social media how toAre you wondering what to make of all the new Facebook changes?

This article takes a detailed look at how the News Ticker, Smart Lists, News Feed, Subscribe feature and Timeline will impact marketers and business owners.

It’s been quite a rollercoaster recently with all the new Facebook changes. Some changes have already happened (i.e., News Feed and the new Smart Lists) and other changes will be coming as a result of the Facebook F8 conference.

Let’s dive into these changes in detail and talk about the changes to come in the next few weeks with the new Facebook Timeline.

#1: The News Feed Ticker

Probably the most controversial change is the addition of the News Feed Ticker. Some people hate it; others love it. But the one thing you can’t do is easily hide it. Although there are some workarounds.

news feed and news ticker

The News Feed Ticker shows all the comments, posts, likes, friendships and events of all of your friends, pages and subscriptions.

The Ticker contains posts and “activity stories” (such as friends commenting on other posts, liking pages, RSVPing to events, etc.) but now the “recent stories” area contains only posts (which can include status updates, pictures, links and videos) by friends, pages, subscriptions and stories posted by apps (such as YouTube or Networked Blogs).

The Ticker is very real-time and shows who is doing what on Facebook right now. By clicking on the down arrow in the upper-right corner of a post, you can have more control over what you see from that person or the app that posted the story.

activity stories

Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner to adjust the settings for posts.

The “activity stories” are what appear in the Ticker, so if you don’t want to see every move made by a person, you can unsubscribe to their activity stories. You’ll still get updates when that person posts something in their status bar. You can also decide if you don’t want to see updates from a certain type of application as shown in the picture above.

Something interesting about the Ticker is that previous posts by pages and friends may have a longer life than they did before. When someone comments or replies to a previous post, the story of that comment shows up in the Ticker and you can then click on the story to see the whole post again as shown in the figure below.


Posts have a longer life due to follow-up comments.

One benefit of the Ticker is if you have friends who are also connected to your fan page, and you see that they’ve replied to your fan page post in the Ticker, you can reply as your page right from the Ticker. But only if you have your Posting Preferences set to “Always Comment as your Page.” Find this setting in the Edit Page area of your Facebook page, and then select “Your Settings.”


Reply as your page right from the Ticker.

#2: Smart Lists

Smart Lists were also introduced. Mari Smith taught us how to make a Friends List in the Facebook 101 for Business Guide, but many people still haven’t made one. These lists help us keep track of posts by certain groups of people. And many of us have found that they were sometimes difficult to maintain when we made new friends.


Your New Lists are on the left sidebar of your Home page.

Facebook automatically creates several lists:

  • Close Friends: Facebook does not actually pick your close friends (thankfully), but they do have a list of suggestions based on whom you interact with the most. When you put people on this list, you’ll see all of their updates.
  • Acquaintances: Again, this list is not automatically populated, but if you add people to this list, you’ll see fewer of their updates in your News Feed.
  • Work (based on your employment listing): If you add someone to this list, he/she will get a notification to confirm employment at this location. Facebook will add that employer to their profile. So only add people to this list if you actually work at the same place.
  • School (both high school and college): These lists are self-populating, meaning that any Facebook friends of yours who list your high school or college in their profile will be put on this list. It is also self-updating for new Facebook friends you make or Facebook friends who later add this information to their profile.
  • Family: If you have people who previously indicated they were related to you, they’ll be on this list. It’ll be self-updating for people who indicate they are family of yours; otherwise, you’ll have to manually add people to this list.
  • Your city (set to a 10-mile radius around your city): This is another self-updating list for any Facebook friends who list your city in their profiles. You can set the radius of this list to include more people by clicking on the list on the left sidebar and selecting the “10 miles” hyperlink at the top of the page. You’ll then see a box where you can edit the radius as shown in this picture.
list area

Change the radius of your area to include more people on this list.

If you’ve already created Friends lists, they are all still available. And maybe you’ve already created a list for local friends or family. You can merge these lists together by clicking on your list and clicking Manage List in the upper-right corner.


It's easy to merge your lists.

You can also easily send a post just to this list by clicking on the list, and then updating your status within the list.

update a list

Update your status just to people in your lists from within the list.

You can also send an update to certain lists at any time by clicking on the dropdown menu to the left of the Post button.

update a list

Control which list can see your posts.

One frustrating thing about Smart Lists is that you can’t delete them, you can only hide them. Click the pencil next to the list to hide it or add it to your favorites. If you have a list that you want easy access to, click More next to the lists, find that list and click the pencil next to it to add it to your favorites and now it’ll appear on your left sidebar.

favorite lists

Add a list to favorites.

