social media book reviewsYou have likely heard the buzz about Google+ for some time.

Perhaps you’re wondering why so many marketing professionals are focusing heavily on the new social network.

In this article, I sit down with Guy Kawasaki, the original Macintosh evangelist. You’ll discover why 99% of his efforts are now focused on Google+.

Guy reveals his Google+ strategy and talks about his new book, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us. And it’s very different than his other books. It reveals extensive details about how to benefit from Google+.

Mike: Guy, why should businesses consider Google+? What are the major advantages?

Guy: Businesses should jump on Google+ because it’s the Wild West, so you can stake your claim, as opposed to breaking through the noise on Twitter and Facebook.

Also, Google owns the river called search traffic. It can point this river any way that it wants.

When Google introduced the concept of “social search,” it turned SEO upside down. Now when people search on Google, they see the actions of their friends on Google+. That’s huge.

Here’s an example of social search (note the little avatar of a person’s head indicating a social search result)

It means 1) you want people to circle you so that when they search, they see your posts and 2) you should post about what you want your followers to know you for.

If I were running a business, I would be thinking, “Why wait until I have to buy real estate in Manhattan? I should get in now and grab all of the followers I can before Google+ hits the mainstream.”

Mike: You have been a huge proponent of Twitter for some time, and later Facebook. Where does Google+ fit in for you with the other social networks and why?

Guy: I fell in love with Google+ because of the ability to edit posts, the more elegant user interface and the quality of comments.

Today, 99% of my social media effort is on Google+.

Admittedly, this might not be rational or optimal, but when is love rational or optimal?

In many ways, Google+ was like the second coming of Macintosh for me. It was that profound a discovery for me.

I’ve only written two product-oriented books, 25 years apart: The Macintosh Way and What the Plus!  What does that tell you?

guy kawasaki

Mike: What the Plus! seems very different from your previous books. Can you explain why you wrote the book, who it is for and what makes it unique from the others that are out there?

Guy: I wrote What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us because it pains me that people aren’t “getting” Google+.

I think it’s a better social networking platform than the competition—just like Macintosh was better than other operating systems.

I can’t stand it when people aren’t using the best tool, especially when they’re taking the advice of so-called experts. I fought the same kind of “expert” advice with Macintosh during the 80s.

I kind of enjoy this sort of fight. Actually, I’ve made a career of it. Google+ is my latest “cause.”

what the plus

Mike: Have you self-published this book?

Guy: I did, working with the folks at Libboo, mostly Halley Suitt Tucker, and an independent consultant named Shawn Welch.

I self-published because I wanted to hit a low price point—”less than a Starbucks grande latte” to be exact—and I wanted total flexibility to do any kind of licensing, sponsoring and whatever-strikes-my-fancy deals.

For example, Samsung is sponsoring 6,000 copies. Can you imagine trying to get that through a traditional publisher? Tim Cook (current Apple CEO) will retire before that will happen.

Also, Google says that it introduces one new feature a day, so I have to be able to revise this book all the time.

Plus, do the math. I make 70% of $2.99 on an ebook, so about $2. I have to sell two copies of What the Plus! to make about the same amount on one copy of Enchantment. I think it’s easier to sell two copies of What the Plus! than one copy of Enchantment. And the time to market from the time I finished the book was less than a week.

Ebook self-publishing is very compelling if—and it’s a big if—the author can also market the book. I can let you know in a few months how this experiment has worked out, but it sure is fun.

Mike: What is your daily routine on Google+?

Guy: At night, I lay in bed with my Samsung Galaxy 7.7 and check several sites:,,, and

tech alltop
Guy uses Alltop to help him discover interesting content to share on Google+

They help me find stories to post the next morning.

I’ve created a circle with only me in it.

Using Opera, I share these stories with my circle—this means no one sees it but me.

Then in the morning, I use these shares to post stories to Google+.

I also look at the posts shared by the members of #sciencesunday for stories.

Then I post throughout the day, and use the Gmail notifications of +mentions to respond to people.

