social media researchHave any of these questions crossed your mind? “How much time do my peers invest in social media marketing? What benefits are they achieving? Where will they focus their efforts in the future?

If you’ve pondered any of these thoughts, look no further.  All the answers are right here in this free report.

Watch the above video for a quick summary.

NOTE: Click here to see the 2011 version of this report.

To understand how marketers are using social media, Social Media Examiner commissioned the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. We set out to uncover the “who, what, where, when and why” of social media marketing with this report.

A significant 1900 of your peers provided the type of valuable insight you won’t find elsewhere. In this free report you’ll discover:

  • The top 10 social media questions marketers want answered
  • How much time marketers invest with social media activities
  • The top benefits of social media and how time invested impacts results
  • The most used social media tools
  • Marketers future social media plans
  • And much more!

If you’re in charge of marketing for your business, you’ll want to closely analyze the pages of this report and use it to persuade others.

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Download the report here. Note: Having trouble downloading? The file is large and may not display properly in some browsers. Try right clicking (or control click on Mac) to save it to your hard drive.

Michael can be reached at

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  • Sandy

    Thanks for the great report. I participated in the Social Media Success Summit last year and thought it provided valuable information into getting started with social media as well as creative strategies. Cheers!

  • terribrooks

    Can’t wait to “dig” into the report. I found last year’s report to be so useful as I help the “small business entrepreneur” get started using social media.

    Thank you for doing this each year and count me in again for next year!


  • Ryan Malone – SmartBug Media

    Mike – fantastic work as usually. Really thorough. A couple things that struck me a surprising, was that so few people outsource their social media. We’ve found really need to put more than a couple hours a week in to get good traction. However, most people don’t have time to do that. We expect that to increase for next year’s report.

    Also, really enjoyed the mobile section. Thanks again!


  • Nick Landers

    Thanks for the report Mike! While many of the results appear to confirm what most of us are experiencing, it seems that more marketers are continuing to dive deeply into the main social media applications: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. The waters have been tested and the more of us are ready to dive in!

  • Eureka Janet

    Michael…*big Golden Biscuit for you and your team, dear~! Excellent gathering and analyzing of pertinent data…Seriously a yummy chew toy for my Monday morning kick start~!

    Thank you for all of the very hard work you put into this.

  • nehagaur

    Thanks for a fantastic Report Michael. Looking forward to your updates on the Social Media Success Summit.

  • Pat Germelman

    Thanks so much for putting together such an awesome report! Gold mine of information!

  • Roy Morejon

    Great work Michael – thanks again for adding insight into the industry.


  • Fazreen

    Thanks for the report. Looking forward to read it.

  • DeniseWakeman

    Phenomenal report, Mike, as usual. I agree with Ryan Malone that outsourcing will take off in the coming year(s). Already seeing that with my clients. Big opportunities here. Thank you!

  • Eric Brown

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for this report. This will help us strategize as we help our partners and clients in the coming year with their Social Media Marketing efforts. Mobile stats are good to have and with the iPad entering the fray (.03% of all Web traffic as of last week) we will see how much more important a focus area this becomes. Causes, Movements, and Crowds are mobile and key indicators many of our Non-profit partners use. Great job!

  • Juan Pittau

    Hi! great work! thanks for report! :)

  • Coree

    Another outstanding report, Michael! It’s interesting to see that social bookmarking, Twitter and Facebook are all still tops on what marketers want to learn about. This was also the case in your last report, wasn’t it? This just confirms that social media is still in it’s infancy and there are plenty of opportunities out there for everyone.

    Thanks so much for pulling this together!

  • Delfin Vassallo

    Howdy! I’ll read it carefully and come back with comments, thanks for share!

  • Natalie Sisson

    Fantastic to come across this site via my friend Coree above, and excellent report. I agree that for many people they’re just scratching the surface of Social Media for their business. It will be great when there are more reports of real tangible ROI for businesses that will convince others of it’s worth.

