Are you looking for some good social media blogs to read? Look no further!

Our sixth-annual social media blog contest generated over 600 nominations.

A panel of social media experts carefully reviewed the nominees and finalists. Each of the social media blogs was analyzed based on a number of factors, including content quality, post frequency and reader involvement.

With that in mind, here are 10 social media blogs to put at the top of your reading list.

top social media blogs of 2015 winners

Discover the top social media blogs of 2015.

#1: Buffer Social

Buffer Social, which has one of the best curated blogs in the social media space, provides well-researched, comprehensive content that’s useful for all levels of social media marketers.


Buffer Social offers the best tools and strategies to keep you up to date on social media.

#2: Grow

Grow by Mark W. Schaefer flips content marketing on its head. His superb content consists of thoughtful experiences, which are devoid of ego and designed to help other businesses find success.


Grow your company, reputation, customers, impact and profits. Grow yourself.

#3: Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer‘s core approach to content rocks. He shares fantastic, in-depth articles focused on Facebook that include experiments, real-life examples and supportive graphics.

jon loomer blog

Jon Loomer’s blog is enthusiastic, helpful, detailed and well-illustrated.

#4: Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert‘s Jay Baer continues to raise the bar for seasoned marketers. This established thought leader creates consistent, quality content.


Convince & Convert takes your social media and content marketing from good to outstanding.

#5: Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice has a beautifully laid out blog that’s easy to read. She is a strong writer who provides in-depth advice for novice to intermediate marketers.

ck-2015-blog-winner- rebekah-radice

Rebekah Radice helps you maximize the potential of your social media.

#6: Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted‘s Donna Moritz shares solid content with thought-provoking and curiosity-driven headlines, along with great visuals.


Socially Sorted shows how to get more reach, referrals and results with visual social media and content strategy.

#7: RazorSocial

RazorSocial, published by Ian Cleary, has tons of detailed articles for businesses. Plus, Ian’s stellar software tool reviews include his favorite features, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use them.

RazorSocial’s useful content is delivered with no-nonsense, practical, actionable, step-by-step instructions.

RazorSocial’s useful content is delivered with no-nonsense, practical, actionable, step-by-step instructions.

#8: Jenn’s Trends

Jenn’s Trends, by Jenn Herman, shares quality content while narrowing in on her niche: Instagram for businesses. Jenn’s tips are helpful for novice to advanced marketers.


Jenn’s Trends has an engaging style that is easy to digest.

#9: Simply Measured

Simply Measured has well-written content, which includes outstanding data and hands-on reporting of actual case studies.

ck-2015-blog-winner-simply- measured

The content found on Simply Measured benefits any social media marketer.

 #10: SocialBro

SocialBro provides quality posts on seldom-discussed topics. There are lots of gems of great advice on this blog.


SocialBro’s blog shares the latest social media product news, insights, tips and features.

Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to check out these amazing social media blogs.

sme_top10blog2015The badge of distinction: If you’re a winner, you can post the image you see here on your blog. Please link back to this page.

Special thanks to our judges: Douglas Karr (author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies and founder of the Marketing Technology blog), Nichole Kelly (author of How to Measure Social Media and CEO of Social Media Explorer) and Pat Flynn (founder of Smart Passive Income).

What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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  • Thank you very much for amazing list ! Congratulations bufferapp for top position and specially Kevon Lee !

  • Congratulations to all the winners. I’ve been following most of the blogs on the list. You’re all inspiring. Thank you for giving us always your social media tips and advice.
    – Vic

  • Congrats Ian Cleary, well Done!

  • I have such enormous respect for Social Media Examiner, its readers and the expert judges on the panel. I am quite amazed and proud to be on this list for the first time. Thank you to those who nominated me and everyone who has noticed and appreciated my very hard work all these years. I have never put a “badge” on my site before but I think this will be the first one because of all the amazing people who were behind it. Thank you so very much!

  • Thank you so much Mitch.

