social media how toDoes your blog put out a welcome mat for comments? Would you like more interaction on your blog?

There are lots of blogs today, which means that people have many places where they can go to learn new things.

If you don’t make people feel welcome, they may read and dash without leaving a comment.

Here are 7 ways you can encourage your readers to leave comments.

Tip #1: Check your blog comments settings

Do you make it easy for someone to leave a comment?

That might sound like a crazy question until you look closely at the comments settings available in the two most popular blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger. Both platforms give you options for limiting who can post comments on your blog without really explaining the impact of your choices.

Every business has a unique situation, so you need to consider your business blog comments options carefully. In general, I recommend that you make it easy for people to comment and (nearly) impossible for spammers to comment.

So how do you do that?

On WordPress blogs:

  • Make it easy for people to comment by only requiring commenters to provide their name and email address.
WordPress Discussion Setting menu

The WordPress comment settings appear on the Discussion Settings page.

WordPress Discussion Setting

This WordPress comment option makes it easy for people to comment on your blog.

  • Make it difficult for spammers to comment by turning on comment moderation for first time commenters. This option requires the blog administrator to approve the first comment from everyone. WordPress automatically approves any other comments posted by the same person.
WordPress moderate first comment

This WordPress comment option requires the blog administrator to approve the first comment from everyone.

On Blogger blogs:

  • Make it easy for people to comment by selecting the option to let anyone comment.
Blogger comment setting with arrows

This Blogger comments setting makes it easy for people to add comments to your blog posts.

  • Make it difficult for spammers to comment by turning on the word verification setting. People must type a word displayed on the screen to successfully submit a comment. Because most comment spammers are computer programs, they can’t complete this typing test.
Blogger word verification

This Blogger comment option requires everyone to pass a simple typing test before posting a comment to greatly reduce comment spam.

Tip #2: Ask for comments

At the end of your blog post, always ask the reader to leave a comment. It’s like telling someone a story and then saying, “Well, what do you think?”

I recommend that you write a customized comment request statement at the end of each blog post. Rather than writing a generic statement (“Post your comments below”), be specific. Write a unique comment request based on the blog post content.

ask for comments

An example of a blog post asking for reader comments.

Tip #3: Write a blog comment policy

It’s your blog. You can set the rules for what makes a safe conversation zone for your community. What you choose depends on your business and your community, along with your own sensibilities.

For example, the blog for a pub might allow more colorful language than a blog for home schooling.

When defining your comment policy, think about these factors:

  • Do you allow people to promote their own businesses?
  • Do you allow negative comments? And where do you draw the line?
  • Do you allow people to disagree with your opinions?
  • Will you correct language and grammar mistakes?

Check out other people’s blog comment policies while you are writing your own conversation zone rules. See how they handle challenging situations to inspire your own solutions.

Tip #4: Provide comment instructions

Do you moderate comments from first-time commenters? Do you have a blog comment policy? Why not include this information right next to the Submit button for your comments?

This type of just-in-time information helps a new blog commenter to get the information she needs to feel confident before placing her first comment.

comment instructions

An example of comment instructions added to the blog post page template.

You may need to get technical support to get your instructions added to your blog post page template. However, once it is in place, it appears automatically on every post, even the ones you have already published.

Tip #5: Respond to comments

While building your blog community, you should respond to every blog comment. It shows people that you are paying attention and that you respect your community.

You want to reply to comments quickly after they post. Most blogging software allows you to set up email notifications when new comments appear. You don’t have to respond immediately, but you should respond within one business day.

Conversations build relationships. Your reply to a comment continues the conversation and builds the relationship further. The more you build relationships within your community, the more they care about you and your business. It’s human nature.

Tip #6: Make people feel good about their comments

What you say when you respond to a comment makes a huge difference in how that person feels about your online community. Your attitude and opinion of their comment leaks through in your word choices and the points you make.

make people feel good example

An example of replying to a comment so the person feels good about her comment.

Welcome divergent opinions. To build a community around your blog, you need a thick skin to protect you from people who don’t agree with you. But it goes even deeper than that. You need to welcome divergent opinions. You need to appreciate that everyone has a unique life experience that leads him or her to different conclusions. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that anyone is wrong or right. It just means you have different opinions.

allowing divergent opinions

The commenter criticized my decision to highlight a company in my blog and found fault with their Facebook page. I didn't argue over his points or defend my choice.

I’ve talked to bloggers who complain about “blog trolls,” these bloggers’ label for people who disagree with their opinions. There are real blog trolls out there—people who argue, make nasty comments about people rather than debating ideas and always want to prove you are wrong and they are right. But someone who merely expresses a different opinion isn’t a blog troll. It’s an important distinction for you to make.

Tip #7: Build community with your replies

Bring a sense of appreciation to your blog comments and to your commenters. They didn’t have to read your post. They didn’t have to leave a comment. In fact, they don’t have to be part of your community. They chose these things.

Always look for something smart in every blog comment, a great point that you can reply to even if you don’t agree with the commenter’s opinion. You’ve had your say in the post. Now, listen to their opinions and leave a reply that makes commenters feel good about you, your business and your online community. You do that by making them feel great about their comment.

Building community through blog post replies is a skill, and it’s something you can learn to do better. Read a lot of blogs and pay careful attention to the comments and replies. When you find bloggers who excel at making the commenters feel good, study what they say. Hang out on their blogs. Engage them through Twitter or email to ask them how they think about their blog comment replies. They might tell you something that changes the way you reply to everyone.

It’s Your Turn

What do you think? How do you encourage people to leave comments on your blog? Have you posted comments on a blog where you felt appreciated and welcome? Share your experience and insights in the comments box below.

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  • Hey Charlene, great article. Your note regarding a blog comment policy is a great tip. Its always best to look around your industry and ensure that your policy is in alignment with the greater industry while still bringing your own unique swing to the table. 
    Also I have to agree with your thoughts about negative comments. A lot of our clients feel anyone that has a negative opinion is wrong and just out their bring bad to their blog. The thing is, yes there are people out their who are in this mind set, but sometimes people who make these comments have a valid point. Unless you embrace the comment for what its worth and react to it in a positive way with a real passion to fix the issue at hand, your not adding real benefit to your organization overall. Thanks again for the great read! 

