social media how toDo you want to boost your Facebook engagement?

Are you wondering if promotions will help?

79% of Facebook fans are more likely to purchase from a brand they have liked, so pursuing more fans and deeper engagement with existing fans is a huge priority!

While there are many core methods for increasing engagement such as creating highly shareable content, posting images and videos and posting succinctly at key times—a powerful method is to run promotions.

Promotions have the ability to draw visitors to a Facebook Page, and when used correctly, can be a very valuable tool to accomplish your business’s engagement objectives.

Selecting the Right Type of Promotion for Your Page

A key question when thinking about running a promotion on a Facebook Page is, “Which type of promotion will work best for my goals?”

The answer: It varies. Certain promotion types lend themselves to different objectives. In addition, certain promotions may work better for certain industries.

Below you’ll find an outline of 4 types of Facebook Page promotions and keys for selecting the right type to run on your Facebook Page.

All of the types of promotions mentioned below must use third-party apps displayed on a Facebook Page tab. This is necessary to comply with Facebook’s promotion policy.

#1: Sweepstakes Promotion

A sweepstakes is a chance-based promotion that is simple to set up and allows for easy entry. Visitors typically enter by completing a simple form with fields for their name and email address, and then a winner or winner(s) are drawn randomly after a set date.

As with most promotion apps available for Facebook, there can be a fan- or like-gate image that requires the fan to Like the Page in order to access the entry form.

Pros of using a sweepstakes:

  • Low barrier to entry (simple form completion)
  • Can work for a wide variety of industries
  • Sweepstakes can gather key user information, such as email or location, important for future marketing


  • Because little is required for entry, there may be more entries that are outside of the target customer profile
  • Users can potentially enter more than once by using different email addresses
  • There is often limited additional engagement tied to the promotion once a visitor has entered
mari smith sample

Engagement increases with a Sweepstakes App requiring sharing before entry.

A sweepstakes may limit each user to one entry or allow users to enter repeatedly. Allowing users to enter daily enables more potential interaction with visitors, because it brings them back to the Facebook Page more often.

A sweepstakes promotion can work for a wide variety of businesses, including B2B and B2C. Sweepstakes help draw fans in to enter, though the engagement potential is not as high as some other promotion types.


  • Keep the entry form simple—too many fields and fewer will enter.
  • Make the prize relevant to your company. An iPad is not very relevant if you own a craft store.
  • Ensure the prize value equates to your product. A $30 gift card toward $600 watches is not an overwhelming deal, nor do you want to offer a $1500 Macbook Pro for your women’s clothing boutique promotion. The prize doesn’t relate to the business, nor does the value equate to the low barrier to entry.

#2: Deals and Offers

A deal or offer is another promotion option that typically has a low barrier to entry. Often a deal or offer app on a Facebook Page asks the user to do something, and when the task is completed, the user is granted access to the deal.

For example, “Like our Page to access this 40% off coupon” is one method commonly employed on deal tabs. Other app offerings include sharing a post on your Facebook news feed or sharing a post on a friend’s timeline in order to access the deal. Like sweepstakes, deals are useful because (1) users respond to deal offers and (2) a task helpful to the company (more Page likes or spreading the deal message) is accomplished as well.

Pros of using a deal:

  • Low barrier to entry (simple task completion)
  • Expands reach to additional social networks—This can help the Page reach a wider audience or another type of audience than currently reached
  • Can work for a wide variety of industries
  • Pages get something of value in return, such as further exposure, a like or an email address


  • Again, low barrier to entry means those accessing may or may not be your target client
  • Users can potentially enter more than once by using different email addresses
  • There is often limited additional engagement tied to the promotion once a visitor has entered
deal revealed

Deal Apps boost reach by fans needing to share before they get deal access.


  • Make it valuable! The deal must be significant enough for the user to feel it’s worthwhile to proceed.
  • Clearly outline the steps involved (such as “Click here and pin this image to Pinterest”).
  • Keep the process simple! If it involves too many steps, more people will bail out on the process.
  • Make it easy to share—deals are often something like “Get 40% off XYZ.” Make it easy and part of the process to encourage social sharing of the deal by those who have accessed it. This is how reach is expanded!

#3: Contest Promotion

A contest is different than a sweepstakes or a deal offer. This type of promotion requires more from the user and can be called a “skill-based promotion.” It typically requires more effort and skill for the entry submission, such as taking and submitting a photo entry that meets certain requirements.

