social media how toDoes your business have a blog?

Is it working for you?

If you said “no,” I wouldn’t be surprised.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Keep reading to discover why many blogs fail and what you can do to boost your traffic and brand.

What’s Wrong With Blogs?

This platform, if done properly, can generate tremendous traffic, leads and sales for your business that you otherwise would not have had.

Unfortunately though, most businesses do not blog well. Why? Because they refuse to think like a consumer.

They refuse to tell consumers the answers to the questions they most want answered. And it is because of this approach we so often hear the phrase, “Yeah, our company tried blogging, but it didn’t work for us.”

I own a swimming pool company, and when the economy crashed in 2008, it was our blog that really saved our business.

river pool blog

It's important to remember that it's called a "blog", not a "brag". In other words, we need to have our focus on education and information if we truly want to gain respect, trust, and authority.

By being relentless in our efforts to walk, talk and think like consumers—we were able to garner the love of search engines like Google and thereby get huge search traffic—but we were also able to rise to the top of the entire fiberglass pool industry.

Today, as I share these blogging success principles with companies around the country, I find there are basically two ways that people receive this unique approach to blogging:

“Sure this will work for our industry!”

“Oh no, this doesn’t apply to us at all!”

What’s funny is that folks in the same field often make these statements, yet the only difference is the desire and willingness to experiment with something new.

I say this because I don’t want you to automatically disqualify yourself and your business from what you’re about to read.

Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, product, service, local, international, big or small business—there are sound blogging practices here that could truly help your company.

But enough on that. Let’s talk about how you can take your blog to the next level.

5 Blogging Tips That Work!

#1: Leverage the power of “versus”

As consumers, we love to compare. In fact, we compare companies, products and “stuff” like crazy just to make sure we know we are making a sound buying decision and choosing the best product or service to fit our needs.

For example, because my company sells fiberglass pools, we are constantly explaining to our customers the differences among fiberglass, concrete and vinyl liner in-ground pools. For years, we kept getting these comparison questions on the phone or face to face from customers, so we knew it only made sense to blog about these subjects when we started this process of content marketing in 2009. In fact, the first comparison/versus article we ever wrote was entitled, “Fiberglass Pools vs. Vinyl Liner Pools vs. Concrete Pools: An Honest Comparison.”

article links

This one article led to tons of search traffic for my company, but it also opened the floodgates to so many other blogging possibilities and subjects.

After this article was written, I was able to see just how powerful the post was, as it ranked #1 on Google for many important keyword phrases, including:

  • Fiberglass vs. vinyl liner pools
  • Fiberglass vs. concrete pools
  • Concrete pools vs. vinyl liner pools
  • And many others

When I saw how quickly this article had captured so many long-tail keyword phrases (phrases of three or more words that have less search competition) in Google search engine rankings, I knew it would only make sense to continue with these comparison-based articles on the blog.

As you can see from the image below, the results thus far have been profound. In fact, just try searching any of the “versus” keyword phrases you see above and you’ll be able to verify how my pool company is on the first page of Google almost every time, usually with the ranking of #1.

versus search

Here are some of the top "versus" articles of my company website. Try searching the keyword phrases of each in Google and notice the results.

Keep in mind though these types of “versus” comparison-based articles aren’t just for getting the attention of Google and the search engines. In the article that compared fiberglass, vinyl and concrete swimming pools, the comparisons were truly unbiased and honest. I didn’t make fiberglass out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I talked about its pros and cons compared to the other types of pools in a very open manner.

And it was because of this (and all of the other comparison articles I wrote) that the blog soon became “the consumer voice” of the in-ground pool industry. People knew they could go there for honest and accurate information, and as a natural byproduct, our customers in Virginia and Maryland felt like they were dealing with the thought leaders of the entire industry.

So look for ways to compare the products and services you sell versus the products and services of others in your field. Give factual information about each. The opportunities here are almost endless and the amount of content ideas that can come from this one subject could very well give you dozens or even hundreds of blog post possibilities.

#2: People want the best, now give it to them

Think about all of the times you’ve asked the question,

“What is the best way to…?” or

“What is the best type of…?”

When it comes to researching and making a buying decision, we love to know the “best.”

There is also a very good chance the prospects and customers in your industry are online searching these types of phrases, which is why you should look for opportunities to utilize the word “best” in your content.

