social media how toDoes your business have a LinkedIn company page?

Keep reading for tips to create and grow a following for your LinkedIn company page.

Why LinkedIn Pages?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. The network has 150 million members worldwide, and is adding 10 new members every 5 seconds!

LinkedIn is a publicly traded company now (symbol LNKD), which means that information about their revenues, operations and earnings are publicly available.

You can gain a lot of insight about a public company by following their investor relations communications to better understand how the business is growing, and what the areas of focus are for the company.

For example, 50% of LinkedIn’s revenues come from hiring solutions, and 30% are derived from marketing solutions. This means that a total of 80% of revenues for LinkedIn come from brands, corporations and businesses. The remaining 20% of revenues come from premium member subscriptions. All areas of the business are growing very rapidly (triple-digit growth).

Also, keep in mind that LinkedIn has a more educated and affluent audience than some of the other popular social media sites for business.

Given that the majority of LinkedIn’s revenues are derived from companies and brands, LinkedIn company pages are going to continue to grow in importance and relevance for the network.

Jonathan Lister, LinkedIn’s VP of North American sales for marketing solutions, was recently interviewed on Business Insider and had the following to say about LinkedIn company pages:

“The product we are most bullish on is a product that allows members to follow companies, and companies to message members.”

Also referring to LinkedIn company pages, Lister says,

“We’re seeing some of our highest engagement rates across the board on status updates to members.”

Bottom line? Build a LinkedIn company page for your business now! Invest your time and resources where LinkedIn is investing their time and resources.

Building Your Company Page

To build your LinkedIn company page and take advantage of all of the features offered, review this article: 5 Tips for Using the New LinkedIn Company Pages.

The newest feature of company pages is the ability to post a status update. That status update can be viewed in the streams of your followers. If you don’t have followers for your company page, your status updates won’t get any visibility outside of your company page itself.

In order to build followers for your LinkedIn company page, you will have to run some campaigns such as:

  • notify your employees to follow your page,
  • send out an email to your existing contact database to follow your page,
  • place a Follow button on your website or blog, and
  • cross-promote your page on other social channels, including LinkedIn Groups.

For the purposes of this article, I pulled together a few examples of best practices on companies that are using LinkedIn company pages to grow their visibility on the network and engage followers.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

#1: Maximize the Overview Tab on your LinkedIn Company Page

On your company page Overview tab, only the top portion of your company description is visible. You need to make the most of this real estate.

HubSpot has done an awesome job of this. Not only do they give you a reason to follow their company page, but they also provide a call to action to keep you on the company page by driving you over to their Products tab.

On the Products/Services tab of the HubSpot company page, you will find a “Free Demo” call to action for HubSpot software, and you will find a list of free eBooks and webinars. These are all calls to action that generate qualified leads for the company!

hubspot company overviews

HubSpot uses the valuable Company Overview real estate to build followers and convert them to leads.

#2: Create Interesting LinkedIn Company Page Updates

Status updates that either create dialogue (grow your visibility) or contain a call to action (generate leads) are the most effective forms of updates.

Sure, company news updates or blog posts are great from time to time, but the updates that get the most visibility are going to get members talking. For every like, comment or share by your page followers, that update has the potential to go viral and provide your business with significant exposure!

Here are a couple of examples of LinkedIn company page updates that created dialogue or contained a call to action:

A recent “engaging” status update from LinkedIn’s own company page:

linkedin company page

Watch LinkedIn's own company page updates for tips on engaging your page followers!

Here’s a “call to action” company page status update from HubSpot:

hubspot call to action

Clicking on this company page status update takes you directly to a landing page to download the handbook!

Here are some additional suggestions that have worked well in helping company page status updates “go viral”:

  • Donate to charity in exchange for followers
  • Hold a contest or a drawing
  • Showcase compelling stats or data
  • Ask for a “like” or a “share” with the update
  • Use catchy images and/or videos in your updates

#3: Encourage and Showcase Your Products or Services

When LinkedIn members visit your company page, they can see which of their network members have recommended your products or services.

When a member recommends your products or services, their network connections are notified and the recommendation also lives on your page (you can control which ones are visible).

hubspot products services

When visiting HubSpot's Products/Services tab, I can view members of my network who have already written a recommendation!