I try to respond to every comment that +mentions me. I also spend a fair amount of time “nuking” spam, etc., using the Chrome extension called Nuke Comments.

nuke comments on google+
Nuke Comments helps block spammers from commenting on your Google+ page

Mike: Should businesses focus on their personal profile or company pages when it comes to Google+ and why?

Guy: This is a tough question.

The answer is clearest when the entity is a sole proprietorship or individual brand.

If the entity is likely to live longer than the person, then it should be a company page.

But a good company page should act like a living, breathing person, not some hoity-toity “brand.”

I have found it difficult to maintain more than one presence on Google+. It’s like trying to keep two Macintoshes current, happy and up to date… if you know what I mean.

Mike: Can you share some tips that businesses should consider when setting up a Google+ account?

Guy: Sure.

Tip #1 I just mentioned: Make sure that people feel like they’re interacting with a person, even if your Google+ page represents a company.

Imagine, for example, if when you called your friend on her cell phone, she had a voicemail tree that you had to step through: “For English, press 1. For Spanish, press 2. If this is a call about a date, press 3. If you are canceling a date, press 4.”

Tip #2 is to adopt what I call the NPR model. NPR provides great content 365 days a year. The content is so great that we tolerate the telethons and fundraisers.

The content you share on Google+ should provide value: information, analysis and assistance. Your content should be so great that you earn the right also to promote your product or service every once in a while, like 5% of the time.

For example, if I were running VirginAmerica’s Google+ page, I would be constantly posting pictures of the cities that we serve, food from those cities and celebrations from those cities.

I would link to Real Simple when I ran a story about how to pack properly. I would link to a Lonely Planet article about the ten best outdoor adventures in south Florida. I would link to Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods coverage of food in Texas. Maybe even when Mike Rowe has a “Dirty Job” in New York.

In other words, the content would be all about how to travel, whether for fun or business. Then because people circled our page to keep seeing all the good stuff, we would have earned the right to talk about our new routes and new fares.

If companies just do these two things, they’ll be fine.

Mike: Where can folks get a copy of your book?

Guy: The best place to start is because this is where the special promotions and such will be provided.

But trust me when I tell you that my goal is to make bumping into What the Plus! unavoidable if you’re on Google+ in the next few weeks.

Mike: What’s next for Guy Kawasaki?

Guy: I have no idea. If I sell enough copies of What the Plus!, I’ll dedicate my life to my family and playing hockey. That’s all I really want to do.

What do you think? Have you started focusing on Google+? If so, how has it helped you? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Adi

    Couple of problems with this.  Firstly Google can’t do what it likes with the serps.  The anti-trust authorities are looking very closely at whether they are using their search dominance to force people onto G+.

    Secondly G+ Your World only seems to impact the search results of people in your circles.  Given that comScore said recently that people are spending next to no time at all on G+ each month there has to be a real risk that you’ll end up talking to other search marketers rather than real people.  If that’s your market then fair enough, but all the evidence shows that the mainstream simply aren’t biting with G+

  • Hi Michael and Guy,
    I do have to agree that it is easier to start now on a new network than claw through the noise of Facebook. The issue I have found is that managing google+ takes a bit more time than managing twitter or Facebook due to their APIs and 3rd party tools.

    I manage my social world from my smartphone, so the process of sharing is slow if a site doesn’t have the +1 button.

    I will also note that the personalized results are intriguing as people start usig G+ more and more, you are incentivized to grow your circles and share your content so that it appears in your circle’s personalized search results. I also tested search rank in universal search several months ago and it did have an impact, albeit not nearly as dramatic on my content’s ranking as it did with personalized search results.

    Either way, perception will drive adoption of the platform as it did with so many before it. The more buzz, the more users. Not to mention Google+ is the first social network that I have seen actively advertising on TV (shows their bank account is behind it).

