social media reviewsFacebook pages are changing. And that means your business strategy will need to change.

In fact, Facebook has made many new changes that will impact anyone with a Facebook page.

These changes emerged from Facebook’s fMC 2012 Conference.

The overall message was that Facebook is looking at pages as a “mission control” point (which is where the MC comes from in the conference title).

Here is an overview of the changes and how brands can take advantage of some of the new features.

#1: Cover Photo and Profile Image

Obviously one of the biggest changes that we all knew was coming was the cover photo. No more photo strip across the top. You now have one large image to showcase your page. This image must be a minimum of 399 pixels across to be used as the cover photo. But you can have a photo cover designed to take advantage of the extra space you get. The cover photo maximum dimensions are 850 pixels by 315 pixels.


The new Timeline cover photo.

One of the biggest restrictions is the fact that you can’t have any calls to action in your cover photo. You can’t tell people to like or share your page or have any contact information at all, including your web address, phone number or mailing address. Get the full details about cover photos here. These restrictions will require some creativity in drawing attention to your business without some of the methods that have been used in the profile pictures recently.

The profile picture size has been changed to 180 pixels by 180 pixels. It appears next to every post in the news feed as a 30 pixel by 30 pixel picture. The profile picture is best used for your logo or other eye-catching picture without a lot of words.

#2: Larger, Highlighted and Pinned Posts

One of Facebook’s mantras during the conference was the way we tell stories with Facebook. To help you tell your stories, the pictures and videos are now larger and more eye-catching.

You can also highlight a story (by clicking the star icon in the upper right of a post) so that it spans all the way across the Timeline as shown in this Lexus post with a video.

larger starred posts

Use Highlight to emphasize a particular post.

You can also pin the story to the top of your Timeline for up to a week. To do this, click the pencil icon in the upper right of the post and select Pin to Top.

pin a story

Pin a story to the top of your Timeline for greater emphasis.

#3: Setting Company Milestones

Another thing you can add to make your Timeline more interesting is Milestones. You can tell people about big events in the life of your brand or company.

All you need to do is click on the line that runs down the middle of your Timeline and select Milestone. Then you can fill out the information as shown.


Add Milestones to tell your company's story.

Because the posts from your fans are in a separate area, your Timeline is now more focused on your story.

People may be spending more time reading your Timeline rather than just coming to your page to ask a question. The more visually engaging you can make your Timeline, the better.

#4: New Applications

One of the biggest changes is the removal of the default landing tab.

Applications are still available and if you have created a custom welcome tab or added any other special application, it hasn’t disappeared.

You now have 12 applications you can showcase and only the four applications that you move to the top row will appear prominently. You cannot change the position of the photos, so technically you only have three applications that you have control over in that top row .


Choose which apps you want displayed by placing them in the first three rows.

To move your apps around, first click the down arrow next to your top row of apps to display all of your apps. Next, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the app. Then select the app that you would like to swap positions with. As mentioned, you cannot change the position of the Photos app.

swap position

Change your app position.

Many people are lamenting the disappearance of the default landing tab, but the new app buttons give us an opportunity to be creative. You can change the photo that appears for the app and you can rename the app to give a call to action as shown on Holdren Design’s page.

welcome page

Use an eye-catching image and rename the app to have a call to action.

app pictures

Another good use of custom images and tab names.

To change your app photo, again display all of your apps with the down arrow button next to the top row of apps and click on the pencil icon. Scroll down to the Edit Setting selection and from there you can add a custom tab image.

edit app

Select Edit Settings to change the name of the tab and use a custom tab image.

change custom tab

Select Change to upload a custom tab image.

The custom tab image is 111 pixels by 74 pixels.

new app image

You can have an enticing call to action in your custom tab image.

#5: Facebook Offers

Only a few companies have access to Facebook Offers currently, but it will be rolled out soon. According to Facebook’s Offer Help section, they “expect to make Offers available more broadly soon.” Facebook Offers are like Facebook Deals on steroids.

The post is sent through the news feeds of your fans, which is much more visible. There are easy ways to share the Offer, both through the post itself and then when the Offer is claimed. Fans get the Offer by clicking the Get Offer link, see the terms and then click the blue Claim Offer button as shown.

einsteins facebook offer

Click Claim Offer to get the coupon sent to your email.

Because Facebook has everyone’s email address, they are able to individually email your Offer to the person who claimed it. Unfortunately, the page does not have access to those emails through which the Offer was claimed, but at least the word is spread about your Offer.

einsteins email

The person who claims the Offer receives an email showing how to redeem the Offer and the terms.

Facebook Offers could be a huge win for small businesses offering things like a “free webinar” or consultants offering a “free 15-minute consultation.”

The danger is making sure you have the bandwidth to deliver the Offer. There didn’t seem to be any way to cap the number of Offers that were claimed. Einstein’s Bagels had close to 30,000 people who claimed the BYGO sandwich offer. Not too difficult to fulfill if you have 500+ locations and you anticipate that some won’t redeem the Offer at all—but still, you don’t want to get into a bad situation with fulfillment problems.

Facebook gives some good tips on ways to make your Offer successful by telling us to “make discounts substantial”—20% off or even free—as well as setting a reasonable expiry date to “let people have a few days to see and claim the Offer.”