#3: The News Feed

The News Feed has changed. There is no longer the Top News and Most Recent to toggle between, now there are Top Stories and Recent Stories. The Top Stories are things Facebook thinks you might be interested in based on your interaction in the past. The Recent Stories are in chronological order.

top stories

Top Stories appear at the top and Recent Stories are below.

If you check Facebook more frequently, you won’t have as many Top Stories because everything will be in the Recent Stories area.

As mentioned earlier, only posts such as status updates, photos, videos, check-ins and posts from applications like Networked Blogs appear in the News Feed. The “Activity Stories” will be posted in the Ticker.

The other change to the News Feed is the larger photo size.

#4: The Subscribe Button

The Subscribe Button allows you to make your personal profile more public. You can allow subscribers to see your public updates. You may not have wanted to friend people and weren’t sure about making a fan page. The Subscribe button is perfect for a more public person who wants to allow more connection with people.

To allow subscribers, go to Edit your Subscriber settings and make sure you’re using the dropdown menu next to the Post button when you update your status to control who can see your posts.

subscribe settings

Edit your Subscriber settings.

You can subscribe to others if they have a Subscribe button on their profile.

subscribe button

Subscribe to others.

Now a question you may have is, “Should I create a Facebook page or should I just allow subscribers?” Here are differences as shown on the Facebook+Public Figures page:

subscribe vs page

Differences between the Subscribe button and a Facebook page.

#5: Timeline

Now to get to the Facebook Timeline and other F8 announcements. The personal profile page is now called the Timeline. Facebook describes it as “All your stories, all your Apps, a new way to express who you are.” It’s also been described as your personal scrapbook.

new timeline

The new Timeline.

You can update your status from here and your friends can still write something directly on your Timeline.

You now have one large picture at the top that you can change and update but it doesn’t change unless you change it (unlike the photostrip that was updated with your most recent photos). You can choose something recent that you were doing as your photo or have an artistic picture to express yourself.

artistic timeline

Make your photo artistic.

One thing that I like about the new Timeline is the ability to go back in time. Click on View Activity or click on a date on the right side to a date in your Facebook history.

activity log

Rediscover what you were doing on a certain date.

You have options on your Timeline to hide stories, feature a story or change the privacy settings.

editing features

Use the editing features on your Timeline.

Other changes that came out of the F8 conference include Facebook partnerships with apps such as Spotify (music), Netflix, Hulu and the Guardian among many others. These apps will help Facebook differentiate itself from Google+.

So far there are no immediate changes seen for Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages will still continue to have the same look and feel for the time being, but most likely they will be updated to reflect the look of the personal Timelines. As all the changes are to the personal profiles, there are no actions to take for page administrators. We’ll continue to monitor the effect of the new Ticker and News Feed on engagement for Pages and keep you posted on the results!

What about you? What do you think of all the Facebook changes? Leave your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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  • Andrea, I can tell you have spent alot of time on these. These are great tips. It is taking me awhile to get used to the new timeline. I am bookmarking your page so I can refer to it as I have questions. Also just added you as a friend on FB. thanks !

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  • Well, given that I live in Naperville, Wheaton North HS caught my eye! 

    Personally, I’m very pleased with these changes.  Not having used FB lists previously, I’m finding smart lists to be especially helpful.  This was a good response to Google+ circles.

  • Great run-down on the latest changes to Facebook!

  • Leona Martin

    I really like the new look and have enjoyed using it.  A few things I’m turned off by, but am sure I can tweak it a bit more.  

  • Nice to meet a fellow Chicago-suburban Jeff – I love Naperville!  I love the self-updating lists Jeff, that was one thing I found frustrating is maintaining the local list.  Much easier now.  And I think this will help encourage people to create their own lists too.

  • Thanks Whitney – happy to help!  

  • Lara

    Great tips, they will be very helpful as I navigate my way around the new FB. 

    Do you know if there is a way to make my comments on friends’ pages not show up on the ticker of all my other FB friends?  I don’t necessarily want all my FB friends to see my comments on other people’s pages.  Thanks!

  • Again, a fabulous post Andrea! This is so clear and orderly — just what most people need to read. Your step-by-step training has paid off! lol — seriously though — this post contains a *lot* of information. I will be sending it around to everyone I know — especially those who get overwhelmed by Facebook changes, because this change was a doozie! 

  • David Bourne

    Great Info Andrea,

    FB seems even more complex to navigate than before. 

