social media toolsHave you customized your Facebook page?  There are thousands of apps that can help you engage with your fans.  In this article I’ll focus on the top 75 Facebook apps.

These apps allow you to customize your landing tabs, add your blog, add videos and photos, add chat, add polls, contests, geolocation, scheduling, email, ecommerce and much more.

Why Facebook Apps?

Why add apps to your Facebook Business (Fan) page? By customizing your Fan page with apps, you can significantly enhance the user’s experience. And, the more you keep your fans engaged and coming back for more, the more likely you’ll increase your “viral visibility.”

In other words, every time a fan interacts with your Fan page, it’s free advertising for you because each fan’s activity goes out into their stream (their wall and their friends’ News Feeds). To find the best apps to enhance your Fan page, you could spend endless hours browsing Facebook’s Application Directory:


Facebook App Directory

However, there are literally tens of thousands from which to choose. Even clicking on the Business category as I’ve done in the screenshot above, we get apps like Bartab (send friends real drinks for $1) and Hugs and Hearts. I don’t know about you, but these are hardly business apps in my opinion!

There’s also Appbistro where you can browse their comprehensive directory of apps for businesses.

Now that Facebook nixed the ability to have our own custom content/apps on the Wall tab (left column), we need to get even more creative to ensure content on tabs is actually seen and that your fans interact with it; otherwise there’s not much point in having a dormant app that doesn’t enhance the user’s experience.

You can track your metrics via Facebook Insights and see which of your tabs gets the most clicks as shown in the screenshot below:


Facebook Insights - Tab Views

However, it may be that very few of your tabs get much visibility except the actual Landing tab (my top scorer in the screenshot above). Your Landing tab is the default page that visitors see who have not yet joined your page (click Edit Page > Manage Permissions > select Default Landing Tab).

So, my recommendation is to focus on those apps that actually publish content to your own Fan page stream (your page wall and the News Feed of your fans). Plus, add a few apps that allow for heightened engagement at specified times, such as live streaming video and live chat apps as I’ve detailed below for you.

Custom Landing Tabs

Let’s start with custom content as it’s important to have a branded Landing tab for your Facebook page. In fact, as reported by InsideFacebook, BrandGlue founder Jeff Widman discovered that a custom Landing tab DOUBLES conversion to fans:

We ran an A/B test just four weeks ago to guesstimate the efficacy of a landing tab. We drove visitors to the fan page of a major brand using ads. Those ad-driven visitors converted to fans at a rate of approximately 47% WITH a landing tab. When we turned off the landing tab, those same ad-driven visitors converted to fans at approximately 23%. A VERY noticeable loss in conversions over the course of the campaign.

The most popular app by far to add your own custom content has been Facebook’s own Static FBML. Facebook will be replacing all FBML tabs and apps with iFrames at the end of 2010, at which time you’ll be able to create custom tabs using iFrames. However, Facebook will continue to support any and all tabs/apps created prior to when FBML gets deprecated. See the Developers Roadmap for updates on the timeline of changes.

By way of example, here’s the Landing tab for Social Media Examiner’s Facebook page. Note the call to action (“Click the Like button”) and the seamless branding:


Social Media Examiner Facebook Fan Page - Landing Tab

Apps for adding custom content/branded Landing tab:

Here are my top two recommendations:

  • Static FBML – you’ll need to be familiar with coding or use a WISIWYG editor first. See Tabfusion’s Free Facebook Page Tab Maker here.   Plus, review these two helpful tutorials.
  • TabSite – free version with two TabSite subpages or choose from three paid levels. Complete WISIWYG editor; tabs within a main tab. TabSite is one of my favorites. It’s a very easy-to-use interface. I created the “RESOURCES” tab on my Facebook page using TabSite.

TabSite - Facebook App

Facebook custom tab apps:

For easy-to-use templates, check out these options:

These sites offer suites of apps, including custom Landing tabs. Some apps are free, some have a fee:

image - Facebook Suite of Apps

For a helpful review of some of these apps, see this post on TechCrunch. Plus, read Jay Baer‘s review of several of these apps here. For a list of over 50 Facebook-approved developers, go here.


If you’re looking for full hands-on customization service at very affordable rates, my top choices are:

See also:

Enterprise-level customization:

image - Social Marketing Software and Services

See the complete list of Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants here.

Your Blog

Once you’re happy with your custom Landing tab, it’s time to import your blog’s RSS feed. My favorite app – used widely by many bloggers on Facebook – is Networked Blogs. It’s free and relatively simple to set up.


Networked Blogs - Facebook app

Once you’re set up and have a few followers, you can place the Networked Blogs widget on your blog for added visibility. Any time you have the chance to display your fans’ faces, go for it!


