social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Google+ Project Takes on Facebook: This week Google launched a new project that’s similar to a social platform and is in direct competition with Facebook. You can read more about the first impressions of this new platform here and here. Watch the introductory videos below to learn about Google+ features: Sparks and Circles.

Google Analytics Now Tracks Twitter, Facebook and +1: Google’s free social monitoring dashboard just got better. Google Analytics has a new section for Social Plugin Tracking where you can add a bit of code to your site, and then track Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google+1’s and statistics for your other social plugins. NOTE: You must select the New analytics option in Google Analytics (see upper right corner when logged in) to see this.

google analytics social engagement

You need to choose the New Google Analytics version to see these new features.

Google +1 Goes Global:  Don’t be confused, the Google +1 button is not the same as the Google+ project above.  The Google +1 is the little social bookmarking button that was launched in English a couple of months ago and is now rolling out in other languages.


Non-English–speaking publishers can now use the Google +1 button too.

StumbleUpon Lets You Create Widgets to Highlight Your Stumbles: Now you can share your stumbles on your blog or website, thanks to the new StumbleUpon widgets.

stumbleupon widget

You can choose widgets in different sizes to fit in your sidebars or at the bottom of your blog posts.

Monster Launches Professional Networking App for Facebook, BeKnownBeKnown allows Facebook users to establish a professional network on Facebook where they can “grow their professional network, enhance their online professional identity and discover enriching career opportunities.”


You can access Monster's job board on BeKnown. And it also allows you to build your professional networks on Facebook while keeping personal and work-related contacts and content completely separate.

Formspring Reaches 25 Million Users in 18 Months: This makes Formspring one of the fastest-growing websites. Check out the infographic below.


"On Formspring, people can have fun, share insights and stories, and relate to the people they know or find interesting."

Here’s a social media resource worth noting:

Social Media Quickstarter: “is a step-by-step guide that offers short tutorials for getting up and running on the most popular social media networks and includes actionable tips, best practices and case studies” created by Constant Contact.


And don’t miss this:

launchGet your FREE chapter of Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition to discover the formula Michael Stelzner used to make this blog one of the top small business blogs in the world (according to Technorati).

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • timoplatt

    @GooglePlus beats @Facebook’s closed-loop network only with a new open-end #mobile social platform, powered by engaging social activity messaging

  • Hi Tim – Not sure I would call Google an open ended network as it only works if you have a gmail account

  • Guest

    Not 100% sure Google Domination is guaranteed, but Google+ sure has capture the SMM Buzz this week which is why I took the time to whip up this edition — Google+ Project vs Facebook on

  • I think the StumbleUpon item is something i’m more interested about time something is released for showing off stumbles.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • timoplatt

    agree with you, Michael. not describing current capabilities. instead, referring to changing the playing field with new goal and partnering to deploy new technologies

  • I agree Antonio, I don’t know why they didn’t do this before. There was a time when I would have put that in my sidebar.  Today my sidebar tastes lean more towards a minimalist design, so I’m not going to use it there. I like the multiple formats though.  But I’m still figuring out where it can serve me well.

  • Lots of scoops  🙂

  • I have a question about Google Panda.  I did great when the change was originally implemented because I (hope) create great content (  In fact, I was on page 1 for Social Media. Just in the last week or so, I’ve seen a change in my organic search traffic. Now, not only am I not on page 1 for Social Media, neither is Social Media Examiner.  Most top results are traditional media like MSNBC, Fox, etc.  Does anyone know what happened and how to adapt?

  • i feel that the roll out of google plus is just too slow.. i got an invide but i have nobody to share it with!!

  • This all makes my head spin. Some days I just want a rotary dial telephone and a neighbour’s hedge to talk over.  Not against it all…just overwhelmed…sigh…

  • Interesting intro of Google+ networking (No, it’s not the same as Google’s +1).  What’s your take on this?

  • Angela, I don’t know what’s impacting your search results.  But I remember reading that Google was doing a whole series of (smaller) upgrades this year. So some people will probably see some changes.

    I travel a fair bit, and it’s fun to notice how search results change depending on your own location 🙂

  • LOL  I think most people who’ve been in this long enough eventually learn to take it in stride… And I think it gets easier when you have a really clear understanding of what you are doing online, why your business is online and what it can do for you.  It makes it clearer to see what’s worth investing time in.