  • Great post, although I would also note that adding word verification to your comments might backfire. I understand wanting to cut down on spam, but it also adds another barrier for the commenter, and I think it’s more beneficial to make commenting as easy as possible. I would recommend starting without it, and if you find you have a large spam problem, adding it in later. But I’ve been on Blogger for over a year at my current blog, and even without word verification have only gotten a handful of spam (all caught by Blogger’s filters).

  • I really enjoyed this post but was wondering if you had any advice for those who use Typepad as their blog platform?  Thanks!

  • Derek

    Thank you for the tips. No.2 was very simple and helpful.

  • That’s a great point, Ray. Thanks for sharing!

  • So your very first tip for increasing blog comments is to make it harder for commenters to participate in the discussion?

  • I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Some people naturally seem to embrace different points of view, and others find them challenging. Over the years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen myself grow to be welcoming on divergent viewpoints. I didn’t start out that way. I talk about this exactly because I have been on that journey and I know it is possible to open up. With a more tolerant outlook, a business can engage in conversations that more interesting and more helpful to the community around them. 

  • Word verification is a complex topic. Personally, I have trouble reading those darn things! I bring it up here so people can make a mindful decision about it one way or the other. I like the strategy you suggest, Angeline. I’ve also discovered that as my blog traffic increases, the comment challenges also change. So what works today may not be the best solution in 6 months or a year.

  • I don’t have any experience with Typepad, Kelley. Perhaps someone else who stops by this article can add their experience with Typepad here.

    I posted on Twitter for Typepad people to share their experience to help you out, but no one has jumped in (yet). You might try doing a Google search for something like “Typepad comment settings” and see if people have blogged about it.

  • I’m glad it was helpful, Derek. Thanks for adding your comment!

  • Well, that’s one way to look at my first tip, Kim. Word verification is always controversial, and it’s a personal decision each blogger must make. Ideally, each blogger can find the sweet spot between a low threshold for real commenters and eliminating spam. That exact sweet spot is different in each situation.

  • I agree…blogs need constant re-evaluation as they grow. Thanks again for the great post!

  • dotStaff LLC

    Charlene, I just shared this with our blog team – very interesting and helpful tips you have here. One factor that we continue to stress is the importance of connecting with our audience. We do this through providing valuable, engaging content, a manageable blog site, and a diversity of topics in order to capture a variety of interests. 

  • Great tips to increase the blog comments. Replying to each comment on your blog really helps build the espacially when you are just starting out.

    Thanks for sharing Charlene 🙂

  • You’ve articulated good blog priorities in a clear way. Having great, engaging content is the first and most important thing for every blog. After you master that, my tips can help you fine tune the commenting process. People don’t talk about things that don’t touch them or matter to them no matter what you do to make commenting easy.

  • When you are new blogger, it can be a challenge to figure out what to say to commenters. With practice, it gets easier, but when your blog is new, you don’t get a lot of opportunity to practice! I recommend that my clients spend time really reading other blogs for comment replies to help them find their voice. 

    Good to see you here again, Rana.

  • Charlene, it’s my first comment in you’r blog, but i think this 7 tips are the key to improve our blog, thank you. 

  • Thanks for sharing! It’s interesting because I am always advising people to treat social media like a good dinner party—have fun and be yourself but always be respective of others and listen as much or more than you talk. 🙂 

  • That’s smart advice, Erika. So much of social media success really does come down to old-fashioned good manners.

  • Thanks for sharing the post.  The challenge is always battling between making it easy for real people and challenging for spammers.

    Have you tried Disqus?  I’ve been using it for a while over on my blog.

  • I’ve been evaluating a few commenting options, including Disqus. I use it here on the Social Media Examiner site, and I like many things about it. It’s a back-burner project for me. How do you like it? Any surprising benefits or challenges?

  • I think it presents a cleaner looking comment section than stock WP.  But then behind the scenes I like the moderation and the ability to build a community within Disqus itself.    I’ve had a few complaints about the commenting system not working, but Disqus’s staff was helpful in attempting to track it down.  (NOTE: ‘attempting’ – we never figured out what happened, nor isolated the issue to disqus or a hosting problem.)

    Like most web-tools there are many trade-offs and lots of solutions that will work.  At some point it often just boils down to personal preference.  Compared to several years ago the WP plugins to battle spam are light-years ahead.   I tossed in the blogging towel years back when I started spending more time battling spam then crafting content.  It just became too tiresome.  That isn’t the case now (knock-on-wood).

  • Thanks for the insights, Troy.

  • I would provide also Incentives to people that comment and engage the most

  • I do all of that and STILL only get 4-6 comments on each post. And I average 300-400 visits/day. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong (if anything) or if I just have a quiet bunch of readers. 

  • Would you share more about that, Alaa? What do you do?

  • Lindsay, there are bloggers reading this who would love to only get 4-6 comments on each post. Without knowing your situation, I’d say to make sure that your blog topics are hitting nerves, hitting real pain points in your audience to stir them to respond. Be a little controversial in your next post. Fine tune your slant on your topics. You might just be in a plateau. Keep doing your good work and things will shift. I hope this helps.

  • Tisa

    Thank you for the food for thought!  I’m new to blogging and had not thought about many of the things you listed here especially the things about having a comment policy.  I am definitely going to work on that!

  • I’m glad to hear that, Tisa. Good luck to you. Blogging is a great thing, and you get better with practice. One of the best ways to grow is to read other people’s blogs. See what they do, how they do things. It’s always food for thought, and sometimes, it’s down right inspiring.

  • Andy

    I really needed this post! Our blog get’s minimal comments, but we have a good number of subscribers which baffles me. I’m doing all of these things except actually asking for comments… interesting! We’ll see if that helps… thanks!

  • You cover some good points here Charlene, I think a speedy response is very important for comments on any platform including blogs, Twitter and Facebook. 

  • DivineDiva2011

    Excellent points. I can always count on finding thought provoking articles here. I think SME authors are some of the best about responding to comments on their articles. Keep up the great work! I look forward to more!

  • Brooke @ WebJuris

    Charlene your tip on responding to comments is so important. Whenever I have left a comment that was not even acknowledged with a ‘thanks for the comment’ I think why should I bother to read what you have to say if you’re not going to read what I have to say.

  • Great post. I’ve already shared your tips with a couple newbie bloggers.  Thanks!

  • I have been blogging about being a newlywed for about 3 months. I find that getting comments from 1% of my readers is about average. It was discouraging to me too, but then I just accepted exactly what Charlene said: They don’t have to read and they don’t have to comment. And I kept writing. I was getting a lot of face-to-face comments from friends who said they loved what I was writing but none of those people were posting comments on the blog.

