social media how toHave you ever wanted to save Facebook content to read later?

Are you looking for ways to find that saved content?

Depending on the type of device you’re using, Facebook save can be time-consuming or frustrating.

In this article I’ll share four easy ways you can use the Facebook Save button for saving articles you’re interested in reading later.

Avoid the Hassle of Missing Content With the Facebook Save Button

Your Facebook connections and favorite pages offer some really great content–but you don’t always have time to read it so you want to save it for later. If you’re like most people, you haven’t found an easy or efficient way to do that.

saving article links on facebook

Find out how to save article links on Facebook.

Some people take a screenshot of an article they want to save and then email it to themselves so they can go back and remember to look at it later.

We all know how that usually turns out. We say we’ll look at our email later and end up forgetting about it until we have hundreds of items piled up—most of which aren’t relevant anymore.

There are easier ways to save good Facebook content. I’ve put together this list of four ways you can quickly save posts so you can look at them when it’s convenient for you.

#1: Save Articles to Favorites on Facebook

Recently, Facebook introduced a new tool called Save on Facebook for both desktop and mobile users. When you learn how to use it, the feature will change how you save posts on Facebook.

With this new feature, not only can you save posts to read later, you’ll get a reminder to look at the items you’ve saved.

saved links reminder on facebook

Facebook reminds you to read saved articles.

When you find an article you want to save to read later, click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the update and choose SaveName of Article.” Check the Favorites list in your sidebar and you’ll see a new link called Saved.

Save on Facebook lets you save links, places, events and other items, but you can’t save everything you may want to (e.g., photos).

saving links on facebook

Facebook is making it easier to save links for later.

Here’s the catch: If an update doesn’t have a link preview, readers can’t save it.

Mari Smith believes the new Save feature will definitely have an effect on how your content shows up in the news feed:

“… I now believe this will definitely impact Link visibility in the news feed… So, you might switch up [your status update content] ratio now to something like 50% links, 25% photos/videos and 25% status updates. Keep in mind, each page varies and you do need to experiment.”

As for users, Save on Facebook is a great first try, but the feature isn’t completely ready for everyday use because you can’t save all types of content. But if you want to keep everything in Facebook instead of a third-party app, it’s definitely worth a look.

#2: Organize Posts on the Fly

Evernote and Skitch are two of my favorite ways to save content from Facebook because they work together and give me the flexibility to save posts anywhere.

For those of you not familiar with Evernote, it’s an organizing tool that lets you clip (save) articles and images and turn them into notes you can put into virtual notebooks.

Skitch (owned by Evernote) lets you take screenshots, draw on images, etc., and then sync them to a notebook in Evernote.

saving links on with skitch

Use Skitch to take screenshots and make notes.

Both work extremely well on desktop and mobile devices. Together, they create a powerhouse tool for saving posts from Facebook.

If you’re using a desktop, I suggest installing the Evernote browser extension. It lets you click on the timestamp or date of a Facebook post and clip the entire article into Evernote—saving both the post and its URL.

If you’re on a mobile device, you can use your private Evernote email address and mail the article link to your Evernote account and save the post in a specific notebook.

Evernote and Skitch are both free apps, but if you clip a lot of items, you’ll want to upgrade to the premium version of Evernote, which gives you more space.

#3: Make an Interest List of Favorite Pages

Facebook interest lists are a way to organize and keep track of specific people and pages you follow.

add interest list on facebook

A Facebook add interest list for social media resources.

They’re useful because you can quickly go to a list and view any posts you may have missed without having to scroll through your entire news feed. The downside is that interest lists won’t let you save a specific URL—they’re essentially curated news feeds.

If you plan on using Facebook interest lists, keep them small. Otherwise you may still miss posts from pages that post a lot. You’ll have to go back and look through all of the posts from the different profiles and pages in that list.

#4: Bundle Links for Easy Access bundled posts are one of the quickest ways to save posts from Facebook, and let you save multiple links in one place. You can even create more than one bundle so you can organize your links by subject (or any other system that works for you).

facebook links on

Create a bundle to save Facebook content you can use as a resource or read later.

There are two things you should know about bundles: If you don’t want others to view your bundle, click the lock to make it private, and each bundle you create has its own URL—bookmark it for easy access later.

To make a bundle, head over to and click on Bundles, then select Create a New Bundle. Give your bundle a name and a description and click Make Bundle.

Now you can start adding URLs. To save a post from Facebook, click on the timestamp or date, and copy and paste the URL into your bundle.

If you’ve already saved URLs in, you can search for and add them as well.

finding the link on a facebook posts

Click the post timestamp and copy the URL to your bundle.

If you like, you can also rename a URL: Click on the pencil icon and name it something that’s easy for you to remember.

When you’re ready to access your URLs from your bundle, log into and click on Bundles. Remember, if you save a URL and that URL is ever removed from Facebook, you won’t be able to get back to that Facebook post.

When you’re finished viewing an item in the bundle, you can remove it by clicking the X.

While bundles don’t save images, they do save you time because it’s so easy to save posts from Facebook.

Some Final Thoughts

Facebook is a very good resource for industry news and other links. But when you don’t have time to click over and read, you need a way to collect those links for later. The four alternatives in this article make it quick and easy to do that.

When you’re choosing an app to help you save links, be sure to test all of the options and pick the one that best fits your needs.

What do you think? How do you save items to read later? Do you have other tools to recommend? Leave a comment with the techniques you’ve used.

