such as the Facebook “f”

  • Or you could create your social media QR code at that holds symbols of the Social Media, such as the Facebook “f”

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  • Kristin Miller

    Did you hear about “The girl with a REAL QR code tattoo” on her wrist!?!?!?  She is the CEO of a company called BestBuzz.Bz- CRAZY, but I guess you could definitely say she is one CEO with “skin in the game”.  Hahahahaaa!  Check it out, they sound pretty cool-

  • Squareonedoug

    Can I use QR Codes to offer deals and specials through my business?  Can I change the offer or information at anytime?  What is the cost to have someone “host” my QR or can I do it all by myself?

  • Elaiza

    Hi, I’m doing my thesis. And I would like to ask if QR-codes may replace bar codes found on items at grocery stores? Is it possible?

  • Pingback: PictiFont: QR Code Hat using reverse interlocking characters. | PictiFont()

  • Nice work Patrick!

  • No, not likely at all.  The QR technology is owned by Denso Wave and no company is going to invest in something they cannot own or at least license. 

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  • Pingback: QR codes, pretty little things « low tech librarian()

  • Have you tried ?.. It’s actually the best qr code generator worldwide and it’s free. They permit to create and modify your personal qr code and to redirect it to an URL, a vCard, a File or to a Paypal payment page!!! Try this, it’s awesome.
    Bye. Mauro

  • We use the Redirect Ware updatable QR codes at

  • I like
    I’m using it to manage several QR codes for my customers (ad agencies, realtors, wineries, etc).
    Almost every week they are updating the platform with new utilities.

  • Raul

    Thanks guys!!!!
    I tryed Once I got registered I could see how many functionalities it has for your QR. You can change colors, rounded square´s corners, insert objects and changed QR’s link as many times as you want to Youtube, facebook, tweete, google +1, PayPal for e-commerce.

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  • Yep, service is really friendly 🙂

  • I work for a software company that sends out update about its software on a regular basis, but we do not like to release these updates to the general public. Is there a way to limit the QRs to only be accessible by specific people? 

  • Assaf Lavie

    You can copy text from your Desktop to your iPhone with this free mash-up I made yesterday:
    You paste any text and get a QR Code that brings you to the same text on your mobile. It also works both ways. So it’s basically an anonymous clipboard that’s based on QR Code and gets reset after an hour.

  • Anthony offers passwrd protected REcyclable QRs. Plus they also offer Premium Packages which basically gives you the option of purchasing various RECYCLABLE QRs and manage them under one user name. This means that your company can dedicate a QR to specific things and/or people.Hope this helps!

  • Has anyone made a QR Code reader application for the N800? Ideally, it
    would support the built-in camera for direct capture of the QR Code.
    But even if it can only read image files saved using the camera
    application, that would still be helpful.

    Also, is there a way to change the default application that launches
    when you pop out the camera? It’s really annoying to have it auto-start
    the video chat client which I never use. I’d prefer it not launch
    anything, to be honest.

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  • OpenWatch

    We’ve made a new addition to the world of QRCodes –

    With OmniQR, you only need one QR code to magically redirect your users
    to the right app for their device!

    We’ve made a video demoing the technology here:
    and we’ve put the site up here:

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  • Click4i

    You can add QR Code to your website or blog through The resulting QR Code comes in a floating panel that can be minimized into a tab on one side of the screen, so it does not require any page layout change to your website/blog. These are handy if you want to give your mobile users the convenience of dialing your phone number, or jumping to some mobile site of yours. There are also some live demos of this at

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  • DColangelo

    I publish a commercial real estate directory with QR-Coded listings.  I also provide my clients with QR Codes for commercial property signs.

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  • andersontrott

    Great Information. That sounds great. Really helpful thanks for the Article, Great job, hope we can expect more articles like this. All the Best.

    Business Videos

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  • Yes you can!  The follow up to this will publish here on Social Media Examiner on August 24th.  It will go in depth on how to create, implement, and manage a successful QR code marketing campaign.

    Looking forward to your feedback. 

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  • safe35

    How can I set up a landing page that has all of my contact info like a vcard with analytics? I’m trying to decide on where I want to send my potential clients with the QR code.

  • safe35

    How can I set up a landing page that has all of my contact info like a vcard with analytics? I’m trying to decide on where I want to send my potential clients with the QR code.

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  • Hi,

    How much does it cost to create a QR code?

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  • This is the best summary of how QR codes are public relations professionals today. Appreciated and I look forward to.
    SEO Company

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  • I try to use QR Code for my iOS Apps business:

  • That’s free! Search for: QR Codes generator on google!