  • Delighted to be on the list with all these great blogs!

  • Sai Krishna D.

    Wow, glad to see nice list here, where you can follow all social trends what’s going on on which platform, etc…! Thanks for sharing!

  • Well done Mark, delighted to be on the same list as you! It’s people like you, Jay, Mike and others that inspired me to start blogging.

  • Andy Vale

    So happy to see SocialBro in there along with some other blogs that I truly admire, an honour for our blog to be among such great company. Huge thanks to SME and the judges 🙂 Well done to the other winners!

  • My congratulations to all the winners. I started blogging back in 2006. I know how hard–and often thankless–it is to blog. Each of these winners are leading in our industry and deserve examination.

  • I don’t get to read as much as I used to, so the greatest part of judging this was to read the incredible content that’s out there. Congrats to all – very well deserved. You’re all helping businesses succeed online – truly changing people’s lives. Keep up the great work!

  • Awesome! Man, just amazing being on this list. And I love sharing that space with Ian, Mark and everyone else. Congrats all!

  • Congratulations to all of the winners! It was so awesome to have the opportunity to go through the list of nominees and it was truly a tough decision. It’s very encouraging to see everyone putting out so much great content on the web! Honored to be a judge, and thank you again to all of the participants!

  • Congratulations to all of the winners! It was so awesome to have the opportunity to go through the list of nominees and it was truly a tough decision. It’s very encouraging to see everyone putting out so much great content on the web! Honored to be a judge, and thank you again to all of the participants!

  • Congrats to all! Well done for all that great content.

  • Thanks so much, Pat! Love what you do, making this honor even more special.

  • Thanks so much to our managing editor, Jess Ostroff, our contributors like Jess Gioglio, our terrific cast of guest bloggers, and to all of the Convince & Convert readers who have supported the site for so long. Very gratifying to be almost 7 years into this blog, and still be recognized in this way. Humbling. Thanks to the judges, too, and to the others recognized on this list. I am happy to call many of them my friends.

  • Thank you Pat, I’m a bid admirer to what you do. Ian

  • This announcement broke the website! Congrats to all the winners! <3

  • Andy Vale

    Thanks so much Douglas, SocialBro have even more in the pipeline. Looking forward to the next 12 months 🙂

  • Andy Vale

    Thanks for putting SocialBro in there Pat, all the best 🙂

  • Andy Vale

    I’ve been reading C&C a lot lately, always pushing with high quality content. It’s an honour that SocialBro is on the list with you.

  • Andy Vale

    You too Ian!

  • Andy Vale

    It’s a pleasure to have SocialBro on the list with you Mark. I’ve found some good stuff on {grow} over the past few months, keep it up.

  • Fantastic line up – congrats to all!!! Love seeing my fave Buffer at #1 spot, hehee!! 🙂

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  • Congratulations, Mark! It will be fun to see the badge on your site 🙂

  • Congratulations Ian! It’s good to see your blog here!

  • Thanks Cindy!

  • Congratulations to all the winners! Specially my friends and favs: @jonloomer:disqus, @iancleary:disqus and Donna Moritz. You guys deserve it!

  • Wow, what a huge, huge honor and privilege it is to see Buffer Social listed here in such amazing company! Thanks so much; Kevan and I are beaming! 🙂

  • Love it!! Awesome list. But where is quicksprout??!

  • Congrats Mark! Well deserved!

  • Kevin Shively

    Great company on this list. Excited and honored to see Simply Measured among em!

  • Wow, what an incredible group of blogs here! Congrats to all! Thank you so much, Cindy and team, for the amazing honor. Very happy to know that Buffer content has been helpful to so many, just as the content from SME & all the great blogs here have been so helpful and inspirational to us!

