social media toolsAre you keeping tabs on your Google+ performance?

Do you need new tools to help you?

The right tools make it easier to see if Google+ is a viable marketing platform for your business.

In this article you’ll discover four tools to track the analytics behind Google+, identify your key audiences and boost engagement.

Why Google+

Google+ has over 300 million users, the ability to search social content and almost double the engagement of Twitter. In fact, Google+ is a close second behind Facebook.

analytics tools for google plus

Find out how you can measure your Google Page performance.

Yet this valuable marketing platform is often overlooked. It’s tough to spend time building up a platform when you’re not sure how to track whether it’s adding to the bottom line.

I’ve rounded up some of the top tools that give you key data about your most important performance indicators–audience, engagement and conversion.

#1: Find Influencers and Evangelists

The Ripples feature is simple to access, easy to read and provides an astonishing amount of information about your Google+ data—for free. Not only that, Ripples is built into Google+.

To access it, log into your Google+ page and click on the little arrow on the top right side of any of your posts, then select Ripples.

google plus ripples

Ripples is easy to find.

Ripples gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your audience demographics and engagement.

One of the most useful tools Ripples offers is identifying your follower MVP (Most Valuable Player). You can easily tell which of your followers have the most connections and are speaking to your desired audiences.

With a little research, you can find out what your MVP posts about and responds to most. Armed with that information, you can make a plan for engaging your MVP and developing a stronger relationship.

influencer data on google plus ripples

Ripples identifies key influencers and brand evangelists in your Google+ network.

Want to know which of your followers engages with you the most? Or which ones sing your praises from the social media rooftops? Ripples can tell you who your brand evangelists are.

Identifying the key players in your Google+ circles is an important part of targeting your marketing and building brand loyalty over time.

#2: Improve Google+ Updates

When you need an in-depth look at your Google+ page’s performance, definitely take a look at Steady Demand.

Steady Demand is a wealth of information. It shows you peak times to post to get the best engagement, mentions, hashtags, key influencers and more.

steadydemand insights

Steady Demand Pro gives you important insight into your Google+ post performance.

One of the best perks Steady Demand offers is alerting you about issues with your Google+ posts.

If any of your updates perform poorly, Steady Demand lets you know and includes suggestions for improving the post’s quality based on past strong performers. Now that’s useful.

With this helpful advice, you’ll see fewer fails and much more success.

steadydemand page assessment

Assessments, alerts and advice help you make the most of your Google+ page.

Steady Demand’s basic plan includes a free audit of your Google+ page, including the quality of your recent posts.

Alerts aren’t included in the basic plan, so if you really want to maximize your Google+ presence, check out the paid Pro package that includes alerts and a deeper set of data.

#3: Customize Content Based on Location

Similar to Ripples and Steady Demand, CircleCount identifies your important followers and tracks each post’s performance and engagement quality.

But the feature that sets CircleCount apart from the others is its Follow Map. The Follow Map is a neat visual that lets you zoom in to see where the majority of your followers come from.

Knowing where the majority of your followers live can help you create the most appealing content for your largest audience and influence the success of your Google+ posts.

circlecount follower map

CircleCount’s Follower Map is a great way to find out where most of your fans are.

Easy-to-read analytics charts are another handy perk from CircleCount. With just a glance, you can see your Google+ post content, the date you published the post and the types of engagement the post received.

circlecount chart data

CircleCount includes charts with valuable Google+ data.

CircleCount is free and offers valuable and accessible insights into the performance of your Google+ page updates. This quick look at your improvement makes it much easier to report on your growth and engagement.

#4: Compare Performance Across Channels

Want to see how your Google+ posts and engagement stack up against your other social media profiles? No problem. SumAll can do that.

A one-stop shop for social media analytics, SumAll compares your Google+ performance to your efforts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr—and those are just a few of the sites included! You can connect at least 30 tools and services to your account.

Comparisons like that in a single place are a powerful way to assess what’s really attracting your target audiences on each platform and what isn’t.

You can use that data to do some A/B testing to see if there are topics on other channels that work on Google+ as well.

sumall comparison data

SumAll provides you with excellent social performance comparison data.

