social media toolsAre you struggling to make social media work for your business? Sometimes a few well-chosen tools are all you need to get your social media marketing working for you.

In our recent Social Media Success Summit, there were presentations that covered all the key topics you need to make your social media marketing easy. In this article, I’ll share 12 of those tools that were recommended by the pros.

Tools to Refine Your Visibility and Engagement

Here are three tools recommended by Mari Smith during her first presentation on increasing your visibility and engagement on Facebook.

#1: Socialbakers

Get useful stats from Socialbakers. Socialbakers offers paid services to monitor your Facebook statistics, but it also provides useful free statistics for Facebook and LinkedIn.


Check out the useful marketing data on Socialbakers.

#2: Kurrently

Find out what’s being shared on social media with Kurrently, a free, easy-to-use, real-time search engine for results from Twitter and Facebook. “Companies can capitalize on just-in-time marketing and social CRM opportunities like never before.”


You can search through Facebook or Twitter or both.

#3: Blekko

Select the sites you want to search with Blekko. You can create “slashtags” for groups of URLs, friends, experts and communities and you can “slash in” what you want and “slash out” what you don’t want to search.


With Blekko, you have more control over your search results thanks to the slashtags you create.

Tools to Measure Specific Social Media Goals

Jay Baer gave a fantastic presentation on measuring social media. He clearly identified the different goals a company could have on social media and recommended tools to use to monitor results for each specific goal. Here are three of those tools.

#4: Social Mention

If social awareness is your main social media goal, then be sure to check out Social Mention, which allows you to set up social media alerts so you can measure awareness for specific keywords.


"Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user-generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information."

#5: Klout

Klout is another tool you can use to measure awareness on Twitter and Facebook.


Check out the different graphs for your score results on Klout.

#6: PostRank Analytics

If customer loyalty is your main social media goal, you can use PostRank Analytics to measure results in improving loyalty.

postrank analytics

PostRank Analytics is a favorite tool of social media marketers.

Tools to Get the Job Done

Frank Eliason gave an overview of how to use social media in business and shared two of the tools he’s found useful.

#7: Blogsearch.Google

Use for better search results than Google Alerts. There are many tools to monitor keywords. Don’t forget to use this one!

google blogs

Remember to check out what blogs are writing about you through

#8: Twitterfall

Use Twitterfall when you need to show executives how you can monitor what’s being said about your brand on Twitter.


Twitterfall specializes in real-time tweet searches.

A Useful Tool for Twitter Marketing

Hollis Thomases showed businesses how to use Twitter marketing to grow using this tool:

#9: Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow helps you improve your Twitter marketing. It tells you who’s not following you back on Twitter and who you’re not following back.

friend or follow

Use Friend or Follow to craft a stronger Twitter presence with your audience.

Tools to Make Video Blogging Easy

Steve Garfield always makes video blogging easy for everyone. Here are three tools to create on-the-fly videos to enhance your social media content.

#10: Wetoku

Sign up for Wetoku to make the popular side-by-side video interviews. All you need to do is sign in and send an invite code by email to the person you want to interview.


Wetoku is an easy tool to use for interview videos.

#11: Socialcam

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, be sure to check out Socialcam. Steve says this is the easiest way to share videos with your social networks.


Socialcam combines video sharing with social communities.

#12: Stupeflix

Use Stupeflix to integrate after-effects and photos to your videos. If you want to do editing without using editing software, this tool is for you.


Stupeflix is an easy way to make your videos more appealing.

Find the Tools You Need

One of my takeaways from the summit was that you don’t need to use all of the tools available. Businesses have different cultures, different goals and are at different stages in integrating social media into their marketing mix. These social media pros found the tools that worked best for them.

Do you think any of the tools above can make your social media marketing easier to execute? Please let us know in the comments below if you’re going to try any of them.

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  • Great list of tools Cindy.

    With the emergence of lots of new tools to do social media are we not concentrating more on tools than doing social media? 🙂

  • Hey Rana,

    Most of the tools coming out today are designed to make the mechanics of social media less complicated so we can spend less time managing it and more time partaking in it.

