10 Changes to the Facebook Page Layout: What Marketers Need to Know

social media how to Have you noticed some big changes in your Facebook Page layout?

Do you know where to find everything?

Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new design for Facebook Pages. It took a while to roll out, but most Page admins had it by June.

In this article you’ll discover 10 changes to your Facebook Page layout.

new facebook layout changes

Find out what you need to know about the latest changes to Facebook’s Pages layout.

#1: Photos Have a New Size

One of the biggest layout changes is the wider, single-column view for posts. Directly related to that increased width is the size of images displayed in updates.

images in 504 pixel column

Facebook update images are 25% bigger—adjust accordingly!

Before, in the two-column format, posts showed images at 403 pixels wide. Now images are shown at 504 pixels wide—a whopping 25% increase in visual media size! Facebook will show up to a full square, 504 x 504 pixels, so take advantage of that space.

Tip: Adjust the size of your blog post images. Make them at least 540 pixels wide so they will look good on Facebook when they’re shared.

#2: Tab Apps Are Different, but the Same

Your Page tab apps used to be displayed as images beneath the cover image on the Page. Now, instead of images, there is a text link to your first tab and the rest are in the More drop-down menu.

tab apps in new layout

You can still find tab app images in the left column.

Pages didn’t completely lose tab app images, they’ve just moved—you can find them in the left column. The app images are the same size as they had been (111 x 74 pixels), but the 16 x 16 icons are gone.

#3: Left Menu Sections Are Movable

Everything that isn’t a Page post is now in the left sidebar. Scroll down to see where each section landed.

If you want to reorder the sidebar, you can easily move sections up or down:

1. Go to any box and click on the pencil icon.

2. Click Manage Sections and a pop-up box opens with a list of your sections.

3. Click and drag a section up or down until you’re happy with the order.

managing left side module locations

You can rearrange all sidebar sections except People and About.

Note that the People and About sections are always at the top and cannot be moved. The highest you can move another section is under the About section.

#4: Activity Tab Houses Messages and Notifications

The Activity area is now much more of an Inbox where you can view, respond to and manage messages to your Page.

activity section

Find your Messages and Notifications easily.

Click on the Notifications link to see a nice view of all page notifications.

#5: The Use Facebook as Your Page Option Has Moved

I know a lot of people like to use Facebook as their page, and formerly this option was easy to find in your page admin area.

using facebook as your page

You can still use Facebook as your page.

Now, however, you need to click on the drop-down arrow at the top right of your Facebook Page. From there, choose Use Facebook As and select the Page you want to use.

#6: Website Links Show Automatically

With the new Page design, the About section automatically displays your website link if you’ve included the URL in the About setup.

website url showing on facebook

No more hacks—your URL shows automatically now.

Previously, you had to use a hack in your Page’s Short Description to get your website URL to display, and not all Page types could use the hack.

Now, however, all Page types I’m aware of can easily display their website URL, so be sure you’ve added your website link!

#7: Reviews Are Easier to Find

If you have a Page in the Local Business category and allow visitor check-in and reviews, you’ve probably noticed the Review section is quite prominent now. It’s at the top left of the Page, right under the profile image (in the People box).

reviews showing on facebook

Reviews now show on hover over the review stars.

When anyone hovers over the review stars, they can see a breakdown of all of your ratings. If they click on the stars, they can read all of your customer reviews.

That means it’s even more important for you to be proactive in responding to reviews. Show your visitors that you’re engaged, active and caring.

#8: Posts to Page Are More Visible

Like everything else, the Posts to Page area has moved to the left column.

viewing posts to page

Find new posts by fans in the left sidebar.

It was fairly easy to miss fan posts in the old layout. Having them in a larger box in a more visible place makes it much easier to spot new posts by others.

#9: Key Settings Are Bundled

The new design has all of the various Page settings in one area (that would be the Settings tab). This makes it easier to find important settings and update information for your Page.

viewing settings

It’s much easier to find settings when everything is in one place.

Be sure to go through the new Settings area and become familiar with the details, because there are some interesting surprises!

explore the settings tab

Take some time to explore the new Settings tab.

