social media expert interviewAre you looking to maximize your social media exposure on your blog? Then be sure to watch this edition of Social Media Examiner TV with your host Mari Smith.

In this episode, Mari gives you some useful tips on how to increase your blog traffic with social media share buttons.

Social media share buttons are a great way to get your readers to share your content on their own social media profiles without leaving your website. Mari reviews the different social share buttons available today and gives her recommendations on how to use them on your blog or website.

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Here are the social share buttons Mari reviews on this video:

Share Buttons for Twitter

TweetMeme: This is a WordPress plugin which allows you to set how you want the tweets to be prepopulated for your readers.

Twitter Share Button: This is Twitter’s own button and another option to use to get your readers to tweet your content.

Mari gives you suggestions on where to use these and reminds you to add a call to action with your Twitter share buttons.

twitter share button

Choose one of these 3 Twitter Share buttons to make it easy for your readers to tweet your content.

Share Buttons for Facebook

Facebook Like Button: Mari recommends where to place the Facebook Like button on your blog.  She explains what you can edit and how this impacts how it’s posted on Facebook and why the Like button gives you coveted visibility on Facebook.

facebook like button

Facebook Share Button: Mari also reviews how this second social share button from Facebook is different from the Facebook Like button and provides social proof.

Share Button for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Share Button: Mari explains how the latest social share button works and what it can do for you.

linkedin share

Add one of these 3 Linkedin Share buttons to incite your readers to share your content through their LinkedIn accounts.

Share Buttons for Multiple Social Media Sites

DiggDigg Plugin: This WordPress plugin provides a collection of social buttons to display on your site. There are two different versions: a static one and a floating version which appears on the side of your blog post and scrolls down as you read the full length of the post.

Sexy Bookmarks: This favorite tool adds a row of social bookmarks at the bottom of your posts. It’s very easy to use and lets you choose from over 85 different sites to use on your blog.

sexy bookmarks

Use the Sexy Bookmarks below to share this post!

Wibiya Toolbar: The Wibiya toolbar is a free tool that’s displayed at the bottom of your browser window.  It allows your readers to interact with your different social profiles without leaving your site.  Mari reviews the various options here and shares how Wibiya gives you stats to find out who’s coming to your site and how long they stay.

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  • There’s two little things that I think are always essential about SM buttons:

    1. They have a very low resistance for people to take action
    2. They’re the common networks

    The DiggDigg toolbar is really quite great since people can submit anytime within a post as compared to having the buttons only on the bottom. As for the networks: there’s thousands of social websites out there, just stick to the usual ones because that’s where most have accounts.

    The one thing I don’t like much is the wibiya toolbar. If you’re running on any slower connection, it basically brings the page load to a complete standstill.

  • Hey Murray,

    Thanks for your comments. I like the DiggDigg as well as long as you don’t mind it over laying on your brand.

  • Micheal that social share button on one of my pages has been awesome for traffic…once poeple see that a lot of other poeple are sharing that page..for some reason they can’t help to share it also..its an powerful tool.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Was there a reason you didn’t included “”?

  • Michael – Most likely just an oversight. There are TONS more than what we mentioned.

  • Hey Antonio – Yep, they do a great job!

  • Hi Michael – there’s also ShareThis which is really popular too. Both this and AddThis have really improved over the past year or so – used to be a little link/button you had to hove over or click to get this vast array of choices (too overwhelming for most internet users!). I like how most social share button services allow a smaller selection with just the major social networking platforms and include counters – great social proof!!

  • I use Sociable for WordPress, which has quite a few sites in its update arsenal, similar to the Digg Digg plugin. I do like the Wibiya toolbar, that one’s getting pretty popular among social media sites lately. Thanks for the great video post.

  • is the one I use mostly….

  • Hi Murray,

    I agree with you in regards to the wibiya toolbar. It is just like the meebo bar: slows down the page load of your pages quite a bit!

  • Great post and video Mari.

