social media toolsAre you curious about the latest Facebook ad changes?

Wondering how to take your Facebook ads to the next level?

Facebook has gone all in to provide businesses with tools and targeting options to connect with customers and prospects in the moments that matter.

In this article I’ll share the five biggest things to happen with Facebook ads.

five facebook ad changes

Discover what marketers need to know about five Facebook ads changes.

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#1: Call Now Button Connects You to Mobile Users

Facebook launched a local awareness initiative in 2014 that gave advertisers the option to add a Get Directions call-to-action button to their ads. This year Facebook took it up a notch with the Call Now button.

This is an important lead generation tool for businesses of all kinds, but especially local businesses. It basically takes an entire stage right out of the funnel. Rather than send people to your website or Facebook page hoping they’ll contact you, the Call Now button allows you to let people call you directly from your ad.

facebook call now button gif

The Call Now button makes it easy for people to call you.

Smart targeting on Facebook can get you in front of motivated consumers on mobile. Adding the Call Now button gives people a direct link to convert from the ad, no extra steps required.

#2: Dynamic Product Ads Sync With Sales Catalogs

As powerful as Google Shopping ads are, it only made sense that Facebook would enter this arena, too.

Though they serve a similar purpose, Facebook’s product ads do not work in the same way as Google’s product listing ads. Facebook’s product ads are actually more like Google’s dynamic remarketing display ads. They use Facebook’s targeting parameters, or the consumer’s history on your site or in your app to serve ads.

The ads are template-based, meaning you don’t have to spend time on new creative for each ad. The templates pull images, product names, pricing and other attributes from your catalog, based on the keywords you’ve provided. This catalog integration also means your ads will stop running once your product is out of stock.

dynamic product ad template

Templates pull images, product names, pricing and other information from your catalog.

Best of all, these templates work for news feed and sidebar ads across all displays, so you don’t need separate ads for desktop, tablet and mobile.

#3: Carousel Ads Come to Mobile

Facebook launched carousel ads last year, but this summer they extended the option to mobile. This format has a lot of interesting possibilities, thanks to its ability to display multiple images with different links within one ad unit.

This mobile carousel ad from Tinker Crate spotlights different features and views of their product.

facebook carousel ad on mobile

The carousel format is a natural fit for mobile devices.

This spring, Neiman Marcus used carousel ads to showcase shoe and handbag collections and reported three times more conversions and 85% higher click-through rates, compared to standard ad units. The average lift in conversion across early testers was 12%.

Given the natural inclination to swipe sideways on mobile, carousel ads are an intuitive, seamless ad format for mobile users that gives you a creative, engaging way to tell stories.

#4: Updated Ad Tools Boost Productivity

A June overhaul gave Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor facelifts, as well as added functionality.

On the Power Editor side, this release offers a more logical interface, but also enhances bulk editing and advanced search capabilities.

power editor placeit imagea

The redesigned Power Editor has a more intuitive interface. Image: Placeit.

Ads Manager has a more streamlined feel, with performance metrics featured more prominently. Facebook said the update means “advertisers can quickly reference how their ads are performing in the same environment where they create and edit them.” Essentially, you now create your ads and manage them in one place.

What’s particularly awesome about this update is that you can bulk-edit the targeting and budgets for several ads at once and use the Create Similar option to duplicate ads and campaigns.

If you aren’t seeing these new features yet, don’t worry. They’re rolling out globally in the coming months.

#5: Ads Manager App Brings Campaign Management to Mobile

Small- and medium-sized advertisers rejoiced earlier this year when Facebook released the stand-alone Ads Manager app. You can now track ad performance, edit ads, revise budgets, adjust scheduling and create ads, right from the app. (You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play).

ads manager app in use placeit

The Ads Manager app enables you to create and manage ads from a mobile device. Image: Placeit.

The stand-alone app also lets you receive push notifications, save new ad drafts, create ads using photos from your phone and more.

Now, you can be as mobile as the people you’re trying to reach and not feel chained to a desktop computer to monitor your ad campaigns.

Look to See These Ad Formats in the Future

Prefill Form Fields with Lead Ads

This summer, Facebook announced they’re testing a new mobile ad format called lead ads. These ads auto-populate some form fields on mobile devices using information that’s already known about the person. This makes the submission process much easier, as the user can just verify the accuracy of the information and click through.

facebook lead ad example

Lead ads make it easier for people to fill out forms on mobile devices.

Lead ads might be a good option if you want people to sign up for your company’s newsletter, request a follow-up phone call or receive a price estimate. Once you get in front of motivated consumers on their mobile devices, you don’t want to risk losing them by asking them to type in a bunch of information.

Facebook has promised to share the results of their early testing.

Design Immersive Mobile Ads

This summer at Cannes Lions (an annual ad industry festival), Facebook gave a sneak peek at an immersive mobile ad format they’re working on.