You can easily ask your best customers to recommend your products or services through the LinkedIn “Request Recommendations” module. This can be found on a specific Product page. See the example below.

  • Navigate to the specific Product page and click the “Request Recommendations” button.
request recommendations

Use the "Request Recommendations" button to easily ask connections to recommend a product or service.

  • Fill in the “To” box with names of your connections (this field will prepopulate, and the message can be edited).
request recommendations pop up window

A pop-up window will appear with a prepopulated message asking for a recommendation!

#4: Use LinkedIn Ads

You might consider utilizing LinkedIn social ads to build company followers and/or recommendations for your products or services.

LinkedIn’s social ads are still affordable, and can be very powerful for driving visibility. You can run a LinkedIn social ad to ask members to follow your company or recommend your products or services, and you can strategically target these ads. (You can also run targeted ads to build group membership.)

hewlett packard ad

Here's an ad that asks readers to recommend or share HP products.

In reviewing company case studies on LinkedIn, much success with LinkedIn company pages is  a function of Followers + Engaging Updates + Product/Service Recommendations.

In addition, evaluate whether an investment in social recommendation ads or follower ads is worthwhile and appropriate for your company and has also contributed to the success of the companies in the case studies.

Use LinkedIn Company Pages

Right now I believe there is a tremendous window of opportunity for small- to medium-sized companies to significantly grow visibility and market share on LinkedIn because there is little competition. Many companies are not yet utilizing LinkedIn company pages to their full extent, and many more have not begun to consistently update their company page status. The stream is not yet crowded. Think of the early days of Facebook pages—now almost every business has a Facebook page and it is very difficult to get into the news feed of your fans.

It makes sense to invest where LinkedIn is investing. LinkedIn company pages are only going to grow in significance, and if your audience is there (influential, affluent, educated members), you must build and activate your company presence!

What do you think? Are you using LinkedIn company pages? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Very informative post Stephanie!

  • This is really useful. I must say, i think Linkedin is really convoluted and would really benefit from simplifying its user base quite dramatically. As an SME i have a group with 900 or so members, and wonder if it is worth my while creating a business page (as i have one on FB).

    I would be interested to know your thoughts!

  • Danb

    What I can’t wait for is an automatic blog feed to the Update Section. When will that happen?

  • Nice walk-thrus of the setups. Very helpful.

    A strong LI profile could benefit any biz.. B2B and B2C. Not only is it good SEO, it gives companies tools like ads, ways to recruit, etc. Now that you can ‘follow’ on LI, it’s that much more important to not treat it asa placeholder page, but maintain an active page that’s interesting. I think there is room to grow here, esp. for small businesses. FWIW.

  • Thanks very much for this. I have it saved in the pdf format you offer 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Yes if you have a company I would recommend creating a profile on LinkedIn. I think it will prove to be important as time goes on for both credibility and engagement!

  • Not sure but manual updates will potentially always be more effective because you can edit the text to ask a question and encourage engagement!

  • Totally agree with you, and it’s early!

  • I would love to be able to do this, however, I work for a company that has a rather large portfolio of brands, but we all share the same corporate email domain (we have unique web domain’s but our IT department refuses to lets use those domains for email due to eDiscovery concerns.) LinkedIn’s usage policy states every Company Page needs a unique email domain. So we basically have a collection of brands (separate companies in the market place) and can only have one Company Page – a corporate page in which it isdifficult to pay any attention to he individual brands.

    Do you know if anyone has ever been granted special permission to create Company pages using the same Corporate Domain? I understand why they moved to this policy a year or 2 ago, however it leaves hole for a number of large holding companies who have a portfolio of brands. Any ideas????

  • Allison

    Stephanie, do you have any advice for non-profits that are using LinkedIn?  I am new to LinkedIn as a user and am curious on how I can use it for my NPO.  Thank you!

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  • Annette Marron Holbrook

    I’m not sure I see the benefit to a LinkedIn page for my business. It sounds and seems just like a facebook page, and I don’t think my clients need to read another status update on yet another social page to follow. What am I missing here? My company is a service industry, we don’t sell a “thing” we sell an activity (dog daycare, dog training and private dog park). 