    I am learning as I go along and my most recent gem this week is that people most wanted to comment on a topic that just about anyone can relate to: meal planning/cooking. People were coming out of the woodwork. I shared what I was learning and how I went about it and then more people than normal commented about what they’ve tried and they provided helpful links and tips. People want to share what they know…they just aren’t going to do it if they fear feeling stupid afterwards. This was a “safe” topic and one that you can’t really be “wrong” about. I loved that my blog almost started to feel like a community yesterday! 

  • Thanks for reminding us that sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, i.e. simply asking people to comment. Good stuff!

  • Hi Andy! A reminder at the right moment can make the difference. There are always lots of people who read and like blog posts but don’t bother to comment. Maybe they are busy. Maybe they are just not someone who makes any comments. There’s a lot more consuming of content than creating it, even creating blog comments. 

  • I agree. You have to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. (I hope my 21 minute delay was quick enough for you!)

  • Thanks, Ms. Diva. It’s an honor to be part of the Social Media Examiner family. We do take pride in articles. Thanks for sharing your appreciation.

  • One area people fail is replying to comments. That’s a no no.
    Also consider the plugin Comments Luv, which encourage people to comment because after their comment it will show a backlink to a post on their web, therefore getting exposure too.

  • You are not the only person who feels that way, Brooke. As I said in an earlier reply, old-fashioned good manners go a long way toward social media success. 

  • Thanks, Veronique. They are lucky to have you to help them out.

  • Hi again, Michael. There are so many aspects to blogging, so many layers to work on. I always appreciate a good overview so I can make sure I’m keeping everything in the mix. It’s easy to drop something and not even realize it.

  • WOW!!! awesome post, nice things to follow, thank you very much for this great piece of work!!! 😀

  • You bring up a great product, Janet. I love CommentLuv and have it installed on all of my blogs. I think it’s a nice thing to let people share their passion and hard work. 

  • Thanks for sharing your enthusiastic feedback, Michael. That’s always appreciated! [wink]

  • Hanne Lene

    A very informative article and some excellent notes in the comments section 🙂 I’m about to start up my own blog and this is timely advice. Comments from the other newbie bloggers sure help me feel better about starting off. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks so much for the helpful info! I’ll be sure to try some of that out on my own blog at wordpress. 🙂

  • Honestly I HATE word verification. It turns me off to commenting.

  • waw.. great tips………Thank You vey much

  • Fripp

    About Tip 2 you recommend to write a customized comment request statement at the end of each blog post.
    That´s great BUT how do you do that? I tried several time with no success. Could you please tell me how to do it in WordPress?
    Many THANKS in advance.

  • You are welcome, Hanne. Keep checking back. Social Media Examiner has a new article every day.

  • Good luck with your blog, Sandra!

  • I would be interested in ideas for incentives!

  • I understand. I’m not a big fan of them either. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of comment spam that  bloggers have to deal with, and it’s pretty effective against comment spam. If everyone played nice in the world, things like word verification would not have been invented.

  • You are welcome. Keep coming back. Social Media Examiner has a new article every day.

  • Fripp

    Charlene for clarification, in my previous comment I was talking about the “Leave a Reply” text that is by default in WordPress, How do you change that??

    THANKS again

  • Hi Fripp. It’s not a WordPress setting, it’s a sentence that you write at the very end of your blog post. For example, in this article, I wrote: “It’s Your Turn What do you think? How do you encourage people to leave comments on your blog? Have you posted comments on a blog where you felt appreciated and welcome? Share your experience and insights in the comment box below.” That’s an example.

    Just make sure it’s the very last sentence (or two) at the end of your post and it will appear before the comment box. 

  • Thanks, Charlene! I liked #2 (as did a few others).
    I receive the occasional commenter, and it is fun to read people’s replies. I have learned, thru other education, to reply quickly. And you are definitely practicing that rule! 🙂 I agree in that I think it helps.
    I hope asking for comments brings about traffic.
    Thanks again ~
    Encouragement & Motivation Blog:

  • Oh, I understand now. Thanks for asking again. It’s not a WordPress setting. It’s part of the comments.php file. If you are comfortable editing PHP, you can go in and change that file. But don’t try it if you are unsure what you are doing. The PHP files are what make your WordPress blog function, and changing something could cause a crash. But if you understand PHP, it’s a simple change. I hope that answers your question. 

    There’s a great book about WordPress that can help you understand how these files go together. It’s WordPress All In One. I have an earlier edition of that book on my desk right now. It was the beginning of my WordPress education. I highly recommend it.

  • But I am a blogger and I’ve been doing it for 4 years. I haven’t had near the spam that is worth turning on word verification. At least for me. I find it time consuming. I know that sounds crazy but with little people running around this house I tend to move as quickly as possible. lol

  • Thanks, Jarrod. I do my best to walk my talk.

    I’ve mentioned this in other comment replies, but it’s worth repeating. If you are not getting many comments, it may be because you have not hit a nerve or a pain point in your audience. I know from experience that when you write about something that inspires or deeply engages your audience, that post will get more comments than others. And if you ask most bloggers, they will tell you that they are surprised by the posts that get the most comments. It’s usually not the posts that the blogger thinks are great that the audience really talk about.

  • YAY! I’m excited for you that you hit that sweet spot. Now that you have done it once, you can keep finding it over and over. 

    Blogging can feel like you are talking out loud to yourself, especially when you are not getting a lot of comments. It’s one of those things that you don’t expect, and you have to adjust your expectations. But it’s also important to keep asking for feedback to make sure that you are still on target with your audience. It’s easy to get into a writing and thinking rut, and something as simple as asking people for their greatest challenge can push you to figure out new answers to very real problems. You find out what’s on the hearts and minds of your readers. And in the process, you bring your blog into alignment with the true needs of your audience. When you write about things that hit their nerves and pain points, more people will respond.

    So to everyone reading this who hasn’t yet hit a sweet post like Merritt describes, be inspired by her story. She did it, and you can do it, too!

  • Fripp

    THANKS Charlene for your answer, very useful! And… I like to see that you do what you teach, I mean, answering every comment. Good for you!

  • I understand the time rush with little people! 

