social media how toNot using Facebook for business yet? Wondering where to start?  Already on Facebook, but not sure if you’ve done everything right? Well look no further.  Bookmark this article.  It will be your comprehensive guide to using Facebook.

By the way, you’re not alone. There are still many business owners and marketers who don’t quite know where to start—they struggle to gain momentum and achieve measurable results from their efforts.

This post is designed to help you understand what Facebook can do for your business and lead you through a step-by-step process for getting started on building a compelling presence and optimizing your Facebook marketing.

STEP 1: Review Your Profile

Most likely, you already have a personal profile. Facebook’s Terms of Use stipulate you’re allowed one account in your own real name. (If you don’t yet have a Facebook account, just go to and register.)

Next, choose your approach for using your personal profile. It’s entirely a personal choice. You may wish to keep your profile for connecting only with friends you already know and family members. Or, you may wish to blend both your personal and professional worlds.

My recommendation is to use your profile for a mix of both personal connecting and professional networking. Regardless of how you choose to use your profile, you’ll want to make use of Friend Lists and adjust your privacy settings so that you control who sees what content. (See Mike Stelzner’s post 3 Reasons Facebook Trumps Twitter for Business, where he talks about how these two features rocked his world!)

I’ll cover Friend Lists and privacy settings in a moment. First, here are several key areas to review on your profile.

Go to the Edit Profile section of your profile to edit each of these areas:


You can get to the Edit Profile area by first clicking the Info tab, then the edit pencil in the top-right corner. Also, it may help to know that anytime you edit much of this information—such as changing your profile picture, your relationship status, your bio, etc.—a notice goes out to your friends in their News Feeds (unless you previously adjusted your privacy settings very tightly!).

Remember to click the blue Save Changes button on each section if you make changes!

Hide Your Year of Birth

Under the Basic Information section, I strongly suggest not showing your year of birth as a layer of security.


Update Your Bio

Check to make sure your bio and contact information is the way you want it, ideally in a first-person, conversational tone. I also recommend filling out the “mini bio” section just under your profile picture (click the edit pencil); you get 245 characters and can include links.


Check Your Photo

I recommend having a professional headshot taken. In fact, get several from the same shoot and use them throughout your various social sites for consistency.

In today’s social context, stay away from overly formal photos. Instead go for a relaxed, informal—yet professional—look. Crop your picture to your head and shoulders only; when your thumbnail appears around Facebook, you want it to be recognizable. Also, stay away from using group photos of you and other people. If a potential key contact doesn’t know you yet, he/she won’t know which one is you.

If your profile picture is more than three years old, it’s time for an update. Your goal is to have people come up to you when they meet you in person and say you look exactly like your picture. This actually helps to build trust.

Select Your Relationship Status

Over the years, Facebook has added a few more possible relationship status choices. If, like me, you wish to remain private about this area of your life, select the blank choice and your status won’t be shown at all. There is an area in the privacy settings where you can choose who sees your relationships settings; I have mine set to Friends as I’m happy for my friends to see my relatives, which is the only other information in this section.


Understand How Likes and Interests Work

As you fill out the various books, movies, music, etc., that you like, Facebook will automatically connect you to the related Facebook Page/Community Page for those interests. When you begin to type the word, select from the drop-down:


To understand more about how Community Pages work, see this post.

Grow Your Network

Facebook allows you a maximum of 5,000 friends and I suggest—over time—you look to optimize this maximum. Having key contacts as friends allows you to maintain a more personal connection with them.

For professional networking purposes, proactively seek new friends who may be influential people in your industry and related industries, prospects, media contacts, people you admire, potential collaborators, and so forth. Just be mindful to not overdo the outgoing friend requests in any one session. Facebook views this as potentially spam behavior and you run the risk of your account being deactivated. Twenty requests at a time is a safe number.

To find new people to add, use the Friend Finder, Invite friends by email, and join relevant Groups and Facebook pages. When sending friend requests, always add a personal message.