  • Good point Rana! Tools are nothing more than instruments to get a job done. No matter what doing the actual work still needs to happen.

    Also note that your customers and followers probably don’t care about what technology you use, but they do care about the connections you make with them. So use these tools in a way that makes lasting connections with your audience.

  • Always love finding new tools to try out… they can definitely enhance your productivity which leads to more time to engage with your audience!  Thanks Cindy!

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  • I’m a big fan or Argyle Social. It is pricey, but it gets the job done well, and it lets me do a lot of analytics wizardry to measure that all important ROI. Also, the team is just plain awesome.

  • Thanks for these sharing! We’re trying to find a tool that can export actual tweets – not just the quantity -for a client’s weekly report. Any suggestions?

  • Nice list! I’ll definitely be checking out Wetoku.

  • I’m overwhelmed by the number of new social media tools that come out. It would be helpful if someone can do a summary of all the different tools and pointing out what each tool is best for. 

  • saucyhorse

    Brilliant article Cindy and useful comments – for me, every client needs/wants something different in terms of monitoring and feedback – usually because the targets / metrics we set up in the first place to “measure” social media success are totally different for each of them! I agree that we shouldn’t get so wrapped up in the tools that we can’t be social but for me, these are brilliant because in these days of early adoption (in the UK) it’s great to be able to feedback some real results, for both the client and for us as practioners 🙂

  • Another useful tool (Basic account for free, and an upgrade option) is, which allows managing ones’ twitterverse. Very cool…

  • I agree with rana. So many tools out there how do we know what’s best for what type of business we are ?

  • Guy

    Great tools, I am about to check a few of them in the coming days….

  • Wetoku looks very intriguing.  I am a huge fan of video and always looking for easy ways to make it better.  Has anyone tried this software?

  • zaddleinternetmarketing

    Another good list – I am just putting a presentation together for 120 twitter users tomorrow – my top 10 for tomorrow are: Hootsuite,, Twilert, Sprout Social, Manageflitter (mentioned above), Tweetreach, Buffer, 14Blocks, Klout (mentioned in this list) & CrowdBooster. Also throwing in as a one to look out for Performable.

    I also like for putting together an easy to read “newspaper” with tweets added from people I look to improve my own knowledge through.

    I agree with Jason (above) Wetoku certainly looks interesting.

    PS I appreciate some of these overlap 🙂

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  • Thanks for the post Cindy– So many fun new tools to give a whirl and so little time! – However the way you present them, makes it super easy for the reader to discern which one’s to start with! .. 

  • Glad to see socialbakers there. do take a look at, an extremely comprehensive yet simple Facebook analytic tool. It cuts away the complexity of UI and present the analytics in an extremely easy to read format.

  • Thanks Cindy for sharing these tools in this informative way.

  • Cindy, Thanks for sharing the tools that were mentioned at the Summit.There are so many tools out there, I would rather try the ones mentioned by the pros than spending valuable time experimenting for myself.
    Wetoku sounds like a great tool. I’ll have to learn more about it.


  • I agree with Michael… Hopefully the tools you’re using are making social media more efficient and effective, not adding more complications!  While I think there is a lot of discussion surrounding social media tools, once you know what tool aligns with your business goals, you’ll be able to spend time connecting with your consumers and building your online presence. 

    Brittany Morse | Sprout Social

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  • Greatest comment of all time!  🙂

  •  Thanks for the input Jay!

  • Stephanie, when I need a tool for Twitter I always check out That’s the best place to find exactly what you need for Twitter.

  • Doug, I’m interested in hearing how you like it.

  • Peter, that would be easy wouldn’t it. Unfortunately we all have different business goals when using social media.  And then, social media can be time consuming, so our personal preferences also come into play.  Plus social media is still evolving.  All three of those factors mean there are no ideal lists of tools (not to mention how the size of your social media team also influences your choice of tools). 

    If you focus on your goals, narrow them down to something manageable for your business and start somewhere and schedule a regular review of what’s new out there and you’ll slowly find what works best for you and which new tools may interest you or not.

