social media toolsDo you know if your Twitter marketing is working?

Monitoring and analyzing your Twitter projects can be challenging.

With the right metrics, you can improve and tailor your Twitter campaigns for better results.

Luckily, third-party Twitter tools provide these metrics, but there are MANY tools to choose from out there.

So here I’ll share some of the best Twitter analytics tools to help you improve your Twitter marketing.

#1: SocialBro: Explore Your Community

I consider SocialBro one of the top three most effective marketing tools for businesses.

SocialBro comes with excellent analytics that give great insights not only about your marketing campaign, but also about your Twitter account and followers.

Here are the analytics tools available with SocialBro.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics gives you details of the people who are active users and have tweeted in the last 10 minutes in real time. This helps you determine the specific hour of the day when people are active.

It’s a quick way to know when you should be tweeting. This is more relevant than depending on studies done by others, because it’s tailored specifically for you and your Twitter community.

socialbro real time analytics

SocialBro's Real-time Analytics allows you to find the number of active users at a particular time.

Insights About Your Account

You’re able to get insights about your own Twitter account, as well as your followers.

You can see:

  • Number of followers you have
  • Number of followers who have not followed you back
  • Number of people you haven’t followed back
  • In which language your followers are tweeting
  • Time zone of your followers
  • Where your followers are from
  • Number of followers your followers have
  • How frequently your followers go online
  • Number of tweets your followers have sent
socialbro insights

SocialBro analytics give you insights about your Twitter account.

You can use this additional data to improve your Twitter marketing. You’ll have better insights about your followers, which means you can tailor your Twitter content to be more relevant to your community.

For example, if you find that your followers are mostly from the Asia-Pacific region, you should design your campaign to broadcast according to their time zone.

socialbro time zone

By using SocialBro analytics, you'll be able to get insights about your followers such as their time zones.

#2: TweetReach: Determine How Far Your Tweets Travel

TweetReach helps you determine the reach of your tweets. All you have to do is insert the URL of your blog or any post and you’ll get information regarding the post.

Here’s an example of a search for one of my recent articles on Social Media Examiner.

tweetreach report

TweetReach analyzes a URL and gives you detailed data of the URL.

This is the data you get:

  • The tweet’s or URL’s reach
  • How much exposure the URL received
  • How many times it was retweeted on a particular day
  • Top contributors who shared a particular URL
  • User with the most retweets
  • A list of 50 contributors of a particular URL
tweetreach top contributor

TweetReach's data of the top contributors or the most retweets.

With the last three data points, not only do you get insights about influential users who have shared your article, but you also get a list of the top 50 people who shared your post or tweet.

tweetreach top 50

List of the top contributors who shared a particular URL or tweet.

You can do a variety of things with this information, such as add these influential users to a list and continue to build relationships with them, and thank them for sharing your tweets and more. TweetReach gives you the data you need to build a targeted network of people who share the same interests as you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to build relationships with users or customers, you can do a little bit more research and use this tool to find relevant and targeted users.

#3: Buffer: Schedule Your Content

Not only is Buffer the best way to schedule your tweets without spending much time, but it also comes with a simple, straightforward analytics tool to help you determine how effective your tweets are.

Buffer provides you data such as:

  • The number of clicks you receive
  • How many people retweet your tweet
  • How many people favorite your tweet
  • A list of people who retweet and favorite your tweet with their username and the number of followers they have
buffer analytics

Buffer's platform comes with built-in analytics that can help you improve your Twitter marketing.

This helps you to find out how effective your tweets are and the best time you should be tweeting. Additionally, you can quickly thank your followers from Buffer’s platform.

#4: TwentyFeet: Track Your Social Media Stats

TwentyFeet is a simple, straightforward tool to use. It doesn’t require any time beyond signing up to get some insights into your Twitter account. Once you have registered on the site, it provides you with metrics such as:

  • Twitter account’s follower growth
  • Amount of mentions you received
  • Amount of retweets you received
  • Amount of tweets in a day
  • Retweets given in a day
  • Replies given in a day

My favorite insight from this tool is the influence indicator, where you can get insights on the number of mentions and retweets you have in a particular day.

twentyfeet metrics

TwentyFeet's metrics on mentions and retweets received in a particular week.

As you can see here, the number of retweets I received on November 26 was higher compared to other days. With this data, it’s easy to look back and find out what I was doing on that particular day and try to repeat that success.

#5: URL Shortener

Every business needs to use at least one URL shortener service. There are, and many more out there. Some social media management tools like HootSuite or Social Engage come with their own URL shorteners for you to track how effective your tweets are through their platform.

My favorite is Google’s URL shortener, I love the simple design and how easy it is to use. is a great tool that lets you track:

  • The number of people who are clicking on your links
  • The types of browser people use to read your article
  • The countries where they’re from
  • The device or platform they use (this gives you insights into the number of mobile or computer device users) gives you metrics about people clicking your links.

