Nominate Your Favorite Small Business Facebook Page: Top 10 Contest

social media reviewsSocial Media Examiner is accepting nominations for its second-annual “Top 10 Small Business Facebook Page” contest.

Do you have a favorite small business Facebook page? Keep reading to learn how you can nominate it.

The winners will be promoted in our 164,000-reader newsletter and announced here.

How to Nominate

Please make a single nomination by leaving a comment below and include why you like the page (only your first nomination counts).

Be sure to include a link to the Facebook page you’re nominating.

To make the cut, a Facebook page must be (1) owned by a small business and (2) receive at least two nominations.

How it Works

We track and score the nominations, and then our panel of judges awards the top 10 small business Facebook pages.

The Judges: Our panel of Facebook experts includes Amy Porterfield, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare (co-authors of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies).

amy porterfieldandrea vahlphyllis khare

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their Facebook pages, the frequency and quality of their Timeline activities and fan engagement. Think part readers’ choice and part Oscars.

The winners will be announced here in early September and also in our newsletter. Make your nomination by August 20, 2012.

In addition to amazing exposure, each of the top 10 winners will also get free tickets to Facebook Success Summit 2012—the web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference.

Note that our panel of judges will make the winning selections. Their decisions are subjective and will be final.

Enter Now

Enter your nomination right now in the comment box below (scroll all the way to the bottom of this page) and be sure to let your friends know about this contest.

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  • Heather Turner

    I nominate Great Photos and Great Engagement with fans

  • Aaron Lee

    My nomination is:

    They have post great content regularly, have engaging and loyal fans, and their products have great feedbacks from customers.

    Disclosure: Leneys was started by my girlfriend

  • Tom George

    I would like to nominate
    Keri the Fan Page owner of Idea Girl Media is always helpful, very creative and clearly
    knows how to work a fan page LOL Thank you.

  • simontay78
  • Evo Reactor

    I nomiate
    Why? Because Leneys has built an amazing and passionate community! Love it! :))

  • Migdalia

    I would like to nominate Body Cycle Studio in Philadelphia, PA. They are always letting me know about great events, charity fundraisers and class openings. I’m always super busy and never have time to check their website or blog, but they do such a good job at keeping everything concise, fun and interesting. I just love them so much! Anyway I hope they win because they rock house on their Facebook page!

  • Katie Kavanagh

    I’d like to nominate Redlane Boutique. Their updates are varied and entertaining, they are not constantly on the hard sell. They are fun friendly and approachable and keep us all up to date with all their goings on 

  • Brad Robinson

    I would like to nominate one of my clients, The Chateau Avalon Hotel, Spa & d’Nile Wine Bar. The most amazing themed bed and breakfast hotel in the country…but I’m a little biased! LOL

  • shaunlee

    I would like to nominate as they are a great business page and have entertaining content which engages with their fans”

  • Paramount London

    Wow, lots of great fan pages nominated already! Always great to discover new pages from small businesses.

    This is a biased post as I am nominating our own page, but we are a very small business with a new Facebook page and our engagement is growing each week. 

  • Brandy Cross 
    They have great content, lots of opportunities for writers and are only a few weeks old! 

  • kervick

    I nominate Black Birch in Kittery, Maine:

  • Thomas Marzano

    My nomination goes to as they use social media to grow their business by constantly engage with their fans and customers, They are a great source for fashion too.

  • Jesslyn

    The one and only page that I would love to nominate is
    I love their page as they are passionate in what they do. They create engaging content constantly, they are also my go-to page for fashion tips and advises. Besides, they put their customers best interest at heart and are willing to scout for the latest and best fashion to suit their customers preferences.

  • Barb

    I love love love the person’s floral creations!

    Her floral creations are out of this world! She is awesome to deal with and is quick to my tweets/emails/FB comments!

  • Henry Tay

    I’d like to nominate Leneys @ because they are the most engaging online shopping portal. The owner herself constantly gives you great advice when buying her products as well as constantly sharing really good fashion tips and tricks to their customers. You hardly even get that at an offline clothes retailer. Thumbs up and hats off to them.

  • brandi

    I like alcona esso…they give stuff away!!!!/AlconaEsso

  • Jemimah Wei

    My nomination goes to : – they’ve got fab products and really engaging content, building up a great online community!

  • Jemimah Wei

    My nomination goes to : – they’ve got fab products and really engaging content, building up a great online community!

  • bukik

    I nominate 
    Art & indigenious photo

  • Layla Leite

    I nominate they have the best news articles relevant to small businesses. 

  • Abigailwatkiss

    I nominate Pampered Pets – They have won many awards and their Facebook page is really good. They post funny dog pictures, dog origins and pictures of their Pampered Pets.

  • Blake Jamieson

    I nominate because they are able to take a non-glamorous industry (pool supplies) and keep it exciting and engaging for fans. They post awesome visual content, provide customer service through the facebook page when needed, and frequently reward their fans with sweepstakes and contests.

  • Dana Kinzer

    I nominate for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s my company! Secondly, while the page is still small it is growing in support. The goal of Kinzer Projects is to help grow a new industry, the Home Sourcing, or Work at Home industry.

  • Brittney Schlauch

    I Nominate Exabyzness, has a great face book page! They are always up dating and have great articles that are relevant to small businesses.

  • Moin Shaikh

    I would like to nominate a charitable, nonprofit organization’s facebook page teaching other nonprofits of the world how to use and leverage SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE SOCIAL GOOD! Hats off!

  • Heather B for Kinzer Projects should be nominated. Dana is a great boss and great agent. Her company helps secure jobs and helps freelancers feel secure in their field. All about keeping small business afloat

  • Jenn Bentley

    I nominate…. They have excellent tech articles and a fantastic group of writers

  • Steve

    I would like to nominate because of the interesting and well informative articles listed.

  • Brian Norwood

    I nominate Pool Supply World.  They are a great company in general and their facebook page is very engaging.  They are updating daily with relevent content and also post good deals.  Great social media site.

  • DarleneD

    I would like to nominate
    It provides current business and economy information with out the fluff. Please see Alan Moore’s commentary as well. Its my entertainment and knowlege for the day.

  • Gregg

    i nominate exabyzness because they have excellent informative articles.

  • Christian Carriger

    I’d like to nominate They have an awesome interactive fan base and run contests and special offers for their fans constantly. They also provide customer service when needed. And the pictures, they post some of the coolest pictures on Facebook!

  • Fcolucci89

    I’d like to nomiate because of its articles’ informative contents that are all about small businesses

  • Breesoileau

    I would like to nominate Alamo 180.

    I nominate the page because Alamo 180’s pictures and posts inspire and motivate their fans to live an active lifestyle. Alamo 180 is a company specializing in triathlon, marathon and boot camp training in San Antonio, TX.

  • Terri C. . . . . Kinzer Projects is owned and run by Dana Kinzer who is an amazing woman. Her company helps many freelancers find work. She is helping many stay home with families yet earn an income. She and her agency are all about helping – helping find work, helping small business, helping people feel confident. For those reasons and more I nominate Kinzer Projects.

