social media toolsAre you looking for more email subscribers?

The best way to gain email subscribers is to deliver great content via your blog.

Here are seven great WordPress plugins to grow your email subscribers and let you focus on delivering great content.

#1: Pippity Customized Popups

Popup boxes that appear when readers are browsing a website can get you more email subscriptions when they are used correctly.

But they can also annoy users, so they need to be handled with care and tweaked for your audience.

Pippity allows you to do this. Pippity provides you with the configuration options necessary to ensure that popups are delivered in the most unobtrusive and beneficial way to your users.


Pippity sets a new bar by delivering beautiful popups in a way that's more in tune with your readers and gives you useful analytics that show the true effect your opt-ins are having.

The key to using these popups is to make sure they’re relevant to the user. You also need to make sure they don’t appear every time someone goes to your website or before visitors get a chance to read your blog post.

Pippity gives you great control over how the popup looks, when it appears and what it displays. It can be very effective for growing email subscribers.

A good way to use Pippity is to display a popup that is particularly relevant to visitors from a specific site.

Let’s say you have a link from this post to your website. When someone follows the link, you could display a popup that is relevant to Social Media Examiner users.

You could also configure the popup only to appear once and only when the user has reached the end of the post.

pippity configuration

Pippity gives you extensive control over how, where and when your popups appear, enabling you to target specific users.

This design is just one of Pippity’s standard popup boxes and it took me only a minute to set up. You can easily change every color and font to tweak the design to match your site.

pippity sample popup

Start with one of the standard designs and then add images, text and change the fonts and colors until you have a layout and design to match your site.

These are just some of the ways in which you can configure your popup.

Pippity’s settings and power filters give you many ways to tailor when and how your popups appear; such as only displaying it for a specific post or any post in a particular category.

You can also do split-testing and display different popups to different users to determine which one has the best conversion rate.

Pippity gives you great control over the use of your popups and, when used strategically, it can be very beneficial. Just remember, give your visitors some time on the site before displaying the popup and make sure it’s relevant to them.

#2: Use Hellobar to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

When you want to attract your visitors’ attention on your blog, at times you need to do something different.

Hellobar is a narrow bar that appears across the top of your website with a message that encourages people to click on it. This is a less intrusive way of grabbing your users’ attention. By using eye-catching colors, you can make it stand out.

For example, John Haydon uses Hellobar on his blog to get people to sign up for his webinar. He opted to use a button as the link style, which compels you to click it. The fact it is placed on a bright-red background helps it stand out.

hellobar sample john haydon

Use Hellobar to attract attention and encourage interaction.

Here’s another example from the New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi. Hellobar indicates that you can get your biggest career questions answered. Who doesn’t want that! Since it’s a bright strip of orange just above a green background, it contrasts nicely, making it stand out on the page.

hellobar sample ramit sethi

Give users a compelling reason to click.

After clicking on this link, you’re brought to an opt-in form. If you subscribe, you find out the answers to your big career questions! Check out Gravity Forms later (#6 below), which shows you how to easily build a form similar to this.

hellobar landing page ramit sethi

Don't waste a click; take the opportunity to get them to sign up.

Setting up Hellobar is very straightforward.

First you configure the text that appears within Hellobar, how Hellobar looks and where it takes readers to after it is clicked via your account on the Hellobar website. You then copy and paste the embed code into the Hellobar plugin in WordPress and that’s it. Simple but effective.

hellobar configuration

Making the link appear as a button can make it more compelling for people to click.

#3: Just Say “Thank You” With Comment Redirect

Getting people to comment on your blog is difficult. When you get a relevant comment, you have an engaged reader whom you don’t want to lose. So you want to nurture your relationship with the people who take the time to comment on your blog.

By using Comment Redirect, you can direct first-time commenters to another page on your website where you then try to convert them.

For example, you could redirect commenters to a page where you thank them for commenting and convince them to subscribe for further updates.

I left my first comment on a blog recently and I was impressed by a nice thank-you page displayed right after entering the comment—another opportunity to sign me up as a user.

comment redirect sample

The smallest of gestures can make a difference, plus you get the chance to give readers a reason to subscribe.

