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Below is an overview of the schedule and tracks for Social Media Marketing World 2018 (note: all times are Pacific Time):


Sample Session and Workshop Overview from 2017

Below you’ll find 16 different session themes containing 100 sessions+, plus more than 20 workshops attendees had access to at Social Media Marketing World 2017.


Scan through the list. We recruited the world’s top experts to bring you original content in 2017, and have already started recruiting our expert lineup for 2018. You’ll get them all with an All-Access ticket!


Social Media Marketing in 2017: What the Newest Research Reveals
By Michael Stelzner

Topic: Industry Trends

Turning Customers Into Life-Long Advocates in the First 100 Days
By Joey Coleman

Topic: Customer Advocacy

How to Convert Viewers Into Customers With Live Video
By Chalene Johnson

Topic: Live Video

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Future of Social Media Marketing
By Bryan Kramer, Sandy Carter, Christopher Penn, and Christopher Carfi

Topic: Keynote Panel

Social Strategy

Below you’ll find 5 sessions focused on social strategy.

How to Become an Evangelist on Social Media and Beyond
By Guy Kawasaki

Topic: Product Evangelism

Becoming Known: How to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader
By Mark Schaefer

Topic: Thought Leadership

How to Avoid Virtual Crickets and Digital Tumbleweeds With Your Content (It’s Not About the Headline)
By Mitch Joel

Topic: Content Marketing Strategy

How to Use Social Media to Engage, Connect and Convert at Each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle
By Shama Hyder

Topic: Customer Engagement

Growth Hacking: How to Use Social Media to Rapidly Grow Your New Business or Product
By Neal Schaffer

Topic: Growth Hacking

Social Tactics: Facebook

Below you’ll find 12 sessions focused on Facebook marketing.

How To Improve Your Facebook Marketing ROI
By Mari Smith

Topic: Facebook Marketing

How to Build Up Anticipation for Your Next Promo Using Facebook
By Amy Porterfield

Topic: Facebook

Facebook Targeting Priorities: How to Reach Those Who Matter Most Using 6 Different Methods
By Jon Loomer

Topic: Facebook Ads

How to Build a Facebook Marketing Funnel With Ads and More
By Andrea Vahl

Topic: Facebook Ads

How to Creatively Use Facebook Video Ads to Grow Your Business
By Rick Mulready

Topic: Facebook Ads

Hacking Facebook Ads: How 50 Dollars Can Drive Enormous Traffic to Your Best Content
By Larry Kim

Topic: Facebook Ads

How to Run Profitable Facebook Ads to Sell Physical Products Online
By Steve Chou

Topic: Facebook Ads

anissaholmesHow Local Businesses Can Triple Their Growth With Facebook
By Anissa Holmes

Topic: Facebook for Local Business

Six Hot Tools for Visual Storytelling on Facebook and Instagram
By Donna Moritz

Topic: Facebook Visual Tools

How Businesses Use Facebook Groups to Build Communities and Grow Sales
By Pauline Stockhausen with Philip Taylor, Molly Pittman, Marc Mawhinney and Jenn Scalia

Topic: Facebook Groups Panel

How to Use Facebook Messenger for Conversational Selling
By Molly Pittman

Topic: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Advertising: Your Questions Answered by Top Experts
By Andrea Vahl with Rick Mulready and Dennis Yu

Topic: Facebook Advertising

Social Tactics: Instagram

Below you’ll find 6 sessions focused on Instagram marketing.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business
By Sue B. Zimmerman

Topic: Instagram Stories

How to Use a Business Profile to Get More Sales From Instagram
By Jenn Herman

Topic: Instagram Business Profiles

Top Tools to Improve Your Instagram Engagement and Growth
By Peg Fitzpatrick

Topic: Instagram

brandenharveyHow to Use Written and Visual Storytelling With Instagram
By Branden Harvey

Topic: Instagram Storytelling

How to Improve Your Instagram Photos and Your Engagement
By Jasmine Star

Topic: Instagram Photography

How Brands Use Instagram to Tell Visually Compelling Stories
By Sue B. Zimmerman with Calli Cholodenko (Suja Juice), Jay Parkin (Taylor Guitars) and Eric Toda (Airbnb)

Topic: Instagram Panel

Creator Series: Live Video

Below you’ll find 11 sessions focused on live video.