  • JonTurino
  • Marci James
  • jacstar

    I’d like to nominate Jugnoo:

    They have a great mix of stats, business info, humour and appreciation of fans.

  • Barbara Mcbride
  • Pete is a news service for small business.  It provides the small business owner with the news items he needs without endlessly searching other sites.

  • Lynn Durkovic Nelson

    Great people, great product!  I nominate Wornstar Clothing

  • Mga1944
  • Debbiel

    I would like to nominate as the top 10 small business facebook page for the amazing articles and up to date information . A great tool for the anyone who owns or is interested in owning a small business.

  • Ryan Adcroft

    I nominate Great content and fan engagement:)

  • Taeg22
  • Krystypetrucci Great page with relevant content!

  • Paula Strauss Post

    I nominate Exabyzness as it is full of the types of information that is imperative to the small business owner. 

  • Paula Strauss Post

    I would like to nominate Exabyzness.  They provide current information regarding everything pertaining to the business world.  It is fantastic.

  • John Davy


    I would like to recommend a friend of mine Jennifer sheahan.. Her company FBADSLAB has come a long way in the last couple of years.. Please consider..

  • Gini Dietrich

    I nominate because, even though they’re a client, I keep running into small business owners who use it and can’t say enough great things about it has simplified their social media lives.

  • Samantha Collier


    I’d like to nominate Jugnoo at  They are a fabulous small business that does a great job interacting and engaging Facebook fans. Keep up the great work guys!


  • Gini Dietrich

    Good Lord. It’d be helpful if I left the correct link:

  • Apcurto

    I would like to nominate Vaughan Mompreneurs facebook page.

  • PhilMershon

    Do you have a link, Katie?

  • Linda Cohen

    I Nominate Obeo!! 

  • Marcia

  • Jeri Johnson Morgan

    I nominate  Small business that utilizes humor and information to keep their fans engaged. 

  • Sam Fiorella

    There’s no question here. The site to look at is 

  • Kristin

    HSW Associates, Inc!

  • Jeri Johnson Morgan

    I nominate  Great small business that mixes humor with information for fan engagement. 

  • SocialOne

    OffiCenters/VirtualOffiCenters has a really great Facebook page!!

  • Stacey Gaeta

    I nominate News, updates, training, give-a-ways and the best professional photography!

  • Tameka Kee

    Hey Honey! Artisanal Lemonade. Cute pics, plus great connections to Pinterest and tons of personality. 

  • Tess Jamieson They post awesome photos and have great contests!

  • Carrie Gottschalk

    I would like to nominate People Water  This company just started this year in January of 2012 and they are all ready making a name for themselves! They are doing great things by providing 3rd world countries with water wells from the proceeds of their water. They have a great online presences that makes that makes then unique and appeals to their current audience. They connect as people people and have done a great job at developing their brand. They make it very clear to know their team, know their product and know what they are about. 

  • Brosix

    I would like to nominate our Facebook page:

    Thank you!

  • Teri Boron

    I would like to nominate for all of those involved with the website. The HighTechSociety has made a lot of progress within the few weeks of its inception on the Internet. There is an amazing group of people working together to provide useful content in terms that everyone can understand!

  • Crystal Tomlinson

    Alamo 180 is a great multi-sport and physical training company in the Alamo City aka San Antonio, TX. They love what they do and are making a difference in our city as part of their mission to make San Antonio do a “180”, turning the fattest city in the US into one of the fittest. 

    Their Facebook page is very helpful in many ways. Fans get status updates on everything such as training & nutrition tips, location changes for training sessions due to weather and other reasons, tips on local athletic retail shops offering sales or discounts, and updates on team gear (jerseys, visors, shirts etc.). My favorite thing on their FB page however, are the shout outs honoring athletes’ accomplishments and pictures taken at events and team gatherings.    

  • Lindsay

    I like, because they have constantly updated information that really speaks to their industry

  • Sarah Lanphier establishes a great sense of community and posts pertinent information on subjects their key demographic values.

  • Jharris

    Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors

  • Jerry

    Best Facebook Page, 

  • Lindsey

    I nominate Swanky’s Taco Shop, a small, Memphis owned Restaurant: They have great graphics and images. They also really engage with the community and other local businesses.

  • Red5Social

    Great community that stays involved in local businesses.  It is more than just a shopping center, it’s become a meeting place and a network for like minded creatives to grow their businesses. Love this place.

  • Rebecca Metz

    I nominate for using Facebook as a customer service channel as well as a source of entertainment and community.

  • Lidia Koppel

    What constitutes as a small business?

  • Anand Patel

    I nominate Liverpool Jeans:

    Although they are new to social media and have a smaller fan base, they do a good job at building engagements and interactions! 

  • Jess Ropp

    I woud like to nominate

    They are a farm store in the Northwest.

  • Jazijill
    Great customer engagement & creative marketing – just fun!

  • Dee

    I nominate It important to know whats going on in our economic environment and Exabyzness on Facebook  makes that happen.

  • Judith Cohen

    I nominate SPLASH!! ….They are a small business that gives back in every way, provides an fully amazing facebook experience and has the best community management I have ever experienced.

  • Aunny

    I’d like to nominate Hey Honey! Artisnal Lemonade:
    I’ve been following them on Facebook since their initial concepting phase, and they’ve brought their fans through the entire process, from tastings to bottling, farmer’s markets to successfully distributing the product to health food stores. Their online presence has made a lasting impact on me and I LOVE the product.

  • Tracy Helbing -
    They consistently update the page with the best flavors and eye candy (lots of photos from instagram). They participate in local events (farmers markets) and post from location. They spotlight customers and respond to them. They partner with other organizations and just make their page fun in general plus, they take customization to another level.

    The Lollicake Queen creates custom cakes on a stick for any occasion! Each cake is about the size of a golfball and is suprisingly moist, delicious and filling!

  • ManitobaHarvest

    This is great! Can we share this link on our Fan page?

  • Lauren

    I nominate the facebook page for Chicago music venue, Metro  – 
    They post venue shows and updates as well as music history and music news, exhibit great customer service, and run giveaways via apps. 

  • Liz W.

    I would like to nominate RecruitMilitary’s Facebook page:

    The content on their page is fascinating, fun, and informative! What a great combo. Their percentage of fan engagement is huge, and the whole idea of the their small business (helping veterans find jobs) is such a great cause.

  • Matt Beaudoin

    her custom made silver wrappings are awesome

  • Sarah Pelland ~ they are a small business who engage with their audience multiple times a day including photos, videos, articles about hemp and healthy living and they run sweet contests! They also have $10 off towards their web store just for being their fan as well as a store locator to find their products locally. 

  • Justin Brackett

    There really is no other page to look at other than . These guys  get it and it rocks.

  • James M.

    I nominate: 

    It’s a great Chicago style eatery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They do a good job of connecting to their fans. 

  • Judith Cohen

    I nominate the other SPLASH pages as well… and ….They are part of the Splash family business that gives back always and for over 20 years….

  • Nick Theriot

    I nominate Theriot Communications, LLC

  • Textbroker

    I’d like to nominate for their interaction, original content, content curation and Friday grammar joke. We’re only 28 people on a mission to provide authors with consistent work and clients with top-notch content!