    Thanks Michael.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Hi Coree – Actually Facebook moved up a lot since the last report. But I agree that this industry is still in its birthing stage. – Mike

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Ryan – That outsourcing finding was also a big surprise to me as well :) Thanks! – Mike

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Claudia Guzman

    Great report. Thanks for sharing this. This would be beneficial for everyone.

  • T.J. Eagen

    Thanks… it confirms in real data what I was guessing to be true. That makes it much easier to act on the information with confidence.

  • deanholmes


    Like how you brought this to the masses, free and easy, not asking for anything but the exposure will get you plenty of light. Nice work as usual.


  • amarareps

    I liked the report as a comparative analysis, in terms of seeing where people are allocating their time with social media, but I wonder where all of those answers to those top 10 questions might be, or what resources those marketers are using to find those answers? Let me guess… at that Social Media Summit right?

  • Christine Durkin


    Thank you for such a comprehensive report!! May I have permission to re-publish a portion of this, giving you full credit for anything we would share. The material would be part of an e-book on the Financial Institution’s Guide to Social Media. The company publishing it is Financial Publishing Services at,

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    You’ll need to contact me offline Christine. Click about us at top for my contact details

  • Mark Peters

    Excellent stats, very interesting, I believe the UK is behind the US in the adoption of social media too so I am interested to see this develop, its a great foresight into the way its developing.

  • Mike Stenger

    This is really good Mike, just tweeted about it. I read one of your reports in the past and really enjoyed it. Great job man!

  • Mark Peters

    Actually Michael I think its about time you were a guest on the Business Hub here in the uk we will let you plug the Success Summit lol!

  • Ideenhaus

    Mike great report, I’m writting from Mexico and I think the SMM growing it’s so similar or at least give us a clear trend. There’s so much to talk about!

  • Brittany

    Have skimmed the report and it looks amazing – am printing and digging in to the report ASAP! Thanks for all of your fantastic information!

  • seanmiller

    Thanks Michael for sharing that great report. It´s good to be up to date on the latest trends on social media marketing to create new strategies and drive more traffic into my blogs.

  • rusholland

    Great report thanks – just what my clients have been asking for…

  • IndigoDirect

    Terrific report! Chock full of useful and important information that we will be sharing with our existing clients and prospective ones.

  • rebeccagrappo

    I have also plunged into the world of social media for my small business. However, I wonder where the saturation point will be….I know I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the media information coming at me non-stop, even though it’s all good stuff. I have to really pick and choose where and how I spend my time both consuming and producing material. I wonder if my clients feel the same, and will they read or pay attention to what I post and share?

  • Robert Wigren

    Really great! I will surely use this information!


  • Fiona McEachran

    There really is no stopping social media. And the sooner businesses realise this and get on board the better. Great report, very valuable… thanks Mike :)

  • scruffles4

    Thanks for that great report, great resource material there…


  • edgerock

    Great report, both information and the design

  • sandra

    Social media can give best results if done in a strategic manner.
    One needs to plan the basic ideology and experiment with what works and what does not.


  • Lara Solomon

    Thanks for this Michael, some really interesting insights. Can I just confirm with you that on page 22 the top graph labels are right, that Forums is the second most used tool by those who commit a small time to social media. It just seemed odd to me, I was expecting to see Facebook further up there.

    I will be sharing this on my Facebook Page :) Social Rabbit

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    No, actually forums are second most used by those investing 40+ hours in social media.

  • Zack Luby

    I think it is absolutely shocking that people want to learn more about social networking over everything else. Not so shocking that only 15% want to learn more about myspace though.

    This is a great report, thank you Michael!

    Very informative, and it looks great too. Thank you!

  • erikabarbosa

    Thanks for this report. I’m really excited to dig into it.

  • pixelkoenig

    Hi Michael, thanks for that great and valuable report. I’m currently writing a german blog post about it (with some excerpts of the data) and was wondering if I could make use of some of the graphs. Obviously I will give you the credit for them and also publish your tweet button and direct link to this page.

    Regards from Germany!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Sure thing!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Brittany!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thank you Mike!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Many of the answers to those top questions are right there in the report :) Clearly some have yet to be answered in any meaningful way (such as the return on investment question).