    I *like* complex things, but not when it seems like it’s taking time away from things I like more. Like Twitter, G+, naps in hammocks and BBQ, for example. 

    Thanks again!

  • Agreed – much easier to work with smart lists.  I was informed that those in a smart list cannot see who the other members of the list are.  If this is true, what is the rationale behind that?  This seems to remove some valuable context.

  • Lara, the issue with comments on other people’s posts is that it is a function of how their privacy settings are set up.  This is the way Facebook has always been, if you make a comment on a friends post, other friends of theirs can see it even if they are not a friend of yours.  Make sense?  One problem is that the ticker is now highlighting the follow up posts a little more.  

    The ticker is only showing you a comment made by an actual friend of yours but it may be in response to a wall post of someone who is not a friend of yours.  When you click on that comment, it now easily opens the original post (made by someone who is not a friend of yours). You can see who will potentially see that comment if the person has shared their original post with the Public, Friends of Friends or just their Friends.  Clear as mud?  Hope that helps some!

  • I do like the fact that your Lists are kept private.  On the one hand it may be nice to discover others who are in the area with the local lists but if you’ve created a list called “Crazy People” then you don’t have to worry about them getting offended (I don’t have a list like that :).  It’s the same with Google+ circles.

  • Thank you Phyllis – that was a doozie!  And I love your Timeline photo!

  • I agree David – let’s all take a nice nap now 🙂  I think everything will just take some getting used to and then we won’t remember what Facebook was like before!  I do like a lot of the new features and I think they will make Facebook an even more interesting place to hang out.  

  • Justin Coleman

    Great post Andrea!

    I’m most interested to see when these changes come to Facebook Pages, how they are going to impact the make-up and interaction of heavily populated businesses pages. 

    Thanks again!

  • Pam

    I’m not crazy about the changes, but it’s sure not the end of the world! In fact, I made a bunch of changes within FB (no additional anything needed) and managed to completely banish the ticker. I also found that if you click on the little gray triangle in the top left corner of posts that FB marks as top news it changes them to regular posts and moves down into chronological order. And if it’s not a top story, you can click on that triangle and it makes it one. I’m guessing this “helps” FB better tailor the top news posts to your preferences. It also helps if you prefer all your posts in chronological order, as I’ve found that I’m seeing fewer posts marked as top news now.

  • I manage six FB pages and it appears that when I post as that business the post can get mixed in almost anywhere under a person’s “recent posts” and not chronologically. The number of fans liking and commenting has decreased quite a bit.

  • Ah, there you go – just like Google+ circles.  Now I understand the rationale. 

  • judi

    Why dont I see the news ticker on my facebook?

  • John O

    Thank-you so much for this information. I certainly am going to have to refer to this again as facebook rolls out these changes. I’m not sure I care for any of them though. The biggest change that I find confusing is that they took away the pending friends list (we spoke about this). Before, on my personal page, I could check to see if people want to become my friend. Now, that feature is not available within facebook. This seems like a necessary requirement of facebook. How else would you know that you have a friend request.

  • Hi John – I’m not sure why you aren’t able to see your friend requests.  I can still see mine and I have the new timeline.  I can see them at the top when you click on the outlines of the two people on the top blue bar (just to the right of the Facebook logo) and you see a drop-down of your most recent friend requests but you can also click on See All Friend Requests at the bottom of that list.  Or you can always see them at  Hope that helps!

  • Michael

    Great article. I like how you have made it very straight forward as to what the changes are and how they effect our use of FB. Keep it up. 

  • the best explanation i’ve read.  thanks!

  • very clear like it

  • Somewhat off-topic, but can you provide me with details regarding their Page changes beginning on the 30th, when Timeline is released to everyone? From what I was reading, they mention that Fan Pages can no longer email the people that Like them, so does that mean that the Apps you download and use can no longer capture your personal email and send unsolicited emails to your Facebook and personal email? Thanks in advance!!!

  • Thanks. Great Post!

  • Beth

    Andrea, how are these changes impacting how business page updates will show up in fans’ Newsfeed? For fans who may read updates from certain pages, but not comment or post, will they still see the page’s updates?

  • Check it out here ya’ll. Excellent explanation for all my grumbling friends!

  • You will also see less of the Top News if you log in more often.  But adjusting those Top News settings is a good way to tell Facebook what you don’t want miss.

  • It will be interesting to see how this affects the visibility of Pages.  It’s still a little early to tell but we are watching that!

  • You should be able to see the news ticker if you click on Home.  You may have to adjust the screen size, some people minimized the screen to block out the ticker.  