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  • kennynorton

    I think it’s

  • Underworldsi

    hey jeff, simon newcombe here,
    found your page in goolge and it was just what i was looking for and have now understood what qr code are and how to make them work, have made my first code so thank you for your working’s into this subject…

    the code can be found here if freinds would like to see it…thanks again  simon..

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  • This is a FANTASTIC article! QR Codes…you can’t escape them.  From billboards to bus shelters,
    these digital squares are here to stay.  But not everybody cares. It’s
    just one more thing to ignore in the thousands of media messages we see
    every day. That’s why slapping a QR code at the bottom of an ad or
    poster isn’t going to cut it. In order to attract some attention, you
    have to engage the audience and take them to places they didn’t even
    know they could go.

    A few of our favorite uses of QR Codes:

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  • Great Article! There is a new QR code reader which recently launched which you all may be interested in! QR PAL!

    QR Pal is the most advanced QR Code scanner available on the market, and allows users to scan, store and share there QR Scans, along with the added benefit of “safe browsing” to ensure user safety. 

    The app is FREE to download and is only currently available for Android, although the IPhone version is in development. 

    Check out the website at and download! we want to know what you all think and whether the app should make the above list of readers 

    QR Pal

  • Very good useful information. I created my own QR code now. Thank you

  • Paolo

    Hi guys,
    thanks to your discussions and useful suggestions, I’ve recently put online an experimental “Service” using QR Codes, that lets you have a sort of “Virtual Business Card” to share with others, entering a (future, I hope…) Community where to save favourites scanned contacts and products, sharing ratings on products.
    I’d be glad if you could try it, writing me your opinions…
    You can find more info about the service here:


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  • Here’s a simple guide for using QR Codes for Beginners

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  • whenimmobile

    When considering the use and utility of QR, it is important to make sure you are adding value, not leading mobile users to bad or unusable destinations. QR without a proper end-to-end content strategy is actually negative customer service.

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  • WOW! This is the best presentation of QR codes I’ve ever seen on a website. Great job, Jeff!

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  • Stoepplaatjes

    Just making fun with a qr code;

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  • Uth Video

    : You can use social media to do many things: build community, make
    business decisions, and more. Let a contest help make these ideas a

  • Katie Beton

    Could a QR code be used to directly download an app?

  • tagsquared

    Great intro. to QR codes! 

    For those of you that want to get started with them, our free tool lets you create a great looking mobile site, a QR code and provides analytics for you to observe interaction:

  • tagsquared

    Great intro. to QR codes! 

    For those of you that want to get started with them, our free tool lets you create a great looking mobile site, a QR code and provides analytics for you to observe interaction:

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  • I typed the same digits (numbers only 1-9) on a few different QR generators and got a different (looking) image. Why would different generators render the same string of digits differently?
    Is it true some free generators direct you to the site you intended to view but through their own web interface? 

  • Tigg

    I happen to know about QR through a friend. One can implement infinite staff with this technology. I will try to implement on my business. Thanks for the info.

  • SEM

    Scan our business has automated the process of getting QR code for vehicle graphics and other marketing materials.  Whats really cool is that all the marketing materials come in different color options and are always transparent to work on any color surface. QR codes are a great mobile marketing resource for any business.  

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  • louiegie619

     I’m not really really certain though! the reason why Facebook advertising is completely different is simply because it allows for publishers to understand their whole target audience.

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  • Hi, 

    Its really very helpful article guys and thanks guys for sharing information about that How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business.

  • There is also website that allows you to generate your QR Code and stick it to your website Visitors of your website can save it for later surfing and use their phones sharing features to share your site!

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  • Can people really be this naive? Why would you on your own bar value yourself? Do you not recognize the house you’re establishing, and what else this can be used for? If you think this is so incredible, you may also need a pores and skin graphic of a brain, because yours isn’t doing very well.

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  • Linh

    You can use QR code for a surveys (or forms) you created online as well. Say you created an online survey that is easily accessible from a mobile device. Then you create the QR code for your survey’s link. You can then print out the QR code and post it up anywhere. You customer’s can easily scan your QR code w/ their mobile device and complete your survey in just a matter of seconds. You can put this idea to use now at Similarly, you can create forms that can be accessible through QR code. Say you’re hosting some type of event (say a concert) and you want feedback or information from the audience. All you have to do is pop a QR code on a screen somewhere and your audience can easily access your feedback form from a mobile device and complete the feedback form in just a matter of seconds. 

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  • Wow!  Great informative article with marvelous tips and suggestions.  Love when links to recommended places are also injected.  It helps tremendously.  Thank you so much!

  • Juliengoc

    Did you ever get an answer to your question?