The Future of Live Video (and How You Can Prepare Today)
By Joel Comm

Topic: Future of Live Video

How to Grow a Following and Stand Out With Live Video
By Brian Fanzo

Topic: Periscope

How to Create Community Using Facebook Live
By Lou Mongello

Topic: Facebook Live

How to Create a Studio Quality Live Video Show: Tools and Tips
By Luria Petrucci

Topic: Live Video Tech

How to Get Started With Live Video
By Ileane Smith

Topic: Live Video Fundamentals

How to Promote and Sell Using Live Video
By Kim Garst

Topic: Monetizing Live Video

How Brick and Mortar Businesses Can Grow Using Live Video
By John Kapos

Topic: Periscope Marketing

How to Create Engaging Content With Live Video
By Alex Khan

Topic: Periscope Marketing

How to Create a Live Video Strategy
By Sarah Moore

Topic: Live Video Planning

How to Easily Create a Live Video Show: Tools and Tech
By Joel Comm

Topic: Live Video

Facebook Live for Brands
By Cathy Hackl with Jennifer Watson (The Weather Channel), Ursula Ringham (SAP) and Scott Nickels

Topic: Facebook Live for Brands

Creator Series: Video and YouTube

Below you’ll find 10 sessions focused on YouTube and video creation.

How to Develop a Loyal YouTube Audience
By Tim Schmoyer

Topic: YouTube Channel Growth

The Future of Online Video
By Zach King

Topic: Video Production

How to Create a Video Blog That Gets Attention
By Amy Schmittauer

Topic: Video Content Creation

YouTube Newsfeed Optimization: How to Improve Video Discoverability
By Jeremy Vest

Topic: YouTube Search Optimization

How to Build a Business With YouTube
By Sunny Lenarduzzi

Topic: YouTube Business Building

YouTube Video Production: From Idea to Execution
By Roberto Blake

Topic: Video Creation

How to Grow Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers
By Steve Dotto

Topic: YouTube Channel Growth

Creating YouTube Video Ads That Cost Less and Convert More
By Derral Eves

Topic: YouTube Ads

How to Rapidly Grow Your Email List From Your YouTube Channel
By Gabby Wallace

Topic: YouTube Email Subscribers

How to Integrate Product Sales Into Your Videos
By Tim Schmoyer with Renee Teeley, Chelsea Crockett and Brandon Crockett

Topic: YouTube Sales Panel

Social Tactics: LinkedIn

Below you’ll find 5 sessions focused on LinkedIn marketing.

How to Use LinkedIn Company Pages to Drive Traffic to Your Website
By Viveka von Rosen

Topic: LinkedIn Company Pages

How to Turn LinkedIn Into a Funnel for New Leads
By Koka Sexton

Topic: LinkedIn Lead Generation

How to Strategically Grow Your Influence and Attract Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn
By Stephanie Sammons

Topic: LinkedIn Influence

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Search and More Clients
By Ron Nash

Topic: LinkedIn Profiles

Mastering LinkedIn Ads for More Conversions at Lower Costs
By AJ Wilcox

Topic: LinkedIn Ads

Social Tactics: Twitter

Below you’ll find the 5 sessions we will have focused on Twitter marketing.