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks much Dean!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Appreciate it Natalie!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Clearly the mobile marketplace is huge and I agree that the iPad will have a big impact on that as well.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Denise!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    My pleasure Roy, I hope folks find great value in it.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thank you Nana!

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Janet, I hope you found some Eureka moments in the document.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Nick! Yea, and the findings on blogs was particularly surprising.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks Terri, glad you were part of it.

  • pixelkoenig

    You can find the german article here: – thanks for the report again, Michael.

  • Pat Germelman

    BTW, yours is one of the best sites going! And I’m not just sucking up either! LOL!! Truly, I love the easy-going look and feel of it. You make the viewer/reader feel right at home. You could say “I heart you” and by “you” I mean Social Media Examiner. I’ve got you in my sights, mister. Have a good one!!

  • clavoie

    Great content and beautiful graphics. I’m impressed to see how much time people are giving to this activity – especially small business owners. Not surprised that people are reluctant to outsource their social media activities; shows that they’re taking seriously the creation of their own voice in the social media sphere. It’s good to have the numbers – keeps it all in perspective. Thanks for lots of great value here!

  • OZinOC

    Great report – thanks for sharing. I am not surprised by the relatively small number of companies outsourcing social media marketing – given the skew of the participants to sole proprietor/freelance/consultant. I am however also seeing larger companies not sure where to allocate the role of social media marketing. Often the delegation is to those who show an interest or are seemingly “demographically appropriate” ie Gen Y – so it ends up in the hands of marketing coordinators, exec assistants/PAs and reservations staff. Hopefully the 2011 report will show more people outsourcing this specialized skill to those who understand the delicate communication balance required to implement truly strategic social engagement.

  • mariakaramitsos

    Very informative! I’m looking forward to the summit.

  • greenlocals

    Mike who does the graphics here, after 15 years in the interactive biz im blown away! Thanks in advance feel free to reply privately.

  • lindamickle

    Thanks for the spectacular info and graphics. Looking forward to reading the report this weekend while sitting on my deck in t he sun.

  • deepbanerjee

    Wonderful presentation. The layout is simply too good. But as they say …. “Content is King” & you score a 10 on 10 there too.

  • Kellie Hosaka

    Thank you so much for all of these wonderful statistics! This is very valuable information for all entrepreneurs and businesses to see the current and future trends.
    Much aloha,
    Kellie :)

  • David Brim

    Great report! I really liked your statistics and graphs for the various questions…well done. Thanks for sharing. In regards to measuring Social Media ROI (one of the major questions of marketers) I just wrote a post earlier today ironically about the same issue:

    I will be subscribing to your blog and look forward to future posts.


  • Sandy

    Hi Goutham,

    It depends what you want to do. Social media is not all about selling but just as much about listening to your customers and potential customers. What industry are you in?
    If you’d like, my company offers 30 minute free consultations:
    and can help you get started.


  • wgmoore

    Thanks for this report. I was doing some research on the same subject, and this report has saved me a ton of work. Thanks again.

  • brendahazan

    Excellent report. Great job on social media. As an entrepreneur, myself, it is awesome information with clear stats and will help a lot in deciding where to head.
    Sure will RT. Thanks.

  • Joko Susilo

    Great special report. I love it

  • meetlouis

    that’s real stuff, i am sure it will help me help my clients.

    Many thanks

  • Jeff Pinkham

    Great report Social Media
    The graphs are great, which program do you use to produce theses graphs?

  • Jason Rudland

    Quite excellent, thank you.

  • Jake Camarena

    Amazing report. Our team is using it for 2010 trends and future decisions. I am also using it for my college thesis paper. Thanks so much.

  • marciamc

    I am relatively new to Social media but I firmly believe that this medium will become increasingly more important for marketers. I am looking forward to going through this report and trying to get a real understanding of this exciting medium.

  • Guillaume Martin

    Good report, but is it suppose to be a “scientific” report? Because, if you ask people by Twitter to fill your survey, it’s sure that they will be more likely to use Twitter for their marketing, isn’t? I was very suprised to see that more than 90% of marketers is using social media, but with the way you distributed your survey, it’s more comprehensible.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Hey Guillaume,

    We studies social media marketers. That means you need to go where they are. We used Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and email to help get folks to participate. If you want to understand how social media marketers are using social media you won’t find more details.