    I didn’t understand the problem until my blog started getting hit with comment spam. Once those spammers found me, it was a deluge. I had no idea of the problem before then. I have a WordPress blog, and I decided to add first time commentor moderation at that point. As I said somewhere in these replies, I have a hard time with the word verification, so I’m glad my WordPress blog gives me a different strategy for dealing with the comment spammers.

    Everyone finds their own solution. That’s part of the joy of having your own site and getting to decide what you do. If the comment spammers do find you, you may never think it’s worth adding word verification. That’s totally cool.

  • I do my best. I’ll keep coming back to this article daily over the next few weeks. But at some point, with all that I juggle, I will only visit occasionally, so some replies will be very very late. 

  • Great blog comment netiquette tips and rules. I agree that creating a comment policy is a good idea.

  • Such great, advice, Charlene! Thanks so much for sharing this today! =)

  • It CAN feel like talking to yourself. I like the idea of asking people for their greatest challenge. Thanks for your response and encouragement!

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  • This is very helpful.  Thank you Charlene!

  • Thanks for adding your comment. It’s always appreciated!

  • You are welcome, Kennisha.

  • You are welcome!

  • Hi Charlene,

    Great information on comments. What is your opinion about sending an email to the author of the comment with your reply?  I’ve started doing with with first time commenters, but how important do you think that is to do with all comments as it is time consuming. 

    What do you think about Top Comments widget? Worth adding? Thanks!!

  • It’s my pleasure, Merritt. I love seeing people thrive online. It’s such a great opportunity we have today.

  • Hi Cathy. I think sending an email is a great idea to really build a strong bond with commentors. But it would be a big time investment! I use WordPress, and I’ve seen some plugins that let people receive your comment reply by email. That might be a better option for you (in terms of time savings).

    I don’t use any sort of comments widgets, but if you have significant comments (you can decide what is significant), it’s a great way to add social proof. Showing off the comments shows new visitors that other people are engaged on your site. It could be a valuable addition.

  • I’m sorry that you have had a disappointing experience on the site. Without leaving any sort of contact information, it’s impossible to have a conversation with you.

  • Thanks Charlene. Tip 7 is most definitely my favorite. Learned a lot.

  • Thanks, Juan. #7 is my favorite, too.

  • Hi, very nice post and we can see the aplication of Tips #5, #6 and #7 on the same post, it’s very good to see the examples shown before (there’s nothing better than preaching with the example), I hope to use this guide to improve the comments on my blog, Thanks! 😉

  • You are welcome! Thanks for your kind words.

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  • Thankyou Charlene…some great tips and so timely given my blog only went live this week – I particularly loved the one about leaving a comment etiquette tip…Im going to work on that next! Sarah

  • Good luck with your blog, Sarah. It’s an interesting journey becoming a blogger. Each week, you learn something new.

  • I think your article’s great like the others, though I’d love to see more on how to deal with comment trolls as you mentioned. While I mostly reply even to those who post disagreeable (or even arguably negative) comments, I sometimes skip those who are just consistently criticizing or not even seemingly acknowledging my reply or (usually) counter-argument.

    Just a question, albeit it’s technical: do you get feedback from people wanting to be able to customize their comments like, say, use bold or italic at the click of a button instead of using codes?

  • Good points! Folks also need to remember not to expect a community to just be there on day one. It takes time to build up to the point where you’re getting regular comments but patience will pay off.

  • Easther

    Hi Charlen

    great article! its good to know that you can set your comment setting. 

  • Thanks for the blogging tips.  I’ve double checked my blog settings on which is on WordPress and to my surprise, some of my settings needed to be changed.  Again, thanks for the tips in making my blog more user friendly for my readers to leave comments.

  • AshleyC

    Great article!  I can’t wait to update my comment section on — a fashion blog for equestrians.  🙂 

  • Great article Charlene.  Blog comments seems to be a hot topic at the moment as website owners become more involved and educated about building effective online communities around their brand.

  • Amnuai Beckenham

    Absolutely wonderful post Charlene. there were so many ideas that I got from you and now I will have to happily and excitedly re-purpose my future blog posts. Very well done and thank you so much for sharing such n important post. I also appreciated all the comments you generated from some very experienced bloggers.

  • Wc Marketing

    Thanks for the blogging info Charlene. I’m the VP of Sales for a very small software development firm and I’m doing some research on using social media to supplement our lead generation efforts. I am by no means an expert but eventually I will get a blog going for our software business. After all, isn’t the purpose of blogging, and the use of other social media, to share information on an idea or to bring awareness to your product or services? Please let me know if I’m getting this wrong….sooo much information on this subject. If your readers are interested, I also found an ebook, it’s free, on lead generation. It has a great chapter on using social media. Here’s the link – Hope everyone finds this useful….I did.

    Wayne Calcote

  • Enjoyed these tips, Charlene, and believe that inviting people to comment is a key bit of advice.  Not only asking, “What do you think?” but also setting the right tone.  I’m not sure what the right “tone” is, but I can tell you that I feel it on blogs that really welcome comments.  I felt it here, so I commented!

  • These tips are extremely beneficial. These are things that anyone can easily do to improve a blog by increasing the commenting.

    Shilpi Singha Roy
    Facebook fan page –

  • I conducted a Social Media training course yesterday and showed the audience a few examples of blogs that did not allow comments…. doesn’t ecactly promote interaction and community!

  • Great tips thanks.

  • If you do a search on “blog trolls,” you will find a lot of people have written advice about how to deal with them. I also have written a short article on my own site. I do think that ignoring some comments is a valid strategy. You can also address how you handle trolls in your blog comment policy, and you can write up rules that include deleting some posts. In general, I recommend being cautious about deleting comments, but in the end, it’s your blog and if negative comments are interfering with having a safe conversation zone for everyone else, you can do what you think is best.

    I haven’t gotten feedback about wanting comment text customizing. But I’m sure that if comments provided those kinds of tools, people would use them.

  • Great point, Chris. Patience is a virtue for the blogger.

  • I’m glad the article helped you, Easther. If you want to learn more about your blogging tool, try doing a search for beginner tips. There are lots of smart and helpful people out there who are blogging about these things. Good luck to you!

  • You are welcome, Steve.

  • That sounds great, Ashley.

  • Blogs are part of social media because they allow for 2-way communication through comments. It’s an important part of keeping in touch with customers and others in your online footprint. Thanks for adding to the conversation.

  • Thank you, Amnuai. The community here at Social Media Examiner is always amazing and generous. You all contribute so much beyond my article, and give visitors a richer experience. That’s one reason why I love writing here.