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  • This is a great article – Well written, covers every aspect of QR-codes and how to use it in marketing. Thanks for the insights Jeff. This article is now part of my bookmarks.

  • Johannes Ahrenfelt

    Thanks for great summary about QR Codes  . The key to a successful QR Code campaign so that people scan as well as buy in is simple: provide consumer benefit. If you create a Code that when scanned directs people to your generic .COM website they will never scan again. These companies claim that QR Codes don’t work… That’s like saying that social media is useless after playing around with Twitter for a week.The solution is to create a Code that you can schedule in advance, that is, so you can gear the content/information differently during different parts of the day. See this post for more ideas about QR Code marketing:

    Thanks again for a great article as well as for linking to one of our articles.

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  • sebastian pinzon

    This article is very useful, I have a question, I was wondering if it would be possible to have QR code that when is activated connects to a database and then deliver a result through a text message. For example if a car had Qrcode related to its plates once the user activate the code then he/she receive information about that particular car. Just wondering thanks in advance 

  • Chaunce Stanton

    May I suggest another
    practical use for QR codes? This one helps employers make sure those
    mandatory labor law posters required in break rooms across the U.S. and
    Canada are the latest. Having those posters keeps businesses from
    receiving government fines.

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  • Thanks Michael, happy you found this useful. 🙂

  • Pingback: Mobile Barcodes, are you using the right technology for your Inbound Marketing? | JASE Group Inbound Marketing & Advertising Agency Norfolk VA()

  • Bonham Darah

    We are using QR codes in our startup to allow consumers to connect with merchants by selecting charities to support through distribution of QR codes on cards

  • Bonham Darah

    Sorry….here’s the link on how we are using QR codes to connect businesses with consumers to select charitable causes

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  • For a more comprehensive look on how to create QR Code campaigns there’s a new book out called Broadcasting on Paper which also provides lots of ideas and examples.

  • Very innovative. The Japanese are using them for awhile already.
    Hopefully this will be the next generation of marketing

  •  Thank you for all this. I think they are even more popular now 1 year on from your post. I have now just done a ‘like’ one and placed it on my twitter account to link to my facebook. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  • Very good article that covers a lot of ground. Have you investigated the the companies that generate and actively manage QR codes as a mobile platform. It is a great concept that works very sweetly for any size of business with local retailers. The locals can have their own landing page with Google maps, local phone no., local email, etc. Look at how it should be done.

  • Maripaz Tan

    Nice article Jeff, QR codes has done amazing job to businesses nowadays. I believe with adequate knowledge and proper execution of QR code campaign, it will surely contribute grow to every businesses.

    Create & Track Your QR Codes with

  • Thank
    you for exploring the world of QR Codes in your post. use QR Code grow your business is abosultely an awesome idea.

  • It totally depends upon the number of QR codes. They have made an impact in the market and are used everywhere from shopping malls to banks.

  • As adoption becomes more main stream and
    smartphone/tablet use grows it is only natural that a tool that bridges
    print and mobile will grow in use. Marketers need to use them
    appropriately though.

    We continue to see great success incorporating QR codes into mailings
    for our clients. this video explains a bit about how we are using them. 

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  • I LOVE QR codes! I think they are the most creative and genius inventions of this decade. More people should use them to communicate with others, because the fact is that we do live in a day and age were someone must be carrying around a device that will read a qr code. It’s easier than taking down notes or fumbling for a pen or opening that notepad app on your device. Snap a pic of it and scan it and bam you’re there.
    I think that QR codes can benefit a lot of people in the social media business!

  • Hey,
    You’ve done a great job, QR Codes are enjoy a great popularity since it appears
    in the market. we may have seen them at conferences, in catalogs, on billboards
    and even in the Journal of Accountancy, it become our habit to scan the
    black-white pic with our smartphone. my friend recommand a QR Code to me, i
    find this is definitely good. i’d like to share with others.

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  • Anitamsmithson

    this is awesome, i would love to learn more on the subject you just spoke about. i am a business mentor, speaker and teach my 2mei system for success, i would love to use the qr for tips or to drive conversation. i also like the conversation above speaking on events, i am interested in learning more.

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  • David

     Yes, They do have effect but in positive ways…Like in IntelliTrack gives you ability to read Data On Barcode Inventory For Your Company. That’s is amazing guys..