  • The Updates for Pages will disappear but that was never an effective way to contact your fans anyway – many people didn’t check their Updates.  But you still will be able to have a Welcome Page that encourages people to provide their e-mail address themselves in exchange for a special report or your newsletters.  For example, the one we have on Social Media Examiner will still be available and is an effective way to get new subscribers:

  • Great article! Already shared it on FB. I don’t mind the changes to the personal page, but the changes to my business page are making my head swim! Adding new apps to my Business page now seems impossible. I know there used to be a place where you could look at all the available apps, but that seems to have disappeared. Any idea what FB next steps might be for the FB Business pages?

  • The page updates are still going into the News Feed in the same way they have in the past and will be “Top News” if you get interactions with your fans. Or if the post isn’t Top News it will appear in the Recent Stories and also the Ticker.  But I know a lot of people feel that their interaction has gone down a bit since the changes.  Whether that’s real or perceived I’m not sure.  We are watching it and monitoring the changes!

  • Thanks! The great thing about being over the other side of the world is we can see what’s coming, then when it arrives, we understand it better 🙂 Great post.

  • Is anyone else noticing that page interaction, and placement on the Feed, is going through the basement?  Our content hasn’t changed one way or the other since these changes and now our interaction is going way down.  I think we have good, not great, content and regularly hover in the 2-3% rate, but now we’re less than 1%.  What are some steps to alleviate this?

  • Just a follow-up to my post, I just checked my Weekly Facebook Page Update.
    1785 monthly users, down 104 since last week
    3654 like this, up 1 since last week
    8 wall posts or comments, down 73 since last week
    124 visits, down 122 since last week.

    I don’t think I’ve even seen it even NEARLY that bad.  In fact, I rarely see it down in any category to be completely honest.

  • Shannon

    Brad – I just went to and it basically says “coming soon”

  • judi

    Nope, it doesn’t come up. Just the Find More Friends & Sponsored. Do I need to switch to use facebook as a page? and should I?

    Thanks for helping.

  • Glory

    When will all these changes completely take place? I see all this on the newsfeed area of course but when will the profile area changes come, any idea?

  • I didn’t mean to come across as saying “I wanted to be able to contact Fans that way” I was really trying to ask if developers had to remove the ’email application’ from their download, and if it was on there before, would it have to be removed by the 30th? Thanks Andrea!

  • Hey Shannon, I have already downloaded Timeline as a developer, but it will be available to everyone on the 30th 🙂

  • Diana_pow

    Excellent. I just updated my page to the timeline format, and I love it! 

  • Very strange.  No, it should only be showing on your personal page.  And you have a personal account it sounds like if it’s talking about friends, not just a business account.  You have the sponsored ads there. Do you also see some events in the sidebar?  Do you see the News Feed as the top link in the left sidebar?  Just wondering why you wouldn’t have it.

  • John O

    Yea, so that is what that little dark icon means…. Thanks so much for pointing that out to me. I was referring to the friends pending link that used to appear in your Friends listing. Thank-you

  • Thanks Suzann.  It is frustrating that there isn’t a central place on Facebook to find the apps.  You can try the Facebook Search (but it’s not very robust) and then there are places like but they don’t list everything either.  I do think that they will eventually mirror the look and feel of the new Timelines but it hasn’t been announced.

  • I always like the info you post! I coach social networking online and I usually learn something I didn’t know! Thanks!

  • Fb

    It sucks, do we really need all this crap?

  • I took a look at the insights of a few pages and while things trended down last week slightly (except for pages that had a social media slant, those pages were up with all the activity), I’m not too worried.  I think one week is still too early to tell with all the changes happening.  But we will definitely be monitoring it to see how the new layout affects Pages!

  • The new Timeline will be rolling out in the next week.  

  • Ahh!  No, you will still be able to have an e-mail opt-in box on your Facebook Page and won’t have to remove it thankfully – it’s a great thing to have!

  • Beth

    Thanks Andrea!

  • I was just introduced to your site a few weeks ago.  I owe my friend a free dinner for doing it.  I have gotten nothing but great information from this site, This latest article is no exception.  The writing is great and the content is execellent.

    Thanks and keep it coming.


  • Thanks for all your easy-to-understand explanations of what is going on with FB. Appreciate it!

  • D8888man

    I am with you. Today’s update and change is sure to be deleted tomorrow, making way for yet another must have, must learn and must do new update and change.

  • Default and custom lists have limited privacy. Here is what Facebook says:

    If you choose to share with one of your default lists (Close Friends, Acquaintances, Restricted) or a custom list, the people on that list will be able to see the other people included on that list; however, they won’t be able to see the name of that list.