  • Jane

    I nominate Historic Wagon Wheel Motel Featuring Connie’s Shoppe, the oldest motel on Route 66. The site has photos, info, and relevant links concerning the motel. The present owner took over in 2009 and has renovated the motel and started a website and Facebook page: The page is page is updated daily and followed by people from all over the world.

  • Whitney

    I would like to nominate Yonanas because it is an awesome innovative product! They use facebook to respond to customers and provide fans with lots of healthy living tips!

  • Jennifer It has great technology tips!!

  • Lynn Mcleod

    Dittmer’s is a local old-fashioned butchershop and smokehouse.  Last year they had a devastating fire that could have closed their 30+ yr family business for good. They have used Facebook to keep their customers engaged as they found a new location, rebuilt, and now prepare to reopen – here’s an article in the local paper –

    If you’re in Los Altos, CA, stop by and get their smoked porkchops or an awesome sandwich! We, their loyal fans, can’t wait for the reopening of DIttmer’s!

  • Blythe Brumleve

    I nominate @EleetsTrans for their small business page at  No other logistics company is as engaged on Facebook than this company is. Contests, charity events, employee recognition etc.. are all apart of the daily communication for them. 

  • Lisa Penza

    Hilariously funny comedy troupe with great engagement on Facebook:

  • Lenore Collins

    I’m nominating It’s So You Boutique in Willoughby, Ohio. Laurel’s postings are seductive, even to this non-shopper. She knows how to get me into her store (and how to keep me there with her great merchandise and outstanding staff). Here’s the link:

  • Swilson

    I would like to nominate the Willow Creek 12 Movie Theatre!/thewillowcreek Their motion picture industry information is always fresh and engaging and the short clips of the daily “behind the scenes” movie theatre operations are fantastic!  

  • Susan Newman

    I would like to nominate FROGS ARE GREEN because of the importance of this issue and it’s effect on the environment. Healthy Frogs mean a Healthy Planet for All!

  • Kaitlyn Bullen

    My nomination:!/pages/Antique-and-Classic-Boat-Society-Toronto-Chapter/182023715178023

    ACBS – Toronto is run by volunteers and they work so hard to keep their club members and classic boat fans engaged and informed. It truly holds the values of the club itself: to celebrate the beauty and the heritage of boating.

  • Kara

    I nominate

  • Muhammad Saad Khan

    My nomination goes to as they are using some amazing tactics to market their brand on a massive scale both locally and internationally. The one most important thing which i had observed in a time following “LENEYS” is that they have put a PERSONALITY behind their brand. Leney Jinlee appears herself wearing her own brand every single day, to let her followers know that she LOVE what she offers to others. And that really helps her audience to connect with the brand, because it has seen over a time that people react more when there is human connection.

    She talks and Answers question with all her gratitude to the audience/potential buyers on the posts, make them feel comfortable in any means to create ease in making a buying decision. Customer centric approach is amazing and she is using it on top of everything.

    Leneys have defined the Girl Fashion on very High Standards – Customer Service, Social interaction, Business Ethics and Most Importantly Great Dresses and Accessories!

  • Mary Crawford

    I nominate University Hospitals Kingston Foundation
     …a great charity fundraising for three hospitals in our community.  They do a great job spreading the word about fundraising events put on by third parties and helping them to raise more $ for hospital programs.

  • Tanya Castaneda

    I nominate they are always sharing cool photos and info.

  • Jeanne

    I nominate PlumHill pure body essentials we created a natural product out the need to have a body care for dry skin that really workes

  • Dawn Pack

    I nominate Kinzer Projects

    They are a wonderful business that helps others find work. The owner is a wonderful lady and there is a great feeling of community there.

  • Caroline
  • Tanya

    Kids ‘N’ Pets has a hilarious Facebook page! Cool custom tabs, fun posts and a great cover photo, great product and excellently managed page. Check it out!

  • dmundy

    I nominate Inside Higher Ed.

    They are a higher education news site that are utilizing social media and helping to spread it throughout all of higher education.  They post the latest news in higher education with great pictures, they ask for commentary and converse with fans, they help higher education professionals network and find jobs via Facebook.

  • Wendy A. Chavez

    I wish to nominate Earthegy because  she is always posting new merchandise that might interest her fans. Her items look great and have true value beyond appearance, as does any information that can be gotten from her page.

  • Mary Crawford
  • Jenn Varela does an excellent job at educating the public on Forestry and keeps it fresh and fun for kids as well.

  • Lindav

    I nominate!/SeaBags; It is always engaging with contests, sea bag sitings, musings from owners and staff, and they care!  The Make a Wish star bag granted numerous wishes, the Cure Bag raised money for Cancer research and so much more.  Their green, go getters and their great!

  • Anna Forsberg

    I nominate Swear Crew Clothing – a group of young BMX riders who do it all by themselves…riding, designing, photography, video and social media of course! Check them out!/SWEARstore

  • Brian Welch

    I nominate the SuperHeroStuff Facebook page!  In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of the owners of SuperHeroStuff but I do think we do an awesome job with our page so I hope that doesn’t disqualify me.  Hopefully some of our fans will nominate us as well. 

  • Nick Oz – Great brand with one of the highest PTAT ranks and very engaging content. 

  • Iyezine

    i nomiate
    for the great photo

  • Kacey
  • Angelique Mitchell!/barnstock  
    A great benefit concert that provides space for emerging artists to showcase their talents before a live audience and all for a good cause.  This year’s proceeds went to Davidson Fire Department, The American Red Cross, Second Harvest Food Bank, Cannon School and Hough High School.  Plus, they are a great group of kids!

  • Sngbrd300

    I nominate The Firm Public Relations & Marketing  They always have something fun!

  • Linda Anlauf

    I nominate AK Material Handling They do a fantastic job of reaching and engaging with their community through local updates, industry updates, product updates and ways they give back to the community.

  • Deborah Gilbert

    I would like to nominate ‘theCream’   On FB at GREAT product that I use for so many things, including my FACE

  • Pamela Ravenwood

    I of course want to nominate my own small business page – reasons obvious. Buy beyond that, I think we make a good effort at combining the boring logistics of Internet Marketing along with local news, photos and information.

  • Veronica Jeans

    Nominate …amazing small business woman and she cares very deeply for her customers and really listens to their imput and ideas.

  • Gina – This page belongs to a very talented and aspiring young chef who has done well in marketing herself via her blog and Facebook page.

  • Tish Jones

    I nominate TRIBAL MEDIA these folks are BRILLIANT, they are cutting edge and get the message OUT!!!

  • Jared Poppert

    I would like to nominate Legendary Whitetails ( for their exceptional content an promotions, such as bow and rifle giveaways.

  • Margie Arnett

    My nomination is - because they are community advocates, promote small businesses & is THE place to go if you want to find entertainment or a great restaurant in the Inland Empire (CA).

  • Greg Welch

    I nominate CVP Marketing Group (okay shameless plug for our company. Can I nominate more than one because I have some friends that I would love to put in here also.)