Instead of a random drawing to determine the winner, contests typically involve voting by the public or judging by a select group in order to determine the winner. While photo contests are the most common type routinely used, there are other types of contests such as video entry, essay or caption.

Pros of using a contest:

  • More opportunity for engagement—Entrants are one segment of those participating, while those coming to view entries and vote are another participating group. Together, this can add more overall reach, exposure and interaction to the Page.
  • Entrants are motivated to share with friends—Entrants want votes, so they extend the reach of the contest to their network of friends asking for their vote. This social sharing by entrants to their friends increases the overall reach of the contest. In addition, this friend-to-friend introduction of a Page by an entrant can be a positive referral mechanism. It can add trust and credibility to the Page and its products and services via the friend’s invitation to vote.
  • Better qualifying of entrants—Entrants are meeting a certain criterion for entry, which is a sifting mechanism. It adds a barrier to those who simply enter any promotion because it’s easy and they might win, regardless of their interest in the company providing the offer. Depending on the guidelines needed to enter, this process can serve to qualify or pre-screen entrants as potential customers. If they need to submit a picture of themselves with your product in the picture, this is one level of qualification and connection with your product. An even greater level of sifting would be if the entrant needs to produce a 30-second promotional video related to your service/product and why they should win. This would require entrants to become familiar with your product to submit a relevant entry.
  • Access to user-generated content—If the promotional rules outline that the entries can be used by the company holding the contest, this can be an excellent method to gather user-generated content relevant to your brand that can be used in future social marketing.


  • The barrier to entry can be too high, and thus participation lower—The converse of the benefit of the contest can also be a detriment. If the specifics of a photo entry take too much time for not enough reward, then people just pass the contest by. Finding the sweet spot for your audience is key.
  • Attempts can be made to manipulate fan voting—Yes, there are those folks out there who will try to buy votes or spam users for votes. Using a contest app that allows the manager to set limits on voting per fan and that tracks the voter IP address can be helpful in ensuring a fair contest.
  • Fan voting does not mean the best entry necessarily wins—An entrant may barely meet the requirements for submission but may be phenomenal at getting the word out and drumming up voters for their entry. This can have a negative impact on the overall promotion and may cause negative comments, exactly opposite of the type of engagement you hope for!

A contest offers more potential for engagement simply in terms of having two ways to participate—both as entrants and voters. The motivation for entrants to spread the word to their network to come and vote for their entry adds to the engagement potential.

Another option for a contest is to consider a two-stage process. This adds the benefit of an initial round of voting, then the need to return to view and vote again in the final round.

photo contest

Contest entrants become social catalysts driving friends and followers to the promotion in their quest for votes.

Contests may not work for some industries and types of businesses that simply do not lend themselves to this type of engagement. For instance, it might be a stretch for a medical practitioner to run a photo contest due to privacy concerns or relevance.


  • Be very clear about what the entrant needs to submit to meet your entry criteria.
  • The prize value should be in line with the time commitment the entrant will invest in order to develop the entry. (A $30 gift certificate won’t cut it for being required to create a 30-second video trailer that involves actors and editing!)
  • Keep the contest moving! Do not run a month-long contest. The attention span of a Facebook user is not geared toward keeping track of an entry and voting once a day for 30 days. A better span is 5-7 days, or perhaps 10 days if it’s a two-stage contest (initial and final rounds).
  • Set voting to once per day. This encourages entrants to get voters to come back each day, a perfect situation for your Page!

#4: Multi-Network Social Promotion

A multi-network social promotion is an additional promotion option that involves Facebook and at least one other social media platform such as Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Similar to a deal, the users are asked to accomplish a task and upon completion, they are given access to the deal offer.

The difference is that the task is centered around doing something on different social platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. In this case, the user comes to the Facebook Page and the promotion is outlined. The user then accomplishes the task such as adding an image to Instagram with a certain hashtag or using an integrated pin tool to pin an image to Pinterest.

In some cases, the images can be pulled in from the other social network to appear on the tab or the image is simply on the other network. The result is that a user has to engage with a brand’s Facebook Page and simultaneously extend information about the brand to another social network.