For example, as someone who writes about business blogging all the time, I decided to write an article on my marketing blog entitled “50 Qualities of the Best Business Blogs in the World.” Within two days of writing that post, it was ranked on the first page of Google for the phrase “Best Business Blogs,” which has generated significant traffic to the site since it was published. Furthermore, it’s these types of articles that will build your reputation as an expert in your field.

best article

Within 48 hours of writing this post, it was ranked on the first page of Google for a very important keyword phrase—"best business blogs."

#3: Focus on problems

Let’s pretend for a second you’re going to buy a pool and you decide to meet with a fiberglass pool builder and a concrete pool builder. Assuming you meet with the concrete pool builder and you tell him that you’re also considering fiberglass, what do you think he would say about the merits of fiberglass?

If you guessed he would likely start telling you about all the “problems” and “issues” of fiberglass pools, you’re right.

In most cases, when consumers are left to debate the merits of the two pools (or anything else, for that matter), where do you think they’re going to go to find out the truth and get an “expert” opinion?

The answer, of course, is the Internet. And in this case, they’ll likely go to Google (or any other search engine) and type in something like, “fiberglass pool problems” or “What are the problems with a fiberglass pool?”


If you're willing to address negative phrases like "problems" in your blog and company content, consumers will be impressed with your transparency and your brand will greatly benefit.

Knowing that people were constantly typing this phrase into the search engines, instead of being an ostrich and burying our heads in the sand, we decided to write an article on the entitled  “Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Problems and Solutions.”

Immediately, the article shot up to #1 on Google for the phrase “fiberglass pool problems.” But not only that, because consumers saw how open and honest our company was about the product we sold, the article also generated many, many leads, as shown in the image below, and has been read over 100,000 times in the last two years.

problems conversions

Here are the highest-converting keyword phrases of my swimming pool website. Notice how well the phrase "fiberglass pool problem(s)" has done for lead generation. In fact, this one article has made our company over $500k in sales, as many of those leads eventually became customers.

#4: Reveal pricing

A few weeks back, I wrote an article on 5 reasons your content marketing must address price, in which I discussed the merits of addressing the subject of pricing on company websites. So as to not repeat that whole post, the premise behind being more open about this subject comes down to these factors:

  • Pricing questions are the first ones consumers tend to ask, whether it’s to Google or an actual person. So if pricing is that important to a potential customer, then we need to figure out ways to address the subject in our content or risk the chance of our web visitors looking elsewhere for the information they seek.
  • Because the pricing/cost subject is so critical and a popular search term in every industry, if you address this subject you’ve now put yourself in the position to possibly rank for those keywords in search and experience the huge numbers of visitors that come with it.
  • Be more open about pricing to set yourself apart from your competitors and garner respect from consumers who appreciate your willingness to address their questions.
pricing stats

Here are the top 15 pages (in terms of views) for my swimming pool website over the last two years. Of these top 15, 5 are cost/price-related. These are also some of the highest-converting pages of the site as well.

Note: Just as we discussed in the previous article, addressing the pricing/cost subject doesn’t mean you necessarily give specifics. It may just include ranges or an explanation of the factors that dictate what a customer ultimately spends on your product or service.

With respect to your blog and business, a good idea when it comes to price is to write a cost-related article for every product or service that you sell. For some businesses, this means dozens if not hundreds of content opportunities, which will in turn continue to aggregate more search visitors and traffic to your site for months and years to come.

#5: Break news

If you truly want to be known as the voice of your industry, the subject of real-time breaking news can have an incredible impact on your company’s brand and authority.

Popular speaker and author David Meerman Scott has put a new name to this action: “Newsjacking.” He further says:

Whenever there is a hot story in the news, there is an opportunity to create and publish original content that the media will find and will get you coverage.

Newsjacking can be by writing a blog post, doing a YouTube video, creating an infographic, or even publishing a book on Kindle.

I’ve seen cases of “newsjacking” in all industries, but I’ll just mention one of my own here. About two years ago, a major fiberglass pool manufacturer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The day it happened, a few people who were familiar with my blog emailed me the news, at which point I immediately ran a story on the event. Not only did that article bring a record amount of traffic and attention to my blog that day, but it also still ranks for major keywords as well, which means continued traffic and leads to my website.

viking bankruptcy

If big news breaks in your industry, act fast and discuss the event on your blog. The results can have a lasting impact on your business.

So if you have a blog, keep your ear to the ground and listen for opportunities to present breaking news to the public. By doing this, peers and consumers alike will see you as a leader in your field, which will ultimately increase your chances of getting more business.