This gives you insights not only about how effective your tweet is, but also about the demographics of your followers or people who are clicking your links.

#6: Klout: How You Influence the World

With regards to Twitter analytics, Klout helps you do two things. The first is improve your content to tweet more about things that your followers are interested in, and the second is maintain relationships with influential users.

Although the measurement of influence is not perfect, you can get some great insights that help you improve your marketing on Twitter. Klout provides a variety of data and insights including:

Klout Moments

This allows you to see your influential tweets in the last 90 days. Here you can get insights about the type and topics of tweets your followers are interested in.

klout moments

Klout moments allow you to find tweets that generated "actions" by your followers.


Who are the influential users who have spent time engaging with you? Klout gives you a list of users who have previously engaged with you arranged according to their Klout scores. This is one way to identify and target influential users who may add more value to your networking.

klout influencers

Klout Influencers will show you a list of influencers arranged according to their Klout scores.


There are many useful Twitter analytics tools out there, but these are some of my favorites. I’ve constantly used them to cover all of my marketing bases.

What do you think? Are there any other tools that you would like included in the list? Join the conversation below and let me hear your thoughts!

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  • Lcathy

    Efficiency comes into test when trying to cook and tweets at the same time!

  • Great List. i don’t know where i hiding because i never use this tools.

    BTW, thanks for the sharing i will definitely use all of them.

  • @Aaron good work.

    No doubt SocialBro is one of the best
    social media tool. I never heard about few tools like SocialBro
    &TweetReach. As a social media person we must have a good knowledge about
    all the famous social media tools (Few mentioned by you in the above post).

    SME Team Rocks!

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  • Tweet Archivist ( is another great twitter tool (I also like Social Bro) that I’ve found useful of late. Good list, Aaron. Thanks

  • Amir MetroStar

    Aaron did you ever get around to checking out Zoomph?

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  • I have not, will do after this. Quite interested to see what they do. 

  • No worries, its my job to keep you updated while you focus on your work. *winks* 

  • How do you manage to do both at the same time? 😀 

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  • Dara Khajavi

    I will definitely look into these twitter analytics tools. I feel that I have not fully utilized Twitter. These tools will really help me increase my effectiveness. I know these tools will also help me better assess my followers’ needs.

  • Momsthoughts

    Crowd booster offers a lot if good twitter analytics as well.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Great post. I am a big fan of several of these tools, especially Buffer. The only thing I would add is a tool to track lead source and pipeline delivered from your Twitter marketing campaigns/ efforts such as a marketing automation platform. Maybe not for B2C, but definitely for the B2B folks. That looks to me like it would close the loop. 

    Again, nice list. Sharing it now : )

  • Pallav Kaushish

    Hey Aaron nice list, haven’t tried Social Bro yet, will get onto it.. Have you tried Bottlenose?? I use it very frequently coz of it’s nice UI. What do you think??

  • I Like This Website Awesome!!:))

  • @askaaronlee:disqus  I’m using SocialBro, Google URL Shortner, Klout and Buffer! These are all awesome Twitter Analytics and one more is very important I think you forget to include that is CommunIt (I don’t have any affiliation with Communit). Also I want say Congrats for becoming a popular in Bing Search.

  • auredagaz

    Good list, Aaron. Just a pity you cannot connect to Buffer. This makes me sad, almost every day..

  • Interesting list, Aaron. I am using a different Twitter analytic tool, but I am going to check out the ones on your list especially Buffer and SocialBro. Thanks for sharing!
    Keep rockin SME peeps!

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  • Santosh Singh

    Thanx for this post! You guys are awesome!

  • Tressa I Mattingly

    What are some Twitter tools that are retroactive and can show how a page has done from its first tweet?

  • My pleasure! So glad you found the post useful 🙂 

  • Thanks John. So glad you like the post. What are some of the tools that you’re using? 

  • Indeed! We should bring it up to the buffer team. I’m sure they would love to hear it. 

  • Hi Pallav, I have not used that one yet. I did hear about it before but have not tried it. Will do after this. thank you for the recommendation. 

  • Hi Jason, 

    That sounds interesting, do you know any tools that would be able to do that? Definitely will explore more tools that would be close to it. 

    So glad you like the post, thanks for sharing. 

  • You could have all the above + much more in one simple tool if you try Twittie

  • Thanks! Crowdbooster is a great tool, used it a couple of months ago, thank you for adding it to our list. would definitely include it if I were to update the list. 

  • Glad to hear that Dara, pick a few to start off that you know would be able to meet your goals. Too many might confuse things a little 😉 

  • Hi Christopher, thank you for adding it. I have not heard of that tool before. Will play around with it after this. thanks! 

    Thanks for the compliment too 🙂 

  • Hi Tressa, I don’t believe there is one that would be able to do that. I could be wrong though. Alternatively you could do it on a monthly basis to see how effective your marketing is though. 

    Definitely not from the first tweet. 