  • Hi Wayne. You can captured the essence of blogging and the benefits. It’s also a way to ask questions and collect feedback from your customers, potential customers, and others in your online community. Good luck with your blogging journey!

  • Thank you! I agree with you about setting the right tone, and that “tone” is hard to define. That’s why I listed so many points above. Some of them I feel directly contribute to the tone of the blog.

  • Thank you, Shilpi.

  • I’ve found some industries don’t allow comments, for example, attorney and legal blogs. I’ve not done an exhaustive search, but every one I’ve visited has commenting turned off. And that makes sense to me. They write the article to give an opinion, and when others contribute, what they say may not follow the law. At least that’s how it seemed to me.

  • You are welcome.

  • Hi Charlene,


    Well-commented blogs are 2 way streets. Plenty of engagement, asking for comments, expound on comments going on at top shelf blogs.

    I make my posts usable. Stuff people can read and put into practice immediately. The usability resonates with my readers, who want to comment.

    I end each post with at least 1 or 2 questions. Continual engagement is key. Your audience expects to comment after each post. You program them to comment 😉

    Awesome point about customizing the comment question. Keep it relevant. This catches the reader’s attention.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!


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  • Thanks for sharing your experience here, Ryan. So many people learn by seeing good examples–words in action.

  • Great tips Charlene!  I’m implementing tips #1 and #2 today.  Gotta keep in mind that its a process and I don’t know everything about blogging, but I can ‘do’ as I ‘learn’.  Have a Fab Friday!!

  • Hi Dorothy, always good to see you! It is a process. There are many layers to a blog, and no one has them all at once. A step at a time is a great strategy. Best of luck to you.

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  • Pat Barton

    Charlene; I’m “new” to blogging – started in mid-March and have had difficulty since I started with blogger comment feature –  I really appreciate your first tip about making sure the comments feature is enabled for “anyone”. I had no idea the default was set up differently – my own fault for not checking more closely when I started.

    As an obviously experienced blogger willing to help others I wonder if you might have an extra minute (!) to take a peek at my blog just once and give me any comments you’d like – on content, format, attitude, etc. I’m not promoting a business or selling anything – just trying to build a community of conversation. If you can’t spare the time, no worries. I appreciate your helpful article.

    Pat Barton

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  • Hello Ray. Do you know where one could get proper guidelines for a GOOD commenting policy? @Charlene I usually put a call to action at the end of a post in a ‘your turn’ section like Extreme John and the least one could do is reply to comment you get.

  • Cheryl

    Like y’all, my company (Convio) has disqus as our commenting tool. It’s a new addition for us but so far so good. I love the way it creates threads and emails folks about comments. It’s a great, free tool for anyone seeking a more interactive commenting system. (Gosh, you would think they pay me the way I sing their praises – maybe I should inquire about that…)

  • Nicole Greentree

    Thanks for a great article Charlene, looks like you have your work cut out for you in reply comments…..well done!

  • Hi Pat. Don’t feel badly about missing the default comment settings in Blogger. There’s so much to figure out when you start that it’s easy to miss lots of things. What matters is that you started!

    Because giving advice is my business, I have to draw a line between what I do for free and what I charge people for. I’m happy to give general advice for free, and in comments like this, I’ll give more specific advice for free if someone asks. Where I draw that line is looking at someone’s site. I hope that makes sense to you, and that you understand the reason why I won’t check your site for free.

    What I can recommend is that you look at some good blogs (and there are plenty out there!) and start deconstructing their features. Compare their features to your own. You can make a lot of improvements to your site just by doing this, and it’s free.

    Good luck to you!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with Disqus. And if Disqus is doing deep monitoring, they will find your testimonial here.

  • Thanks, Nicole. One of my favorite things about writing for Social Media Examiner is answering comments on my articles. I’m in hog heaven!

  • Interesting pointers, what I find peculiar is that many ask for comments and then don’t approve most of them. It really discourages you from trying to contribute, if you spend 10 minutes writing a comment and then nobody get to read or comment on it.

  • Zohdi Rizvi

    Hi Charlene

    It is indeed a wonderful post and I have collected lot pearls of wisdom from it. However I have one specific question to ask based on case-study. Please guide:

    Suppose if I am starting a new blog today, how would I expected to be get noticed beside doing its SEO and digging/tweeting/sharing or liking it. I have tried a lot but rarely I have seen people turning on my blog and interact with me, although I am pretty much sure about the quality of content. Please share your strategy of increasing your subscribers and how should one start a blogging from the day 1.

    Thanks a lot


  • Very nice post, and the fact that there are a lot of comments in here, proves that it works!!!

  • That would be very frustrating, Brian! Hopefully bloggers reading this article will take your comment to heart.

  • Your question is about what every blogger faces, Zohdi. No matter how many people know about your blog, you always want more people to know about it. There are several things a blogger can do to increase awareness of his blog. 1) Write blog posts that answer questions for your target audience. This makes your blog relevant (a must-read) and helps you get new traffic through search results (what people sometimes call organic SEO). But that’s not enough. 2) You have to let people in your target audience know about your blog. One way to do that is to leave relevant comments on other blogs. I don’t mean leave an advertisement for your blog in a comment. I mean make a thoughtful contribution to other people’s blogs in the comments. If people like what you say, they will want to check out your blog to hear more. 3) Promote your blog to your target audience off-line. Tell people in your target audience about your blog when you meet them. Make sure it is on your business card. 4) Make sure that you are keeping people in your target audience after they find your blog. This means being generous with your information and expertise. If you help people solve problems, they will want to stay connected to you so you can help them solve more problems. Blogging takes patience and persistence. It takes time to build a quality audience of the right people who love what you do. Good luck!

  • The Social Media Examiner site is run by people who truly understand the blogging world. They were doing it all well before I arrived as a featured blogger. 

  • Zohdi Rizvi

    Wonderful Charlene. I would definitely try to incorporate the tips you have shared. I would be glad if you could refer me some excellent book on blogging.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • I don’t have any books about blogging to recommend, but I can recommend the blogs of several people, including (, (, and ( There are other people who have great blogs about blogging, also.

  • For myself, I would have to say nothing turns me off more to a site than badly moderated comments.  Spam comments full of ads, comments not in english on english blogs and thinly veiled generic marketer comments all send me running for the hills.

