social media toolsWant to do more with your Facebook page?

Have you considered using Facebook apps?

Facebook apps let you customize your Facebook page in many ways.

In this article I’ll share 15 ways Facebook apps can enhance and customize your Facebook page.

15 types of facebook apps

Discover 15 types of Facebook Apps to enhance your Facebook Page.

Note: Many of the apps listed here have some free options and some paid options, so be aware of the pricing structure of each app. Additionally, some apps do multiple things, so you may see them repeated several times throughout this article.

#1: Custom Tab Apps

The first type of app you should consider is a custom tab, because you can use them to create so many different things. For example, you could include an image, a restaurant menu, a video, and an opt-in form on a single custom tab to basically install a mini-website on Facebook.

#2: Email Capture Form or Contact Form Apps

The lines between email capture forms and custom tabs are a bit blurred. You can typically create any email capture form with a custom tab, but these app providers can make the form creation a bit more seamless.

mailchimp facebook form

Use MailChimp’s Facebook app to allow you to add email subscribers right from Facebook.

#3: Quiz and Poll Apps

Polls can be very engaging. They can also help you gain valuable knowledge about your customers. Use these tools to better integrate your quiz or poll with your Facebook page.

#4: Blog or RSS Feed Apps

Again, while many of the custom tab apps can bring in an RSS feed of your blog posts, these apps focus specifically on that feature:

networked blogs facebook tab

Use Networked Blogs to bring your posts into a tab automatically.

#5: Automatic or Scheduled Posting Apps

These tools aren’t necessarily for automatic posting and scheduling solely to Facebook—they can also help with posting to several places at once.

#6: Social Media Integration Apps


If you’ve got a thriving pin strategy going, it makes sense to share those pins and boards with your Facebook audience. Here are some different possibilities to help you.

woobox pinterest facebook tab

With Woobox, you can easily import your Pinterest boards onto a tab.


Would you like to put your Instagram photos on a tab on your Facebook page? Use one of these apps:

inconosquare instagram facebook tab

Use Iconosquare to put your Instagram photos on a tab.


Depending on what you want to do, you can integrate Facebook and Twitter in a few ways. You can use Facebook’s own Twitter app at to tweet out every post. This can be a nice way to bring your Twitter followers to your page, but make sure you’re monitoring Twitter and adding other content as well.

linking facebook and twitter

Use Facebook’s tool to link or unlink your Facebook page to Twitter.

If you want to be more selective about what you post to both sites, use one of the scheduling tools mentioned earlier, many of which work with multiple social sites.

If you’d like to add a tab of your tweets, here are some solutions:

woobox twitter tab

Use the Woobox app to add your tweets to a tab.


Facebook’s own Video tab is gaining functionality with Featured Videos and Playlists. But if you have a YouTube channel with a lot of videos, you can use the YouTube Tab app.

youtube facebook tab

Embed your YouTube channel on your page.

Woobox also has a solution for adding a YouTube channel to a Facebook page.


It can be tricky to import a podcast to a page, depending on how you deliver your broadcast. At Social Media Examiner, we use a custom tab to showcase the variety of ways people can listen to our podcast.

sme podcast facebook tab

Use a custom tab to showcase a podcast with several ways to listen.

Alternatively, if you use the Libsyn service, you can easily add a tab with your episodes using the Libsyn Podcast app.

libsyn podcast facebook tab

If you use Libsyn, you can easily import your podcast to your page.

#7: Ecommerce or Page Storefront Apps

Once again, there are a lot of ways to integrate a storefront with your page. Typically I would recommend you spend most of your energy developing your own website as an ecommerce hub. But if you’re using a site that easily integrates with your page, you may want to feature your products on Facebook as well.

Many of these apps integrate with your website, so you can use them to build your ecommerce site, and then easily add it to your Facebook page.

easysocialshop facebook tab

EasySocialShop works with a variety of products you might already be using such as Ebay, Etsy or Shopify.

#8: Contest Apps

Contests are a great way to increase engagement, get leads for your business (if you use email opt-in campaigns) and have a little fun. There are a lot of different contest and sweepstakes service providers out there. The good news is that if an app is using Facebook integration, you can be sure it’s complying with Facebook’s contest terms.

There are even a couple of different apps that help you run a timeline contest, but you want to make sure you know the rules before you get started.