  • Mb

    I am nominating The Lollicake Queen in Sarasota Florida. They not only have the most delicious bits of happiness, they link their business to the community and fund raising causes using mostly social media from the very beginning. Love the Lollicake Queens:)

  • Magister0042

    I’m not an owner of SuperHeroStuff (lol) , but I think they do a fabulous job keeping people updated and offering ease of access.  Keep up the good work.

  • Marketing

    Manitoba Harvest is a unique, successful and inspiring Canadian company.  Their products are produced with quality and care, always maintaining their environmental, economic and social values.  From seed to shelf, Manitoba Harvest Hemp products provide naturally amazing nutrition to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Ryan Johnson

    I would like to nominate:
    – Great insight into the world of hunting
    – Amazing promotions and special events for fans
    – Great pictures
    – Awesome fan-base

  • Foodsmiths

    Manitoba Harvest is a unique, successful and inspiring Canadian
    company.  Their products are produced with quality and care, always
    maintaining their environmental, economic and social values.  From seed
    to shelf, Manitoba Harvest Hemp products provide naturally amazing
    nutrition to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Jrstitcher80517

    I nominate Bestitched Needlepoint because they are on the cutting edge of the needlepoint industry.  They have absolutely awesome ideas and their shop is certainly on my “must visit in person” list!

  • Donal Murphy

    I nominate Havana Central, A Cuban style restaurant in New York. The food is great and their marketing department does an outstanding job interacting with their customers and promoting the rband. 

  • Lisa Gerber

    I nominate Jugnoo – they do a great job of being informative and entertaining. Just the right mix, and they don’t broadcast propoganda. :)

  • Joey Christofferson Great social media tips and tricks. They also hold great small business marketing workshops.

  • Sian Phillips

    I nominate The Secret Garden Centre  Their page is colourful and full of useful information on a daily basis. They always engage with their audience and it’s fun too

  • Bonnie Sedan

    I would like to nominate the super-rad SEO Essentiali Solutions. Always keeping up with the latest and greatest in social media, online branding and marketing – they are ALWAYS also noting the Social Media Examiner as a great resource. 

  • Benjamin Van Winkle

    I would like to nominate as my favorite small business.
    Not only do the offer a huge variety of hard to find products, more than any other business that I can think of they have a deep and abiding passion for what they do. is my primary location for all things Super Hero.

  • Bonnie Sedan

    Apologies, SEO Essential Solutions’ Facebook page is:

  • Jasen Woehrle

    I nominate The Firm Public Relations & Marketing. There is a fun personality in their page – it is not just a list of client press releases. They post current news stories, pop culture, what is happening in their offices, and interesting items that are happening with their clients.

  • Linus

    They are just a fun company with really nice and helpful people

  • Meaghan Ringwelski

    Textbroker ( is a truly amazing small business! They’ve been connecting me with great clients for more than three years. Their customer service team is amazing and always goes the extra mile. Their site is simple and intuitive to use. Without knowing any better, you’d think you were dealing with a company that had hundreds of employees. I couldn’t be more impressed.

  • Jasen Woehrle

    I nominate The Firm Public Relations & Marketing. There is a fun personality in their page – it is not just a list of client press releases. They post current news stories, pop culture, what is happening in their offices, and interesting items that are happening with their clients.

  • Dave Sveen

    I nominate Incredible Marketing in Orange County California!!

    The dedication to their clients is unparalleled – performance unmatched – and team members, simply INCREDIBLE! :)

  • Gloria Rand

    I’d like to nominate Coach Jenn always offers inspirational and motivational advice to small biz owners! 

  • Dave Sveen

    I nominate Incredible Marketing in Orange County California!!
    The dedication to their clients is unparalleled – performance unmatched – and team members, simply INCREDIBLE! :)

  • Ian John Tighe

    These guys are always helpful when choosing what items of clothing to purchase, or any other inquiries thereafter. They also keep abreast of all of the latest news concerning one of my favourite topics (comics and all related content). A top notch page all-around :-D

  • Linus

    Also Out For Blood clothing;!/OutForBloodClothing

    I have been doing promotional work for them and I have gotten the chance to meet the owners, very nice people who are truly passionate about their work and the quality of product they produce.

  • Johanna

    I nominate Campbell Cameras Facebook page because of their customer service and involvement with their customers. Here is the link

  • TL Moore

    Nominating the Mile High Grill and Inn – a yummy local’s favorite restaurant and watering hole in Jerome, Arizona!

  • KK Adams

    I nominate Cowboy Outfitters. They have great products and great lifestyle posts. 

  • Liz

    Eli | Rose Social Media for engaging content and community


    I nominate pampered pets great job those ladies do our dog jenson looks fab.

  • Gloria Rand

    I’d like to nominate They provide great tips on painting your home with excellent photos too. 

  • Glory Fang

    They always have the most creative, edgy, push-the-envelope posts/statuses!

  • Sam Peek

    I would like to nominate Incredible Marketing. – they are cool people, not boring posts, and sassy.  Fun giveaways too.  

  • William Morgan

    I nominate Code Blue Computing.  Family owned and operated.  Exceptional knowledge in all things technical.

  • Trish Sabino

    I’d like to nominate Inside Higher Ed.  It’s the leading online source of news, opinions, and jobs for all of higher ed.

  • AlinaJoy @ Good Old Days Farm

    I would like to nominate Kelly Lester from EasyLunchboxes.  Her facebook page is:  The reason I like her page so much is that she sells lunchboxes, but she uses her Facebook page to provide parents like me with all kinds of lunch packing ideas, health and nutrition information and even promotes other people’s products that will make my life easier.  Plus, she has a sparkling personality and she replies to every comment she receives on her Facebook page.  I think she’s done a fabulous job using Faceook to not just promote her business, but build an online community based on something we all have in common… We all eat lunch!

  • Kim Hawkins

    I’d like to nominate Jennifer Bennett of Social Media Jen:
    The information on her page is always timely and spot on. She is generous with her knowledge of Social Media and doesn’t ever make you feel silly for asking questions.

  • Jeffrey Ringer

    I’d like to nominate
    They do a good job of mixing announcements, photos, and updates. They also do a great job with cover images.

  • Trish Sabino

    I’d like to nominate Inside Higher Ed–The leading online news source for news, opinion, and jobs.

  • Debbie June Rickman Laughlin
  • Dawn Shafer Wilkerson is who I am nominating! She is AMAZING and am honored to nominate Jen! If anyone is looking to take their business to the next level using Social Media, she is THE person! The heart of a teacher and amazing knowledge!

  • Brittney Kaufmann

    I would like to nominate Robbie Fox’s in Tempe.

    They always have extremely humorous posts that fit the character/personality of the place and people.  They have tons of fans that are incredibly engaged!

  • Kellie

    I nominate 
    :  she rocks and so does her jewelry.

  • Lyzluc
  • Denaezamora

    I nominate Tink Designs!!! Their graphics and designs rock and they are great to work with!

  • hollyinheels

    I’d LOVE to nominate the awesome social + digital media marketing small biz, Red 5 Social. I love this page because it’s engaging, witty, always fun to read, and has everyday useful social media thoughts and articles. Great company and awesome page. Plus their branding/logo is awesome.