    I tried it. I made a post with a default list, checked on my husband’s Facebook page and sure enough like a rude email sent to a group people without BC all the names of the people in the list were listed when I clicked the privacy icon on the list. The name of the list wasn’t, but this still seems like bad manners.

    When I made a post, choose custom and typed in a specific group of people, including my husband. He only saw custom when clicking the privacy icon.

  • Fantastic.  I was falling a little behind understanding all of the changes and this post caught me up in one quick read. THANK YOU.

  • Thank you, a great and concise explanation of the changes. Great post. Thanks again.

  • I look forward to hearing more about how these changes will affect the EdgeRank of business pages. Lots of my clients have noticed a drop off of engagement and interaction in the last week.
    Great article Andrea!

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  • CJ

    I am enjoying the new Timeline but I am missing some activity as I do not have a Ticker for some reason 🙁

  • Myuniquewoodentoys

    I have a problem. All status changes, picture uploads or anything that my friends post, come in as a notification. In a short amount of time I can have 99. Of course, the notifications that I want to see, I don’t see as they’re buried somewhere with all the rest and also, they’re only available for a short time. I know 2 other people that have the same problems. My notifications and security and ect are set like my husband’s and he doesn’t have this problem. Have you heard of this or could you help me? I notified FB through the help section Sunday night and they requested a screen shot. I done that but so far I haven’t heard anything from them.

  • Great post Andrea! Thanks for breaking that craziness down for us. : )

  • Carole

    Great information and very well laid-out! However, regarding the information on the ticker (which I hate!): My pull-down menu doesn’t have the “unsub from activity stories” option. I really wish it did!! I’ve tried it on the pop out of the post from the ticker itself as well as the news feed post. Should I be looking somewhere else?  Thanks again for the info!

  • Alexbramlett

    idon’t like the changes to face book. my comments won’t stay postedi have a hard time sending friend request. a lot messages from my friends i don’t receive until its to late. i’m really disappointed i mface book.

  • I have the same issue. No Ticker is present. Only Sponsor ADs, Friend Suggestions and Events. The Home page does display the News Feed Update. Still trying to figure that one out. A friend and I tested out the News Feed, we each had settings for ALL Updates. We each updated our status, and nether one got the update until later, it was placed way down in the Earlier section. Most of the feeds are hours sometimes previous day, and the most recent stuff shows up way down the page. I stay logged into facebook, but I know there is a timer on the News Feed. The changes I like on Facebook, except the News Feed.

  • Otte

    I don’t get most of it.  I thought I had a “Wall”.  I see no reference to a “wall”.  What’s a “news feed”?  I don’t like Facebook deciding what’s important.  How can I permanently disable the “Top Stories” and have only Chronological order?  How can I keep my posts off of everyone else’s “Ticker”?  For that matter, I have no idea what you’re talkiing about.  I can’t find a “Ticker?”  This is getting too complicated.  Pretty soon there’ll have to be a book called “Facebook for Dummies” (which apparently I am).

  • Barry Watson

    Love the article.An admirer of your work from over the pond.

    Barry Watson, LetUsBeSocial

  • Great article Andrea – I think the changes are going to make things much easier and once people get to grips with them they’ll be happy.  Few people like change and it’s natural to be wary of anything that’s new because it takes us out of our comfort zone.  The change I like best, and doesn’t seem to get much of a mention anywhere, is the ‘View Shares’ button on Pages – now we get to see who is actually sharing our posts.

  • omarconte

    I believe the majority of FB users will not understand/use these new features.
    It’s becoming too complex to control, but this opens the doors to new jobs: FB consultants.

  • Hilary St. Jonn

    Great post! I can’t find everything your talking about, and it makes it seem that FB is trying to be more like google plus. Oh sometimes I wish I didn’t do marketing and could just delete my facebook page and never go back! Thanks for making it easier 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the updates and just updated in my Fan page. Thanks for the share….

  • impressive helpful information, thank you!

    ps – found you via a tweet link from greta olivas 


  • maurice james

    Justin another HUGE change is about to come to FB fanpages, that everyone is overlooking.

  • maurice james

    Aaron, I know exactly why that is happening. Read this and you will understand yourself. I am surprised this is flying under the radar of Everyone!