  • Apparently my strides aren’t long enough:)  I think I’m pretty clear on all of the what, why and what’s you pose above, but I”m not a big fan of the TMI and TMO (too much information and too many options) on any given day.  And of course, the moment something is created, it’s already redundant in this fast-paced world.  There’s always a “new kid on the block” just waiting to pounce another shiny object into our field of vision at every given moment.  I’m hauling out my rotary phone as we speak, haha! As I said, I’m not against it all…just not an early adopter. I’ll be in the “watch and see” rows of the stadium:) Cheers! Kaarina

  •  You know, I remember when I used to be sooooo jealous of people who were raving about some of the Twitter tools that came out a year or so ago. They just never worked on my computer. But now I’m happy because that made me focus on finding tools that worked for me instead of following the crowd. 

    With choosing which platforms to invest time on, that’s easier. I’m only online for business. I’d much rather have live conversations with my real friends than connect with them online. So with platforms it really comes down to where the people are that I want to reach, and whether that communication style fits well with me.  So things still stay relatively simple even when the new things come out.  Having said that Google+ just may fit my personal communication style better than Facebook… so I’m keen to see if the people I want to connect with will be there or not.

  •  Margaret, it’s still wait and see for me. But it does look interesting today and I will play around with it for a while before deciding how to use it.

  • Guest

    This Google+ project is amazing. The challenge for Google is going to be convincing people to move their information over from Facebook to make the experience as personal as possible. I remember Evan Bailyn talking about this in his book on SEO. 

  • Denisse Marie

    The Social Media QuickStarter is an awesome new site! I wonder, though, how all these social media marketers are taking the competition; being that many of them offer their own eBooks, guides and video tutorials for lead generation. I specialize in new business owners and start-ups, so this is a great resource I can direct them to when they are ready to utilize social media. Love the new StumbleUpon widget too – agree they should have had this a while ago. Now I have to see if I have space on my blog and website sidebars for it. 🙂

  • Denisse, I had similar thoughts when I first looked at the Social Media QuickStarter. I expect it’s about tailoring your social media product for very specific audiences.  We all have to deal with the overwhelm of keeping up with social media. And we have different needs & objectives for social media and different personal styles & preferences. So there are slots for marketers to fill. 

    For example, I LOVE Hubspot, but their emails and new items can sometimes feel as if the fire hose is on a bit too strong for my schedule. It can sometimes be a little too much information for me to keep up with.  So there are a few other people I also follow simply because they distill the information into a format that I can always consume even when things get busy.

  • Ron Eaglin

    One wonders where the full social media piece is going – and also what is (or will be the holy grail of social networks). Being a member of LinkedIn, Facebook, etc… what I see happening is one “application that rules them all” well, maybe not rules, but at least integrates. A single application that acts as a superset of what is in each of the social media sites. I think this is best seen by example – Say you want to post to your “wall” – you do this in your “master” application and the post goes to all the sites you desire (yes I know twitter already does this). It can combine feeds and likes from all the networks you are a member of and give you a very nice consolidated feed. I can manage email from multiple accounts (I know I have quite a few).

    There are a few services out there do a lot of this, I am of course going to add in ability to organize messages (SMS, FB, Etc..) and email and news feeds, and blog follows, and pretty much everything you do online. It could filter your coupon offers (how many of these sites are there?).

    Oh yea – and the interface. To truly be successful it has to have customizable interfaces with a few defaults to choose from – but ONE very important interface – Human (well simulated human). Though this is not a promotional here – I (along with others) have patents on simulated human style interfaces. Anyway here is to giving Cindy and others some real food for thought as the Social Media Wars start in earnest….

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  • Had no clue about half of these, was too busy with Google+ LOL

    I like this new professional stuff on FB and StumbleUpon widgets, I think those are the first two things I am going to check out now. 

  • I’m hoping it lives up to the hype.  I heard somewhere (?) no more invites so it looks like the rest of us will wait for it to hit the streets.  Soon?!?!

     This is really great. If +1 works, it will
    not only improve search quality, but also make ads more engaging. This may
    potentially improve Google’s ads, and eventually may turn into a core social
    product that can expand in new directions.

  • I think Google+ has some solid potential. I wouldn’t say I’m dumping everything and migrating at this stage, but certainly not ruling it out for the future. The challenge is going to be getting those average non-techy consumers to migrate, if that’s even what Google is going for. Having never been much of a fan of Facebook (a user only by necessity), I’m interested in how G+ will affect people’s Twitter usage (as that’s the platform I predominantly use). It would be good if Google included functionality to share tweets between Twitter and Google+. 

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  • KentMauresmo

    Google+ is going to dominate facebook. Too people have been burned on Facebook because of privacy issues

  • very interesting post! thanks a lot for sharing! appreciate your efforts!

  • leadmasterau

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