social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Brian Solis author of the best selling book Engage! Brian shares how his Social Media Manifesto became a rallying cry and led to the “Engage or Die” slogan he now uses on his website.

You’ll also learn why social media can do more for businesses today and what businesses need to look for in geo-location tools. There are more opportunities today for businesses to engage with their customers and Brian gives you insights into how to convert this engagement into sales.

Be sure to read the takeaways below and leave your comments after you’ve watched the video.

Here are a few of the things you’ll discover:

  • What the consequences are of not engaging in social media
  • The meaning of “Digital Darwinism”
  • What geo-location means for the different players
  • Why local businesses have new tools to use on the web
  • How culture is changing as people interact more on their social graph
  • When it’s possible to convert engagement into sales

What’s next for Brian?  He’s focusing on privacy and taking the public role in advocating how we can control privacy on social media.  Connect with Brian on his website, on Twitter and check out his book Engage!.

What do you see in the future of social media engagement?  Please share your comments below.

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  • deb1221

    Michael, Thanks for sharing this video with Brian Solis. I think one of the greatest take-away points in the video is that social media provides opportunities to convert to sales.

    Brian’s caveat: “When done the right way you can convert engagements into sales, as long as you have intent and best interests, front of mind.”

    Engage! is a great book.

  • Thanks Debbie! And I love the book as well 🙂

  • This video is a window on how important it is for local businesses (even more than national brands, I think) to take part in social media, to look for opportunities to engage with their customers. Thanks for including this interview to help us stay focused on getting involved.

  • Thanks for sharing this. This site has become my social media bible. I’ve been wondering about the geo-tags and tools such as FourSquare: How can the tourism industry, hotels & such, integrate these trends into a social media plan? I would love to hear some thoughts & ideas.

  • Thanks, Brian and Michael. I just put “Engage!” on hold at my library. Perfect timing – a client has just asked me to explain why having an active presence on social channels is THE way to market one’s business in the 21st century. Your interview gave me some good ammunition.

  • Great video! I too am working very hard to engage with people and truly build relationships, but people need to understand it takes time. It’s like an offline relationship. You can’t ask for marriage on the first, second, tenth or even 50th date.

  • Whistler Heather

    Once again those darn fanpages do’nt make alot of sense… it’s all in your news feed first…engage! Thx again!!
    Whistler heather

  • Very interesting post and it seems the protection of personal information is getting to be bigger than sharing how times change.

  • If there is a chance to convert, people should jump on it. I think people spend too much time worrying that social media will not work or if they are not familiar with it, they don’t see the point. It’s free, so if even one sale is made by engaging a potential customer by using social media, then the person/company is one sale richer than they were without it. Of course people shouldn’t stop at one sale, but it gets frustrating when people are so afraid of change that they lose out on the opportunities that arise.

  • Michael, thank you for sharing this video…The time is now to lead. That’s all consumers want…direction, help, understanding. They don’t want marketing, sales, or hype. Empathy is the key, but who would know empathy better than you? That’s why you started what you’re you’re doing today…yes?

  • Michael thanks for this interview. I read Engage and think that it one of the best books out there where social media is concerned. Great that Brian is championing awareness of privacy issues on larger scale. Information is power and we should still hold the power of our own information in our own hands and be aware and make informed decisions. That is the important I think. FYI, your website has been such a rich and rewarding resource for me as I navigate my way through the building my social media knowledge. Thank-you!

  • William Law

    noted with many thanks! so interesting and practical in our real business world.

  • Thanks for agreeing to the video Brian… Really love what you are doing!

  • Vicbarrera

    Michael, Thanks for sharing this video with Brian Solis. It is always a pleasure to listen to Brian and you. Can you share any good case where business or establisments have used Geo location services like Gowalla and Foursquare in their marketing mix with success?.

  • Most business owners are operating under the “web 1.0” mindset. This is presenting a challenge since the Social Web movement is about trust and transparency which most business owners still do not understand. Engage or Die is exactly what owners must do, if your not entering into Social Media for business you will be left behind. Every business needs to adapt to this movement.

  • that makes me want to get the book , i always look for real experiences and this video was great to me and informations were very clear ! thank You

  • Rafael Castillo

    Great video with great information. Please pronounce this last name correctly …Solis (“Solees” not “Solis”)

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  • Grrat interview! Brian is a legend. Can’t wait for his take of how the public can take control of privacy on social media. Will you include an interview on this as well? I hope so

  • Very exciting publish and it seems the security of private details is getting to be larger than giving how times modify.

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