Networked Blogs - Facebook widget

You can add the Networked Blogs app to your personal profile in addition to your Fan page, if you wish. Alternate methods for pulling in your blog posts include:

RSS Feed and Content Publishers

You can easily import any of your content that has an RSS or Atom feed. For example, I import my Twitter favorites and Google Reader Shared Items using the RSS Graffiti app.


RSS Graffiti Facebook app

RSS/Content apps include:

Video – YouTube and Viddler

I’ve been searching for some time for the ultimate YouTube app – one that automatically publishes new uploaded videos from your channel to your Facebook page wall, has a nice-looking tab, is easy to navigate and doesn’t take users away from your Fan page to view videos. Plus, if I were really waving a magic wand, I’d love it if YouTube gave us the option under their “Activity Sharing” feature to post liked or favorited videos to our Fan page (versus profile).

The closest I’ve found is YouTube Channels – I like their interface but the downside is they charge a monthly fee of $4.99 and I couldn’t get the Publish to Wall feature to work, so I canceled my subscription. Check out the YouTube Channel app by Involver (screenshot below) or the YouTube Video Box app.


Involver's YouTube Channel Facebook app

If you have a Viddler account instead of or in addition to YouTube, check out the Viddler app.


I’m not a big fan of importing all tweets onto your Facebook wall, unless you don’t tweet that often! A more effective solution is to only publish select tweets TO your Fan page using this app:

  • Selective Tweets – once set up, this app allows you to post your tweets to your Facebook page simply by including “#fb” at the end of the tweet (or there is an option to include #fb anywhere in the tweet but I don’t recommend that option as it’s too easy to make a mistake!). You can choose to post tweets to your personal profile and/or Fan page.

Or, my favorite solution as mentioned in the RSS Feed section above is to only import your Twitter Favorites. I do this using the RSS Graffiti app. To find the RSS feed URL for your Twitter Favorites, with the new Twitter design the only way is to view your Twitter account while logged out:


Another Twitter solution is to simply install an app that pulls in all your tweets onto a tab, but doesn’t publish in the stream. I’m not sure there’s much benefit to this, as I say the primary goal here is to get into the News Feeds of your fans.

To publish your Facebook content TO Twitter as tweets, connect your page using Facebook’s own Twitter app. You have a choice of six different types of content: Status Update, Photos, Video, Links, Notes and Events. Facebook’s publisher (the field where you type your updates) takes up to 420 characters; whereas tweets are 140 characters. With this Facebook to Twitter app, your content will automatically be truncated with a link back to your Facebook page which can help increase engagement by bringing your Twitter followers onto Facebook.


Facebook's Twitter app

Flickr Photos

To display photos from your Flicker account, you might want to try the Flickr Tab app. See also the suite of app providers above.


If you have slides up on SlideShare, display them on your Facebook Fan page! You’ll have a nice display on the SlideShare tab, but I haven’t found that adding new slides automatically publishes to the wall. So, as you add new slides (and/or videos) to, also publish the URL right on your Facebook page wall. What this does is pull in an actual player very similar to the video player with the blue play button icon. Your fans can play the slideshow right on your wall, and of course like and comment, providing that coveted News Feed ranking.


SlideShare Facebook app


Facebook has a Reviews app that you can add to your Fan page. The cool thing about this app is whenever a fan writes a review, it goes out into their stream (their wall and friends’ News Feeds). If you have a particularly negative review, spam or trolls, unfortunately there’s no way to remove individual reviews. If that ever happens, you could remove the app altogether. Otherwise, I think the Reviews app is an often-overlooked goldmine for businesses to have on their Fan pages!

Live Video

One of my favorite apps to spark immediate real-time, live engagement is Vpype. You can launch a webcast at any time (or scheduled time) to your fans and the app then posts an announcement on your wall. The app can hold up to 300 viewers with a live chat alongside your webcam broadcast. You can easily record and archive your shows; recordings include the full chat transcript too. Plus, you can even download the FLV file of your shows. The app tab is aptly named “Shows.”


Vpype Facebook app

Read my review here from when I beta-tested the app for Vpype.

Alternatives to Vpype include:

Live Chat

Along with offering impromptu or scheduled live video broadcasts, you could also offer live chat sessions with your fans. One such app I’ve tried and like is Clobby. The one downside of this app is the obnoxious banner ad at the top of the chatroom as you can see in the screenshot below. However, simply scroll the page down enough to hide the banner while chatting.


