social media how toDo you know how your audience accesses Facebook?

Do your Facebook fans see your updates on their mobile devices?

According to Facebook’s fourth-quarter report, around 680 million of the company’s one billion monthly active users access Facebook from mobile devices.

It’s up to brands and businesses to make sure that any marketing efforts they add to Facebook are mobile-friendly, including custom apps, email, advertising, etc.

Here are five things you can do until Facebook fine-tunes its mobile experience:

#1: Target Sponsored Stories to Mobile Users

You can choose where your Facebook ads are seen. Facebook allows ad managers to place ads so they’re viewable on desktops, on desktops and mobile devices, or on mobile devices only.

The “mobile-only” ads are limited to Sponsored Stories, so when you have an important update on your Page, you can opt to pay for a Sponsored Story that will show up in your fans’ newsfeeds and networks on their mobile devices.

Sponsored Story

Sponsored Stories are a great way to reach Facebook’s mobile audience. The Sponsored Story appears in the newsfeed and says “Sponsored” on it.

If you’re not sure whether mobile or desktop Facebook ads perform best for your brand, test what works best for your business and do an A/B test so you can compare results. You don’t want to throw money at something that doesn’t perform.

#2: Make Sure Your Email Is Mobile-Friendly

Part of a running a good Facebook campaign is promoting it. So make sure your promotion efforts are easily viewable on mobile, including anything you send via email.

According to MailChimp, 40% of Americans who use mobile devices currently read email on them. A Forrester Research Email Marketing Forecast anticipates that by 2017, that number will jump to 78%. And according to a HubSpot survey, two-thirds of people under age 30 use a smartphone or cell phone to access email.

Collecting data through custom apps includes building your email list. If you’re building your email list through a custom app on Facebook, it’s important that the emails you send are mobile-friendly.


Because according to research put out last year by Econsultancy, when people receive email that isn’t optimized for mobile, they close it immediately. You don’t want to be the sender of that kind of email.

MailChimp mobile marketing

MailChimp makes it easy to create mobile-friendly emails with mobile-friendly templates.

With MailChimp you can see what your email will look like to mobile users.

Make sure your subject lines are always short and sweet.

Since your mobile users are probably multitasking (i.e., distracted and not giving your email the full attention it might deserve), use a direct call to action.

For example, “50% off for today only!” or “Here are our top 10 bookmarks from this week.”

If possible include special offers that are only available to mobile users. According to e-Dialog, 18% of consumers who opt in to mobile marketing messages do it to access special deals.

#3: Integrate Mobile With Your Other Efforts

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you want to make sure that customers have an experience that’s consistent with their online experiences.

To integrate mobile with brick-and-mortar, consider creating table tents or signs that have QR codes that will take customers to your Facebook Page.

QR code

Using QR codes at your business can lead customers to your Facebook Page for exclusive promotions and giveaways.

From there they can like your Page; sign up for coupons, special events and newsletters; and gain access to Facebook coupons and deals, including whisper codes.

Whisper codes are special offers that are given in Facebook status updates to friends/followers of a business who later can “whisper” the offer they read about to the cashier or server to redeem it.

You can also incentivize check-ins at your store or restaurant by offering an instant discount or a coupon for a future visit. Bonus: Whenever someone checks into your place of business, the announcement appears in their friends’ news feeds, making check-ins great word-of-mouth marketing.

Encourage your users to share whenever possible!

#4: Make Sure Your Facebook Apps Have Mobile Capability

What good is a Facebook contest—or any other Facebook app for that matter—if your users can’t access it from their phones and tablets?

If you want to prevent frustration for your users, when you choose a third-party app, make sure that it has mobile capabilities.

ShortStack Phone Generosity

Generosity Day 2013 made their custom Facebook app mobile-friendly so desktop and mobile users could pledge their acts of kindness.

This is important because some apps created for Facebook won’t work on mobile unless the developer uses “smart” URLs that detect whether the user is on a mobile device or a desktop.

Smart URLs adjust the content accordingly so it’s easy to see, read and use.

#5: Test Everything!

Facebook’s mobile experience can be inconsistent, so make sure you test your apps and ads from a few different devices.

In the image below for AMD, when the website link is clicked the visitor is led to a mobile-friendly version of their website.

Mobile test everything

On their Facebook timeline, AMD links out to their website.

Do your images load quickly? Do all of your links work? The last thing you want is for your users to bail because they have to scroll and scroll and scroll to read your message or they have to wait too long for images to load.

The best way to be sure that everything works as you expect is to test everything on multiple mobile platforms.

Make the whole experience mobile-friendly

In general, you want to make everything possible responsive—not just your Facebook marketing efforts.

Some companies might not be able to redo their websites to be mobile-responsive. But perhaps you can change your blog theme, or if you’re an e-commerce site, use a platform like Shopify that lets you run your business from anywhere and lets your customers access your store from any device.

You want to make sure that your users don’t have to think about getting to your content. They should be able to click and everything should be easy to read.