Pros of using a multi-network social promo:

  • Extend the brand to more social locations—This type of promotion can work well for a company whose audience is active on more than one social network or for a company seeking to continue gaining Facebook traction along with expanding and enlarging visibility on Pinterest, for example.
  • Image-driven—Images are powerful in social media and a multi-network social promo using images can capture the attention of viewers and invite engagement such as sharing and comments, all of which can serve to boost visibility and drive referral traffic.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of businesses—A multi-network social promotion can work for apparel firms to credit unions, venues to radio stations and more.


  • Narrower audience—To be relevant, your audience must be users of both Facebook and the other social platform. This can decrease the number of users who participate.
  • Not as easy to complete—The pinning, tweeting or posting could require a login to the second social network, which can increase the dropout rate.
  • Limitations of the social network—In the case of a Facebook and Instagram multi-network promotion, the fact that Instagram does not allow desktop users to load photos can cause higher abandon rates. Users on a PC would have to switch to their mobile device to load the image to Instagram. Anything not easy can decrease follow-through.
multi network promo example

Multi-Network Social Promo Example using Facebook and Pinterest together.


  • Know your target audience—Is your target audience using Pinterest or Instagram already? If so, a multi-network social promotion could work well.
  • Ensure the process is seamless—To ensure the highest completion rates, make sure the promotion is doing the work for the user and providing the best possible experience. Apps integrating OAuth for login or other integrated means to access the second service within the process (no ”open in new browser window” issues) are critical. Users must come, understand and be able to complete in short order.
  • Be active on the second social network! Make sure your company has a solid presence on the second social network. It is of less value if you want users to tweet or pin if your brand isn’t also there to follow!


Promotions for Facebook Pages offer the power to draw fans in, boost page engagement and accomplish tangible marketing goals such as increasing email list opt-ins. Deals in the form of coupons and discount codes continue to be attractive means to help increase traffic to a Page.

While not an end in themselves, contests and offers can be part of a larger marketing strategy and a key piece of helping a business grow its social community.

What do you think? Have promotions helped your Page? What type of promotion are you thinking about using next? Please leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Totally agree on this a perfect promotion is all you need on Facebook for a great social media brand awareness campaign. But getting genuine fans and not just people interested in the contest is a difficult task, you need to come up with creative ideas and not just go with the sweepstakes like an engaging application highlighting the features of the product.  

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  • Dave, thanks for joining the discussion!  Yes, a promo is not the end-all, be-all for a Page.  A promo is valuable as a piece of a larger overall engagement and community building process and the promo itself needs to align within this.

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  • we want to increase facebook likes, any idea for promotion related to leaflet distribution company would be hight appreciated ..

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  • Hello Nico!  I’m guessing with leaflet distribution you are seeking to reach businesses that can use your service.  One idea would be to develop a infographic that is a summary of why leaflet distribution is effective and use a Deal App like Friend Share where fans have to (1) Like your Page and (2) Share the infographic with a friend and then they get a deal such as 20% off their first project with you.  This would help educate visitors on your business, extend reach of your company, and invite them to try your service with a discount for the first time.  You might want to use Promoted Posts in your News Feed to extend the reach of the announcement of your Deal.  That’s just one quick idea!

  • Courtney Tennant

    I think your point on #3 is really important.  The idea about using social media is about active engagement and you want to make sure everyone can get involved.  Just simply asking people to make a video for a contest is not enough because you rule out the engagement of others that do not have video skills.  Ben and Jerry’s had an unsuccessful campaign a while back when they wanted people to make a video but did not have people vote or like their favorite video.  Though the contest got some participation, it did not generate near what they had hoped because they were missing the active engagement piece.  Creating content is important but making sure as many people can get involved as possible is another key piece often missed. 

  • Great advice.  And comprehensive!  I can take off running with this information 🙂

    I’m in the middle of a Google AdWords campaign and I’ve been thinking about doing a Facebook ad.  There are so many options it can be difficult to choose one.  

  • Excellent input Courtney!  It is very important to make sure a promo “fits” the audience it is intended for. 

  • Thanks Ramiro!  Run well my friend! 🙂

  • Klamarche

    I always agree with the theory, but I find the technical part the most challenging for small businesses. I currently use Pagemodo for most of my tabs and promotions…..would this be one of the best options or do you recommend others?

  • Hi Klamarche!  One important key is getting the word out about your promo so that users can come and participate. 

    Regarding the contest/promo provider to use, I am of course biased since I’m a co-founder of TabSite as my profile above notes! 🙂  Sure there are a number of capable and quality apps out there.  It’s all about finding one you are comfortable using that gives you the features you need and offers leading edge tools to make it easy for you!