    One of my new favourite WordPress plugin, which I just install recently, is called “1-click Retweet/Share/Like” It adds Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Twitter, LinkedIn Share, Facebook Recommendations. It also can automatic publishing of content to these social sites.

    My personal favourite part of this plugin is that it puts all of the buttons in row for you, which is great because from my experience installing multiple plugins (one for Facebook, one for Twitter, etc) I had to play around with some HTML/CSS code to get them to line up.

  • Barbara

    Maybe a stupid question…but can you use a Word Press plug in if your blog/web site are not written in Word Press?

  • This is a great primer. It amazes me to see some blogs without the social share feature…what are they? secret agents? The new one that people are starting to use is OnlyWire button. Personally Im partial to Digg Digg.

  • Michael, fantastic, mate! I have used all of these, but I particularly love the Sexy Bookmarks one. It has made my life so much easier. I love the Wibiya bar, too, but didn’t use it on my current site as I thought it cluttered it a little too much. (I’m kind of a design junkie)

    To be honest, I prefer the actual Tweet button to the Tweet-Meme button – just like the bird and the colors better, but the Tweet-Meme button seems to respond to clicks faster (at least in my experience). Anyone else experience this?

  • Thats classic Social Proof, Black SEO Guy…People see 0 retweets and they dont want to touch that button…they see 240 retweets and they cant wait to hit it, as if to say…me too!!! me to!!! lol

    So we can finally answer that questions our parents always used to ask:

    If your friends jumped off the bridge, would you do it too?

    Turns out, yes…we would lol

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  • My entire blog profile has just dramatically changed in a matter of minutes. Thank you for sharing such great content.

  • Sandy

    I’ve been trying for eons to get the like button to work on my blog….guess I’m destined to stay behind the times. 🙁

  • Man that is so true Dino..

  • Hi ..!!!!

    Im using Tweet Meme Button, Sociable for WordPress!!!

    Do you recommend me other one???

    Thanks!!! Greetengs!!!

  • this post will help you find and use social media buttons on your blog to get more exposure.

  • Patrick Simpson

    I am in the process of using social media to grow my blog, I am hoping that I can use some of your suggestions.

    Patrick Simpson

  • Dino, that is too funny!! You’re right on though – that wee number is such an automatic way we subconsciously measure a good post or not!

  • Aha – thanks so much for this too!!

  • Hey Julien – wow, thanks for the feedback. I’ll need to keep a close eye on the bounce rate on my Google Analytics – could be the Wibiya toolbar. We’re all about speeeed these days eh!

  • Hi Hani!! Ohhh, I was just checking out 1-click!! Looks awesome. I’ll paste the link here for others to check out: I like these social buttons that offer more than WordPress plugins so it’s easier to to add to a regular web page!

  • Hi Barbara — nah, no such thing as a stupid question!! 🙂 Check out many of the various tools mentioned, addtoany, addthis, sharethis, the 1-click one, etc. and it’ll say whether they have code for regular websites – that’s what you want, vs. the WordPress. WP plugins are only for WP. 🙂

  • Dino rocks!!! Aha,will have to check out OnlyWire – thanks a mil!! Yeah, DiggDigg is so nifty – it’s the one Mashable have been using for some time, right?

  • Sweet!!!! Music to our ears here are SME HQ, Donald!! 🙂

  • Hey Sandy – is it a WordPress blog? If so, the simple plugin is usually best:

  • Kim

    I just tried installing Digg Digg on one of my clients sites and it didn’t take. Can’t for the life of me figure out why. Love the application and thanks to Mashable I like the floating concept. Now if I can just get it to work.

  • Funny timing. I just finished a post about how too many businesses have their social media support their website, but don’t have their website support their social media. Way to go Social Media Examiner, great minds think a like.

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  • Matt

    Great video, Mari! Thanks for the great information, I knew about some of these tools, but not all of them.

  • Yup…thats the one.