The other question is when Facebook Offers will be widely available. Facebook stated, “Offers are only available to managed advertising clients.” Once this is rolled out to more pages, it would seem that every page would want to create one if it was free. Plus it appears that Facebook may not be vetting the Offers before they go live. Offers may become too much of a good thing, but that remains to be seen.

#6: Facebook Insights, Admin Panel and Messaging

Another change with the Timeline is the location of the Insights. You can now access them by clicking on the Admin Panel in the upper right corner.

admin panel

The Admin Panel tells you about new notifications and gives you access to the "back-end" of your Facebook page.

The Admin Panel has much different navigation than before, but everything appears to be there.

insights through admin panel

Access your Insights through the Admin Panel.

You will still be able to see the old-style Page Dashboard if you click the Manage drop-down menu and then Edit Page.

edit page dashboard

Click Edit Page to see the old-style Page Dashboard.

From the Admin Page, you can also invite your email contacts, invite friends, share your page and create an ad from the Build Audience drop-down menu.

build audience

Use the Build Audience drop-down menu to access several options on getting the word out about your page.

Facebook has done a nice job of giving us lots of options to learn more about the new page design from the Help drop-down menu. During the Preview, the Help drop-down menu links to tutorials, but once you publish your Timeline you will have access to some different options.

One of the capabilities will be to easily request a name change for your page. This name change is the title of your page, not the custom URL you may have set for your page. You can still access this form here. Great news for people who have changed their company branding, have had a misspelling in the name or have other tweaks they have wanted to make.

change the name of your page

Request a name change for your page

One of the most interesting developments of the new page Timelines is that we can now get more information on other pages that have changed to the new Timeline. When you click on the Likes box, just underneath their Timeline cover photo you can see the most popular age group, a People Talking About This Trend graph and their most popular week.

public insights

You can now see more Insight information about any page that has the new Timeline.

Companies could possibly hide the Likes box by swapping it to a lower position than the top 12 apps that are accessible to the public. But that would also hide the social proof of how many people like your page.

Pages will also have the ability to receive messages from fans. The Message feature can be turned on or off from the Manage Permissions area of the Admin Dashboard.

manage permissions area

Enable the Message button from the Manage Permissions area.

The Message button is enabled by default so if you want to disable it, you will have to uncheck the box. Messages can only be initiated by a fan—they cannot be initiated by the page to a fan. The page can reply to the message sent.

#7: Facebook Advertising

Another new announcement that was covered in the fMC Conference was some changes to advertising. The ads will be larger and the product names are the Reach Generator and Premium on Facebook. The Reach Generator is designed to reach more of your existing fans than you currently are reaching through the news feed.

Mike Hoefflinger, Facebook’s director of global business marketing, said that currently pages only reach about 16% of their audience each week with posts. With the Reach Generator ads, pages can reach 50% of their fans each week and 75% each month. Beta testing done by brands such as Ben and Jerry’s was able to reach 98% of fans and double engagement.

The Reach Generator ads are designed to connect to your existing audience and will include the Page Post stories. The ads will not be based on CPC or CPM models, but will be an “always on” ad. These ads will be shown on the right side of the page and they will also go into the news feed and mobile streams. Learn more about this product in Facebook’s Reach Generator Guide.

Premium on Facebook is designed to distribute your stories to new connections and will be shown on the right side of the home page, in the news feed, in mobile streams and when someone logs out of Facebook. Find out more in the Premium on Facebook Guide.

Again, there were lots of big changes to pages that came out of the fMC Conference. Read more about their guides here. Ultimately, the Timeline look needed to come to pages and there are a lot of ways we can use it to our advantage.

What do you think? Now it’s time to weigh in with your thoughts about all the changes. Leave your questions and comments in the box below!

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  • chrisjangelov

    Thanks for o good article.

    I think this move by Facebook is fascinating. The largest “social media” turns web 1.0.

    Marketing in SoMe is said to build on dialogue and earning your brand value by sharing and being a thought leader in your area of expertise. The old Facebook design was not perfect but essentially designed to be a forum, a well known format for discussion. The new design use a lot of screen space for images and seem to hide the dialogue aspect. Like you said – they help me tell my story.
    The new page design is more like a website than a space for communicating with your visitors.

    I’d say that Facebook want to be the one stop shop when you start a small business. They want to replace blogger, and other typical starting points for smb:s.It would be a web site with a walled garden market place – and it hardly gets mor web 1.0 than that.

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  • I think the coolest changes to the new business timelines is the ability for people to go back and discuss the milestones of a company. There’s always moments that make you say “man, I wonder what it was like back then”; if businesses have their social media on point than these can kick up into some really interesting discussions.

  • I was very worried about having no default landing tab at first, once I realized you could customize the application icons the worry went away. The buttons are very visible and you can easily make them into a call to action which leads to a nice larger custom page.

  • Thanks Chris!  I don’t think that Facebook will ever replace websites or blogs.  Facebook changes too much to give it too much power over how your blogs are displayed.  Plus the SEO benefits of having a blog on your website are too powerful!  Thanks for your comments!

  •  I agree Matt, I think we will just have to maximize that icon to get people to click on it and find out about your free offer.  It may not be quite as visible as before but I think it still will be good.

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  • Great post! Facebook has been doing a lot of updating and I’ve been lost a couple of times there. lol Thanks for sharing an informative post on this topic! Perfect timing! It’s best that we adapt to these changes and use it to our advantage. 🙂 Keep it up!