For example, under Banned Users, you’ll find much more than those who have been banished! It’s actually another way to see fans and even other Pages that have liked your Page.

#10: Snapshot of Page Action Available on Hover

A very handy new feature is the quick view snapshot of key Page stats from the past week. (Of course, you have to be the Page admin to see this.)

stats showing on the right of the layout

Check your Page stats with a quick look to the right.

To see the information snapshot for each option, simply hover over an area and Facebook will open up more details on that particular statistic.


Those are just 10 of the changes you’ll see with the new Facebook Page layout. By now, you should have the new layout and can begin exploring the new options and changes.

What do you think? What do you like about the new layout? What changes have impacted you the most? Please share!

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About the Author, Mike Gingerich

Mike Gingerich is co-founder of TabSite, a leading Facebook page management software for contests and promotions. He leads the Product Development Team. Follow Mike on Twitter @Mike_Gingerich. Other posts by »

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  • http://jeffkorhan.com Jeff Korhan

    Some subtle but important changes here that I’ve missed. Thanks Mike!

  • Kelsey

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of all the new changes!

  • http://www.brett-fish.com/ Brett Fish

    The more prominent reviews/ratings and having the website URL displayed on the Page are welcomed changes, but as a marketer, losing the prominently featured Apps icons takes most of the punch out of the effectiveness of custom Apps. True, they do still display lower on the left side bar, but compared to their previous location, the impact is minimal. And no one is clicking that “More” tab at the top to look for Apps.

  • Matthew Vermillion

    This is incredibly helpful, Mike! I’ve been digging around the new page layout and settings for a while and still couldn’t find some of the things you pointed out here. Thank you!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Glad to here it Matthew! That was the aim, give you some of the key points.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    You bet Kelsey!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    The big key becomes your posts. You need to post to drive fans to your app tabs. (This also means using a tab app that has a Smart URL solution so mobile users can access it!)

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Hey Jeff! Glad to bring a few more details to “light” for you!

  • http://www.medesignlab.com/ Matt Everley

    Hey, Mike. Great article! Something that I have noticed about a recent Pages update is that now the cover image has more information laid over it. The business name and category is to the right of the profile icon, and the “Liked, Following, Message…” is covering up the bottom right. As a graphic designer who brands Facebook cover images for my clients, I used to leverage these areas for messaging. But from now on I will need to work around these elements. Not sure exactly how long it’s been this way, but definitely worth mentioning in this discussion!

  • Evan

    One thing I need help with. How can you “Highlight” a “Post by Other” on your timeline now? I want a post by other to appear in the timeline but the new layout doesn’t seem to have the function. Please help. Thanks!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Great point @matteverley:disqus ! Yes, Facebook moved a few items onto the lower area of the Cover image. I have a coverage image visible under point #2 Tab Apps above where you can see “Liked”, “Following”, “Message” and more, and how we had to move our TabSite logo up in the image so it still displayed without being covered by the Facebook buttons. Thanks for bringing that up!

  • Ikechukwu Onyeka

    What is the the right size for image generated by linked shared on Facebook post update?

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    I like to make sure my key image on the web page link I’m sharing is 600 px wide and at least 315 px high. That way I know it is optimized for Facebook and can even be used for Facebook Ads. Facebook will display it in the News Feed at at max of 504 px wide.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Yeah, I’ll let others chime in if they have more feedback but the “posts by others” box seems to be the primary location for posts by others to your page now.

  • Mike Ambassador Bruny

    Nice post Mike!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Thanks Ambassador!! Hope the little guy is doing well.

  • Sherry Hayes-Peirce

    Mike this is so helpful!

  • http://www.thefriendlife.com/ Ashlee Chu

    I am a fan of #2 and #3. It’s about time we are able to adjust some of the sidebar on our company page. Personally, #10 can be a bit distracting as the “hove” capability can get in the way.

  • Gargi Bhakta

    Great post! Missed the added features under ‘Banned Users.’ Thanks for sharing!

