social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Lewis Howes, author of Linked Working. Lewis is a popular speaker and an expert on LinkedIn.

Lewis shares how you can use LinkedIn for much more than just job search and how he is using LinkedIn to grow his business.  And he gives you tips to integrate LinkedIn marketing tactics to help you grow your business.

Be sure to check out the takeaways below after you watch the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • How to create events and promote them on LinkedIn
  • How to leverage your group connections by industry or location
  • What LinkedIn Groups offer businesses compared to Facebook Groups
  • Why you should network on LinkedIn
  • How to improve your email marketing with messages sent on LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn apps to improve your social media marketing
  • How Lewis recommends syncing Twitter updates with your LinkedIn updates and why
  • Why LinkedIn is a social media platform businesses cannot ignore

Connect with Lewis on Twitter @Lewis Howes and check out his website

How do you use LinkedIn for your business? What tips do you have to share? Please leave them below.

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  • I have been meaning to use Linkedin a lot more for business I added the share buttons to my site but that is all at the moment. I did try Linkedin ad’s but they are much more expensive then FB. The groups thing I think could be powerful I have to put some time aside to play about with a bit.

  • The shirt gives away that Lewis is an Ohio boy at heart. 🙂

    Nice interview here. All I know is that everyone I know (including myself) who has put some time, energy and practice into LinkedIn as a business community tool is making gains from their efforts. Lewis might be one of the biggest winners … he’s also one of the folks who’s made the biggest investment at LinkedIn so take his advice seriously. It will work…

  • I like LinkedIn, but I’m not a fan of seeing a lot of auto-posting from Twitter and there’s still a lot of spam in some of the Groups. I think the platform is still in a transformational phase. There is so much potential for good and bad use. I like the apps – especially Amazon books and slideshare. Lewis has a very large affiliate network also promoting his products and programs, so all that traffic really helps him tremendously on LinkedIn, too.

  • Wow, great takeaways from this interview.  I’ve already joined a couple of groups by listening to this interview and am scheduling time to add value to these groups at least twice a week via discussion feedback or some other method.  Gonna keep working it til it works 🙂

  • Dorothy – Definitely worth a try

  • Nice tips Tasha

  • I am with you on spam in groups.  It’s a major problem.

  • Thanks Nate – As with all forms of marketing, I agree it does take time 🙂

  • Phil – Share buttons is for sure a good step in the right direction.

  • Mike and Lewis. Thanks for this valuable interview. Actually I’m one of the buyers of Lewis products. He teached me how to rank higher on LinkedIn people search, using the right keyword for my niche. Cheers.

  • I do thoroughly enjoy some linkedin goodness. I hope that it will be instrumental in helping me to land my Dream Nerdy Nurse job in healthcare information technology in the very near future. 
    I’ve been making some great contacts and sharing good information.
    Thanks for writing about it!

  • I’ve followed Lewis for quite some time now and he is always spot on with his advice for utilizing LinkedIn as a networking and business tool. I highly recommend to anybody who is new to LinkedIn or wants to learn how to further maximize their efforts on LInkedIn to check out his book or some of his other related work. 

    The big takeaway for me from this interview was the bit about how the average LinkedIn user earns close to 109k a year. That is an amazing statistic that is working to prove the correlation between having business success and actively looking for ways to network with people. I have been told many times, the two go hand in hand.

    Many thanks Mike for the great content once more and happy Friday to ya.


  • Ben Comer

    Dino- thanks for sharing that the average user earns close to 109K. I had no idea! That statistic probably partially explains why LinkedIn has an $8 billion valuation. It’s certainly encouraging to see that businesses can leverage LinkedIn to target a different type of audience than Facebook & Twitter. Then again, the beauty is that businesses can link these different accounts to stream content from one to another.

    Thanks for all the excellent input!

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  • anioko1

    For business users who don’t like the spam in groups, we are working on a B2B social network and it will have a marketplace so whoever was soliciting could have an alternative to place their products on the marketplace and then categorize it to others looking for partnerships, distributorship and franchise. The marketplace should be complete by next week and hopefully the social networking functions will be completed after next week so we can start testing for bugs and eventually allow early adopters to start using it in July

  • LinkedIn is indeed a great tool for any business. However, no entrepreneurs, businesses or individuals can be successful just by joining LinkedIn. In other words, they have to know how to effectively use strategies such as those mentioned in this interview. I have been using LinkedIn for my small business and it certainly has been benefited by proper and strategic use of LinkedIn. 

  • Great interview, insight and experiences shared! LinkedIn seems to be taking a strategic approach to the apps and features they offer to serve their members. They’ve added several over the last 3 years.

    It was interesting to hear Lewis’ thought RE: increased engagement on LinkedIn vs Twitter updates — maybe because there is a perceived ‘closer connection’ and more direct communication due to the LI environment?

    LinkedIn offers a tremendous platform for networking and information-sharing. Unfortunately, I see many folks (including experienced ‘marketers’) making similar mistakes on LI, as they did on Facebook.

    One of the biggest is not utilizing the powerful granular settings to effectively target contacts and those in the specific niche-audience. Just because someone is a network connection does not automatically make them a prime recipient of every marketing message or ongoing “Thought you would find this helpful” communique.

    In addition to the powerful granular settings, all members have access to their LinkedIn network contacts’ profiles containing work, career and professional information, which should assist them in communicating more effectively.

  • nathanlatka1

    Totally agree Phyllis- great opportunity here for a startup to solve this problem.

  • I really like LinkedIn and amazed that people often don’t use everything it has to offer!  Some companies aren’t even aware of the Products & Services sections!

    I also really like Behance and they’re connected to Linkedin. Great if you’re into art, design and visual stuff. A very under rated social media platform!!Another great article, thanks as always, Peter 

  • Spam in LinkedIn groups is only a problem if the group administrator allows it to be a problem. That is why in my group–LinkedUp Grand Rapids w/7,500+ members–I moderate the discussion and job posting sections. All discussion and job posts must be approved by me before they are posted. It’s not 100%, but it does eliminate the vast majority of what would be considered spam. Groups also have the flag feature that allows group members to flag posts they think are inappropriate. Groups are only as good as the owners and moderators make them.

  • Awww… can’t really hear Lewis talking. Sounds like his mic wasn’t on.

  • Thanks Juan, glad you liked the video, and also got value out of my product!  Glad to hear about your success using LinkedIN! 

  • Thanks so much Dino… appreciate you … and look forward to hearing more about your LinkedIn success.

  • Another fantastic video with great advice to work into my schedule.  Being a small business with a small business target market, Linkedin group discussion has given me valuable content to share with clients.  Finding the right groups (with minimal spam – and they are out there as Michael commented) is crucial, once found time tends to run away from you!

    For my own requirements, LI groups are an integral part of business.

  • I have to say that @lewishowes:twitter offers a lot of great content about Linkedin. He just has so much knowledge about this social platform and I have learned so much from him.

  • Cool! I’m gonna check out his book 🙂 Just started reading yours yesterday Mike!

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  • LinkedIn will never be a Facebook and Twitter.  But that is because I don’t think LinkedIn WANTS to be a Facebook or Twitter. 

    It is there to connect people on a “let’s do business” basis.  People are on LinkedIn to make themselves look professional and show good content.

  • Lewis’ affiliate zombies, like most aff-zoms, can become quite annoying in groups. I appreciate it when people divulge that their link is for affiliate purposes, especially on LinkedIn where we’re all supposed to be grown-up… or at least act that way 😉

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  • I think auto-posting your Twitter updates to LinkedIn makes you look lazy and sloppy. The medium are completely different and I think you will quickly alienate connections with this practice. 

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