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  • Andrea, you’ve Pinned these attention catching features on time, if you notice everyone was asking on the SME wall that “where to find hidden posts, where to find “Like” button” etc.. etc…

  • Great tips! I’ll be experimenting with my Page later this week and will definitely be using this tutorial. Can’t wait to try out the Offers when available!

  • ZippyNut

    Many thanks for this though I had read a lot of this before you have highlighted something I hadn’t realised a change tool long over due –  being able to correct or change the name of a page – wonder if they will allow merging of pages?

  • Thanks SOOO much! With everything else that goes on daily in small businesses, this change for our facebook page (which is where we get a LOT of business, and connect daily with our fans), felt overwhelming to be sure!
    This article is helping me make some basic changes that I can do now… and giving me ideas for adding some things over the next month!

    Thanks So much!

    Laura o.

  • Sroth

    Nice Job Andrea! thanks,

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  • Question: I can’t seem to change my application image to a custom tab image as you mentioned in #4. I thought it may be because my welcome page is a static FBML page, but I loaded another test page (an actual application instead of static FBML) and I couldn’t change that app’s image either. I can see the “Edit Settings” link in the drop-down menu, but when I click this it does nothing. Thought it was my browser, but that’s not the case either. Any thoughts are welcome!

    This is a great article! I was just updating my business Facebook page today and going through the Facebook video tutorial—but it’s always great to view an all-inclusive article like this, and I’ll be forwarding it to my clients as well. Thanks!

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  • SadieMichaelaHarris

    An excellent overview we have slight variations on the image sizes…
    Cover Photos as 851 x 315
    App images at 111 x 74. … bigger also work and seem to auto shrink to fit like a 382 x 240 worked too! 
    Milestones 843 x 403 Logo images 180 x 180.
    Loving what we’ve seen so far there are a few quirky bugs but nothing huge so far.
    Thanks for the share, I’m sure it has brought clarity to many :o) 

  • myactivechild

    Thank you for this post! A quick question for those of us whose business names ARE our URLs…. for instance mine is and I have it incorporated into my logo on my Facebook pic:

    Am I going to need to change out this picture? Any advice is welcome 🙂

  • Is premium advertising already available?   I checked and I don’t see it anywhere on the ad creation page within my facebook account…I mean, I see the regular ads, like stories, and facebook ads, but I dont see this new “premium” ads…any thoughts….

  • sabrina

    On thing I’ve noticed is that if friends like the same page and make a comment about the page, as the Page Administrator, their comment shows up on the Timeline i.e. it is personalized. This makes customizing a little tricky because you cannot be completely certain what Timeline will look like to others. Is there a feature like “View as” for pages so we can see what our page will look like to the majority of people?

  • Mj-construction

    At first when I heard that FB was changing to Timeline I wasn’t very happy.  But by doing more research and reading your article I think it will work out well for us and do us more good.  Thank you for this article!

  • This is the best Timeline article I have read thus far.  I plan to share it with my followers.

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  • KVore

    This came from Facebook and contains all the new images sizes, etc. Take a look. It was very helpful in creating our new timeline look.

  • I tried to do the name change but it didn’t work since they insist on having a utility bill or other documentation of a legal business name change. My business didn’t change names, I am a sole proprieter and everything is in my own name and I operate out of my home. I explained this and they basically said sorry. Need proof of a business name change. Not very entrepreneur-friendly.

  • Andrea, thanks so much for the great tips! I guess it will take some getting used to to these changes. We can either hate them or embrace them. The choice is ours 🙂

  • Hi, great article!  I understand the Landing Page is gone, but just wondering about the ‘Like Gate’  Is there anyway I can incorporate that into my Page?  Before when my ad was clicked the Like Gate appeared and my Fan base grew….now, I think I’m getting visitors but not as many Likes?
    Many thanks!

  • Nicely done Andrea.  You always lay things out clearly – and descriptively.  Some nice features here to overcome the perils of edgerank. 

  • Art

    Nice Job!
    Thanks for the share

  • Good question ZippyNut – I don’t know!  I know the merging of pages before has been a little dicey but it makes sense for them to allow it and clean up the duplicate pages out there!

  • You are welcome!

  • That is strange Matt – I just tried it on my static FBML apps and it worked.  I’m using Chrome.  It could just be some glitches that get worked out – I know I’m hearing a lot of strange things happening on pages across Facebook. 
    Thanks for your comments!

  • Thanks Sadie!  I saw multiple conflicting numbers out there and we are getting these updated.  Thanks for the updates!

  • It isn’t available that I know of yet Hermes.  We will keep you posted on the new Ad offerings.  I just saw another Facebook Offer deal out today so looks like they are still rolling things out!

  • There is no View As feature that I know of.  The difficult thing is they are customizing it based on what friends have commented on your Page so everyone is seeing some different posts.  I think just be aware of your older posts.  

  • I’m liking the new features too, MJ.  A little bummed out about the default landing tab but I think we can make improvements to the visibility with the custom app picture.

  • Thanks Julie!

  • Thanks Jeff!  Love your articles too!

  • The Like-gate is still there but it’s been acting flaky.  I haven’t checked it today but last week it was requiring a refresh before you saw the second page after Liking.  So not user friendly.  It’s my understanding that they were working on correcting that bug.  I think it will be a matter of just using the custom tab pictures to draw attention to your offers and hopefully convert them to Likers!

