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Take in rich sessions and network with the world’s top social media marketers

Imagine this: A conference that offers outstanding content infused with a truly social experience.

In a few words, that explains Social Media Marketing World.

You’ll experience a unique event that brings you carefully recruited experts who live and breathe social media marketing every day. Only the best.

See what others have to say about Social Media Marketing World.

Your presenters include many of the top social media marketers you’ve come to admire online along with marketers from major brands. Past events have included marketers from brands such as Microsoft, Disney, IBM, Honda/Acura, Whole Foods, Cisco, Marriott, Century 21, Intel, Western Union, KLM, the San Diego Chargers, Tyson Foods, LinkedIn, Adobe, BMC Software, Citrix, Discover, Cox Business, Symantec, Universal Resorts and the Boston Celtics.

We also appreciate your desire to connect with your peers.

You’ll enjoy extensive networking opportunities—from dedicated networking after keynotes and lunches to our opening-night networking party aboard an aircraft carrier and our second night networking party featuring the world-famous Social Karaoke.

You get it all with your ticket to Social Media Marketing World!

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Amazing Content to Inspire You

You’ll choose from 100+ expert-led sessions and workshops in multiple social media marketing tracks (you get access to all):

Workshops: Take in up to seven 90-minute workshops focused on content creation and business development. You’ll refine your written, spoken, visual and video skills and pick up ideas to take your business to the next level. We’ve also included a workshop on networking so you can make the most of your networking opportunities.

Social Tactics Track: Find out the best and newest ways to market your business with social media. Pick up actionable tips to improve your marketing with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube, Blab and visual marketing.

Social Strategy Track: Discover new strategies that will draw ideal customers to your business. You’ll soak in sessions on social strategy, the psychology of social media and much more.

Content Marketing Track: See how successful bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers build and maintain content that their customers love to share. You’ll discover how to leverage content to sell, how to move people to action and tips for excelling at blogging, podcasting, live-casting and video marketing.

Measurement Track: Discover how leading experts track, measure and analyze what really works with social media. You’ll finally be able to prove your social activities are working and find better ways to measure and calculate ROI!

Corporate Social Track: Pick up actionable ways to deal with crisis management, employee advocacy, social selling and real-time marketing. You’ll understand how your peers manage the unique demands of the corporate world while pushing the envelope with social media marketing.

Social Customer Service Track: Learn how other companies are maximizing their social customer service teams to be their best marketing assets. You’ll discover how to turn haters into fans and how to identify and train employees to provide outstanding social care.

Recordings Included!

Can’t make all the Social Media Marketing World sessions you want to?

What if you could catch ALL 100+ conference sessions and workshops at your convenience—without the need to replicate yourself? The good news is now you can!

As an attendee, you’ll get full access to the recordings of EVERY session and workshop. Yes, every keynote, all the panels and each great session will be at your fingertips to study after the conference.

You’ll have 12-month access to online recordings of everything. You can watch playbacks from your computer, tablet or smartphone at your leisure. In addition, we’ll provide audio MP3 files so you can listen to the sessions while you are on the go!

Schedule at a Glance

Here’s an overview of the schedule (note: all times are Pacific Daylight Time):

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Below you will find a small sampling of the sessions and workshops we have planned for Social Media Marketing World 2016.

Social Media Marketing in 2016: What the Newest Research Reveals
By Michael Stelzner

Topic: Keynote

How Companies are Succeeding With Facebook
By Mari Smith

Topic: Facebook Marketing

How to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Ads, On a Budget
By Amy Porterfield

Topic: Facebook Marketing

Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies
By Jon Loomer

Topic: Facebook Marketing

Facebook ROI: Tracking Your Marketing From Beginning to End
By Andrea Vahl

Topic: Facebook Marketing

How to Create a System for Organic Facebook Growth
By Holly Homer

Topic: Facebook Marketing

How to Use Facebook Video Ads
By Rick Mulready

Topic: Facebook

How to Use Analytics Data to Make Better Marketing Decisions
By Andy Crestodina

Topic: Analytics

How to Create the Data-Driven Customer Journey
By Christopher Penn

Topic: Analytics

How to Perfect Your Personal Marketing: Insider Tips on Social Media and More
By Guy Kawasaki

Topic: Visual Marketing

7 Ways to Use Visual Content to Drive Traffic, Shares and Sales to Products and Services
By Donna Moritz 

Topic: Visual Marketing

How to Consistently Make Visual Content You Know Your Audience Will Love and Share: A Proven System Revealed
By Kim Garst

Topic: Visual Marketing

How to Create an Unforgettable Brand Through Visual Marketing
By Rebekah Radice

Topic: Visual Marketing

How to Use YouTube to Create and Sell Your Products and Services
By Derral Eves

Topic: YouTube Marketing

How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Email List
By Steve Dotto

Topic: YouTube Marketing

AmySchmittauerHow to Use Video to Build Your Brand Authority
By Amy Schmittauer

Topic: YouTube Marketing

7 Practical Ways to Boost Engagement and Build Community on Your YouTube Videos
By Tim Schmoyer

Topic: YouTube Marketing

How to Use to Create Your Own Live Video Show
By Joel Comm

Topic: Live-Casting

How to Know if Your Business Should Get Into Live-Casting
By Brian Fanzo

Topic: Live-Casting

How to Launch a Product on Periscope
By Chris Ducker

Topic: Live-Casting

Workshop: How to Supercharge Your Social Media Visuals With Canva
By Lisa Larson-Kelley

Topic: Visual Marketing

Workshop: Advanced Video Marketing: How to Create and Remarket Videos
By Derral Eves

