social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Joe Pulizzi, author of Get Content, Get Customers.  Joe is an expert in the world of content.

Listen to Joe explain why you must have a content marketing strategy before you have a social media strategy. Joe connects the dots between content and social media.  Be sure to check out the takeaways below.

Here’s what you’ll pick up in this video for your content marketing strategy:

  • How to take your sales hat off and put on the publishing hat on
  • Why you need something interesting to say to say
  • Download the Content Playbook (it’s free) to find 42 different content tactics you can use
  • What you need to do first before you write your report
  • How to add social tools in your content strategy
  • Why you need to know where your customers are hanging out online
  • How to get the most bang on your buck for your content marketing strategy
  • What content works best on social media
  • What’s changing today with regards to content marketing

Learn more about Joe Pulizzi on his webiste. And check out Junta42 which brings together content experts and businesses to build great content strategies.

Do you use content as part of your social media marketing? How is it working? If not, what is holding you back? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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  • Dragan Mestrovic

    In deed, content ist the most important part.

    Without content no one will take attention of you.

    Therefor a content strategy is the first thing you need to do before you write any word of content.

  • You got it Dragan

  • Thanks for this great video. As a former journalist, I keep telling my friends in media to get into content marketing. It may be the end of traditional newspapers, but journalists have a bright future ahead of them, and this interview once again proves it.

  • Mike…thanks for putting this together. I’m glad we had the discussion on what we need to do BEFORE you create the content. Often overlooked. Great interview Mike.


  • So true Patrick…so true.

  • Hey Joe – Thanks for letting me interview you 🙂 and for stopping by and adding your thoughts. Cheers bud!

  • Great video and tips — I couldn’t agree more with adding social tools in your content strategy and content-content-content is key. Excellent job, Joe and Mike!

  • Thanks!

  • It would seem obvious, but I guess like so many other things, too many people put the cart before the horse and assume “social media presence” guarantees success.

  • Awesome post.It talks not just about the content marketing,but overall social media marketing strategies-social media platforms,user engagements,content,etc.

  • I talk a lot about the importance of content marketing, and hold Joe up as a stellar example of how and why it’s important. Thanks for giving visibility to this important subject.

    One of the challenges is that content marketing is often seen as top-of-the-funnel activity, and there seems to be a disconnect, especially for complex sales, of how to move prospects from “information gathering” to “actively interested” to “in the market.”

    Michael and Joe, are you coming across ways to help make those transitions happen with specific content types? Or is it simply a volume issue, and as more people come through the top of the funnel, more viable sales leads shake out?

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Juan Carlos Berrio

    I am so excited about learning so much information that I can put to use in my marketing strategies that I would like to develop. Content is definitely the first step to consider in the marketing process.
    Thank you so much for these valuable ideas.

  • This was really interesting and will certainly be taking up some of the points mentioned

  • Thanks Viva!

  • Hi Jamie…I’m running to catch a flight, but will get back to you on this. Great question.

  • Livinglavidalupus

    Thanks so much for sharing this information. I love the “Content Playbook”. As a “newbie” blogger I need all the help I can get! Social Media Examiner…You rock…and so does Joe, .

  • Great advice and great to see it articulated because these issues are the initial things I talk about with potential clients.

  • Thanks for addressing this issue and stressing how important content is. And thanks for the Content Marketing Playbook. Talk about valuable content!!! Wow! You guys really deliver! Blessings to you.

  • Thank you Jo!

  • Smart way to start our conversations with clients Regina

  • Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

  • our pleasure Juan

  • I think we need more visual and video contents and not just text content, you can see how infographic pictures are going viral in minutes.

    I agree that we need a content strategy before driving a traffic to the brand hub and I hope it’s interesting and new content 🙂


  • Nicole

    Thanks Mike and Joe, I just love your videos and great info as always! Having a content strategy makes perfect sense 🙂

  • nixonlee

    Good article, I have been telling my clients this, So how do one get this into our clients head.? any ideas

  • Have them watch this video 🙂

  • nathanofsm

    I love Joe’s passion. He is right though people get it backward, they make the strategy first then think about the content. i have made this mistake before. I launched a campaign then realised i needed more quickly because i had a small following that wanted more. it can damage your relationship with your customers.