#9: Live Video Apps

Video is a great way to let people get to know you. One of my favorite video apps on Facebook is 22Social, which lets you integrate a Google Hangout on Air into your Facebook page and saves it to your YouTube channel. People can comment on your Facebook tab as well as the Google hangout, which allows them to participate wherever they like.

Facebook Marketing for Dummies used this tool for a book launch and had great success with hundreds of people tuning in live.

22social hao on facebook tab

Use 22Social to host a Google Hangout on Air that is streamed to Facebook.

Another great tool for live streaming video on Facebook is Livestream. As a bonus, it also streams on websites.

livestream facebook tab

Use Livestream on Facebook or on websites.

#10: Review Apps

The best review app is the one that’s integrated into Facebook, because the star rating shows up prominently on the timeline. To enable the Review app, all you need to do is change your page category to a Local Business, and then add an address to your About section.

facebook review app

Facebook’s own Review app allows you to comment or like the reviews.

A word of caution: Once a review has been submitted, it’s live. You can comment on the review as your page and reviewers can edit their review later if somehow they’re persuaded to change their mind, but you cannot delete it.

You can remove the entire Review app by changing your category to something other than Local Business. But hopefully your first inclination is to work on resolving a complaint.

facebook review example

A reviewer can edit his or her review.

If you want to create your own tab for testimonials, Tabsite has a Social Review app.

#11: Coupon Apps

There are lots of different ways to do coupons on Facebook, including using Facebook Offers, sending people to an opt-in to receive the coupon or using a custom tab. But these Facebook apps (some of which have options to increase engagement) offer easy-to-use solutions:

#12: Appointment Scheduling Apps

If you want someone to be able to easily schedule an appointment with you, consider one of these apps. Each works both as a standalone appointment-setter, but can be easily pulled into a Facebook tab.

vcita facebook appointment tab

vCita brings in your appointment scheduler to a tab.

You can also use tools like Custom Tabs to bring your appointment scheduler tool into Facebook.

#13: Statistics and Measurement Apps

Most of the Facebook measurement tools aren’t Facebook apps themselves; they access your stats and can analyze them in different ways. You can do a lot with Facebook Insights, but sometimes you want to see the data differently or track multiple platforms at once. These tools can help.

quintly facebook metrics display

Quintly compares your stats against competitors’.

#14: Customer Service Apps

Typically people use social sites as a way to contact companies and get customer service. If you want to track those interactions more specifically, you can use an app like Get Satisfaction to help you.

get satisfaction facebook tab

Use the Get Satisfaction app to allow people to submit a request for service.

#15: Jobs Listing Apps

If you have multiple job openings and want to feature them on your Facebook page, there are a few apps that can help you get the word out.

jobvite facebook tab

Tools like Jobvite can make recruiting easier.

Facebook Apps Basics
There are three apps that show up with an “app cover image” you can customize on the left sidebar.

facebook apps in left column

Apps can enhance a Facebook page, but are less visible than they used to be.

All of the apps installed on your page are visible under the More menu just under your cover image.

facebook apps under more menu

Use the More menu to see a list of your apps.

You can manage and remove installed apps from your page dashboard by going to Settings at the top of your page and then selecting Apps.

editing installed facebook apps

Edit tab cover images or remove apps with the x.

Remember that most people connect with your page through the news feed. If you want more visibility for your app, try sharing a direct link to the app in an update on your page.

That said, if someone is viewing your page on a mobile device, they can’t see your tabs. Even if you link to a tab and post that link in an update, mobile users won’t be able to see it if the app isn’t mobile-compatible. If you use custom apps, make sure they’re visible on mobile devices.


One of the big questions people ask is, “Are Facebook apps dead?” While their visibility has decreased, I still believe you can add value to your page and your community with apps. If you can entice someone to learn more about you and your services, opt into your email newsletter or connect with your other social sites without much effort, why not?

facebook app link

To find the direct link to the app, navigate to the app and then copy the URL.

Just remember, apps come and go frequently, so make sure the app that interests you is active and being updated regularly to comply with Facebook’s changes.

