social media reviews**UPDATE: We have announced our two winners. The winner of the comment/blog portion of the contest, receiving two tickets to Small Biz Success Summit is Paulette Salvia, read her comment here.

The winner of the Twitter contest is Ali Goldfield. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. We look forward to seeing you all at the Summit.**

Want to win a free ticket to the largest online social media marketing event for small businesses?

Social Media Examiner has secured some of the top names in the industry to bring you Small Biz Success Summit.

And we’ve come up with a fun way to get you involved.

First, what is this event?

Small Biz Success Summit 2012 is a large online conference dedicated to helping small businesses master social media marketing.

More than 800 small businesses have already signed up—people just like you.

Twenty-eight of the world’s most respected small business social media marketing experts will share their strategies with you.

sbss12Hear from John Jantsch (author, Duct Tape Marketing), Anita Campbell (founder, Small Business Trends), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner and author, Launch), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Jesse Stay (author, Google+ for Dummies), Hollis Thomases (author, Twitter Marketing), David Siteman Garland (founder, “The Rise to the Top” and author, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper), Joe Pulizzi (founder, Content Marketing Institute and co-author, Get Content, Get Customers), Brian Clark (founder, Copyblogger Media), Lee Odden (founder, TopRank Online Marketing), Ramon Ray (founder, Small Biz Technology and author, Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses) and Lewis Howes (co-author, LinkedWorking)—just to mention a few.

Presentation topics include developing a social media strategy, finding and engaging your target audience, selling with social media, measuring success, Facebook marketing, Google+ marketing, blogging techniques, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing and video marketing (just to mention a few!). Check out all the sessions.

At last summer’s summit, 99% of attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend and attend again.

How can you win tickets?

We have three free tickets to the summit, valued at $597 each, plus the opportunity to be promoted to more than 125,000 of your peers! And remember, this is an online conference—so no travel is required to participate.

Two ways to win:

There are three tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

retweet this#1: Twitter entry

Simply click the button on the right or tweet what you see below for a chance to win one ticket:

I want to win a ticket to Small Biz Success Summit via @smexaminer #winSBSS12

You can tweet up to two times per day. Each tweet is an entry to win. We’ll randomly draw the winner of a free ticket. All tweets must have the #winSBSS12 hashtag included.

#2: Written entry

This winner gets two tickets PLUS a mention in the Social Media Examiner Newsletter (125,000+ subscribers)!

Simply write why we should award you the free tickets in the comments box below (scroll down).

The judges (Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing) will select the winning entry. Their decisions are subjective and final.

What you need to know:

  1. You can enter to win either or both prizes.
  2. Tweets must contain #winSBSS12.
  3. The deadline is Friday, January 20, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
  4. If you’ve already purchased a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll either give you a full refund or you can give your spare ticket to someone you really like.
  5. No purchase is necessary to win.

We look forward to seeing your comments and tweets. Good luck!

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  • I’d love to attend! I’ll use all of the tips to improve my blog Thanks for the awesome opportunity.

  • Jcadrecha

    January 20th is my birthday (I can provide copy of ID to prove it), and this would be the awesomestmostincredible present ever!!!!!

  • With launching a new venture for 2012, I am very passionate and fully determined to help other businesses grow their brands online.  Being equipped with the right tools and strategies from all the fantastic speakers in this summit, it would be a great honor to be able to give back to the social media community. Truly hope I can win the tickets 🙂

  • Richard Young

    I’d love to interact with some of the most forward thinking people in the social media space.  

  • I am an active member of the community here and a big supporter I the SocialMediaExaminer. I would enjoy the access if possible, but I understand if there at others in more need of this training.

    Great way to market an event like this Mike. This is a lesson for marketers: You can create a big buzz for your product by offering it free in exchange for promo. This costs no more than it would otherwise and the perceived value is huge.

    Great Job Mike. An thanks for fixing the Wibiya toolbar for mobile users. It is working great!


  • Bjohnson

    Who wouldn’t want this opportunity?  Becoming effective at utilizing Social Media tools is not something easily done.  I need all the guidance I can get and then hope to share my successes and failures with others.

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  • I’m a big fan of many of the teachers… Including Mike Stelzner and John Jantsch (both are featured in my latest video blog post… Where I’ve also mentioned this conference! I’d love to experience the conference AND would definetley follow up after by reporting on it on my video blog.

  • I work as a producer for family-owned independent insurance agency in Upstate New York. If either of you has ever worked within the insurance industry you are aware that forward thinking, new technology, stretch ideas and concepts are not the insurance industries specialty.

    I am going to change that.

    I work very hard on both my Agency’s website (Where we’re currently running a SEO experiment by answering 100 Insurance Questions in 100 Days, on day #12 today, through video.  It’s a really cool experiment actually) to implement social, online, blogging, and seo strategy in a way that not being done by any other agencies.

    I also try to help my fellow insurance and small business professionals with their online presence by blogging on my own site about what I do.  We get some great conversations going about how to tell the small business story… The most powerful story in business.

    Together we are going to change the game in small businesses favor.  No longer tied to our desks trying to be everything to everyone.  Together small business is going solve the problems they solve best and help the clients that have need of their specific solution.

    The reason I want these free tickets is that it’s time to take my personal game to the next level so that I can share even more with my community and help my own business thrive at the same time.

    I hope that I am one to get the tickets but if not whoever it is will be truly lucky to receive the guidance of so many people I consider to be of utmost quality in the industry.

    All my best.

    Ryan H.

  • I would love the opportunity to participate in the conference. My target audience is 20-something brides. I run a fitness boot camp and I really need to become fluent in social media and internet marketing, since that is how my target market interacts with the world. Thank you for the opportunity!

  •  In 2011 I stepped into the unknown …..out of full time employment and started my own business.  I’ve learned much in a short period since then.  I know that I’m following my passion and being authentic, I know that I have an offering which would be valuable to others – particularly in the current economic climate AND I also know that I’m not communicating my message as effetively as I could and should be. 
    I know that (with a nod to the words of Don Tapscott & Alex Bogusky) I can’t afford to squander even one more day not taking advantage of one of the greatest shifts of our generation.  Using social media more effectively can enable me to get my message out there, to be remarkable and successful.  I want the attention  it can bring, I haven’t got loads of money to spend on marketing but by using social media I know big things are possible.
    Now I just need to know how……

  • Janine

    I work in Social Media and marketing and I am buried in work so I need an information infusion!

  • I am a young Italian Community Manager who is a strong follower of SocialMediaExaminer. 

    Despite the distance in between and the time coordination problems 🙂 I follow all your Webinars and I am also a member of the Beta Version of Social Media Examiner Networking Club. 

    Is it enough to get a free ticket??? Come on Michael! And I could give back to you or anyone of the SocialMediaExaminer Staff a very cosy house in Milan for an eventual travel to Italy!

    Finger Crossed And a Big Up to All The Proud SociaMediaExaminer Followers

  • I would love to win the two tickets because: 
    1. I know the content and sessions will be as great as they have been the past two years (and I attended both!)  
    2. I would give the one ticket to one of my clients who is interested in attending.  It would be a great way for them to see the more of how social media can boost your small business.
    3. I would give the other to one of my team members so that they can also learn more in depth skills and strategies of the social media marketing world.

  • Great offer! Thank you Phil and Michael!

    Why I would like to win these tickets?
    Easy, I’m based in Germany and all the great and brilliant Conferences are being held in the US. So I haven’t been able to visit any of them which is a big loss. But now I could have the great chance to attend your online conference, I mean, this would show again how media and the internet is making the world a bit smaller and brings all of us a bit closer.

  • We’d love to participate in the Summit so we can learn to be better Social Media Citizens. We also strive to make tweeting and posting fun and easy for our Clients and the learnings at the your event will definitely help us help them. Pick me! Pick me!

  • “Why we should award you the free tickets” Because you have the best info out there and I know this conference will be great and I can’t afford to pay and I will give back to you and the online community what I learn.

  • “Why should I win a ticket?” Because I need all the help I can get…….learning is essential for me as a Female With A Mission!

  • I would love to win the tickets so that I can really gain exposure for my business. I’ve only recently started a business in which I do social media consulting for small businesses. The exposure will allow me to gain new clients so that I can really grow my business. Social media is something I am extremely passionate about and it would be a honor to be mentioned by one of my all-time favorite sites. I would eventually lioke to start my own charity that uses the power of social media for the social good. Also, I would love to help other young buddine entrepreneurs. Thanks

    -Brian Farello

    P.S Good luck to everyone!!

  • Cre8tvnrg

    I would love to win a ‘golden ticket’ to this amazing event because I am have a small design/marketing firm that I have created since being laid-off my job and I NEED to learn more about social media. I have been in the biz for over 20 yrs and know the only way to keep growing is to keep learning!

    I also know the only way to compete in business is with social media! I am just getting into promoting social media to my clients and using it myself, I am a newbie and I NEED to learn more!

    I have learned a lot from the Social Media Examiner, and I need an intense course to take me to the next level and I believe this conference is the boost I need.