  • James Strickland

    Artist/baker/illustrator, great recipes, kind to small puppies, posts great photos, interesting projects, have learned a lot from her Facebook page, good engagement with fans –

  • burtadem

    I am nominating the Incredible Marketing Inc of Orange County. They offer quality and best SEO and Web Development!

  • Barlee Creations

    My favorite is Earthegy Beautiful jewelry artisan.

  • Mtwashington98

    I nominate because they share great ideas!

  • Portola Coffee Lab

    I nominate ( , these guys have interesting content,



    According to this page is The Top Facebook Page with the Most Momentum in the Automotive category: Adding 624 fans per day; 4,611 fans per week; 16,237 fans per month. 

  • TonyTheComedyGuy

    I nominate the funniest comedy group in the Long Island region!
    Knock ‘em Dead Comedy!

  • James Art Ville

     I recommend

    They are a small business with great customer support and they always provide resources and knowledge about batteries and chargers so that the customer can understand and make the best decision.

  • Eyespike1

    I would like to nominate
    They are a great small local company with BIG Flavor.

  • burtadem

    The SEO Firm Incredible Marketing!

  • Sharon Salang

    * Inside Higher Ed * …A great and free source for careers and news in higher education!

  • Myss Miranda Walters

    I would like to nominate the non-profit group Sedona Gay Pride ( for their efforts to include an entire county and not just one community in their education and support efforts.

  • Bucsbabe15

    I nominate JP Harman Photography! An independent woman-veteran owned photography business, specializing in those special moments:!/pages/JP-Harman-Photography/160464550683297

  • Ramosdi

    I nominate There is always something new and exciting on their page. They let you in on recipes and I love to cook and I like the trivia questions that they sometimes post.

  • Danielle

    I am nominating They have awesome promotions, give aways and contests! Such an active Facebook community! 

  • Kyoo

    My vote goes to :)

  • John1234

    We love KIDS N PETS! Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free cleaning products and they WORK!!/kidsnpetsbrand


  • Lori

    I’d like to nominate Sirius Alpacas at:

    Good variety of alpaca farming, fiber arts and fashion posts. Very helpful and fun. Good balance of products and news. Contests invite fans to enter for shopping sprees at their website. They have a good related blog, too.

  • Jane mcdonald They are great advocates for people with metabolic disorders.

  • Lgainer

    The folks who are on ocean Lakes seem to genuinely love the campground and Ocean Lakes does an exceptional job of keeping their FB friends informed and entertained. Plus, the pictures are always fun to see!

  • SwimUniversity

    I nominate:

    They really know how to engage with their fans and provide great deals and contests to anyone who likes them. If you own a pool, you’d be a fool for not “liking” them.

  • Michael Henderson – Great community, genuinely cares about the impact it makes.

  • Jan Maskew

     I love She has helped me so much with all the great infomation and content she puts on her page to help :)

  • Carolyn

    I nominate Exabyzness  They have informative pertinent short articles with links if you want more detailed information. 

  • amanda chance

    I nominate!/socialmediawithjen
    She has a heart of gold and wisdom in abundance

  • Meeghan

    I nominate because there is so much great content, vids, pics and engagement with customers.  

  • Channa

    Channa Serenity, Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching. My passion is to help women take control of their bodies, minds and
    spirits, and create balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives. I
    want to empower women to make lifestyle changes necessary for their
    best possible health.

  • Sharon Crescent Fabulous owner and staff, always helpful, and always kind. The store is beyond your wildest dreams if you’re a needleworker. 

  • Seventhchild

    I nominate 
    She uses Face Book to help power her small business and does it very well. Wonderful marketing strategies and engaging content. And her jewelry is beautiful. 

  • Stephanie Thames

    I would like to nominate McCoy’s Building Supply. The page is a great reflection of their company culture. They feature their team member’s milestone anniversaries with the company, customer celebrations and photos as well as customer engagement. They boast a “Business As Unusual” culture where people come before profits.

  • KLZ

    I’d like to nominate 

    They are a small business specializing in helping other small businesses succeed.

  • Jennprov

    I would like to nominate Tampa Bay Wines For Humanity – they do private wine tastings in your home & donate a percentage of all sales to the prevention of homelessness – if that’s not a good excuse to have a glass of vino, I dunno what is?!!/TampaBayWinesForHumanity

  • Suni Goodman

    I would like to nominate Obeo, because they offer so many wonderful Real Estate Marketing tools to help captivate the online viewers and get homes sold fast! Also, they offer many free Webinars to help maximize your social media networking for your Business, among many other helpful topics.

  • Mark Harai

     I’d like to nominate:

  • Elise Chambers

    You should really consider Willow Creek Theater:

    Not only are they totally on the ball with all of the comings and goings of movies (which can be complicated with several new releases a week), but they do a very good job of posting polls, news tidbits and other interesting content that keeps me checking it week after week.

    Plus, they sometimes give out free popcorn, passes and posters!

  • Laurie Nylund

    I nominate Tea Silvestre (aka The Word Chef) at Tea is a savvy marketing coach and mentor for small business who knows her stuff. She treats her clients like friends and really cares about the success of your business.  She is a great teacher, and a damn fine writer as well.

  • MW

    I would like to nominate

  • Karleigh

    We’re working our butts off to get our FB page in people’s newsfeeds! So I’ll nominate:
    We’re sassy. :)

  • John Pullo

    Here you go…
    A family-owned business, and the fb page is modeled as a cigar lounge…it’s an ongoing conversation, not the hard sell!

  • Stacey like the Wine Cellars at Stapleton because they have great staff and their Facebook page always keeps me up to date on the latest tastings.

  • Gabriella Montemayor

    I nominate Kirk Marketing Solutions ( for their cool technology posts and inspirational quotes and photos. 

  • JoAnn McKeown

    I nominate   Great online tutoring for business owners. Always goes the extra mile to help and the support is tremendous!

  • Lynn Mcleod

    Phil, why can’t my friend see this comment box (or any of the comments)? Does he have to sign to see for your newsletter to enter comments?

  • Geri

    I would like to nominate Lisa Tener’s Always engaging with her fans and offers great tips and advice.

  • Lena Price   They are a totally awesome heating and cooling company that does a great job at staying in touch and making it real.

  • Britt Urbach

    My vote is for Charleston Harbor Tours & The Schooner Pride Facebook page!

  • Terri bergan

    Sirius Alpaca’s……….Regular posts and an entertaining blog that appeals to all people!

  • Patty Radford Henderson

    I nominate:

    Elite Destination Homes is a luxury vacation home rental company. They are a client and we’ve been honing the content for a couple months now. The engagement (likes, comments and shares) is fantastic and the exposure it gets is providing steady organic growth of the fan base. Also the page has been doing an amazing job of driving traffic to their website. A key objective.


  • Pam

    I would like to nominate the Ganaraska Forest Centre
    This is a great page that keep visitors to the forest updated and includes lots of great environmental tips and news.

  • KJ nominate RecruitMilitary’s Facebook page for the great things they do for our Military Veterans!