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  • Awesome post Christian – I had no idea.. I have systems for saving links but this will be definitely something I will check out!

  • Anna

    Currently I just “pin” the article link to my Pinterest board, and go back to view it later. Then I’m able to make a note with the pin, so I know what it’s about.

  • I’ve been using the Save feature for a while and it comes in handy but I really don’t like the way you have to go through two steps to remove saved posts from the list after you’ve read them. The only way to do it is to first archive them and then go into the archive to delete them.

    It would be nice to be able to save more types of posts though. There are lots of times I’ll see a video I want to share with my family but we can’t save those.

  • Guest

    So all your followers see a Pin every time you just want to save something to read later?

  • Laura Weed

    You can’t Pin from Facebook, can you? I can’t find a way to do it.

  • Tracey Westgate

    Very helpful! I also have been using Pocket to organize links/articles I want to revisit later.

  • Terri at Forensic Training Unl

    Great post! Thanks.

  • Great point, Hugh. That’s also something that I find annoying… too many steps to stay organized.

  • Thanks Donna. Let me know how these different systems work out for you and which one you end up going with.

  • Glad you liked the post Jitendra. I hope you can use these systems to help manage Facebook updates.

  • Laura, I think you can – try clicking on the date of a post you want to save and then use the pin it browser extension.

  • Great point Cindy. Keep it simple!

  • Hugh, what type of video was it? I’ve been able to save posts that included video. I believe they were associated with a blog post – and not a video uploaded directly to Facebook.

    I think we’ll see more type of content you can save – provided they keep building on this feature.

  • Tracey, good suggestion on using Pocket.

  • Glad you enjoyed it Terri.

  • Good luck Suzy! Let me know how it works out for you.

  • I use Feedly as well but haven’t tried Evernote yet. I’ve heard great things about it, though!

  • You would use Feedly to bring in the content and then Evernote to save it for later.

  • Ah, makes sense now. Thank you!

  • Right, Christian, the video would need to be in a post with a shared blog post preview but I mean videos uploaded to Facebook or shared from YouTube directly. Hopefully we’ll be able to share any kind of post at some point because although it’s handy to save a post to read later, it would also be nice to be able to save photos and videos for later as well.

  • Wonderful post, @ckarasiewicz:disqus!! Thanks for the mention. Facebook’s new Save feature is fabulous, long-awaited and much-needed. I’m just not sure yet how much ‘the masses’ will take time to figure out and use the feature. But, I’m remaining optimistic for now! 🙂 (I do hope Facebook eventually adds the ability to save status updates and photo posts, as well… basically the same idea as Twitter favorites. That would be awesome!)

  • This post is simply awesome! I’ve been seeing “Interests” for since God knows when. Only now do I realize its strategic importance to keeping track of what I like but have time to view or read only later. Not only that, I think it’s something my social media team can educate our clients’ audiences about too!

    Thanks Christian!

  • Possible but a bit tedious at the moment, isn’t it?

  • @marvinmacs:disqus, glad you enjoyed it.

    Keep me posted on how your social media team makes it.

  • @MariSmith:disqus I like the save on Facebook feature. There is a lot of potential with this tool and I love how easy it is to use on mobile. Hopefully they will add in the ability to save status updates and photos as well. I think that could take it to the next level and achieve more widespread adoption.

  • I agree! It seems like they should be able to allow that. Hopefully that comes in a Phase II update?

  • @marvinmacs:disqus, yes, it’s a but tedious. While there are many different systems you can use, I would recommend finding a system that works best for you. Some people get into a groove with a tedious system. Others want a quicker way. Which one are you leaning towards?

  • Jana L. Sheeder

    Excellent tips. Thanks! Very educational. Thank you for the descriptive screen shots. Now that I am able to save even more articles and blog posts, though, I just need more hours in my day to read, digest, and act on these items! I’m actually finding that I need to stop and read items right away, or they quickly pile up in saved folders, unless I’m saving items particularly to be saving them for repeated use or sharing.

  • @marvinmacs:disqus, you definitely have a blog post on your hands. Might be good to share with your team – or others who are interested in hearing your story and workflow. Thanks for sharing!


  • I’ve been sititng here, using Evernote basically as a glorified note taking app, that syncs with my computer… clearly I need to explore the features lol.

  • Great information on this new feature! I’m a huge fan of Evernote and Pocket. But this new feature will definitely be put to good use!

  • Mohamed

    I organize my links from anywhere in flipboard

  • Toby Guillette

    I’ve been using the new save feature every day since it arrived and have come up with a few ideas for where they could easily improve the functionality.

    1. Add the ability to schedule from the saved posts – right now, we can only share immediately, amiright?

    2. Add a feed or api for these saved posts. Imagine being able to access the feed in a stream on Hootsuite? We can do that with Pocket. (Or have it sync with Pocket!!) This could be a viable content curation system!

    3. Add tagging – Let us tag the saved posts to organize them, so we can quickly sort and easily find saved links.

  • chris

    Nice post. OT: You need to add a close button to your social bookmarking thing. It’s driving me nuts seriously.

  • very good post…….you just gave solution to my problem, really useful information for bloggers and writers. Thank you very much.

  • Recently set up FB and the Save feature is missing from the drop down menu. Suggestions?

  • Mike

    Hello, I don’t have the option to save videos on Facebook. Not on my computer and nether on my iPhone. Can you please help me? Thank you.