  • maurice james

    Kate here is the reason why. No one is picking up on this, except for my inner circle of marketers and developers. We have known about this Fandemonium that is about to happen on Oct.1 ==>

  • maurice james

    Hello, Suzann. This will Exactly answer the reason why that is happening.
    No, disrespect to Andrea by posting the link. I just want to Alert everyone to the REAL change on FB after Oct.1. If you are looking for the app section try

  • HomeCeoMom

    Hi Andrea! I’ve already downloaded the Timeline feature as an app developer so I’m interested to see what the reaction will be.  I kind of like the new layout although the timeline set-up itself will take some getting used to.  Thanks for a great post…I’m sharing this on my page, right now…I have a lot of social networkers who will find this very useful! Have a great week! 🙂

  • Excellent summary, thank you! I will share with my clients.

  • This is the clearest explanation I have seen yet on the Facebook changes that are rolling out.  Thanks.

  • Jane

    I think you’re missing the point Andrea! Lara – like everyone else on FB it seems (me included) is trying to STOP people seeing what she’s commenting on other’s walls. I may have peoploe that I have chosen not to accept as friends – but they can still see what I am contributing to MUTUAL friends. How can I stop that?

  • No I understand the point.  The problem is there is no way around this other than to stop commenting on other people’s posts.  This isn’t a new problem.  This feature has always been a part of Facebook.  If you comment on someone else’s post, their friends will see it.  When you comment on someone else’s post, the visibility of that post is under THEIR control – not yours.  This is part of the social aspect of Facebook is that everyone reads the thread of comments by that person’s friends.  

    One option you have for people that you don’t want to ever connect with on Facebook is that you can individually block the person so they cannot see your activity but you have to go into their profile and click the Report/Block link on the lower left side.  At that point you will be able to select the button to block that person.

  • One other thing I was thinking was checking whether you can see the Ticker in other browsers.  Chrome has an option to disable the ticker and maybe that happened.

  • Good point!  I forgot to mention the View Shares feature which I love!  Ahh another article 🙂

  • Thanks Barry!

  • The majority of my friends are “average” readers, with little tech savvy. Way over the majority do not like and/or are confused by the changes. We have less control now. A friend has Spotify in her apps. even though she has never used Spotify, and doesn’t even know what it is.

    I’ve hiddent the ticker with the Google Extension and I understand Mozilla has a script.
    The “stories” in my newsfeed have tripled, and I check my updates *very* often.
    For most of my friends, I have deselected “likes and comments” (amongst other things), yet the likes and comments still come up.

    I’m in the process of unliking most of the pages I’ve liked (and there are many) because it’s too much clutter, now. Even before the new FB news feed, it took me a long time to scroll through everything. Since the change I barely bother.

    It may be great for marketers, and those who are technically advanced, but for the average user, it’s not.

  • Odon

    Carole, I had the same observation you did about the pull-down menu on activity stories.  I found that I could only eliminate activity stories from appearing on the ticker by going to an individual’s page and hovering over the “Subscribed” button.  This triggered a pull-down menu listing all the different types of updates that I was getting from that person. I could then choose which ones to continue receiving.  It was a pain to have to do it for each of my friends, but at least I was the one in control.  Hope that helps.

  • ChakraKhan

    Hey Joe. Read this post and you will know exactly what you have to do for the upcoming Fandemonium. Hint: People are opting-out of your page and not even knowing it. Read more if you wish,

  • Sarah

    Hi. I operate a business page. Will updates and other information that I post to this business page appear in the Ticker? Or, is the Ticker reserved solely for activities by individuals?

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  • Hi, HomeCeoMom.  I would just like to chime in from one app developer to another. Come Oct 1. your Fanpages/apps are not going to be viewable by your targeted audience. A great article on the verified subject was brought to my attention on here. It is Much Success.

  • Heads up, if you have a custom page tab which draws content from an app on Facebook then you will be required to provide Facebook with a SSL URL in order to download the content to your page tab.FB Fans are not going to be able to view your content. I don’t know if you noticed like some people a drop in their users.If you like, you can  Read full story: 

  • Great tips Andrea as always! I especially enjoyed tip #5 and will post this on my wall. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks Andrea for this really great information.  So many changes and I hear there are more on the horizon.  It is tough to keep up with it all.  But glad we have people like you that can give us the low down!  Thanks for sharing.

  • I think the new Timeline change is going to be amazing. I’m looking forward to playing around with the Custom image you can put on the time line… somewhere I read it was 855×360 px? I wonder what we could do to make it appealing and even effective and fresh for our FB Pages once they have the same!
    Thanks for this post Andrea 😀

  • But the smart lists aren’t kept secret. I put someone on my high school list because I met them when I was in high school and he sent me a message saying he wasn’t approving that because he went to school 5 years earlier in another state. Another time I got a message asking me to approve a co worker but we weren’t “co workers” she was just trying to put me on on of her lists. I find this more than a little annoying. I should be able to put people on any list I want for what ever reason I want without notifying them or needing their authorization.

