social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

MeetUp Launches Perks Feature for Small Businesses: MeetUp makes it easy for people to get together, and now with MeetUp Perks, businesses can “easily offer membership Perks to MeetUp groups in a simple, self-serve way” and become their sponsors.   “MeetUp Perks is not a daily deal or a coupon service.” They hope to help businesses “find local community they can support for a long time.”  Find out more here.  This looks interesting.  What do you think?

meetup perks

MeetUp Perks costs $5 per month for each MeetUp group you sponsor and you only pay for groups that accept your Perks.

Twitter Announces Services in Korean: Twitter is now available in 7  languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean) and continues to develop its services to its large international audience.

twitter in korean

With 70% of its users outside the U.S., Twitter needs to adapt its services for other markets too.

Eyeka Launches in the U.S., so Big Brands Can Crowd-source Creative Feedback:  Eyeka is a consumer engagement community for brands and agencies. What do you think about Eyeka?

On Eyeka, consumers give feedback for free to brands and agencies.

Here are two recent studies to note:

eMarketer Predicts U.S. Marketers Will Spend $3.08 billion on Social Media Advertising This Year: This follows the trend as Facebook ad revenues more than doubled last year.  This is something marketers should be aware of this year.

facebook ad revenue

MarketsandMarkets Says World Mobile Applications Market Worth $25 Billion (U.S.) by 2015: The mobile app market continues to grow. Does your business have a mobile marketing plan?

Here’s one more new social media tool worth a look:

Urtak: This is a simple tool to ask your audience Yes/No questions. It’s easy to add to your website to learn more about your audience and you can also use it on Facebook. Try it out here: Social Media News

And don’t miss this:

Social Media Examiner’s Blogging Success Summit 2011: Starting February 1, this online mega-conference will help you use your blog for business and profit.

What social media news caught your interest? What do you think of the other news items this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Thanks for the informative update Cindy. Now I know why I see your smile around so much! I put the Urtak feature on my Blog immediately, could be very useful for simple research and provide a good opportunity to ‘engage’ people. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you Cindy. I bookmarked Eyeka. Juan.

  • Urtak looks like it could be a handy application. One that would generate some responses of any variety. Thanks Cindy – I’m going to test it out.

  • I started the Piedmont Bloggers Meetup Group for local bloggers in Northern Virginia. I like the Meetup Perks but am a little tentative to use the specific companies without some more background on them. It would be nice to know if Meetup investigates them at all before they send them out. I’d hate to embrace a perk for our group and then find out it is a spam tool for somebody.
    Loving Meetup! 18 local bloggers came out in a snow storm for our first meetup a few weeks back!

  • David Surufka

    I am new to the computer and words like Blog & Blogging are new to me as well. I have a Home Based Business of an All Natural Energy Drink & All Natural Mineral,Vitamin Supplement that I want to put Adds on The Intrrnet to be able to make people aware of our Products and The Business that we have and how it can change Both their Health & How they can become a successful Business Owner.

  • timo

    Nice overview, Cindy, particularly of social media tools for the wired world.
    Ubiquity in the mobile social media space must deliver a communications platform that blends with people’s real-life activities, respect their privacy, enhance shared experiences, + improve current capabilities, with no distractions, delays, check-ins or triple click-throughs.
    For the first mobile social engine designed with these objectives, check out Social Messaging(TM) from PoKos

  • Thanks Cindy, gotta love these weekly updates cause so much happens in a week!

  • I ran a few meetup groups in the Bay Area a couple years ago. We tested one of their early sponsorship programs. We received sponsorship credits from the company we went with, but never received the member coupons we’d been promised. On this basis, I tend to agree with SigmaBiz. It would be nice to see Meetup validate good business practices, have an anti-spam policy, etc for the sponsors.

    Meetup is an excellent resource to bridge the gap between online and in-person. I highly recommend it.

  • SigmaBiz, thank you for your feedback. You’ve raised a good point.

  • Hi Peter, there are a number of poll tools for bloggers out there. You’ll have to let us know what you think of this one.

  • Thanks Juan!

  • Yes, it does look like it should stimulate participation and it’s easy to install.

  • Yes, there’s definitely a lot happening!

  • Leigh, thanks for your feedback. I’m definitely interested in seeing if and how these businesses can be validated in any way. I guess it’s attracting all sorts of people right now.

  • Realy hot news

  • Cyndy, thank you as well! It is so hard to keep up on the newest social media trends so this was very helpful. I took a look at Eyeka and I think if an already incredibly popular existing site were to adopt Eyeka’s capabilities, Eyeka will fail.

    A Facebook application? We’ll see!

    Thanks again!

  • Meetup Website is all about business purpose.I didn’t understand that why they charge money on business account?

  • disappointed…nothing with facebook…

  • I’m a bit stumped about meetup perks. A meetup group in my area has a section that you can offer a perk. I did it and I went to a few more in my neighborhood who had the perk link. Later I got two people who accepted the perks for their group. Hurray. But when I went to meetup it said I had a sponsor page. I was sponsoring the group with my perk. And then you can offer a perk and meetup will look for groups for you – it cost $5 a group. What??? I had no idea the perks cost money. No one asked for my credit card, no one asked for money. I went to the sponsor page to cancel the requests I made but it seems it won’t let me. I sent an email to them but have not heard back. I’m stumped and hoped you can help.