    I saw and ad for this conference, and was sad because I knew I could not swing it, as currently I am not in the financial position to pay for a ticket, so I am hoping to WIN in order enjoy the privilege of this learning opportunity.

    I am also thinking of creating a blog and I think this would be a great
    push for me to do so, with the confidence and tools I am sure I will gain from
    this experience.

    I would be eternally grateful for the honor of winning and attending this amazing opportunity and vow to pay forward all knowledge to my peers, clients and anyone who asks what I have learned.

    Thank you for reading & your consideration!

  • Christy

    I would love to win this amazing prize!  In using your free tools, I have increased our companies SEO and have  seen more traffic driven to our site by use of social media!  I would love to continue to learn more, but our company just can’t afford the tickets.  We are a family run gymnastics center and this would be a huge blessing to us!,

  • I’d love to win the tickets because I feel like you can never learn enough about social media since it’s always changing and evolving! I’d love to be able to win the tickets and surprise a colleague with one! 

  • Lori

    I would love to win a free ticket to this years Small Biz Success Summit.  Why?  Simply because I am needy!  I am needy in a good way though as I am a great student and will put what I learn to good use.  And I will make sure that the information does not just stay with me.  I will share some of the best tips and tools that I learn at this Summit with others who are also needy… but in a good way!

    Each time I get an email, I look at all the speakers and I dream of attending this Summit.  Never have I seen a conference with so many top notch presenters in their field.  I really love the fact that you are so green and making this available to so many more people while at the same time reducing the cost of travel, hotel, time away from work and the ability to learn in your own work space.  

    And the best  part about winning two tickets is that I could be in a position to really uplift someone else from my networking group by giving them a free ticket to this event so that they may increase their  knowledge base and continue to stay motivated to keep plugging away to succeed in their dreams.

    Good Luck to all of us!  Lori J. Isenstadt

  • Alexandra Briggs

    I would love to participate in the Summit and learn more from the best in the business. I am active in the Networking Clubs and consistently learn something new. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Summit and receive the great information in one place!

  • Heather

    Why should you award me the free tickets? All Points Connect is a small company in a big corporate world.  We are striving to learn all we can about social media to take our company to the next level allowing us to compete with bigger companies.  As the lead social media person at All Points Connect, there is so much I need to learn about how to effectively market within the social media world.  I would love the opportunity to attend the summit.  Thank you for your consideration!

    -Heather Smith

  • Cory Patterson

    I run a small Social Media company and I would love tips on how to grow and have more influence. Your information is always vital to my keeping knowledgable and informed.

  • Pete

    I would love to win a free ticket to this year’s Small Biz Success Summit because my non-profit is looking a ways at maximising our exposure and impact through social media to ultimately improve the support we provide to disadvantaged and vulnerable youth in Africa.

  • NC Cowgirl

    I’d love to win the tickets because I recently started a blog and need to learn the right tools to market it with. My goal with my blog is for it to help generate a second income for myself so I can better support my child. I haven’t yet put together a social media strategy..I know spank my hand…and I’m hoping this event could teach me how to put together a successful one. I also haven’t figured out how to gain followers on Facebook even though I have a decent amount of followers on twitter, (Considering my small niche I feel it’s a decent amount) so learning how to market better with Facebook would be so beneficial. 🙂 I feel like there is so much out there to do but it’s overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin and what’s the first few steps to accomplish.

  • I am the Social Media Manager for @lifeproof:twitter I am new to this career and I would love more formal training like this conference to better our company! We are in the stages of needing a Social Media Strategy etc. and this conference would be able to help me do that. Thank you for considering me! -@DustySherriffs:twitter

  • Moin Shaikh

    I want to win the ticket, by winning ticket, i will have an opportunity to grasp great social media marketing strategies knowledge by the global experts. And here’s what the main reason: I will share and implement those ideas with my own non-profit charity organization and will also be providing this ideas to other non-profits around the world via web platforms so that they can too utilize power of SocialMedia without any expense. I am offering free service to my uncle’s charity hospital @alameenhospital:twitter 

  • I would LOVE to attend the Small Business Success Summit. I had a rough 2011 with a torn ACL, surgery, divorce and had to put my house up for short sale, etc., etc. I don’t have much money to work with, but I do know that my biggest asset is the network that I’ve built and my drive and determination. I am growing a small PR and communications business that specializes in public relations and online visibility for outdoor brands. 

    I know I am doing something right, because I’ve created a niche in which my potential clients are finding me online. I have 500+ LinkedIn connections, over 500 real friends on FB, 1,680 targeted Twitter followers and my new FB business page has 83 fans and is growing. I blog and I write SEO articles too. I have a degree in Natural Resources, but my marketing background is primarily self taught through reading and taking online classes just like the Small Business Success Summit. I’d love to attend so that I can learn from the latest experts and continue to grow my business. And, hopefully, get myself back in the black soon!

  • Pete

    I would love to win a ticket to this year’s Small Biz Success Summit because my non-profit is aiming to improve the way we use social media to get greater support for our cause and to ultimately increase the number of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth we can support in Africa (

  • I’d love to win the tickets because today is my birthday! No joke I was born on 1/13/1980.

    But the real reason is because learning is the best thing can do for your business. You can never learn too much valuable information and hearing from experienced presenters is priceless.

  • I want to win these tickets because I cannot afford them. My husband and I, like many others, are struggling to get the mortgage paid. So conferences for the business are out of my budget this year. I own Letter10 Creative, a Graphic Design & Photography Studio in Vermont and would love to increase business by offering Social Media Marketing – done the right way. I read your e-news daily and have been pining away to purchase a ticket, in the meantime I have learned (and shared with others) the awesomeness that is Social Media Examiner.

  • LH

    I work for a small gambling establishment.  We are having to make cuts everywhere because the economy isn’t allowing people in my area a disposable income. The first thing to go was our marketing budget.  This was done to eliminate the need to lay off employees.  I need the tools to effectively market through social media to attract more customers and keep the need to lay off employees at a minimum.  Thank you for your consideration.

  • Andrea G.

    Unfortunately a ticket to the Small Biz Summit is a bit more than my company can afford. We just finished doing a COMPLETE site redo which should go live next week, if not today (*sigh of relief*). Awesome, but expensive. As the promotions and social media coordinator I’ll be putting everything I know and everything I’ve learned here into practice, but could really use the added knowledge gained from the Summit to ensure the site’s, and our business’, success. 

    Even if I’m not able to attend, I’ve learned more for free from this site than I did with the paid SEO “guru” we had so thank you for that.

  • Hey guys, I’ll be short.

    I want to win the tickets so I can see my dream fullfilling: to be the first dairy farm which is selling milk directly on Facebook, on my area.
    By winning the tickets and learning all new concepts, I will be able to grow the business on the facebook platform.

    Contact at:

  • I am on the cusp of launching my music and dog training businesses fully into the spotlight, and have been wanting to take on of these workshops for over a year now, but have lacked the wherewithall to do so. 

    2012 is going to be a banner year for me (I turn 50 on the day the Mayan Calendar ends….oooooooooo!), and kicking it off with the opportunity to attend the Small BiZ Success Summit would be an excellent opportunity! 

    From my voice, my dogs, myself…in gratitude. : )

  • Emma Burford

    WOW well someone has to win, maybe it could be me? I’m a socialbubble kind of lady and would love to share your awesome content with my network and a friend. I even have someone in mind… here’s hoping I win your award. Please pick me 😉

  • I do some pro bono work for a couple of small businesses. Okay, I trade marketing for membership. One is a small gym and the other is a triathlon club. The more knowledge that I have, the more I can help grow these two businesses. It would clearly benefit me personally to attend this small business summit. But I know it would benefit my two “clients” even more. I want to justify their trust in me and show them that I’m worth more to them than a free membership. A little extra coin would be great!

    Thanks for the consideration. 

  • Angeline D’Bal

    To learn more in depth skills and strategies for social media marketing for both my team member and I to be more enlightened on the topic for our clients.

  • Wow. I can’t tell you enough how Social Media Examiner has changed the way we ride at High Desert Harley-Davidson in Idaho! We promote a lifestyle, a lifestyle that becomes a family. The contacts built around social media is a family within itself–some we don’t know any more about than what they care to post for the online world to see. We want to learn how to make our family grow & I can’t think of a better way than to be able to attend SBSS12. Let’s ride!

  • Shane F

    I am always looking to learn more and I would love to be a part of this event! My business, can always use new ways to improve. Thanks Social Media Examiner!

  • SmallBizDavid

    I want to win and I will be telling all of our members in  Plus I’m using the Social Media Examiner/ “30 Social Marketing Projections for 2012” to validate our Community’s existence…

  • Nicole

    I’d like to win free tickets to the Small Biz Success Summit because I recently started my job as Social Media Associate for a start-up company and I want to make our social media marketing the most valuable service we offer our clients.

  • Kelsea

    We are a non-profit dedicated to the prevention of child abuse.  We attend webinars and free trainings to help us grow our social networking, however, we do not have the budget to attend the larger trainings, conferences and summits.  There is a lot of valuable information we can learn to help our non-profit grow!