Clobby - Facebook live chat app

Whenever you open your chatroom, you can publish an announcement to your Fan page wall, which of course goes out in the stream and fans start coming over to chat. Publish a tweet as well to get even more people in the chatroom! You could host a regular live chat for your fans; I suggest capturing the chat stream with an app like ScreenFlow for Mac or Camtasia Studio for Mac or PC – that way, you have an archive to refer to.

For a more upscale chat room, see Involver‘s premium Facebook Connect Chat app. [UPDATE: 12/21/10 – this app is not displayed on Involver’s website but IS available if you contact them.]


If you find yourself continually answering the same questions for your clients and community, be sure to compile a Frequently Asked Questions section – the simple FAQ Page app allows you to have an FAQ tab on your Fan page that you can direct fans to when answering questions on your wall. A couple of things to note about this app: you can’t reorder the questions once inserted, so you may wish to compile your FAQs and all their answers in a separate document before pasting each one in. Also, it would be great if each question had its own unique URL so you could just share the link in answer to questions on your wall, but this isn’t the case.


FAQ Facebook app

Polls and Quizzes

For a poll or quiz app to work well, you want your fans to quickly and easily participate and for that activity to spark more engagement and visibility. If users have to jump through extra hoops to participate, they’ll likely just move on. This screenshot shows the Fan Appz poll app live on the Family Guy Fan page – I like how the app provides the option for voters to share (on their personal profiles) and also to share on their Fan pages!

image Poll app for Facebook

Some choices include (free and paid):

Contests and Promotions

Facebook’s rules around contests, drawings, competitions and sweepstakes are rigorous. Though many Facebook users are either unaware of the rules or choose to ignore them, I personally feel it’s not worth the risk to administer a promotion of any kind that doesn’t adhere to Facebook’s rules. In one fell swoop, you could lose your carefully built Fan page.


Facebook Promotions - Target example

The safest way to run any kind of contest or drawing on your Fan page is to use a third-party app such as:

Apps for Local Businesses

With the boom of LBS (Location-based Services), local business have more ways to integrate social and mobile media than ever before. Why not show off your Foursquare customer check-ins with an app on your Fan page?

Plus, be sure to claim your Facebook Place page: just search for your own business name on Facebook and look for the link at the foot of the Place page that says “Is this your business?” Once claimed, you’ll have the opportunity to merge your Place page with your Fan page. The resulting new page looks rather different, so think carefully about this. (For examples of merged pages, take a look at Iron Horse Vineyards and The Ellen Show).


Foursquare Place Widget - Facebook app

Appointment Scheduling

Make it super-easy for your Facebook fans, clients and prospects to book time with you. Add a tab synched with your appointment scheduling platform of choice. Remember, each tab has its own unique URL; you can easily direct your fans to your appointment tab.


Schedulicity app

Contact Forms

Ideally, you have your own email marketing service provider as outlined in the next section. However, perhaps you wish to get started with a simple contact form on your Facebook page. Here are a few options:


ContactMe app

Embed on an FBML tab:

See this helpful post by Tim Ware at HyperArts with a review and tutorial on JotForm and Allforms.

Email Marketing Apps

Your Facebook Fan page can be a tremendous source of traffic and a means to collect email addresses of your fans. Plus, some email marketing service providers have a feature that allows you to post your latest enewsletter to your Fan page. Check out any of the following:


NutshellMail - Facebook integration

Ecommerce Apps – Sell Products on Your Page

Many Facebook page owners often ask me if it’s okay to put up “Buy now” buttons and actually try to make sales directly from their Fan pages. I say “Go for it!!” If your fans are already spending time on your page learning about you and your products and services, you just never know when someone might be ready to buy from you. There are a few choices for adding a shopping cart tab to your fan page, including:

  • Ecwid – free, run your own store, mirrored on many sites
  • Payvment
  • ShopTab
  • VendorShop [UPDATE: added 12/21/10. Thanks to Krishna De for the tip + review.]
  • OWJO [UPDATE: added 12/21/10. Thanks to Krishna De for the tip + review.]

Ecwid - Ecommerce app

See also this related blog post on Social Media Examiner: How to Sell Products via Your Facebook Page.

What do you think? Do you use any of these apps?  What has been your experience?  Also, have I missed any Facebook page apps you’ve tried successfully?  Please add your comments in the section below.

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    I’m using Pagemodo, but it’s nice to know there are some good alternatives for free welcome pages.

  • Mari, Great job as usual–question though, now that we have seen a sneak peek of facebook’s new fan pages that essentially gets rid of the ability to have a custom landing page or “tabs” — they will show up in the left navigation–what is your recommendation around that for customizing the experience for businesses?