  • rubik2003

    hi Joe & Mike, would you agree that really good content marketing is akin to being more engaging and that brands should concentrate on the engagement or content in order to have a successful social media strategy?

  • Hi Jamie…I don’t believe this is a volume issue. More is not always better. I looked up a couple articles that point to challenges in complex buying cycles that may help.

    Segmentation for Content Marketing

    Creating Web Personas

    Content Repurposing for Multiple Audiences

    AND, Ardath Albee has a great article here about developing content for all of the buying stages…I think this one should answer many of your questions. Hope these help!

  • Glad you liked it Jo!

  • Quick and shameless plug…my Book, Get Content Get Customers, is a great guide to helping clients understand the importance of content marketing and WHY they need to take a hard look at it. Perfect for executives that need to be turned.

  • I like to think about it this way – To grow your business, you need to position yourself as the industry expert. You can’t do that without valuable, relevant and compelling content distributed through multiple channels where you are “present” in that channel. Content marketing becomes the center of your social media strategy.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • nixonlee


  • nixonlee

    Joe what book is that sorry. Pretty new to this site.

  • nixonlee

    I totally agree with you, the thing is a lot of client don’t have the content or are too lazy to get content but insist on going social. Content is king.

  • nixonlee

    Thanks Joe.

  • rubik2003

    Thanks Joe 🙂

  • Eric

    Great interview, the thing I see and hear from most clients and prospects of our Social Media Agency is that they do not think they have enough content to start in social media, but they actually have tons of it !

  • Content is the key, but of course, it has to be relevant. More often, the wrong content is being shared. Irrelevant information reduces your chances of business success. But of course, relevancy should not be the only concern, engagement must go hand-in-hand with it for you to be able to build your brand. Allow me to share with you an interesting read on” target=”_blank”>Social Media Tips for Increased Traffic and Internet Business Production. Hope this would help some of your readers. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing! This is great stuff!

  • You guys rock! Content is King, Queen, Court Jester and Village Idiot – it’s everything! Thanks for great idea on creating great content.

  • Joe brought up some excellent points. I’ll admit that we’re doing the blind try with YouTube. At this point, given the infancy of our company, we’re just trying to slowly get content on YouTube to have in case someone searches for our company or founder. I’m going to start focusing on the mediums. I need to find where our customers go. It’s not Facebook or Twitter or YouTube. I think I’ve got the content aspect down to some extent, but I’m lacking on my distribution mechanisms.

    Side note: It’s funny because what Joe said about journalists and social media content. I wrote for myh college newspaper for three years and I’ve written for a magazine for over two. My writing career helped me get my current job because I was hired to do several things, but also to run our social media campaigns including our blog account and our weekly newsletter.

  • Great post and excellent video! I’m new to this site today as I stumbled across it.
    Do you think that when users create their personal brand, from a social perspective, they should consider a content strategy too?
    With hundreds of media channels to choose from (Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter …etc). Do you think users face a dilemma choosing which social media they should use for self-representation and online socializing.
    As using a large variety might risk spreading themselves over too many virtual spaces they cant keep up-to-date simultaneously, potentially weakening their online image?

    I’m currently writing my university thesis on social media and creating and maintaining personal identity online. – So thanks for this site, as it’s a good resource to get me thinking! ☺

  • Great advice as always Michael , Smaller companies are beginning to realise the increasing importance of social media and internet marketing like never before, we in document scanning are really concentrating on this at the moment and will use the advice on here gladly.

  • Great article, I’ve always said that content is king. Cheers for the Content Playbook link too!

  • Great video and interview Joe. When our company first delved into social media, we just attacked Facebook without any cohesive strategy or even thinking about our content. Now I have been asked to write up the social media strategy for our company and I am starting with research and content as the first steps, get executive buy-in and understanding of the importance of creating valuable web content, and then the social media stratgy can be formed from there. It has been so much easier to write it this way, rather than just talking about social media and having nothing valuable to link to content while

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