  • Marco Cresti

    What about a ticket for an italian who live in Rio de Janeiro and is starting a new business here in Brazil and would like to export the format in the U.S.A? . My new business will be Gelato Naturale Italiano. For now please come to see me in rio at Abracos from the Marvellous City. Marco

  • Courtney Rayburn

    I’m stuck. I’m a Director, Strategist, Analyst, Copywriter, Editor, and more but called a “Manager.” I realized recently that I’ll have to do for myself what my employer doesn’t do- invest in advanced learning and development. My goal for 2012 is to launch my small business, focused on helping small business owners and non-profit leaders reduce their frustrations with social media without sucking them dry financially. I want to be excited about Social Media again and “course correct” my chosen profession. 🙂 Thanks for your consideration!

  • AquarianEye

    More World Peace! That’s what will happen if I get to attend the 2012 Small Biz Summit!

    Many years ago a friend offered me a job in his company and told me to pick anything I wanted to do and he would get me the training. I was new to the world of computers and it was way before social media had even been thought of. My friend suggested that I become their Webmaster. I was a little stunned and replied that anything that had the title of Master was probably not something I’d be interested in.

    Ha! little did I know then!  I have wished many times that I knew then what I know now! I pay more attention now to being open to opportunities when they are presented. This chance to attend the Small Biz Summit is another one of those opportunities and this time, I don’t want to miss it!

    It’s been a series of synchronistic opportunities that’s brought about my involvement with social media marketing. i never would have guessed social media marketing as a career for myself but my love and long term experience in creative grassroots promotion of ideas, causes, and events, seems to be a natural precursor to a new found love of social media. 

    So you must be wondering where the More World Peace comes into this equation? It’s about heart and following what feels right. A little over a year ago, I found myself without an income in a crashing economy. Immediately, I took to the internet and just surfed. I surfed for days and weeks until one day a spark happened when I stumbled upon a social media marketing site. I began to read and then read some more. I took a local beginners class to learn some of the basics and I found that I was pretty jazzed about what I was learning.

    Just a short time after that, a friend who works in the health and wellness field called to ask if I knew anything about social media and if she could pay me to help her get started with blogging and posting in social media sites. That was about a year ago and now I have a small cadre of folks that I help.

    The World Peace aspect is this: My niche field is in working with people who are doing good works in the world – people who strive to bring more peace and sanity to the everyday lives of people. Bringing more peace to the world is also my personal mission in life and I have been wonderfully surprised to find that I feel a great sense of accomplishing that mission when I help others get their message of peace out and connect with others across the globe through the wild world of social media.

    I’m fascinated and excited by all that I learn every day about social media and I hunger for all the new sparks of learning that would be available at the 2012 Summit.

    All that I learn at the Summit will go back out into the world in a multitude of ways creating more world peace through social media!

  • I would love to win two tickets because…
    I am a single mother of two, and for the last 3 years have struggled since unemployment late in 2008. With there not much out there that pays well and enough for me to be able to have enough left over to do fun things with the kids, I have started a work at home business. The challenge for me is the cost. I have more time than money. I have been reading your daily emails for nearly a year, and enjoy them immensely. I am a hands on person and think that by taking your course it would allow me to gain momentum by leaps and bounds. I have just started a blog ( and am still working on it daily. My goal is to help others in my situation. By giving them a step by step formula they too can achieve their dreams, with my help. This would also be a great lesson for the boys. They see their mom working smart, not hard, and in the end we reap the rewards in two ways, helping others achieve success, and padding the pocket book! -Tracy Enos

  • Lin

    I’d like to say thank you for the wealth of excellent information SME shares with its readers.
    I am an avid follower of SME and share the valuable information to clients, followers, friends, students and acquaintances regularly. It would be an incredible honor to be awarded tickets to the SBSS12 event!! I would share the information with various colleagues and local social media groups and encourage them to support SME. It has been a struggle financially, as a soloprenuer and will be difficult to come up with the $$ to attend and pay my living expenses, at this time. I know the information will help me be more knowledgeable and effective in work for clients as well as provide valuable information for the 2012 workshops with the students I mentor in Atlanta. Much of my work for non-profits is at very reduced rates or donated. I believe it is important to pay it forward and hope to encourage those interested in marketing and social media to utilize the information I will learn and share from the summit and follow their dreams!

  • Awarding a free ticket to me would benefit Social Media Examiner, all of the participants, and far more small businesses because what is presented will spread even further to both owners of small businesses and the bloggers who believe in strongly supporting their efforts. 
    I have been systematically expanding the reach of important strategies that work specifically for small businesses through building collaborations of social media savvy, small business friendly bloggers and by obtaining Author (or higher) access on dozens of established marketing and social media blogs, being published on sites including Adotas and Social Media Today, and approved to contribute on influential sites including Technorati, Revenews, and many others. 

    Unlike many blogs and teaching methods that are heavy on WHAT to do, but weak on the HOW to actually do it, I write and teach step-by-step processes, answer questions, and do free live mentoring. Doing this grows skills that the mentored can then share with many others far more effectively than doing videos and writing directions can achieve. 

    By bringing together collaborations of influential bloggers in a private invitation only forum, we discuss important issues, share extensive experience, create best practices and then disseminate those through all of our blogs which are supported by many other influencers. You can see examples of that support by pasting the URL of any of the posts on GrowMap into or searching for GrowMap there and switching to All Time or by visiting or viewing my list of influential collaborators

    When any one of us discovers a worthwhile strategy or solution we share and teach it to all the others and many of us choose to write about it in our own blogs. Whatever I learn by attending Small Biz Success Summit 2012 would be shared with all and written about in many posts on GrowMap (each of which are tweeted by at least two dozen other bloggers).

    It will also be featured in guest posts on the many other blogs interested in publishing my content – which is original to each blog. Each post targets the same keyword phrase for SEO benefits and all of them are shared in replies to questions raised on Twitter and elsewhere. The process I developed, use and teach for accomplishing that is explained in How Sharing Quality Content When Others Are Most Receptive Increases Conversions.

    While some of what I write is controversial and stretches what many believe – so is Aaron Wall at SEOBook and many others who raise important issues so that those who depend on more traditional business clientele do not have to risk alienating their income generating audience. 

    What is shared in Small Biz Success Summit 2012 is likely to also end up in the book proposal the Small Business Editor at Wiley Book Publishing has requested of me. As most know, Wiley books is one of the best sources for timely books on effective marketing and use of technology and my planned book is on What Small Businesses Can Do to Thrive Despite Declining Google Traffic. That book will be heavily promoted and will include recommendations for Social Media Examiner, Small Business Success Summit and the sites, solutions and strategies of many of the presenters. 

    Awarding a free ticket to me ensures what is shared will benefit as many others as possible and raise awareness of Social Media Examiner and Small Business Success Summit. 

  • Djensen5913

    I had a successful real estate company from 1996-2010, then everything came crashing down.  I have sense then reinventing myself.  I’m looking at social media to connect with my audience.  I have so much to learn and enjoying every moment of this adventure.  Attending the Small Biz Success Summit, would help in my development. 

  • It would be an honor to win the tickets. Back in June when I decided to change my career to one for which I had virtually no knowledge, I prepared for my first interview with Social Media Examiner online and with Launched. A former colleague of mine recommended your website. Two weeks later I was ready for the interview and subsequently got the Social Media Manager position. Thanks to you, this now 49 year old woman with no formal computer, marketing, or related education or experience, got the job!

  • Katie Hobson

    I work as a Public Relations Coordinator for an independent insurance association. The majority of our membership is made up of small to mid-size agencies.

    Within the world of technology and social media, the insurance industry is usually dragging behind. I’d like to attend this conference to bring back not only how my members can get started and be successful, but also why they need to.

  • Laurie Jeron

    I found out about this conference several months ago since my friend Jennifer Carrillo Thomas is speaking. After getting through an extremely difficult economic year I could not afford to purchase a ticket but what a blessing it would be if I could win a ticket. This is one conference I would love to attend. I know it will be jammed packed with great information that will help people grow their business and learn to utilize Social Media to it best. I love to help promote events and people that I believe in. I am a networker and communicator and love to help others growing their businesses and communities. I am glad to help get the word out about this event and I am praying that my name might get picked as a lucky winner. 

  • Rebecca

    I’d love to win tickets to the Small Business Summit because my company, LocalizeAustin ( focuses EXCLUSIVELY on marketing for small and local businesses. This market is a highly underserved market that needs marketing and social media support, resources, and knowledge at an affordable cost. We aim to do just that, and attending the summit would allow us to bring insight from the broader online community to these small and local businesses to give them the advantage they need to grow, promote, and get noticed. 

  • I need to win free tickets if I’m going to attend. My husband and I recently took over ownership of his family’s plumbing company. This company was started in 1977 and has been doing just enough to trudge along, but it’s now time to start making money and bringing it into the spotlight in 2012. I left my job to start using my marketing degree full time with our company and he studied extremely hard to pass his tests and get his contractor’s licence. He was the first person the testing place had seen to pass all of his tests prior to turning 30. I’ve managed to build a website, start our facebook page and twitter account and post on all on a regular basis. I’ve never built a website before and I’m pretty proud of what I have accomplished, but need so much more help and guidance. We’ve made a lot of sacrifices to help grow this company. We don’t take much money, all we need to live off. We are living in an apartment and struggling to pay off debts. But, I know I it will be worth it so that we can invest as much into company as we can. Unfortunately, there just isn’t money for the 2012 Summit. 