  • Ouch, when i share on facebook it doesn’t bring up a photo or Title of the blog post after it’s posted–just the link 🙁

  • Hi Ileane! Thanks for the kind feedback — good suggestion regards listing free vs. paid. However, the vast majority of the apps I included in this post that you can add to your page are free. When you get into customization or more advanced levels, including enterprise level, that’s when there’s a fee.

    I struggled to find any decent video apps and am still on the hunt!! Do share with us if you find any!

  • Hi Kat!! Aha, as far as I understand it, that sneak peek was premature. In other words, the version we saw will not be rolled out at all. I watched Randi Zuckerberg et al on the first Facebook Office Hours livestreaming Q&A last week and they all really emphasized the importance of having a custom landing tab so I highly doubt they’ll nix it.

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    You can either append a variable onto the end of the link like so “” (link gets truncated. anyway add “?=23” or something to the end) -that will make Facebook take another look at the link and put the thumbnail in there.

    Or you can use the Facebook URL Linter “”. If you run your url through there then Facebook re-examines the url and updates it.

    It works a treat usually. Check it out!

    Oh yeah, Mari thanks for the article, the Twitter suggestions look awesome!

  • Mari – great post and list of resources.

    Two additional apps for selling your products and services from your Facebook Page – and both enable people to stay on your Page:

    – OWJO – I did a review and have an interview with the Founder here –

    – VendorShop – I did a review here –

    And out of interest both are developed by Irish companies.

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    I’m looking forward to trying Vpype.

    FanAppz also has a great app for branded Virtual Gifting — though I believe there’s a cost associated with that as well. Haven’t found a good free app for this, have you?

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    Thanks for the very helpful post. Just one comment: I tried using Static520 several weeks ago to create a welcome page for one of my clients and after spending a lot of time on it, it just wouldn’t load onto the facebook fanpage. Comments on Static520s Fan Page Wall seem to indicate the same problem (that it simply just does not work) from many potential users with no response from the admins of the Fan Page. I would guess that unless something has changed in the past couple of weeks, this company is no longer…

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  • Hi there Kate!! Aha, great suggestion! Yes, the RSS Graffiti app has always worked reliably for me so it’s bound to work for YouTube feed too. Thanks for stopping by here!!

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    Thank you for the kind words and the plug. We are glad you both like and use our App. Stay tuned for a big TabSite announcement in the next few weeks.

    TabSite Team

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  • TroyRumfelt

    TabSite also just added the ability to integrate Constant Contact and MailChimp.

  • Thanks so much, Marile – awesome, sounds like you’re quite the app connoisseur. lol!! I’m sure any of the contest-type app providers have decent coupon apps.

  • No, apps can only be added to personal profiles or fan pages on Facebook. You can only create the new style of groups and cannot upgrade old groups. There are limited apps already on the groups – events, docs, etc.

  • Wonderful!! Enjoy the field testing!!

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    I have a question about running sweepstakes on Fan Pages. After reading Facebook’s guidelines about the $10G ad buy, not running promos through their walls, photo pages, etc I find it interesting a company like Northsocial can offer a sweepstakes tool where users need to like the page for so cheap and Wildfire’s white label can be $15G to get users to like the page before entering.

    Facebook has some very strict rules and regulations and i’m wondering how some companies get away with not spending the big dollars with third party vendors.

    I’m also very curious about the Facebook reveal technique…it seems to go against all of Facebook’s policies.

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    Hey Mari, great list! I searched involver for a premium Facebook Chat app and did not find one. Any suggestions? I really dont like Clobby due to the ads. thanks again for putting this together!

  • Also check out the EventBrite Facebook app. Integrates with your EventBrite account and Facebook Events.

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  • John, you totally rock!!! Okay, so do you happen to know if EventBrite – or other event apps – are now integrating with the new Facebook Registration tool?

  • Awww bummer – since I edited this blog post just in the past ten days or so, looks like Involver have nixed their Premium Chat App. 🙁 I’ve updated the post now and will do further research on alternatives to Clobby. Some peeps swear by Clobby paid version though – it can get out of hand with lotsa chatters!! Of course, you have the Facebook Group Chat option – but then that gets real tricky as you have to be friends with group members in order to add them, or friends can add members. I’m personally not a big fan of using Groups for much business except for small group masterminding, for example.

  • Hey Jeff — aha, Facebook changed two major rules around contests recently 1) you no longer need Facebook’s written permission and 2) you no longer need to meet any minimum ad spend. See:

    Facebook made a big deal about these two changes… but, quite frankly, so many people were either breaking the rules or were blissfully unaware anyway. What did not change was that we have to administer any and all promotions (contests, competitions, drawings or sweepstakes) via a third party app. is actually very reasonable – you don’t need to do the white label. $25 will get you a decent campaign for starters!

