social media toolsAre you looking for tools to help better manage your Twitter presence?

Managing your Twitter presence along with your other online networks can be difficult if you have limited resources.

In this article, you’ll discover 3 tools to make your basic Twitter marketing tasks easier.

#1: Manage and Analyze Your Community with SocialBro

Every business needs at least one management tool to manage its Twitter presence, and there are many excellent Twitter management tools to choose from.

SocialBro is one of my favorites, thanks to the excellent features it offers.

socialbro features

SocialBro offers many features to manage your Twitter account.

SocialBro allows you to not only manage your Twitter account, but it also provides you with useful information you can use for your social media strategy.

Here are some examples of how to use this cool Twitter tool.

Target your business niche

When you start to build a community, you’ll want to make sure you follow the right people. SocialBro helps you find your target audience through a function called Discover Twitter Users.

This feature works with filters and search options to give you the data you need to find your relevant audience.

socialbro filters

SocialBro's filters allow you to find your relevant target demographic.

You can filter your search based on time zone, language, verified/non-verified users, public/private profiles, profiles with or without URL and profiles with or without customized avatar.

After that, you can arrange the searches by doing a second filter based on influencer score, followers, number of followers, following, lists they are in, followers/friends ratio and more.

This helps narrow your search results to find relevant Twitter users to follow. And this is beneficial as you can often create a more dynamic community when you use more specific targeting.

You’ll want to use these results to create lists to keep track of the people you’re interested in. For example, you can create Twitter lists for clients, influencers, industry thought leaders and competitors to follow their conversations easily.

Another way to find relevant followers is to use the Monitor a Hashtag feature. It’s a great way to keep tabs on people relevant to your business and follow their conversations on Twitter.

Here’s an example of a search on #blogchat, a Twitter community that actively discusses topics on blogging every week.

socialbro monitor hashtag

When you monitor hashtags, you can find relevant Twitter users who use them.

With the Monitor a Hashtag feature, you’re able to see who has used the hashtag, users who have followed you, users who have not followed you and users whom you’re following and aren’t following you back.

You can choose to engage with the people who aren’t following you. And when you get to know them, they’re more likely to follow you back. This is a great way to build your Twitter community with people who share similar interests.

Twitter is all about social commentary, so listen to conversations to define the community your business needs on Twitter.

Analyze your competitors

SocialBro allows you to analyze any account you’re interested in. This function is ideal to:

  • Keep an eye on a competitor’s Twitter account and compare it with yours.
  • Analyze its evolution to see who they recently followed, common followers, who you have not followed and more.
  • Keep up with their social media strategy and it may highlight areas where you could modify your strategy.
socialbro competitors

Results of competitors' analysis.

Your business most likely targets the same audience as your competitors. With SocialBro, you’re able to use the filters mentioned above to zoom into your competitors’ followers, quickly analyze their followers and determine whether they’re relevant to your community.

You can decide to follow your competitors’ followers or simply create a Twitter list of their followers and engage with them in the future.

Find your best time to tweet

It’s important to maximize your time on Twitter. SocialBro has a feature that lets you know when your followers are online and find the optimal times to engage with them.

socialbro best time to tweet

Best time to tweet based on SocialBro's analysis.

SocialBro is a great tool to help you engage with your community. It gives you the ability to search both within your community and throughout the entire Twitter platform using a variety of search criteria.

Another benefit of using SocialBro is that it can be integrated with Buffer, the next tool I discuss.

Other alternatives to SocialBro for Twitter management are SocialEngage, Sprout Social, HootSuite and TweetDeck.

#2: Make it Easy to Schedule With Buffer

In addition to a Twitter management tool, every business needs a scheduling tool. Although many Twitter management tools come with scheduling features, none of them can compare with one of the simplest Twitter scheduling tools available, Buffer.

Buffer makes it easy to schedule your tweets. All you have to do is pre-set the date and time of your posting schedule ONCE and you’re done. You’re able to space out your tweets to avoid spamming your followers.

bufferapp timing

Schedule the times you'd like to tweet in your Buffer dashboard.

Need to figure out the best time to schedule your tweets on Buffer? I recommend you use Tweriod or SocialBro for this. Once you’ve set your timing, the hard work is done.

To add a post or a tweet to your account is simple—you can either use their Google Chrome extension, their iPhone app or even the Buffer share button installed on many sites.

buffer button

When a website has a Buffer button, just click it and you've buffered a post.

Here’s how to Buffer an article

After you find an article to share and click on the Buffer button, a pop-up like the one below appears.

add post to buffer

You can either use the same text or change the text you want to tweet and click the green Add to Buffer button and you're done.