Comment Redirect is unbelievably easy to set up. Creating the actual page you want people redirected to will take time and effort.

To set up the redirect, just specify the page where you want to redirect first-time commenters, and that’s it.

Currently the “thank-you page” that first-time commenters get redirected to converts at 6.6% but it has been as high as 12%, depending on where the new commenters are coming from. Again, it’s really important to focus on the right traffic sources and not just the right landing pages for converting visitors into subscribers.—Ramsay Taplin, BlogTyrant

Ramsay gets over the problem of the plugin not having analytics by using AWeber E-mail Marketing to track where subscribers are coming from.

Another way to measure subscribers through your thank-you page is to set up Goals within Google Analytics.

When someone clicks on the Sign Up button, you can display a page that welcomes the new subscriber. This page is only displayed if somebody subscribes, so your goal is achieved every time a subscriber gets to this page.

#4: Make it Very Easy to Subscribe With WP-Leads

Another way to encourage your commenters to subscribe is to catch them at the point they are posting the comment.

Normally when readers comment on a blog post, they need to enter their email and website address. Using WP-Leads, you can kill two birds with one stone and also use this information to sign readers up.

WP-Leads places an extra checkbox underneath the Post Comment button to allow the commenter to subscribe to the blog there and then.

wpleads checkbox

While you have their attention, get commenters to subscribe to your blog right then.

When you configure this plugin, you can choose to have the checkbox checked by default, but that means that commenters may be unwittingly subscribing. Therefore, you should be careful with this.

When these details are collected, they can be automatically added to the email management program of choice; for example, MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Note: If you use AWeber, you need to use AWeber Comment Opt-in plugin, which basically does the same as WP-Leads.

It’s such a simple tool that you should ask yourself, what are you losing by not having it and what can you gain by having it?

#5: Create Clear and Effective Calls to Action With OptinSkin

A call to action clearly outlines the next course of action to the website visitor.

OptinSkin allows you to easily create subscription forms based on designs that are effective at converting visitors.

For example, when readers get to the bottom of a blog post, it’s likely they’ve read (or at least skimmed) the article and received some value out of it. At this stage, having a clear call to action within the blog post can be a very effective way to get a new subscriber.

Within about one minute, I set up the following form at the end of my blog posts:

optin skin sample design

Create an effective call to action within your blog posts in less than a minute.

This stands out on the page, gives great options for sharing and also encourages visitors to subscribe.

OptinSkin provides extensive configuration options. So while it can seem a bit confusing to begin with, you can achieve very attractive forms such as the one shown here in less than a minute.

There are great analytics with this as well. You can see the number of signups, impressions and conversions for each of your blog posts.

You can also do split-testing so that you can display two different versions of your opt-in box and see which one works best.

#6: Gravity Forms Builds Lead Generation Forms in a Snap

Gravity Forms is a very easy-to-use tool to create forms on your website.

For example, if you wanted to direct visitors to a separate page, you could use Hellobar to attract attention and when visitors click on the link, you could have a Gravity Form that collects subscriber details.

Alternatively, you could have it displayed in the sidebar.

When you’re building the form, you just click on the fields you want, update some basic configurations and you are up and running almost immediately.

gravity form creation

Select from a range of field types on the right and then edit the properties.

You can display the form within a page or post using the Gravity icon on the toolbar or you can insert it into a sidebar using the Gravity Form widget.


Easily insert a form on a page or post using the toolbar icon and choose what gets displayed.

Here is an example of a Gravity Form displayed in a sidebar.

gravity form display

Sample sign-up form.

Gravity Forms also provide support for AWeber and MailChimp so you automatically put subscriber details in the relevant database.

#7: Sharing Is Caring

Encourage your visitors to share your posts to their social network of choice to bring visitors back to the site where you can convert them.

Brightedge researched the use of social sharing icons on websites and concluded that having a Tweet button on a website led to 7 times more link mentions on Twitter. This was based on 4 million randomly selected tweets.

DiggDigg is a social sharing toolbar that can appear horizontally or vertically on websites.

You can set it up to “float” so that as you scroll down your blog post, the social sharing icons stay visible. When you make it easy for visitors to share your content, you’ll drive more potential subscribers back to your site.

diggdigg sample

Social sharing bar can float so it stays visible while you scroll up and down.

