social media how toIf you’re looking for a job, your online profile is more important to you now than ever before!

Being in the job market can sometimes be a little soul-destroying, with many advertised jobs getting far more applications than before. The job boards are still working for many job seekers, but in the age of Web 2.0, there are plenty of other things you can do to stand out from the crowd and get that position you want.

So how can you successfully market yourself online and really stand out?

Follow these 10 easy tips and watch your personal online brand come alive!

Facebook Business Page

#1: Get private—if only temporarily

Make sure your privacy settings are set to Friends Only, at least for the time you’re in the job market. You don’t want your friends sharing personal pictures with the rest of the world.

#2: Use a Facebook business page

Set up a Facebook page to display your professional side. The beauty of a Facebook page is that it’s searchable via Google, so when a prospective employer is checking you out, your Facebook page should rank high in the search terms because Facebook pages are quickly indexed.

#3: Use your Facebook business page as a blog

Add to your business page plenty of information, not only about yourself, but also write posts in the Notes tab about your thoughts and opinions of your industry. For example, if you’re a marketer, maybe write about how you would approach a particular brand’s campaign, or what you think worked or didn’t work about a campaign. Use the Notes tab as a way of blogging. You can add photos of work you’ve completed or any recent marketing projects you managed.

#4: Promote your page to spread through your friends

Use this Facebook business page just as you would any other business page. Add value and information, get people to “Like” it, and promote it.

#5: Use Facebook Ads

Consider making use of Facebook Ads. For a couple of dollars a day, you can write yourself a nifty ad stating that you’re looking for a position in your chosen field. If you’re in marketing, this should give you free rein to write a creative ad to promote yourself. Facebook Ads can be targeted to show up only on members’ pages in a particular city, along with a whole lot of other targeting criteria.

#6: Measure and tweak

Measure your ad’s effectiveness every few days with campaign statistics, and tweak it where necessary. Don’t simply stick with your first ad attempt; you may get better results with something completely different.

Are You on LinkedIn?

If your LinkedIn profile is looking tired and out of date, what message are you sending to your prospective new employer when they run a check on you? LinkedIn is probably the easiest place that employers can look you up and read further information about you.

Make sure you have this low-hanging fruit covered.

#7: What does your professional headline say about you?

Does your professional headline say exactly what you do—the real essence—or does it say “Manager at ABC Ltd.”? You have 120 characters, so be creative. Try something like “I help manufacture and distribute the tastiest chocolate in the USA.”

#8: Use your three HOT LINKS

Have you used the three hot links appropriately? Rather than using the standard “my website,” choose the “other” option and create a link back to your Facebook business page or your blog. Think about exposure of your own personal brand while you’re in the job market.

#9: List yourself in a group job section

Anyone can advertise their job vacancies in any of the groups they belong to, but why not do it the other way around? Why not post an ad in the jobs section of the groups you’re a member of, stating what position you’re looking for?

You can find out a whole lot more about using LinkedIn for prospecting in this article.

Promoting Your Online Brand

#10: Promote your online brand

Add your network links to your email signature. That way, the person receiving your application will get the correct profile if they do decide to check you out, so make it easy. You want them to see your great personal brand.

Working on managing an effective online profile, whether there is something unsavory out there about you or not, can only be a positive thing. It takes a little time and effort, but the results are worth it.

If you do find someone online with the same name as you, but with an appalling online image, you may want to mention that to the interviewer or business connection up front. “Don’t confuse me with Linda Coles who has a bad trading record with eBay.”

Never stop working at your online profile, write articles for online sites in your industry and blog posts if you blog, and find some way to keep your good name at the top of the list!

What online tools have you used to get some personal brand exposure? I would love to hear your comments and ideas in the box below.

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  • Another tip would be to update your business friends on your progress. Don’t overwhelm them with every detail, but think about giving tips to other job seekers if you learned something that you can pass on. For example, advice from a prospective employer about how to make your resume stand out. Or, where employers in your industry hang out after hours. These tips will keep you top of mind — and you’ll be giving and if you give you’ll receive.