  • Kim Kudo

    I’m willing to share ! I only need 1 ticket. I’d love to hear & learn from some of the best people around.  I’m a flower broker. Our industry in many ways is so behind the leaning curve. This would be the cliff notes of all days 🙂

  • Asmith

    Why should Social Media Examiner award me free tickets?

    I would love to be exposed to mastering social media marketing for small businesses. I know I am young, unexperienced and have a lot to learn in this industry. I would love to be exposed to the best of the best. I want to make sure I am really cutout for this career. If you can award me free tickets, I know I will use them. I want to be ahead of the rest.

    Good luck to all who are submitting comments for the contest!
    Have a great weekend!

    Best regards,

  • DeDe Bailey

    I would forever be grateful to win these tickets. I have 2 reasons that are very near and dear to my heart to win these tickets.
    Reason #1. I just left the 9 to 5 arena to start my own glass craft business. I hope to open a store front soon, the only way to open this store front is to GROW my current business from my small, dark, corner space basement studio. The only way to grow this business is by becoming a pro at social media.

    Reason #2 I want to learn everything there is to learn about social media so I can be my husbands social media guru for his small business. My husband gave me this opportunity to leave my 9 to 5 job to pursue my dreams and I want to give back to him by getting his small business up and running on social media. My husband has an investment advisory business and I know social media will be very tricky due to all the regulations they have to follow. I need to learn from the best on how to grow my knowledge in social media and winning those tickets will give me that opportunity. Sincere Thanks to all!

  • Donna Ridgway

    Wow, what can be said that has not already been said!  I would love to attend this event and would only need 1 ticket and would offer the second to another person replying to your offer. 

    I started my own small web design/development firm and quickly learned that my clients wanted more – that was when I began the learning curve for SEO and have been on that curve since then.  Then social media became an important marketing tool and I was behind the eight ball again!  I need to know how I can best help my clients with social media so I need to learn it all to make recommendations! 

    Thank you for the opportunity to attend this awesome event.

  • Teresa Abram

    Why should I win? Because I’m a media coordinator working for a school in Oklahoma. Everyone’s budget in education have been cut. I would love to attend and learn to be better at what I do, but no amount of self-marketing, cajoling or downright begging is going provide me with the funds to attend. This would be an amazing opportunity not to mention the cool factor!! Pick me!!

  • I should win because social media for small business is my entire life… that and photography… and cooking… and playing ukulele.

  • Jacquiec

    I think I should win because I want my sister to be able to attend with me as I have already purchased my ticket.  We are both “late” bloomers to the marketing/social media aspect of business. 

  • Chrissy

    I’m taking a leap this year of running my own online marketing consulting business!  In order to be fully present with my clients and their needs, I also have to move to Costa Rica, as that is where most of my clients are located.  While I know that probably sounds beautiful and magical and fun, it’s also an enormous leap of faith and I need as much knowledge as possible in order to make this work!  A ticket to the summit will help me tremendously, giving me the tools and knowledge to better serve my clients and build my business.  I’m really proud of the companies I’m currently working for as they’re all sustainable businesses and I want to help them reach more people in order to help others learn how to be more eco and protect our fragile planet.

  • Just getting started with Social media, I’d love to be trained by the best of the best to accelerate my learning curve.

  • …because this event could use a little Southern Belle infusion 🙂

  • I have been working for LSG, Inc. as the Director of Marketing since July of 2011 with no paycheck and giving more than 80; sometimes 100+ hours of my time to help grow this company as my position is commissioned, not salaried. In December, I lost my full-time job and came to work for LSG, Inc full time as Director of Marketing. Knowing that the success of this business was partially on my shoulders. I rely on the social media examiner content to help with our marketing strategies, to keep our company aligned with it’s goals and strategic plans, and to be able to network with other like minded (and different) marketers! So, basically, Social Media Examiner, it’s newsletters, and free webinars have helped us to be able to promote our company and to position ourselves to go to market to bring in revenue. I would love to attend the summit, however, as you can tell the revenue is not there for attendence. Therefore, I believe that our drive for success and our dedication as followers and participants to your webinars and newsletters are reason to please give us tickets to the 2012 Success Summit!


    Sherian and Linda

  • Tweet Hope

    After many years in the nonprofit marketing world, I’ve founded Tweet Hope (hopefully soon to be an LC3 :-)) – social media management 4 socially-minded messaging – to share what I’m learning in the digital marketing realm with other nonprofits. We’re new, so we love free stuff! 🙂

  • Why should I win? I am a small Virtual Assistant Buisness, Your Faithful Assistant,  located in Maryland. I am doing my best to take in all of the Social Media advice out there, however there is so much information from so many sources.  I have been following Social Media Examiner for some months now and I truly value the information that I receive from them.  My desire was to sign up for the summit when it was offered at 50% off however I just did not have the funds.  My goal is to learn from the best and show by clients that they have an Assistant that can truly help them grow their business beyond their belief because of what I learned at the one and only Social Media Summit.

  • Would love to win.
    Working in uk healthcare for NHS and trying to be an evangelist for social media to benefit patients and staff. Also to harness good ideas and help share them across the health community.

    It’s early days for me in SM, have already invested to learn what I know so far so would value the leg up with? Would live to use the 2nd ticket if allowed in some kind of sub- competition to get someone else who is new and passionate more deeply involved

  • I’ve heard rave reviews on the past Small Biz Success Summits so I know that I would learn a great deal.  For anyone involved in social media and small businesses it is so important to keep learning, keep improving, and this happens by immersing yourself in the strategies of leading social media experts.The Small Biz Success Summit is the place to be.

  • Because I bought the book Launch and told all my friends to do the same. I’m a sneezer baby!

  • The Small Biz Success Summit sounds pretty awesome. I’m pretty awesome. Hey! I should win the tickets.

  • I love and breath Social Media Marketing – I have been managing marketing campaigns on Facebook & Twitter since 2007 – when I put my first business page up.  For the next 4 years my company, The Word Pro, was the only company in the area that did Social Media Marketing.  I have given numerous presentations to Chambers of Commerce, Business Organizations, large Companies, etc.  I conducted workshops and training seminars.  I love what I do and love to learn more about how to leverage campaigns for even greater success. I currently write a blog for and was invited as a member of the press to SES Chicago.  I love SME and actively follow the blog and Facebook Page – it is also my “go-to” when I have issues.  To get tickets to the Small Biz Success Summit would be beyond awesome!!!!!  🙂  So, that said – Pick Me!! 
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate!  
    Laura M. Donovan
    Director of Social Media Marketing
    The Word Pro

  • Robzilla

    The question is actually “Why shouldn’t I win?” As Director of Client Services for a leading Indian marketing agency I have the privilege of watching social media explode into a viable sales channel in the domestic Indian market. From our work with Salman Khan’s Being Human watches to offering deals on Facebook on behalf of Indian’s leading mobile phone retailer we are really ten toes in the social media world. While I have the benefit of participating in the vivacious community found on the Social Media Examiner social network to constantly learn and grow many of my colleagues don’t. It would be an honor and a joy for myself and my teammates to attend the 
    Small Biz Success Summit 2012
    where we would be able to both learn from the experts and also hopefully share some of what has worked for us. In this ever flattening world we hope our agency is granted a free ticket to this compelling exchange of ideas so we are able to showcase the energy found within the Indian online community.  

  • I’m not sure you can say that I should win the tickets.  I’m part of a large, very large, group of deserving people with small startups.  The best that I can offer is that I can’t justify the expense of paying for your summit because budgets are tight.  But I can say that if invited to the summit I would soak in all that it had to offer.  Chances are I will stumble my way through the social media maze much as I have done the last few years but given the opportunity I could become more disciplined and skilled through your summit.  Thanks for the opportunity and warm regards to all.

  • I would love to win these tickets! This year I’ve decided to increase my marketing both online and off. I was going to advertise heavy in Facebook but this summit will help me develop a plan instead of just going off what I think is good. Thanks.

  • Susan Stein

    I believe that I should be awarded the ticket for the following reasons:
    I am just launching a new company Soci@l Medi@ M@rketing Speci@lists after losing my job as a paralegal after eleven years with the sudden death of the attorney who was my best friend too!; I hope to employ numerous business students from local universities and expose them to a business operation to compliment their studies; I am thrilled with the line up of speakers and the agenda and am following them; I can’t afford to attend without this as single Mom of two boys; one is embarking on a music career while beginning college and the other just graduated and is attending law school; I am a great student; I will be a great addition to your interactions!   Please pick me!

  • Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I would love that my daughter could learn from the Success Summit how to be a social media consultant. (I feel you guys & gals are experts in the industry) I want her to be able to earn an income helping local businesses with their social media when I can no longer continue to work. I have rheumatoid arthritis in both hands/arms and my eyesight is failing. At some point I won’t be able to work on the computer and she will have to help support me. Times have been tough (we just lost our farm) and if I could afford to pay for a conference ticket I would. I believe she would be perfect as a SM consultant and she would be grateful to receive a ticket to your event. Blessings, Sue

  • gerri50

    2012 is my year to get my business (and ideas) really set it stone and get them moving in a forward motion and towards great success! Looking at a snippet of the topics that will be included, the Small Biz Success Summit 2012 already encompasses what I need to gain more knowledge on for ensured success!

    2012 is my year, 2012 is our year. The time for making silly excuses is gone. The only option we have is SUCCESS!!! 

  • Bridget

    An amazing opportunity is heading our way and I’d love to be part of it!  

    The online conference means even working from home as a freelance writer here in the UK, there’s no need to feel isolated.  I’d love to join the online community and learn how to use the social online whirlwind from the experts rather than picking up bits & pieces here and there. Please pick me to win the tickets – so next year I’ll have earned enough to buy them myself!!

  • Sarah Z.

    I would love to attend the Small Biz Success Summit – I’m almost a solo act of bringing the latest and greatest in the world of Social Media to all my clients. I’m also supposed to keep myself up to date with trends any way I can, and I see this as the best way to start doing that with this summit!!! 🙂

  • Joncrisp

    i am a novice,sadly only in terms of social media,swimming (only just) in a sea of advice,webinars,free e-books,special offers,exclusive unique solutions all apparently the answer to the novice’s prayers.Attending this summit gets everything into one compatible space and would help ensure that i am waving not drowning 

  • Derrick Brinkman

    FREE is always good! I’m in the automotive Swap Meet biz and love deals. That what makes a swap meet a swap meet. You find free stuff, negotiate and look for the deals.

    Looks like your offering a smokin deal, Free tickets, and they would help out a lot. Thanks – Derrick @ Pomona Swap Meet

  • Derrick Brinkman

    FB signin not working

  • Heya…I found the comment section! =)

    Hi there, I am a 36 year old mom-of-three returning to the workforce after ten years home with my kiddos. This time out – I’m shooting for the sky – yep, entrepreneurship, Baby.  I’ve been gearing up to launch my business that provides smart marketing for smart women over the past year and we’re almost there!

    While revving up,  I’ve spent time following SocialMedia Examiner and attended as many webinars as possible.  I’ve also recently become involved in the Beta version of the SME Clubs where I’ve met some amazing people; people I’m excited just to be around to soak up their knowledge.

    I would be so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to attend the Small Biz Success Summit because hearing from 25 field experts would give concrete direction or wheels to the ten years of career passion that have been building steam since my oldest was born. It’s the shove that will put the whole schbang into gear.

    Thanks guys for all you do and even if I don’t win…keep up the awesome work!

  • Hi, I would love to attend,I found Facebook Success Summit 2011 extremely useful for my business and I know that Small Biz Success Summit will be even more useful. Sadly, money is a problem. Hail from Greece.

  • I am a junior in college currently studying Journalism: Mass
    Communications. My true interest lies in designing and collaborating on
    campaigns to promote a product. About a year ago, I applied for an social media
    internship at a start-up company called to gain more experience
    in the communications field. I landed the job but had no idea what I was
    getting myself into (in a good way). I was thrust into the world of social
    media and was forced to learn quickly different approaches to social media and
    marketing. Not only have I managed social media, but I became a blogger, researcher,
    editor and community manager all merged into one. Keep in mind, for a 20 year
    old that seems like a big task for a company to trust me to do all those things.
    But I’ve grown to love it and have learned so much from it.

    I want to attend SME’s summit because, not only could I take
    things away from the summit to better the start-up I work for, but I would also
    use ideas from the summit to further my budding career and the rest of my
    schooling. Not to mention my personal social media presence.

    I’m enthusiastic, love learning new things, take pride in my
    work and think positively. #AllWithASmile. I invite you to check out my
    personal website, which in turn, has links to my social media sites so
    you can have a better understanding of who I am. Thanks for your consideration.

  • For months I have been watching the ads for the Small
    Business Success Summit. I have really been hoping for an opportunity to

    I have been off work for almost a year now trying to recover
    from an injury. In my spare time I have been doing my best to keep up-to-date
    on social media marketing. I have become a big fan of Michael Stelzner and Social Media Examiner.

    I find this subject matter absolutely fascinating and hope
    to return to the workforce knowledgeable enough to take on a role in this
    area of marketing. Knowledge is King. The more opportunities I have to learn, the
    better my chances are of pursuing this new career path.

    Thank you for your kind consideration. All of my fingers are
    crossed. I am dreaming big dreams!

  • What an awesome Summit–first heard about them last year.  I’ve been on the Client side of the desk for the past 20 years. And now, having started a small niche Real Estate Sales and Marketing company, am having to adjust my approach 180-degrees.  It’s a blast, but still a tough mindset to consistently manage.  This Summit looks to provide many of the missing elements that will help our new company succeed. So, I’m asking for your business!!  Ha, how’s that?

  • tracysestili

    My business helps nonprofits and small businesses with social media. The thing is, you don’t know what you don’t know and I think attending this summit would be beneficial to my clients as well as my service offerings. My blog is mostly about educating people on how to do things in sixth grade English. I would take what I’d learn and blog about it and apply it in my day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a full-priced ticket, but a deeply discounted or a free ticket would help me elevate my business to the next level. Thanks for considering me. ~ Tracy

  • Natasa

    I’m just starting out my career in social media marketing and I really do need this training. I LOVE “new” media communications and I REALLY WANT to help small businesses with scarce resources to become more efficient and profitable.

  • tayhowe

    Well, the Facebook Success Summit last Fall totally changed my social media life. It scored me a position as the social media manager for an independent record label. The other attendees I met and the experts I was introduced to (Andrea, Mari, Amy, and others) have since taught me even more about social media. In the music business, social media is so fun. 

    Music in inherently one of the best ways to connect with people and good music really connects with people. It’s very rewarding to see the “super fans” of the artists I work with get to feel a more personal connection with the “larger than life” bands they love. And it’s very rewarding for me to be a part of that!Moving forward, I’ll actually be taking on the role of Director for a music education company that will provide free content and workshops for songwriters, musicians, and music business professionals all over the country. Basically a Social Media Examiner for the music industry. The Small Business Success Summit could be exactly what I need to learn to start things off on the right foot as director and really make an impact in the lives of musicians who are on the brink of creating fantastic music! Maybe you’ll even see some of our artists on the Grammy stage in years to come :)Thanks for considering me and keep up the good work. You guys keep me psyched about social media!

  • tony farris

    Plain And Simple I’m Broke Now Operating On A Vapor Budget, My Business Is Hanging By A Thread I Stand On A Street Corner Holding The Following Sign:
    “Will WORK For More WORK” 

    I would like to learn how to work for MONEY instead…

  • MariaP

    John and Michael,
     I have alot of traditional marketing experience in high tech (15 years) and have been out of the industry for a while raising a family.  I recently was divorced and now I would like to take the “plunge” and start my own small business. This new way of reaching customers in a cost effective and targeted way is very intriguing to me. This information would be invaluable and give me the confidence to achieve my dreams.  I don’t have the $$ now to buy a ticket or take a course.  Signed, starting over 

  • Katherine Conner

    This Summit sounds like the best opportunity for our business launch to succeed. We always are looking for fresh ideas and networking.Social Media is still something I desire to learn from experts in the field. Even after 35 years in the biz I learn new tips everyday and love to share them with others. My first love is helping others who need patient assistance for Free meds and I am dedicated to continuing this for no charge to others when I get my new business to a profit level that can sustain the expense of doing so.
    Check out my business of over 9 years- which I want to offer free to everyone and
    there are millions.
    Thanks for this chance to make this happen!

  • Michele F

    I am just learning the ropes of social media for a small business of 5 employees and hope one day to start my own consulting business.  To have an opportunity to attend this event would really help my company and my dreams come true.  


  • While I would love to win for me, I would actually prefer to win to give the tickets as a prize to one of my fellow members of the Middletown Maryland Area Chamber of Commerce, some great fellow small business people who would really really benefit and who could come back and share with the group what they learned. Thank you.

  • Cptn Jamie Black

    Wow, I’m not the only person on here, that was a long way to scroll down.  
    You should give me a free ticket because I am branching out on my own developing my own business in Social Media Management and Campaign design and I would benefit from the resource.
    I have been in the Social Media stream for 3 years now, yet this is the first time I have taken it on as my own baby, and I have to say thank you Social Media Examiner for not only catching my eye with your great website, but also providing me with a fantastic resource.  You are at the top of the list and prove to be reliable!  I am blogging about you, tweeting; and facebooking;  
    Either way, I just wanted to say thank you for being a great online resource!