STEP 2: Make Friend Lists

Friend Lists on Facebook allow you to do three things:

  • Control which of your friends see what content you publish (see Step 3 on privacy).
  • Filter your News Feed stories.
  • Control who can see that you’re available on Facebook Chat.

First, you’ll need to make at least one Friend List. Go to Account > Edit Friends:


Then click Create New List:


A pop-up box appears with all of your friends, so give your list a name and select the friends you wish to add. You can have up to 100 lists, with up to 1,000 friends in each list. Friends can be in multiple lists. Nobody knows which list of yours they might be on; this is for your own private use.

NOTE: You can also add Facebook Pages to Friend Lists, which I highly recommend for ease of reading your News Feed!

Suggested Friend Lists might be: Family, Buddies, Colleagues, Clients, Students, Key Contacts, Favorite Facebook Pages, and so on. One of my favorite lists I call Social Media Experts and I source much of my news from this stream.

Filter Your News Feed Stories

On your home page (News Feed page), click the link for Friends and you’ll see your Friend Lists there. You may need to click the “More” button if you have several lists. You can now view your friends and Facebook page activity via these lists.


If you’d like to have your default view be a certain list, here’s a fun trick: Each of your Friend Lists has its own unique URL. Open the one you want to go to first in a new tab (right click), then bookmark that particular URL. Now that will be the default page view that opens.

Control Your Facebook Chat Availability

I’m not a fan of the Facebook Chat feature at all; I keep it turned off almost all the time because it’s just too distracting. But, you may wish to show yourself as being online to a select group of individuals via a Special Friends List!


Click on the very bottom right of your window where it says “Chat.” If you’ve already created your Friend Lists, you’ll see a list pop up. Beside each list, you’ll see a little “slider” that you can turn from green to grey. Green tells your friends in that list you’re online and grey shows you as offline to friends in that list.

To go offline completely, select Options > Go Offline.


STEP 3: Adjust Your Privacy Settings

One of the many questions I’m asked frequently is, “How do I know what is public and what is just between me and the person I’m talking to on Facebook?”  The short answer is simple: the *only* communication that is private between you and another person is email. Otherwise, all your own wall posts, posts on friends’ walls, comments, likes, photos, videos, links, activity on Groups and Pages and likes on external sites are visible to friends, friends of friends or everyone, depending on your privacy settings.

Facebook has received much criticism for their seeming lack of care about privacy. Yet, mostly, this pushback has been things like the Beacon fiasco and, more recently, the Instant Personalization feature. The fact is, Facebook offers extremely granular privacy settings so for every piece of content you publish, you can control who sees it and who doesn’t. That’s where the complexity—and confusion—arise, as the New York Times wrote about!

The best way to set your privacy settings is to go for the Custom option:


Click Customize Settings (#2 above) and for each section on the next page, choose whether you want Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only or a Custom setting:


I recommend using a custom setting for “Posts by Me.” That way, your default for any content you publish can be viewable by Friends of Friends except certain lists. You can override the default at any time on the Publisher.


STEP 4: Set Up a Facebook Page

Once you’re happy with the way you’ve chosen to use and configure your profile, it’s time to set up your Business Page, often referred to as a “Fan Page.” Previously, we would join these pages by clicking the “Become a Fan” button; however, Facebook changed this a few months ago to their ubiquitous “Like” button.

With Facebook’s 500 million active users—half of whom log on daily for an average session time of 55 minutes—having an active Facebook page helps gain tremendous visibility for your business and meets your prospects/community where they are. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to “max out” your personal profile first. The time to start a Facebook page is right away!