All you have to do is select the account you want to use, change the text if you want to and click Add to Buffer.

You’re done! Your Buffer is now set to tweet based on the times you set earlier.

Buffer also offers analytics to find out if you’re getting the best out of your tweets.

buffer analytics

Analytics from Buffer showing you how your tweet performs.

You can get statistics based on the number of clicks, retweets, mentions and favorites all from their website or on their iPhone app.

Tip: It increases your visibility to thank people for their retweets. Even if you have little time to do this, try to thank those with a large number of followers. It’s easy to do this from Buffer’s website.

With Buffer’s free account, you can have one Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account and schedule a maximum of 10 posts per day.

If your business has an active community, you may need to upgrade to the paid pro plan to schedule more than 10 posts per day.

Buffer is a great tool for small business owners who want to optimize their tweets and save time.

And Buffer has partnered with many other tools such as SocialBro to improve your social media marketing experience.

#3: Manage Your Twitter Account With Tweepi

Tweepi is a great additional tool for small businesses. You can use Tweepi to manage and grow your Twitter followers.

Tweepi is quite straightforward. It allows you to unfollow inactive users, add new followers and easily follow back the people following you on Twitter.

You can sort Twitter users based on followers, tweets, last tweet and Klout score. This information is presented in an easy-to-read format.

It’s easy to identify inactive followers and unfollow them. This is important to keep your Twitter community relevant to your goals.

tweepi features

Tweepi helps you manage your followers.

One of the features that I like to use is the Follow Followers function. As the name suggests, you can easily follow the followers of any account you choose. For example, this means you can follow the people who are following your competitors on Twitter.

How to use the Follow Followers function on Tweepi

All you have to do is insert the Twitter account you wish to follow. You can choose the Twitter account for any of your competitors, influential users or highly active accounts. Then simply click Start Following.

tweepi follow

The Follow Followers feature allows you to follow users who are following any Twitter account.

Next, Tweepi gives you a list of 20 users who recently followed the account and you can choose from there.

tweepi following

This list shows the most recent followers.

I like to sort the results on this list by Last Tweet and follow those who have a real photo of a person in their profile. You’ll want to be careful to avoid following businesses that use Twitter for the sole purpose of promoting their products.

Once you’ve selected the people you want to follow, simply click Follow and you’re done.

Tip: Follow a small number of people. I suggest you follow fewer than 100 per hour and never more than 500 in a day.

Tweepi applies Twitter’s rules of only considering a certain number of follows at a time as legitimate. If the number of people you follow is too high, you’ll be considered a spammer. So you’ll want to use this tool wisely and with moderation to get the most out of building the community you want on Twitter.

Another alternative to manage your Twitter community is ManageFlitter.

Choose Your Twitter Tools

There are many useful Twitter tools, but these three are a great place to start your Twitter marketing. As you move forward, choose additional tools that best fit your social media goals.

What do you think? Are these all the tools you need? Are there any other tools that you would like include? Join the conversation below and let me hear your thoughts.

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  • Leticia Polese

    Hi Aaron!! Thank you so much for recommending SocialBro in this awesome post! I love it! 🙂

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  • Awesome! Thanks Aaron for an information-packed article.  I am certainly going to give Social Bro a try since there are some features that are really interesting. It just might work for me!Keep on rockin SME peeps!

  •  Social Bro looks awesome – thanks for this recommendation. It offers completely new twitter insights!

  • My pleasure Leticia, its an amazing platform. I’m sure many business owners will find it useful. 

  • Thank you for the compliment John. I’m sure you’ll love social bro once you give it ago, at first it may look like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll like the features that they offer. 

  • Thanks Michael, that was the aim for the post, so glad I am able to achieve that. 

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  • Wicked! I like the look of Social Bro, although there’s no way I’m paying for it when I can get Tweepi for free. Innit. If I wanted to manage 200 accounts it would cost around $1500, which is a bit steep. I want to manage a bit less than that (something like 198) so I may have to alter the way I spend my funds. I could do this by stopping eating, or perhaps I could quit using the 20p pay toilets in the city centre…

  • J.R. Picklo

    I love the posts tell help me find tools. Keep them coming please. Thanks. 

  • Julie

    Hi. I signed up for Tweepi, but I am having trouble figuring out how to unfollow the inactive users. Any ideas how I do this?

  • great list! Love SocialBro, never heard of Tweepi though so will check it out thnx! 

  • Thanks for the post Aaron! I like Social Bro a lot. I installed it a while back and haven’t actually put it to work me, I know I know cardinal sin. But after reading all it can do, I’m taking it for a whirl. I notice you didn’t mention Hootsuite. I just began using it, what are your thoughts?