  • Very timely!  We just launched our website not too long ago, and on my to-do list today was to set up a Company Page on Linkedin. Great information, thanks!

  • I agree, not sure LinkedIn would be your best bet.

  • I know there are some NPO’s such as hospitals. Also academic institutions! Feel free to contact me directly on this.

  • I agree this is an issue and hopefully it will change in the future.

  • Awesome post  Stephanie really worthy ! LinkedIn is very much effective you are working in B2B market

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  •  I am thinking of setting up a linkedin page but am not sure whether we can create more a serial of pages…like on FB. Very informative post. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the great information!

  • I agree and raised this point with LinkedIn on their Facebook page when they announced follow button for companies.

    As I have a LinkedIn group “social media for business & goodness” they said would pass on my feedback. I do think could & should do more for groups.

    I have set up a company page for GraffORM but with 3 followers there & 200+ personal connections I know where I’ll be focusing my attentions.

    But good points in the article

  • Sarah

    I did have one comment if you go into search for hospitality companies you will only see the large hospitality chains and not any independent nor any for your specific area – i.e.  Carlsbad, Ca or anything outside of Greater San Diego.  We have an Independent Hotel and we are not even showing in the Search Results and I have looked up through page 15 and again only the Larger Brands are shown.  I have not seen where Linked in has addressed this unless it is because they have a larger advertising budget and can pay to be listed on the search engines.  But I do want to thank you for your articles. 

  • Notable insights for professional networking but one point of concern i would like to share with you  stephanie, i have been trying to create company page since last 2 months but every time disappointed with same error saying “we’re sorry that a new company page can’t be created at this time” 🙁 
    You can refer the screenshot of error i got while i was re-attempting to create a page again (just after reading your this article) Here’s the link:

    The weird thing is that i was successful in creating company page for one of my client by following same process that i did in above attempt. And i have yet not received any response from linkedin support team upon submitting this screenshot with description a month ago.

    Anyway, thanks for the insights when i am successful in creating page, i would definitely implement the tips mentioned here.

  • LinkedIn has great potential to grow your business, but I always wonder
    how to use it correctly and very few people talk about it and mostly
    talk about only Twitter and Facebook. I’ll certainly follow these points
    on my company LinkedIn Page and see the difference. 

  • I tried creating Linkedin page for my Clients Company, but ended up with an error, hope this time it will workout for me. Btw great article, thanks for these valuable tips.

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  • same here, i had posted same comment here in this post but i don’t know who flagged it 🙁

  • Great post Stephanie. I’ve seen many company pages with boring and static information in their overview tab (my own included). Now I’ll definitely work on giving our “users” a more apparent reason to follow our company and also provide them with a clear call to action. Thanks

  • I am trying to create company page since last two month for one of my client but everytime get an error like this :
    Even this time, just after reading your blog post, i tried it and got same error. Weird thing is that i was able to create page for another client in the meantime. Don’t know what’s going on in the support forum, i submitted a ticked re. this but yet no response. 
    However stephanie, your insights are very useful and will implement in my existing page.

  • Thanks for the tips.
    Social media is a huge platform to explore. You can get some really genuine visitors.Your suggestions helps to make best use of linkedIn.

  • Thank you Stephanie i created my company page last year and after reading your post i got some new ideas and yesterday also received a voucher by LinkedIn worth $50 advertising credit. 

  • creating company page in linkedIn,very useful

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  • Unfortunately we can’t control the search algorithm and I would not rely on that as a way to generate interest in your company. Running your own campaigns with existing contacts to drive followers for your company page and utilizing targeted social ads are a better option!

  • Hi there, I would send another request to support, and make sure that no one from the company has inadvertently set up a company page.

  • Cool! Good luck!

  • Njacobs

    First… thanks to Adam Buxbaum for forwarding this link to me.  This is a fantastic & timely discussion with practical content.  I’m studying for an exam for this Friday night… but Saturday morning will flesh out our company page and keep it active & relevant for those studying for the Salesforce Certification Exams.  Whether you’re interested in that or not, I would greatly appreciate a follow and I’ll follow you back.  Ovalis Group
    Thanks and it would be great if we could continue this thread and share on how our needle moves based on these changes.