  • Mandy smith

    Got some great ideas, just need to translate them to a Cruise Travel Agent business!  Thanks heaps!

  • Dara Khajavi

    I think that Facebook promotions are a great way to increase engagement. However, I have noticed that some brands are dishonest. When a brand has a promotion, customers believe that the brand will objectively choose a winner. However, I have seen certain brands pick a fake winner. The brand increases brand awareness with these dishonest promotions, but it betrays the trust of its potential customers. I believe that a honest Facebook promotion is a great way to connect to customers and increase engagement.

  • Pward

    We ran our first Facebook photo contest last month and doubled our likes and increased our engagement dramatically. Our fans were into it across platforms and saw a large increase in tweets as well. We’ll definitely be doing more in the future!

  • Sure thing Mandy!  Glad you found this helpful.

  • Good words Dara.  Thanks for adding value to the conversation!

  • Excellent!  Glad to hear of your success in growing your fan base and it’s especially valuable to your Page that you were able to increase your engagement dramatically.

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  • AlisaMeredith

    We find promotions are a great way to temporarily increase reach.  We’re doing one now for ourselves – in fact, it’s the first one ever for our company.  Usually we run them for others.  It’s a simple #1-type.  Enter to win.  Now that I’ve read this, I’m kind of wishing I’d make it an “enter to win everyday” promo.  Maybe it’s not too late to change.

  • I appreciate your input Alisa!  Yes, promotions are best used strategically, not simply all day, every day or they lose effectiveness. I do think that how frequently a fan is allowed to enter or vote is often overlooked by companies when running a promo.  Allowing users to enter 1x a day for a 7 day promo (for example) gets them coming back to your Page which is always a very good thing!

  • Hi Mike. Great advice and summary of options. So many Facebook Pages are running promotions in breech of the FB promotion rules.Using core FB functionality like LIKE and SHARING within their Timeline to run promotions. I advise clients to use third party Apps but a few have recently questioned why when so many are breeching the rules! Any advice?

  • Francine Bishop

    Fantastic article, thank you Mike. Is there an app you recommend for multi-platform promotions?

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  • Thanks Francine!  The type of multi-platform promotion you may want to run can vary based on your audience.  If your audience is active on Pinterest then something like the Pin Deal app we offer may be of value.  If your audience is on Instagram and active on mobile devices with social media, then looking into a Instagram Contest hosted on your Facebook Page could be a good way to go.  Hope that helps a bit!

  • All I can say is that it does really happen that Facebook shuts down some pages for violations.  We’ve had people come to us after they were shutdown previously for not using a 3rd party app and tell us that their more than ready to invest the money for our apps to make sure they don’t get shutdown again. 

    Yes, it can take Facebook a while to catch up to some violating the rules but you can ask your clients the question, “Do you really want to put your fan community of 1,000, 5,000, or 25,000 at risk, and potentially lose all that you’ve invested in time and effort by not doing it the right way?”

  • Hi Mike! Thanks for taking your time and writing such a comprehensive article about this topic! Just want to be sure: Wouldn’t #2 “Like our Page to access this 40% off coupon” violate against the facebook promotion guidelines? Since I am not allowed to award a fan for simply becoming one…the same goes for “sharing a post on my news feed”
    Hope you can help me out with these two! Thanks!

  • Hello Bastian!  If you click on the Facebook Promotion Policy link in the article and go to the Promotions section you will note that Facebook says in point III: 

    “iii.    You must not condition registration or entry upon the user taking any action using any Facebook features or functionality other than liking a Page, checking in to a Place, or connecting to your app. For example, you must not condition registration or entry upon the user liking a Wall post, or commenting or uploading a photo on a Wall.”   

    So having a Like Gate in a tab app that says “Like our Page to access this 40% off coupon” is an approved mechanism that meets the above requirement as you are using a 3rd Party App and it is not liking a Wall Post,  or entering by commenting on a post, etc.  So the key is that the functions are hosted on a 3rd Party App and not using the Facebook features as they note above.

  • Nancercize

    What are the legalities of running a contest on FB? Before reading this post, I mentioned this idea with a lawyer and she said that with sweepstakes and contests the gambling laws get triggered. Who knows anything about this? 

  • Thanks for the quick response! That’s really appreciated!
    But  doesn’t the promotion policy also state that while fangating may be used for registration “the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant.” This really confuses me because it kind of contradicts the aforementioned point…Really sorry that I am bothering you that much but I still haven’t figured it out what is really allowed. Therefore: THANK YOU!