  • Wesley Wise

    These are very helpful tips! Thank you for sharing! I hope some would try these tips to improve their sites. It would interest most bloggers to comment.

  • Well, the sheer volume of comments here prove your tips work.  Thanks!

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  • Thank you for the post! I am very new to the blogging community, and I am trying to figure out the best practices to increase blog comments. So far, it has been a huge learning experience, and I am still learning the best combination to increase readers/comments. Keep up the good work, I thought this article provided great tips!

  • Karen Cioffi

    Great information, two of which I need to implement, #2 and 3. Thanks for sharing!

  • That’s a great point. Thanks for sharing your insights here.

  • I glad you found them helpful, Wesley.

  • I guess it would have been an epic embarrassment if this post had low comments, eh? Thanks for adding your voice, Doug.

  • Hang in there, Megan. Becoming a good blogger is more like a marathon than a sprint. If you can learn something new every week, or try something new every week, you’ll soon be amazed at how much you know. Read a lot of blogs to get ideas for things you can try (or things you never want to try!). Good luck!

  • You are welcome, Karen. Good luck to you!

  • CongaAligns

     thanks for the great post! I’m looking for ways to drive comments to our blog (  We’re already doing 1 & 2.  We’re hoping to soon be able to do #5-7 in order to build a community of people concerned with Brand Alignment and the Customer Experience.

    Thanks so much Social Media Examiner- love your blog 🙂

  • Love these tips. When you moderate comments, it easily kills or greatly hinders the likelihood for a good discussion. 

    In my opinion, the best way to encourage a discussion is to close your posts with a question to your readers. Then, follow up by replying to their comments and as you suggested, make them feel good about contributing to the discussion. 

    I’d also add that it’s nice to visit the blogs of your readers and regular commentators to take the time to comment on what they have to write. It really shows that you care. 

  • Great tips and I always feel you should give your visitors the warm feeling 

  • Great tips. Asking for comments and suggestions, and then making it easy to post a comment, are key to getting feedback. I love to read suggestions and additional tips from other readers (about #socialmedia and other topics). However, some blogs make it so difficult to provide comments with a long of fields to fill in beforehand, it sometimes not worth the time and effort. Again, thanks for the great tips. @rockieshapiro

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  • Bijo George

    have to be reader friendly. Making use of good and interesting words will get
    you many visitors to your blog and they would surely like to participate in
    the discussion then. All you need to do is question them on some interesting
    topics. Some of them who have good knowledge about it would surely share it
    while the rest might ask you some doubts that they have come across.

  • Sometimes its good to challenge readers as well!

  • Carlos

    whenever you post your blog on the internet just ensure that you check your
    blog for the comments that you get daily. There may be some customers or
    visitors who may be having some doubt about the product or whatever you have
    mentioned about. Ensuring that you provide quick answers will sometimes help
    you get good amount of customers for your product.

  • As I have observe in most sites where anyone could leave a comment. It is usually , there are people who often leave a comment using offensive language or do some trash talks. Others malign another. I often see it almost in every site. I hope there is something that could be done.

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  • Thanks, Rockie. If every blogger would sit down and see their blog the way it appears to a first time user, they might change many things!

  • I agree that the best way to get conversation going is to be interesting to your readers. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Charlene for sharing this helpful tips. It really shows in here how your tip effects. More success!

  • Great post Charlene.  Some excellent tips here.  I strongly agree with the need to both respond to each and every commnet and also that it is necessary to reach out and return the favor by commenting on other blogs. I try to practice what you preach on mine.

  • Greg Rublev

    I found that a mismatch between my blog’s stated theme and my ideas was the toughest challenge to overcome.  I described it in a post on and came up with a quick exercise to help others find their voice more quickly.

  • Rocco

    I would like you to help me for writing a comment on a blog.. I want to give my students( teenagers) a handout with “useful tips” for commenting on a blog.. I mean …language register is important
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Great post but how do you find blogs that will allow you to post your comments without a review from the moderator?

  • Annalizrecipes

    Thank you for your post!  It really helps people like us who are not computer savy. Sometimes we feel so stupid since we only started our blog a few months ago.  And we still have alot to learn. Thanks again.
    Sincerely, Anna and Liz Recipes,

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  • Thanks for the post, i was having second thoughts before using Disqus whether to use this or CommentLuv. But somehow zeroed in on disqus, quite happy with it. Sometimes friends do say they have multiple steps to leave a comment. Any suggestions??

  • Great information and tools

  • Live Project Training

    Hi thanks for this post it gives new information and knowledge thanks again for this.

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  • Great read!

  • Nice ! I have already started working on your tips 🙂

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  •  Your post have the information that is useful and  informative.Your post great tips.. I would like you to keep up the good work.You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Wolfgang Loss-Wells

    Thanks for the tips… I’ll be sure to implement them myself.

    Wolfgang Loss-Wells

  • That depends on how they have the blog set up. If you look for Word press
    blogs that have the Do-Follow and Keyword Luv plugins installed, you
    will get major back links with keyword anchors. Do a search to find a few
    and try it.

  • Very nice article .. this will help new bloggers like me to increase traffic and have a good rapport with the visitors 🙂 Thank u

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    I have seen your blog here, It is nice to meet you! I will keep watching it in future. on more thing, please have a look our wensite:cap

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  • Good Post!! All points well covered.I can also think of a few points:
    We should make it easier and simpler for readers to comment, like giving them options like Good Post, Not informative, etc so that the readers can just click the right option and need not type.
    Comment Contests could be organized, this always makes commenting more fun and exciting.

  • Hi Charlene, This was a very helpful post! I am printing it out and will try to address what I don’t currently do. It never occurred to me to actually invite people to comment at the end of a post (duh!). So changes will be made, thanks to you.

  • Comment is an integral part of each blog. but the comment should have quality, while new construction is the best connection between the blog and comment

  • Jill McCarthy

    What a great article. I really got some good tips. My blog is a little of everything so I really want to get people’s feed back. Thanks for the info

  • Tip # 8. Do a post about blog commenting!!

  • Lisa Birnesser

    These are really great tips to connect with your blog readers, Charlene. Thanks so much!

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  • There are still some spammy messages that get through those captcha stuff, and even Akismet. So if you’re going to allow comments, make sure that you still keep your eye on them and keep the ones that are valuable to the content and the conversation, or address those who left unrelated messages.