There are currently 24 different social sharing icons to choose from, so you have plenty of options.


Consider how you can use these WordPress plugins to increase the number of your blog visitors who sign up for your email subscription. Try them out and find the ones that improve your subscription rates.

What do you think? Have you used any of these tools? What are the best tools you have come across? Please comment below and share your experience.

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  • I think along side capturing email while comments,social login plugin which will enhance the usability for the blog reader and various social login plugins like loginradius and gigya will capture user data for you and in turn provide not only email but other user data too.

  • Hi Ankur, thanks for your comment.  I agree there is other relevant information worth capturing.  Gigya is used on this site!  I haven’t come across loginradius before but I’ll take a look!  Ian

  • Thanks for sharing this.  I love learning about new options for WordPress

  • Hi Lynn, you are welcome.  I hope it will help your business.  Ian

  • Hey Ian,

    Great roundup post with fast and easy to implement examples! I think a lot of WP users will find this super helpful for testing new ways to grow their lists (as evidenced by the many tweets/shares already logged). Looking forward to more great tips.

    Cheers — Hunter

  • Thanks Hunter, I really appreciate your feedback. You need to have great content but having the right tools can really help build the audience. Ian

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  • I’ve been using only Comment Redirect plugin among all those plugins mentioned in this post. I’m planning to buy OptinSking as soon as possible.

  • Hi Ehsan, that’s great to hear.  Is comment redirect working well for you?  
    Optinskin is certainly worth trying. I think you’ll find it very useful for improving conversion.
    Thanks for your feedback.  

  • Great list @iancleary:disqus defiantly going to implement some of these on my blog.

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks, these are some powerful tools. I especially love Pippity. I was using Pop Up Dominator but it continually caused my WordPress site to crash. The Hello Bar has also proven to be an effective lead capture method.

  • Hi Mikel,  you are very welcome.  That’s great that you are going to try some of them out. Make sure to come back and let us know the results!  Ian.

  • Pop-Up Domination is also a good one.

  • Emeric

    Ian, this is the article I was waiting for 🙂 Thanks a bunch, my blog is now fully equipped thanks to you!

  • Thank you so much for including our plugin Pippity in your list.  Needless to say we are honored to be included in list of such plugins with some of the best out there.  Thanks!!!

  • Hi Donald.  Great to get the feedback.  I see you also use Digg Digg on your site also.  Great to hear that Hello Bar is working for you for lead capture.  Thanks again.  Ian

  • Yep, a good competitor to Pippity.  Ian

  • Hi Emeric,  I’m delighted that it is useful for you.  When I looked at your website the first thing that stuck out was the Hello Bar across the top of the screen!!  It’s great for getting the attention of your website visitors. Good luck with implementing the plugins and make sure to let us know how you get on.  Ian

  • Hi Grant,  you are very welcome.  As you can see from the comments above you have some fans!  Thanks for your feedback and looking forward to any future releases of Pippity.  Ian

  • adobetec

    AWESOME!!..  exactly what I needed it. With so many option out there..this helps a lot.

    Miami FL

  • Hi Percy, glad this helps you.  There’s a lot of wordpress plugins alright!!

  • I really appreciate your WordPress posts! As a relative newbie to blogging and especially to WordPress, I need all the info I can get. And as a very busy novelist, raising 3 active and precocious preschool/toddler boys, time to gather that info and try it out is a luxury I just don’t have.

    So thanks for these posts!

  • Hi Kenra,  I have 3 young kids as well so I know what it’s like!  I’m very happy that this article is going to help you.  Good luck with your novels!  Ian.

  • Cathy Chester

    Hello!  I was wondering if Comment Redirect is compatible with my WordPress 3.4.1.  I downloaded it but it is not showing up in my Widgets area.  Thank you.

  • Ian, it has been a constant struggle on what is the best plan of action to take on getting subscribers. Thanks to your article, I now have plan. Thanks again.   