    (Btw, the big dollars were not so much about spending with the vendor as it was spending big dollars on ads with Facebook).

    Regards the reveal technique, that’s a piece of FBML code and real easy to do. It can increase fan conversion nicely and is not against any policy. Here’s a great tutorial by Tim Ware:

    Thanks for your great comment!!

  • Many thanks, Brigid – glad you enjoyed!!

  • Hey James – aha, good point!!! You can only have TabSite or Welcome as the tab name on the free version. On the $5/mo (or $50/yr) version – very reasonable! – you can have your own name. See packages here: I use one of the paid levels for my RESOURCES tab. I need to add more tabs within the tab now!!

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    Hey Mari, I heard back from Involver & unfortunatley here is the status of the
    “Thank you for contacting our team. The Chat app is currently undergoing a revamp, and isn’t currently available at this time. We anticipate that it will once again be available for future use sometime in Q1. In the meantime, please let me know if you would like to learn about our others solutions. ”


    Di Nguyen // involver

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  • Jeff Humphreys

    Thanks Mari!

    You just made my day. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.


  • Mari, Great article! Thanks for the Clobby and ContactMe mention.

    We are letting admins remove ads on Clobby and have also improved the speed to handle more chatters 🙂 I hope you’ll like the new changes.

    On ContactMe, we recently added the ability to integrate it with MailChimp and Contact Contact, along with some other great additions for small businesses and marketers.

  • Clobby now lets admins remove the banner!

  • Hi Mari, great post! thanks for that.

    I was curious to know if any of those apps you listed has or will have the ability to integrate the new Facebook registration tool. I know this new registration tool is more aimed to third party websites and not sure if you can integrate it within Facebook and its apps. Do you have any idea about this?

  • We are actually thinking about launching a contest next year so this has been very helpful.
    Fantastic post Mari.

  • Rynda Laurel ☂

    add Root Music, ReverbNation and Ilike for MUSIC/Artists… 🙂 >@rynda

  • wow, this is like the best of 2010! I need to bookmark this.

  • Aloha Mari,

    Thank you so much for all of this valuable information. I will bookmark it and come back to it often.
    Thank you for all you do to help so many of us!

    Happy Holidays!

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    Kellie 🙂

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  • ShopShare

    HI, this is a nice collection of apps. You might want to add, a fully integrateble shop appllication. Maybe it would help to explain the three stages of shop integration to your readers as well:

    1. Shop tabs that only link to the webshop, outside of Facebook (actually this is not to be called a Facebookstore, because you can<code>t buy anything there it</code>s just pictures that link to products on other (web)pages, like google does).

    2. Shopapplications (these are only appllications, starting with, and thus not integratable in your Facebookpage(!), losing all the reasons to actually have a Facebookshop on Facebook, why not have a Webshop instead?

    3. Facebookshops. Fully integrated in your Facebookbisinesspage, giving you and your customers that what you and your customers actually expect!

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  • DanKir

    That is a lot of apps! Impressive list.

    I have used a few of these tab builders and I think each one has their strengths and weaknesses. Most recently I have been using ShortStack ( and I think they have the best tab builder because it is really easy and really customizable. Also, something that a few of the other tab builders are lacking, ShortStack allows multiple features on one tab. I don’t want to bash any of the other apps I have tried so let’s just say that I have yet to run into any major issues to rant about with ShortStack.

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  • Once again a great job….Always very informative and well thought out. Look forward to the next one!Your advice is very useful. Thank you

  • Pingback: Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page | BizXnet()

  • You should really think about including a couple of facebook apps or add ons:

  • Thanks for the suggestions — MyMic app is only 5 seconds for free on personal profiles. For business pages, it’s $49.99 per month. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, as fan page admins (and fans) could just post their own link to an .mp3 file? Or use a free app like or

    Thanks re FaceItPages – I believe I’d looked at them in my research. I’ve now added them to the custom tab template section. 🙂

  • Awesome! Good to know and glad I included the ShortStack peeps in the list here!

  • Thank you kindly for the introduction to ShopShare — you’re based in Austria, yes? I took a look at your sample shops/sites and customers – do you do much work with US companies? I’d like to see several US-based examples, if possible. I understand the three distinctions you’re making but can’t really grasp #3 – I checked several of your customers’ sites and I see ShopShare app wanted access to my info so I’m not getting how #3 differs from #2.

  • Hi Kellie – glad you bookmarked this post! Many thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  • Lol – thanks a mil, Pam!!

  • Aha – thanks, Rynda!! I was just thinking the other day I ought to have included a section for musicians/artists!! I’ll scope out these apps for sure. 🙂

  • Awesome – glad to hear it!!

