social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Storify Is Now in Public Beta: This is a curation tool that gathers content from various social media platforms to create your own story. You can then create a widget of this story to embed it in your website. And now anyone can create an account to “Storify” an event or social media conversation.


This is part of Mari Smith's Storify on Top Facebook Marketing Resources. Notice the active links in blue and the Twitter buttons.

Eloqua Publishes the ‘Grande Guide to Wikipedia’ This guide explains how Wikipedia truly works, so that marketers can understand and appreciate it.

wikipedia guide

Click through to find out more about Wikipedia.

Here are a few other social media tools worth a look.

PostPost: This new tool makes it easy to find tweets. “Search results are filled with super-relevant information from the people you follow on Twitter—the links, photos, news, reviews and insights totally missing from real-time search.”

Check out the above video…


Booshaka: To find the most passionate people and communities on Facebook.


Here's a list using Booshaka of my Facebook contacts who are most active on Social Media Examiner's Facebook page.

Move That Blog: This new plugin from 23press makes it easy to move your blog from one host to another at a low cost.

move that blog

For the moment, Move That Blog only works on WordPress blogs, but it will be extended to other blogging platforms soon.

And don’t miss this:

Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit 2011: Check out the largest online social media conference! Help your business grow with social media. Although this conference started earlier this week, it’s not too late to join.

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Lolybel Negrin

    Hi, Cindy I have a question, I have tried to use postpost but the website have had problems to download my tweets and followers´information. Do you know if this can be used even if you have under 1000 followers. Thanks in advance

  • Booshaka looks awesome. Not to mention its the coolest name Ive heard in a long time 🙂

  • Hi Lolybel, I’m not aware of any follower restrictions. You might want to read this:

  • Ljcrest

    Great stuff here, Cindy, as always! Thanks for sharing these resources.
    One glitch, your link to Eloqua leads to that dang 404 message:

    I do a weekly roundup with tons of links and I know how easily this can happen 😉 Hope you don’t mind my bringing it to your attention.

    Best to you!
    Laura Crest

  • I wonder if the blog moving plugin works on moving a WPMU to a WP3.1? That would be awesome. Even if not it could be a handy tool for many people, especially if you need to upgrade your host.

  • Hi Laura, actually when I use the link it goes through (both the link in the article and the link in your comment). Maybe they had an issue earlier today 🙂

  • Jason, I think this is “just” for changing host companies. But I’m sure they’re working on lots of other stuff, so I’d touch base with them on their site.

  • It is an interesting name, isn’t it?

  • Great resources, Cindy. I’m a little confused about the Storify. It looks like it’s akin to a retweet of the content with the ability to edit to add your own take on the content. Except it can go anywhere, not just Twitter. Is that right. How would you use this strategically. I saw Mari’s example. Is that the only way it can be used?

  • Christopher Calder

    Excellent list Cindy. One thing that you missed was being released to public beta. They analyze social signals through FB and Twitter APIs and then present users with the most popular content from within their social graphs.

    Coincidentally, I found this article on XYDO 😀

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  • jeremywright

    Hey Jason, Jeremy from 23press here, the purpose of the tool, as Cindy mentioned, is primarily to move between hosts. If you let me know what issue you’re enountering in terms of MU > single install, we might be able to tackle it in a future product?

  • These tips are
    extremely beneficial. These are things that anyone can easily do to improve a
    blog. It seems self-evident to write what you love, to direct your content
    toward your community, etc. but these simple goals can often be pushed to the
    side in pursuit of sheer number of readers.

  • Wesley Wise

    Wow ‘Booshaka’ is one of the most interesting tool. The name itself is so interesting! 🙂 I’ve checked their site and they also have have a tool to see what’s trending on Facebook.

  • PostPosting

    Hi Lolybel,

    It takes about 3 minutes for us to create your account and gather up the Tweets from the people you follow. (This is a one-time delay.) Could that be what happened in your case?

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  • Great list of tools. Definitely going to look into the plugin about moving your WordPress!

  • Cindy: 23Press sounds great, effective and affordable! I’ve known plenty of Real Estate Agents who get stuck trying to do this for themselves… Sometimes, doing it right means paying someone else to do it.

  • Great stuff here, as always! Thanks for sharing these resources.


  • Thanks for the list Cindy! I’d also like to mention Kyoo,, as a cool content tool. It is a social media aggregator that pulls in content (flickr photos, tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, etc.) based on keywords and displays them publicly so your customers/fans/etc. can watch all the buzz around your event or topic or brand. It also has back end controls for moderation and allows you to track your mentions and reach! .. pretty cool stuff.