    — Man Ray

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  • Some good tips for getting more comments but even with those settings the majority of comments are from people just looking for a backlink on our finance blogs we get over 150 of these a day 🙁 I know askimet filters a lot of them out however we had to set our moderation settings to combat the number of spam comments we were getting.

  • Charlene, I’m always looking for ways to inspire more of my readers to leave a comment. Thank you for these tips. Responding to every comment is something I’ve always done, and I also like to reciprocate when the commenter also has a blog.

  • Charlene, Your tips are valuable . i want to add something more. Actually main traffic to a website should come form search enginees. This is organic and long-term. Google is our main search enginee so we must know about Google algorithm. This algorithm is based on backlinks systems. Google does not give enough value to backlinks those are in comments, footers and sidebars of webpages anymore . Links should be in content. So quest posts and article marketing are very very important thant the others.

  • Absolutemortgageco

    The most popular
    blogs have a very interactive community. Blog comments are a critical part of
    a successful blog, and an area bloggers must understand and focus on to
    create a great blog. Keep up all the positive work 🙂



  • Now that you’ve produced high quality content that will provide value to your readers, how do you get them to engage with your posts by commenting on how they feel about your content? 
    Comments are a great way for you to learn more about your audience. They often provide insights into their thought process, which will help you better understand their needs, and possibly their challenges. This will give you a greater opportunity to deliver more value-driven content that solves the needs of your audience. The more that you can deliver this value, the more trust and credibility you build with that audience. Trust and credibility go a long way when you’re ready to convert your audience into paying customers.
    By increasing the number of comments on your blog, more viewers will take notice on how well you are engaging with your audience. Here are five tips on how you can increase your blog comments. Please leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions, or share what techniques worked for you to get more people to leave comments.

  • Until comments begin to show up, new bloggers often feel like they’re in an echo chamber – talking to themselves.
    For some blogs, it can take months before someone comments. For others, a matter of days.
    It’s when we feel what we’re sharing isn’t being read, we think of giving up.
    After all, blogging is supposed to be interactive.


  • Very good article, however I would add that by having back links it would help boost traffic your blog. I know I have gotten some success by doing this and answering comments but nonetheless very good article on this topic. Thank you for your valuable information. GOD BLESS YOU! 


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  • That’s great tip’s and nice post related to 7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments.
    thank’s for sharing useful information.

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  • Dianne

    I left a comment on a WordPress blog but left the website box blank because I do not have a website or blog of my own.  The comment was responded to by email but it was never posted on the blog as a comment.  Did I do something wrong?

  • It is very helpful and dynamic suggestion for any good person. Thanks.

  • Interesting but may I ask where the best place to put such a policy would be? I’m not sure if I want to link it to ever post, or should I really put a link just above the comments section?

  • Bob The Water Cat

    Solid advice. Thanks

  • The only thing I disagree with is the word verification for blogs on Blogger. I know several people who will not comment if they have to do that as they are hard to read, and it just takes more time and effort to comment. I will do so, but I do find it extremely difficult, and think that if people actually want comments, they shouldn’t make the commenter’s work to leave a comment. 

  • Does Blogging really achieves sales?

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  • Great post. I am newbie in this industry. This will really help me lot to improve my SEO skills.

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  • Leon @ Easy Video Palyer

     Thanks for this post. I am new working with wordpress. I wonder if there is a pluging that detects the quality of the comment and let the good quality comments on the blog. Astkimes does the job, but for all the comments.  Any ideas for that kind of plugin?

  • Awesome article. I am also a blogger and always search for this kind of blogs which can increase my knowledge on blogs. Hope this will help me 🙂

  • Nice article.
    Also useful informations and tips. Im going to use this to tips!

  • rose


    This also my first time log in blog .I also hope can
    publish my view.Let us share our mood.thank you for share

  • I think it’s more beneficial to make commenting as easy as possible. I would recommend starting without it, and if you find you have a large spam problem, adding it in later

  • Thank you for posting this. Blogging with WordPress makes the webmaster easier!

  • manojglobal

    Thank you for this interesting material.

  • What about any strategies for comment platforms such as Disqus?

  • Thanks for sharing…as a small business owner, I think it’s almost a necessity to blog and promote.

  • thank you Charlene.I found your article helpful and i will be making changes to my site. My site is new. A lot of people come to it. but few leave comments. I just found you blog and i bookmarked it. thank you so much

  • Thanks for publish. It’s really useful products.i really like to study and wish to understand a lot and have a awesome encounter here ! best regaeds Guys… 

  • Comments are very important in every blog. I wonder why there are many sites there that does not moderate their comments section its filled with spam.

  • rahul

    this blog give good information to how to improve the blog commenting…

  • guest


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  • Vthakian

    thank you

  • Hi Charlene,
    Thank you, great commenting tips. I especially like the approve the first comment and the rest will be automatically approved. With so much comment spam it’s always a good idea to have people type a word. I do however hate the CAPTCHA system.

    I like diversity of opinion as long as someone is not overly negative. Commenting is a great way to crete community.

    To Your Success,


  • Pat

    As a new blogger, it is good to get to know how to do it correct 1st time.

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  • We have just started our blog at it’s all a bit scary tying to write interesting info and then leaving the door open for comments!

  • Thanks for this posts!  I’m impressed by the many comments you have received so you obviously know what you are talking about!!  I started my blog four years ago with only one post but was too scared to open it up to the public and than became too busy to do anything with it.  Now I have started again posting and have this time opened it up for comments to anyone.  I love the idea of a comment policy!  Thanks!!

  •  I find the Tip #2 “Ask for Comments” very effective. Through writing a customized question at the end of the blog post, bloggers/readers will be encouraged to share their ideas or opinions about the blog post which can be useful to start a good conversion or discussion.

  • Testing my new avatar

  •  I think it is very important to moderate that first comment.  The comments from questionable sites with bizaar names are the ones we want to weed out.   

    It is too bad that more people don’t spend time reading the post and offering a quality comment, isn’t it? 

  • This option requires the blog administrator to approve the first comment from everyone. WordPress automatically approves any other comments posted by the same person.   

  • We would prefer to communicate to the author ourselves asking them to
    reply to the commenter, or sometimes we would reply ourselves as the
    website admins.

  • Finally something I’ve been looking for! Great post, thanks for the info here. And keep up the good work. 

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  • fzizulaakhan

    I find that getting comments from 1% of my readers is about average. It
    was discouraging to me too, but then I just accepted exactly what
    Charlene said: They don’t have to read and they don’t have to comment.
    And I kept writing. I was getting a lot of face-to-face comments from
    friends who said they loved what I was writing but none of those people
    were posting comments on the blog.