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  • Danny

     Jeff…first, GRT info and very useful. Question, can a generated QR codes info, be changed at some point in the future to point or be directed to another location or does a new code need to be generated? Reasoning: I would like to generate QR codes that will be printed on our products that will eventually point to a “how to” video on our site. The videos have not been created yet, so in the interim, generate the codes to simply go to our general site. The issue is, upon completion of our videos, they will of course have a unique location and can the QR code’s “pointed” info be changed to reflect the now unique location without creating an entirely new code as the first generated one will have already been physically printed on our packaging…does that make sense?
    thank you

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  • DisneyWizard

    Distribute printed media (advertising) with QR code which points to your “specials” web page. Change the content of that page as needed. Include a link on that page to the main website page, perhaps as your business logo in the upper left corner.
    The code merely contains data, which in this case is a URL which can be interpreted as a link, you will need a separate website to point it to, which you can buy the server and subscribe to an internet service provider for yourself (low cost, high maintenance) or subscribe to a hosting service and provide your own content (medium cost, medium maintenance) or have someone fill in the blanks for you and subscribe to a full service website host (high cost, zero maintenance, zero control, low satisfaction).

    There is no need to “host” a QR code. Your question seem to be about obtaining a website, which is unrelated to QR codes. However, the data encoded in a QR code can be interpreted as a Universal Resource Locator, which mobile device users can open as a link in their web browser.

  • DisneyWizard

    Make a page on your website for each product. Make each product sticker unique among products. Point each product QR code sticker encoding to its product page, The page could consist of a very few lines for now, such as the name of the product in the page title and a refresh which takes the user (temporarily) the main page automatically. That page content could be as simple as:
    Our Widget

    Change the zero to how many seconds you want them to stay on the page, and enter the product details at “Our Widget”, develop the page at your leisure.

  • DisneyWizard

    Near Field Communication also has a place, but I don’t see the expense of placing an RFID chip imbedded into a disposable postcard as a cost effective solution when I can just print a QR code for the cost of a fraction of printable area. I’m intrigued by QR on a variety of signs above shops and market-stalls, particularly one very large one illuminated above Times Square, or on the Gaza Strip. And I don’t see NFC being useful as a passenger behind a truck intrigued by free ice cream.

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  • Kevin

    I found a super easy tool to make some really unique QR codes. The QR Code generator lets you create full color qr codes and even upload a logo or picture onto it.

    It only takes a few minutes and they look really cool.

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  • Jeff, a brilliant overview of QR Codes. I feel like there is a world of opportunity and a world of new ideas here for my business and all business owners. It makes you think “how else can I connect with my customers?” Even in my area of town planning and development we need these sorts of innovations.

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  • Geo Delux

    Also note that there is a website
    It’s an easy way to add QR Code to the website, simply by copying the HTML code.

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  • Robert Gould

    One thing that I’ve seen is the it seems to be that some of the younger people scan QR Codes more than the “older generations” and it seems that they really want more than just a sales or marketing thing when they follow a QR Code.  They seem to want QR Codes to bring them to extra content or special offers as described 

  • Pingback: Benefits of QR codes « The Alderson Group()

  • myQRad

    This is a great article on the uses of QR codes, but now that they’ve been around for a while it’s important to note that with free QR code generators once the code is created there is no way to change it. I get phone calls and emails everyday from people with free codes in circulation that they can’t change. With websites like not only can you track QR codes, create mobile landing pages, but you can change the destination anytime.

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  • Mukeshbhoj

     yes, my friend you can.

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  • Fast Food chain Wendy’s are another example of good QR code use. They have it on many of their food packaging. Furthermore, everyine who scans is enetered into a daily sweepstakes to win prizes.

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  • dave

    Great intro. I love the fact QR codes are free. I mainly use

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  • Moses Mushi

    Wow!!! Working for a government department, listing all the services of the department in the barcode? Wow!!!

  • Michael

    Codes help familia businesses connect to traffic activity; it’s the revenue and distribution link. It’s a smart way, to bring to many cities, and They’ve been used for over a decade.

  • William Warnock

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  • James Matayoshi

    I am developing a software that would virtually connect all point-of-sale settlement in all the stores in my city. I would like to utilize the QR code to link accounts within my software application to make payments for purchases in the stores, linking credit accounts in our software. Any quidance? Need help in finishing it.
    James Matayoshi

  • Mukesh

    I have generate one QRcode in my mobile, i need scan the code in same mobile,it is possible ?

  • Ed

    I logged on and generated a QR code through Kaywa. when scanned it goes to a kaywa site before going to mine. Is that typical?

  • really interesting – we’re a non-profit so very helpful to us

  • Awesome. Check out some of our designer barcodes There is no need to “host” a QR code. Your question seem to be about obtaining a website, which is unrelated to QR codes. However, the data encoded in a QR code can be interpreted as a Universal Resource Locator, which mobile device users can open as a link in their web browser.

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