  • Kate Perry

    Google is paying 80$ per>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND

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  • AmandahBlackwell

    I’m not a big fan of the new Facebook layout. I liked the old layout because I could easily see when people posted to the page. Now, I have to scroll down the page, even though I moved the postings to the top, on the left-hand side. Plus, the page looks cramped. I would redesign the page. Or hold a “Redesign the Facebook Page” contest. The winning redesign would be rolled out to all pages.

  • Stacey Cohen Riska

    I want to have the review feature on my page, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Any help? My biz page is mauiwowidc

  • Elizabeth Delaney

    Thanks for all this info. I had already worked some out on my own but gleaned new handy tips from this reading. Much appreciated….

  • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

    You can actually show two tabs as text tabs on top if you’re willing to move the Photos tab.Personally I find it more valuable to show two tabs of my own than having an obvious Photos tab so I moved mine to the More drop down.

  • http://www.indietech.com.au Penelope Wilson

    If *you’re* not building relationships… ugghhhhh most annoying error ever.

    In any case, thank you for this article! It’s extremely helpful, i’ll need to make sure I refer back to think when updating to facebook!

  • http://www.balboniadvertising.com Lita Lea

    Hey Stacey, it looks like your page might have been formed under the “Company, Organization or Institution” category instead of the “Local Business or Place” category. No sweat though, you can change your category with just a few clicks. On your page, go to Settings – Page Info – and click the “Edit” link on Category. Choose “Local Businesses” from the dropdown, then choose the appropriate secondary category. Hope this helps! Good luck with your reviews!

  • http://www.socialmediasean.com/ Social Media Sean

    Excellent Tips @mikegingerich:disqus Here’s a little nugget we found. Most of the people only see your images (posts) in their news feed, NOT on your actual page. The optimal size for images is to take the height (some say min 1200 px) and multiple it by 1.25 or in this case it would be (1500px) so that it fills the space properly. This still looks great on your page and mobile.

  • Henning Langen

    Thanks for the update on the new settings. It gets more and more interesting to actually work with those :).

  • Zarj

    Helpful article! I didn’t notice many of these.

  • http://www.thesocialmediaexpert.in/ Thesocialmediaexpert.in

    very informative for facebook marketing

  • http://www.tooliers.com/ tooliers

    In the insights, there appear some posts on our page, but we couldn’t find them anywhere. Could you advise, please? Thanks!

  • http://www.marketerproductreviews.net/ Bruce Frazer

    Thanks Mike. i am not sure why FB moved the Tabs, They seem to be less visible now…I am thinking that this is another way to perhaps get Marketers to be more inclined to buy Advertising…What are your thoughts on that?

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Hmmm. Not sure since I can’t look into that in more detail. Each post in Insights has a date and the link opens the post with more detail so that is giving you the information about when it was posted.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Facebook always keeps it interesting for us Page Admins!! :)

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Glad it was of value Zarj!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Yes, the stat is like 70% of a users time on Facebook is in the news feed. 1200 is the full width max given as a guide by Facebook. Since that is huge and would be a larger image file size impacting page load if it was on your website/blog, I typically recommend going with Facebook Ad recommendation of 600 x 315 which fits well in majority of blogs, loads quickly on the source website, and looks great on Facebook in the news feed and on the page timeline.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Glad we could add a few more tips that could assist you!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Great tip @hughbriss:disqus!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Lita’s response is right on. Reviews are an option within only certain Page categories…Local Businesses.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Thanks @gargibhakta:disqus!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Awesome to hear @sherryhayespeirce:disqus!!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Appreciate you drilling down and sharing which updates mean the most to you @ashleechu:disqus!

  • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

    I hope we won’t be seeing a new design for a while. There will never be a design that works for everyone and personally I like the new design so a design contest might result in a design that appeals more to you but will certainly still not be liked by everyone.

  • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

    I assume you’re referring to the “your” in tip #1 that is in a screenshot. It might have been better to use a different screenshot since there was a glowing error but not exactly they’re mistake.