  • Jantognoli

    My assumption is that you are referring to US Law, correct? In this case, the laws of the 50 States do differ State to State, but they a sweeps and contest differ from gambling in a number of ways. A sweepstakes cannot have an element of consideration (anything a brand can monetarily profit from) which separates it from an illegal lottery. A contest has an element of skill attached to it, and could even require a purchase or a payment in order to enter, and is still not considered gambling under U.S. law. There are tons of little details, so i would always suggest dealing with a promotional attorney to help you out. Just because someone is a lawyer (they could be a tax, patent or family attorney) does not mean they have any knowledge of the specialized and promotional laws that exist. To put this into perspective, i have helped numerous Fortune 500 brands run promotions in nearly 40 different countries and in almost 30 languages, and i would never write rules without a promotional lawyer…

  • Jantognoli

    Giving away a coupon differs from an entry into a sweeps or a contest, these are referred to as ‘Fan Exclusive’ promotions- you would however be in violation however if the coupon were for 100% off something (essentially something for free) which gets into a really grey area.

  • Excellent reply Jantognoli!  I appreciate you adding your knowledge here.  Rules do differ by State and Country so it is important to be aware of what might apply in your situation.

  • A great response by Jantognoli!  I would add that with a Deal the act of Liking the page is not a means of entering but is as noted the access to a offer available to any and all fans.  In the case of a Sweepstakes or Contest, again, the Like is not the entry mechanism as those will have a submission process such as entering one’s name and e-mail address which is the formal act of entering.

  • Great post Mike! Interesting article on Facebook promotion for fan engagement. My team and I are continually working on Facebook promotions to increase our fan engagement, but we have yet to find the best promotional gimmick for our page. What do you think is the perfect promotion for a podcast business?Thanks in advance!

    Keep rockin everyone!

  • Facebook is the one of the most effective key tools to drive traffics through social media. There is no doubt that Facebook can drive tons of traffic with low cost but need to take better action to promote site on Facebook. thank you for nice post. i would love this post.

  • Ruby

    very helpful!!

  • Hi, 
    thanks for this Great & helpful article 🙂 

    I’m facing a problem this days! One of the clients want he’s contest must sign-up in he website ( his website using WordPress ) .. could you help me to find an app that offer must sign-up in the website ( wordpress ) 

    thanks ..

  • Thanks on agreeing on my point, Mike!

    Nothing more to say, a promo is valuable as a piece of a larger overall engagement and community building process. We just need the right elements at the right time.

  • Thanks Ruby!

  • Thanks for stopping by John!  I think a key point is that any promotion should not be a ‘gimmick’ but something that has value and adds value to the Page and community conversation, something that fits with the overall strategy and goals.  I don’t know the details on how you monetize or advertise your podcast business so it is hard to say what might work best for you.  If your aim is to increase your podcast listening audience then a deal where you offer some type of exclusive content only available to those who share your podcast with a friend may be a way to offer value to your existing fans and extend your reach to their network. 

  • I really consider the Facebook Offers as a very influential and potential marketing tool. They are seen, they have high reach, they engage a lot of people and in consequence extend awareness about your business. It’s a really great Facebook feature.

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  • john antognoli

    One thing you can do, without looking into an application that utilizes SSO (single sign on) is to just run this in the way a Twitter promotion is commonly run. Twitter promos commonly require that you follow the brand, tweet a hashtag, etc – but they don’t gate the entry based on you following the brand, they only check that you are a follower when verifying the winners. So you could let people know (in copy and in the rules) that a condition of them winning is that they must sign-up on the website and most people will do so (because who wants to win and be disqualified?) This route is likely much cheaper than a custom app. i will caution you to not run this required sign-up format in a sweepstakes, because (referring to US law) it is a grey area to require sign up for a mailing list, website, etc. in order to gain entry into a sweeps. This is something that most marketers would agree is something a brand can profit from, and thus it infringes potentially into consideration elements. Countries like France, Germany and others also have laws regarding consideration that are far more strict than US law, so just be aware of them.