Topic: Video Marketing

Workshop: How to be Authentic With Audio and Video
By David H. Lawrence XVII

Topic: Podcasting & Video

Workshop: Creating a Blueprint for Your Future Podcast
By Cliff Ravenscraft

Topic: Podcasting

Workshop: Heroic Public Speaking: How to Give the Best Presentations of Your Life
By Michael Port

Topic: Speaking

Workshop: How to Grow and Manage a Profitable Social Media Agency 
By John Jantsch

Topic: Agency

Workshop: Conference Networking for Introverts
By Mike Bruny

Topic: Networking

Workshop: How to Set Up and Run a Mastermind That Will Transform Your Business and Life
By Dan Miller

Topic: Business Building

Workshop: How to Write Copy That Sells
By Ray Edwards

Topic: Content Creation

Workshop: How to Multiply Your Time and Create Bigger Results
By Rory Vaden

Topic: Workshop

Workshop: How to Create Videos on Your Mobile Device Your Audience Will Watch and Share
By Monique Johnson & Crystal Collins

Topic: Workshop

Workshop: How to Create Quality Blog Posts Quickly and Consistently
By Heidi Cohen

Topic:  Workshop

Workshop: The Business of Story: How to Craft and Tell Compelling Brand Stories that Sell
By Park Howell

Topic: Workshop

Workshop: How to Design and Employ Visual Content for Your Blog Post
By Peg Fitzpatrick

Topic: Workshop

Insider: Strategies and Secrets for Business Growth in the Age of Distractions
By Chris Brogan

Topic: Social Strategy

How to Achieve Social Media Customer Service Success: A 5 Step Plan
By Jay Baer

Topic: Social Strategy

A New Way to Measure: Going Beyond Interactions and Awareness to Sales and ROI
By Mark Schaefer

Topic: Social Strategy

How to Get People to Consume Your Content in a Noisy World
By Bryan Kramer

Topic: Social Strategy

How to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader
By Dorie Clark

Topic: Social Strategy

How Businesses Succeed in a Changing World
By Mitch Joel

Topic: Social Strategy

Influencer Marketing Playbook: How to Identify, Qualify and Recruit Effective Influencers
By Lee Odden

TOPIC: Strategy

VincentNgAdvanced Pinterest Marketing 
By Vincent Ng

Topic: Pinterest Marketing

Re-purposing With Results: 5 Ways to Share Your Content on Pinterest
By Jeff Sieh

Topic: Pinterest Marketing

Session: How to Turn Pins Into Customers and Profit With Pinterest
By Natalie Jill

Topic: Pinterest

How to Make Your Images Stand Out on Instagram
By Peg Fitzpatrick

Topic: Instagram Marketing

SueBZimmermanHow to Use Instagram’s Direct Message Feature to Grow Your Audience and Close Business
By Sue B. Zimmerman

Topic: Instagram Marketing

How to Run a Contest Effectively on Instagram to Grow Your Audience

By Jenn Herman

Topic: Instagram Marketing

How to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following and Your Email List
By Nathan Chan

Topic: Instagram Marketing

4 Underutilized Twitter Strategies That can Measurably Increase Your Sales and Growth
By Pam Moore

Topic: Twitter Marketing

Rediscovering the Marketing Goldmine That is Twitter
By Neal Schaffer

Topic: Twitter Marketing

How to Develop and Sell Products to Your Blog Customers
By Michael Hyatt

Topic: Blogging

How to Turn Casual Blog Readers Into a Loyal Community
By Darren Rowse

Topic: Blogging

PatFlynnHow to Optimize, Segment and Deliver Content to Your Most Valuable Customers
By Pat Flynn

Topic: Blogging

SyedBalkhiu7 Blogging Tools to Improve Your Process and Results
By Syed Balkhi

Topic: Blogging 

Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 6 Steps to Create a Massive Audience
By Joe Pulizzi

Topic: Content Marketing

Good Content vs. Good Enough Content: A Fight for Sore Eyes
By Ann Handley

Topic: Content Marketing

7 Qualities of Outrageously Successful Companies Using Content Marketing
By Marcus Sheridan

Topic: Content Marketing 

How to Connect and Engage Your Prospects on LinkedIn
By Viveka von Rosen

Topic: LinkedIn Marketing

9 Advanced LinkedIn Profile Tactics to Boost Your Visibility and Grow Your Influence
By Stephanie Sammons

Topic: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Currency: How to Understand and Increase the Value of Your Network
By Melonie Dodaro

Topic: LinkedIn Marketing

How to Create Experiences That Inspire People to Share
By Brian Solis

Topic: Corporate

9 Essential Tools for Every Social Media Marketer’s Toolbox
By Ian Cleary

Topic: Social Tools 

How to Grow Your Authority, Audience and Email List With Podcasting
By John Lee Dumas

Topic: Podcasting 

How to Create Digital Experiences That Help Your Brand Stand Out
By Robert Rose

Topic: Writing

How to Create a World Class Social Care Program: 9 Building Blocks
By Dan Gingiss

Topic: Social Customer Service

Employee Advocacy: How to Effectively Engage Your Workforce on Social Media: Panel Discussion
By Bryan Kramer 

Topic: Corporate Marketing

SnapChat Marketing: How Businesses are Connecting With Millennials: Panel Discussion
By Carlos Gil

Topic: Snapchat Marketing

How Brands Are Telling Stories on Periscope: Panel Discussion
By Vincenzo Landino with Michael Delgado (Experian)

Topic:  Live-Casting

How Big Brands are Using Social Influencers to Gain Massive Reach: Panel Discussion
By Jay Baer 

Topic: Influencer Marketing

How to Create an Analytics Dashboard for Real World Marketing Problems: Panel Discussion
By Christopher Penn with Maria Saltz (Adobe)

Topic: Analytics

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