How about you? Do you use Facebook apps? What are your favorites? Did you see any surprising apps that you didn’t know about in this list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  • Of course all of this functionality could be easily incorporated into a website. It is has been fascinating to witness the excitement people exhibited when they were given the freedom to leave closed networks like AOL, and enjoy the freedom the WWW provided. Two decades later we are now scurrying back to another closed network that offers us far less flexibility, privacy, and the ability generate revenue than a website can.

    Presumably, all this effort devoted to augmenting one’s Facebook platform is to drive more traffic to ones website. But the reality is, these efforts generally lead to enhancing the experience on Facebook, which actually reduces the likelihood people will actually leave Facebook to visit one’s website.

    Increasingly, resource strapped businesses are simply using Facebook as their only web presence. Which essentially excludes these businesses from a growing group of potential visitors who are not users of Facebook.

    It is an interesting time. I’m looking forward to the pendulum swinging back to when people begin to embrace the web again; where true creativity actually flourishes.

  • Thanks for mentioning Agorapulse Andrea! We also have a Youtube app by the way (or more a video app as you can also add Vimeo channels). On our side though, we see less and less “static content” apps being installed as tabs, much more contest and promotions.

  • Thanks for sharing your insights about static content, Emeric!

  • Riyaz Alam

    This is an awesome collection for facebook page promotion. it teaches each and every aspect of business via facebook. thanks a lot for the contribution

  • Absolutely Emeric! And sorry I missed your video app! This post took on a life of it’s own by the time I was done 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts on the tabs too.

  • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Yes, it’s definitely a balancing act between enhancing the Facebook experience and getting people to your website. Ultimately getting them to your website is the primary goal but if you can get them on your e-mail list or get more connection with your Fans, then that’s a good thing too! Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Sara Piccola

    Great list of apps here Andrea. You can actually create all 15 of these Facebook apps using ShortStack! I like all the different options you’ve listed here though, lots of tools for marketers to choose from!

  • wow. This article is a great resource Andrea! I will be pointing lots of people here when they ask me about Facebook apps! Sharing.

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  • Jenny Brennan

    Wow! Andrea, this is a great resource for people. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together. Great resource and I’ll share, share share 🙂

  • Hi Sara – I know it became super difficult to break these categories down! ShortStack does fit into every one and I think I mention that somewhere – that there are a few of these apps that can do it all 🙂

  • Thanks Jenny!!

  • Thanks Phyllis 🙂

  • You’re welcome @CindyKing:disqus! Overall, Facebook app usage is not on the rise. Facebook has also confirmed “unofficially” to many friends of mine that they don’t like apps. So I assume that they will continue to release features that are not app friendly, as they’ve done consistently over the last 3 years… Time to invest in other Social Media management features 🙂

  • Hey @andreavahl:disqus, I’m sure this kind of post took you a loooong time to put together! Great job 🙂

  • Another excellent post from Andrea Vahl. I’ve clipped to Evernote for future reference and will of course be sharing it around 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Mr. Johnson, while I see your perspective; there are many ways you can use this list of apps to “think outside the box.”

    If you consider all of the ways you could use the apps to collect information on your customers, and/or increase the number of leads received – this could be incredible.

    Example: use the live video app for live webinars, find new clients, etc.

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  • Aimee

    Do you know of any apps that enable you to show store locations?

  • nathanlatka1

    Hey Andrea, what a WHOPPER of a post! Thank you for including Heyo 🙂

    We’ll link to this as a resource to our subscriber base for everything they need to know about FB apps.

  • Kellie Crowe

    Andrea, in light of Facebook’s recent announcement that pages that asked for likes or shares would be penalized by Facebook in the newsfeed, will any of the above apps (rafflecopter, shortstack, offerpop, etc.) that are built on the premise of contests, offers, likes and shares … harm page views in the newsfeed? Does Facebook treat apps differently?

  • Yo Andrea!! A real MASSIVELY useful list and appreciate the TabSite inclusions! Lots of friends on this list too. As you note, when used well for engagement and lead capture, apps add lots of value to web marketing on Facebook, web, and mobile!

  • Thanks Angela!!

  • Thanks Nathan – happy to include Heyo – it can do just about everything 🙂

  • Good point but the Facebook announcement was more directed towards the “Like this post if you agree” type of posts. Contest posts are a little different and most likely wouldn’t be penalized. Facebook may consider a contest promotion and so it would be good to boost that post just to give it more visibility.