  • John Antognoli

    Spot on Mike. There are layers of things to understand when running a promo- state laws, federal laws, and the unique guidelines of each social network (such as Facebook) which most often are in place to remove their liability as it relates to the State and Federal laws – this is a big reason why 3rd party apps are required and you cannot use native functionality as a part of entry, as it would make Facebook liable in the event that something on their end prevented you from entering, winning, etc. Brands look at these as restrictions put in place by Facebook, but they are just enforcing the laws that exist and thankfully ensuring that their network does not get filled with tons of spam from promotions that incentivize things like share after share or a bunch of meaningless comments on wall posts. Thankfully Pinterest now has guidelines in place and as for Twitter, well it’s still the wild west over there 🙂

  • Birder

    Most of these promotional ideas involve for-profit businesses – what would you suggest to use as a promotion to boost interest in a non-profit wildlife rescue page? The page often results in donations and can be a great tool for promoting our events and for giving important information about how to help wildlife. Contests don’t seem right, though I guess we could give donated items away…

  • A “cousin” to promotions are apps that showcase your service and having easy sharing elements.  As a non-profit wildlife rescue you may have great stories and images to share and could use a PhotoGallery App, Pinterest App, or YouTube Channel app as an option to share more of your story right on Facebook tabs and then post news to your feed about updates to these tabs and invite fans to come, view, and then share your stories with their friends.  

  • Bella

    If your comapny is kind of formal , e,g.: a pharmaceutical company, is it appropriate to use such techniques as in promotions, etc.?

  • It all depends on the company!  I believe many can think of creative ways to run a promotion and perhaps some readers here will chime in and give some ideas.

  • Cher Tushiah

     Mike, how valuable is it to promote a post to the highest value that Facebook offers when doing a contest?  For example, on our company page, the highest we are able to promote to is a 50 dollar option.  I have a small marketing budget for our company, so I have to break it down over a few days and several ads.  However, does it make more sense to go “all in” and use our full weekly budget on a contest promotion that will run for three days (the average length of a facebook ad)?  We recently did a contest for $30 promoted and it did fairly well…does it make more sense on the weeks that we run a contest to spend my full weekly budget on that contest?

    Thanks for your thoughts!  Loved the article!

  • Thanks Mr.Jantogoli .. i really appreciate your reply 🙂 

    so you suggest to do it in twitter as one of the term to win the contest 

    what I’m asking for is ” Do you know any app/ add that can help me to link the Facebook with ( sign-up ) in the website ? 

    as far as I know in my country there’s no rule for this .. so it’s up to me 🙂 

    thanks .. 

  • MAC Design Inc.

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas about Facebook engagement, will definitely implement some of them!

  • Glad to Mac Design!

  • Thanks for the reply!  Facebook is such a great place for brands to connect with their audiences.  People are spending so much time on Facebook via mobile and PC that it is wise to find ways to connect with your audience right on Facebook!

  • Hi guys/Mike,

    This is a great site, I mean seriously, I really like it (not a spam comment)

    I’ve got a question, It’s not particularly pertinent to the post per se, but I’m going through Amy Porterfield’s FB Influence as I’ve never set up an engagement page as such, it’s always been for underground Affiliate Marketing that I’ve used Facebook for in the past.

    But this time, I actually want to build a community. I don’t have any sort of page presently at all, so if I could just ask a quick question.

    You know on Facebook where you go to create the actual page itself, I’m stuck on which option to choose as I don’t want my Fanpage to be linked to my profile at all?..what is the best option to choose, if you don’t mind me asking….

    I know that Artist, Band or Figure is going to be linked to my profile so I don’t want that one, should it be the Cause & Community or Brand or Product?

    I also want to set up a page for an affiliate product too in the future, so this is maybe a second question..

    Can I choose brand or product even if the product isn’t mine?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the length.

    Isaac J

  • Daniel

    Great article Mike! We currently design and develop various custom Facebook applications for our clients and normally these types of posts fail to consider so many issues that clients as well as developers need to consider when creating these types of applications. Only someone with experience from a promotion design and development point of view would actually be able to cover all the tricky little pieces you have covered off, great post!

    Mike really knows his stuff. 
    Thanks for sharing


  • Much appreciated Daniel!

  • Isaac, I’ve never understood why people want to create a Page where their Profile is not connected to it.  I do not see any harm, only problems, if a personal Profile is not part of the Admin system of a fan page.  Facebook limits the capabilities of a Page that does not have a Profile connected to it.  For instance a Page without a Profile as Admin cannot add apps.  