What You Need to Know About Facebook Pages

  • You need to have an account on Facebook in order to create a Facebook page.
  • Your Facebook page will be tied to your personal profile as the admin of your Facebook page; however, only you and Facebook know the connection exists.
  • You can have an unlimited number of Facebook pages.
  • You can have an unlimited number of fans (Facebook users who “Like” your page).
  • Facebook Pages are public—anyone can find and view your page whether they are logged into Facebook or not.
  • All content posted on your Facebook page gets indexed on Google.
  • You can target your posts by location and language.
  • You can add applications to your page, including your own custom content—video, rich text, graphics, opt-in box and more.
  • You can add additional admins (highly recommended).
  • All admins have equal rights to administer your page, including adding and removing other admins (choose with care!).
  • You can’t post content on your Facebook page from your personal profile (unless you use an @ tag from your profile and have your settings for that post set to Everyone).
  • Select your page title and category carefully as they cannot be changed once set.
  • Start here to create your Facebook page.

Study Other Facebook Pages

To get a sense of what’s possible for your own Facebook page, look at a variety of examples in your own industry and related industries. Here is Facebook’s own Directory of Pages; see also this fun site called Facebakers.

And, here is a great slidedeck with ten examples of business-to-business Facebook pages:

Recommended Six-step Approach to Building Your Facebook Page

#1:  Objective

First, be clear on what your primary purpose is for your Facebook page. Examples include raising brand awareness, enhancing customer service, building your email list, driving traffic back to your blog, building community, etc. You may have multiple objectives, and that’s fine; be sure to prioritize your objectives. Mike Stelzner and the team at Social Media Examiner have a great editorial guide for their Facebook page; you can view an excerpt in this post.

#2:  Design Strategy

Once you’re clear on the objective(s) of your Facebook page, the design needs to reflect that. Say your primary objective is to build your email list. You’ll need to feature at least one opt-in box. For instructions on how to add custom content to your page, see this post. Go to Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Page to see a sample opt-in box.

#3: Content Strategy

Ideally, just as with your blog, you’ll have an editorial guide (or content matrix) which includes a plan for publishing a mix of updates, photos, videos, and links. For a sample content matrix, see this Google doc. Use a platform like HootSuite or ObjectiveMarketer to pre-schedule your content. Depending on the nature of your business and your overall objective, for the most part, it’s best to publish a mix of your own content and what I call “OPC” (other people’s content). Sources of quality OPC include Guy Kawasaki‘s AllTop, Technorati, Listorious (a directory of Twitter Lists), along with your favorite blogs (subscribe in Google Reader or via email). Plus, remember your own Facebook Friend Lists!

#4:  Promotion Strategy

Now you’ve built it and need to ensure “they come!” There are many ways to promote your Facebook page inside Facebook, outside Facebook and offline. See this post for ideas: 21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase.

#5:  Engagement Strategy

Now you’re starting to gain traction! But you’ll need to allocate resources to ensure your Facebook page is being monitored and moderated—if not always by you, then by your team. If one of your objectives is to enhance customer service, you’ll want to be prompt in responding to fans’ comments and use a personal, approachable tone. BestBuy does a great job of this. See these two posts for ideas on enhancing engagement: How to Better Engage Facebook Fan Page ‘Fans’ and 13 Ways to Move Your Facebook Fans to Action.

#6:  Conversion Strategy

I usually find the tipping point in social media is between 500-1,000 fans/followers/friends/email subscribers. You’ll start to see measurable results with this size group. You’ll be building trust and loyalty among your fanbase with consistently good content and reliable responses. Now you must have a strategy in place to convert your fanbase to paying clients or customers. Perhaps you’ll offer a special event (live or virtual), coupons, discounts and other incentives to give your fans a strong call to action. The bottom line is to let your fans know exactly what you want them to do. And pace your offers. If you’re hosting live/virtual events, be sure to also use the Facebook Events feature. See this post for ideas: 10 Tips for Creating Buzz With Facebook Events.

By the way, just as soon as you have your first 25 fans, be sure to register your own unique username (sometimes called a “vanity URL”) for your Facebook page at

That’s it! That’s all you need for now—(1) a profile with a strategy and settings you’re happy with, plus (2) the makings of a robust, active Facebook page.