  •  Tracy, I agree with you.  The best tools depend on a variety of factors. Once we know what we need and are able to stick with it, life gets easy. 

    I actually love monitoring new tools that come out because they do show trends in where people are going with social media. Sometimes it’s to get ahead of the latest spamming techniques, sometimes it shows how fast social media is still evolving.  But those insights also help me when I decide to update what I’m doing. 

  •  Thanks for sharing Raz!

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to look at Manageflitter now 🙂

  •  Glad you find the list useful Keri! And I hear you with regards to the time!  You know, I just like to see what’s out there. My business goals don’t change often, so I rarely change the tools I use. But as I mentioned above, I do get value in checking what’s out there.  You can do so much more with today’s tools than you could with last year’s tools.  For example video blogging is so much easier now (more fun too).

  • Great point about increased productivity Kristi!  I also love the ideas the new tools can give you.

  •  Jason, you might want to check out Steve Garfield’s site,  He’ll probably have more information there. 

  • You’re welcome Connie!  It’s always interesting to get a peek at what the social media pros use, isn’t it?

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • continentalist

    I am missing TWILERT. In my opinion it is the most reliable and fast tool to get new mentions about your brand automatically.

  • interesting news regarding social media. Perfect for the them Revolution for #bassfestival 

  • Brilliant Articule, im following this from Honduras, Central America, i would like to know is there a tools or links available to develop social media, currently latin america is getting use ot it and it’s a great opportunity to do so….

  • Wetoku looks like a cool resource to use to interviews. Thanks for highlighting it.

  • Don’t overlook some of the tricks developed for gmail. If only Anthony Weiner had known that gmail had a cool “unsend” feature, he could have emailed his “valentines” with those crotch shots, and reversed that “send”, like magic! Here’s how you can do it, too:

  • Cindy, you are really a great marketer and blogger. Thanks for the posts you are sharing to us. This is the third or fourth times I visit your site (reading different topics of course). And I learned a lot from all of it and give motivation and eagerness to me. This one is helpful too since I’m just a beginner in Internet marketing, those tools are all new to me. I am excited to visit and read each site/tool. Thank you so much for the updates.

  • I found kurrently is pretty handy, i couldn’t find linkedin statistics on socialbakers

  • Hi Cindy,
    Great post and thanks for the share. I hope with all these tools we can make social media to be done in a much easier way and with less time and effort.

  • Anthony Mora

    Great informative article!… great new tools to work with.  Owning a PR firm, I especially recommend Friendorfollow and Blekko. Looking forward to putting other tools here to great use!

  • Thanks for the great recommendations, Cindy!
    We are always looking for new ways to automate our work.
    I use a few of these already, but, will have a closer look at the others.

  • Hi Cindy,
    Great list of tools and nicely explained. I would like to add some free tools I believe are also useful in the social media area. Topsy (social search engine for web, tweets etc.), Boardreader (forum search reader) & Hootsuite (tool for measuring social media).

  • Hendrik

    Nice list! I am so free and add two facebook tools that no admin can ignore: for implementing content in Facebook and für supportfragen in Facebook

  • Amazing list!

  • You should also try to create a page for your
    company, products, and services on It’ free 🙂 The
    site it the portal to all of your social media / B2B channels you are currently
    Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr and others have been doing a decent job of
    providing additional marketing exposure and even in some cases, additional
    revenue. However, as more and more social networking sites pop up, the task of
    picking the right channel getting more challenging. 

  • Pkc rajah

    hi Cindy,

    I fully agree.

    Warm regards

  • Mark

    One should also mention a tool called allowing to tweet many sites at once without looking like a spammer.

    E.g., this video compilation:

  • Yes, this market appears to be taking off.

    This may be obvious … but tools like Alexa can  determine what are the most popular social media platforms for the community/ies you want to connect with?  I also located a link depository at FastTrackMedia.


    Or done some research via Google using keyword phrases in English and Spanish?

    Quick search using key phrases in English included:

    Best of luck in your ventures!