    Best if luck,

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  • Hi michael, agree to your(and guy’s) point that marketing people are not using google+ that much even though google+ holds high degree of potential to deliver the surprising results. And i must admit, that i am one of those folks who actually know the value of it but do not use that much actively. Reason, as per my personal sense, is being human being, we the people are tend to stick to what we are doing traditionally, i am talking about living our lives around facebook. Both the marketers and end users/fans use facebook like they live in it and this has made (not impossible) but tough for both to look out of this FB World. Remember days of Orkut as a social networking hub, people were using it like it is their only activity and then with the passing of time facebook came, and rest is the history. I feel that something similar will happen to g+. With the passing of time and with constant efforts of marketing pro like guy, you and few others to spread awareness about G+, google plus will definitely become a hub. But right now, People are more involved in writing on company walls than circling companies. Thanks to you michael, and guy too! 

  • It’s not Bing+, it’s Google+.  For no other reason it’s got to be in your game plan.  it may not be fair and you don’t have to like it, but ignore Google+ at your own peril.

  • I keep hearing that social search will have such a huge impact on SEO but that’s only true if everyone is using Google+ and has a bunch of friends on it. Until Google+ can lure more of the general public like Facebook, I think it’s going to be less important than many are making it out to be.

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  • Definitely understand what you’re saying, at least up to the recent comScore report. Frankly, it’s a bunch of BS. Myself and many others have incredibly active audiences. In fact, Thomas Morffew did a poll on how much time people spend on Google+ and over 3000 people responded. Here’s the actual results from it:

  • There seems to be a general agreement that the greater population of social media is not using google+ so there is no reason to adopt it unless our target niche is MLM. (for now) but I would like to share how I have been benefiting from the social network.

    I personally have been trying to stay as active as possible on Google+, building my circles with active bloggers, SEO researches, and MLM companies. Not only are they extremely active and give tremendous feedback on sharing and commenting, but it makes my SERPs and SEO research incredibly targeted when I am logged in to my account. It has really been helpful being able to see all the people I follow and trust on the same page talking and sharing about the same topics…

  • Jeffrey Romano

    With regards to your second point … search marketers ARE real people. You also say that the mainstream aren’t on G+ so there is little point in being active. However, the real question to ask isn’t about whether the mainstream is on G+ but whether they will be on G+ in 9 to 18 months time. Those who had the foresight to invest in G+ early, will get the most out of it when it explodes.

    It is also important to keep in mind that engagement on G+ tends to be very high which means it is easier to build relationships with people. Social Media is about creating and strengthening these relationships, making it a very good tool for businesses.

    G+ is not for everybody, but one shouldn’t brush it off simply because “its not mainstream.”

  • Adi

    The comScore data suggested that the average G+ user spends 3 minutes on the site per month.  That doesn’t sound like a high level of engagement to me.

    I don’t think you can look 18 months in advance on this in the hope that it’ll work out.  My time is valuable and I have to spend it where there will be a good odds of a return.  Right now that isn’t on G+, simply because my market isn’t Internet professionals.  I get much better value out of LinkedIn and Twitter.

    If ones market isn’t using the site then you can’t build circles etc. on it that are relevant, and therefore it is a waste of time.  It’s much the same with Pinterest at the moment.  It might be good for some markets, but it isn’t for mine right now.  You must admit that jumping headlong into a social network just because it’s fashionable is hardly a good use of ones time, right?

  • Colleen Jorgensen

    Yes, I love Google+. Why? I’m a creative blogger (painting, DIY, crafts) and the major bloggers have exceptional followings on FB & Twitter. When I heard GFC was retiring, I knew I might stand a better chance on G+ – just like Guy says. And it has proven true. While it’s taking some time getting creative bloggers on to Google+, I continue to write installments in my series. I’m anxious to read Guy’s new book to glean more information to help ‘convince’ more creative bloggers to join us. 

    While our (diy niche) blogs are not brands per se, many are monetized. To us, our blogs are our brands. I appreciate this article and Guy’s insightful comments. 

