social media how toHave you thought about using the power of podcasting to gain customers?

Podcasting is becoming a very popular medium.

It gives you access to an immense audience already downloading podcasts from iTunes.

Not only that, podcasting allows you to form a deeper relationship with prospects because they can hear your voice.

They can hear the person behind the website, company or product.


Find prospects through podcasting. Image source: iStockPhoto.

Below are three ideas to gain new customers, whether you start a new podcast or not!

#1: Choose to Interview Guests Who Are Your Ideal Prospects

Interviewing someone for an hour can start to build a relationship. It also gives you an easy way in the door to a company or person that might be hard to reach otherwise.

Most people are flattered when they are asked for an interview. It’s surprisingly easy to get people to come onto your podcast.

Kurk Lalemand, a Maine business coach at Next Level Business Coaching, is just getting into social media. But he saw the potential in podcasting.

He explains:

“Calling the owner of a business who is interesting and qualified (to be a potential client or good resource) and asking for an interview is ten times easier than calling up a prospect and just asking to meet. Plus I will be able to generate great content for my website, and add an important contact to my business owner resource list.”

If you are looking to start podcasting for your business, listen to this interview with Cliff Ravenscraft.

Action Item: Figure out what your podcast would be about and whom it would be targeting.

For example, if you were a performer or musician, you could interview the decision-makers at specific venues where you want to perform. That podcast would help fellow performers and build relationships with those decision-makers.

Note: Your podcast does not have to go on forever. You can decide to do a series of maybe 10 interviews with specific prospects.

Decide on a topic and choose 10 potential interviewees whom you would love to meet.

#2: Create a Specific Niche for Your Ideal Prospect

We tend to get overly obsessed with the numbers in social media. But what do you think is more important: having 500 people who adore you or 3,000 people who kind of like your stuff?

When you create a very specific niche for your podcast, you tell your target market that this is the EXACT place they need to be listening.

Tighten your niche so it’s extremely specific. When you are just looking to get clients, you don’t need thousands of people listening, you’re just after the RIGHT people who need your products or services.

Andrew Warner of Mixergy, a podcast that interviews tech start-ups, said this:

“This little niche that I thought was tiny ended up being way bigger than I imagined. The cool thing about being in a niche is that you can own the niche pretty easily if it’s fairly small. There is no one else who is doing interviews in tech start-ups the way that I am.”


Mixergy has over 747 interviews with tech start-ups.

So how does having a very specific niche get Andrew more paying customers?

It makes it easier to target their pain points. He is only talking to a specific group of people. He has envisioned exactly who his ideal audience member is. He can speak in their language and ask them what their biggest issues are. Then he can work on solving those problems.

When you are able to interact and talk to your ideal prospects via your podcast, you can understand their needs and morph your products and services to solve their exact problems. Give them exactly what they need and they will pay you more readily.

Action ItemEnvision your ideal prospect.

What type of information would they likely listen to? How can you make it very specific?

Go on iTunes and search for that topic. Assess the competition and see if there is room for you to own that niche.

itunes podcast

iTunes provides users with flexible options for enjoying your podcasts.

You’ll find a lot of podcasts that no longer update. If most of the podcasts similar to yours aren’t doing new episodes, you may want to email the hosts and find out why. Do your due diligence beforehand. Maybe they only had 10 listeners.

Decide to start a podcast for the sole reason of reaching your ideal prospects in a new medium.

#3: Don’t Want to Commit to a Podcast? Just Be a Guest!

Thousands of podcasts are looking for new guests. Your expertise or product coupled with the right podcasting audience could mean more sales for your business.

Dane Maxwell doesn’t have a podcast; he has a software business. Yet he went on Andrew’s show, Mixergy. The result was over $150,000 in new revenue.

How did he do it?

He connected with Andrew because he was a customer of Andrew’s premium Mixergy site.

Andrew had him on the show to talk about copywriting. He provided an amazing amount of information and transparency on the podcast.

At the very end he mentioned he was going to take on 10 students to help them build their businesses, and gave the website on which they could apply.

He received over 225 applications. That started a whole business for him. He created The Foundation, a training course based on the success of his clients from the Mixergy interview.

Not all successes are as huge, but they can be very worthwhile for your business.

Mars Dorian is a personal brand strategist who was interviewed on BlogcastFM (an interview show with experts in blogging). He was able to secure four new ongoing clients and sell 15 of his $45 online guides because of the 45-minute interview. Plus that interview is still out there, and will passively attract new people into his funnel.