  • Linda

    Does Buffer let you track/post to more than one account?

  • Moe Zainal

    Good post. Should try the open sorce thinkup and sproutsocial

  • Amanda Baldwin

    Great Post will check out and do some buffering! The SocialBro sounds very interesting will get my mincey paws onto this and keep you posted.

  • Amanda Baldwin

    Tweepi is amazing I totally agree – Fantastic for flushing out peeps that don’t follow you back!

  • Thanks. I’ve been exploring different tools to manage my social media presence. I’m going to give these a try. 

  • I love the idea that with Buffer you set the times of day you want to Tweet. I’m using Social Oomph right now to drip tweets over the span of 9 a day but I’ve been lazy about looking to see if there’s a setting in there that does what Buffer does.

    I’m glad I took the time to read this so that I can see if Social Oomph does this and if not, migrate my ass over to Buffer which I actually have installed on my computer already. Hahaha

    I’m also excited about seeing the stats that Social Bro offers and I thank you Aaron for articulating what this service offers in a way that made the benefits clear to understand.

  • I’ve been using Hootsuite, but you make a compelling case for Social Bro, particularly since Hoot Suite doesn’t really have the functionality to grow your Twitter following. (Plus, have you noticed that while you can see that your tweets have been RT-ed, Hootsuite doesn’t show you by WHO?)

    Thanks for an informative, easy-to-understand piece!

  • LeoWid

    Aaron, thanks so much for the amazing article. All your success is very well deserved and actually, I also wanted to say that seeing you crank out article after article in these last few months has been an incredible inspiration for me and the whole Buffer team. This is hustle at the highest level and every startup watching what you are doing right now should take note – thanks for being awesome and keep it up. I couldn’t appreciate it more that someone like you recommends Buffer! 🙂 

  • Awesome! love to hear your thoughts when you give it a go.

  • Buffer and SocialBro are a effective combination (free or paid). When linked SocialBro has the option to automatically update your best time to post on Buffer (or Hootsuite) saving the time to manually do it. 

    Although the free version of Buffer allows 10 posts per account,that can be increased if you encourage others to register and start using it. There is a referral link eg (mine) to help spread the word!

  • I have to say, I love your nickname and avatar! Socialbro is free to use, of course if you want more features, you’ll need to get the pro account. 

  • Will do! Planning for my next one! love to know what you’re looking for as well. 

  • There are a few ways you can do it, 

    1) Sort based on avatar: Remove those who doesn’t have an avatar, they show that they don’t spend much time on twitter since they don’t spend the time to upload a photo.

    2) Sort based on time: You can also short based on their activity, it will show when they were last active, this is definitely the best way to unfollow inactive users.

    Hope that helps. 

  • Hootsuite is a great platform, I am not going to deny that, but i have Socialbro offers many features which I mentioned above that hootsuite doesn’t. I did mention Hootsuite, Social Engage, Sprout Social, Tweetdeck as alternatives to Socialbro. I believe every business should use at least one of the, 

  • Yes, but if you want to do that, you’ll have to get the pro account as the free account gives you only one twitter account, one facebook account etc… or register two buffer accounts. 

  • Great! love to hear what your thoughts are when you test them. thanks for the compliment. 

  • Yes! keeps your account open for people who will pay attention to what you say 😀 

  • Awesome! let me know which is your final pick. 

  • Hi Lewis, 

    My pleasure, I’m so glad that the post helps you! I bet when you go over to buffer, you’ll find yourself asking why didn’t you use it sooner. I know i did! let me know when you do give socialbro a try! 

  • Hi! 

    Hootsuite offers a great simple way to manage account, but as you mentioned, it doesn’t really have some features that socialbro has. That is why I recommend social bro. I believe they are a all rounded platform. 
    Thanks for the compliment ;D 

  • Always great to see you commenting Leo. You’re welcome for the article. Buffer is an incredible platform out there. Makes us wonder what we did before buffer came along! 

    and WOW! Thank you so much for the compliment too! I’m smiling from ear to ear now. I’ll say I learn from the best! (YOU), seeing how you and your team built buffer and an amazing community in a short period of time amazes me and inspires me to continue writing and sharing. 

  •   I like how you can unfollow the people who are inactive, and how you can make spam accounts “force to unfollow you” — really helps clean my list up so I can reach the most relevant people.

  • Tania Belkin

     Aaron, Thank you.
    This is a great article.  It is a gift. 
    While I am on twitter I had no idea of how vast a tool it is.  Thank you again.