  • Great move by Linked in to open up the ability to have a company page and good suggestions on how to do it.  Hadn’t heard about this feature before.  Like the way we can get endorsements from our follower base!

  • Thanks!

  • Darren Hellmund

    Stephanie, what would be your recommendation on listing products versus product ranges?

    I started listing my first few items in products/services as product ranges. But then I came across a range of products that we offer that all have individual accolades that could be note worthy individually.

    I see product ranges being more valuable for B2B, where individual products might be better for B2C (and for their individual recommendations).

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  • Gstechnoview

    This is great, thank you for sharing.   So much easier to update company pages when you have some guidelines and reference points to follow.

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  • Thanks for giving those lnkd tips on improving ur profile.  I like the status update so that my coworkers can join me for events.

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  • Hi  Stephanie, 
    Nice article. Few points in this post, I would definitely like to follow.Somehow, I can’t avoid but compare Facebook page & LinkedIn company page. I find, both offer more or less similar capabilities. I’ve noticed that in LinkedIn one can ask for recommendation, I’m not sure if similar mechanism is available in Facebook or not. (discounting Google+ at the moment). 

    I have a feeling, in terms of engagement with follower/fans: LinkedIn is better for B2B and FB is better for B2C. What is your thought about it.

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  • Great points Stephanie.

    The quality of linkedin users as a source for B2B leads combined with the
    simple company page (who we are, products we offer, what people think)
    makes linkedin a powerful social source of leads. 
    The key with the product section is to clearly present a call to action (watch the video) with a path to conversion (request a demo). I’ve recently blogged on this idea here… 

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  • Richard

    Good article and tips!
    Do you know if LinkedIn allow you to create a company domain page like individual profiles?

    I appreciate they have now provided coding for badges on your websites, but Ali would like to have a specific URL for non clickable marketing (letters, business cards etc)

    Thanks for the article.

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  • Wonderful tips! I have noticed that when I first got heavily involved with LinkedIn many of my personal connections were not that into it. I am happy that I built a strong network and kept my updates and profile up! These are great, useful and very helpful tips that I can utilize for a few clients in mind, if not all! 

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  • For those of us in business seeking to expand our influence, Linkedin is the network of choice. Because of it’s unique approach to building a relevant service that constantly refocuses on business and professional needs.Thanks for sharing us the tips in making a creative company profile Stephanie!

  • Simon Quickback

    Without question that is the most banal response to a question I have read on here to date. How utterly vanilla.

  • Thanks for this useful post and I appreciate the comment stream as well. I wanted to share my experience and ask for help.

    I created a company page for one of my clients and found out that the maximum number of products allowed is 25. This limit is not mentioned anywhere and if we had known about it, we would have chosen our top 25 products.
    Does anyone know of any workarounds for this?
    The second question relates to mimicking HubSpot’s call to action. Is there any guide that explains how to create this type of call to action for the company pages on linkedin?

    Many thanks & regards

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  • TraceyJames

    Hi Stephanie, this was very useful, thank you.

    BTW, do you happen to know how to add existing contacts with followers to a newly-created company page? My web girl says that the LinkedIn instructions aren’t right, and we don’t want to lose our combined followers when we add ourselves to our new page. Hope you can help. Thanks!

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  • Hybrid Marketer

    Stephanie is helping you. A little gratitude and grace would be more professional.

  • Hybrid Marketer

    Not all social media is for a small service company, Facebook would be good for you. If you post fun updates, and ask contact doggie salons, pet food stores, dog lover meet-ups, dog boutiques, veterinarians, etc. to “Like” your page and you may get referrals. Offer to do the same for them in exchange!

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  • Thx for sharing I finally manage to put together my LinkedIn company page. You think is ok to promote the same content that you want to share on your personal profile to the company profile as well. My LinkedIn personal profile is used only for the business aspect nothing personal.

  • Great information you have shared. I will also follow all steps.

  • Dave

    I would really like to know how I can make a couple of TABS at the top of my page…It seems like ALL you can have is a HOME page and your updates….That’s not colorful enough!