social media toolsAre you part of a team that collaborates on content?

Want tools to make the collaboration process more efficient?

Whether you’re working on blog post or creating social media updates, the more people involved, the richer the results can be. Using collaboration tools makes the process smooth and seamless.

In this article I’ll share eight collaboration tools to improve your productivity.

collaboration tools to improve content

Discover eight collaboration tools to improve your content.

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#1: Map Out Content Using MindMeister

MindMeister is an effective brain-mapping tool that allows you to visually break down complex concepts and show how each idea flows into another. It’s perhaps the fastest, easiest way to get a point across effectively.

mindmeister screenshot

Map out ideas visually with MindMeister.

MindMeister is browser-based and available on mobile apps. There are a variety of templates and numerous additional features for brainstorming, project plans and more. Map out your content strategy with your team, no matter where they’re located.

Price: Free plan gives you access to three maps. Note: MindMeister collaboration features are included in the free plan. There are multiple premium plan options, starting at $36 for 6 months with a 30-day free trial.

#2: Brainstorm in Real Time With Scribblar

Scribblar is an educational tool that can also be used for collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Primarily an educational tool, Scribblar is a favorite among students and teachers for its ability to create multiple “rooms” that allow you to collaborate in real time. Plus, you can text and audio chat during the process.

scribblar screenshot

Do collaborative brainstorming in real time with Scribblar.

While there is an obvious academic tone, Scribblar is a great tool for creative people who excel when they let their ideas flow in a free-form conversation. When working on your content plan, eliminate endless emails and conference calls. Just jump onto Scribblar and work on the same dashboard together.

Price: A very limited free plan (2 users, 1 room) and a variety of premium plans that start at $9 a month are available.

Note: Chatwoo can be a good free alternative. It’s online chat room software which is completely free. You can use it to collaborate with your team (on a private corporate site) or with your site visitors.

#3: Compile Research on Cyfe

Cyfe is a multi-purpose research and productivity dashboard that lets you collect data, create to-do lists, archive search results and more. It helps you monitor social media mentions and activity too.

cyfe screenshot

Invite selected team members to different dashboards on Cyfe.

For companies that need a bit more oomph in their collaborative tools, Cyfe provides a long feature list to help users work together in the cloud.

Price: There’s a free plan with the option to upgrade to premium ($19 per month; $14 a month if paid annually).

#4: Plan Editorial on GatherContent

Specifically designed for collaborating, GatherContent is every social media manager’s and blog editor’s dream.

It allows you to create an effective project or editorial calendar that has everything in the same place, and is organized through the same dashboard. This ultra-organized information keeps everyone on the team on the same page.

gathercontent screenshot

Keep all collaborators in the loop with GatherContent.

GatherContent is easy to use and minimizes the task of managing workflow, no matter how many people you invite to be a part of the process. Never cross wires or miss deadlines again.

Price: $79 per month with a 30-day free trial. Note: Check out CoSchedule as another option.

#5: Manage Projects on Trello

If you need a simple way to set tasks for everyone on your team, Trello is probably the best project management tool for this purpose.

Once you have a plan, create boards and then pin cards with tasks to each one. Then, write either checklists or standard text instructions for what each task entails, and assign those cards to different team members.

trello screenshot

Create boards and pin cards with tasks for different team members using Trello.

When the work is done, attach documents to the completed card if you like and list it as complete. Also, @tag team members to quickly get their attention and connect with them.

Price: Free.

Note: Also check out Wrike for easy project management.

I also use both in combination with the Dropbox account because my work usually entails huge files (I collaborate on video and infographics files)

#6: Provide Feedback via DivvyHQ

DivvyHQ creates an all-inclusive dashboard with every tool you need to keep your team on track. That includes limitless calendars, all types of media formats, social publishing and the ability to park ideas for future meetings. You can also edit, make comments and keep track of all changes.

divvyhq screenshot

Manage and collaborate on content with DivvyHQ.

Manage your workflow, plan out your marketing and promotional efforts and simplify your everyday work progress for the entire team with DivvyHQ.

Price: There is a 14-day free trial, and then three premium plans starting at $25 per user per month.

#7: Share Documents Using Google Drive

Google Drive gives users the ability to create spreadsheets, documents, maps, drawings, slideshows and more, through both onboard and connected apps from their extension database.

You and a limitless number of people can create folders that have any and all documents you need for your marketing, content and social media plan.

google drive screenshot

Google Drive is an easy and free way to collaborate with other writers.