  • Very helpful information – I had completely missed the point about the cover photo not having contact info in it.  

  • Wendy B

    thanks. But can you help with one thing.  I’m now seeing huge banner advertisements that I did not approve on my Business Page and my Personal Page.

    How can I block these horrible advertisements from appearing?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Lapastell

    I found this blog to be very interesting.  I had no idea that there were restrictions to the cover photo on Facebook.  This is good information to be aware of if you are using a Facebook page to promote your brand. Great blog, thanks for the information!

  • Leltabib

    Great article, thanks! Quick question – the example you give “Holdren Design” shows a website in the Cover Image. I thought I read that calls to action, like websites, weren’t allowed in the cover photo. Is that incorrect?

  • Great article… I do admin for all the women owned sites and we use for email marketing and social page/engagement creation.   The new engagement widgets and he tools to automate some of this from all the different vendors are fantastic

  • Guest

    Not to mention the fact that if Facebook decides they don’t like you or what you’re doing they can shut you down and you’re out of business.

    If you keep paying for you domain name and hosting and as long as you are legal…your website is YOUR website.

  • Alissa

    I watched the FB video to get the same numbers on the cover and profile photo that Sadie lists.  But the app and milestone images were helpful.  Thanks Sadie.  The FB video also mentioned that the logo image resizes to 32×32 for the thumbnail, so recommends users check it at 32×32 to make sure it still looks as intended at that size.

  • Thanks for tip on Facebook Offers. I had same question as Leltabib about adding calls to action on cover photo’s. I’ve seen some pages add phone & website addresses discreetly but guidelines say this is not alllowed?  I’ve added this great post to all my networks & on my blog along with other facebook timeline for brands resources i’ve come across. Working on my cover photo now! Thanks sooo much 🙂

  • Natasha

    Very helpful, Thanks Andrea! I have been having a hard time finding an article that has an overview of all the most recent changes to pages, but this did the trick!


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  • Excited to see where this can lead us

  • Arthur

    Thank you for great post!

  • So excited!!! I accidentally used a lowercase l in my page name EasyLunchboxes when I named it at the beginning of time and it’s bothered me ever since. So happy to be able to get this corrected finally! I had no idea that they had made this page name change available, so thank you for this 🙂 HAPPY UPDATE!!! 🙂 – Less than an hour after I asked FB to change my page name – I got this:

    We may be able to assist you with this request. In order to update your Page name, please make sure to provide the following information:

    If you selected, “My Page name has changed,” please make sure that you have attached documentation showing your new business name as well as its address. An example of this is a utility or phone bill.

    If you selected, “My Page name is misspelled,” sit tight and we will get to your request as soon as possible.

    Please note these changes may take up to 3 days to process. We apologize for any inconvenience.


    The Facebook Team

  • That tip looked strange to me too… I don’t think I’ve ever seen that option till just now!
    I thought it might be because you were using FBML apps vs iFrame but I had the option on most of the apps I have installed except for HootSuite.

    I’m not sure why some can and some can’t but the one thing I see is that you can’t edit the small icon, the one that shows in the Timeline drop down menu and used to show in the left nav in the old design.

    This may be important for branding and a reason to have a custom app built for you instead of installing one meant for the mass market. At least then your Resources tab could have an icon that represents the idea of resources instead of the logo of the company you bought your app from.

  • We need to speak with Mark Z. and John Paul DeJoria about a business venture that could change the world of business over night. It will work seemlessly with facebook. J.P. and I have similar business morals and values as well as personal back grounds. Not to mention John Paul Mitchell Systems and the Professional Beauty Industry are the reasons for my success. This is a simple invention and business structure co-founded with my 15 yr old daughter. We speak with a patent & trademark attorney 3-7-2012 and can release details after that.

    We are in stage 1 (seed stage) of preparing a hard business model for starting a large corporation that will be privately held and traded. We are starting an industry that doesnt exist. It involves technology, product developement,production, marketing, sales and support. It has nothing to do with the beauty industry. We are trying to manage all value-creation activities in house and will be looking for a team shortly. We will open the “door” with zero debit and no bank loans.

    If anyone can help put us in touch with Mark Z. and John Paul De Joria please email us at
    This is time sensitive. Thank you all for your help. We look forward to doing business with you all soon.

  • I was talking about the new Messages feature with my partner due to the fact that we have a contact form installed on our page… I was also looking around and have not seen anyone with the Message feature enabled but still plenty of contact forms. 

    We were testing the Messages out and they work ok, the one big issue for me is the fact that there’s no notification for the new messages that your page receives! At least not until you open your admin panel. Big issue in my opinion, if you have to navigate to all your pages (thinking as a social media manager) and open or “show” the admin panel to check your Messages then they will become a big hassle.

    As a business is it better to enable messages or to continue to use a contact form? With websites, contact form apps, Twitter, G+ and other avenues, is communicating through FB Messages the best option for a business? At least with a contact form you can get an email address and add to your email list and get the messages on your phone! I also noticed that you can’t see your page’s messages on your phone, at least not through the mobile app. 

    What do you think?

    oh, i’m biased a bit too because we made a contact form app…

  • We’re having fun today setting up our new Timeline version.  Thanks for all the great tips. 