How to Use Twitter Chats to Grow Your Business
By Madalyn Sklar

Topic: Twitter Chats

How to Create Re-Tweetable Content
By Andrew Pickering and Pete Gartland

Topic: Twitter Marketing

How Businesses Use Twitter to Promote Their Content
By Erik Fisher with Brian Peters, Sebrin Elms and Adel de Meyer

Topic: Twitter Promotion Panel

Twitter Tools to Help Improve Your Marketing Success
By Ian Anderson Gray

Topic: Twitter Tools

Twitter Marketing With Bots, Automation and Beyond
By Scott Page and Shelita Burke

Topic: Twitter Audience Development

Creator Series: Blogging

Below you’ll find 9 sessions focused on blogging.

The Changing Role of Blogs in a Social Media Age
By Darren Rowse

Topic: Future of Blogs

How to Write Blog Content People Want to Read
By Chris Brogan

Topic: Blogging

How to Monetize Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul
By Michael Hyatt

Topic: Blog Monetization Strategies

How to Craft a Blogging Editorial Strategy That Works
By Brian Clark

Topic: Blogging Strategy

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content for Maximum Impact
By Ana Hoffman

Topic: Repurposing Blog Content

How to Go From Blog to Successful Business
By Holly Homer

Topic: Blogging

How to Optimize Your Posts for Google Mobile Search
By Leslie Samuel

Topic: Optimizing Blog Content

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog
By Syed Balkhi

Topic: Blogging Traffic

How to Turn Blog Readers Into Super Fans
By Leslie Samuel with Kelly Snyder and Amy Locurto

Topic: Blogging Panel

Finding what you are looking for?

Keep scrolling for our Snapchat, Pinterest, analytics, corporate social, content marketing, social customer service, podcasting and our workshop listings.

Social Tactics: Snapchat

Below you’ll find 5 sessions focused on Snapchat marketing.

Snapchat Strategies for Marketing Your Business
By Carlos Gil

Topic: Snapchat Fundamentals

How to Work With Snapchat Influencers
By Shaun McBride

Topic: Snapchat Influencers

Snapchat Storytelling: How to Engage and Grow an Audience
By Shaun Ayala

Topic: Snapchat Content Creation

nickciceroHow Brands are Getting Measurable Results With Snapchat
By Nick Cicero with Shanda Maloney, Joel Price (Los Angeles Chargers) and Laurel Su (Docusign)

Topic: Snapchat Results Panel

How Brands are Using Snapchat to Build Highly Engaged Audiences
By Meagan Williams with Laura Wilson (Georgetown University), Beverly Jackson (MGM Resorts) and Mike Delgado (Experian)

Topic: Snapchat Engagement Panel

Social Tactics: Pinterest

Below you’ll find 5 sessions focused on Pinterest marketing.

Building Better Pinterest Pin Images: Tools, Tips and Hacks
By Jeff Sieh

Topic: Pinterest Images

Promoted Pins: How to Succeed With Pinterest Ads
By Alisa Meredith

Topic: Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest Fundamentals for Selling With Pinterest Analytics
By Vincent Ng

Topic: Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Made Simple: 5 Ways to Succeed With Pinterest Marketing
By Kate Ahl

Topic: Pinterest Made Simple

How Businesses Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic and Profits
By Jeff Sieh with Peg Fitzpatrick and Holly Homer

Topic: Pinterest Marketing Panel

Measurement and Analytics

Below you’ll find 6 sessions focused on measuring and analyzing social media.

The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence
By Christopher Penn

Topic: Analytics

Google Analytics Fundamentals: How to Measure What Matters for Your Business
By Andy Crestodina

Topic: Google Analytics

How to Create Content by the Numbers
By Zontee Hou

Topic: Analytics

How to Use Social Media Analytics Tools to Produce Better Results
By Ian Cleary

Topic: Analytics

How to Use Facebook Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions
By Dennis Yu

Topic: Facebook Analytics

Taking Credit – How to Attribute ROI
By Adam Brown (Salesforce) with Caitlin Angeloff (Docusign) and Molly Schonthal (Mars)

Topic: Analytics Panel

Corporate Social

Below you’ll find 10 sessions focused on social media challenges faced by larger businesses.