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  • Samsung Galaxy 7.7? You mean Guy doesn’t have an iPad?  Joking aside, just like our financial assets, we should diversify our engagement on various major social networks, and also put more effort into engaging people on our own websites as well.

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  • I think you bring up some good points. You might want to check Eli Fennel’s response to ComScore’s stats on G+

  • Umm isn’t the reason 99% of Guy Kawasaki’s efforts are now focused on Google+ is because they’re paying him lots of money?

  • Michael

    REALLY wish the book came with a .pdf and it was stated that it wouldn’t BEFORE I bought it. Cannot get download for .pdf OR Kindle. Cannot read on phone (only on Google Devices apparently)…

  • Adrienne McCue

    I have to agree with Guy here. I’m a newbie of Google+, but if I was a betting women, and someone who owns a large market share of how people search and how they control traffic, believe me, you better be on board with the +. I have a personal page and a business page… and this is the issue with me. Which one do I focus on…. I tend to now want to just get into my business one… but you can flip from personal to business, easier now.. so…. best of luck, my bet in on Google+ – I just see human nature, just like myspace was the place to be, so will facebook become.  

  • I have an iPad. I only use it for testing the Alltop iPad app. 

  • Don’t let the truth get in the way of a comment. Google has not paid me anything for my evangelism of Google+. You might want to ask me if I am paid before your pronounce judgment. 

  • You can use these methods to read the Kindle version: is it you’re trying to do exactly?

  • Alex Garcia

    You keep reading your comscore stats Adi, while the world is changing. Look for Google+ debates, Google+ vs War on drugs youtube video, for a nugget of how hangouts are changing the internet as you know it.

  • mark ivey

    As someone pointed out, G+ may be a big deal for the masses one day, but it’s not happening now-minimal engagement by most outside the tech crowd. Facebook is sucking all the air out of the room, and Linked In and Twitter are taking a fair share as well. Google’s search advantages do give it some advantage but unclear whether that will play out in the end. Another big giant-Microsoft-has mountains of cash and its own market dominance for decades and hasn’t been able to leverage it online. BTW-can’t download the ebook, says the limit has been reached.

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  • Hi Adi,

    I have found the activity level on Google+ to be very high considering how much smaller it is compared to Google

  • Keith – I hear you on the tools.  However I don’t use third party tools to actually engage. 

  • Hi Al-Ameen,

    We have some interesting reach coming out that shows about 80% of marketers desire to learn more about Google+, so this could be changing soon 🙂

  • I agree fully Jeff 🙂

  • Hey Matt – Just keep this in mind.  There are currently 100 million Google+ users.  That makes it about the same size as LinkedIn already.  It’s something you’ll want to watch closely.

  • Max, Guy is not the only one focused on Google+, so is Chris Brogan.  I think they see where it is going in a way many others do not, yet…

  • Michael – It is available on Kindle.  I’d take another look 🙂

  • HK Visa Handbook

    I set up my Google+ page for business but no one in Hong Kong bothers with it. You really can hear the crickets chirping. I expect things will improve in time, but for now, it’s dead space. Also, the usability is crap. I never thought I’d hear myself saying this but FB Timeline is a much better forum and one we intend to embrace. Guy’s point about owning the search river is the only thing that keeps Google+ on my radar.

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  • Ccopeland07

    I feel like this guy is trying to sell his book. I respect his view on google+, but I didn’t learn anything. I have to read his book to learn what I have to do. Its all b.s to me. He lost me when he said he sits at night on his samsung galaxy 7.7. I am loyal to apple all the way. I have a Mac book pro and an Ipad. This guy is just trying to sell us on his way. I want to learn not be sold…

  • Guy, 
    Thank you for writing this book. I sometimes open G+ and wonder what to do with it. All of my SEO tools involve Google, so it would be cool to have some relevant help with G+ for marketing.  

    Reply about some above comments:

    It’s almost been a decade since my friends told me to get onto MySpace. They talked about it because they enjoyed the new relationships and fresh choices for amusement. This happened AFTER savvy people built some tasty content, NOT before. Luckily by the time MySpace was junk, I was on Facebook. For many people, Facebook is starting to look like junk.