    No, this is not a scientific report :)

  • Modek

    Great piece of work.

    Very useful results, especially the most common questions about social media. Social media definitely work and more and more people seem to understand their importance. I’ve already used some of the figures with my clients and I am very pleased with their engagement. Many thanks!

  • Craig Tilley

    Fantastic report with great correlation structure. Thanks for the fine work Michael.

  • George Demetriades

    Thanks for the report. I retweet your reports frequently for my followers. I get them from your emails.Hope it’s okay with you.

  • Candy O’Brien

    Thank you Michael for the great report. I have done a short excerpt of your report with the website for people to get the full report at the end of it. I do hope that is ok.
    I look forward to more of your work. Thank you.

  • Social Media Optimization

    Micheal, again, you have come up with a real good post. I have already bookmarked the post. I have a question for you : how are you able to come up with such informative posts? How much time do you spend to compile such cool posts. Hats off.

  • usaha internet

    Thanks for sharing,,, glad to read your post,,,,

  • Michelle

    Fantastic report and so valueable for information!

  • Socialmediaexaminer

    We love you Michael

  • Greig Barclay

    Great report, and very insightful. Thanks

  • Ganesh

    What is the market size for social media monitoring tools?

  • Keith Keller


    You are a ROCK STAR


    Keith (Melbourne)

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks, but no rock star :)

  • Jethro Zach Solomon

    Glad to have found this. Hopefully this will give me some more insight on how to further my dismal marketing campaign 😐

    And, thanks for sharing this freely, not “subscribe to our newsletter, sell your soul to the devil and get this report for FREE” :-)

  • Jerry Milligan

    I just found this and so far it seems to be the most honest site yet. I hope for it to bring me and teamsisel out of the dark ages. I want to spread the word about anti-aging products to the babyboomers.

  • Puneet Varma

    Thanks a lot..fantastic presentation.

  • Rich Mino

    Michael, thank you so much for making this information available. Very clear, honest and helpful content. Much appreciated. New subscriber and promoter of your content.

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  • Yo soy Severus

    I am dissapointed.

    I wanted to know the answers, not the questions! I also have those questions:
    How do I measure social media return on investment, what are the social media marketing best practices or How do I reach my target markets with social media?

    Let me know that the majority of marketers have the same worries dos not help that much.

    Hopefully I find the answers in the Blog

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  • website marketing services

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks so much for the SMM Report 2010 free download.

    I’ve had a quick skim through and it looks like a winner!

    I can ignore social media no longer…time to convert :-)

    Best wishes


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  • Vijayraj Reddy

    In 2011 the social media will move higher and it may even cross the exceptions…

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  • Samah Mag

    great report..thanks a lot!

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  • Hamed

    That was a great report, thanks for the insight.

  • Charlotte1990

    Great report,
    I am a final year student writing a dissertation on social network marketing and the effect on the marketing industry, any further reading you can suggest? Also any tips on conducting research wold be greatly appreciated!

  • QR Code Marketing

    QR Codes now make it easier to like a facebook page from anywhere with your mobile phone. Not long now before they’re everywhere!

  • Mylifedesire

    Excellent site on Social Media !!!

    I am looking for Employee, Manager and Leadership behavior types/patters on Social Media/Computing sites or environment. Hope to get from this site what i am looking for. Can anybody help me to find how people behave online on Social Media sites.

  • Roy Prudente

    Hi Michael,

    I was just in to the few pages of this report and I can say that this is great, it provides you an in dept understanding on role of social media in contrast to marketing using the kind of medium, I am very new to marketing with social media and I believe that this will help me a lot in understanding the whole concept and how it will work

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  •杨春义/100001927463458 杨春义

    迈克 送我份好吗?

  • Katrina

    I’ve enjoyed the report, but have just one question. Where did the respondents come from? (US, EU, etc.?)

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    Thanks for the great report.

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  • Sindu Esync

    Nice report….thanks