  • Hi Andres – excellent question. Yes, see John Haydon’s comment above: — he recommends the Event Bright app though I’m not sure yet if it’s integrating with the new Facebook registration product.

  • You rock, Adeel!! This is awesome news – thanks for the headsup! 🙂

  • You’re so welcome, Robyn! Glad you found value here! 🙂

  • Truly my pleasure, good peeps!! 🙂 hehee, loved the cute kitten vid!

  • Hey Dan – I’m a big believer in a multi-channel approach and to meet the user where they are. So, provide opportunities to buy/opt-in on both your fan page and your blog/website.

  • Aha – thanks for checking hon. I have a call in early January with the Involver peeps so will find out more scoop!

  • ShopShare

    Hi Mari,

    Biiiig difference. Yes we are in Austria, Europe. We don`t have any american customers yet, just one brazilian.

    The differnce between nr. 2 and nr. 3 is really obvious.

    #2 ist a Facebook App, running in an I-frame in the canvas of the Facebook devellopersframework. You cannot integrate this app in your facebookbusinesspage at all. It needs its own Facebook-adress and ID, thus making a new Facebook-applikation page. Nobody actually wants this, as you will not be able to use the real facebook features to engage your fans.
    You can recognize this by the fact that you are taken off the facebookbussinesspage and forwarded to a new facebook applikation page. If you become a fan of this “Shop”, you become not Fan of the brands facebookpage, but of the applikation on Facebook. Which cannot be the goal of any retailer!

    #3 is the real thing. This is also an app, but it is actually inserted with its own Tab in any (existing)Facebook businesspage, interacting right there where you want it to act! So becomming a fan of this page, results in becomming a fan of the brand!

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  • Javier

    Hiperinteresting post. It takes time to digest that amount of information. Thank you very much Mari, and happy new year!!!!


  • DanKir

    Yeah it is great to see them get some attention because they seem pretty small at the moment even though ShortStack is awesome. They are pretty new though so they should be getting more attention the longer they are around.

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  • Even though this has been said before. Mari thanks for such an extensive list. I just set up contact forms and schedulicity for my fan page. It is so packed with info, I will have to print it out and go over it with a highlighter.



  • Alicia

    The screen shots are very helpful, thanks for the great information!


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  • Coco_de_chic

    brilliant, trying to learn all this for my new business.

  • Daniel


    Excellent.. just excellent review ! I manage the best club from Holland, but when i want to add a welcome tab, or any other tab to my page, it says : No results.. how weird is that.. 🙁 do you have ANY brilliant suggestions left in your magnificant brain? 😉

    Thanks !


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  • hi Mari – thanx for sharing 🙂 highly useful !

    – however, I have been searching now, for several weeks for a photo contest apps with user ratings of user generated contents – without finding any … – thinking this can´t be true … ??

    I have helped a client setting up a nice fb-landing page – and, the next step now is to engage their customers when their season starts in march – it´s a team event and stag parties event company

    * however … – I can´t find this type of app´s … ?? – expect for some pricey one´s from eg. wildfire … – anyone who knows of reasonable prices solutions for this for smaller companies ?

    dann s.

  • hi Carles

    – thanx for the tip – this product seems very good ! – and, at a reasonable price too … 🙂 – thanx for sharing 🙂 – (even though you are one of the bright guys at Omatech 😉 )

    – checked the functionality of the easypromos, and it seems like it will suit my needs fully 🙂
    – it will be used for the coming season for a company owned by a friend of mine making team events and stag parties
    – website at :
    – fb-page at :

    Dann S.

    ps: the pdf-file with an overview of functionality for easypromos at – is in spanish language …

  • You are welcome Dann! You can already download pdf file in English, so you can get full features list of Easypromos. Glad to help you!

  • Pam Allio

    Hi Dann –

    You can also check out Bulbstorm’s Idea Challenges product. We capture the whole spectrum of fans with our technology – from easy submission, rating, voting, and everyone wins a prize! Check us out at, or you can check out current Idea Challenges on facebook. Happy to get you more information, too!

    Pam Allio
    Director of Marketing, Bulbstorm

  • hi Pam

    – thanx for your response – and, when looking at the Demo it looks like you have some nice apps and useful stuff for FB promotion too

    – however, after browsing both your demo on FB, and your website I didn´t manage to find any detalied info ?

    – i.e. :

    – specs/overview of detailed functionality
    – supported languages
    – pricing

    – so, where do I find this ?

    dann s.

  • Absolutely great and informative article! The Miproapps offer a better option for Twitter account on a fan page, it’s really looking nicer the other options mentioned above 🙂

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  • This is great, I love the contest apps.

    If I tried to find and test all these apps it would take me days if not months.