    Often people want to keep their “profile” as personal and their “page” as their public presence.  Having a Page where your Profile is Admin allows this.  Setup this way you can always change to “post as the Page” and so there is total ability to maintain distinct channels while still getting all the value of having your Profile be an Admin of the Page you create.

    Your Page type should reflect the industry of your Page, so I don’t recommend selecting a “industry type” solely for functions.  Yes, you can create a page to focus on a affiliate product you represent and offer, so that is not an issue at all.  

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Mike,

    Here is the reason, I want to set up 2 separate pages, but they are in two different Niches.

    One is in the Muscle Building Niche and the other is in the Internet/Affiliate Marketing Niche.

    I’m mostly known in the Affiliate Marketing Niche, but from the point of view of Facebook Fans visiting my page in the Muscle Building Arena, I* can’t be seen to be an expert in two different fields so far apart as those.

    Those who know me as an affiliate marketer, will understand that operating in multiple niches is part and parcel of doing business in our industry, but the Muscle Building fraternity won’t be so understanding?

    Does that make sense?

    So what your saying is, I can link a page to my profile but still keep the two seperate by keeping my profile private?…

    And also, unless I missed it in your answer, what type of page should I select from the FB setup wizard?


  • This is such a great list. Thanks for sharing. Once a brand decides what they want to accomplish with their Facebook presence, utilizing these suggestions really helps build a good following, engagement, and information to use in the future. 

  • Isaac, you can easily setup two separate Facebook Pages using the same personal profile and manage them each while logged in as yourself.  That profile does not have to be private.  Facebook Pages do not naturally reveal who the Admin of the Page is so your profile status has nothing to do with that.  Your type of Page to select when creating the Page should be based upon the industry/focus area the Page is about.

  • Thanks Mike!  I appreciate the positive feedback!

  • Ok thanks Mike.


  • Mike Sorry, got one my question..before I create the age.

    I’ve found a page name that is available, if I go ahead and create it, will it announce that “x person has just created x page” on my personal profile page?..

    I know that Facebook seems to have a habit of announcing people’s actions publicly.  Which is annoying at best.

    Things such has “X person has just liked x page”.

    Which is irritating because whenever I personally like a page I get several dozen people commenting on it.

    Drives me up the wall.

    It seems you cannot like a page without Facebook automatically telling the whole world about it.

  • Hey Isaac – Facebook does not announce, “x person just created page y”.  

    It would announce if you ‘Like’ the new page as you note but that is definitely different than creating the page.

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  • Mike, thanks for helping me out much appreciated, I’ve now created the page. I’ll try and write a blurb on my blog about this page and link to it when I get a chance just to say thanks.

    All the best

    P.S bookmarked.

  • Traci

    Thanks for all you do. I am still trying to figure out which app is the best quality for the Cheapest monies and/or free. Suggestions? 

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  • Sounds good Isaac.  Looking forward to reading the blog post.

  • Sounds good Isaac.  Looking forward to reading the blog post.

  • Hey Traci!  Well, we always like to think our apps are great quality for affordable price.  Many price promotion apps based either on time used, subscription, or number of fans on your page, so costs vary based on the approach the app uses.  Some, like ours, offer a free 14 day trial so that you can get in and test before committing.  Hope that helps!

  • Hey Traci!  Well, we always like to think our apps are great quality for affordable price.  Many price promotion apps based either on time used, subscription, or number of fans on your page, so costs vary based on the approach the app uses.  Some, like ours, offer a free 14 day trial so that you can get in and test before committing.  Hope that helps!

  • great and I thing very effective idea, gonging to try it on my Facebook and twitter 

  • Hello Cher!  It is hard to say exactly on how you should use your promo budget for a promoted post.  We have found that selecting “promote to fans” as opposed to “friends of fans” has worked best for visibility and getting less spam comments.  You don’t mention the difference in how many estimated people would see it for $30 versus the $50.  The estimated reach would be a factor to consider.  If your contest can reach 3000 or can reach 6000 that is a significant number difference.  As well, if your contest is key to expanding your presence then perhaps going all in for the 3 days is of value.  

  • Sounds good Nico!

  • All of these options seem to use some sort of special app. What if we don’t know how/don’t have the resources to make this kind of thing? Any recommendations how to create those apps? Are there pre-made apps that we can just insert our own media?