    Yes, I know how to spell their, just threw it in for fun. :)

  • Stacey Cohen Riska

    Thanks! Really appreciate the help, although I do have the category set to “local business or place”. I guess I gotta contact them to have them help me troubleshoot. This was a great resource — thanks!

  • http://www.blog.plumbead.com/ LeAllyson Meyer

    I followed on my Facebook page. This was so helpful. Thanks.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Glad to hear it @leallysonmeyer:disqus!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    It’s a challenge for Facebook I’m sure. So many things to feature, so little space! Key to remember is that the best place to reach fans, friends of fans, and others is in the News Feed. You do this with engaging content that invites interaction and then in some posts you drive them to your apps.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    @penelopewilson:disqus Glad you could see through deeper and find some value!

  • Downtonian

    I, too, am discouraged by the new App location. I don’t think anyone is seeing them on my Page. Thank you for the tip to use the Smart URL and posts to drive fans to them. Unfortunately, I don’t think one of my tabs has one. :-( Should have realized that before I paid for another year’s “rent,” eh?

  • Downtonian

    Hugh, I like this idea a LOT. Question is, HOW do I move Photos to the “More” tab? Thanks for your help!

  • theresaSuttons

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  • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

    Good move fixing the screenshot, Mike. :)

  • http://www.likebulbs.com/ Eugene Than

    Thanks for sharing, detail enough for everyone : )

  • http://www.socialidentities.com Hugh Briss

    Click “More” and scroll to the bottom of the list and click “Manage Tabs”. Drag to reorder in the popup. The only one you can’t move is the About tab.

  • gayledee

    I just now tried to change the page I manage from Companies and Organizations to Local Business. Three times edited, three times the change didn’t take and reverted to Companies and Organizations. Something else blocking this edit? Facebook quirk? Just be patient and it’ll change? Simply love the mystery part of admining FB pages!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Thanks Eugene!

  • http://www.socialmediasean.com/ Social Media Sean

    UPDATE: Facebook image (photo) size correction

    Hey @mikegingerich:disqus – I am actually talking about the image size when posting an image (photo to Facebook) not the size of the thumbnail that appears when sharing a link. If you don’t use the proper sizing your pic will not take up the proper space (width) in the news feed properly. – Also the last time I logged into FB ads they are suggesting basically double that resolution (1200 x 444). Your specs are correct for a nice sized thumbnail linking to a blog post. Resolution is flexible but image dimensions are not.

    JUST SAY no to square or long photos, for now until FB changes it again. :)

  • http://www.donnamerrilltribe.com/ Donna Merrill

    Hi Mike, thanks for keeping us up to date on Facebook Changes. I’ve been scratching my head a bit trying to understand it, but you have clearly made it so simple here. I am grateful to you for doing this and I will pass it on to my friends.
    Many thanks,

  • Sandro Galindo

    This was really great. Thanks so much for posting.

    Let me give you a problem that FB hasn’t been able to help with (I was at FB FIt last week in Chicago) and they followed up w an email to try to help.

    Anytime a guest gives us a 1, 2 or 3 star review we respond with “I’m sorry we couldn’t rate higher. How could we improve?”

    The problem is FB does not notify us when a guest responds. Took us a few weeks to realize this. Now we have to scroll through many many ratings 2-3x a week to see if anyone has responded as sometimes guests take weeks to respond.

    The result: A guest will post a 2 star rating July 8th. We’ll see it July 10th, ask how we could improve. July 14th they respond, but we get NO notification. July 17th, we do our scroll throughs, see it and finally respond. This is actual event. And it has happened too many times. We’re on it now, and pride ourselves on prompt responses, but this kind of stinks.

    Anyway, I hope they fix it. Thank you again for posting this. I just wanted to let people know about the glitch. As I said, FB has emailed me for specifics on the problem and they are letting their engineers know.

  • Walter Hayes

    These changes were implemented some months ago, cannot believe people are still struggling

  • http://www.glennkramer.com/ Glenn Kramer

    Great article, Mike!

  • http://www.parcelhub.co.uk Bulk Parcel Delivery

    When did this take effect?