  • Thank you so much and congrats to all the top 10 winners – I am in exceptional company. I was more than humbled just being in the finals the past couple of years but this means a lot …especially with the top 20 blogs this year – the judges had a tough task! And wowzers… to even sit anywhere near @businessesgrow:disqus, Jay Baer and Buffer (from the days of Leo to now Kevan, their content is mindblowing) – 3 blogs I hugely respect. And Mr @iancleary:disqus ..that’s a hat trick to you my friend – 3 in a row! So well deserved and LOVE seeing Rebekah’s blog recognised. She has one of the best social media blogs out there.

  • DebsSweet

    Congratulations Rebekah!!

  • fredecs

    I loved Jenn’s Trends blog! Thanks!

  • LouiseCrooks

    Congratulations Mark! You deserve it.

  • Some new ones here that I need to check out! Also a fan of PostPlanner, Simply Measured, and MyEmma 🙂

  • Rebekah Radice

    Thank you @DebsSweet:disqus!

  • Rebekah Radice

    Thank you @sociallysorted:disqus – you are an inspiration!

  • Rebekah Radice

    Thank you so much Pat. I’m a huge fan and follower of SPI and truly appreciate this honor!

  • Rebekah Radice

    To say I’m excited about this would be an enormous understatement. Thank you to Cindy, the SME team, and the judges. It’s an unbelievable honor to sit next to so many bloggers I have respected and admired for so long. My blog will be wearing that Top 10 badge with pride! Congratulations to everyone!

  • Congratulations to all the winners… very well deserved… and keep sharing the great content. See you at SMMW15 very soon, Brandon.

  • david

    RazorSocial blog = 502 Bad Gateway

  • Pamela Richards

    OMG I am never going to get any sleep. Every site is just so good. Particularly liked Peg Fitzpatrick and Donna Moritz’ sites. Thank you to all and especially SME for such comprehensive articles and tips that are useable. Just love it !

  • Thanks so much @disqus_oyPqOTHFgq:disqus – that’s so kind of you to say. I love @PegFitzpatrick:disqus’s site and she is a huge inspiration to me and her book is awesome! PS Hope you get some sleep ;o)

  • Congrats to all the winners! These are all great blogs. I have to say Buffer has become my absolute favorite social media blog. They provide such good, consistent information.

  • onevoice

    Amazing list! Thank you for sharing! My fav is Razor

  • Hey congrats to all the winners, but especially Ian, Jay, and Rebekah because hey, friends get the first pat on the back.

  • Well done Andy and team!

  • Thanks Antonio

  • Well deserved Courtney.

  • Thanks Donna!

  • So well deserved Rebekah.

  • Fixed, the hackers were having some fun with social media blogs yesterday!

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks Jason!

  • @kevanlee:disqus, your posts are legendary. I have followed Buffer since Leo was guest blogging like a champion and the posts get better and better. You are flying the flag exceptionally well. Honored to be on any list with you guys!

  • Karina Soboleva

    Thank You! Very interesting information!

  • Massive congratulations to all. Delighted to see some of my favourite blogs there. You are all a huge inspiration to me.

  • Congratulations to the winners!
    Thank you for the list. So much value here. Very grateful!

  • Jeff Stephens

    YES! More stuff to read!

  • Rebekah Radice

    And for you as well @iancleary:disqus!

  • Rebekah Radice

    Thank you @JasonWiser:disqus!

  • K.V.

    Thanks for such a great list of winners!
    Couple of blogs are new for me, that’s surprisingly helpful information.
    Congratulation to the all blogs!

  • Great list here – Couldn’t agree more that these folks are some of the best. While it wouldn’t make sense to include SM Examiner in your own list, there’s also no doubt that Cindy and the team also deserve a spot as a top social media blog. Hats off to all those who won – Well deserved.

  • Cheval John

    Got to agree with this list. All of those blogs are really excellent. Got to give a shoutout to Buffer for being named among the top 10 social media blogs here.

  • Thanks so much Pat – when I saw the Top 20 I was thinking, wow, the judges have a big job this year. It’s a huge “honor” (enough for me to even use the American spelling hehe) to be listed here, as I have learned so much through your blog, podcast as well as from Social Media Examiner. Excited to be flying the flag for the Aussies (of which you are an honorary one by the way after last year!). Have a great weekend!