  • Peter, great question. Cindy, great response.

    Yes, I wish it were that easy, too! 😉

    I work with clients that have different target markets, goals, skills and budgets. My role is to help them find the tools that work best for their needs and situation. And to monitor results, then tweak as needed. It’s an ongoing cyclical process. And as Cindy said, still evolving.

    Thanks to this article, I discovered two new finds: Kurrently and Blekko. Yay! And recently came across, a market research tool.

    Plus, I plan to blog about my experiences with these tools as a way to learn and share.


  • Excellent list Cindy! It’s also a great reminder for me to go back and do some more research and play around with these tools to help decide what will benefit our business. I really appreciate your insights.

  • Yes it’s an awesome app if you want to manage your twitter a/c. premium version is really cool

  • Check out great mgmt tool:

  • I was planning to start a video interviews with Indian startups using sm and you gave me wetoku. u just been an angel for me to solve such a big problem:). The old question here is with time the app market keeps on growing. for example initially i used tweetdeck but once i was hooked with hootsuite i never looked back. but today i mix it with buffer. so its just impossible to keep a track of all and finding the best 🙁 but then curating has to be done. u have given me some more cool apps to play with. amazing find cindy 🙂

  • Alison, thanks for mentioning!  And I love your idea about blogging about your experiences of different tools!  You know, I wish we could look at 5 years down the road and see how many tools businesses use and what they do. 

  •  Prasant, that makes it another one to keep on my list to have a look at!

  • Hey, good luck with your video interviews Prasant!  Steve Garfield makes it sooooo easy to do video. 

  • Ben Comer

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for sharing those additional tools. I’ve heard some great things about hootsuite and know a number of business owners that use it. A similar tool that helps businesses manage social media is called Get On Social. It’s doesn’t have quite the functionality of the tools you mentioned but I think it’s price point is unbeatable.

  • KavyaKundaliaBisht

    Indeed Very informative article on Social Media tools.

    I would like to add little insight about Simplify360.
     One of the most innovative social media analytics,
    engagement and campaign software called Simplify360 ( ). Simplify360°
    Offers a one stop solution to the social media needs of a business and lets you
    engage with your customers and interpret your social presence. This not only
    monitor conversations on Twitter whereas on all other Social networking

    This tool allows you to View the overall Trend and Download
    the data on Excel Format, Overall Sentiment of the Brand, Map Overlay of
    mentions and conversations, Individual Channel’s Report and Advance Filter
    Option Available, User can view the trend in sentiments and compare between
    negative and positive trend and many other Insights.



    Kavya Kundalia Bisht

    Community Manager, Simplify360

  • Great overview and really useful

  • Kirsty Wilson

    I apologise if someone has already suggested this in an earlier comment but I only had time to skim through the past comments. I have found a fabulous tool which for me, has replaced ‘Friend or Follow’ and ‘Untweeps’ and does what these two do combined. Just loving

  • That’s a huge list and lots of information. I have to work it through from time to time. But I guess the tools are great. 

  • Thanks Cindy, you make it so easy :)…Steve G is a guru there and I am going to take some tips too. thanks

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  • I love Social Mention! I use it all the time.

  • Fantastic set of tools. Going to have to tweet them again. Thanks for sharing these gems 🙂

  • Oliwer Kmiecik

    Hello Stephanie, we are actually able to do this through part of our very simple and easy to use (and codt efficient) monitoring, analyis and engagement service. I am a Consultant for Meltwater Buzz and would be happy to speak more about it: @oliwerkmiecik 🙂 

  • Oliwer Kmiecik


    Very good post, thank you for putting it together. I work for Meltwater Buzz, a professional tool that monitors an enormous amount of blogs, microblogs, video sites, comments etc and allows you to firstly listen to what is being said about your brand, analyse the information and make sense of it (vital for reporting) and then engage with top influencers and brand ambassadors. The tool is designed with ease of use at heart and is used by organisations all over the world.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting, I’m just passionate about Social Media and helping clients have a very clear picture of their reputation, competitors and market.