  • Thanks Mike! Happy to include Tabsite – great app that does a lot!

  • For that I would maybe suggest making a custom tab – you could do something like this: Or you could use or and bring that into a tab. Hope that helps!

  • Kellie Crowe

    Thank you for the clarification. Then, I’ll just need to be careful to choose images for the contests that would comply with the 20% text rule, so that we can still boost the posts. (So much to remember!)

  • Downtonian

    I love this list and am patting myself on the back because I’m already using a couple Tabsite apps, and getting ready to add the new Pinterest one. Love that you’ve integrated Canva now, too! I do worry that people don’t see my tabs… really hate that they are invisible on mobile, too. But I figure having them is better than NOT having them so I cheerfully install. Thanks, Andrea and Mike!

  • Awesome apps…

  • Manny Cortez

    With the majority of Facebook users being on mobile, and mobile not being able to access Facebook, layered with majority of users engaging with brands on newsfeeds, and not on their actual page, why create these on Facebook instead of linking users to your owned site that you control? There’s a reason why companies like Wildfire have been shut down, I just no longer see the value of these now that mobile trends are moving farther and farther away from this. Open to be convinced otherwise 😉

  • Lauren Lois Martens

    Thank you! Haven’t heard of most of these and have been looking for new ways to create excitement on my pages. Will definitely check them out.

  • Hi Suzanne I’m sure all the aps @andreavahl:disqus mentioned are quite good; I was not disputing that. My comments had to do with the fact that the extra effort required to manage a Facebook presence, no matter how well it is done, requires additional resources.

    Of course, the allocation of these additional resources were not required prior to Facebook’s rise. More importantly none of these aps add any additional value that any run-of-the-mill website could have implemented a decade ago.

    Further, the there is no addition business generated in the Facebook era, relative to the prior one. Indeed, many content providers are losing business in the social media age. Typically the individuals who suggest this are in the business of promoting social media, or simply don’t know any better.

    One might argue well, we are in the Facebook era, so this is simply the cost of doing business. But I’d disagree and say using Facebook is a choice not a requirement.

    Of course the folks who use Facebook, and take advantage of these aps, will fair better than those who don’t (the point of the article). But again, my point is that the notion that Facebook is actually helping us, collectively, is not true.

    If you are interested in increasing your Facebook engagement as a function of minimizing effort exerted; simply pay to boost your posts.

  • Many of these apps do have mobile capability so people should check that out before considering these apps. But yes, you are right, mobile needs to be a consideration!

  • Thanks Lauren!

  • shakins

    Chris Reid my friend’s mom shocked her family within 4 weeks. She cut 20 lbs in her thighs, face and arm… this is how >>>

    ➜➜➜➜ OW.LY/Jyn5C

  • Glad to hear of your dedicated use @Downtonian! Make sure you use the provided “smart Url” and share that in news feed posts so that any view clicking can access the tab content, even mobile users! They don’t see tabs on their mobile device app but they do peruse the news feed and click on posts there!

  • Glad to hear of your dedicated use @Downtonian! Make sure you use the provided “smart Url” and share that in news feed posts so that any view clicking can access the tab content, even mobile users! They don’t see tabs on their mobile device app but they do peruse the news feed and click on posts there!

  • Isabel Garcia

    Wow…lot’s of tools to have a look here. I’m surprise to discover I was only using a few of them. Thank you Andrea.

  • Andrea – great list. Thanks. Quick question:
    if you create a download page (item #2) within Facebook as your destination for a Facebook Ad, which objective would you use? It’s not clear from the options they provide.

  • @Suzanne again I don’t doubt the effectiveness of these applications. My point is that as we invest more and more time in improving our presence on social media we have less to allocate to our primary web presence–in effect cannibalizing it. Further, net-net, the returns on the additional effort is less than what we got in the past, before social.

    Again, I realize we are in a social media world and we have to deal with it, but we have gotten to a point where many businesses are choosing Facebook as their PRIMARY platform, because they don’t have the resources to manage both a website and a Facebook page. If this trend continues it will disastrous for the web.

  • Gracie

    Awesome article loaded with good ideas! Where to start? I spent time today adding to and learning more about features on my mailchimp and facebook accounts that I never knew I could do! Thanks!