    Thank you

  • yes mike this is something interesting in favor of Google+, and we should keep focusing on these area to engage with our users or customer prospects!

  • Would really love to go through that research to get myself ready for the big jump in g+. Thanks, looking at receiving that report soon. After all, i am one of those who desire to learn more about Google+ !

  • strongly agree sherry on being on a diversified range of social media platforms and maintaining traffic balance to website as well.

  • I think many people who commented underevaluate Google+ for businesses. If you are not in the internet marketing, SEO etc that are already highly competivite and active on Google+, most other niches and key words have no or little competition and page names are not taken. It is a huge opportunity to get into it NOW and establish your business because when people type key words into Google+ search your + page will show up first without any effort. How can you pass on this FREE traffic oportunity?

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  • Aloha Guy and Michel! Thanks so much for the great advice and interview! I especially like how you “reserve” content the night before in your circle and then share it out the next day : ) Obviously some people are still a little skeptical about Google+ (judging by some of the comments), but I for one agree that early adoption is a great technique to steak your claim early. We set up a + business page early in beta, and am just now starting to get a handle on it. So you could imagine when the stampede really starts the advantage people like you and I will have : )

    Guy I have to give you props for publishing a digital book—I think is what everyone who writes a book about social media should do. It would need to be updated every 3 months so it only makes sense.

    Lastly, when are you coming to Hawaii again? 😉

  • Interesting article..

    After reading this article i realized that how important Google+ is for online marketers. Till now i was taking Google+ lightly but its time to get serious with Google+ ….

    Thanks for the inspiration and tips about G+ Guy&Mike…

    Thanks a lot…….

  • Take a look at his daily routine and tips later in the article and you will find some useful info

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  • Very good point Michael, I’m definitely not giving up on Google+. Powerful features like Hangouts and circles really have an advantage over Facebook and more of the general public needs to learn this. With how much effort Google is putting into Plus, it will be interesting to see how fast it catches on. I think the Android vs iPhone battle will also contribute to this greatly.

  • richard

    Google+ is indeed my next favorite after facebook pages..I also get a lot of my posts get indexed quickly using google+..I think its the best option for internet marketers out there.

  • There are 100 million users, yet a lot of those user accounts were created when all of the buzz surrounding the new social platform came out, and are now sitting stagnant.  I think a lot of marketers want this to be the next big thing so bad, but engagement remains low from non-business users.  Right now it’s looking like this may be a business to business type network. Yes, we will all watch it and wait for it to be relevant because the potential is there.  Facebook is still the NFL of Social Media, and the XFL and UFL think they have better products and can generate some buzz, yet can never stay afloat. Kawasaki says he is spending 99% of his time on there, but that’s because he is trying to sell books!  If all marketers did the same, they would be out of business in a couple weeks.

  • RelevantKatie

    Just yesterday I heard some “social media guru” say that no one is using google + and that google has failed…. very excited to read this article today.  The info made so much sense.

  • Hey Craig,

    I know it’s not because he is trying to sell books.  I have seen Guy move from all in on Twitter and then all in on Facebook.  He feels Google+ is the next big thing.  When he was huge on Twitter he was a strong advocate and there was no Twitter book coming from him.  If you know anything about his history, he evangelizes what he loves.

  • I can wholeheartedly agree with Guy’s statement:
    “I fell in love with Google+ because of the ability to edit posts, the more elegant user interface and the quality of comments.”

  • Richard

    You know I am the target market, in business terms. I have bricks and mortar business and have a fairly large fan base on (though its definitely more broadcast than receive). I have done a couple of the Social Media Examiner Success Summits, so understand pretty much the concepts of a social media presence.

    However I have been on google+ for a few months but got nowhere. I post but don’t know the first thing about using it, optimising it or more importantly putting myself in front of people who might be interested in what we have to say and, ultimately, sell. Perhaps its not hard to get going but on the other hand perhaps there are many more like me that just can’t figure it out and thats why activity is so low.

