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social media how toLooking for creative ways to drive traffic to your blog?

Have you thought about using video to promote your posts?

Creating videos to amplify the impact of your blog allows you to multi-purpose your content and promote it.

In this article, you’ll discover four ways to use video to promote your blog posts.

promote blog with video

Discover four ways to use video to promote your blog.

#1: Curate Top Posts in a SlideShare Video

LinkedIn uses a short Slideshare video of daily headlines to give users an idea of what’s going on in the media and preview what they’ll find on LinkedIn’s Daily Digest channel.

linkedin pulse

LinkedIn creates daily one-minute videos to promote the LinkedIn Daily Digest.

The videos are only a minute long, but they’re able to give viewers the headlines and the most important points. They’re perfect for people who don’t have time to read the full blog posts.

linkedin slideshare video

The daily one-minute videos highlight the top headlines of the posts in the LinkedIn Daily Digest.

To emulate this tactic in your own marketing, you want to convey the main points of your blog posts. Think of it as telling your blog story in 10 tweets.

There are plenty of tools that can help you produce a video like this one from LinkedIn. One of the easiest methods is to create a slideshow with a tool like HaikuDeck. Basically, you follow these steps: first, add the story slide by slide into HaikuDeck, then choose images, and finally export it as a PDF. Then you can edit the PDFs if you want and create a video.

#2: Personalize Delivery With Snapchat Video

Journalists at The New York Times use Snapchat videos to tell stories about their online content.

In the Snapchat video below, a journalist talks about the topic of how people dress for work from her personal point of view. The goal is to make a connection with Snapchat viewers and encourage them to read the Times article about that topic.

snapchat new york times

Journalists at the New York Times share their stories from a personal point of view on the company’s Snapchat account.

You can use this same idea to promote your blog content. With Snapchat, you can create a series of 10-second videos, and add them one after the other on the Live tab for 24 hours. So go out and tell the story behind your blog post in 10-second blocks of time.

#3: Support Your Posts With YouTube Video

Swedish newspaper columnist Carolin Dahlman creates videos based on her political opinion blog posts. She then shares these videos on YouTube and embeds them in the blog posts themselves.

carolin dahlman

Columnist Carolin Dahlman uploads YouTube videos based on her opinion posts and embeds the videos within the blog posts themselves.

When recording her videos, she sits in a quiet room with good lighting and speaks directly into the camera. She expresses her thoughts in just a few minutes, and the videos follow the same structure and content as her opinion articles.

carolin dahlman youtube

When sharing YouTube videos based on her blog posts, Carolin Dahlman speaks directly into the camera to connect with her audience.

If you want to record videos based on your own blog posts, make sure you plan out your content before you start recording and choose a background that will reflect well on your business.

#4: Tease Upcoming Topics With Instagram Video

Suzy Menkes is an international fashion journalist for Vogue magazine. She often attends shows where she films the latest fashions and then shares short video clips with her audience on Instagram. She also includes photos and selfies with fashion celebrities on her profile.

instagram suzy menkes

Journalist Suzy Menkes shares short videos on her Instagram account to tease future topics that she’ll be writing about for Vogue magazine.

Suzy uses Instagram videos to draw attention to her fashion reports. What you see on her Instagram is a taste of her future articles.


Suzy Menkes uses Instagram video to preview topics and encourage her Instagram followers to check out her online articles for Vogue.

With her presence on social media, Suzy is one of the most authoritative broadcasters in the fashion industry, and she helps her Instagram followers discover new fashion.

If you want to use this tactic, you can post short videos to your social channels to tease topics that you’ll be writing about in upcoming blog posts.


When you create new content for your blog, you need to think about your story. Why does it matter to your audience and why would they read it?

Keep in mind that your readers’ attention span varies at different times of day, as does their energy. In the morning, they may have five minutes to read a story while waiting for the bus; in the evening they may have more time but less energy. Uploading video to present the main points of a blog post can help grab their attention.

For every blog post you write, create a video based on it and share that video on your various social channels. Be sure to grab the blog link and add information about the content in the description. This will help you not only boost your search engine results, but also reach new people who may never have visited your blog before.

What do you think? Have you used social video to build brand awareness and grow your audience for your blog content? Have you tried other ideas you’d like to share? Please let us know in the comments below!

Tips on four ways to promote your blog posts with video.

Tips on four ways to promote your blog posts with video.

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