Why We’ve Failed: The Customer is No Longer Our Focus
By Scott Monty

Topic: Relationship Marketing

Future of Influencer Marketing: Strategies and Trends
By Lee Odden

Topic: Influencer Marketing

How to Create and Manage an Influencer Marketing Program
By Bryan Kramer

Topic: Influencer Marketing

How to Use Data and Analytics to Prepare for Your Next Crisis
By Gini Dietrich

Topic: Crisis Management

How to Use Social Media Data to Inform Marketing Strategy and Business Decisions
By Stephanie Shkolnik with Amelia Le (Mattel)

Topic: Social Data Mining

How to Staff Your Social Media Team in a Changing Marketplace
By Jay Baer with Erica Campbell Byrum (ForRent.com®), Beverly Jackson (MGM Resorts) and Alison Herzog (Dell)

Topic: Organizing Social Teams

Influencer Marketing: Insider Tips, Best Practices and Winning Campaigns
By Tyler Anderson with Aggie Nixon-Kirschner (Marriott), Martin Jones (Cox Communication), Josh Hager and Scott Duehlmeier (Workfront)

Topic: Influencer Marketing Panel

How to Get Your Employees to Engage in Social Media
By Bernie Borges with Sandy Adam (ANSYS), Turner Roach (Deloitte) and Casey Hall (Thomson Reuters)

Topic: Employee Advocacy Panel

Why Stories Catch Fire and Become Shareable
By Bryan Kramer with Konstanze Alex-Brown (Dell), Ari Lightman (Carnegie Mellon University) and Laura E. Davis (University of Southern California)

Topic: Digital Storytelling Panel

How to Manage Your Next Social Media Crisis
By Gini Dietrich with Justin Levy (Citrix) and Brooks Thomas (Southwest Airlines)

Topic: Crisis Management Panel

Content Marketing

Below you’ll find the 5 sessions we will have focused on content marketing.

How to Generate Large Amounts of Revenue From the Content You Create
By Joe Pulizzi

Topic: Content Revenue Generation

How to Create Breakthrough Written Marketing Content
By Ann Handley

Topic: Content Creation Strategy

7 Powerful Strategies for Building a World Class Content Marketing Plan
By Marcus Sheridan

Topic: Content Business Growth

Native Advertising Success: Lessons From Branded Content Campaigns
By Melanie Deziel

Topic: Branded Content

How to Build a Media Company From Scratch
By Nathan Chan

Topic: Content Business Growth

Social Customer Service

Below you’ll find 6 sessions focused on servicing customers with social media.

How to Use Customer Service to Turn People Into Brand Advocates
By Jay Baer

Topic: Customer Brand Advocates

Customer Service is the New Marketing: How to Make Social Care Your Competitive Advantage
By Shep Hyken

Topic: Social Customer Service

How to Identify the Customer Experiences That Will Get Amplified in Social Media
By Dan Gingiss

Topic: Social Customer Service

How to Use Bots and Messaging Apps to Improve Your Customer Service
By Blake Morgan

Topic: Social Customer Service Tools

How to Encourage Your Customers to Leave Online Reviews
By Daniel Lemin with Melissa Philips (EmployBridge), Nicolle Picray (Pella) and Brian Best (PF Chang’s)

Topic: Online Reviews Panel

How Companies Become Best-in-Class at Social Customer Care: Panel Discussion
By Dan Gingiss with Madeleine Piercy (Duke Energy), Chad Israel (Hertz) and Kimarie Matthews (Wells Fargo)

Topic: Social Service Panel

Creator Series: Podcasting

Below you’ll find 10 sessions focused on podcasting.