  • Thanks Andrea for the summary, I been using HootSuite, MailChimp, WooBox, Survery Monkey. Is now time to explore more : )

  • Thanks for the Post Planner mention, Andrea! You RULE! Looking forward to hanging out in SD in a few weeks! 🙂

  • Really great post with good Tips and options. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike Macey

    Thankfully we live in a free country where you can choose to not use any of the apps. We don’t need to be lectured. Not true?? Don’t use Facebook. Simple! Done.

  • Ozer Ozbarut

    Excellent Informations , Thanks

  • Since when does engaging in the exchange of ideas become a “lecture?”

    Clearly, you’re a fan and very defensive of Facebook-so enjoy it. But as the net becomes increasingly dominated by a handful of companies, that freedom who talk about, may be more elusive than you think.

  • Why admonish someone for telling you the truth.

    Mr. Johnson is right, & this is a welcome reminder.

    Control your message from your website, or pay facebook to control your message from theirs, with the power to turn you off at a whim. The latter is akin to hiring the government to censor you as they please. Social Media is best when used as a many spoked funnel to your website, the hub of your online presence.

    You won’t become the next facebook by paying them to act as prison warden to your efforts to communicate, regardless of how irresistable their bait becomes.

    Never been censored by facebook?

    Give me a break. That’s their business.

  • I should add, I’m very impressed by the tools that Social Media Examiner has surfaced here.

    The point being made here is, If you use them, use them to direct people to your website rather than allowing them to lull you to sleep in the comfortable den of a clever snake.

  • Troy, you can utilize IFTTT to send your website posts to most of the social media sites on the internet along with whatever indicators you can think of pointing them directly back to your website. All automated, so that you post once to your site, & IFTTT threads everything for you, instantly.

  • Mike Macey

    Thanks for your comment. And that’s why we live in a Free country! We also have the opportunity to express our opinions.

  • I like your analogies @jtobiasl:disqus and will check out IFTTT

  • Hayley

    Has anyone actually found instructions for adding the SurveyMonkey app to your Facebook page? I can’t seem to find anything current (newer than 2013). I feel like I’m pretty savvy on Facebook so it should be too difficult to add it, but it doesn’t seem intuitive to me.

  • Thanks Andrea, great list! Have you find out any insight or solution related to Facebook app mobile experience? Unfortunatly these apps do can not being used on the go, have you maybe found any solution considering and solving that?

  • Wendy

    Would just add that #4 NetworkedBlogs – the wheels seem to have come off that app in the last 12-18 months. Think the focus is more on their sister product Symphony. NWB works sporadically or at a push if you get hands on with it. It’s also no longer compatible with many blog platforms.

  • rogers

    Does anybody have information about a custom html tab solution that can be shown inside mobile Facebook app? so not directing the tab content to a browser from fb app.
    thanks in advance


  • Lisa King

    Thank you so much for the helpful article, Andrea! I’ve been trying for days to access the Social RSS app, however and have been unsuccessful. Do you have another link or way I can contact the app to see how I can get it installed on our facebook page? Thanks!

  • Great content, very useful information and practical advice.

    Thank you!!!

  • Thanks @andreavahl:disqus for such a well thought out and presented post. It’s great to see so many cool tools explained well. I really like using WooBox and RSS Grafitti. I used to use Networked Blogs but find that it doesn’t pull my blogs consistently. Thanks.

  • Exactly.

  • Great post. Useful way to look at the various apps.

  • Manos Petrinolis


    First of all, i would like to congrats you about the amazing job and the value which you provide.

    Unfortunately, i am a mechanical engineer and very recently i figured that Social Media Marketing and General Marketing are the A-Z about all businesses.

    I own a Facebook page where i have already integrated one of my Landing Pages (Instapage). I am trying to find how to send traffic at this specific Tab (facebook landing page) but i can’t find a solution.

    if i paste the link of the domain bar to the blank where i am picking the Ad Objective it shows me error message.

    Do you have an idea about it?

  • Raf

    Very useful list of apps, however, you don’t need a schedule posting app since Facebook has it’s own built in post schedule functionality

  • thanks so much for this! I was wondering why I couldn’t find a list of these!

  • Clive G

    Hi Andrea. Can you help me with a fb voting app that will support direct carrier billing/in app purchases. I can’t find anyone to help 😦