  • Hi Cathy,  it appears there is an issue that happens with 3.4.1.  Hopefully they will resolve it soon!  Ian

  • Cheryl Mclaughlin

    Thanks, Ian, for such a great list of high-quality, helpful plugins. I have to say, however, that I absolutely hate pop-ups, which have now, once again, become the rage. I get them every time I come to SME (which I really dislike) as I’ve been a longtime subscriber. If I go to a new site and it pops up in my face, it’s annoying because I don’t know enough yet to know if I want emails coming from them in my inbox. It’s too full as it is. And, frankly, if you have to be that much in my face right when I come to your site, then I’m not so sure I want you in my face in my email inbox. Blunt, but that’s the truth. I’ve been around online marketing for a long time and pop-ups used to be the rage until they discovered it made people angry. Wish we didn’t have to learn this again, but such is life!

  • Hi Linda,  that is great to hear.  I wish you the best of luck.  Generally when you set up plugins similar to the ones mentioned above you will need to test them on your site to get the best results.  So you are better off trying one, tweaking it until it works really well and then add the next one.  Thanks for your feedback.  Ian

  • Great list. Can #3 and #4 be used if I’m already using Disqus as my commenting system?

  • Hi Cheryl,  I really appreciate your honest feedback.  I’m not a lover of popups unless they are handled with care.  Ideally they are only shown to a first time visitor and then not shown again on return visits.  

    The Pippity plugin gives you some control over when and where it is displayed and it also allows you to have different configurations based on where the user is coming from so you can make it very relevant. But they are not suitable for every website and they can annoy visitors as you mention above so even if they are installed there needs to be some testing done to make sure they are adding subscribers but also not loosing any!Great feedback, thanks, Ian.

  • Hi Michael,  unfortunately you can’t currently use these with Disqus.  Hopefully you can value out of some of the other plugins on your site.  Ian

  • Great stuff – going to go get Pippity and WP-Leads right now. Thanks!

  • Hi Damien, that’s what we like to see, some action!!!   Let’s hope for more subscribers for you.   Ian

  • Hi Ian, thanks for this great article! Just the other day I was wondering what options there are for sharing posts via email with WordPress. Can’t wait to try these out in future! Best, Rashelle

  • Hi Rashelle, you are very welcome.   It will take a bit of time to work out what suits your site best but it will be worth it.  Good luck with any changes you decide to make.  Ian

  • Darlene Browmn

    fantastic tips I look forward to your emails everyday

  • This is extremely helpful for me as well as for my clients: small business owners who don’t really have the time or resources to develop big fancy websites.  I’m going to get Diggdigg and Gravity Forms right away.  Thank you!

  • I am a personal fan of Pippity.  Thanks for sharing some powerful tools!

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  • Hi Ian, Thank you for the wealth of info…just in time for my new blog! The Hellobar is such a quick, yet catchy way to display important information on the homepage. Thanks again!

  •  Ian, you’ve told it right. You need to have great content really in the first place. Thanks for this great post!

  • Hi Darlene, thank you.  It’s great to get the feedback!  Ian

  • Hi Sian,  that’s great to hear.  There’s some great tools/technology out there but you’re right it’s very difficult for your clients to allocate enough time to review the tools and decide on the best ones.  Glad we are able to help.  Thanks for your feedback.  Ian

  • Hi Megan, you’re welcome.  Hopefully you’ll be able to implement one ore more of the other tools mentioned also. Good luck with increasing your subscribers!  Ian

  • Hi Niveen, I hope some of the above tools will make your new blog even more successful!  You’re right about Hellobar.  It’s non obtrusive but yet eye catching.  Certainly worth investigating!  Thank you for your kind words and good luck with your blog.  Ian

  • Hi Partha, thanks for the feedback.  There’s a couple of pieces to the puzzle and technology is only part of it but you want to make sure your great content gets the attention it deserves!  Ian

  • Paula

    I must be doing this wrong, I have put the Hello Bar into my Blog and my Weebly account – website OK. When I click on it I am redirected to the Hello bar but how does that help people?? Have I cocked up somewhere??

  • Hi Paula,  first of all it is great that you are trying it out!  

    Within your Hello Bar account on you need to configure the ‘link text’ and  ‘link URL’.  The ‘link URL’ is the website address of the page that you want your visitors to go to.  I hope this helps solve your issue.  Ian

  • Paula

    Ian are you there? I am really concerned that I am going to have people look at my sites and think I am an idiot?? help

  • Hi Ian! Great compilation of wordpress plugins and I like the gravity forms most of them but only the problem is with them those are paid and some time its hard to use on the site where customers don’t want to spend little more money on their projects. 