Now it’s your turn…

So there you have it, folks—5 unique blogging tips that will boost your business and brand.

What do you think? I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the above suggestions. If so, what were the results of your efforts? Which ones do you feel like you can improve on the most? Finally, what are some other blogging subjects you would add to the list? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Great advice! 🙂 

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  • predsicker

    Great article here Marcus! As you analyze how well your blog is performing, what do you think is the desirable ratio between new vs. returning visitors? 50-50 you think?

  • Lynn

    This was a great read.  I just started blogging for my business and this information is really going to help me get a good start.  Thanks for sharing. 

  • sylviaunlimited

    These are fantastic tips on for the types of articles local businesses can write.  It really provides a great framework to start.  In fact these are great tips for niche websites too.  I appreciate the share.

  • Thanks Marcus, another great answer to burning question of hundreds of small business owners/bloggers. I remember your previous one article here where too you emphasized on putting price on web. Seems like bringing traffic on blog is not that much difficult as compared to website, provided you follow gentle blogging  rules like few above.

    One of the greatest hurdle many small business owners/blogger face is putting genuine, unique and useful content that attracts visitors. I mean if my blog is not having anything that is not useful or unique or fresh, why should you waste your time in maneuvering my blog? But if i address your question and give you news in no time as you mentioned above, you’re sure to spare sometime on my blog and that too on regular period of time. This is what i learned from your today’s post. Thanks!

  • Great article, I think the ones that work best for me is then I do a list of the Top 5, Best 10 etc.  When you do have it broken down like that then it’s naturally smaller chunks of information for people to read so maybe that’s why it helps.  

  • Marcus Sheridan

     I’m with you Ian–people respond well to lists. We’ve been reading them since we were toddlers practically and they are a perfect way to disperse solid information.

    Good stuff man, and thanks so much for stopping by,


  • Marcus Sheridan

     Great point Moin, and I’m so glad to hear you gathered that from today’s post. If our entire focus to blogging is answering the questions we get day in and day out, then we’re going to be successful, and gain the appreciation of Google and our “real” readers as well.

    Continued success Moin!


  • Marcus Sheridan

     Hey Sylvia! So glad you found some value here with the information in the post. No question, the tips here are really for any type of business, website, niche, etc. The principles don’t change, although the platforms at times may.

    Good luck implementing them into your blogging strategy!!


  • Marcus Sheridan

     Hi Lynn, thrilled to hear it. If you’ve just started blogging, make sure to brainstorm all the questions you’ve ever heard from consumers. Write each one down,in complete sentences, and then make those questions the titles of your initial blog posts. If you brainstorm well enough, you’ll likely come up with 50-100 great questions that will act as a pillara to your blog for years to come.

    Good luck Lynn!!


  • Marcus Sheridan

     Hey Patricia! Love the question, but I think it really depends on your industry. For example, with swimming pools, most of my customers are once in a lifetime types, which means once they have bought their pool, that’s pretty much the end of our relationship unless they need service or something like that. On the other hand, if I had a retail store, that relationship would continue well into the future.

    I think a business with an ongoing customer base strongly benefits from returning readers to a blog. If it’s a one-time purchase, the ratio would typically be less.

    Does that make sense?

    Thanks again Patricia 🙂


  • Marcus Sheridan

     Glad you like it Jason….now I just hope you’ll apply it! 🙂

  • Caroline Hunter

    What is the best source to locate blogs and forums to post content for a specific industry?

  • Sima Chowdhury

    Thanks for the article! I enjoy reading about how small businesses like yours demonstrate methods that worked for them rather than the big glossy overviews of how big corporations use social media. A method that worked for me was to related to the Break News one. It’s just to be “in season”. With spring people start thinking about diets for summer clothes and cleanses, so I’ll write about stuff like that.

  • Alan

    Great article I tell my clients to write a blog they would like to read and feel like they have gotton something from the 5-10 mins they took to read the article. The headings and subject matter you use here are so relevent Thanks!

  • Thanks for the article. I write two blogs, one for my dental practice and one for my dental practice management company. I like the idea you mentioned in the comments above about making a list of the frequently asked questions of my consumers (dental patients and dentists in my case) as a brainstorm for blog post ideas. Great tip.

  • guest

    this doesn’t really address the question of – how do i even get people to GO to my blog to visit it in the first place? granted, we’re a non-profit so this is quite different but we can’t even get people to GO to the page. we do have a link to it on our web site and in our e-mail signatures.