Use expansive sharing parameters or share items one on one. Once you create and share your materials, collaborate at will. (Users can be allowed to edit or just view the documents.)

Assign different colors for each team member collaborating on a document. Also, post comments for others to let them know if they need to review, edit, mark as done or respond.

Price: Free.

#8: Review Drafts on Medium

To test out content collaboration, try Medium. This platform allows people to share a draft with anyone and then approve or disapprove the changes. All the approved editors are added to the piece in the “Thanks” section.

medium screenshot

Share drafts of articles with current or potential team members on Medium.

Use Medium if you want others to review your drafts prior to publishing or to test out potential bloggers for your team. Have them share drafts with you for an easy submission process.

Price: Free.


People from all over the world can participate on efficient teams, thanks to the variety of collaboration tools and platforms available. Expand your group and collaborate to take your content marketing to the next level.

Brainstorming is a wonderful way to improve your content. But that’s not the only benefit to working with a team. Your ideas are more developed, and your material can be reviewed and edited by others. Plus, you get feedback. All result in stronger content for your company, whether it’s for a business blog, social media or a marketing plan.

What do you think? What collaboration tools do you use? Do you have experience with any of the tools mentioned? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments.

collaboration tools to improve content

Tips for improving content with collaboration tools.

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  • Great piece. One of the tools we use to collaborate in real-time is ProofHQ. Super handy for web pages and presentations. Anything visual.

  • Lászlóné Somogyi

    There is no structure of the machine is only my fingers hitting key. I never had money structures. In vain I worked I did not get a single dime or no I could have taken anything. Thank you for your call Michael but I have no money to pay for equipment .Good would be a team I know where you use these tools. I can barely work has been in vain because no answer flows into the e-mail sent to ten at a time.

  • Willie

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  • Most of these tools are new to me, but I can always start somewhere and hopefully with plan editorial on GatherContent, I can use this to have a clear plan of what I need to do

  • This is awesome, thanks for compiling it. Will definitely try Mindmeister and Trello for sure.

  • Nice plugs on those tools. haha. They deserve it. I’ve tried them before and all are really helpful. Google Drive is of course amazing… but Trello, Cyfe and the others are also good in their own unique way. Fun read, Ann! Cheers! 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment! I haven’t tried ProofHQ and I’ve added it to my to-do list!

  • Please let me know how it worked for you!

  • Those two are among my favorite ones too!

  • Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  • These are awesome collaboration tools, Social Media Examiner!

    I have been meaning to get into Trello, I’ve heard great things. I am a long-time user of Google Drive, and I’ve been testing out Mention recently. The cool thing about these collab apps is that you can use them for personal and at work.

    Other favorites I like: Wunderlist for sharing to-do’s, Spotify for sharing music, and Kore Inc (disclaimer: I work here) for sharing work via messages.

  • Peggy

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  • Rita Sun

    Cool list! Thanks!

  • Terri

    I enjoyed the article. I tried Cyfe and had the most miserable experience. I received an empty dashboard, and no instructions. Their website gives no information on how to use the service and only a way to email them a question. This is very frustrating, and you should check that the things you recommend actually work.

  • Hi Cat! Thanks for trying out Mention. It would be great if you could share your thoughts with us. You can just drop me an email, also if you have questions 🙂

  • Julie Courtois

    I’m a real fan of collaboration tools and I really didn’t know so many of them were existing! Thank you! We’re trying to expand the use of Trello in my company, but the big question I’m asked is the following: We already have so many tools, and most of the people here are senior and we are not as nimble as young people to manage all that. Why should we add another tool and how will it help us to save time?
    Do you have any advice about that?

  • any thing you know which is free and recommended for a startup?

  • Nita V.Kapadia

    Thank you for sharing this information.I have never used these tools before.In fact I did not know that they existed.

  • Meanu Normia

    Some of awesome resources are listed here which I never heard before, We use proofhub at workplace for collaboration with our remote teams. Thanks for the list.

  • Fantastic article. Must admit – sometimes we just use a big ole whiteboard.

  • connie.ocasi


  • Great piece! A couple of other tools we use is Buffer (paid version) and Brightpod for project/content management for our marketing teams. Super simple to setup and get going. It is imperative that every team/company sets up systems in place to scale up.

  • Hey Terri, well, I never tried searching instructions there. I just started playing around with widgets and found all I needed and even more! Sorry to hear about your bad experience!

  • New tools discover new possibilities you were not aware of 🙂

  • Happy to have been helpful!

  • Thanks for the comment! Hoping those tools will be helpful!

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