  • Janetc

    I signed up but haven’t done anything with it yet. Your article was very informative though. I work as a Rep for two companies, Military Apparel Company, and Tweetie Pie Bags. I do like to write so I will take some of your advice and start thinking of interesting things to write about before focusing on the company aspect. I do a lot of volunteer work for military support groups. Maybe that info would be good to start with.
    Janet in Tulsa

  • Blair Warner

    I have already migrated to Google Plus and love it. 

  • Great article! Just got my copy of What the Plus! for both Google Play and my iPhone & iPad. Love Guy’s personality, style, and knowledge.

  • SandyFischler

    Thanks for this. I’ve been not paying much attention to Google+ in favor of LInkedIn, but I’m bumping it up on my radar (and started by Following Guy Kawasaki.)

    I think the value of most social networks depends a lot on who your audience is and where they are participating, not every platform works for every purpose. If you are using social media for branding and audience engagement (which we all are) you have to go where your audience is. Which is not to say that you can’t lure them elsewhere with quality content, but if you can’t get in front of their eyeballs with ideas in the first place, you aren’t going to be influencing anybody.

  • JocelMR

    I’ve created a Google+ page for the company I work for and, so far, have to wonder why I bother with maintaining it.  It may be relevant for people in the US but for those of us in the rest of the world, there is really nothing there.  I struggled to find anyone I was interested in following in my personal profile and we have no-one following the business page.  I know it’s early days yet but it’s hard to be enthusiastic when you are ‘talking’ to no-one.

  • Pablo Criado

    A comment from just a beginner (comparing with all of you) in social media. I have been using Facebook for few years. With all the changes they are introducing, I am never sure about how to use it properly. The question is, if I spend the little time I have a day in learning more about Facebook and actually using it to communicate with friends and others, how can I to start a Google+ account? Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+…If you are an expert, maybe you can use them all, but the average user, that one will have to choose. I do not think that people will migrate from Facebook to Google+ suddenly, but very little by little. The good news for Google+ is that Google can afford it, any other would have already given up. 
    What is Google+ doing to attract people like me into its business? I sympathize with Guy in choosing the “other” side (better but smaller), but I cannot make a life of that like him, so at the end, here I am using always Windows platform and stuck in Facebook even when I do not like it, but it makes me life easier, because 80% of my friends and contacts do the same so they can help me… 

  • It had quite a few revealing insights. I completely agree to the ideas & benefits mentioned out here. Mostly people use Social media to connect & not to search. People end up with Google when they want to search for something thus it becomes important for every business to make their presence felt on Google plus which would help them benefit in future through Google search.

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  • SandyFischler

     Pablo, I’ve been having some of the same thoughts and decided that Facebook is going to the back-burner for me. I’ve kept my Facebook friends rather small and it’s mostly family and people I went to school with. For me, it’s coming down to choosing between people that I knew 30 years ago and just want to loosely keep up with VS people active in my industry or who are doing/thinking interesting things that actively effect my life and future. 

    I think you have to prioritize where you are going VS where you’ve been. I find that I want to focus on creating my future.

  • Pablo Criado

    Sandy, very thoughtful comment. Where you are going VS where you’ve been. I had not looked at it from that point of view. There is a lot of true in what you have said. Thank you.

  • Reading the comments above the general sense is people wondering how to utilize Google+ or how it fits into their SEO strategy.  Why does it have it do either? 

    Personal Use – Use it or don’t use it. Who cares.

    Brand Position – Create a complete profile for your brand and create conversations to engage your audience. Judge your engagement and allocate resources accordingly. 

    Search Enhancement – This is going to affect search. There is no way around this.

  • alexdiazeco

    Of course G+ hasn’t gone mainstream yet. It’s not even a year old! Or does anyone think FB began with 800 million people. How long did that take? Are G+’s 100M users active? No! Neither are all of FB’s 800M, or Linkedin’s own 100M.