  • awebsavvy

    Hi Aaron, appreciate the info, signed up for Buffer a few days ago now I will try SocialBro. Will let you know how we use it for our clients. Thanks

  • Hi Aaron, On your advice I have installed SocialBro, it looks to be an excellent tool, especially for the scans and filters. I have spent a couple hours with it so far… I am undecided whether to keep it, I will have to work with it for a couple months and learn how to maximize its use. Certainly a helpful article you provided. Thank you

  • angelina dom

     Social Bro looks awesome – thanks for this recommendation. It offers completely new twitter insights!

  • I agree with you that posted the same content is very annoying and there are certain posters who I skip over links because I know I have seen it too many times already.

  • Leticia Polese

    Hi Dave! Thanks for taking the opportunity to evaluate SocialBro. I’d love to help you with any doubts you may have. Please get in touch via Twitter (@socialbro) if you have any queries on how to best use our platform 🙂

  • It definitely does, let me know your thoughts when you try it. 

  • Thats great! i’m sure you’ll love it. I know i do. 

  • Hi Tania, 

    So glad you found it useful, there are definitely more tools out there, hoping to share more in the future. 

  • You’re spot on about that Rob. It was smart that buffer introduced the referral system too. 

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  • jdoree

    I found SocialBro to be difficult to use and more confusing than the other tools I’ve tried. I wasn’t a fan of the look or feel of the interface and ended up going back to Hootsuite. 

  • I too love Tweepi have been using it for a couple of months now..Social Bro looks interesting but I do love my hootsuite.  

  • Angelinadom

    Sure lee i’ll try it and get back to you:)

  • Awesome! looking forward to that! 

  • Hootsuite is great! no doubt about that, I believe if you’re looking for more features, socialbro has some unique features that hootsuite doesn’t have at the moment, it could be an additional tool for you. 

  • Tasneem_Alnajjar

    Hi Lee , thanks for the artcile .. I need a tool that allows me to count the number of new followers betwwen two dates .. and also to count the number of intercations (replies, retweets, favoutites, follow) .. is there any tool that can do this work ?

  • Yeah, not going to deny that when I first started using it, I didn’t really know what to do, I did spent time to see what it can do and I believe some of the features I mentioned in this article is a great add on compared to other social media management tools out there. 

  • Appreciate your detailed look at these tools. I’m pretty happy with the basic tools of hootsuite but am definitely interested in the follow the followers feature of Tweepi. Have been doing that manually- so this looks like it will save a lot of time

  • Kati Heffield

    Thanks for this detailed description of these great tools. There are so many out there, it’s incredibly helpful to hear the in’s and out’s of each one and what they’re each best used for. I’m looking for a tool that I can use to search a keyword over a set period of time and then either compile a saved list of the tweets relevant to what I need or simply delete the irrelevant tweets from the stream. What tool would you recommend? Thanks for your insight and I look forward to hearing your advice!

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  • I feel like a dinosaur. I have a very technical environmental business in the world of petroleum replacements. I spend all of my time managing the technical details of sales and operations and do not have time to manage the social media world especially at this level of automated detail. 
    One of the main things that gets people to buy is information on the toxicity in their lives and that their are alternatives that work. There are millions of great articles and green information that I would like to get out there to educate people about their choices but I have to admit managing the social media world is daunting. Your post and the comments proves it! Sure I have a business Facebook, Linkedin, and a webstite with a store but I need to drive more traffic to the store. When you mention managing 100 accounts an hour I think is she kidding? 

    Can you or your listeners recommend someone or a company that has the technical expertise to manage my social media outreach? Someone who is interested in environmental change and would understand who our core market would be? 

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  • Egsantizo9

    Great info, thanks!

  • Adam Ross

    I also find TwitterCounter, TweetStats and Crowdbooster to be useful analytics tools.

  • I tend to use Hootsuite to automate my Tweets

  • These seem like some great tools. I may have to check into these. I have personally been using BuzzBundle. I have found that it is amazing when it comes to managing your brand. Anyone who has not used it may want to check it out. They even have a free trial version as well. Let me know what you guys think of it. It takes a minute or two to get used too, but once you do it is amazing the power it has. 

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  • Amaka Okoronkwo

    Thanks a lot Aaron! I have used one or two of theee, but will be trying others out as per your recommendation. This was really helpful

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  • Does anyone know of a tool that will let you manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and maybe Google+ accounts AND show the influencer analytics like SocialBro?

  • Thanks for this Aaron, it really helped me out.

  • Great information, I liked the socialbro site you mentioned, I’ll have to check it out

  • I found Social Bro a new one. Other are known to me but well described here.