  • Debbie Hemley

    Nice post (and I like the one you linked to too on LinkedIn for prospecting) In addition to my own blog, I’ve been publishing posts on customerthink and technorati. They both help significantly to increase readership and to let people know about the material you write about. I’d be curious too to hear other places people have been using, too.

  • Very valuable tips, I am not too big on Facebook (at least for personal use) but I am aware it can be a very valuable mean of business, especially with the flexibility of business pages and FBML tabs inside them.

  • I have to say my personal website and twitter have been really helpful to me. Facebook I just kept private what I didn’t want my potential employers to see and kept public everything that was on my resume. My thought was to reinforce what he/she had already read on my resume.

  • Great article Linda. There are also a number of career-focused Facebook pages that job seekers can “like” to stay updated and connected to ‘like minded’ job seekers and get updates from employers who are looking to hire within their industry. A few that I help manage and engage in fan activity are and others (related to the Network). Many job seekers are turning to Facebook to network and see where their friends are working to obtain referrals and an ‘insider’s scoop’ on what it’s really like to work at a specific company. Maybe a follow up post on “The Top 10 Resources on Facebook for Job Seekers?” @JenHitchens

  • Very good info here and in the comments, too:) On the other side of the interview table, companies can also use these social media tools to help fill positions. I just did a blog post about this last week at:

  • Thanks for your comments everyone, it’s always great to get the opinions and resources of others.

  • Thanks Jennifer, some good pages there and great idea for a follow up story!

  • Yet another great post. Thanks for the information!

  • A tip that you should also consider is “Making content”. Especially if you have a blog or a professional facebook page. Making content can be photos of you working or a short film where you show your interests and enthusiasm. A short film can be made very easy with a handycam, some photos and moviemaker/imovie. Like this one:

  • Mcneilj

    This information is very helpful for students like me who is very busiy with going to school and having a part-time job. WIth my free time im usually on facebook, so why not use it to try and find my career job

  • This is very helpful for anyone who wants to get on Facebook and leverage 700 million people (or so). With a committed effort daily, you should be able to make some solid contacts at a minimum.

  • Great post! With great tips that work.
    I’ve built a personal page on facebook – sorry guys if can’t understand it’s in hebrew:, and found a job in less than 3 weeks!
    9 out of 10 tips mentioned here were my strategy (didn’t use the ads).

  • Actually this is a brilliant article Linda.

    We all are aware of how these Social Networks add additional value by itself. But you added a another dimension here by connecting Facebook and LinkedIn together.

    Awesome technique. I for sure will work adapting these techniques.

    Thanks for sharing this Linda.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Great tips! I’d add that no matter what your Facebook privacy settings are, watch what you post! A friend of mine was up for a consulting position and the hiring manager realized they had several FB friends in common. As she couldn’t see my friend’s posts, she went to their mutual friends and asked their impression of her. Good thing she was always very conscious of what she posted!

  • Good on you!

  • This is helpful. When seeking a new job, you may also want to search for LinkedIn connections in your geographic area. You can do this with the Advanced Search Feature. I wrote about this just today on my blog:
    Cheers and good luck with your job search. Courtenay

  • Wow, great advice to add in!

  • You, my dear, caught my attention and held it! I intended to read only the 10 point themselves and navigate away, but you really have something good to say.
    Nicely written and well done!

  • Why thank you kind sir 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Linda, great article! I would say attraction marketing is your best bet in getting your dream job. Companies want to hire industry leaders, and you can prove your qualifications through building a strong personal brand.

    One of your goals should be to build a personal brand that is so distinguished, you’ll have to start turning down offers.

    If you are looking for a job, a tip I’d add seeing you now have more free time, try learning a new skill like Javascript, CSS, and how to use photoshop.

  • I never thought I would become a fan of myself 🙂
    Some really useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • I really like the leveraging your personal email signature.

    Being active on other important blogs improves your blogs pageranking.

    Great share Linda.