  • Thank you so much for the compliment Devesh, so glad you found the post useful 😀 

  • Me too 😀 

  • Interesting, let me check it out. Thank you for adding that Marek. 

  • I love chatting and building relationships on twitter.  It takes a while to build a good following of people who enjoy reading your posts.  I will check out the tool that you mentioned above.  I am already using Klout to help measure my success and I do see twitter hits in my google analytics.

  • Would definitely include a prop for Crowdbooster, as I find it is a great Twitter analytics tool. However, Crowdbooster just notified its current users that it will go to a paid platform in January, and existing users will have to upgrade by March 2013. I suspect this is the future of all the free tools as well.

  • At first people didn’t think that Twitter would help in business marketing but look at how these statistics influence the consumer and the potential market? This is truly an indication that social media plays a huge role in businesses.

  • Gaurav

    Thanks for the list Aaron, will definitely try them right away.

  • Josh_cohen19677

    Too many to wrap my head around! From the first five, which would be best if you could pick just one?

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  • Cool! let me know what you think when you give it a go Gaurav. Cheers! 

  • That depends on your goals and what you’re planning to measure, overall i believe Socialbro is a great one to start off. 

  • OP

    Hi Aaron! Great information in one simpel article! I use SocialBro more for my analytics and Buffer for my tweets. 

    – How do you manage your social media w/ all the different platforms?

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  • Syed Irfan

    Thanks Aaron, I  did not know about url, great post.

    Syed Irfan

  • Bottlenose deserves to be on top of this list. Great list though.

  • Thanks for the recommendation Michael, will definitely give it a go. 

  • My pleasure Syed, I believe you would like 😀 

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  • LeoWid

    That’s definitely a great suggestion, thanks a lot for the heads up on this! We’ve got big plans to add more URL shorteners in the future, hopefully we can make that happen soon. 🙂 

  • Thanks, Aaron. Seems there have been a lot of great posts on the marketing and SEO benefits of Twitter of late and this one does not disappoint. The most important step for users is to move beyond Twitter as a way of talking about what you had for lunch or for sharing a link you want to promote. There’s so much more! Also, thanks to Steefen for sharing this on BizSugar. 

  • A great list of tools here. I have been using Social Bro and Buffer for quite some time now.  I love them. 

    I use social bro quite often to determine if I have inactive followers or I am following people that are inactive. 

    Have you tried tweeting in different languages at all? I ask because based on the data in the pie chart for social bro you have a few people who don’t speak English. Could that be another way of expanding your twitter marketing?

  • Woot! can’t wait for that!! 

  • Great list Aaron, Socialbro and Buffer are the only ones that I knew about, I will be sure to check out some of the other ones. thanks 

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  • Twitter follows me and yet I haven’t grasped Twitter, yet…; my New Years Resolution is jump into Twitter marketing, understand how it will ‘market’ my real estate  investment business and company. HELP. zz

  • I probably found this via SME 🙂 My latest shiny is Tweet Level: I also use Tweet Reach and Buffer analytics for my monthly reports.

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  • Jennifer Illustre

    I use Klout but I’m not into reading the social influence rates because it’s based on your latest stats and not based from the start. Since I am a newbie at this, I think the URL shorteners are a big help. Thanks for the post.

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  • -meant to be deleted-

  • Hi Kristy, thank you for including tweetlevel. What do you use is to measure? 

  • Hi Jennifer, yeah, i believe not many twitter tools offers analytics from the start with is tough to measure. 

  • How can i help? 😀 

  • Using those two you’ll be measure tons of metrics, let me know what other tools you like when you do get your hands to try them. 

  • Hi Iain, I am a fan of those tools as well. 

    I have not actually, I believe although English is not their mother language but they could still tweet in English. I have been tweeting with a couple of people in Japan recently. Also Indonesian and Malay language is quite close, however some words means total opposite of each other, so i am don’t want to accidentally offend anyone lol. 

  • Hi OP, I use a social media management tool like Buffer and Social Engage. 

  • I believe those who don’t think twitter can help aren’t using it to its fullest potential 😀 

    Thank you for commenting. 

  • Hi Christy, you’re right! I believe that is where twitter chats comes in place. Its the faster route to building a great relationship and followers. 

  • Hayley

    Hi Aaron, thanks for the great article. I am trying to find a great analytics tool that measures not only Twitter, but other social media platforms as well for B2B use. Ideally I’d like to be able to see more than one client feed analyzed within the tool. Any ideas? 

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  • Ohearn Thomas

    Fantastic article, Aaron. I’ve started using Twitter more recently for my chat startup at ne1up and I’ve realized the Past week or so I needed a tool.

    Will check out buffer and bottlenose which I saw in the comments.

    Any thoughts on benefits to specific URL shorteners? For example, rumor is using stumble upon shortener gives you a little extra juice with their network.

    Thomas at NE1UP

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  • I love using the Buffer App, its so easy to just load up some posts and not have to worry and waste time trying to schedule out things.

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