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  • Damn awesome I started using few of them..!!

  • Fan Guru

    If you have a business, don’t forget to add the free Store Location Finder app! — http://www.facebook/storefinder

  • This is a fantastic reference, thank you so much for pulling it all together, Mari!

    A few suggestions:

    – Apps for Google Integration (not sure if there are any but with Google’s Latitude’s offerings uptake recently, hopefully something will be developed soon?)
    – Mobile Apps (are there any apps that can be added to pages to make working on or interacting with pages easier, or perhaps there are apps that integrate events with FB Events from pages, or things along those lines)
    – Apps for Non-Profits and related types of organizations

    Thanks again, this is a tremendous resource!

  • Hi Mari, These are no doubt one of the best compilation of facebook apps at one place. As a blogger i think i frequently use polls and quizzes. It a very nice and useful application. Also thank you for your tutorials links to building static FBML sites.

    Great work.


  • This was an EXCELLENT article…thank you so much for the great information!

  • This was an EXCELLENT article…thank you so much for the great information!

  • Cassandra

    Great article, but I can’t figure out how to add apps on my business page. When I’m logged in as my business I get this message “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.”

    So, how do I add apps to my business page if I can’t access them when I’m logged in as my business??


  • Hope you happy and I wish you good luck!

  • Hope you happy and I wish you good luck!

  • Hal9000GR

    What an article !!! Thanks

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  • $17740994

    Great article!  Mari has mentioned our sweepstakes app on Facebook. actually has a suite of 10 Facebook apps that organizations can use.  These are very easy apps to manage.  They require no programming knowledge.  Our apps include a beautiful menu app (perfect for restaurants & bars), a coupon app, a sweepstakes app, a contact app(form included), a slideshow app, and a new promotion app with a built in countdown clock and more!

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  • Very, very interesting article. I wi be looking to incorporate this within my product offering. reservable reservation scheduling system

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  • Try static xfbml for building tabs for your fan page


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  • Brett Dovey

    Hi thanks for this Mari ….

    I have used a lot of these apps on my PAGE :



  • peterzhangla

    Great list! Please let me add one more
    here, that surely can help people to run business on Facebook!


    As we know group buying is very hot! Also
    Facebook has launched their group buying program, but not anyone has a chance
    to post their deal there! So Anyone, who’s interested with Facebook Deal or
    GroupBuying. I suggest you can check out, It’s
    a instantly-installed group buying application, we specially developed for


    The purpose for us to develop this app is
    to help the ones who want to start groupbuying business adventure with minim
    cost, INSTANTLY, and market your products to as many leads as possible in a
    simple way. Here’s app intro video:


    With this app, you can start to sell a deal
    on Facebook within 3 mins, collect payment through PayPal and Facebook credits,
    you can share your deals to 300+ social networks, and your clients can click
    “Invite” button to invite all their friends to enjoy the deals. Admin
    area is also easy to control, and you can check all the purchasers’ data at
    admin. Its features are perfect for you to quickly sell products to huge fans!


    In conclusion, it’s very new, so not too
    much people knew about it, but we are sure, with this app, it shall help your
    business a lot, specially for Christmas selling season!

  • Thanks for the post ready to work on my Page FB Page:

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  • Martingrace

    You should also checkout iFrame Tab Plus for building custom tabs on Facebook – – it’s pretty simple and easy to use.

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  • ScandiBarber

    A useful online booking application software that is also free and can be used to accept appointments from a facebook page is Qooshi ( I like this one because it is free to use. I don’t need to pay any upfront fees to use it and that makes a difference for me as a small business owner that have to work hard on keeping my overhead costs down.

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  • Geri

    This is a great list.  Would love to see an updated version that is current.

  • I’m currently trying to set up a great Facebook fan page but I’m suffering from Information overload. This post is very helpful. Thanks! 

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  • thanks great resources under a roof i must say 

  • Brett Dovey

    Excellent source of information here. I am currently going a little more in depth on the actually setting up & workings of each app on my blog. Due to the fact that in South Africa social media is still very much in it’s infancy especially as regards usage by business’s. So there is huge potential here.

  • Peljx1

    thanks very good content, still hard to know what to do and use for facebook fan page, I wonder if it s better to market it as a person or as a business name

  • Agus Dwiyanto

    i will try it to my fans page

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  • Hi Mari. Excellent article. Learned about some new apps I had never heard of. My company has just launched the first version of a video app for fan pages. I not sure if you found some other app to use yet, but maybe you could check to see if it meets your demands. Grts,Peter

  • wow!!! really nice post! thank you Mari, helped a lot!

  • hmm this site is really awesome and informative to me, i am also gonna share this site to my friends and buddies.