  • Natasa

    oh wow…it’s such a shame that so many people cannot afford to attend the summit! If I win, I promise to offer ONE OF THE TWO  TICKETS to someone in this community, so more of us take advantage of this great opportunity

  • R Stolarski

    Hi Michael, you will find it worth to give me a chance to win the entry to
    From my sit, I have got two main reasons
    1.    by listening to experienced Social Media Marketing practitioners, I want to learn how to develop at Poland, marketing of Social Media type to the level comparable to presented by Social Media Examiner and HubSpot.
    2.    Since 2011, I am trying to implement to my marketing, methods I have learned from you, but I faced technical obstacles. If it is possible, I want to learn from a webinar
    how to find (on Polish programmers market) or how to persuade web programmers to open themselves to implement modern social media marketing rules, during webpage coding processes.
    Best regards

  • Sharon Graves

    The art marketing world is changing rapidly and as an artist in that world I need to change with it.  I have been tuned into Social Media Examiner for close to a year and I have learned a lot, put it to use, but I know I have a long way to go.  I have shared what I have learned on my fb page and have “liked” you lots.  I’d be  the artistic choice.  hehe.
    Thanks and here’s to a great conference.

  • Jonigleason

    I started a trail riding business in Michigan Upper Peninsula in 2010 – during the winter before or first riding season I was able to spend time on Facebook to spread the word about this new, fun and exciting business coming to the area. The response was amazing!! Freinds, comments and likes grew higher each day and I owe Facebook for the successful start of our business.

    Fast forward to today with 2 VERY successful riding seasons under our belt and now we have sleigh rides in the winter – I have so little time to put into to social media!! But I am trying to catch up/learn more now in the winter when I have a little more time – I’d like to get things down enough (learn enough) to have someone help me this summer when things are really crazy – but I need to show them / get a handle on my style / be more diverse and ‘on it’ before I can hand this over to someone else!!

    Please help – I would love to win 2 tickets now – I know how valuable it would be to our business – check it out:

  • I have recently launched a Social Media company and would very much benefit from this training to help me assist my new clients.

  • I’ve decided that this is the year for my business to make money as well as change the lives of others and this would be an amazing opportunity 🙂

  • Chris D Wells

    Everyone seems to have a need for these tickets, as I would love to have them too.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, which caused me to be unemployed. I had surgery in 2010 but the medications that were provided to me by my doctor did not help me much, so I researched information and began taking over the counter medications. I am fully cured from cancer, great physical shape, and ready to work again, but still out of work. After two years, I have no funds available to me, but I love to do research, and after using due diligence in my job hunt, I decided that social media is the only field that everyone should consider. I planned to start my own small business that involves blogging and social media but I am back to the same situation, no funds available right now. I keep my head high knowing that “eventually” I will be there.

  • I am actually new to Social Media Examiner. I have 2 new businesses that I need to expose to the world.

    One is a multi-level marketing business and the other one is a handmade jewelry online business; both of them will obviously benefit from some social media exposure and I am trying to learn as much as I can.

    Attending this summit would be life changing for me and my business. I don’t have the budget to attend the summit so it would be amazing if I get one ticket =)

    Thank you!

  • Miro Kalig

    I have come across SME couple weeks ago and was able to get my website more trafic by applying a lot of things from SME. I am from Slovakia and we do not have a lot of opportunities to learn much about social media. Thats why I am very happy to have found this website and believe I could make my website the best in forex trading in my country. Thank you again.


  • Michelle Boxx

    Founding my company,, in 2009 at age 15, with no capital, growing my business has been an uphill climb from the start. However, in the last 6 months, Reagan Rex has received 40,000 pageviews, we have a team of youth across the nation whose lives have been empowered and changed by Reagan Rex, and I also represent Reagan Rex in my weekly radio segment on a syndicated show from the Fox Radio Network. I feel that these tickets would be a great boost for Reagan Rex and our team of youth as we continue to challenge the status quo and prove that youth are capable of doing more than most people give them credit for.

    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Michelle Boxx, Reagan Rex CEO

  • Paulmanwa

    To be sincere i would like to win a  ticket so that i can participate to this event because i am a  small income businessman with a lowly generating that i can meet business experts to acquire some knowledge on how to grow in business and also interact with many people to make friends and even request for support or sponsorship to enable me to grow in business please. Be blessed.

  • I am a student studying Advertising & Design. I am set to graduate July 14, 2012. I have directed my focus to Social Media Advertising. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn more. Being that I am a student and only work part time, I currently cannot afford to purchase my own ticket. When I heard about the summer seminar I inquired about a student price or possibly a free ticket but there were none available. I am excited to see that free tickets are available and would love for a chance to experience this.

    I have a small side business of candles ( & that brings in some money as well and I have used this business as a “testing” for all things social media advertising related. While I cannot afford to pay for advertising at the moment social media has helped me spread the word about my business.

    I hope to attain a Social Media career soon and this would help me out tremendously. I have finally found something that keeps my interest and I am always wanting to know more. While I am still fairly new to this perspective of social media I know this is where I want to be and enjoy it.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  • MaryAnn

    As the owner/operator of a small retail business, I
    would love the opportunity to win tickets to Small Biz Success Summit
    #winSBSS12. I am the person doing everything for the store – no employees – so
    learning how to better master the social media strategy would improve my
    business in general. Learning how to use social media to increase SEO is needed
    – a very small budget for advertising doesn’t leave much room for more than
    word of mouth advertising so getting web recognition would be great! In business
    since 2007, we have continually shown growth and with the addition of a better
    social media presence, I think we could continue the growth trend. Weekly we
    have at least a half dozen new customers come in because they didn’t know we
    were here – so I’d love to increase our internet reach and this Small Biz
    Success Summit would help do that.

    Mary Ann Hanlon, Owner/Operator
    Mary Ann’s Dance and More

  • Amy Martin

    I would love to win the two free tickets to the Small Biz Success Summit!
    I own Woodstown Massage Boutique, a delightful massage center in South Jersey with infrared sauna and all-natural boutique with skin care and gifts. As a young company, we’re definitely still learning all we need to do, especially in today’s dynamic online culture. If I get two tickets, I can have a coworker learning all this great stuff since, as the owner, I have a lot on my plate! 

    It would be wonderful to learn how to target our market, and how to define our key clientele. I would love to find out how to inexpensively advertise online. I use Facebook and Constant Contact currently and am in the process of learning to blog. I understand there are other options out there that are inexpensive or free. That’s where I’d like to focus my efforts.

    Thanks for considering my submission
    Amy Martin
    Woodstown Massage Boutique

  • What about an italian guy who live in Rio de Janeiro and is starting a new business in Brasil in order to import such model to the U.S.A.? Acutually I run my small hotel in Rio and starting a new business for Gelato Naturale Italiano. Fancy a scoop? Abracos from the Marvellous City.

  • Because I am really starting from scratch, and with your help my on-line business will be another great example of how to grow with social media.  

  • Hi my friends at SME.

    Why should I win?

    On my blog I focus on serving my Industry with passion, talent, knowledge, care and love.

    I am a hotelier by heart and a Norwegian by birth. My goals is to Hotels to create unique guest experiences through Social Media. I look at strategies that identify Champion Advocates, and at the same time allow Hotels to identify top qualified candidates for job position within our industry.

    And also help Hotels to identify new market segments, and apply new media strategies to Hotel Membership programs.

    My motto for 2012: “Serve Your Guests!”


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

  • Ann Willets

    We’d love to attend, but we’re a small company and budgets are tight right now so winning free tickets would be wonderful!

  • Carolyn

    I’d love to attend the event as I’m Launching in a couple of months and I’d love the ability to show the world my brand is amazing and it’s the best for newborn clothing and accessories. I’m Australian designed and made so no sweat shops in my manufacture which I’m passionate about.

    Cheers for the opportunity,

    Carolyn Chambers
    CEO Fourzer Pty Ltd

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  • Barry

    I just love a freebie

  • I would appreciate the free tickets because:
    1. I teach and hold workshops and need to be up to speed.
    2. I teach and hold workshops and refer everyone to SME as the ‘go to’ for great information and tips.
    3. My company provides these services and I would love to bring an associate into the know along with me.
    4. I blog, post and tweet and share your content regularly (I’m a total fan).
    5. I know that my life would not be complete if I wasn’t involved in this summit.
    6. Because I know how to say please and thank you – and mean it!

  • I had a baby, my first, 6 months ago.  I’m loving being a mom and have recently launched a business providing coaching/management/strategy solutions and social media training to solo entrepreneurs & small business owners.  I want to see my clients succeed and that means I need to always be 2 steps ahead of the technology/social media learning curve.  It would be a blessing and huge value to attend and soak up all this knowledge to then pay it forward to everyone I collaborate with.  As my client list grows, I’ll be offering a free consultation to someone needing my services.  It will be 5 hours of my time gifted to them to help them in whatever way they need to get their business better represented online & in social media.  Interested candidates would write in as to what they do/how they are giving back to the community and one winner would be chosen each month.  It would be my way of continuing to pay it forward from the generosity that I have received.  Knowledge is meant to be shared!  Thanks for offering this … very cool of you guys!  Slainte!