  • Hi Mari, thank you for sharing. I use the wordpress Plugin ShareThis by Manu Mukerji plus like buttons. Your post reminds me to include LinkedIn sharebutton as well. Although the wordpress application on linkedin reads my posts as well – Juan

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  • Glad you enjoyed, Matt!! Thanks for being here. 🙂

  • Awesome way to put it, Todd!! Makes sense. So many websites out there sorely lacking in social media integration… it’s really a matter of “you don’t know what you don’t know!” (Loved your boyfriend/girlfriend analogy, btw. Lol!!)

  • Hmm, sometimes it’s those small tweaks that make the big difference! Is there a help forum you can check?

  • Hi Patricia – for sure you want to give your blog and website readers the option to Facebook Like and/or Share on Facebook + Tweet + *Email*!!! Email is often overlooked, but it can in fact be the one used most often! Sexy Bookmarks has the email option as do many of the others.

  • Hey Bryan – good to meet you here! Hm, interesting about the Wibiya – I think the bar is kinda discreet. 😉 Ya the Tweet-Meme button does seem to get more reactions.

  • Donna

    Where can I get the Sexy Bookmarks’s HTML code? This one is great!

  • Very good and thank you! Information like this is what empowers Social Media. Thanks from the UK Mari, looking forward to the next post!

  • Hi Mari.

    As usual very helpful and cool tips. I use ShareThis, great tool!

    Your Facebook Like and Recommend Twist was a really awesome tip. I have to adapt that.

    Though with Facebook Share I wished there was an option to Share it also to my Facebook Fan Page.

    One little semi fabiliscious button I use on my blog comes from Evernote. It allows my visitor to Clip my article into their Evernote account, and here they can turn on their Share options and viola.. Evernote has two options you can use – Clip or Remember. Real cool tool.

    Cheers.. Are

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  • Mari, Thanks for the great info in the video. I would like to add the Wibiya tool bar to more than one site. I really like to translation function. Do would need to upgrade your account or does one have an account for each website? I don’t see any kind of FAQ on their site.


  • Patricia del Valle

    What an education … well done, fast and fun. That is cool stuff.
    Thank you,
    Patricia del Valle
    PS thank you, too, Michael.

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  • Once more Mari, another comprehensive and insightful post with some great examples.

    We talk to our clients all the time about the importance of shareability and content distribution and these are the kind of tools we talk about. Personally I am a fan a SexyBookmarks, but have also used Sociable in the past as well as the individual share buttons.

    Having a range of best in breed options like this is great, particularly given how different every site looks and feels and interacts.


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  • For my personal website, I use the the Like button for Facebook and the Social Media share button by blogger. It is very helpful to put this buttons so everybody can spread the useful information we have.

  • I hand-coded the SM buttons on my blog posts. There are a lot of plugins that easily do this but I just grew tired of conflict with other plugins and the limitations inherent in its use. Like styling and making it behave exactly the way you want it to.

    Still, a great list of some of the best SM plugins out there.

  • The more you share the more people share you. I just shared this!


  • Anne

    Thanks for the the consistently great advice and the link to I use Blogger not WordPress and I was able to add the widget in about 10 seconds! I’m going to add it to my website too!


  • Awesome Mari! I literally set it up a few days before this post came out 🙂 I guess our stars are aligned…LOL. Let me know what you think of it, so far my experiences have been great!

    BTW – I just posted a video response to this fantastic video on YouTube…it’s a juicy question 🙂

  • Hello there,
    May I ask you to look at our ShareThis and AddThis comparison?

  • So spot on!

  • I am a little obsessed with having all these buttons on my sites – so much so that I created a map so that you can see what you need on each site and how you can link all your sites together – you can get it if you like – free of course at

  • Hi,

    Question about the video. Is that background a green screen or just a cloth or paper backdrop? It looks great and I would really like duplicate something like that for the videos on my blog.



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  • Lizzy

    Thanks for this post!

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  • This floating bar for all social media buttons can be generated from this tool Just copy/past the code and this bar is automatically generated for your website. I have developed this free tool. Please dont forget to share it 🙂

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  • thank you very much about this post 🙂

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  • Fajaria Fitria

    it would be nicer if in 1 button to submit a content for all social media

  • what is best for blogger ?