I trust this has been of use if you’ve been a bit stuck on how to really gain traction with your Facebook optimization. Did I miss something? What else would you like to see covered here? Got ideas of your own for what’s working well on Facebook? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Hey Ann – thanks heaps. Hmm, odd – I just tried the Facebakers link I have in the post and it works fine for me:

  • Sometimes it’s the small, simple things that are elusive, eh!! 🙂

  • Hi John – it used to be that the originating admin could never be removed. Thankfully, earlier this year, Facebook changed that. So, now any Admin can add/remove any Admin. Ideally, the owner of the business creates the fan page and could then assign you as an Admin to build it out. Or, you could easily set up the page under your own account then assign your client as an Admin too. That way you can both access the page. Hope this helps!

  • Good news – for the very reason you state (people leaving companies) Facebook began allowing the originating Admin to be removed. So now any Admin can add/remove any Admin. Ideally, I recommend all fan pages have at least two Admins anyway just for safety – you never know if/when someone cannot log in to their personal account which means they don’t have access to the fan page.

  • Ahhh – it’s not possible to use the regular Facebook chat from your fan page. However, there are a couple of really cool apps you could add to your fan page to chat with your fans. See for a simply group chat app (it has annoying banner ads at the top, just scroll your page up so you don’t see them!) plus also which allows you to livestream video with a groupchat too – you can broadcast via your personal profile to friends/specific friends or from your fan page to all fans. Vpype records and archives shows too. Take a look at my page for an example if you wish – the tab is called “Shows”:

  • Thanks so much for your very kind words!!! 🙂

  • Hi Dean – apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’m guessing you’ve gone ahead by now. To clarify though, the category you choose determines pretty much just two factors: 1) the default fields you’ll have under your Info tab and 2) the default apps pre-installed on the page, e.g. a musician category will have an app for music.

    At the end of the day, I believe it really doesn’t matter all that much which category you choose as most people are not surfing through Facebook’s directory to find pages via category. When your page is shared or advertised around Facebook, the category will be displayed too though so you want it to be fairly accurate.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ahhhh – oftentimes what seems uber obvious to some folks is uber elusive to others. It’s that old “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Facebook’s Help Center is not all that easy to navigate.

  • Hi Sunny – alas, it’s not possible to comment as your fan page anywhere else on Facebook except on your own fan page. One possibility is to use the @ tag and make a post on your own fan page and tag other fan pages. Hope that makes sense! It’s not quite a comment but does put your page out there. Just be aware of how it comes across on the other person’s wall and think win:win!

  • Doug Peterson

    Mari: I have just set up my business Facebook page and when I try to forward another author’s article to Facebook it goes to my personal page. How can I forward to my business Facebook page?

    Doug Peterson

  • MW

    I’m having a similar problem. Whenever I want to share something from another FB page, or to another persons wall, or from another social media platform, it always shows up from my personal page. I am having a lot of trouble separating my personal and business page. Its really quite a nuisance.

  • Joyce

    YOu need to log out of your personal page first then and sign into your business FB page and then each time you link from FB it will go to your business page…


  • Hi Doug – ahhh yes, the Share button and Like button are always tied to personal profiles. What to do is make use of Hootsuite’s “Hootlet” bookmarklet. You can add various social networks to your Hootsuite account (Facebook profile, fan pages, Twitter, LinkedIn etc), then when you want to share content from the web onto your fan page, just click the little Hootlet button and select your fan page.

    To share content on your fan page from inside Facebook, it’s best to simply copy and paste (paste into a text editor first as the line breaks tend to get a bit skewed), then add an @ tag for the original person/page by way of attribution. Hope that makes sense!! 🙂

  • Hi Doug – ahhh yes, the Share button and Like button are always tied to personal profiles. What to do is make use of Hootsuite’s “Hootlet” bookmarklet. You can add various social networks to your Hootsuite account (Facebook profile, fan pages, Twitter, LinkedIn etc), then when you want to share content from the web onto your fan page, just click the little Hootlet button and select your fan page.