  • I am dedicated to helping more cause-related businesses and my social media students @UWMadison have a greater positive impact on the world. I’m a teacher at heart and I know how incredibly valuable it is to empower people and organizations so they can reach more, impact more and make a greater difference. And I’m a big believer that we have an incredible opportunity using social tools to amplify, connect and improve so many areas of the world. It’s the Butterfly Effect in action. Small actions can create HUGE impact.

    I can promise you I will continually strive to share what I learn via the summit both through my teaching and my business to make the long-term investment live long beyond the conference.

  • Jon Yucuis

    I am a young social media marketer and would love to learn more from the masters!

  • Why should I be awarded a free ticket?  Who am I anyway?  I am not a social marketer, I am not even in
    marketing, I am a classical musician and a teacher.   It’s not a secret that the arts are
    struggling, that schools programs are suffering and concert attendance numbers
    have never been worse.  I think I know

    As a musician, what do we do? Be it performing or teaching, at
    the core of all art is communication.  We
    try to find ways to communicate an emotion, a concept, an idea to the
    audience.  If we look at the way society
    communicates, we can see that it has drastically changed over the past 10
    years, but somehow the classical music industry has lagged behind, unable to
    evolve to the changes around us, performing in the same uniform (tuxes) and
    style as we did when Beethoven was actually composing, and it is costing us!  The way we communicate now, as a society, is
    largely through social media!  To stay relevant,
    we, as an industry, must find ways to evolve our art to embrace the changes in
    our audience.

    The world is in a strange spot right now, and music has been
    one of the few things found in every culture since the beginning of time, it
    has also proven itself as a tool to overcome amazing social hurdles, the famous
    El Sistema program of Venezuela has proven. 
    I believe the world needs live music now more than ever, that the next
    generation (and we all know how much time and influence they dedicate to social
    platforms) is hungry for it, I just need to be skilled enough to get that
    message to them. 

    Regardless, thanks for all the information you guys give
    out!  Love the site! 

  • Beth

    Because I totally need all the help I can get!!

  • Thanks for the opportunity

    Three reasons

    1. I became a single mum with a 3yr old and 4mth old 5 years ago Since then i have picked myself up and made the most of a situation which is becoming way too common these days. I learnt from it and i am now grateful for the experience.

    2. I now own, manage and operate my own Digital Marketing agency which is part of a POMO . i run this business with my new partner and write a blog,

    3. I am rolling out the first ever nationally accredited social media certificate on the sunshine coast next month. This means that anyone can study this new technology and gain national recognition as well as possible government funding is available to eligible participants.

  • Newbeginningmarketing

    I have a 6 month old and am trying to balance my marketing company and my personal life. This fantastic opportunity would allow me to stay up to speed with social media so I can be a better trusted advisor for my clients. One of my goals this year is to learn as much as I can and to work smarter, not harder so getting this opportunity would take care of both of those goals. Thanks in advance for the consideration!

  • carissa coles

    I’m crossing my two fingers to win the two tickets because:
    1. I am a newbie in internet marketing and it will be my first time to attend the sessions if I got two tickets here.
    2. I love online marketing and social media so the lessons I will learn from here will be a great help.
    3. I would give the other ticket to one of my team members so that he/she can learn more marketing strategies.

  • Cath MacAdam

    I remember
    finishing my degree and thinking “I wish I could get a job researching, writing
    and empowering others to reach their goals”, as that is what I thrive on.

    Now a decade
    on, and I have finally created the job I always wanted, with Social Media
    Examiner’s help.

    listening to Michael speaking on a business women’s online network here in
    Australia, I bought Launch and read it from cover to cover. I absolutely love
    the fact that you believe in sharing so much information for free.

    I am now in
    the process of putting together free workshops for small business owners who are
    yet to join the online world.

    My aim is
    to foster sustainable living so that we’ll leave a world our children can enjoy.
     I plan to achieve this this by offering
    affordable copywriting and social media strategies to businesses which
    contribute positively to our future.

    Thank you
    for being so generous with your knowledge, you are changing lives!

  • Chris D Wells

    Cath MacAdam-
    I am in a similar situation as yours right now and I feel that I am blessed to have connections like SME. Let me know on how you are doing as I am going to develope a business as well as soon as I get some funding together.

  • Paulette Salvia

    I was able to afford the Summit last year and it was a tremendous help to me in starting an online business.  As you will see from our website,, the silk floral arrangement business was started after my husband wasn’t able to work after a brain tumor was removed and due to Stage IV Kidney Disease.  I was laid off four years ago and spend my time taking care of my husband and trying to get our business to turn a profit.  We are completely out of savings and have maxed out the line of credit on our house.  If I am blessed with a free ticket to this small business summit, I can gain valuable and much needed advice and direction to get my business to a place where it is generating revenue.  An unplanned trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minn. this summer for 3 weeks just put us over the top, but the good news is that my husband had two tumors and his adrenal gland removed laparascopicly.  In the past 1-1/2 years, he has made over 300 silk floral arrangements already and they occupy our living room, dining room, guest room, one bedroom, a portion of the kitchen and a portion of the family room.  We cannot afford to rent storage area.  So you see, we have our inventory, we just need advice, instruction and direction, which I hope to get with your Small Biz Summit.  I currently listen to every free webinar, etc. that I can get my hands on and I subscribe to the Social Media Examiner.  I have also bought “Launch” although I have not read it yet because at the current time I also watch my 18month old granddaughter 2 days a week and pound the pavement the rest of the week looking for new customers for our rental program.

    Sorry to be so long winded, but I wanted you to understand:
    1.  I value everything you have to offer.
    2.  I am in desperate need of help.
    3.  I have my product and Estore ready to go as well as a new Rental program
    4.  I don’t have funds to get professional help.
    5.  Your gift would be a profound blessing (or karma, if you prefer) that we would pay forward when we are able.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Paulette Salvia

  • I am in the sturtup phase.I have lots of enthusiasm but everything to learn from you @smexaminer and @Mike_Stelzner!Thank you all for the opportunity #winSMSS12!!

  • John P.

    I’ve always wanted to go to a small business / social media summit but I’ve never been able to due to scheduling while I was with a corporation. Now I’m back being an entrepreneur and would love the opportunity to here the speakers (whom which I follow) and network with many great folks.

  • Well, its simple…:
    1. We are young, talented and love cool new stuff (like the conference)
    2. We have a great way of doing and explaining business – we make animation
    3.We have a smart, creative way of making any product look like a looot of fun ( check it out :

    P.S.:We’d really,really love to participate. Ehm, like…a lot! 

  • CAS

    This is my first position in the consumer ecommerce business arena (my background is B2B) and I could use all of the help I can get! Generally, we don’t spend enough time learning because we spend soo much time doing. I could use the chance to learn something valuable!

  • Fawn

    I have set myself an ambitious goal after being forced to quit my job due to health problems 18 months ago.  Last year was a difficult year because I did not know about social media.  This year I believe that I can meet my goal with the information gained from this Small Business Summit. 

    Goal:  To help 25 people start a homebased business and become profitable in 2012
    Group:  Veterans, disabled, students, single parents

    My reasons are very simple. First, I’m a disabled single parent.  Second, I have three sons serving in the army.  One just returned from Iraq, one just returned from Afghanistan and one is learning helecopter mechanics.  Third, so many students are graduating with large school loans and no way to pay them back.  I am also in that category. 

    I will share my second ticket with my brother, a disabled vet, who is also trying to do the same thing.  A better economy starts with us, not government.

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  • Sckoon

    Because we have 1,500 partners in 33 countries – they are our B-to-B customers that we constantly communicate with, and we will share what we learned from the summit to them! They are small business owners in the retail market, and are eager to know more about online marketing. We are No.1 (on Google as well with “organic baby clothes”) organic baby clothes brand and many retailers are watching us. We do love your informative site and always learn something new. Now its time for us to contribute to you by spreading more words among our loyal retailing customers.

  • Kim Kline

    I started my own background investigation services business in 1996 (Access Profiles, Inc.).  Since then I have grown my business basically by “word of mouth”.  But now I feel like a dinosaur!!  I see the advantages of using Social Media Networking but have no idea how to go about it!   I would love to win these tickets for the opportunity to learn a totally new (to me at least!!) way to promote and grow my business!  Thanks for the chance!  

  • MktgJessica

    I deserve to win because I need all the help I can get! I am the underdog right now. I have just entered the social media world and it’s not easy to sort out what is worthwhile and what is a waste of time. Please help! Lol. Thank you!

  • As much as I would love to be one of the attendees of the greatest online social media marketing event for small businesses, I wouldn’t be able to attend if I don’t win a FREE ticket. I would really love to attend the Small Biz Success Summit 2012!

  • We are a husband and wife team about to launch our new Virtual Office. We became part of the “the unemployables  x 2 group”…2 educated, 2 experienced, 2 mature.  We decided to look at this as an opportunity to start traveling, be creative and continue to be part of the business community-this time, on line and on our terms. We are looking forward to attending this seminar and are excited to be part of such a supportive community.

  • I want to win these tickets because I truly believe I can impact my organizations bottom line and being cash strapped we can’t afford this type of venue.  I have the ability to impact a lot of peoples lives by how we do business, my company helps people get back to work, find a better career, etc. and we rely heavily on Social Media as a way to accomplish these goals. 