  • Suchi Gutpa

    Hi Charlene,

    Great tips for increasing comment stream on your blog which I believe is one of the hardest things to achieve  in blogging.

    A quick question about your first tip –  You are suggesting to make the commenting easier by asking readers to only fill out their email address and names. But in my experience most blogs require some kind of login and then only you can comment, Can wordpress settings change that or not?

  • Great tips Charlene!  What I would add and highly recommend is utilizing Video on your blog.  Bloggers are now starting to use online video platforms to allow their readers to comment using videos, right from their webcams.  It is a very exciting new way to engage your audience.

  • G4gyourebeautiful1

    The first tip about checking your settings WAS MY PROBLEM ALL ALONG!!!!! Thank you so much for your help! I have a blog that’s about supporting woman and girls, and I really wanted to know where they were coming from, and what they though, but I couldn’t because they weren’t commenting! Thank you for your help again! 

  • I’ve been using the previous version of More Fields for over a year now
    and its one of the most flexible, featured-rich plugins around.

  • Good stuff…!! Thanks for sharing.

  • amy

    hey I have lots of family and friends who don’t have blogs that want to comment on mine. How can I have a comment area like you showed above with name, email, url(optional) ? I use Blogspot/blogger

  • Yet another great post about posting and receiving comment. indeed this is very helpful for everyone who expects more responses to their posts. This tips really works. Thanks for sharing. Keep inform
    What about people who never respond to the comments they receive at their posts but still they get more and more comments, any explanation. 🙂
    Best Regards
    Philip Ariel

  • David Satterly

      you have explained in a sequential way how to make popular a blog, how it will be looks more attractive and all the points to promote it…Thanks for your time and nice post..I really liked it…

  • Isla Everywhere

    Thank you! These are very good advices!! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this helpful information, I´m new blogging and I have just open my comments because I didn´t know how to do it and how helpful they were for my SEO.  I´ll implement  Tip #2 “Ask for Comments” , I still have no comments, but I´m sure a call to action will help. I´d like to left a contribution for newbies like me. I have a WordPress blog, and I set everything in the settings area, but the comments didn´t appear, It was driving me nuts, until suddenly I realized that after doing all the settings,  I had to go to each post to the edit post area, and allow comments in each post separately. I know it sounds silly for the pros, but for a newbie like me, It could help. Thanks again for the tips.

  • Thank you for sharing this valuable resources .. will defiantly apply your suggestions

  • Kids games

    This is article interesting. I will sharing with people .

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  • wonderful. great informations.

  • Thanks a lot a lot, The information was indeed very brilliantly written. Every time your life offers a hundred good reasons to weep.

  • I have to start asking visitors for comments at the end of the article. In fact, I was ignoring this and no wonder that I rarely get comments on my blog.

  • To the brilliant author,

    Thank you for sharing this tips, it will help me a lot with my new blog.


  • I can make my comments to be better by the use of this information. Thanks to the author of this blog. 

  • I am glad to have come across this particular post. I ran a search for increasing blog comments and like the majority of the ideas listed here. Though, the Word Verification option is quite controversial in ways. Whilst it is a great idea to prevent spammers from taking over your comments, leaving you to clean it all up day in and day out, most people are put off by wanting to leave their thoughts because of it. I had mine turned on for a long while before realising my comments were not growing. Only lately have I turned off the need to verify a jumble of letters and numbers in the hope that it will attract more contributions.

  • I have to start asking visitors for comments at the end of the article.
    In fact, I was ignoring this and no wonder that I rarely get comments on
    my blog.

  • To tell the truth, idea is good, but i advice you to see some ideas in russian internet – they have more ways of seo.

  • hmmm i have a problem with disqus and want to know its solution…
    put disqus on my website so when someone comment on it the disqus
    publish the comment without my permission.. there are some comments i
    dont want to approve but it make them appear in front of all…. what
    can i do for it??? 

  • thanks for article and you peoples discussion. which enabling me to write my own blogs.

    Thanks !


  • Where do you think social networks fit in to blog commenting? Such as going to the G+ page to comment on the post instead of the blog. Things like facebook comments can help with this.

  • Blogs need to automatically integrate to FB or Twitter 

  •  An integration app needs developing for blogs then.

  •  gud

  • Charlene, thank you for this article. I had no comments on my blog, I just apply your techniques in one of my posts and now I have lots of comments, it really works, thanks!

  • Venkatdial

    Thank you for
    sharing this post….This post is really useful to me because i have that much
    of interest about this post.Thank you.

  • ShopTalk®

    This is the first article on this topic I’ve seen! Good advice. Thank you.

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    How do you get comments to show up on the actual post?

  • Nevinrc

    Hi! I am struggling with my blog. I am trying to format my blog so that the comments show up on the actual blog post, like this page, so that when you open my blog all the comments appear.  I also want the comment box to show up instead of the visitor needing to click on an icon to post a comment. Help please!! 
    My blog is :

    Thank you! 

  • Venkatdial

    oh it is really
    good post to me.Thank you for sharing this post.

  • Thanks for
    the great information. I have completed all the necessary setting, but still I don’t
    get any related comments. Just spam stuff now and then. I guess I just suck at
    promoting my site.

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    What an awesome article………!! Thanks for sharing

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  • Excellent
    points!  Yes, it would be nice to know
    beforehand whether comments from new visitors are moderated.  Thanks for sharing your insights.

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    great post, I have some problems with blog trolls and I thing I’ll need to start moderate all comments…

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    i looking to increase the web traffic for the top literary agent for more than 1 month, and am unable to go so, pls provide some tips

  • Chris

    The biggest turn off is actually requiring to fill in an email address to reply, so its sorry that this guide says to turn this on. Why does a blog author need my email address when I post. Yet pretty much every blog or comment page out there asks for an email address to post.

  • Good explanation with perfect example images… 🙂

  • Hi Charlene,
    Great article on increase blog comments. These are the really best way to increase number of comments on a blog post. Worth reading.

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    thanks for helping!

  • Rishabh Tripathi

    Hey Charlene, nice article. I have a new blog and i want to ask that should i allow do-follow links in comments or not?


    Hey Charlene It is really a great post to go through and i really found it interesting and knowledgeable *Thumbs up* Thank you 🙂

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