  • Ohiobronco77

    I would like to nominate RecruitMilitary’s Facebook web site

  • dmyers

    I nominate RecruitMilitary at – nearly 41,000 fans!  The mission is veterans helping veterans find meaningful jobs – how can you not like that?!

  • Paulina

    I’d like to nominate LiveFitness. Fantastic resource for a healthy and balanced lifestyle along with hilarious  articles and updates to keep you entertained and equally informed. This Page also posts amazing motivations photos – very inspiring!
    Here’s the link:

  • Kimmycarver

    I would like to nominate The High Tech Society. Just as much as it is a site that has help for people on tech stuff it is also a super supportive group of writers that help each other and others. 

  • Andrea Lane

    I would like to nominate

    Brenda’s posts make me laugh, are educational, and keep me motivated!

  • Laura Cothran

    I’m nominating my own employer’s page, I think we do a great job engaging our fans and have created a trusted, knowledgeable community of educators (our target customers).

  • Elise Graham

    I’d like to nominate Call-Em-All at Call-Em-All’s fans are fun, engaged, and there are even some good work pranks! 

  • Shannont51

    I would like to nominate : They have amazing MMA/Street clothing! The customer service with this company is phenominal as well!            

  • Jane Staton

    I nominate
    RecruitMilitary ROCKS!!!

  • Karen Brook

    The High Tech Society is a great site. They get my nomination!

  • Cindy

    I nominate E3Live:  Fun & informative natural health info along with great products! 

  • Chris Armstrong

    What better business than one that steps to the plate and tries to do something about Veteran unemployment?

  • David Phillips

    Fishnet Restaurant in College Park, MD enjoy frequent updates about menu items with photos included

  • Faith

    I nominate Bestitched Needlepoint. They have one of the best FB pages I have ever seen! Their pictures make me want to start each canvas they post and they have a weekly contest for the fan of the week. Their facebook page sent me to their store when we visited Scottsdale, Arizona and I went back on our next visit.

    Faith Miller

  • Blake Botvin SuperHeroStuff has tons of engagements, 120K+ Likes, and is extremely interactive with their followers.

  • Aimee West

    I would like to nominate

    Posting lots of fun and informative images with great interaction from people.

  • Suni Goodman

    I would like to nominate Obeo. They offer many great marketing solutions to help Real Estate Sell fast! Obeo also captivates online viewers through various interactive tools that showcase the home and helps viewers imagine themselves buying/owning/living in the home. Obeo also regularly hosts FREE Webinars on many various topics including How to Maximize your online marketing efforts through Social Media.

  • Dr. Daisy Sutherland

    I nominate Jennifer Bennet…here is her FB Biz page:

  • Gloria Rand

    I’d like to nominate Terrific photos, awesome engagement, and uplifting content – posts & videos 

  • Stuart Hutchison

    It’s amazing how one person’s words can educate, empower, and motivate all at the same time!  For that reason, I’d love to nominate: 

  • DeebGhanma because it always make conversation with there clients , do many competition  for them  

  • Sam Goodwin

    I nominate 365 Things to do in North County San Diego!  I use these guys for all kinds of updates in my town.  When I am trying to figure out what to do for the weekend, I check out their page!  great resource for North County 

  • Phelpb
    I like this page based on its great health information. The information on this page could truly reduce healthcare costs in America and help millions of people get out of pain. The Muscle Repair Shop looks at muscle engineering, not muscle science like many doctors, therapists, and trainers.

  • Tiffany Dodson

    I would like to nominate Strasburg Rail Road’s Facebook Page: I have worked alongside the Strasburg Rail Road team for three years and they are dedicated and passionate about utilizing and growing their Facebook Page. They post a great variety of content such as history, railfan facts and photos and event information. They have a great track record with responding promptly and utilizing Facebook as a customer service platform. They have a very engaged fan base who truly appreciate the page and the railroad team definitely deserves recognition for their efforts! 

  • Jenni

    I nominate CUAdvantage Marketing Solutions.

    While serving credit unions on a local and national level, CUAdvantage
    maintains a personal touch, as is evidenced by the creative pieces they design and
    print, and the professional, but fun staff!

  • Hisa resitev

    I nominate
    Great communication & engagement.

  • S Garner Giordano

    SouthernBelleLingerie.Com has a very good look. It is professional and was featured as Facebook’s MarketPage of the week. It is informative with tips on how to wear a corset and commercials to watch right on the page.

  • Nicole Mazer

    The #1 Weight-Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America! 

  • KristiBisti

    I nominate
    because is MY page and the hamster is so cute. Bit the page isn’t in english…

  • Rachel H

    I nominate Awesome business that helps writers through the journey to authorhood!

  • Dev Dima Azar

    i’d like to nominate  because it use very creative and attractive ideas in marketing :)

  • Anita
  • Randallam

    I’d like to nominate, it’s a site that tries to promote and advertise all the good things, artists, musicians and good ideas in Costa Rica, at a really low cost in the case of commercial activities, and free in the case of musicians and artists, just to help them have a chance to grow and have more presence in the web. The website focuses on positive things, helping others, social work. Something like this should be made in all countries, and supported by media and sponsors. 

  • Dev Dima Azar

    i’d like to nominate because it uses very attractive and creative ideas in marketing :)

  • Deneeburns

     RecruitMilitary – – I nominate RecruitMilitary because it helps those getting out of the military find AWESOME jobs (& their spouses too!)

  • Eric Vonheim 

    I nominate What’s For Work? as a small business with good content and engagement.

  • Amanda Hinrichs

    I nominate 42, an emerging advertising agency and software development company in Lincoln, NE. They’re a small shop with a big knowledge of the industry. Their Facebook page tells a lot about their employees’ passions and expertise, and also shows the company’s fun culture. They also recently used their Facebook page to help them make the finals of Chase’s Mission: Small Business contest to win a $250,000 grant to create new high-tech jobs in Lincoln.

  • Jason

    I nominate 

    1. They are good at what they do.
    2. Very active on Facebook

  • Lwinsell

    I nominate!/centricityshow  they keep us up to date and current on latest trends, looks and happennings….

  • Eric Vonheim


  • Rahul Roy

    No Love for Google+ Brand pages?

  • RoseyPosey

    I nominate RIDDLE-A modern boutique with Vintage style. They have the best clothes and jewelry.

  • Sarah Great updates with the right frequency, good use of images, and consistent interaction with fans.

  • Lambo

    I nominate because they know how to have fun with social. 

  • Taylor Marek

    I nominate

    Great engagement with all the fans, always interesting posts and encourage submissions by fans as well!

  • Dee

    I am nominating SEO Essential Solutions. Very informative.

  • Jbuse9161
  • JW
  • Dima I. Azar

    i’d like to nominate it use new ways in marketing

  • Michelle Davidson

    At this moment I’m going to nominate the because of the consistent determination they show every day to help animals in need. We all need to have hearts like them!

  • Randy B

    I nominate: …Great information, pics and loves the great outdoors!

  • Kelly Lester (Easy Lunchboxes)  Laura Fuentes, chief mom at MOMables & herself a mom of 3 (her baby is only 8 months old) works harder than anyone I know to engage and promote ways that moms (and dads) can prepare and pack healthy meals for their families. Her FB page is the perfect blend of personality, great info, and entertainment. 