Here’s how to be a guest on podcasts to give you the right visibility.

How to Be Invited as a Guest on a Podcast

How do you get interviewed on a podcast?

Use iTunes to Find Shows to Be Featured on

iTunes is the easiest place to find podcasts. Download and install iTunes if you don’t already have it. It’s a great tool for research, and you can download the Social Media Examiner podcast!

Go into the Podcast Directory:

podcast directory

Click on the Podcast Directory.

Click on the category or use keywords that are topics your audience would listen to.

itunes search

Here, I searched for Entrepreneurs, then clicked to filter by Podcasts.

Listen to their podcast to see if your company would fit into their mix, then try to land an interview.

website contact info

Visit their website to get their contact information.

Ask to Be on the Show

Once you find their email address or contact form, send them a quick email.

Here’s a template:

Hello ________,

I’ve listened to your podcast, and I just want to let you know how much I liked it.

I’m also an expert in ___________________________ and would love to be interviewed on your show. I have _____(list credentials)___________.

Please let me know if you have any openings in the near future!

Thanks so much!

Tips for Your First Interview

Both Dane and Mars gave some great advice on how to be effective as a guest on a podcast.

  • Prepare. Most people just show up as they would for a normal conversation without much preparation for conveying their ideas. Instead, take the time to sit down and prepare your core message, so someone just meeting you for the first time would get a great understanding of how you can help them.
  • Be transparent, and have effective ideas that you can articulate. Make sure that you are delivering valuable content for the listener. Help the listener as much as you possibly can during the interview. Be transparent and be yourself, and you will gain their trust.

If they trust you from listening to you for an hour, they will be more likely to sign up for your website, add you on social media or become your client.

  • Show that you are the expert. Whether you have a product or a service, you are the expert in it. When being interviewed, exude confidence. Your attitude and demeanor should say to the listener, “I can help you achieve the results you are looking for.”

Over to you.

More businesses are using audio to reach wider audiences and connect with clients there.

What do you think? Have you tried podcasting? Is it good for your business? Please share your questions and comments in the box below.

Image from iStockPhoto.
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  • Cool article, Jaime! Thanks for the ideas. It’s really great that podcasting has been able to make a comeback and people are really getting into it. I know I am having fun in the podcsating world…mostly thanks to you!Have an awesome Thursday SME peeps!

  • Jaime Tardy: Yes, I have tried podcasting and it will be an important part in my business in the future. A conversation with a guest will start a relationship with a person that you and the show’s listeners will get to know, like and trust. You then could have an exchange of business contacts and referral partners.

    I am often listening to podcasts during my weekend walks, using an iPhone app called Downcast.

    I have been compiling lists of business podcasts for a couple of years and I have been having talks on podcastings at conferences, so I am interested in getting in touch with content creators, podcasters, fans of podradio, etc., for setting up a new site that will be focused on the new broadcasting media in a broad sense! 😉

  • eventualmillionaire

    Awesome Martin! I still find it amazing how many people I run into that have never heard of podcasting and have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂 It’s a HUGE wealth of information that people are missing!

    Thanks for telling me about Downcast, I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

  • eventualmillionaire

    Thanks John! It’s great to be a podcaster today. 
    Especially when you are on the new and noteworthy list like Entrepreneur on Fire! 🙂

  • Thanks for the Downcast tip! Definitely going to have a look at the app.

  • Love it Jaime! I just recorded my inaugural podcast and excited to kick it off…podcasting coupled with a blog adds a dynamic that can put you ahead of standard blogs, which can increase your email list i.e. potential clients…

    Also you have another avenue for traffic, through iTunes which is huge.  

    I like your point about being a guest because I’m sure podcasters like interviewing other podcasters! Great minds think alike!

    Cheers Jaime

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  • Carin Galletta Oliver

    I obviously need more coffee, because I read the headline as “How To Procrastinate and Land More Customers.”  I was so excited that my evil ways were finally going to pay off.

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  • Jaime: Thanks for your kind words! Yes, podcasting is a huge area to be explored. Everything from explaining the basic elements of a podcast, to giving tips on podcast show and having a discussion on the future of a more interactive new broadcasting media.

  • Claire Broadley: You are welcome. Downcast is a handy dandy app. You don’t need to sync it with iTunes or other programs. You get the latest episodes when you refresh the app and you could easily share a podcast via Twitter and Facebook.