Everything You Need to Know to Start a Podcast
By Cliff Ravenscraft

Topic: Starting a Podcast

How to Create a Hit Episode That Will Skyrocket Your Downloads
By Pat Flynn

Topic: Podcasting

How to Turn Your Podcast Into a Powerful Business Marketing Tool
By Natalie Eckdahl with Chalene Johnson, Amy Porterfield and Mike Morrison

Topic: Podcasting Panel

How to Monetize Your Podcast
By Paul Colligan with John Lee Dumas, Rob Walch and Gary Leland

Topic: Podcasting Panel

How to Land Guest Appearances on Podcasts
By John Lee Dumas with Jill Stanton, Aaron Walker and Jessica Rhodes

Topic: Podcasting Panel

How to Create Intimacy With Audio Journalism
By Jay Acunzo

Topic: Audio Journalistic Podcasting

From Blog to Podcast: How to Create an Audio Blog
By Kate Erickson

Topic: Audio Blogging

How to Follow Your Calling and Produce a Podcast You Love
By Ijeoma Eleazu

Topic: Podcasting

How Big Brands Can Leverage Podcasts
By Daniel J. Lewis with Jessica Kupferman, Tim Street and John Hunt (Smead)

Topic: Podcasting Panel

Getting to 100 Episodes and Beyond: Advice From Top Podcasters
By Mark Mason with Lou Mongello, Pat Flynn and Cliff Ravenscraft

Topic: Podcasting Panel


Below you’ll find the 20+ 90-minute workshops focused on content creation, business building, agency growth and more, included with your ticket.

The Business of Story: How to Craft and Tell Compelling Brand Stories That Sell
By Park Howell

Topic: Storytelling Workshop

How to Create High Quality Videos With Your Smartphone
By Justin Brown

Topic: Video Production Workshop

How to Convert More Traffic With Split Testing
By Chris Dayley

Topic: Conversion Rate Optimization Workshop

How to Get Traditional Media Exposure Using Social Media
By Josh Elledge

Topic: Traditional Media Workshop

How to Write Copy That Sells
By Ray Edwards

Topic: Copywriting Workshop

How to Write Landing Pages That Sell
By Robert Bly

Topic: Copywriting Workshop

How to Create Videos That Build Authority at a Moment’s Notice
By David H. Lawrence XVII

Topic: Video Marketing Workshop

How to Build Your Online Personal Brand for Long-Term Business Success
By Chris Ducker

Topic: Personal Branding Workshop

How to Setup Your Blog and Email List to Sell Your Product on Autopilot
By Yaro Starak

Topic: Email Sales Funnel Workshop

How to Scale Your Consulting Practice – Without Adding Overhead
By John Jantsch

Topic: Agency Building Workshop

How to Setup and Run a Mastermind That Will Transform Your Business and Life
By Dan Miller

Topic: Masterminds Workshop

How Marketers Can Create Amazing Photos With Just a Smartphone
By Jessica Howell

Topic: Photography Workshop

How to Create Highly Shareable Social Media Images
By Rebekah Radice

Topic: Visual Marketing Workshop

How to Design and Employ Visual Content for Your Blog Post: A Hands-On Workshop

By Peg Fitzpatrick

Topic: Visual Marketing Workshop

The Future of Immersive Video: 360 Video and Virtual Reality
By Ryan Anderson Bell and Jonathan Nafarrete

Topic: 360 Video Workshop

How to Create Quality Blog Posts Consistently
By Heidi Cohen

Topic: Blogging Workshop

How to Create Real-Time Content During a Live Event
By Lauren Teague

Topic: Real-time Content Creation Workshop

Becoming an Interview Master and How it Can Massively Grow Your Podcast
By Michael O’Neal

Topic: Interview Skills Workshop

How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan
By Rich Brooks

Topic: Digital Marketing Workshop

Conference Networking for Introverts: Ninja Tricks and Tips
By Jillian Vorce

Topic: Conference Networking Workshop

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing World: Maximizing Your Experience
By Phil Mershon and Team

Topic: Event Orientation Workshop


How to Get Speaking Opportunities at Social Media Examiner Events
By Michael Stelzner and Phil Mershon

Topic: Event Marketing


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