  • Jesse, if you wish to run a contest or promotion on a Facebook Page it is vital to comply with Facebook’s promotion policy. This policy (noted in the article above with a link) requires that a Page use a third-party app to host the promotion.  Many companies, like TabSite that I represent, offer pre-made apps that provide the entire functionality needed to run the contest/promotion and meet the requirement of being a third-party application.  You could, of course, create your own Facebook application where you can insert your own media.  For many, however, this is a task beyond their comfort zone so they choose to use a pre-made app by a service provider offering Facebook contest apps.  

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  • kavya

    Great post.. But can you suggest me to win contest… Recently I had participated in Sony Work and Play contest. The contest is good but I am not getting sufficient vote to win contest. Can you share some post to how to win contest..

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  • Thanks for sharing – many relevant tips for small and medium business.

    The caution with a multiple network social promotion is that you can’t easily measure the source of each purchase — did they see your page on Facebook and take action or was it seen on twitter and they visited your Facebook page and took action.

    I recommend to clients to launch a promotion on ONE social site for 30-45 days, and then another site at a later point… perhaps 15-30 days after the other ends… then measure the results to determine which social platform drives more sales leads.

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  • I lost my comment! 🙁 anyway, I was refering to the way facebook manage apps on mobile devices. For example, I have an Enter to Win App (, a Shop Now App ( and a Beer List ( and none of them shows up on any mobile version of facebook. That’s a huge draw back (at least we are missing 50% of the potential customers). Do you know if facebook as any plan to change this? I can’t see why is so difficult. To add an app to facebook the developers need to comply with a lot of rules so, creating a mobile version won’t be a problem…. I guess… any way, I am sure you are familiar with this issue… any time frame! ALso, love your Social Media newsletter, always get it and read it! thanks!

  • Another question. I see in your Contest Sample, the one with the Doggies…. Looks to me that Contest is you Page Main Screen? How can I do that? OMG I wish I could do it! I try to set it up but it never worked for me…..

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  • I’m considering a different sort of promotion and I’m not sure what I would need to do in order to run it in accordance with Facebook guidelines. I’d like to run something along the lines of “For every like on this page during the month of X, I will donate $X to X NonProfitOrganization, up to the amount of $X.” Any feedback would be very welcome. Thank you!

  • The main thing I can offer in this regard is to use your social network to get votes for you by reaching out to them.

  • Hi. It is not the main page. Facebook only allows the Timeline to be the default page. You need to have the tab cover image visible right beneath the cover image and then also post in the news feed to direct visitors to the tab.

  • No direct news on when/if facebook will show tab apps in their mobile device. The solution is to use a Smart URL for the tab and post that to the news feed. Our TabSite app offers this as do some other companies. You then post to the news feed (where users see your information the most) and they can click on the link. The url is “smart” so we know if they are on a mobile device and show them a mobile friendly view of the tab, thus eliminating this issue.

  • The key is that you cannot simply run a promotion using a Facebook function like “Likes.” You can have a tab with a Like Gate (so they must like the page to enter) but then you need a form on that tab so they can get submit their registration/entry. This is a valid promotion and more valuable because you can opt-in the user to your email list and reach out to them in the future.

  • I see that Facebook requires you to use an app to run contests. Does this include very simple contest such as posting a fill in the blank and offering prizes for the best answers?

  • chetan

    I agree Daniel. Good read will be sharing this with a few folks..

  • Hello Daniel! Yes, it does include the simple contests as you outlined. Any promotion must be using a app. The outline above gives you some ideas for app tools and resources to explore.

  • Issy Garcia

    We run a small independent cinema in a rural area. Our idea was to create a bi-monthly event where the audience could suggest films they want to watch and then vote on a shortlist of the ten most popular titles. This 2-stage event meant they had to support other people’s suggestions (the titles with the most Likes & comments made it to the shortlist) & then vote on the shortlist. We also offered reduced price tickets with free popcorn for the screening. Because the film wasn’t about new releases we knew the ticket sales wouldn’t be high but neither are the costs; the aim was to increase our Facebook presence, particularly with a younger audience. By the 4th event the demographic of engagement had completely changed from our regular age group of customer (40 or 50+) to the one we were targeting (teens – 20s), with the participants lobbying their friends for support. This younger group continues to be active on our page, and is steadily increasing. Our demographic at the Box Office for other films and events has now started to change too.

  • Emily

    Hi, I want to run a Facebook promotion and love the pooch of the month promo above. Can you advise which app I would need to download to have a promotion set out like that?

  • Hi. That example is using our TabSite Contest Engagement App found at