  • Oh, that sounds excellent. I’ve never liked the way iTunes handles podcasts. The interface is too clunky, and I just end up stacking up lots of files that quickly fill up my iPhone and eventually get deleted. I’m going to download Downcast now!

  • eventualmillionaire

    hahaa, that sounds like a great post too 🙂

  • eventualmillionaire

    Awesome Joe! Do your best to try and hit the new and noteworthy category. That brings in a lot more traffic and downloads. You want to get as many downloads as you can when you first launch to hit in to N&N. (Maybe I should write that as my next post? 🙂

  • Jaime,
    Thanks for the awesome article!  I think podcasting is the way to go as its more interactive.  Great for building new clients, establishing authority and getting your name out there.  Look forward to going to your site.
    Take care.

  • @JohnLeeDumas:disqus , I am a big fan of your Entrepreneurial Fire podcast and think you`re doing a great service to Entrepreneurs around the world.  Awesome content, keep it up John!

  • Why thank you so much Howard…your kind words mean a lot.  I appreciate you listening and engaging!


  • Do it!

  • Thanks Jamie, 

    I really appreciate you mentioning our show in the post.  I was of course thrilled when Mars drove so many sales of his book since we get an affilate commission too :). But I think the the key thing is that the interview with Mars was so packed with value because he didn’t hold back. That product sold itself and I think some people might have bought it just because they liked Mars. So I would tell people don’t just get on a podcast in hopes of pitching a product. 

  • Sam

    Looking cool sound and from here you can do lots of things in your favor if you will use it with right steps.

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  • An expert bringing in guests almost always focuses the attention on the guests’ topics instead of the expert business owner. It can make for some interesting content, but may not always be a credibility deepening topic on the owner’s area of expertise.

    We solved that problem at by using a radio professional as the weekly “host” for our clients. The business owner is the “guest” of her own podcast each week and can effectively cover the topics that customers expect to hear about.  To help the business owner achieve clarity on the overall purpose and come up with a list of episodes, we created a free outline/brainstorm tool.

    If you’re already podcasting, I also suggest transcribing your podcasts and having the transcripts edited into blog posts. Long form podcasts can produce 3 or 4 posts per episode. A competent editor should be used to do the rewriting. It’s not as complicated as ghostwriting because there’s no additional research or fact-checking required. All the words came out of the mouth of the CEO.

  • Reading your article I have discovered answers for number of questions that have been troubling me for long time now. Its not easy to find professional publications on the web as many such publications are made by people with no knowledge of the topic. Your publication is excellent and definitively worth reading. I’ll sure be back to check for updates in few days.

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  • two questions from a podcast newbien, you mention itunes to  distribute your podcast, is this a free service? can other phone user other than ipod also download the podcast?

  • Really wonderful article.   Do you offer courage as well?   Thanks!

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  • Cathy

    I LOVED this article. You made it sound so easy. It is definitely on my ‘To-Do-Soon’ list!

  • A wonderful article Jaime!

    I’ve been podcasting for a number of years now, with this medium now playing a very important role in my brand communications wheel.

    Not only has my podcast generated me leads, it has generated sponsorship/advertising monies, joint ventures, speaking invitations, as well as a regular spot on a local radio station, not to mention that it has been a great way to build friendships with like-minded business owners.

    For people who are still sitting on the fence, I highly recommend they give podcasting a go! A number of my guests loved the idea of podcasting so much that they are now planning on creating their own podcasts, which is something my podcast network is supporting them with so they don’t have to worry about all of the technicalities – they just do the interviews and we take care of the rest! Easy!

    You mentioned that podcast hosts are always looking out for new guests – which is something I do every day. I’d love to invite you and any other people (who are experts in their field with a business-related topic) to consider being a guest on my show. You can find out more information here:

    Thanks again for a great article!


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  • Hi Jaime. I never tried podcasting . I never trusted it as being a realistic marketing method. However I’ll give it a second thought. Thanks for the info and have a great day.

  • We have a service that offers both podcasting and blogging in a single package. We use a podcast model to generate the content. We then transcribe it and re-write it as a blog post. If you use all 3 pieces of content (Podcast audio, transcription PDF, Blog post) you’ve effectively and efficiently created some authentic, relational material that is also google-friendly. For most of our clients, we batch the process so that the total time per month is about 1 hour. This results in weekly podcasts and posts.

  • Thanks Dave, I’ll check it out.