  • Hi Ayaz, thanks for the great feedback.  You’re right, at times it’s hard to convince some businesses to spend on some of the paid options unless there is a clear business benefit!


  • Mike

    I just added the Hello bar to my site – I had a cumbersome pop-up that was too much “in your face” so I’m hoping the Hello bar will be better received. I’ve got three A/B tests going already so let’s sit back and see…Thanks for the list Ian!

  • Hi Mike,  you are very welcome.  It’s great that you are doing some A/B tests also.  Lets hope for some great results!  Thanks for your feedback. Ian

  • I tried to check out Pippity but it appears that they use an unsecured payment server. This caused my system to kick me out.

  • Guys while the WP Leads plugin is great, it doesn’t allow for list segmentation which is absolutely crucial for higher open rate and interaction with subscribers. For ex. with WP Leads, you have to add your subscribers to the main list. Vs. using Newsletter Sign-Up plugin you can use MailChimp’s API for group segmentation. 

    I switched from WP Leads to this and it works out great. Hopefully it helps others.

  • Hi Syed, great feedback thanks for sharing.  Certainly another option to consider.  Ian

  • Hi Cleary,I had no idea how to grow subscribers you shared powerful wordpress plugins. I like the #4 #5 these are such a great plugins.Thanks for the useful post.

  • Hi Fiza, you are very welcome.  Best of luck increasing your subscribers!  Ian

  • We use gravity forms on for book giveaways, and it’s been a major player in improving our membership numbers. I think it’s the only plugin that we actually pay for now, as a matter of fact, but it’s been such a game-changer for us that I would absolutely pay for it again. 

    I’m interested in Digg Digg, because I like the option to have it move along with the text (like you see on Mashable), but the WordPress user ratings for this plugin aren’t amazing, with an average of 3/5 stars based on 130+ reviews, and according to WP, it hasn’t been updated in 44 days. Does anyone have any insight on why the reviews might be less than stellar? I get kind of irked when my plugins don’t work as they should. It’s just one of those things that I hate reading about in user feedback on the site :).

    Right now, we use the Really Easy Share Buttons plugin, which is decent and gets updated frequently, which is both good and bad, I’d say. I like it, but if folks think Digg Digg is a better plugin, I’d really like to make the switch!

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  • Hi Kat,  great to hear the feedback.  You’re right about lots of updates on plugins.  That can be good and bad!  As you mention DiggDigg was updated 44 days ago which is quite recent so it is maintained.  Let’s see if we can get feedback from anyone else that will help make your decision.  It might be worth trying it out for a week or two to see if you’re getting better results.  Ian

  • thank you very much sharing this post Awesome 🙂

  • Hi Ian, Thank you for this list! It gave me some great ideas for improving my site. I think I will give the hellobar a try.

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  • The Blazing Trail

    Thank you!

  • Elmari

    Thank you so much for this information.  I am sure that not only me but a lot of bloggers can use this information.  I need traffic to my blog.  Thank you again.

  • You are very welcome.

  • Hi Elmari, I really appreciate your feedback.  I wish you every success with your blog.  Ian

  • Well put together and easy to understand thanks Ian 

  • Thanks Catriona, I’l glad you enjoyed it. Ian

  • You are welcome Rahul.

  • Thanks for the feedback Elizabeth.

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  • Hi Ian, can you take some time out and let us know your view on loginradius. Thanks!

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  • Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Amazing plugins!
    Since I am a writer who comes from a non-technical background, almost all of them are new to me.
    Thanks for the information.
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Thank you Cherly, I am glad you liked it!  Ian

  • Hi Ambika, I am very happy that this post was helpful for you.  Best of luck with your Blog. Ian

  • This is GREAT and much needed!! I have been looking for many of the plugins you discussed.  Thanks for sharing this @iancleary:disqus 

  • You are very welcome.  Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated. Ian

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  • Wow I really enjoyed reading this post – I never knew about WP- Leads and have been missing out on a lot of potential subscribers!