    To share content on your fan page from inside Facebook, it’s best to simply copy and paste (paste into a text editor first as the line breaks tend to get a bit skewed), then add an @ tag for the original person/page by way of attribution. Hope that makes sense!! 🙂

  • Excellent article. Thank you. I haven’t fully understood facebook until reading your article.

  • Susanna

    I still can’t figure out if there’s a way to show only some of the comments/posts I make on other facebook profiles/pages on my personal profile. Very annoying that we can’t decide which page our comments will show up on.

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  • Thanks, good post.

    In terms of Analytics, Facebook provides a better level of detail than other social networks for business, and functionality-wise it offers a lot more too. It can be a powerful internet marketing tool if used in the right way.

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  • Nice post, great detail. I would have liked to see the costs that are associated to it so I could add to my business case justifi cations to use the technology. Keep up the good work! Great Job!!! Informative and attention keeping!

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  • Ronald

    How do you remove the long number after your FB fan page.
    curious how to do this so we can post our address.

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  • It’s pretty easy. You have to get 50 (? I think this is right it might actually be less) fans or more then you personalize that to .com/pacebutler. It’s pretty straightforward.

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  • Thanks for the info! I’ve enjoyed making my facebook page:

    I just need to work on getting that URL shorter now! – L.

  • thanks information

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  • R. Denver


    Very nice post, I had some general questions about the usage/setup of Facebook if the authors here (or fellow commenters) could help out;

    1. Is it mandatory that I create a personal Facebook page? I ask because I was able to create a page for my business (which is a new website – not yet launched) without being prompted to create a personal page.

    2. As you mentioned, a vanity URL cannot be obtained until you have 25 “likes” but I am concerned if I canvas “likes” I may loose the name I want, to highjacking… is there a safe way to do this?

    3. Is it against Facebook policy to use a business (fan) page for the purpose of selling my own products “or” affiliate products?

    4. Any idea why the Like button disappears when you login? What I mean is… if I visit your facebook page at without being logged into my own account, I see the Like button at the top of your page, but if visit your page while I am logged in, the Like button is gone. This happens for every fan page I visit, so I assume it is also happening to mine which means people will not be able to Like my page if they are logged… I must be misunderstanding something, yes?

    Hope someone has the time to help me… thank you!


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  • Unique_User5

    I like the fact that this timeless information is still fresh and relevant to every level of user. I needed a start to head in this direction and found it withing this informaion.

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  • Josieheyward

    Hi This has been Super helpful so far. I have been pouring over this article for hours now trying to apply it all.
    Any way I wanted to find out how to set a preferred news feed to a specific list with the new FB page set up.

    Thanks, Josie

  • Josieheyward

    Hi This has been Super helpful so far. I have been pouring over this article for hours now trying to apply it all.
    Any way I wanted to find out how to set a preferred news feed to a specific list with the new FB page set up.

    Thanks, Josie

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  • WOW! Great content for sure. I been using facebook for the last few years and reading your post was a great way to refresh my knowledge and a great way to learn lots more.

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  • thetechchef

    I was recently looking over the New Facebook resource center and noticed a Brand Permissions section. There is says that you cannot use screenshots without Fb permission. And that they must be unaltered.Does this mean no red lines, circled sections, or additional writing? Do you at Social Media Examiner get permission before using screenshots in blogs like this one? Is this a new policy? I have a tech blog reaching a small audience (mostly of my clients) where I use screenshots to show how to do things on Facebook like add additional admins, or hide your birthday. Do you think I need to start getting permission for my blog?

  • I like your 4 Steps strategy. It looks great !

  • Janina Lear

    Great article. Has the way you can view Friends Lists changed. I just created all my lists but when I click on Friends to the left, I do not get a more button so can’t filter my groups and see their posts.

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  • This sounds all very intriguing. I have a facebook account which has been pretty much personal. I’m not sure how I can use for promoting my writing/publishing/editing business too, but I’m going to check that out. Definitely worth the effort if I can!