  • http://www.indietech.com.au Penelope Wilson

    I know it wasn’t their mistake, I never said it was. I was merely pointing out how frustrating it is to see people still making this grammatical error.

  • http://www.indietech.com.au Penelope Wilson

    Of course! The value of this article is not outweighed by grammatical errors!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Thanks @kramerglenn:disqus!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Great to hear @donna_tribe:disqus

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Thanks for sharing that info @sandro_galindo:disqus!

  • Faux Wood Beams.com

    I followed the instructions exactly as presented to find the “more information” you detail under “banned” but it’s only showing the banned people, not people who like our page, etc. as your screenshot shows. Do you know if this feature still rolling out?

  • Pam McDonald

    I manage a page for a governmental group. Over the last day or so, my “People” section with the number of “Likes” disappeared. I don’t know if I accidentally hide it somewhere or what. Do you know how to get that section back.

  • Pam

    Sorry it is a page not a group. Additionally, the “People” tab/option is no longer even listed under the manage option…

  • Anne

    The headers across the top of the page are not staying there all the time but scrolling away with the rest of the page. I do not like this. How do you get back to the top of the page now or switch to a friend’s pages. Hope this is a temporary glitch.

  • Downtonian

    Thank you Hugh – I forgot that I actually had tried to do this before but FB hadn’t made it functional yet. MUCH better now!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Not sure at this point. Maybe your Page is having some temp glitches.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    I’ve checked multiple Pages and they have it. There can be roll-out variations and temp glitches.

  • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

    @tooliers:disqus have you clicked on the posts from Insights? You should be able to get a direct link to them.

  • somyakomya

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  • tonymweave

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  • Joan P

    What an excellent summary! Thank you very much Mike.

  • http://charissagrandin.com Charissa Grandin

    What’s the size of the new header image? Having trouble finding dimensions for the newest layout. Thank you!

  • Pam

    Yep, temporary glitches…Thanks

  • Pam

    Thanks, Christian. It was a temporary thing.

  • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

    Glad you got it worked out Pam.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    You bet @joanbp:disqus!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    The Cover image for the Page? That size did not change. 851 x 315.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Good to hear that was it!

  • Joep Claessens

    Evan, the option to copy posts by others to the page’s timeline (allow or highlight on page) is no longer available in the new layout. Also the POSTS TO PAGE box doesn’t necessarily show the last three posts nor does it always show posts in chronological order. I’ve sent a request to FB to bring back the allow on page option, as I used that option quite a lot on the pages I manage. Not that I expect that to happen :-(

  • http://www.tooliers.com/ tooliers

    I’ve tried to click there, but there was no link.

  • Petopia Singapore

    Love the #7 tip :)

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Any change for you?

  • Caleb R.

    The image under #1 appears broken. Good article, though!

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Hi Caleb. Thanks! Not sure, all images seem to be appearing fine for me…

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  • anicka

    I hate it that facebook keep changes. and that they just can<code>t leave facebook alone!! why can</code>t we the users have a say in what they do?? I hope facebook goes down in flames one day. I Like the old way my likes was lay-out. now its just like my friendlist. Don`t any of the big bosses at facebook read this?? Cause I am getting annoyed with facebook keep changes and changes. I didn’t think they can still change something on facebook but then they change something anyway. a highly annoyed facebook user.

  • anicka

    Hi Mike! can you please tell me why they keep changing facebook?? the lay-out and stuff? why can`t they just leave facebook alone? I like the old lay-out.

  • http://www.mikegingerich.com/ Mike Gingerich

    Ha! It’s going to change! They are innovative and watching what is working and what trends are. For example, things shifted to mobile in last 1.5 years so they changed interface to work better on mobile.

  • Glenn Tremain

    Great article along with a great discussion. Can’t remember how to edit the order of how the apps display on the side of a Facebook page. It must be staring me in the face but I just can’t find it. Would appreciate guidance. Thank you.

  • http://www.AlexandraBrooks.com/ DrAlexandraBrooks .

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

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