Relatively new to the market, SumAll has ambitions for adding more features as it grows.

What’s impressive about the service is its ability to predict how trends are going to affect marketing efforts down the line. That’s a nice benefit for social media marketers.

Over to You

With a predicted user growth of 39% per year, Google+ is becoming a serious player in the social media marketing game. When you have the right tools to gauge your growth, audience, engagement and conversions, it’s easier than ever to maximize your Google+ updates.

With comprehensive and relevant analytics, you can develop stronger Google+ tactics, nurture a healthy relationship with your followers and boost brand loyalty.

What do you think? Have you used any of these tools? How do you track and measure Google+ performance? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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  • Jitendra Padmashali

    Nice post ever, Google+ gets more and more important, especially for SEO reasons. We can measure the social media success of our Google+ activities for our self but also by benchmarking against our competitors.

  • I guess the real question is, should I invest my time if it is going away? Or is it? Based on these numbers, It makes sense to be investing time on G+. Thoughts?

  • I’d add in Nod3x to that list, they just updated to version 3 and it’s a big improvement on previous iterations.

  • jakubmach offers Publisher, Monitoring, Social Inbox, Engagement Console with full support for Google+

  • Megan Conley

    100% agree Jitendra – glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Megan Conley

    If you think about Google’s big picture reach (check out this blog for more insight: I think it’s worthwhile to keep G+ in your game plan 🙂

  • Leah Van Rooy

    Is the ripples tool available for Google+ pages or only profiles?

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  • LOVED this post. Gave my some great insights and in terms that I can explain to my clients. Thank you!

  • Nice info Megan! The stats are a little misleading… “Google+ has over 300 million users, the ability to search social content and almost double the engagement of Twitter. In fact, Google+ is a close second behind Facebook.” The biggest reason Google+ has such a large reach is because every Google account creates a Google+ account – Which I’m not a fan of! 🙁

  • Debbie Mayo-Smith

    My drop down arrow only brings up edit, delete, embed and link to post as well as disable comments and disable reshares. Nothing about ripples

  • Thanks Megan…

    Great recommendations!

    I had never even heard of SumAll. I am definitely going to check it out.
    I do use the others as needed.

    ~ Louie

  • Going away? Not a chance.

    My two cents.

  • Hi Debbie…

    Ripples is for use on other people’s posts… not your own posts.
    Use it to find heavy hitters on G+.

    ~ Louie

  • I do not see a Ripples option when I review my posts. I wonder if this is a feature that needs to be turned on or off.

  • Debbie Mayo-Smith

    thanks for the swift answer!! how did I miss that point? DUH!!!!!!!

  • Megan,

    I notice the ripple line shows on my personal page but not on my business page. Is there a way to turn it on?

  • Thanks for sharing, Jim!

  • Megan Conley

    Great resource – look forward to explore this 🙂

  • Megan Conley

    You are very welcome – thanks so much for the feedback!

  • Megan Conley

    Fair point, but that could also be evidence for how/why Google+ might surpass Facebook in the future. Fertile topic for discussion.

  • Megan Conley

    +2 on that – thanks Louis!

  • Megan Conley

    Excellent Louis – I love it when I find new tools to explore!

  • Megan Conley

    You’ll only see Ripples if your post has been shared. If it hasn’t, it won’t appear as an option in the drop down menu.

  • Megan Conley

    I’m 99% sure it’s only for profiles.

  • Thank you Megan, I tested it out with a public share and sure enough saw a ripple. Now I just need to get that sharing happening on our content 😉

  • Megan Conley

    Ripples are only available for personal profiles, not business pages.

  • Megan Conley

    That’s a start! Tip: check out ripples from other pieces of content to identify influencers, then start engaging with them. It will snow ball over time.

  • Thanks for letting me know, Megan

  • Why do some G+ posts show the link to see ripples and some don’t?

  • If a post from a personal page was shared onto a business page it seems to show ripples. Is Social Media Examiner a personal page? Because I can do the dropdown on the posts on the page and see the ripple option.

  • I’m warming up to Google+ more and more. This will definitely help me now that my efforts are worthwhile.

    Thanks Megan!

  • Good question! Have you received or located an answer yet?