social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Scott Monty, the head of social media at Ford Motor Company. Scott shares stories of how social media helps Ford launch and sell cars.

You’ll hear how Ford started to build buzz and anticipation with social media a year before the Fiesta was brought to the United States, and how this impacted their sales.

Watch the video to hear about the other ways Ford is using social media and be sure to check out the takeaways below.

This video is full of business insights for social media. Here are some of the things you’ll want to listen for.

Use Social Media For Pre-launches

Discover how Ford used social media to pre-launch the Ford Fiesta to:

  • Get socially vibrant people to spread their message
  • Focus on getting other people to tell people about Ford

In the Fiesta launch Ford converted ten times more reservations into orders than with a traditional vehicle launch

Leverage Facebook Communities

Learn why Ford has a strong representation across different Facebook pages to:

  • Give people content to share and ask Facebook readers for more content

You’ll hear how Ford Revealed the Ford Explorer on Facebook instead of at an auto show and how this had greater impact than with a Super Bowl ad

Other Key Insights From Scott

Scott’s biggest social media lesson: integrated marketing communications.  Find out how Scott learned to use paid, owned and earned media together for successful marketing.

Hear about how Ford is catering to mobile devices with the new MyFord Touch system, and how Ford has made the API for their Sync system open to the public so Ford can benefit from outside talent and build a stronger community.

Learn more about Ford’s new Focus Rally America, an interactive Ford Rally competition, driven with social media to create awareness for their brand and connect with their audience.

Check out The Ford Story and find Ford as well as Ford Focus on Facebook.

What’s your favorite takeaway from this video? Please share your comments below.

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  • It would be sweet if smaller brands could create product evangelists like Ford did by having 100 people driving their cars before they offered them to the general US public. I suppose I could shrink their methods down to a smaller scale.

  • Wow!

    Years ago when I worked at Enterprise Rent a Car we would laugh at snooty Jaguar owner who came in to get a car because their was being serviced. The cars were expensive but would break down a lot.

    My asst manager at the time summed it up: “They think they’re so special…but they’re really just driving a Ford!”

    My how the times have changed!

    I had heard about Scott Monty from Fast Company but to see the effect he has had on a more open-minded Ford is astounding. These are some great tips!

    Thanks Mike and Social Media Examiner!

  • Thanks Mike! I think Ford is really being transformed right before our eyes and it is an amazing thing!

  • Very interesting interview ! and i could guess actually how it works and we all are witnessing this in social media, social media is helping indeed Ford launching and even selling cars!!

  • It’s no wonder that Ford was the only company to not take the automaker bailout. They actually get the need to change and adapt their methods to ensure relevance. I love this interview, thanks for doing it!

  • Great interview…we have been trying to have our industry adopt some of these ideas for the pat couple years.

  • Wow!

    Ford is doing a great job with Social Media. Hope they realize that other markets such as Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and other latin markets, would love to share all these content but in their language.

    Just in Mexico we are more than 13,119,140 facebook users. Hope Honda, Toyota, Volkwagen or others, don’t get it before Ford.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing interview Michael.

    All the best,
    Victor Garcia

  • Really great interview Michael!

    We have previously learned from Dell how to really utilize Social Media in a unique way that will build Social Brand Equity.

    Then we learned from Comcast how to turn around customer service by utilizing Social Media.

    And now Scott Monty and Ford kick it up another notch. So many brands can really learn a great deal from Ford. And when brands moves from reaction mode to response mode your Team and other Social Media strategists will be busy..

    I think this story among several others here illustrate really well the important role your team plays in educating us all. And I hope to see more stories like this from other well know brands on how they have utilized Social Media in a similar fashion as Ford.

    Plus I think it is a major plus that you focused on a large traditional well established brand that many of us can relate with..

    Cheers.. Are 🙂

  • Thanks Are! Stay tuned for much more like this 🙂

  • Thanks Rahul!

  • Michael

    I still get the impression that FORD is a bit pushy related to their social media usage. However, the results speak for themselves. Nice “Best Practice” to know about. Thanks Social Media Examiner

  • Michael – What do you mean by pushy? I find it very refreshing that they let their customers do the talking for them.

  • Oh, to apply this idea to solopreneurs….

  • Great conversation! I really enjoyed how candid Scott Monty was about his assessment of the Ford Fiesta campaign. I think this is a great example of how to use social and the power of WOM marketing to really inspire consumers to talk about the product. I’d be interested to hear what tools he was using to listen to the market, and analyzing the outcome.

    I wish this had been posted sooner because of the contest! Was watching the video with several of my colleagues at work, only to find out the deadline had passed. Regardless, great video. It’s hard not to get excited when you see someone as excited about it as Scott.

  • tj

    Okay, worked so well I had NO idea that FORD launched a new Explorer. Much more effective than a Super Bowl Ad I’m sure….

  • Klnixon

    Outstanding interview from many perspectives. The key ROI factoid I got was the Explorer launch using social media was more effective than a super bowl ad. Wow!

  • Applications for Focus Rally America are still being accepted – just head over to and you can submit a video. Not everyone has to attend a live casting session. Go for it!

  • The Super Bowl never got us a half million visits to the vehicle site, with a corresponding number of build & price actions.

  • Thanks for stopping by Scott!

  • What really make’s Scott Monty’s work great and in general, Ford’s Social Media great is that Ford’s senior management actually listens and directly connects to their communicators and social media-savy people, like Mr. Monty. Kudos to Ford for engaging their stakeholders and acting as a transparent automaker when their rivals only push messages at you rather than employing 2 way communication. It is the strength and interactivity of Ford’s digital media and communications strategy that is assuring their profitability in the face of a tough automotive industry economy.

  • Ed Winders

    Great interview! The best example I’ve seen of bringing all the marketing aspects together.

  • Wow, great interview, thanks!

  • Jacques Desjardins

    Good for Ford. Companies are starting to realize the power of the social web.

  • Social Media should not be a company’s only form of marketing. Just like Scott says here, its an integrated process. One in which fans from all around and from many different forms of social media can really connect and get the most out of social media. I found some additional helpful information from this website: Thanks for the post, it was great!

  • Social Media has been a major help on businesses for the well-known companies such as Ford. I am glad hear what social media brings.

  • Not only that they have good press releases and adverts, it also because their products were good.

  • I really think Ford have got their social advertising right but I’m not sure that you are doing them any favours Mike. Are you really saying that Ford breaks down a lot??

  • Tony,

    I should stressed the time: it was actually like 5 years ago. I want to believe that they’ve improved since 🙂

  • I loved the way that they used Facebook to promote the Ford Explorer. Using the incentive of the sweepstakes gave people the motivation to share and distribute content that Ford was pushing out. Thanks for the interview.

  • Jason o’brian

    My friend recommended I use MyPRGenie ( to get PR for my biz. It was the best online PR tool ever!

  • Great post and brilliant video – well done. I will be sharing this with my list as we LOVE social media for business and is great to be able to show how the BIG businesses use it for sales

    Eileen Bowley

  • ChrisChiappinelli

    Ford’s effort at resurrection capture the ethos of the Web 2.0/social networking generation. Not only is the company raising its brand awareness via channels like Facebook, as you describe, it is also building cars and trucks that aim squarely at the affinities of the generation now steeped in social media. The Sync system, for instance, places technological capabilities at the center of the buying decision, instead of air conditioning and floor mats. That’s what manufacturers inside and outside the auto industry will need to do in the coming years. A few more thoughts on that transition, if anyone is inclined to discuss it more:

  • I really love this site its brilliant.

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