social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Darren Rowse, founder of the popular blogs and Twitip (a blog dedicated to Twitter).

Darren also authored the best selling book Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income.

In this video Darren shares why Problogger took off and his great tips on how bloggers should use Twitter.

Listen to this interview to find out:

  • How creating a profile in one space can help you to springboard into another space
  • Why blogs no longer look like blogs and how they are changing
  • How to use Twitter to benefit your blog

What do you think about this interview? How are you using Twitter to benefit your blog? Please share your comments and experiences in the comments below.

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  • Thanks for that – I found it really interesting and useful listening to Darren talking about what he’d done to get where he his, and some of his hints and tips for other people were great.

  • Twitter is benefiting my blog in various ways. Through the people I follow and the Twitter search function, I’m kept up to date on blog posts and news in my business areas. I also get an overview of what’s on everybody’s mind right now and that sometimes turns into a blog post.

    As Darren mentions Twitter works great for testing ideas and getting opinion on a given subject (almost poll-like, just instant). Google Buzz (that I see Darren using for this too) is great (or even better than Twitter), when doing this instant poll, if you need more in depth answers.

    Twitter is also accredited for about 30% of my traffic, so I guess it helps there as well.

  • Darren offers some simple, yet powerful suggestions for using and integrating social media to promote one’s blog. In particular, his suggestion to ‘listen’ to what is going on out there was instructive. Thanks for the great interview.

  • Really informative interview! Unlike so many that are simply hype, Darren comes across as really authentic. Thanks for time well spent!!!

  • Thanks for a timely subject matter! I’m finally getting my blog up and running and will be utilizing social media as well as video to connect with people.

  • Excellent. Nice to hear from the “pro” blogger to affirm my own thoughts and the advice I’ve been sharing. Love this site!

  • The most important thing I got from the interview was about Twitter; watch what successful people are doing and mimic them. That’s so important.

  • Darren really knows how to express what really matters. It is always great to listen to an expert. Thanks.

  • Andy Hyde

    A most informative video, interesting insights into the relationships between a blogger and other social media. What was most important to me, still being a social media virgin were the excellent questions asked by the interviewer, job well done and answered all my questions, thanks.

  • Very insightful interview. Managing social media for a nonprofit, I’ve found Twitter and Facebook to be great cross-pollinators for our blog.

  • Thank you for another Fantastic Interview.
    I appreciate Darren’s straightforward Style
    and his emphasis on Mindset and Effort

  • I totally enjoyed listening to Darren. Great points. It’s always interesting to see someone’s approach to new media and how it all began. Thanks!

  • I’m relatively new to social media, especially Twitter. I’m still getting a handle on it so this interview and all the info I am reading on the web has been a God-send. I suspect it takes quite a bit of time before a site such as Twitter becomes a rewarding channel for business development. I agree with a previous SME post that a key success factor for using Twitter is finding the ‘right’ people to follow and in turn finding the right followers – and that can be challenging. From my early experience there does appear to be a strong element of preachers preaching to the converted. For me, the jury is still out but I am happy to persist.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your insights about Twitter, Darren. Sometimes it just seems like another time-vacuum, there is so much content streaming by, so many interesting links, a broad range of community events and conversations that I sometimes just want to forget twitter completely because of the fear of information overwhelm.

    How do you manage your Twitter time and content so that you’re optimizing the time you do spend with Twitter for the greatest benefit?

  • jenniferstalford

    Twitter brings my real estate blog very little traffic so I have not interacted there much in the last months. However, after listening to Darren I’ve decided to step up my Twitter interactions.

    Thanks for a great video!

  • Great interview. I find twitter a great way to see what others are writing about in my field and identify areas where I can add value on my blog. One thing that was not mentioned on this interview was if there was any value to having hundreds or thousands of people following you on twitter. Lately there has been more movement away from quantity to quality – rather have 100 relevant followers rather than thousands that never really read or interact with you.

  • Very helpful and informative. I have actually gone the other way and began using Twitter first and now have a blog emerging as a result. Has anyone else “gone this way” and have any suggestions/comments. Thanks!

  • Great interview! I’m a new Twitter-er and blogger, but even so I’m finding Twitter very useful for my blog as well.

  • johnrossharvey

    I probably use twitter more than anyone, not that I tweet more than anyone, just that I am more than I seem. A few of my feeds on my webpage, there are more which will be revealed in due time.

  • mwgrover

    A very nice example of what I would consider to be a successful video interview – interesting questions plus meaningful answers – well worth my time to view!

  • tvpro

    This is a very good example of the disparity in professionalism between Web 2.0 and traditional broadcasting. The presentation of this content is most embarrassing considering the inclusion of serious businessmen and women within a context that is laughably amateur. Even an intern at a production house or TV station could produce something much more professional than this. It just can’t be taken seriously. I would suggest the folks at Social Media Examiner check out some websites about the fundamentals of producing videos.

  • TV pro! Get a life. If your way of drumming up business is go around telling everyone they suck than you are no different than a bully. I think you are the one who lacks professionalism.

  • brookemonfort

    Thanks for this. As someone w/a background in advertising, Darren confirms sensibilities I’ve known for years: Success with the internet is all about content, relevancy, helpfulness, quick assimilation format – and doing what you love.

  • goldcoastcollege

    Anyways, Thanks sharing your insights.

  • Fear not! Rupert and co will see that there’s still space for msm shows fronted by talking hair-dos with hidden agendas 😉 Just don’t get too claustrophobic in there as the digital walls close in, OK?

    What Web 2.0 offers is choice. Yes, there’s dross out there but I found SME refreshingly ‘normal’ and, guess what, very informative. And if I don’t like their content, I go somewhere else.

    Hey Mike, you must be doing something right if you’re rattling the cage of an annonymous ‘TV Pro’ lol

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