  • The changes to Pages are taking us to a whole new level of potential. Basically I like it (no pun). My problem is that I migrated my personal profile to a fan page using the Facebook tool, but Facebook have not allowed me to keep my Facebook URL which I have spent considerable time & budget marketing and promoting. This is a disaster for me. Is there a solution?

  • Thanks Andrea, it will be a big loss for me, I was averaging 6 likers a day, pretty much without fail for $2.50….which was pretty good, now down to 1… anyhow will work on the custom tab pictures, see how I go. Thaks again for your speedy reply!

  • Epic Post! This is a must read for anyone with a Facebook page.

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  • Debbie Adams

    Great information and I will share this with my facebook business page.  I appreciate the info.

    Debbie Adams
    Adams Social Media Connections

  • Thanks andrea for thoughtful research and report. Just like most people here, i was worried about how we will go ahead with FB Marketing campaign without that fabulous custom landing tab, but it happened to read the article and playing with new timeline, i found app images very useful. I think this new functionality to add custom images for the app icon have more power and potential to attract solid and genuine fan base. Also, the restriction of call to action on cover image enforces real marketing campaign and would test the skills of so called FB Marketing experts.

    Thank you again!

  • Right said lapastell, the cover design restriction are at one sight seem to be bad for FB Marketers but on the other hand it has widen the opportunities to covert fans into leads/customers for the business by the means of creative and professional designed cover images. What say?

  • Andrew Schiestel

    Sorry Matt & Andrea – I disagree with you both on this item. Statistically, it won’t be comparable to the former Default. I think it’s wishful thinking to think any page will get more than 5% of newcomers to click on the Welcome page vs. the 100% you were getting before.
    I’m not unnecessarily cynical. I just think it’s important to manage expectations, especially when dealing with clients.On the happy side, it’s nice to see a custom URL can still be used for promoting pages. I think brands should still provide offer pages (sweepstakes, contests, e-report downloads, etc.), but I believe we will witness the death of the static Welcome pages as we know it with these new changes.

    Andrew Schiestel | tbk Creative

  • Hey that’s a  great post i still haven’t set timeline for my fan page but now i m going to set it after reading all these little information…. Thanks

  • I appreciate the perspective on how the changes can be beneficial to small business. I understand that the change comes from Facebook’s desire to make interaction more social (no more one-way communication landing pages).  But for small businesses that have spent precious time and money building their landing tabs and profile pictures, this change could be a hardship in the short-term.  Many simply don’t have the time and money to invest on a redesign in this economy.  Not to mention those who depended on custom landing tabs to collect opt-in information.

    But, we’ll see – I truly believe that the changes will have a positive effect in the long-run.

  • Just about to plan out with my team for the Timeline Version.This would be a great help specially for the cover picture.

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  • Try clicking on the arrow on the right hand side of the images first, that will open up all 12 apps you can use and then you can click on the edit settings.

  • Wia Aalders

    still possible, merged our two pages yesterday 😀

  • Facebook changes can be annoying at times.

  • True Very True Changes on Social media sites like Facebook.

  • Marie

    Really useful article. Thought I had understood all the changes but hadn’t realised that welcome pages could no longer be made into the default landing page! The article mentions that the photo which appears for each app can be changed – can anyone tell me where you change this? 

  • Great info!  I just find it funny that you used ‘holdren’ as an example, even though their cover photo is clearly violating the Facebook terms that you mentioned in the previous point!

  • INFORMATION…. seriously! Thanks Andrea for a neat depiction of the changes we will see on facebook

  • Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Apps > Edit Settings on each app let’s you change it’s image.

  • Jess Waterfield

    Does anyone know when these changes are taking place? As our page is still the same and can’t see where I would be changing it, thanks

  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed this – but Facebook is really helping the biggest brands by surfacing comments about them without the need for users to use a tag in their updates.

    Visit Coca-Cola or Manchester United’s pages and you see posts by your friends, assuming you have friends that have mentioned these names.  These appear on the top right of the new Timeline Page design.

    Facebook seems to be scanning for an update by one of your friends who has mentioned one of the Page’s keywords. (e.g. Coke for the Coca-cola page)

    I can’t see the FB servers bothering to do this with smaller brands though? Might be worth asking people if they’re seeing this with minor brands, @andreavahl:disqus ?

  • Tpain Tpain


  •  You may have stumbled into a nasty app accidentally – usually is the culprit.  Go into your Account Settings and the click Apps on the left sidebar on your Personal Profile and look at all the apps you have approved – delete anything that you don’t need or don’t recognize.

  • 7 new facebook changes impacting businesses via Social Media Examiner

  •  Ugh – darn you are right!  I was focusing on finding an example with interesting calls to action in the app images and didn’t realize that their cover image violates the new terms.  Thanks for point that out!

  •  Yep – I didn’t realize that until they pointed that out!  I was focused on finding a custom app image.  So this cover photo does violate the terms.

  • 7 new Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses via Social Media Examiner 

  •  Thanks Kelly!  Great to know!  I’ve heard similar reports about the utility bill.

  • I haven’t testing this message feature either but I thought that you got an e-mail notification with your message but you are saying that isn’t the case?  Very interesting.  I would rather have a e-mail sent to me. 

    But I would be careful about adding e-mail addresses sent through a contact form directly into your list – unless you’ve made it clear that they are going to get ongoing e-mails from you.

  • Thanks for this great post, very useful!

    I don’t seem to have a message box on my page even though it has a tick in the box…where am I going wrong?

    Also when I ‘like’ my business page from my personal (my own name) why did it show up my business name instead of personal name? … strange!

  •  Very frustrating Neil!  The custom URLs not translating is a big problem.  I’ve had a lot of people petition Facebook without much success.  But you can try.  That is the only option.

  •  You are welcome!

  • Yes, tried to expand to show all apps, and can see where I can click to edit. And when I click nothing happens. Probably just a glitch.

    However, I didn’t think to go to the actual App settings—thanks to Karen Clark below! (Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Apps > Edit Settings on each app let’s you change it’s image.)

    But this is weird… when I tried to upload an image for my static FBML app, it kept replacing it with a random image from some foreign site. Every time I did it. Like the image was being hacked or something! I went back and tried it about 15 minutes later a few more times and finally my image stuck. (And FYI, when I changed my tab app (not FBML) image, it took the first time.) Facebook must still be trying to figure stuff out.

  • Makes you wonder what they have in the works for next year!  I was shocked when I heard they were changing to timeline view for business.  I was so frustrated, I stopped everything I was doing and wrote a post about it.  We were right in the middle of creating a landing page.

  • I wasn’t aware of the “mini-insights” view on competitors’ pages. Love that little spymobile! 🙂 Thanks for letting us know, Andrea. Another great post.

  • An awesome post. Just spent half an hour on my page and now it looks perfect. Please let us know about new things coming up with timeline.

  • Diane

    I agree.  Users only click a couple of times, at best.

    Diane McClure
    Edge Advertising Group

  • Thanks for posting this! I just read a solicitation email to join a coaching program to discuss the new Facebook changes (probably those which you mention here!). Great details and images you share with all of us here.

    So, where do I send my $97/month check to now that you spilled all the beans? LOL.


  • Kishor Kumar

    Your these post is very helpfull for me. i really like these post. thanks shareing your knowledge with us. I have one Question can you tell me “How To i convert old facebook page into new facebook look”

  • I’ve been experiencing difficulty with the issue of Reach for some time. It seems to me that FB is making it increasingly difficult to reach the people who have liked your page, except now we’re going to have to pay for an ad to appear in the timeline of the people who liked our page? That’s really frustrating. As a small business, I have very little money to spend on this stuff.

  • I’m all for the new changes. It might take some time to tidy things up initially, but for the most part, they’re all good changes. 

  • Mich

    When will the Reach Generator Ad option be available – does anyone know?

  • Bschwartzbauer

    Lots of great tips, changes to Facebook – I’m excited to start implementing many of them!!

  • Man, I’ve been sleeping on Facebook as tool for engaging my audience so I’m starting with a blank slate and these changes what I’m beginning with and you got me all excited Andrea to dive in and start learning how to use all this cool stuff!  

  •  Yes, funny in a frustrating way 🙂  I was so focused on finding a app picture that I didn’t look closely enough at their cover photo!  Thanks Nate 🙂

  •  Everything is available now to change or not change.  You can force the update by previewing the page and then publishing it or it will automatically change on March 30th.

  •  They do this with the smaller pages as well.  That box in the upper right corner appears for every new Timeline Page and they will find if your friends have ever interacted with that page and show you that interaction.  Some people don’t like it because some really old posts can be “featured” there in a way.  Thanks Paul!

  •  You won’t see it on your own Page Karen.  Just log out and view your Page Timeline and it should be there.

  •  Definitely frustrating for those who have just created a welcome page!  I’m hoping that things will calm down now for the IPO 🙂

  •  Thanks Lisa!

  •  We will keep you posted!

  •  Thanks Kishor!  What I found is that you log in as your personal profile and then navigate to your Page (don’t log in as your Page) then when you preview the Timeline you can make all the changes you need before hitting Publish. 

  •  I haven’t seen any updates about when that will roll out.  We’ll keep you posted!

  •  It is frustrating, Barbara.  They talked about only reaching 16% of your Fans on any given day.  But really, when we think about other tools like Twitter and even e-mail, we don’t reach all of our connections there either.  So it’s a matter of using these tools in concert with each other so that we can connect with people through one of the mediums. 

  • I am going to totally mirror what Matt Everly said, because I am having the same issue. Is it Chrome?

    Question: I can’t seem to change my application image to a custom tab image as you mentioned in #4. I thought it may be because my welcome page is a static FBML page, but I loaded another test page (an actual application instead of static FBML) and I couldn’t change that app’s image either. I can see the “Edit Settings” link in the drop-down menu, but when I click this it does nothing. Thought it was my browser, but that’s not the case either. Any thoughts are welcome!This is a great article! I was just updating my business Facebook page today and going through the Facebook video tutorial—but it’s always great to view an all-inclusive article like this, and I’ll be forwarding it to my clients as well. Thanks!

  • Some nice features introduced by Facebook, there is no doubt about it. I specially liked the larger images and videos feature, which really attracts you a lot.

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  • These are some really interesting and useful features on Facebook, I would love to use them on my facebook page. 🙂

  • Lesly

    Thank you very much for these useful Tips. Will start working on my FB pages;-)

  • I’m not sure how this works if I log out? … to view my timeline I will still have to log in. I will have to view from my mother’s facebook page. Wishing there was a preview button for business to see it rather looking at someone else’s facebook.
    Oh my lordy lord where that parrot image come from??

  • gooooood

  • Niall Keady

    looks like the have also removed “recommendations” too where people could leave permanent comments at side of page.  

  • I have a question. I have tried to upload my cover photo. It is the correct pixels and the picture is not complete plus very blurry. I have tried making the image and I still have the same effects. What can I do?

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  • Juliette

    Hi Andrea – great post. Quick question: is there a way to change which actual photo shows up on the “photos” app? I can do it on all the others, but this one doesn’t want to let me.

  • I am currently working on getting my biggest page ready to go live with the new timeline. I really love the new timeline and think in many ways it’s a huge improvement. There is one thing that I really really hate in the new timeline and I have yet to see it mentioned anywhere! I can view posts by my page OR I can view posts by others but I CAN NOT view them all together in chronological order on the page. This is a huge pain. I have managed to attain a really high interactivity rate on my page and now to check everything I am always switching back and forth and find I am missing posts sometimes. Am I the only one who is bothered by this? Or is there a way to view them together that I haven’t found yet?

  • Marie Renn

    Andrea, I found some covers I like with visible on the cover (it’s tiny) … am I correct that it’s ok since it does NOT violate the rule forbidding a  “web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for [MY] About Page”?

  • davidchavezs


  • Hey Andrea,
    This is been a very informative and helpful article for me.  I was able to create a killer timeline on my fanpage and the added dimension an extra nuggets for us.

  • I can’t find the view settings in the new timeline facebook pages. 
    I want set “posts by page” ( default is Highlights ) where is the option? -_-‘

  • Info

    So “currently pages only reach about 16% of their audience each week with posts” — please tell me why this isn’t a complete FAIL, and why my company should continue to invest time and energy in Facebook. What am I missing here? I feel like billing FB for the person-hours we’ve wasted over the last couple of years.

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  •  That’s the average, but you can do better! I was given this formula: total reach / by # of fans = average organic reach. When I do the math my page reaches 48% of fans.

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  • Tanyasammis

     I have a question about this & wondering if you may know the answer, since you had the info on the updates. I got the same email – and I don’t see anywhere to attach the utility bill. I tried to respond to the Facebook email but have not received a response. Do you know where or how we are supposed to send the documented proof?

  • Thanks for a great article Andrea!  

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  • I find that Facebook changes too much too quickly and that has impacted my business pages. They have turned out to be quite flat. I am going to focus on my business blog since I have total control. I just find the changes annoying at the moment…

  • Info

    Thanks Lesley. That takes some of the sting out of it, but I’d still would be happier if a post reached every fan. I think that most of business users of FB are unaware of their relatively low organic reach. I’m going to study more about EdgeRank to find out how this works. Thanks again.

  • Kristy C. Cartier

    Thanks for the helpful times about the photo dimensions and milestones. Also, the change name link will be useful because my association just rebranded itself in February. I was wondering how to go about updating it.

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  • Remine

    I’m not against Timeline as a whole however I am against the removal of the Welcome Tab. It’s the Welcome Tab that differentiates all business. I don’t like being painted with the same brush as everyone else to look like everyone else! The limitations we now have re individuality are ridiculous! All pages will now look the same other than a large image at the top. I spent a lot of time, effort & money 6 months ago that’s now going to waste! Not Happy! –

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  • TheBuzzStation

    It would be really nice if would not only be able to reposition pictures but also crop or zoom them.. Now often the pictures make the whole timeline layout look terrible…  

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  • Guess, you have missed to discuss about the “Message” option being made available for Facebook pages.

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  • Not to mention FB is “nofollow”…

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  • Jacqui Gage-Brown

    Althougth reaching every fan would be ideal, we don’t reach every recipient when we send an eNewsletter, an even lower connection rate with a traditional newspaper advert, and a very hit and miss rate with radio. At least we are conversing on a platform where they are daily.

  • Jacqui Gage-Brown

    I’m having the same problem, trying to adjust the image represented on my clients PHOTO page. I don’t have the same options presenting as in the “Edit Settings” example given in the article.

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  • Flipowski!

     The custom tab image via FBML doesn’t work (anymore)?

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  • Thank you for this great article as usual. I think the biggest tip is being able to customize the app names and photos! Off to do it now.

  • I was concerned at first when I learnt that the
    default landing tab was to be made redundant but having updated a few profiles
    for various clients I have now been won over by the timeline feature.


    The changes to advertising are of interest I wonder how much
    the ‘Reach Generator’ ads will cost?

  • A great post!  It is not always obvious how to apply the necessary changes when major adaptations beyond one’s control are implemented, so this info will be extremely useful. Thanks! I like the new FB layout and design.

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  • HELP! One huge complaint about Facebook Timeline for Pages: it banishes all the link shares and comments from my readers to a truncated box in the right-hand column. I hate this. Is there anyway to toggle this off like we used to be able to do with “show posts from PAGE/show posts from Everyone”?

  • Rod

    I have to agree as well, Andrew.  You might be able to salvage at least some of that traffic to the welcome page or contest page by adding a good image with a call to action and “Highlighting” it to take up the entire width of the timeline, or pinnin git to the to pof the timeline. Unfortunatlely it won’t come close to driving traffic to a custom page…

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  • I’ve been waiting eagerly, and am already testing on one page. Should be cool the way I use it anyway.

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  • Trine

    What a great post but I can’t change the app photo. Under “settings” it just allows me to add or remove,- nothing else. What am I doing wrong???
    Thanks for helping me out.
    My FB page is:

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  • scottlansing

    Very interesting. Been waiting to accept the FB Timeline until this kind of change came along. Stoked about the FB Reach Generator.

  • Maybe putting your clients testimonial as a cover image is a good idea.

    What do you think?

  • quite handy . i felt on the way ,,,,thnx,,,

  • Gregory Lowe

    Very nice update on new Facebook features.  Thank you.

  • Sueann

     It seems that Facebook is not so “free” anymore. 

  • Sue Ann Kern

    Has anyone noticed a problem with Facebook search since these new changes rolled out?  My clients have created Pages in my workshops and then we have been unable to find each other’s Pages in search.  My Page, and some of my older client’s Pages that have been active for a couple of years have also not been found in Search without pulling some tricks. 

    Also, I’ve noticed that my Page and some others have been reclassified to Places.  Any words of wisdom??

  • Lindsay A Michaels

    in the example you used for #4 holdrendesign, did they use an app to add/link their icons?

  • Great article thanks for sharing. since managing our clients FB pages is part of our job, It’s important to know how the FB changes will impact our clients. Most of these points I knew, but there were a few I didn’t. Thanks for sharing!

  • Once again a great helpful post. I have covered a similar thing but it talks about what’s not good the new timeline pages. See here

    Facebook is acting a bit too strict this time. No landing pages, can’t use cover pics for CTA Like Us, no website name on Cover pic, etc. It has come out with Reach Generator but again it has a cost attached to it. 

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  • Just to note it, I’m getting exactly this same behavior!  When I try to change the image on a FBML app, no matter what I pick, it uploads and then changes the image to some random and completely unrelated image!  So, it isn’t just you, Matt!  🙂

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  • Scuyler

    This was such a helpful post – thank you! Question re: the Photos app – I know it cant be moved but can I change the app photo for Photos?Mine seems stuck on the last image I uploaded.

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  • Thanks for the insights into the new facebook timeline Andrea.  Personally it’s taking me a while to adjust to this new format.  I’m not overly excited about ping ponging left to right to see the entire storyline.


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  • How  do you create a new custom app for the 12 applications to promote?? Do you need a developer or company that specialized in this to do it?  I don’t see any info on this anywhere…

  • There are a lot of “apps” out there you can install fairly easily by yourself.
    They are technically iFrame apps which means they live outside of Facebook itself.
    To create your own app is not too difficult. You can just create a web page yourself that is limited to 810px wide and store it on your own website.
    If you take a look at my page ( you’ll see that I have a LinkedIn app, Twitter app, Contact Form app and a YouTube app. Most apps are free and some you have to pay for.

    What kind of app are you looking for?

  • Not sure about you, but I’ve heard many people that are either complaining about the changes or have backed off of FB altogether simply because it is too much work to keep up…could this threaten their growth? 


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  • Many B2B companies have already launched their new timeline updates. The most important functional update for many Page managers is the ability to privately message their fans, after the fan has messaged the Page first.

  • Content is for sure the main point, but an attractive profile will help people pay attention to your content. I know plenty fo people that do great stuff but they are ignored because they dont look professional.

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  • Dee

    Hi I was trying to go to your link request a name change for your page but it’s broken, could you send me a new link…
    Thanks for the updates on FB :o)

  • Mich

    Hi Dee, I am not sure of the new link. Here is a great resource, however, on how to contact FB. Check this out, I am sure it will help:

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  • I want to contact my fans about a significant change we are making but Facebook no longer allows page owners to message fans.  What is the best way to contact all my fans?

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  • webseo moz

    Awesome post, will make a not of them. 

  • Business of today need a page on Facebook, we have seen many businesses online on facebook. So, optimizing it according to the latest changes will be great idea to choose. I have never expected before coming to the post that Google allow or provide a form to change page name.

  • Roxitheatre

     Did you merge your personal page with your Fan page or or two Fan pages?

  • 1apprentice

    Yours is the most thorough blog I’ve found.  Please provide parameters for the pixel dimensions and maximum file size for app pages content.  I tried as many Facebook help and google searches as possible.  I’m an author, and I can’t find this information anywhere to give to my graphic design artist.

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  • Facebook pages are changing. And that means business strategy will need to change.These changes emerged from Facebook’sfMC Conference. Facebook is looking at pages as a “mission control” point.The blog on overview of the changes and how brands can take advantage of some of the new features are useful.

  • Isaac Twumasi-Quantus

    Great innovation! I desire to become a facebook marketer and social media expert and with this i know its soon coming to me!!

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  • Thank you wonderful information. I didn’t know a few of those things.

  • Sarah Frost

    Hi, Thank you for the information..very useful..Just found out that Facebook has recently changed its rules for Business Pages..Is it true that a person has to be ‘active’ on your page a minimum of 3 times within any calendar month period;(This means a ‘like’ of a picture, a comment or a full post on the wall. )or else ( that is if not active as listed above) after a month of no activity that their ‘like’ will be removed from our page..Just want to know whether this is true or not? Thank you so much in advance ..