    You can read it in a book, you can Google it, but there is nothing better than living a moment and being a part of something amazing.  It’s a feeling that you can only get by being in that moment, feeling that excitement and realizing you just changed the way you do things.  You can be changed by an individual moment and that is something that this event has the power to do.  

    I want to inspire people, I want to lead with a charge that will change the future and this type of event can lay the groundwork for me to do this.  I am sure there are plenty of people that want this and deserve to have it.  I can tell you that I worked for free for 1 year an 7  months before I could pay myself a wage at our company, went a winter (a mild one mind you and lived on the 3rd Floor…thank you neighbors) without heat to see our company succeed and I can’t stop till I know I have changed the world.

    So that is my elevator pitch on why you should pick me.  Good luck to everyone on this front and keep pushing.

  • Maggie Ray

    I would like to win tickets because I just recently quit my job and started my own social media consulting company.  My focus is on small businesses that can’t afford high prices that large firms and other consultants charge.  These businesses impact the community and make it unique but still need help growing their social media.  One of the main things I do for these companies is teach them “tricks” to help grow their business and better understand the ways of social media.  Free tickets would allow me to gain invaluable knowledge for my company but mostly my small business clients!  Pick me;)

  • Oh! It is great offer. I would like to win the tickets. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • I love to win this as 2012 is my goal year to learn as much as possible, things I never a year ago thought I would be learning. To get our gallery where is should be, succeeding 🙂 Thank you.

  • Andrea 101lifelessons

    Gail’s services have been immensely helpful to my website. Using the advice Gail gave me, my website continues to rank higher in Google search than I would have believed my small site could achieve.

  • Sherri

     Gail is an amazing mentor and her knowledge has been invaluable to me and my website.  There is no doubt that what she gains from this Summit would greatly benefit many others!

  • I’d like to continue to grow my small business. My company and product, PicPocket Books, was chosen in 2010 as a Huggies MomInspired grant winner and in 2011 as one of Babble’s top 50 Best Mompreneur companies. With that kind of support and reception, I have been able to grow my business to a solid digital publishing company with over 140 individual apps on the iTunes App Store.
    Since our product, PicPocket Books, is mobile apps (children’s picture books) our target audience has a really big online presence and social media is THE way to reach our audience. I’d love to learn even more tips, tricks and strategies from the experts for leveraging social media to develop these new markets like mobile digital publishing.
    My accomplishments so far show that I am willing to work tirelessly and to use the information from the Small Biz Success Summit to step my business up to the next level.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    on iTunes:

  • Crystalandcomp

    Gail’s professional insight has been instrumental in the growth of my site-
    She knows what she is talking about. 🙂

  • ooooooohhh I hope I win! SME is awesome!

  • I should win the tickets because my fortune cookie today said:

    “You will be selected for a promotion because of your accomplishments.”

    What are my accomplishments?  Well I did triple my Facebook fans in one week after discovering SME 🙂

  • Because I’m a survivor, from film to digital, from snail mail to email, from land line to mobile, from direct mail to … social media!!! I have accepted the challenge!

  • Thank you for this opportunity! I retired from the welfare department after working for 20 years assisting welfare recipients to take control of their lives and become self sufficient. I retired in order to take my coaching business full time. I have a passion for helping women dealing with emotional obstacles surrounding their childhood, parenting, relationships and most of all divorce. After going through a divorce a woman needs to recreate her life and often feels very lost, alone and terrified.

    I recently purchased Facebook Influence and after following the advice from the first two modules I created a fanpage and have 40 fans in 5 days. I am excited and passionate to learn how to best utilize social media to grow my business in order to be able to help as many hurting women out there as possible.

    It would be an honor to win this ticket and be taught by a group of wonderful talented people the best and quickest way to grow my business. I am committed to taking action on everything I learn.

  • Trudi

    I live in a rural area and can never make it to “city based” workshops. I absolutley love that anyone can attend this event. I’d love to win the tickets and more importantly I need to win the tickets – check out my facebook page – it desperately needs help –

  • When I attend events like the Small Biz Success Summit, I am as much a contributor to them as I am a consumer.  I enjoy the reciprocal benefit of conversations with others who share interests and I go out of my way to make sure I add value.

    Who do you want attending your event?  Sponges who will soak it all in or collaborators who will help make the event awesome?

    If I’m able to attend, I’ll deliver opinionated commentaries and provocative questions at every turn – NONE of which will be oriented toward selling myself or my company, ALL of which will be intended to make people (including myself) think and learn.

    Thanks for the consideration!

  • I very recently launched my own home based virtual assistance and administrative consulting business based in NYC and one of the services I offer is social media marketing, along with legal virtual assistance, general administrative support, internet marketing and wordpress web design. 

    As a new small business owner, I think this summit would be a great way to e-network with other people and learn great strategies by established experts in the area of social media marketing that could take my business to the next level.

  • Social Media Examiner is my go-to place to send clients who need to freshen up their marketing efforts. Working primarily for non-profits means working a lot with volunteers who need considerable training. Social Media Examiner has already helped so much with that and being able to offer a ticket to the Summit would be icing on the cake for one of my more dedicated clients/volunteers. They would surely appreciate the extra help and encouragement as would I.

  • I have been reading your emails for weeks and wishing I had the funds to attend!  Your seminar would be so helpful in putting together my free training program for equine nonprofits on how to use social media to build awareness and raise funds.  These nonprofits include horse rescue, helping to rehome unwanted racing Thoroughbreds, and those who use horseback riding to help high-risk youths and those who use horses in theraputic programs to help the disabled.  I just need one ticket – I’ll spread the word from there!

  • Nitapipkins

    I want to win the free tickets to the seminar so I can keep up with my 2 year old on the internet.  My daughter has taken over the iPad, downloads apps and follows her favorite characters’ blogs.  It’s only a matter of time before she starts tweeting, yelping, yipping and facebooking.  I need social media savvy STAT before she starts speaking in complete sentences!

  • Jeanc

    I am a freelance graphic designer and a homeschooling mother of 3. This summit would be perfect for me since I can’t go to a conference away from home. What can I say, your information is rock solid and a welcome addition to my brain!

  • My is written for small business owners. It provides free advice that helps them to increase their online visibility and at the same bring down the cost of their online marketing. I blog weekly, and at the moment this includes a fortnightly series on how to get a free website using I use social media to tell people about it, and so the better I am at that, the more people benefit from the advice.

    Of course this is part of my business; there are business owners out there who at the moment really cannot afford a web designer. By helping them now, I hope they’ll consider me when their business has grown and they are in a position to hire me! 

    I am in my first year in business, and funds are limited, so a free place on this summit would be greatly appreciated!

  • MOJO

    I’m SOCIAL.  I work with MEDIA and I have EXAMINED the rest & you guys are the BEST!  That is why you should pick me as the WINNER!  You have finally found your MOJO!  Melissa MOJO Hunter

    Plus it will help me grow my company & passion,
    Please & Thank You! 😉 hee hee

  • The best things in life aren’t always free. And given how new social media is and how quickly it’s evolving it would be instructive to attend. Doing social media well isn’t easy but listening to and learning from those who are doing it well is!

  • Kris de Leon

    It’s been my heart’s desire to help small businesses achieve their goals. I believe that the success of small businesses is key to stimulating our economy and creating opportunities for people. I feel it in my heart to make a contribution in this manner by helping small businesses generate more leads and customers through social media marketing.

    As a social media and small business consultant, The Small Biz Success Summit will help me increase my skills and knowledge needed to help my clients, both small business owners and solopreneurs, achieve their goals and realize their dreams. My financial resources are tight at the moment, but I’m not letting this stop me from living out my purpose of making a positive contribution to our economy.

    With the skills I gain from this Summit, I also feel I can teach non-profits how to clearly communicate their message and cause to their target audience, and influence their audience to take action on their cause. Not only will I benefit from attending the Summit, but I’ll be able to pay it forward.Thank you!

  • Jean Cruz

    As a current college student it has been hard for me to find classes that specialize in social media marketing.   Most of what I have learned about social media has been through different blogs, tutorials, and of course Social Media Examiner. I have applied most of the how-to’s and tutorials through our different cultural student groups and have started a non-profit organization that helps out Filipino students in the Philippines.  I believe that this would be a great opportunity for me to continue to learn from the industries best and to also further my passion in helping out multicultural students to see the value in social media.

  • I would love To win the tickets ( I purchased mine over two weeks ago) but more important , I would love to have a post  mention in the SME newsletter. I am new to social media because of my Health, not able to work a job but I do own my own lawn care business working 8 to 12 hours a week mid March til November.
     I am a Philanthropreneur building a team of like minded people who like “Doing well while doing Good” by providing meals to staving children.This is The Ultimate “Pay It Forward” Program ! Please check out my video web site at Thanks for this awesome training coming up . I look forward to the opportunity to be able to change the lifestyle of many this day forward. Have a great day and much success to all.

  • I’d love to win the tickets as I desperately need help with social media and 2012 feels like it could be a fantastic year…winning the tickets would be a step in that direction!