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  • Are you using an iPad? It doesn’t show on there!

  • All Facebook Features are well and good but Facebook bring this features very late because Google+ disturb the facebook market.If facebook taken the step earlier before Google+ then its useful.Now it just a news

  • This article is
    really helpful. Facebook is continuously surprising all its users, and through
    helpful posts like this people can easily understand the new features. Thanks
    for taking your time to share it with everyone=)


  • Sarah Towle

    Excellent article, Andrea. I’m a newbie at all this and could never quite figure out the old Facebook. I’ve liked the new Facebook from the beginning and find I’m using it more already, both from my personal and business pages.

    Now what I need to figure out is how to comment on blogs such as this one not from my Facebook page but so that it tracks back to my website. I’ve run into this issue before and it almost stopped me from posting. Any advice you could provide would be much appreciated!


  • Great info Maurice – thanks!

  • I have not heard of that problem.  I think if you have played around with the notification settings and haven’t seen any changes then contacting Facebook is the only thing to do.  Good luck!

  • Yes, it unfortunately is very time consuming to adjust all those settings.   

  • The Wall will now be changing to “Timeline”.  Or where you click on your name in the upper right corner. That will show all of your activity.  If you continue to “unmark” the Top Stories by clicking on the blue triangle in the corne of the post, you will get less of them but I don’t think you will eliminate them completely.  The more you are logged in the less Top Stories you will get.  There is a Facebook for Dummies book (but it probably needs to be updated with all the changes)  I co-wrote the Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies which focuses on the Pages instead of the personal profiles.  Hope that helps!

  • The Ticker shows Page posts and personal posts and then the posts will also go to the Wall.  

  • Thanks!  I would recommend getting a Disqus profile to comment.  Many blogs use Disqus or have the capability to login with your Disqus profile.  You can get one here:  and then you can set up your profile to go to your website, like mine does.

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  • Lara

    Thanks for your replies, Andrea.  I totally get that when I comment on my FB friend’s post, THEIR friends will see it and I am okay with that.    My issue is now MY FB friends are seeing my comments that I make on other people’s walls, people they are not FB friends with.  I have my settings set up so that whatever I comment on does not post to my wall, but now they are showing up with my name on my friend’s tickers – that is what I was trying to avoid.

  • Odon

    One way that might speed up this process is to make a batch setting change using any of the Smart Lists of “friends” you may have made.  From your home page, click on one of the Smart Lists in your left nav bar.  This should change your news feed to only updates from people on that list.  Also, on the right side, it should get rid of the ticker and you should see a drop-down box called “Manage List.”  The last option in the box is “Choose Update Types.”  If you click on that option, it closes the drop-down box for some reason, but if you open it again, you should see all the updates options that you do when making changes to an individual.  I admit that I haven’t tried a batch change yet because I am still seeing how I feel about Facebook’s changes, but I imagine that it should change the updates you see from everyone on that particular list.

  • Ahh, I see what you are saying.  This information was also always shown in the previous News Feed but was less visible than it is now with the Ticker.  The only way to do it (and I’ve seen people posting this) is to tell people to unsubscribe from your Comments and Likes by going to your profile, clicking the Subscribe (all friends are automatically “Subscribed”) and unchecking Comments and Likes.  I know that probably most of your connections won’t go to the trouble of doing that.  I do agree that it is frustrating that those things can’t be controlled by the person who is doing the commenting and liking.  But they were visible before the new Ticker, the Ticker has just made them more visible.  Which could be a good thing for Pages.

  • Thanks so much for the time you spent on this Andrea!

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  • Betsy Morgan

    Hi Andrea – great post. I have your book too, which is info packed. I realize that you don’t have a crystal ball, but what’s your best guess re: Facebook’s Timeline format and what will happen to business fan pages?  Do you have a sense of when there might be a transition and if there will be an option to keep your display in the old (current) layout? We invested in having a series of iframes custom pages built and now wonder if those will quickly go the way of the dodo bird? And I guess our cool 180×540 profile banner will be toast too? Oy vey. I guess we need to go in and rebuild any badges that appear on blogs which pulled the graphic from the profile banner?  Thanks for keeping us updated. 

  • Love your analogy concerning iframes and dodo birds. I have been thinking the same thing after viewing an article on Mashable showing mock up of “business timelines” featuring brands like Coke and Mercedes. I want it for my page – now!