    But we do know this. If you know how to use G+, and this is where Guy is going with his book, you’ll get far more out of it than you will from FB or Twitter. Linkedin is a different animal, since it’s purely for business. And those who say G+ is mainly for techies aren’t using it thoroughly enough. I’m all over it and can assure that there is heavy use across all interests. Again, it takes knowing how to build a network or community in it. Once you do, it’s far easier to build a high-quality following of 5,000 or 10,000 than on the other networks. Emphasis on high-quality. And at that level, the volume of awesome interaction is simply amazing. I’m at 2,200 right now and can tell you it’s enough to keep me extremely busy keeping up with everyone’s shares and comments and has severely cut back the time I spend on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

    As Google continues integrating all its other services into a seamless G+-centered universe (Search, Gmail, Contacts, YouTube, Reader, News, Wallet, Music, Docs, Calendar, Play, etc.), both in laptops/desktops and Android devices, it will come to dominate the social media space. So yes, the early adopters not only get lots out of it now, but will even more so later.

    That said, there is nothing wrong with using the other networks. Twitter has become for me one more reader to glance at a couple of times a day, and very valuable at that. Facebook is still great for the family and friends who don’t yet use G+, as well as for the organizations and leaders who use FB more. And Linkedin is outstanding for business networking and deals. But for overall experience and to build new networks, nothing beats the new kid on the block.

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  • Google+ will, without question, become a key tool for businesses.  I can assure you that Google is currently working on improvements that will attract users from all over the world.

    Well first of all I like the title of this Article
    Why Major Marketers Are Moving to Google+ its a human nature that follows new techniques new experimental and Google+ is again good source of publicizing your business!! Even I have some new experiences with this and I liked it..It has given me a great results!!

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  • There are a ton of us on Google+ that are willing to and are constantly helping others figure out how to properly optimize their stuff on G+. All you have to do is ask… or search for ‘Google+ SEO tips’ or ‘how to optimize Google+’, etc.

    I even recently wrote a post on G+ about what I call ‘G+ Etiquette and Tips’ which gives some basic do’s and don’t’s on how to ‘Interact well’ in G+… advice I wish I had when I first arrived.

    There really is an active crowd on G+… you just have to reach out and Engage. We’ll help you do it. Trust me. There are a lot of us on G+ helping others use it well. And BTW, my activity is nowhere near ‘low’ in fact I have to force myself to turn it off… ask my wife!

    If you really want to try to make it work, you can do it… there is plenty of help here. If you can’t find it, just ask me or any of the others I interact with. Welcome, come on in the water’s fine!

    BTW, thanks +Guy Kawaskai for your work with Apple & Google+  – You ROCK!

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  • Scooterch

    Use a marketing communications framework to make your choice: use the tools that help you reach your objectives and interact with the people you need to get you there. 

    > If getting a job is most important, start with a LinkedIn profile.
    > For keeping in touch with friends and family, Facebook is well established.
    > If you are breaking news or simply keeping people updated, Twitter is a good headline tool.
    > To share knowledge, generate discussions, engage with intelligent people and build a brand, little beats Google+ at this point.
    I’m using G+ to raise visibility of causes and to monitor news and opinions. I find it more professional but no less personal than Facebook. The tools are easier to use and the people I follow are more focused on external, current affairs than their internal, domestic issues, which is refreshing. 
    I love being able to share some thoughts only with friends and family. Many are still with Facebook and therefore, even though it is more work, I am retaining a page there for now. Hopefully I will find a tool to minimize the workload.

  •  “Google owns the river called search traffic. It can point this river any way that it wants.” nuff said

  • Adi

    There’s an interesting discussion on Marketing Land today after Google released some new user stats for G+.  The problem is that they’re regarding anyone that uses YouTube, GMail, even Google itself as a G+ user as long as they’re logged in whilst they use those other sites.

    Apparently even Guy himself couldn’t get actual user figures from Google when he spoke with them recently.  You have to wonder what on earth they have to hide?

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