  • Jason J.

    I nominate the Gateway Men’s Chorus!  Frequent and engaging postings daily to engage the community, fans and members!

  • Christine 
    Carter & Cavero has a few local shops and is starting their online presence.  They let their prices speak for themselves.   

  • Caitlin Z.

    I nominate
    Arkovi provides wonderful engagement with fans.  They build their online presence by sharing different forms of relevant and engaging content and utilizing different forms of media such as blog posts, articles, pictures, videos, and (my favorite) the Social Media Minute podcasts.  These podcasts are published each week and address questions on how to build a successful online presence.  Such a great Facebook page!

  • RavenDelana

    I nominate . She’s super authentic, shares great tips on natural beauty and self esteem and has a great message that will help women around the world. 

  • Tami

    I would like to nominate TAD Sports. We are a small business offering sports performance classes and bootcamps for young athletes to adults! We have used FB to keep our fans up to date on the latest activities at TAD. Most recently we have tried to increase fan participation on our FB page. Winning tickets to the Facebook Success Summit would be a Fantastic learning tool for the growth of our page!

  • Noora
  • Jackie

    I nominate
    RecruitMilitary‘ve been supporting our nations unemployed veterans find jobs and education for over 14 years (since before it was popular to do so!).

  • Brad knell – These guys share awesome content and and really ‘get’ social media! “2 Thumbs Up”

  • Maria Antonia Castillo

    I nominate  Is the best Facebook community for mothers in spanish, we can share with others mothers. Is very nice, I love it!!

  • Lauren P

    I nominate
    I love that I can go to Grand Hotel’s page and be transported to a different time. 

  • Al_ice24

    nominating SEO Essential Solutions hardworking Ladies at your service. 

  • Bluetina

    I nominate Great jewellery, very active and engaging page. Keeps me interested! 

  • Hope B

    I would like to nominate Strasburg Rail Road’s Facebook Page: as a great example of how to maximize your customer service through social media.  From great contests and updates on special events to tips on parking, Strasburg Rail Road engages and entertains its audience. Over the last two years, Strasburg Rail Road’s Facebook page has evolved to be a true extension of the experience.  Well done.

  • Victoriamf87

    I am nominating the M-Edge facebook page because they have great contest and creative contests/promotions!

  • Bethany Pocceschi

    I would like to nominate The Black Bass Hotel Facebook Page – each post is interesting whether it be history of the hotel or a great sunset shot along the river. They use the page to promote local community events and have some fun with fans on comment interaction.

  • Lisa C

    I nominate because the great engagement between followers and the railroad creates an informative 2-way communication channel. There are also numerous types of followers, from moms wanting a fun experience for their kids to railroad enthusiasts who are passionate about trains. The Page is a place where they all come together and share ideas, photos, tips, questions, concerns, etc.

  • J. Cross
  • Will Mitchell
  • Margarita Simone

    I nominate because they help patients maintain and empower their health decisions.  I hope you like them too! :) Thanks for the love

  • Party Elements

    I would like to nominate Koyal Wholesale  They are definitely the leaders in the event design industry.  They are always up on the latest trends and provide top-notch products.

  • Kian Thomas

    I nominate Smelly Things Candle Company.  They are a small local St. Louis Missouri business that believes in eco-friendly soy candles by using 99% recycable materials…… and each candle is made to order and they smell up your house in under 20 minutes using lead free wicks as well.!/

  • Shelly Wade

    I nominate Her page is both fun & informative. She sells great egg carton labels & items for chicken lovers, but it’s so much more than that. She has a lot of great information about chicken-keeping, as well as recipes. She takes the time to answer questions posted on her page by others. She has regular followers without chickens, who simply enjoy the beautiful pictures of her flock.  

  • Fcshea

    I nominate The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by

    This one-woman small business is just over a year old
    and has over 12,500 fan, over 50% of whom are ‘talking about this’ daily (7,925
    today, for instance).

    The content is always fresh, engaging and positive. It
    educates, informs and entertains backyard chicken keepers and makes
    non-chicken-keepers wish they had chickens! Kudos to Kathy for taking backyard
    chicks by the horns and creating a successful business out of chicken

  • Linda

    I nominate This site has beautiful jewelry for sale and the seller, Chrisy Bossie, gives great service, has entertaining posts, and is a caring and sharing individual!

  • Jordan  This is my favorite! I find the coolest dresses and shoes there.

  • Pinkchic18

    I’d like to nominate – They’ve got a beautiful page, plus a neat welcome page with coupons and special features. I also think the is utilizing their tools well too!

  • Sky

    I nominate
    Love the museum and the facebook page offers great info and updates

  • Greg Antonelle
    Elyssa Antonelle is the owener of MickeyTravels, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner – specializing in Making Magic One Vacation at a Time.  Their services are 10)% FREE!  They are a small business with 13,000+ organically grown FB fans!

  • Mayerjm

    I would like to nominate RecruitMilitary, a great place for veterans to connect and get tons of good information.   Also a tremendous help to veterans looking for work anyplace in the country!

  • Robbyn McLellan

    Love LiveFitness page:

    Articles and information posted are informative, interesting and most of all helpful!!

  • Lindy Kosydar

    I nominate for their awesome photographs each day.

  • Matthew Tice

    I’d like to nominate … great business with an even greater message. Free recipes, health news, and much more!

  • Trish B.

    I would like to nominate Sinai Hospital in Baltimore:

    Sinai’s page offers health tips, news, videos, pictures and more to keep everyone up-to-date with the organization.

  • Kurt Uhlir

    I nominate
    Great lifestyle content, pictures, etc. for their community. 

  • Kathren

    They have great information and grants for teachers. We Are
    Teachers also have education consultants that are teachers in the field; it is
    a great place to connect with other teachers to share tips and ideas. They also
    have some great giveaways.

  • Laura Bogart

    I’d like to nominate Sinai Hospital in Baltimore’s FB page:

  • Barbyterzian

    I nominate: Metro Ford Export Miami at  Metro Ford Export Miami has great content, beautiful photos of Ford cars and its fans are fully engaged…it has a huge following, almost 40,000 fans and growing daily.

  • Chris D

    I nominate the Carousel’s Facebook page!  Every morning the Carousel posts weather conditions and Ocean City’s sunrise photos from the beach on 118th st!  The page has gotten so popular, it is featured on MD’s page weekly.  The small team at the Carousel has developed applications which allow for users to make a reservation from the page without ever having to visit the website.   Check it out, Im sure you would agree, this page has a great thing going!

  • MaryDan

    I nominate Muller Family Theatre’s Willow Creek 12!  They are one of the friendliest movie theaters and Facebook pages and share lots of great information regarding new releases and film information.

  • Helenwarburton

    I nominate – they have an amazing page which is fun to be on, as well as giving away loads of free graphic design training!

  • Stefwels23

    I am very proud to nominate Red-I By Chelsea –

    Stunning wedding jewelry and more!! Her creativity is unbeleviably as is her ability to create your vision.