  • Ray

    If facebook makes things any more difficult and confusing someone is going to have to start teaching a college course on how to work things. I still don’t even know if have my privacy settings the way I want them for sure. And, just when I do get things mostly figured out they make it more confusing. I guess I’ll have to set aside a few hours of time one of these days to try and figure it out.

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  • I need some help finding all the Public/Business Pages I had liked before the new fb. I want to know where I can find them listed because I cant always remember their names.

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  • I can’t figure out where the Timeline is. Help? How do I find that? I don’t see it anywhere. 

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  • George Bott

    I’ve left Facebook. It is just too intrusive in my life and these changes make it even more so. Quite frankly I just don’t care to keep in touch with family and friends in the way and frequency that Facebook thinks I should.

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  • I have downloaded the Timeline as a developer for my personal page, but can I also activate this on my fan page? Will I ever be able to? It seems like it might be a valuable tool for marketing, IMO.
    Thanks for the great article!

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  • Lisa

    So how do you STOP your *like* & *Comments* from showing up in all your friends tickers and available for all to see what and when you are on FB?

  • I’m pretty familiar with all things Facebook and founds some of the points of each tips super helpful. Thanks!

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  • Pnelopi

    Can you maybe help me? I want certain “friends” of mine to not see my facebook updates… how do I do that?

  • Pnelopi

    Can you maybe help me? I want certain “friends” of mine to not see my facebook updates… how do I do that?

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  • I hope these changes don’t make it more difficult for blind and visually impaired marketers. Blind and visually impaired groups are still trying to persuade Facebook to become more universally accessible.

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  • Rick Herns

     Smart Lists:
    This is another fantastic introduction from Zuckerburg and his clan. The main inspiration behind this feature is the circles that were introduced in the Google Plus project. The Smart Lists are capable sharing your posts and status with only a selected group of people. You can do this in past also but at that time you have to individually select or deselect people with whom you want to share your status and posts.Facebook automatically creates the five lists for you which you can later on modify it. These lists are:Close Friends: this list will have a list of suggestions of people that might become your close friends.Acquaintances: People selected in this list will see your post occasionally.Work: Add people who work with youSchool: this is a self-populating list i.e. it will add on those people who have attended the same school as yours.

    URL :

  • bembe

    Hello Andrea, great tips.  Do you know what the friends lbock (6 friends showing always at the top) means?  I thought it was people i interacted with the most.  HOwever i get the same people over and over, i know some of them I dont ever interact with.  Then I thought it could be people that visited my profile the most, but i doubt it.  Last but not least, i thought that it could be poeple i was checking their profiles on regular basis, but I also found that there were some in that group i have never visted their page.  PLease let me know if you know.  I tend to get 5 different sets of 6 in the block, but it is always the same people in different combinations.

  • DiwanEgypt

    thanks alot for such info…really I didn’t have an idea before abt the use of this ticker thanks 🙂

  • Applmarkt

    i used your advice to set up a page as a list – the issue i now have is once people click on the list they are only seeing posts from the admin of the page, you have to click again on any blue text of the name of our page once you are in if you want to see all posts and comments

  • The news feeds have been changed. There are no longer Top News and Recent Stories links at the top of your profile page. The news feed will now comprise of the status and updates from the friends you have subscribed to and other pages that you have liked. The Top Stories are indicated by a small blue triangle at the upper left corner of the news. Another improvement that has been done is that the news feeds are of larger size than before.
    URL :

  • DP

    To those of you who are upset because you don’t have a ticker…don’t be.  The rest of us are finding ways to hide that annoying box.

    I do not like the Timeline format at all.  It’s much too busy and cluttered.  The reason that I was drawn to facebook was because of the simplicity. I like straight-forward, chronological lists…not a bunch of scattered boxes and huge pictures. If I wanted to see stuff like that, I’d go to Pinterest or Myspace.

    If facebook REALLY wanted to make people happy, they’d offer layout options, instead of forcing these changes on people.  I’ve had at least 8 friends leave facebook, in this past week, alone.

  • Klkl


  • San2892

    If we create a Smart List and add a person to it.. Is he/she notified about this?

  • Mr.Pain

    The only problem is this…When you select your preferences for you friends for example you tick Close friend, you tick Mafia wars because they are in your mafia, you select all updates. Now go to that friends page in 3 hrs to 1 day and you’ll see that Facebook has un-ticked Mafia wars and sometimes changes your selection from all updates to most updates. I have been complaining to facebook for weeks about that and they still change my preferences so I don’t see my friends posts.