Basically, the ad takes over the screen when a user clicks it in his or her news feed. When it expands to full screen, the ad becomes a browsable microsite, but it keeps the user within the Facebook ecosystem.

This ad format will demand a great deal of creative and will probably suit larger brands, at least in its early days.

What do you think? Have you used any of these newer ad products? What are you hoping to see from the Facebook ads team before the end of 2015? Share your wish list in the comments.

Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager images created with Placeit.
what marketers need to know about five Facebook ads changes

Tips for taking advantage of five Facebook ads changes.

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  • Lauren Denham

    I currently have an ad campaign going and after reading this I immediately wanted to add the feature “Call Now” to my ad instead of “Learn More”…….but the option wasn’t listed in the drop down menu when I went to edit my ad……do you know why?

  • Jennifer Porter

    My facebook ads format does not have a Call Now button option or Power Editor. Are these limited options? Can I request them?

  • Dale Brose

    Good update and I will say, there’s never a dull moment as an advertiser across social channels. Always something new and new techniques to consider.

  • Remco Boom

    Very informative, thanks for sharing!

    Just wondering; how many ads can there be in 1 caroussel ad? I presume that click throughs on each of the ads in the caroussel are reported? This would allow for easy split testing.
    Ideally you could showcase your entire webshop in just 1 ad.

  • soapboxcom

    58 percent of marketers insist they’re spending more on digital…yet only a paltry 9% say they’re dedicating full time creative content resources to the task of actually crafting messages and stories. Anyone see a disconnect here?

  • Those lead ads sound promising.

  • Gemma Moore

    You need to use Google Chrome to access Power Editor. The call now should appear if you have your business in the local business category.

  • Jennifer Porter

    I use chrome, it’s still not available.

  • Lauren it depends on region (some regions have not gotten this feature yet) and I am not quite sure if you can edit the Call-to-Action button of an Ad that is already running.

  • Thank you so much Larry for keeping me updated with these awesome new features.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for sharing useful information over here. Power of social media can’t be neglected while promoting any product or service .

  • Bret Fredrickson

    How are these “Call Now” CTA ads being used? I see the benefit on Google where people are actively searching for brands and products. On Facebook, the ads are mostly discovery based so a high percentage of people will be interacting with your brand for the first time.

  • Osmaan Mooraby

    Great Stuff

  • Hey Larry

    Great post as usual! Do you fancy beating me to the punch and writing an awesome sauce guide to dynamic ads?

    Most of the content out there is currently pretty weak, or skips huge roadblocks for the average user


  • Larry Kim

    that’s because you need to find an ecommerce advertiser who is willing to share their secrets!

  • Math


    Haven’t you noticed the new bidding options? I don’t know if they’re just running some beta test, but I have seen new cpc options, as now we only pay for clicks ” on the website” and no more pay for likes,comments or shares.

    Anyway, It’s been almost two weeks since those new bidding options have showed up, and I can’t even try them! Bought 8K worth of ads in the two preceding weeks, and now 0 impressions eventhough my daily budget is set at 10 000$, account cap is 10M, and bidding twice the maximum bid suggested…

    I am going crazy! I can’t talk to no one at Facebook. Very frustrating when you know you make 1.50$ for every 1.00$ you spend.

    Any advice or help would be appreciated, by anyone reading this!


  • Dan the Story Man

    I don’t know why, but when I select a very appropriate and targeted groups for my ads, it always ends up being WAYYY more expensive CPC than if I only select “your followers and their friends.” Does anyone know why? It seems like the targeted ads should be better. And, no . . . it’s not my lack of targeting skills or awareness of my brand. Thanks!

  • Larry Kim

    thanks ?

  • Larry Kim
  • Larry Kim

    its hard to keep up!

  • Larry Kim

    that’s unfortunate as obviously the content and message that you’re trying to promote will have a huge impact on success/failure. (you need great targeting, ad formats AND message)

  • Larry Kim


  • Larry Kim

    i usually specify a maximum bid rather than do the auto thing… and yes, website clicks campaigns are great if you don’t want to pay for likes, etc.

  • Larry Kim

    are you targeting based on interests alone? or are you using remarketing. remaketing usually does much better (50-200% better) than interest targeting alone.

  • Dan the Story Man

    I’m targeting based on interests. What is “remarketing” and how do I do it? Thank you very much for your reply. (Or anyone else who may see this.) I’m grateful for any guidance. Thanks!

  • Dan the Story Man

    Help me understand remarking, Larry. I need your insight!

  • Shannon Janco

    To Boost or Not To Boost. While I LOVE seeing the numbers a boost provide, I’m not so sure I’m getting what I asked for. I manage several business pages. I’ve done targeted posts for likes, conversions to web page etc… I’m not seeing quality in those that are “liking” or converting to the page. Many individuals have a basic FB profile, with no content and missing information. In fact most of the individuals are extremely young and the profile photos are, let’s just say, not G rated. I”m spending money but the quality isn’t there.