    Thanks and i shall continue to read with great interest 🙂


  • Great tools listing!  Thanks for taking time in putting all these in a post. These will surely lessen the hassle of managing social media network.  Lesser time in management and more time to focus on building your network visibility.

  • Good collection, I would like to add twitter search on there as well but twitterfall does it even better. Nice to hear about wetoku for video interviews, will use it when I need 🙂

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  • Cindy,

    I’ve only known a few of those you mentioned here. Haven’t heard of Socialbakers or Kurrently before. I know there are lots of these tools around but I think it is better to master a few good ones.

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  • GREAT LIST! I’m currently using a few of them, but it’s always nice to try out some new tools. Thanks for posting!

  • Overthetopaprons

    Thank you Cindy for all the work and research …. Great list …

  • ash19810

    great list!  what are your thoughts about the direction social media will take as far as mobile?  ash-

  • Another great list of tools. There are so many. It’s easy to become overwhelmed but I find the key is to use the tools that you find easiest to get to grips with and make your life easier. It’s always nice to keep abreast of what other tools are out there. Thanks for the post.

  • divlabel

    Great list – but what about Hootsuite?

  • A long list. I know tweetfollow and never hear the rest. Thanks for give me open my mind.

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  • This isn’t entirely a social media tool.

    But I find websitegrader to be an excellent online tool. Make sure to check it out!

  • I usually use instead of friendorfollow.. Friend or follow requires payment with every move.. Not good.. 🙁

  • Great list with some awesome tips Cindy!
    honestly speaking i have never come across any of them except Klout and Blekko..thank you for sharing this information.

  • Edwin Huertas

    Great list, but you forgot Isis Toolbox 🙂 those are great (free) tools too.

  • Good point Rana! Tools are nothing more than instruments to get a job done. No matter what doing the actual work still needs to happen.Also note that your customers and followers probably don’t care about what technology you use, but they do care about the connections you make with them. So use these tools in a way that makes lasting connections with your audience.

  • Good point Rana! Tools are nothing more than instruments to get a job done. No matter what doing the actual work still needs to happen.Also note that your customers and followers probably don’t care about what technology you use, but they do care about the connections you make with them. So use these tools in a way that makes lasting connections with your audience.

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  • That what you say at the end is true, you don’t need to use all of them (although sometimes you want to do it XP) but I’m to found this post 😀

  • Nice list Cindy. I just pulled out my Iphone and will be checking out Socialcam here in a minute. I am surprised no one has mentioned TweetAttacks yet, it’s one of the best Twitter management and marketing tools that I’ve found.

  • bellevuedentist

    That is a lot of tools.  I tried the “Klout” and was quite amazed at the score I got.  I thought I would see a 2 or 3, but got a 23.  I guess my tweeting is OK.

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  • Web design London

    Great list with some awesome tips Cindy!

    web Design london

  • Great list of tools to use for social media. And thanks for pointing out Wetoku, haven’t heard of that one before. But definetly something worth checking out.

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  • CuriousGeorge

    This looks more like a sponsored advertisement than good advice.  Which brings up a question of whether we can trust content written by social media “influencers” like yourself.

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  • Being active in these social media spheres is important, but don’t get overwhelmed by trying to participate in all of them. It is important to determine what social media tools are best suited for your company and then stick with them. Being highly active is a hand full of social media networks is better than being moderately active in every social media network.

  • Thanks for giving information about these tools. I found socialmention very productive.

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  •  ooh good tools to share and tweet found worth reading

    I would like to know which tools we can use for retweeting and scheduling the tweets do any body have an idea for that

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  • Zoniz is a automated system that helps you get more exposure on social networks, turning the people that visit your website or store into your fans and followers. 

    With the help of Zoniz, you will increase your fan base, open a dialog with your customers, get feedback and promote your product or services directly to your fans and their friends.

  • I’ve used many of these tools, but found that Blurtster works best! I’m surprised that it’s not on this list!! 

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  • lwera joshua

    good research

  • What a great list of really helpful tools. We will definitely be trying some of them out!