What have you done to make your marketing mobile-friendly on and off of Facebook? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • SubjectOne LabDig

    hi SME,

    i can’t find “mobile” in the targeting options of sponsored stories. is it available worldwide? (we operate in Europe)

    thank you for your useful article!

  • John Lee Dumas

    Awesome post Jim! It will really help a lot of online marketers and entrepreneurs make their facebook marketing mobile friendly. I would love to know more about “smart URLs” and how different is it from “pretty links” which I am currently using and is it only to applicable to apps? Or we can also use it to make our pages more mobile friendly? Thanks for your answer in advance!

    Have a great Monday everyone!

    ~John Lee Dumas

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  • Dara Khajavi

    This is such a useful article. Mobile friendly marketing is incredibly important. Many consumers rely heavily on mobile devices for information, internet, and communication. To reach consumers on another level, every business needs to figure out how to market their business via mobile devices.

  • Pamusa

    Good article! But I have a question… If I run a facebook contest and make a facebook tab for it, I can’t access that tab in my phone, right? How can I make my mobile users participate in a contest??

  • Sara Piccola

    Hi Pamela,

    I work for ShortStack, a custom app platform and Jim is the owner of ShortStack. You are right that you cannot access the tab from your phone unless you build that app with a third party platform that provides a Smart URL. Smart URLs make it so users can access your app from their mobile device. ShortStack is a platform that offers Smart URLs, you can learn more by visiting

  • Hebs Badawy

    SubjectOne LabDig
    you need to use power editor to be able to use this targeting #PPC #FB

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  • Tom Dorsey

    Really nice post. Loved the QR graphic!.

  • Henry Smith

    All points are valid. But I would put more stress on point#1. Yes! If you don’t know your target then you will fail in Facebook marketing. If you know whom you are targeting, then you can do it with ease, even using a mobile device.

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  • Gerry Creighton

    Is #4 really a good example? “Smart URLs adjust the content accordingly so it’s easy to see, read and use.” You can hardly make out the copy and navigation on this site. Load that on a mobile phone and it is unreadable. You can’t pinch and zoom either. I guess they skipped point #5…?

  • Ryan Rosado

    I really like the QR table tent idea for bricks and mortar ships. Not too crazy about QR codes but I think that usage of it in that case makes sense. Great post!

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  • Carey

    I use the “promoted post” ad feature a lot, and they do show up in the news feed on mobile. However, if you’re running other types of ads, you need to use the Power Editor and choose your placement.

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  • Jim Belosic

    Hi John, we call them “Smart URLs” because our URL scheme detects what type of device the user is on, then redirects them to the appropriate content. For example, if a user from an iPhone clicks a smart URL, the system detects that they are on mobile, then points them to the mobile-friendly version of the app or website. We use smart URLs for apps on ShortStack, but the same idea could be applied to just about any web content.

  • Jim Belosic

    Thanks Ryan! I think we will be seeing a lot of QR codes popping up in our daily life as time goes on. For example, instead of a pen and paper to fill out a comment card, just give the customer a QR code and let them fill out a short survey with a few clicks. That “virtual comment card” could even be emailed to a manager immediately if it met certain criteria (if it mentioned bad service, for example). It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some really useful examples of QR codes in brick and mortars.

  • Jim Belosic

    Ha! Good catch. Looks like the graphic artist just grabbed a desktop screenshot and put it on a picture of a smartphone, I don’t believe that was an actual example of the results of a smart url. I can tell since it is showing all the desktop Facebook “chrome” that is non-existent in the mobile version. I’ll be sure to take away someone’s ration of coffee for a couple days as punishment :)

  • Manoj Kumar Sethi

    Awesome post SME !

    I wanted to know what are the important features a website must have(from software perspective) before going to mobile users?

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  • Antonio Calero

    Very good article. Personally I LOVE ShorStack – although the CSS editing could be confusing for non advanced users – and one of the reasons is: it helps you keep in mind mobile when developing Facebook Tabs.

    As a general rule, I would also add one tip: keep in mind sizes. Whether preparing your content for mobile users is a great way to reach higher audience, you need to be aware that those users viewing that content from a mobile device will have a smaller screen size. I have seen some people struggling to read, for example, Terms & Conditions pages (they tend to be written in small font), but same principle should apply to images and other assets.

  • Shahzad Anjum

    Very nice tips, learned very useful tips i will apply on my facebook pages.

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  • Guest

    I found really helpful also helps for online marketers as well as entrepreneurs for Facebook marketing mobile friendly. And thanks for providing these useful resources.

  • Gerry Creighton

    Might want to re-read my comment…the site looks like your screen shot on a smart phone (I’m using an iphone 5). Woops…skipped point #5.

  • Thomas Wooldridge

    Great share jim. I’m glad your plugging mailchimp also. Its starting to be my favorite

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  • Jenni Chelenyak

    Hi, could you tell me if there is a way to add the “share” button to the Facebook page post itself? I can click into it and share the article itself; or share from news feed – but can’t find a way to share the actual post [it does have a link – I am using Facebook Page Local Business from iOs].

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