  • Arnaud Talaia

    Now, that’s what I call a get-to-the-point article : no blabah, onlly simple and sound advice ! Well done Linda ! 🙂 I’m looking forward to other new posts.
    Ps. I’m just wondering what your “blue banana” brand says about you : any idea, folks ?? 😀

  • Really enjoyed the article – well written with some spot on advice. Also agree with Karl’s comment that using tools like Facebook & LinkedIn is about attraction marketing when job seeking. The emphasis is on us to offer value.

  • Thanks for this. Though I’ve signed up in LinkedIn a couple of years back, I never really updated my account. I once refused to believe that you can get a job via a social network until my husband got emails from different web companies from 3 countries. So I am now trying to put more substance to it, who knows, I may find my dream job there. 🙂

    P.S. Here’s a great article on Social Networking. Learn to maximize your time for better results.

  • This article is chockfull of great advice. I’m creating a website and I’m going to attach to my LinkedIn and make a company page on Facebook. I already had my Facebook settings to “Friends” only on everything to be sure. I’m uncomfortable with creating a “professional” page and asking friends to share it but I can see the value.

  • Hi Darragh, you would be surprised where your emails end up sometimes, so a little extra exposure is only a good thing. Have a great week!

  • Hi Arnaud, I figured if you can’t remember my name, you will remember my company name, although Blue Banana in the UK is clothing and body piercing! I bet their tweets go something like AAARRRGGGGGGGGGG 🙂

  • I would love to hear of anyone that uses these tips to get that new position. Drop me a line @bluebanana20

  • Nice tips for getting a job in social media. I think one thing that a lot of people do is try and be involved in as many different social networking sites as possible rather than focusing their time and attention on really getting involved in just a couple of them. Having that kind of focus will be better for them in the long run.

  • I think it’s important not only to list yourself in the jobs section but to join groups and integrate yourself in the community, too. Joining conversations and adding value both help you get your name out there, get noticed by people and be active! We’ve written a post about how to use LinkedIn for business. I hope it’s of interest to you (

  • Abaya Sannor

    Linda, I have been on Facebook for a while now, and I just signed up for Twitter. The thing about it is that I had never thought of Facebook and LinkedIn or Twitter as tools to get connected for business or job. I read your 10 tips on finding job using Facebook and LinkedIn, and I think they are really great. Thank you for the information and making it so simple to grasp. It reinforced what I got from my teacher, Perri Richman, and I will discuss these tips with her and my classmates at school.

  • Jenny Contreras

    These are 10 very helpful tips on how to find a job using facebook and linkedin. After reading the article i decided im going to open an account on linkedin. Im majoring in marketing and im graduating next year. One of the best ways to start looking for a job is through social media (linkedin or facebook).

  • The notes page as a blog is a great idea!

  • Arielle

    I loved this article!!

    It was a real insight on how effective our personal pages could be used for business. Especially how you could really create your “Notes” tab into a blog. I didn’t realize that our personal pages would pop-up when our names are typed into google, so the privacy settings are very important and useful.

    Thanks for the insight!
    I might just try this out!

  • Adam Shekarabi

    This is a great review on social networking tools and what is important and why, I specificaly enjoyed reading your comments on linkedin. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Stuart

    This article was very helpful, I also read another great article that listed over 20 free websites where you can submit resumees and find jobs. Its amazing how many resources were listed when it comes to finding a job.

  • I feel you should have included twitter also. Twitter has recently emerged as great tool to find job openings around any local area.


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  • This is a great idea. I thought Facebook is just a communication tool with my friends, but it looks like Facebook could be used for business and finding a job if you are able to use effectively the tool. @dr4ward, #mkt3730

  • John Smith

    thanx,this post is very nice.Advice and resources for college students and young professionals.

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  • thanks for the valuable information i came to know that we can get a job on social media through the link and here i got the process of getting one..great post!

  • 37% of employers are looking up Facebook profiles, which is why it’s still vital that (at least while looking for a job) you maintain a relatively professional persona on Facebook,

  • Hi, I love the tip about creating a business page. If when creating a business page I select the brand option do I still need to have a ssl certificate? If so, is there a way round being able to set up another type of business page so I can do as you suggest in your post that doesn’t require a ssl certificate? Thanks

  • These are indeed great tips in finding a job using social media. Thanks for posting.

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