social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Facebook Introduces the Recommendations Bar: The Recommendations Bar is a new social plugin that helps people find articles based on what their friends like and share from your site. “Recommendations are based on content that friends have explicitly liked and shared in your app or website.”

facebook recommendations bar

"As a person reads an article, a small pop-up surfaces at the bottom of the screen highlighting recommended articles and prompting them to like the page."

Foursquare Introduces Promoted Updates: You can now find Promoted Updates (including Promoted Specials!) in the Explore tab on Foursquare. These Promoted Updates are “just like the local updates that you see in your Friends tab, except that businesses can pay to promote them in our Explore results.”

foursquare promoted updates

Promoted Updates are a great way to find out what’s happening at local businesses as well as national brands.

Discussion From Our Networking Clubs: Thousands of social media marketers and small business owners are asking questions and helping others in our free Networking Clubs. Here are a few interesting discussions worth highlighting:

SlideShare Embedded Presentations Now Flash-Free: Following SlideShare’s transition to HTML5, embedded presentations are now Flash-free. Embedded presentations can be viewed on iOS devices and the embed has new Twitter and Facebook share buttons.

slideshare embed code

Remember to update the embed codes of the presentations you've published to get all of the new features.

Facebook Changes Reach Metric: The Facebook Reach statistic available inside of the Facebook Insights dashboard for Facebook pages now includes mobile. But Inside Facebook reports that “to improve the efficiency of News Feed, Facebook will load fewer stories at a time. When a user scrolls down the feed, more stories will load.”

facebook reach

Facebook recently changed the way they calculate reach.

YouTube Lets You Set Creative Commons Attribution by Default: “If you want to grant the YouTube community the right to reuse and edit your video, select Creative Commons Attribution License from the License and Rights Ownership menu.”

youtube creative commons attribution

You now have the option to license your future videos under Creative Commons as a default.

YouTube Introduces a Face-Blurring Tool: YouTube launches “Face Blurring—a new tool that allows you to obscure faces within videos with the click of a button.”

youtube face blurring tool

This Face-Blurring tool "is a first step towards providing visual anonymity for video on YouTube."

NetworkedBlogs Adds a Panorama ReaderNetworkedBlogs Panorama is “a new panorama news reader that lets you follow news on other blogs and the rest of the web, pin articles for reading later, and follow individuals.”

Pinterest Gets New Categories: Pinterest has added to their list of categories to improve browsing. New categories on Pinterest include “Quotes,” “Tattoos,” and “Weddings.”

pinterest categories

Pinterest categories have been improved.

One-Click LinkedIn Integration With the New Microsoft Office: With the new Microsoft Office, “you just have to sign in once with your LinkedIn credentials and immediately you’ll start seeing rich profile information, like photos and LinkedIn network activity for any connection who emails you. You’ll also see LinkedIn profile data surface when you view a People Card throughout the new Office experience.”

Here’s a useful social media tool worth noting:

Pearltrees: a tool to organize and cultivate everything you find on the web—it’s like a cross between Pinterest and Evernote.

What do you think? Please share your comments below.

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  • Thank you for the fantastic update Cindy! Pearltrees seems like a great tool. It’s a lot like Pocket. – Mitt

  •   Thanks for the awesome post, Cindy!  I agree,  Pearl trees looks like an awesome tool.

  • erin

    does pearltrees have and android app?

  • Niveen Khalifa

    Hi Cindy, same question for the android app. I tried visiting pearltrees website but it says “under construction”. It must be something very new. Thanks for the post! 

  • Nice roundup! Love the idea of the one-click face blur on YouTube. Great addition!

  • Thank you Cindy for your fabulous “week in Review.” – As always, you are brilliant….and very much appreciated.

  • Robert

    My only advice about Facebook is – sell the stock (financial) and that tells me a lot about its commerciality. I really feel in a way for people that paid as much as $45, now worth $23 – and yet surely we actually knew this was an accident waiting to happen, and its happened.

  • Stunned that Pinterest waited this long before creating Quotes and Weddings categories, given that those make up a good 30% of my Pinterest homepage most days. Thanks for all the news!

  • You’re welcome, Mitt!  I’ll have to check out Pocket.

  • Hi Janet, Pearl trees does look interesting.

  • Hi Sophie, it looks like they’ve made a number of tweaks to their Categories. 

  • You’re welcome, Ali.  Glad you find them useful 🙂

  • Hi Louise, it is interesting. When I first saw the face blur I wondered about business applications. It’ll be interesting to see how people use this.

  • Erin, I believe it’s only for iphone right now and I signed up through a web browser at:

  • Oliver Starr

    Pocket is cool, but what it is capable of doing is barely a fraction of the full capabilities of Pearltrees. In fact, Pocket’s main feature, saving pages for offline reading, is simply a feature in Pearltrees.

  • Oliver Starr

    For those of you asking about an Android version of Pearltrees, it’s on our roadmap but most likely not until late this year or early next.  We’re going to launch a premium version of the product to follow iPhone that will incorporate granular privacy capabilities.

  • Sasha Crow

    Very interested in the Youtube face blurring function. This is a godsend for our nonprofit working with Iraqi refugees in Jordan. We often post quickie videos of beneficiaries of our programs but, because of our small staff and the time involved in blurring faces in video editing programs, we’ve ended up not posting many videos where our subjects request anonymity. If this Youtube function works well, we’ll be able to post more of these videos which are more compelling than anything we can write about the plight of our beneficiaries and their responses to our assistance programs. 

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  • awesome idea
    facebook is just getting better everyday
    i believe G+ is far behind

  • Great read.. face book and you tube is  getting better more and more these days …

  • MohamedAnan

    Great post. Facebook is getting much better these days.

    Thank you Cindy

  • Great information! Youtube really has made some changes with the face blurring tool along with the Creative Commons Attribution option. 

  • jameybrown

    Great post, Cindy! Very insightful. Pearltrees looks pretty amazing. These days, digital organization is vital. 

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