  • Good article! I don’t exactly have a pool business, but rather a wild game recipe blog. I try to explain to hunters and non-hunters the correct way to prepare wild game. Wild game, like venison, has such a bad reputation for being too gamey or too tough. This is not true at all. I good point I liked in your article is that blogs should always attempt to identify with the reader or customer. Always important to know your audience. Thanks!

    Jenny Nguyen

  • Once again you have proven to be the “go to” resource for social media and business.  Your detailed examples make a difference in why I read your blog…..a direct link to what we should attempt to do with our own company blogs! 

  • Marcus Sheridan

     So glad it helped! And I really appreciate the kind words too….Thank you!


  • Marcus Sheridan

     Actually, this whole article is based on getting people to your site because what you’re doing is answering and addressing questions that people in your industry have each and every day.
    As you answer those questions, Google and the other search engines will reward you and over time, you’ll get more and more visits.

    Your blog should be one great landing page after another for content. Instead of your site always driving people to your blog, your blog should be driving people to the rest of your site.

  • Marcus Sheridan

     Hey Doc, thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked the thoughts on the brainstorming. I’ve honestly never seen a business/industry that didn’t benefit from that one simple activity. Plus, you’ll find by answering all those questions folks will spend much, much more time on your site going forward.

    Good luck!


  • Marcus Sheridan

     I really don’t think there is a “phone book” per se Caroline of the best blogs of each industry.

    What I’d suggest is that you type in the top questions a consumer would have in your industry, and then see where search results take you. Often times, those are the best blogs and forums.

  • Marcus Sheridan

     Sima, that’s a really great way to look at it and I think the example is perfect. We always have to be aware of trends, seasons, moods, etc so as to take advantage of “real time”.

    Thanks again for stopping by Sima,


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  • Marcus Sheridan

     Hey Alan, that’s sound advice you’re giving to your clients as I know it certainly works.

    Thanks for stopping by and continued success!


  • So teaching is the killer skill for bloggers.

  • This was a very informative article.  The company I currently work for recently started a blog and one tactic we are utilizing is step by step how to’s that people who are trying to address small scale problems that we address in our business.  This establishes us a trusted expert so that when they have a larger scale problem that warrants the expense of hiring an expert, we are first in their minds. 

  • Marcus Sheridan

     If I were to start a company of content marketers today Blair, I’d only hire two groups:

    1. Kindergarten teachers
    2. Journalists

    I strongly feel these two groups are the future of web copy and content…but teachers especially because they have an ability to take complex subjects and present them in a way anyone can understand.

    Your thoughts?


  • Very good points. I think the biggest point is focusing on problems. Millions of people each day search about How to…..problems. In any industry when you can give an answer to a common problem with passion, people  will give you a shot. Thanks for the points.

  • I never thought about that point Marcus. My wife is a teacher and has that ability to reach others. I will keep that in the back of my mind.

  • Marcus Sheridan

     That’s awesome Mike. With the rush that is content marketing, she could likely do some writing on the side and do quite well.

  • Marcus Sheridan

     Robin, I love what your business is doing and I think that’s a perfect start. Tell me, are you considering video as well with all of these “how to” issues? When you combine text and video, now you’re taking it to a whole new level….and these days, video really isn’t that difficult.



  • Marcus Sheridan

     100% agree with you Mike. All content marketing and blogging success comes down to that very issue in my opinion. And when I business really “gets” that, their blog almost always takes off in the right direction.

    Thanks so much for dropping by Mike,


  • Jacqui Gage-Brown

    – thank you! As a marketing contractor the versus angle has given me some good ammunition
    for topics!

  • Thank you thank you Marcus Sheridan. You read my mind. I was going to message you, tweet you, email you and ask you to direct me to, or write an post that I could use with clients to talk with them about your story and what you conveyed in the Social Media Examiner Small Biz Success Summit recently. It was one of the most head-turning presentations I have heard in the last 2 years.  It is the example I give now re why businesses need a blog.  Thanks!  This one is definitely going to be shared, emailed, tweeted, printed and referred to, many many times.