  • So impressed by you and @iancleary:disqus and Jenn Herman for repeat wins on this list! Well done Jon (again!).

  • This is an amazing list of industry leaders. Congratulations all! 🙂

  • Thanks Brandon – look forward to meeting you at #SMMW15 IRL!

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  • Jenn Herman

    Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy it 🙂

  • Rousing
    inventory. Following.

  • Recognition well deserved! Congratulations to all mentions as well. Looks like I have new blogs to follow and learn from.

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  • Congratulations to all of you! I really appreciate your help and inspiration. I am so grateful to have both at my fingertips every day.

  • I’ve been gorging on Rebekah Radice’s blog and she’s been a huge influence on my team. But now everyone will know and she won’t be such a ‘secret’ weapon anymore 🙂

    Seriously, though, what a fabulous collection. Most are already in my Feedly and the other few will be joining them in a couple of minutes.

    Thanks to the SME team for getting it right.

  • Congrats to the whole team @buffer, I love their company and the Buffer blog is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to working and learning about marketing and social media. Thanks for writing up this list Cindy! I’ll have to add some new blogs to me reading list this month! 🙂

  • Walter Hayes

    Congratulations to all the winners, especially Jon Loomer for his third award in a row! Impressive…

  • Thank you very much sharing sharing amazing social media blog list. anyway Congratulations for all winners

  • Thank you so much Mitch. for this amazing list

  • Marketing Sweet

    Thank you Cindy for providing us with a great article about social media trends and tips. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • really glad to see this nice list here. thanks for sharing

  • Great list. I can’t see why annoying can’t be successful in obtaining the necessary information about social media here. Congrats to the winners.

  • Is this list available as an opml file for content readers?

  • Congrats everyone. You deserve it.

  • Albertjunderwood


  • Celebsum Celebrities

    Thank you for including Popular Social Media Posts . Some great blog on the list

  • Terrific list! I read a good majority of these sites regularly. Looking forward to adding a few new websites to my list!

  • Debbie

    Congratulations to all of the winners! I am new to the World of Blogging and I am looking forward to learning from all of you. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing wonderful post ! All the blog are looking Nice and i am following most of these blog it so important for me.

  • Wow, glad to see nice list here, where you can follow all social trends what’s going on on which platform, etc…! Thanks for sharing!

  • Congrats all of winners. Thanks to all of you for giving us best social media tips.

  • humberto lara

    the social blog serves for keep informations about many topics of the social ambit

  • thanks for putting all the links of different social media blogs in one article. I am just gonna bookmark this so that i don’t have to waste my time finding the good ones myself

  • I Like your post very much.This is very good blogs about social media.

  • Theo Moorfield

    Amazing list, I have used quite a few of them on numerous occasions to great effect. Tonnes of in-depth material that make my life so much easier! I think it’s kind of funny though how my favorite social media blog (socialmediaexaminer) of them all is the one who is posting the list and not on it!

  • Thank you for the list and congratulations to all the winners.

    Special shoutout to @businessesgrow:disqus for sharing his knowledge regularly. It is indeed hard work and takes a lot to do what he is doing. More power to you mate.

    @iancleary:disqus is another fellow marketer who has been doing a great job of educating people like me on social media marketing.

    @jonloomer:disqus is another person I would like to thank to take my knowledge about Facebook marketing to a different level.

    I’m sure others are doing a great job as well and intend to follow them regularly next year (that is one of the resolution of 2016)

  • Marta Strykowska

    Convince and convert the best social media blog with a mobile site like this? Really?

  • Congratulations Donna Moritz! Wonderful to see 🙂 A bit late to see this but the award lasts a lifetime!

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  • A very informative article , it helped me in clearing my doubts about social media and their importance for bloggers. Bloggers like you help hundreds of new and budding bloggers like me to understand things and move ahead . Thank you very much for this useful article.