  • Loom

    I was wondering how I can make my fan page come up first on a facebook search?  Is there a way i can create tags or keywords that would make me come up higher on the list when searched?

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  • Great article on the must dos and don’ts for FB. Although I have one question: I have 2 pages for my company that are connected to a non-used profile. My question is should I make that (the non-used profile) profile for my business persona with perhaps a different name since I already have my own personal profile or can a leave it be and still have a good FB campaign?

  • Mari, I love your article! It’s completely different of what I’ve read about social media. You truly deliver everything which a person need to know without any sells pitch. The big gurus need to learn from you!
    Thank you!

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  • Ajeet

    As with everything, facebook itself is continuously changing and this guide needs to be updated to fit around the new style of facebook. But other than that, great content and very helpful! Thanks

  • This is very informative article. Some of this information is valuable until now.

  • Great article as always

  • Lindseyholloway21

    Some fantastic steps here, I’ll be definately implementing a lot of these for my social media strategy. You can also check out additional tips on Zak Taylors blog on Creating Your Business Facebook Page, it has some very insightful information which you can maybe add.

  • Whoa. Nice article. It’s my first time to see a Step-by-step help article. It’s really a big help. Really handy for those who are still in the baby steps level in business using face book. It’s so motivating and encouraging.I’ll recommend this site to my friends.

  • Do you think this strategy is effective for all types of businesses? I think some topics, expecially items that using them is considered personal, are very hard to promote via Facebook pages.

  • Szovataikund


    THis is one of the best posts I have read in a long-long time. But I didn’t read about connecting your Facebook page to your Twitter account. Did you leave that out on purpose?

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  • Heather Huston

    Thanks for all the great info. I have been trying
    to figure out how to hide or remove the FB section on our business page where
    it shows who “likes” our pages. We don’t mind the number, but we don’t want to show “who” has joined our page. We’re just diving into this social media game,
    and are concerned that our clients might be able to see who else uses our
    services. Some are either located in the same area or direct competitors.
    However I am not able to figure this out for business or fan pages, only
    personal pages. There is a lot of info/tools on your site that we will be
    utilizing, however that is the one detail that I am not able to find. I also
    have not found that info searching the Facebook help center. Is this something
    that can be done easily? Is there a post on your website that could help? Any
    info would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Mari,

    Thank you for the very succinct detail.  This is an excellent starting point. The fan page is what I understand can help tremendously with giving my website business greater visibility. 


  • Thanks Mari, very helpful article, clear and simple to follow, nice!

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  • Mark DeSimone

    Which way is the best to set up a Facebook business page:
    1. From your personal profile, create a page
    2. Without being signed in to your personal account, create a page

    Facebook says if you do the latter it will not show up in search and you cannot view other’s info…sounds restrictive so I would assume #1 is better. Or is it?

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  • Mari, Our new product (splash only so far), is being well rcv’d. Would love to know more about geography and market control as product can be used in many ways…we are getting suggestions we hadn’t even thoought of!  Your thoughts? Thanks, Gary

  • These are the excellent Getting started tips and techniques for Facebook, I have launched my own classified ad listing site in Pakistan. I am completely following these guidelines and also made some editions, for example i am using 6 different profiles of mine on Facebook. It will help me to get connected with various type of people on different accounts.

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  •  Hello Mari, very informative post about facebook, you are Rock! keep writting.

    Thanks, Cheers!

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  • allstate1

    Excellent contents for newbie, if each step is seriously followed, it can bring visibility and traffic to their site.

  • ChrisMaherBroome

    Hi  Marie, I have a question, in the old Facebook business page I have my web address as the first thing on my “About” field. This resulted in it displaying in the About Us section on the page. Now with the new Timeline for Business Page The web address is still the first thing in the About field, but now no longer showing on the Timeline. Do you know how I can fix this. I do see that other pages have achieved it?

  • Hi,how can i put restrictions on my facebook fan page? I mean  before they can fully access my page,they have to like my page first.