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  • PS and you are right – I have written a few blog posts about Pinterest and Instagram and the like and my search traffic has often shown up to be “versus” and “best” traffic, ie Pinterest vs Instagram, Best examples of Businesses on Pinterest etc etc.  People are searching in Questions (how to) and when I went back and paid it some attention after listening to your presentation, I was blown away by what i saw…I had been organically using some of those types of phrases in my headings and copy body, but I had not thought about it consciously….now I am. Also (just out of pinterest), I have a fledgling, growing blog, but Pinterest has fought a valliant battle for no 2 referral spot in the past 3 months, sometimes beating out Twitter. Very Pinteresting.

  • Marcus,

    Thanks for the great tips. In fact, I read your detailed post about revealing pricing (#4) several weeks back and immediately put it on my ToDo list. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I only yesterday got around to finishing the post. I’d welcome your critique if you have the time to check it out: 

    Commenter Ian mentions lists. If you’re into lists, check out – they have a cool way of embedding lists in your blog in such a way that folks can vote on the entries and even add them (if you allow it) – “social” lists as it were. You can see an example here: 


  • Mandy

    I’m the social media manager for an organization that’s sort of complex, with several audiences and isn’t a direct B to C customer-based company. Muddles our messages a bit. Still, I’ve learned a lot from this post so thanks. Mainly that your blog should drive traffic to your website. That alone is very helpful.

    So in that case, does it make sense to review your website metrics for what people search for most, and write your blog posts to answer those questions?

  • This is a great list of blog ideas to improve the SEO of your site. Each of these can apply to so many fields and can be used to create compelling and entertaining content. This is a post that I’m going to keep closely and refer to when I’m looking for blog ideas for my own site. 

  • Marcus Sheridan

     Awesome Joan, so glad it helped and good luck with your blog!! 🙂


  • Marcus Sheridan

     Hi Mandy, and thanks for asking the question.

    In short, YES, you should absolutely write about what people are searching for. Better stated, you should simply be answering the questions you get from customers (be it businesses or consumers) every single day. Look at your blog as the ultimate education center for your company and its prospects. And if anyone has a question, they can always find it there.

    Good luck Mandy!


  • Marcus Sheridan

     May I just say I’m absolutely loving these two comments Donna and it thrills me to know end that you’re so very “getting it”….YES!! 🙂


  • Marcus Sheridan

     That’s the thing Jacqui, versus alone could literally give some companies enough content topics to go for MONTHS. 🙂

    Good luck!


  • Russ Alman

    Awesome stuff.  Coincidentally, I wrote a blog article today that’s getting good response, and based on your list, I can see why. I addressed a common set of problems people face and why my company offers a solution.  I will definitely repost.

  • Interesting article. I wonder how it works for book sales.

  • Hi  Marcus, great post and particularly helpful and timely given that I’ve just taken on a local pool builder as a  marketing client! We’re in Aussie land though so no competition to you but expect to see some awesome blog posts about concrete magnesium salt pools in the near future!

  • indeed a great job, having straight something what we should work onto provide to the users they look for. . 

  • Kristin Boster

    Great suggestions, Marcus. I’ve just started a couple of blogs and am struggling to get my first few readers. I will put these ideas to use and see what happens!

  • Glenn

    I have never before thought about approaching people in this manner, with these steps you have stated it makes sense how more people get interested in what you are saying. 

  • MrTonyDowling

    Nailed it Marcus – I love your Sales Lion Blog, and its really helped me with my own sales blog – thanks for this, really great stuff!

  • marketingpro

    Great tips here Marcus. I work in the B2B space and one thing I found helpful to generate blog content ideas is to survey your current customers. You may also talk to Sales.

    Ask them lots of questions like,
    What they want to know?
    What they want to learn about?
    What keeps them up at night?
    What questions they have about our products?
    and on….

  • Charlotte

    Great and very helpful article. I write blogs for a memory foam mattress company, and sometimes it can be difficult to think of new inspiration and content, and to get the right mix between rich content and good search rankings. I know the blogs are working SEO wise but struggle to actually engage customers at present. Your article has made me realise some key factors that I feel have been overlooked so far, and these tips can be applied to this business so well, so thank you very much for some fantastic and simple advice.

  • Fantastic article which has been incredibly helpful thank you.

  • Hi Marcus,

    Great post and really inspiring one too. Loved reading it.  “versus” power is really good and will start using it in my blogs. Thank for the share.

  • You can’t forget the tried and trusted ‘how to guides’ and ‘top 5 tips’ posts, we find these attract qualified traffic that often converts. It’s also a good idea to include a ‘sticky’ post at the top of your blog homepage asking readers what subjects they want you to write about. Lee.