  • Thanks for this article. It helped me already a lot of times, when setting up Facebook Pages for clients.
    Another useful app for online appointments is also, which is a marketplace for online appointmentsm and as well for free!

  •  I’m pleased to find this publish very helpful for me personally, because it consists of large amount of information. I usually would rather read the standard content which factor I discovered in your soul publish. Thank you for discussing!

  • bjstevens

    You’ve been totally awesome to everyone Mari. I totally like the way you discuss things here in social media examiner.

    I’ve got one fan page so far and I’ve got it designed by Design Fan Page and it’s totally awesome. I do have skills in designing the whole thing but I’m too busy to do it. I’ve used  the service of to do all the work for me. They’ve been awesome so far!

    Keep it up Mari!

  • Manos Paraskakis

    Thank you to share this nice list , thank you once again as i’m going now to add some app on my page . 

  • Thanks for this list, Andrea. My favorites are: Youtube, ContactMe and Scribd for Pages. I’m still hoping that someone will fix the bug on the “My LinkedIn” profile app. I installed it on all my client’s pages and loved it !

  • Ya so that’s a lot of information! Awesome 🙂

  • Nice Post. Now I am Using 4 Apps From Here. After Getting a lot of apps from here, Now i can test difference types design for my page.

  • Thank you very much for this review. I was looking for a free alternative to Graffiti RSS but there aren’t so much options.

  • Guest

    Awesome review. Appreciate all the hard work you have done in putting this together.

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  • Quality post.

  • nice post 

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  • Hi Mari, nice post !
    i want to warn you of the release of a new tool specifically dedicated to community managers: What’s On Walls (WoW): the community manager selected the FB pages he want to monitor, and all the posts or comments made ​​on thoses pages by his fans appear in real time on a single dashboard, like a TweetDeck does for several twitter accounts. You can find at this address: 

  • Shortstack lab = BEST by far for free Facebook apps

  • Shortstack labs = BEST by far for Facebook apps – I tried so many others, this one is so simple and easy 🙂

  • Nice post ! This is also a good simple tool for FB

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  • great, thanks

  • Thank you so much for sharing this post! I just knew now that there are apps for enhancing facebook page. I will surely try this one so that my fans will have a great user experience and also to gain more potential customers.

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  • Thanks for the post. Do you know of an app for ratings from your fans?

  • hello, does anybody knows how to include a directory for my corporate facebook page. In our company (educations and travel industry), we have many professionals that we´d like to show as a list for potencial customers. These professional are tour guides and we need to show their contact info, tour specialization, different languajes they can offer services, etc. thanks

  • jon

    is it possible to have a static post/offer on a tab like this where poeple can like/share and comment below also? thanks

  • Sally

    I just got this email through today from Social Media Examiner but I note that many of the apps are out of date or two years old.

  • Great information you have here. These tips will help me with my FB page.

  • Jess

    The Facebook Reviews app link doesnt work anymore

  • I really appreciate your article about Facebook. Thanks you so much.

  • Victor Hugo Concepcion

    Tysm Mari. Definitely got my education and helped setting up my fiancee’s e-Commerce store tab in FB for her business. As well as e-mail marketing tab (mailchimp). Going to use it for my LLC as well.

  • Sam

    From professional stand point It’s almost impossible to get in touch with tech supprot. Only silly chat with unprofessional helpless useless reseptionists. Belive me you will nedd it, cause there apps suck. Seems like they ivnvest more in to advertsing rather in to codes. So apps crushes, hard to install and customize.

    Find another company for your social media needs!

  • I wish to post shows from blogtalkradio on a page and tie them to the events page. What format could I use to align the shows by column and how do I keep the event from going away after the date it airs?

  • S.r. Pratheepan

    Fantastic Mari thanks – a real treasure trove.

  • EB Marketing

    This looks like a fantastic resource, but it has been four years–an eternity in the social media universe! Any chance we could get an updated list? Thanks!

  • Have a look at more recent articles here: You might also want to check out this page:

  • minza

    how can we use it?

  • Nikolaos Papandreou

    Great Job!Thanks a lot!

  • Mahboob Alam

    You got to be kidding me.. Plix isn’t on the list? I got like 1000 pics from my friends that they had forgotten to share.

  • Another Great post, Mari. Thank you for that!!!

  • filmbuff810

    I cant share videos, except youtube’s, with friends or even public. I have tried everything.
    Can anyone advise? FB Help Centre is no help. Thanks

  • Grace Duffy

    Facebook has updated and integrated more video sharing (and creation) options since this particular post was first published.

    You can find the latest articles on Facebook video here: and on Facebook, in general, here: