social media how toIt’s no secret that Facebook is the most powerful social network on the planet. With 500 million active users, Facebook represents a huge opportunity for smart businesses.

To take your Facebook marketing to a new level, here are hot Facebook marketing tips direct from the top industry pros. You’ll want to incorporate these priceless ideas.

The best way to get the most from Facebook is to model the best. Find out who’s doing it right and getting real results, and model their strategies. Here are seven ideas from the top authorities in Facebook marketing. Take notes—these tips are too good to pass up!

#1: Bring Facebook to Your Website

“The number-one thing you can do is to bring Facebook onto your own turf. It can be done with a few simple lines of code. This can be one of your most powerful tools for improving your brand awareness,” says Jesse Stay, author of multiple Facebook books, including FBML Essentials.

This page describes the many ways to add Facebook to your website. But the easiest way to add Facebook to your site is to use the Facebook Like Box.


The Facebook Like Box allows you to show your Facebook page feed, the number of fans and pictures of people who are fans (who are also friends of visitors!).

#2: Try Really Inexpensive Facebook Ads

“The best ‘bang for the buck’ in Internet marketing today is Facebook advertising. The targeting options are limitless and surprisingly inexpensive for businesses of all sizes. Facebook advertising can help marketers of all kinds get insights into how different demographic groups respond—and for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives,” said Chris Treadaway, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day.

Setting up an ad on Facebook is super-easy. Just go to the Facebook Ads section and click the “Create an Ad” button. Then simply set up your ad.

#3: Leverage Friends of Connections

facebook adOnce you have created your Facebook ad, here’s a little-known tip that can supercharge your ad.

“Imagine watching your favorite TV show. The commercials come on, but instead of fast-forwarding through them (as you likely usually do these days), you notice a picture of YOUR friend in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Your friend is pointing to the business in the commercial saying, ‘Hey, I like these guys. Check them out!’ Amazing, huh?

Facebook’s ‘Friends of Connections’ ad targeting allows your fans to be featured in your ads,” noted Dave Kerpen, author of Likeable Social Media: Marketing to Win in a Facebook World.

Here’s how you use this option. When you set up your ad, look under ‘Targeting’ and you’ll see an option to display more detail. There you will see the connection on Facebook choices.

friends of connections

You must be an admin of a Facebook page to select the page for the "Friends of Connections" option.

#4: Give Your Fans Fun Reasons to Connect

“People love a reason to get together. Why not have the equivalent of a happy hour on your Facebook wall? Rather than serving up drinks and party favors, ask folks to bring their favorite link. Consider offering networking opportunities by asking folks to share something about themselves. You could also lure people in once in a while with an expert who will answer their most pressing questions,” says Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner.

facebook happy hour

On Social Media Examiner's Facebook page, we had a happy hour and encouraged fans to post their favorite blog sites. It was a huge success!

#5: Use Video as Your Secret Weapon to Gain Fans

“Videos seem to be a preferred medium not only by the fans, but by the news feed algorithm as well. Whenever a non-fan watches your videos, a button pops up in the top left corner suggesting he/she ‘Like’ your Facebook page. To take advantage of this feature though, you’ll have to upload the video file onto the Video Tab inside Facebook (not link to a YouTube video),” said Ekaterina Walter, social media strategist for Intel.

facebook video

When non-fans view your videos on Facebook, they will see the Like button for your Facebook page in the upper left corner of the video screen. This feature is a great tool to gain exposure and recruit new fans.

#6: Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Lead Generator

Facebook as a lead capture source? “You bet!” says renowned Facebook expert Mari Smith.

“One of the first apps to add to your Facebook Fan Page is ‘Static FBML’ (Facebook Markup Language), which allows you to add your own custom content, including an opt-in box. You can add multiple iterations of the FBML app, and try out various lead-capture systems—ezine signup, giveaway, ask campaign, etc. Each opt-in box can appear on a separate tab, each of which has its own unique URL, allowing you to accurately split test results,” noted Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day.

In the example above, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger uses an opt-in box on his Facebook page to promote his podcasts. Notice how he created a separate tab for the opt-in. This is a great way to call attention to what you want your fans to see.

#7: Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Thriving Community

“Your Facebook presence can serve as a meeting place for like-minded individuals. Make it a point to involve your customers as much as possible. Ask questions and suggest items for them to share on your wall. Ask yourself more than “What should WE share?”—ask, “What would our fans like to share with us and one another?”—and build your strategy around those answers. Allow them to connect with others who share the same interests by encouraging them to use your Facebook presence as a platform for sharing,” said Rob Birgfeld, director of digital strategy at SmartBrief.


By simply asking an offbeat question, a community can emerge, as seen above. This question was posted in the late afternoon on a Saturday and 64 people responded.

Want to Learn More About Facebook Marketing?

facebook success summitIf you’re not fully leveraging the power of Facebook, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most businesses are just now getting started with Facebook.

There’s one easy way to take your Facebook marketing to the next level. By attending the web’s largest online Facebook conference, Facebook Success Summit 2010, you’ll become empowered to use Facebook to gain more exposure, better engage customers and grow your business.

The great part is you’ll be learning from 22 Facebook experts (including the 7 mentioned in this article). In addition to Mari Smith, Jesse Stay, Brian Solis and Michael Stelzner, you’ll learn how Intel, Cisco, Microsoft Xbox, SAP and the Washington Redskins are all leveraging Facebook.

It’s the web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference. Go here for a free sample and to learn more.

Have you tried any of these master tips or do you want to add Facebook tips of your own? Let us know! Please leave your comments below.

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  • kaziam

    Great Tips!
    Just getting my own marketing for small business blog going and have given myself until the end of next week to get its Facebook page up and running. I am most definitely going to be using these tips! Thank you!

  • Thats good stuff! The only bad thing about Facebook PPC is the fact that they never get approved! It drives me crazy lol. I’ll the same ad for different keywords, and one will get approved and one wont. I think that’s something they really need to get figured out over there.

  • Hey Landon – We ran into that problem when trying to promote something that had the word Facebook in it.

  • Hey Amy…great stuff as always 🙂 In fact, I know someone who can directly benefit from this info…I’ll be sure to pass on the info 🙂

  • Great Article Amy… actually I have already tried many of these tips and seen success. Also like to add one more tip on the FB ads thing. When you promote your fan page as the landing page URL of the social ad, people who click on the LIKE appearing just below the ad automatically become fans of your page. Its a great way to utilize your ad budget effectively as you are not just spending for a click. Click = Fan too. Therefore the best thing you can do the ad description is to invite people to click on the LIKE of the ad. (obviously you need to give them a reason to LIKE your ad)

  • Yes Michael.. FB has some guidelines for using “Facebook” in the social ads. We manage to use it one of our ads. The as was about a social media marketing workshop. FB says you can use Facebook in the ad if your landing page is a FB page and the content of the landing page should be very relevant to what have as the ad image and description. Our ad said “Facebook marketing workshop” and the landing page featured the topics we covered about facebook marketing and the landing page was our FB fan page. So we had no issue in using Facebook in the ad.

  • Oh Just noticed now.. I am also featuring in your LIKE BOX image.. Thanx… 🙂

  • Hey Suranga – great tip!

  • Amy:

    I always enjoy your tips on Facebook marketing. It is truly one of those untapped wonders I feel. Imagine what we could do if all small businesses were engaged in facebook at a minimum.

  • Great Tips. I especially like your tip about Turning Your Facebook Page Into a Thriving Community. I like to let clients know that they should create opportunities for people to feel ownership of their brand. Once they feel that ownership they will have something to talk about, creating that Thriving Community.

  • Kerry Drewett

    Thanks for the tips. I am an absolute novice and will need all the help I can get!

  • As a back-office for many social media managers, socialmedia examiner always comes up with more great ideas for us to help our clients grow their business, just when you think you know it all more great info arrives.
    It really is a full time job just keeping up with the daily changes in social media, thank you socialmedia examiner for making it much easier.

  • Nicely done. Well written and to the point. I especially like the video tip for enhancing the FB LIKE’s.

  • The business I work for barely launched their new Facebook page. These are helpful tips since we are complete newbies. 🙂

  • Vaclav

    What are the benefits of adding a Facebook “like” box to a website?
    So far, I haven’t really noticed any, other than a social proof effect.

  • Hey Vaclav – The main benefit is massive growth of your fan base. According to Facebook Insights, we get MOST of our FB fans via the like box.

  • Thank you so much for the excellent tips. Alas, I’m so swamped with my small business that I’m going to have to hire someone if I expect to implement all these strategies effectively. The internet is a blessing and a curse for small business…

  • The one thing I absolutely cannot stand as far as facebook is that you cannot separate your personal profile from you business page… they really need to fix this, particularly if you are spending money to advertise your business on facebook. Seems like a slap in the face to me…Am sure there are ways to filter friends from fans of the business page but at what cost? A whole lof of work.

    This is why I used my twitter feed on these posts..

  • Pretty useful tips! Have been using these for long now! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Awesome site. Looks like I’ve got loads of Facebook homework to do!

  • I especially like #3 Leverage Friends of Connections. I’m going to change my ads today and give that a shot. Very timely post since I’m teaching a local workshop on Facebook today – this will provide some great real-time info. Thanks.

  • Great tips Amy, thanks and timely…as a relatively new Facebook page marketer for our small business and technology development center, I struggle to find ways to keep fans engaged and always like to get ideas from folks like you. Also good to pass on to our small business clients on Facebook. I especially like #4…thanks a bunch.

  • If I could make a recommendation…if you are going to create a facebook fan page, I would create an entirely separate ‘personal account’ first. This account would basically be you with your work title. That’s what I have done and I have had great success with it. It also allows you to add business people instead of personal friends and suggest them to your page.

  • Jenni

    I guess the world’s top experts must have read all the other posts covering tips for Facebook pages on Social Media Examiner, because I’m not seeing anything new here.

  • Hey Jenny,

    At least 3 of these tips have never been discussed on our site. Perhaps they are just not new to you? But it doesn’t reduce their value really.

  • Thank you for this great article. I look forward to implementing the strategies you shared in my own marketing. Look forward to connecting with you.

  • Matt Baron

    Excellent stuff…..engaging and practical. As someone who is managing a variety of client Facebook Fan Pages, this site has helped hasten my learning curve big-time. Thanks!

  • Rob

    Hi Any,

    Nice post. Some great tips there!

    I particularly like the happy hour idea!


  • Amy, these are GREAT comments! We held a Happy Hour on our FB page today, and it was so fun and got a lot of activity!

  • Mvee

    Thank you for these great and helpful tips.

    Vee Studios

  • aliceralph

    Nice tips, but I’m wondering how the forthcoming changes to Pages and Boxes will affect FBML and how it can be used? I’m still unsure what changes they are actually planning. Anyone got more info?

  • Thibault

    Help… I uploaded a video on my page (with the video app tab) and I don’t get that like button.
    I tried with a test account that was not a fan of my brand…. Any idea? could somebody maybe explain step-by-step how to install this feature?… it is not really obvious in the story…

  • Hi Thibault, there is nothing you need to do. It just works (at least in our tests). You need to put your mouse over the video which it is playing I recall

  • Thanks, going to try out the video!

  • I like all of your tips… but really like #4: Give Your Fans Fun Reasons to Connect. Not to many people doing that.

    Coach Freddie

  • Great article and tips! Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive post. I’ve got lots to learn and do, but I know where to go for the training and tips.

  • Mike Stead

    Hey Amy,

    This is seriously awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this with the community as the information that you have shared here can truthfully change someone’s business around within a very short period of time. Facebook is an absolute must for people if they want to build their businesses quickly simply due to the amount of traffic that the site gets.

    Keep up the great work Amy! You have some awesome content!

    See you at the top,
    Michael Stead

  • Hey Amy,

    This information is priceless, now I have to process and figure out my next step for my Facebook Business page. Once I get more of a following, I will be using your advice and giving my followers more of a reason to interact!

    I am going to give it a test run to see if I get any response… I don’t have high expectations, I do only have 52 followers at this time.

    Thank you so much for the information, I have bookmarked this page, so I will be checking back once I’ve figured which direction to go with my page for advertising, etc..

    John Engle

  • Hey Amy,

    This is some great content! Do you think Facebook marketing would be a waste of effort for smaller sites?

    Aaron T

  • Ameenia

    I started a website recently and purchased 10,000 Facebook fans from for our Facebook page and the results were amazing! I passed all my competitors when it comes to the number of Facebook fans… some competitors have been in business since 1999, but now we have 20 times more fans than them on Facebook, which made it seem that I’ve been in business much longer than them !

  • Ivan

    Hi I’m having some trouble understading the FBML app. I want to be able to add a tab to my page so that followers can sign up for our newsletter…how can I do that and Is there a way to do it for free?

  • I was bought 20K targeted fans from and I’m very satisfied. I really get 20K more fans, no shit or fake account.

  • Veromark

    Thanks for the post, however I can’t find a good link for FBML. Can you provide one?

  • Awesome post, thanks for the overview. So many people need to see these facebook marketing tips to start doing it correctly online!

  • I am facing quite a problem on the facebook due to an unusual requirement from my client. I often used to post the updates, articles, videos and stuff from the other websites on the facebook page to make it more interesting and easily engage the fans in the discussions with posting some interesting stuff, but my client has complained that you can not post things other than his site because it is the OFFICIAL page of his site and it should be professional :O. Now tell me what to do?????

  • Awesome Information.
    There is so many things to know about Facebook marketing. I did try FB marketing for my PR3 web directory.  it works wonders…

    Thanks for sharing the awesome information.

  • I always
    enjoy the tips you post on Facebook marketing topic. It is truly one of those untapped
    wonders I feel. Imagine what we could do if all small businesses were
    engaged in face book at a minimum.

    sexy lingerie

  • Amy, LOVE your writing syle!  Great info…clear and full of real value. I’m already a fan!

  • Hi,

    Do you have any experience in the accommodation market. We are a small Self catering business that have had a Facebook presence for over 3 years but never really seen any benefit from it. Although we can directly atribute one booking to Twitter we can not directly or indirectly attribute any bookings to Facebook.

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