    Thanks very much!

  • Wow
    I really enjoyed reading this post – I never knew about WP- Leads and
    have been missing out on a lot of potential subscribers!

    Thanks very much!


  • Hi Matthew, thanks for the feedback.  Glad you enjoyed the post.  Ian

  • Really good tips, just added these on my To Do list 😀
    Thanks for this post.

  • Hi Lisa,  that’s great to hear.  We really appreciate your feedback, Ian.

  • Just purchased OptinSkin and so far I love it!  I have been able to create the skins I want and see them on my blog.  One issue….I am using Feedburner for my e-mail subscription.  When I test out the skin on the blog and enter my e-mail address, it says the feedburner e-mail subscription is not enabled for this feed.  When I look in feedburner, I have e-mail subscriptions active.  Not sure how to fix this.  Would welcome any ideas or feedback!

  • Thanks for feedback.  I’m not sure what this issue is related to.  There is a forum for Optinskin for getting support for these type of issues.  Try this and hopefully they can resolve your issue –  Ian

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  • I never have these plugins.. I will give it a try.

    Thanks Ian

  • Hi Benly, thanks for your feedback.  I wish you the best of luck with them.  Ian

  •  Very good set of plugins. I have never heard of Newsletter Signup but
    looks promising considering its a free plugin. You mention about one of
    the plugins that uses popups but that’s something that I personally don’t like at all. I often leave sites that have popup on it. Thanks for
    this great list of plugins.

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  • Great information here. Have you considered doing a similar list with only free options? 

    I only suggest that because some of the options are paid. 


  • The suggestions you provided here are incredibly priceless. Thank you for your great article. Very well written, much appreciated.

  • Hi Thomas, thank you so much for the great feedback.  Ian

  • Hi Iain,  thanks for your feedback.  Certainly worth considering.  I know that I try all the free options first before paying!  Ian

  • Hi Anne, you are welcome.  Sorry for the late reply, I missed your great comment! Ian

  • I tend to try out the free options as well. Many of the ‘free’ options also have a paid version, so you can try them out for a bit and then go from there.


  • Stacey

    Thanks for this list. There are so many plugins out there that it helps to get the recommendations from someone who can clearly explain the options. Have a great day! Stacey (:

  • Hi Stacey, thank you.  I’m glad it was useful for you. Ian

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  • Nice man… thanks for sharing this.

  • Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

  • OptinSkin is an incredibly powerful tool and takes the cake in my book as the best converting “opt-in” related plugin around. I am currently running 4 different opt-in variations throughout my site and it’s neat to see the difference in conversion! HelloBar is something i NEED to take advantage of as soon as i’m done publishing my eBook. All of the 7-list are great recommendations though! Cheers – Ryan

  • Thanks you Ryan, I agree with you regarding OptinSkin it’s pretty cool!  Thanks for your feedback and Happy New Year!  Ian

  • Great list and i am glad that i am already using it 🙂

  • Nice List! But I think there is one more plugin which needs a mention here, Pop Up Domination, specially for the fact that it connects with a lot of third party email service providers and makes the integration easy.

  • Thanks Vicky, glad to help!

  • Thanks Vikash, i haven’t tested out pop up domination but I will do!

  • Anne

    Don’t worry for the late reply ! It’s great to answer, anyway !! Thanks again.

  • Kim Jimenez

    Thank you SO much for this article, I’ve been screening the heck out of Google for an article like this! Soooo helpful, thank you so much for posting this sme <3

  • breng

    Great list 🙂

  • Thank you!

  • Hey Kimberly, you are very welcome! Ian

  • The only problem wit Pop Up Domination is that it somehow takes a toll on your database!

  • The comment redirect plugin seems like a great idea. One of my goals this year is to grow my email lists by a certain amount (two different blogs). This should definitely help with growing my list, but also increase user engagement and experience. I was also not familiar with the Pippity plugin, so I will to investigate that one a little more. I’ve never been a fan of pop-ups, but Pippity seems to have some unique ways to implement pop-ups.

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  • Hi Devin, I’d start off with pippity as it’s free and popups do work!

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  • Hi Sarah, I use aweber with forms built in, they show people that are unconfirmed. Ian

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