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  • June Barrack

    Is it possible to create groups on your facebook business page? I can only see this option on the personal page but not on the business page. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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  • Johnny Appleseed

    Is there anything wrong with NOT making a personal page and just having a business page? I’m not really interested in promoting myself, necessarily – just my manufacturing company and products.

  • Johnny Appleseed

    Is there a problem with NOT setting up a personal page? I’m only interested in promoting my business and products. I would rather that my emails come through by business website. I don’t desire personal contact through Facebook

  • Kate

    Thank you for a fantastic guide! I do have one question as I have just set up my business page. It seems that everything I post on that page gets posted on my personal one. Is that the issue of lists? I want my business posts to be limited to my business page only. Would appreciate your advice.

  • Storm

    Hi Mari, thanks for the insightful information. I am new to the whole social media marketing for your business and I was wondering at what point do you start engaging fans. My business page is up to 30 likes and we are geared towards the hair and beauty industry. I post content weekly, sometimes twice weekly about new styles, how you can get the look and interesting value add information about products. I am currently running a competition (as advised to create hype and bring people into action). it has helped create awareness but no one has actually sprang to action to take advantage of the competition. Please help

  • Facebook, with its wide outreach to millions of users, it’s not a surprise to find the biggest and most successful brands listed on its pages.  Apart from connecting people, this tool is also helping organisations connect with its consumers in a more interactive way.  In order to market a brand on such an exemplary medium, companies should maintain connections by posting updates everyday and focusing on brand engagement.  

  • Wkilliam

    This is a helpful guide.  We started our business page in May and being new (and resistant) to the world of social media marketing, we are only up to 50 likes.  I was just getting ready to consider some FB advertising when I read this article in yesterday’s WSJ.

    If I have read it correctly it states FB limits who views your posts on your business page in order to force you into buying ads.  So if I post something on my page  on average only 16% of the 50 who have “liked” me will see it?  Why wouldn’t everyone see it?  I have followed SME since May and have not read about FB’s limiting who sees your page posts. This is disheartening and frustrating to me–we are small and don’t have the budget to spend so others (even people who LIKE us will see our posts)

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  • Emma Capell

    Hi, This was brilliant.  I went through all the steps as I am still a bit of a FB virgin.  I think due to timeline, the information has changed slightly as I had difficulty creating the Friends List.  Instead of going to the top of the screen I eventually worked it out on the LHS somewhere.  Does this guide need to be updated?  Just a suggestion.  I am so grateful for all this free info 🙂  I will drag myself into the 21st Century one way or another!

  • This guide should be updated a little bit. Facebook has changed, but the article is still covering all the basics that you have to go through. 

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  • Mari, this is a great and detailed post. What has changed since 2010 when you have written it? What additional Facebook features should we pay attention to?

  • susan

    is it true that if one facebook page “likes” another page they will not show up in your like count? we are using facebook for B2B and am having a hard time getting over the 100 likers, but i am wondering if this is b/c people are liking us from their own business fan page and if this is true how do you know how many followers you actually have?

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  • Advanced Pet Care Clinic

    Hi, Love your guide, but we have customers telling us they cant post words or picures to our business page. Do we have a setting wrong?

  • Boyan van Veldhoven

    Very interesting

    @icatch media

  • Keisha

    Amazing Post! I found it extremely detailed but not overwhelming. I truly appreciate your effort.

  • Haroon Backer

    I want to share one of my friend’s account.How can I do that?

  • Jenny McLauchlan

    Thank you so much – very informative & enlightening – I was clueless about how to set up a FB business page – now I am a little less clueless

  • Jenny McLauchlan

    Golly – I didn’t know a huge photo of me would pop up – there you go you see – I have a lot to learn

  • Shakir Mumtaz

    1) i a unable to post to one of my FB page as it is showing “pinned” and i can’t get rid of it. This page is closed and i use to store my data here.
    2) how to add groups or Fb pages to my list of groups for posting my posts?
    3) How can post may be posted to all the group Pages just by posting once only ?