  • Fantastic, and fantastically useful, post — thank you! Thinking like a customer and presenting the information that people are actually looking for is a great to not only generate great content and real backlinks, which is what the search engines love, but also brings you real human eyes and helps real human beings — which is, after all, the ultimate goal 🙂

  • Ferranjolis

    Muchas Gracias Markus por tus aportaciones, me han sido de mucha utilidad! ahi voy aplicar ya mismo!!
    un saludo !
    Ferran Jolis

  • Nwerner

    I just recently started a blog at work and I will definitely be implementing these awesome tips. Thank you!

  • Hey Marcus,

    What an insightful article. I blog for my self and for clients and this advise is really helpful for me…I have to confess, I wasn’t really aware of some critical points you had mentioned.
    Thank you very much. Helpful, smart and well written post!

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  • If these tips are good for my niche website then definitely, I implement these tips but what about the leads? because i am not generating leads from organic engine. If these tips are effective then i got leads. 

  • Well, I have already implemented some of these tactics to generate traffic to my blog, but at the end of the day, good reputation of your brand on social media platforms is one thing which counts the most. 

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  • Elisabete Miranda

    Hello! Thanks for this important tips. I’m going to apply the 1º, 2º and 4º ones, because they are more easy to implement. I do not have a Blog but a site (very small…) but I think that tips are aplicable to the site and give me news ideas to turn my business site more interesting and helpful to customers (I’m starting a new business..). I hope to tell you more… 3 or 4 weeks in the future. Elisabete Miranda (Portugal) 

  •  I have read many blogs and articles about Google Ranking; but here i have Got very interesting blog related to Website Ranking.
    And your 1 point is related to Keyword research, Keyword takes first place while we are doing On-site SEO. If we have selected right keyword then it will very helpful for us for Good Ranking in SE. And Second most important Part is Domain selection; our Domain must be User Friendly, related to our services or Products.
    And Backlinks, Google Analytic and its code is also important for Good Ranking.
    I’m very Thankful to you for sharing such a nice Information.
    How to Increase Website Traffic

  • Marcus, thank you for the great article.  I now have some new ideas on creating content to get customers.

  • I haven’t read a blog article this
    good, other than the ones I write, in a while.  Great presentation of
    examples and the images were right on point.  We’ve been blogging in the
    SEO industry for quite a while and often hear that there aren’t enough blogging
    opportunities out there but there are.  You just have to keep your eyes
    and ears open.  Using the “versus” is a great way to stir up
    consumers.  I think I’ll use this in my next article. 

  • Hey Marcus,
    Thanks for a great post and for all of your help. After listening to Mitch Joel’s podcast interview with you and then reading your ebook, I polled my 25 employees and challenged them to write down every question they have ever heard from our customers. My promise was that I would buy everyone pizza if they came up with at least 500 questions. I also reminded them it would only take 20 questions per employee to reach the mark.

    Lo and behold, they submitted 480 questions!  So, I took all of 10 minutes and banged out another 50 to put them over the top. I got what I needed and the gal tabulating our list was thrilled that “we made it!”

    The pizza will be good, but the content will be even better. Thanks again!

  • Grant Hensel

    Great post – I’d throw in something about networking and connecting with other experts in your niche, but this is a great treatment of effective content strategy. 🙂

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  • Excellent compilation Marcus of what many of us know theoretically but all too often fail to do.  Thanks for taking the time to lay it out so effectively. 

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  • Great tips.  We are always looking for ideas to make logs relevant, interesting and current.  Thank you! 

  • Blogging can be insanely hard in some markets.  Construction companies, home security, etc.  It’s just hard to get people interested and excited about those kinds of things.  These tips are definitely a help.  The versus posts are always a good read and drive interaction.

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  • Karen Kefauver

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  • Thanks so much, Marcus. My best read posts seem to be lists. 50 Ways to… 25 Ways to… People love lists!

  • What I’m learning is that having an author persona… a distinct voice and opinion is really key to capturing regular readers.

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    We all know information doesn’t actually change what people do (or we’d all stop smoking, drive the limit, eat healthy and be rich). It’s information, in context, with challenges to take action that make the difference for people.

    That’s really the job of an instructional designer and what makes good content on the web (or in person).

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    We will apply them on our blog about learning English as a Second Language and hope will help many many English learners.

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    1.) Start an email list
    2.) Use Social Media
    3.) Post Regularly

    Yours actually get in depth, which is very helpful. Definitely refreshing to get some actual insight.

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