  • Andre Yabin
  • PhilMershon

    Hi Lidia,
    We’re going to let you decide. Typically it means less than 100 employees and a certain income level. But since that varies by industry, we’ll let our judges decide if a business is truly a small business.

  • Michael R. McCarty

    I would love to nominate a company that puts Smiles on faces everyday.

  • PhilMershon

    Of course :)

  • Coconoir1908

     I nominate the one and only Chelsea of Red-i by Chelsea…….
    custom jewelry with a personal, friendly, kind and gentle touch. 

  • Withane

    I nominate RecruitMilitary ( – For 15 years of aggressively encouraging employers to hire military veterans….

  • Andysevans

     Obeo has a great Facebook page that shares great tips, contests and information with it’s fans.

  • Heather Smith

    I have to nominate is a great place for freelance writers to go to make extra money. They are very professional and I have not found another site like them that is as easy to use and honest.

  • Tj Johnson
  • Dave C

    I nominate Dittmer’s, our local smokehouse. They almost lost their business due to a fire but have kept us posted on their progress towards opening again. I would have lost track of them and probably made a habit of shopping somewhere else without their Facebook posts. I suspect they will come out of this with an even more loyal group of regular customers like me. 

  • Wyatt Ernst has a great community built off of their Facebook Business Page.

    This page has amazing support and promotions. 

  • Dee Hough

    I nominate SEO Essential Solutions.  What can I say… they are family and I am proud of them.

  • Megan

    I would like to nominate Altered Grounds Landscaping

    They do a great job of providing excellent content and the photos and videos of yard transformations are stunning!

  • Evelynp

    Isnt GMC a nonprofit, not a small business?

  • Shannon Wimberly

    I would like to nominate:

    for their awesome FB page full of relevant content and useful information.

  • Yun

    I nominate   What can I say about this site?  Fantastic service, insanely beautiful product and a joy to do business with! My wedding wouldn’t be the same without her!

  • AGG

    I nominate Spindustry Digital. Not only do they have
    an awesome cover photo, but they are also creative and marketing savvy when it
    comes to their contests and posts. They don’t make it all about them; rather,
    they look for ways to help their clients via Facebook.

  • Olga

    This is a branding site; she gives the best branding tips I have ever seen; very clear and great engagement on her page

  • Tiffy14367

    I nominate Misty with Miss Ink at
    She always posts wonderful social media tips and advice. I look forward to her daily post.

  • The Ishum Quads

    I have to nominate Kansas City Parent Magazine!

    It is a fantastic small business that is dedicated to connecting Kansas City parents to the best and most educational events, resources, and opportunities. On top of that, they make their publication free to parents in the places that they frequent the most, like grocery stores and doctors offices. It’s fantastic!

  • Tim Hudson

    Reliable and fun – I nominate The Personalized Passport for helping me break out of my travel rut!

  • Rod Austin

    Nominating for great tips and advice on internet and social media marketing. Thanks!

  • Jill Schreibman

    I would like to nominate Alson Jewelers.  They have great content and engage the audience.  Love all the jewelry!

  • Keeley McGuire

    I would like to vote for MOMables!!/MOMables
    The site is very informative – meal planning, fresh and healthy lunchbox ideas, plus community involvement with all the readers.

  • elizabeth Maness  awesome engagement and very helpful !

  • Nick fazah – Love the shop and love their community! 

  • Apryl Parcher

    I nominate TheSkiBum Facebook Page. They’ve shown phenomenal growth in the last year and have some really active fans!

  • Sue

    I would like to nominate our facebook page which just launched on July 4. because in just 3 short weeks we have over 80 likes, and several articles posted that our readers like, and engaging info and receiving extra website traffic too directly from that. 

  • Dnseplow!/BeStitchedNeedlepoint

    The Very Best Needlepoint Store ANYWHERE!!  BeStitched Needlepoint on-line retail store is easy to navigate and has tremendous energy!  A big plus to their on-line presence is how well it mimics the brick and mortar location . . . it’s as if I’m at BeStitched in person.  I love how BeStitched does such a great job of engaging it’s facebook likes.  I have never seen such great positive action to questions.  Through BeStitched facebook I’ve made many new “stitching” friends from around the country!!

  • Alexis
    They have regular content, great customer service and a vibrant community following.

  • Mfosburgh

    I nominate:     Beautiful jewelry that is presented well. Brightens my day 

  • James

    They constantly post fun and engaging information. They’re far better than a lot of movie theatre Facebook pages! They certainly have a personality that is amazing! 

  • Ktamburrino

    I nominate SEO Essential Solutions- they are rockstars!

  • Jdumphy They always have great marketing and social media tips (that’s how I found your site)!!

  • scott

    I would say The Alcona Esso cause they have Great Content and it is not always about trying to sell something!  Check them out!  Also it is a family run business in a small town with a lot of great loyal Fans!!

  • D Spreckels

    I would like to nominate Red-I by Chelsea, she always has unique jewelry, wonderful pictures of her travels and is the most determined and dedicated small business owner I know, her creations are fabulous!

  • Lauren

    Customer Focused Systems because they do what they say and say what they do…ALWAYS!!

  • Veronica Athanasiou
  • Veronica Athanasiou
  • Sheenika Shah

    I nominate

    Awesome engagement with fans and customers, new product features, and exciting contests! Fans are always commenting and the company is on top of making sure each customer’s voice is being heard. New product photos and lifestyle shoots with their products are all beautiful! And their “Engaged Couples” contest is always a hit! 

  • Giordanoautumn

    I nominate Southern Belle Lingerie
    I nominate this small business because it has some of the most beautiful lingerie I have ever seen. This business was the underdog. Now it has its time to shine successfully.

  • Johartzell

    I like this page because the owner restored this historic business back to what it looked like originally on the outside.  She also did a great job renovating the inside.

  • Will Curran

    I would like to nominate Endless Entertainment. We get some of the highest levels of engagement in our industry and we focus our posts heavily on our teen niche.

  • Tim Watson

    I’d like to nominate Red 5 Social Media – – it’s informative, well thought out and at the cutting edge of new marketing. Well worth a visit at least once a day with some thought provoking content.

  • Gogogranny
  • L_getman

    I would like to nominate The ladies have a great collection and they have a great selection of items

  • Christine Geluk

    I nominate East Coast Divers (

  • Cindy

    I would like to nominate Technology By Design’s facebook page.  They keep their customers (and potential customers) informed!

  • Randy Kuipers

    I nominate  This little company was started on my kitchen table approx. 1 year ago by my 3 boys.  I challenged them to only promote their product through Social Media.  Today they have over 15K fans in several countries. The doors that have opened up for them are incredible. Their elastic bracelets “Straps” even made it to the Euro cup.  They have done some incredible things for local and national charities. They raised close to $24,000 in 72 hours for 2 families of sick children. They are a little company with a “Big” heart.  Check them out today. They honestly have the BEST fans in the world!

  • Joan Ginsberg

    So what’s your definition of small business? Do you have any differentiators between businesses or services that deal directly with consumers and those that are strictly B2B? Their content and ability to engage is totally different and it’s almost a shame to treat them the same.

  • Adrien ‘Thibaud’ Edwards

    I nominate Krissy Media Ink … Krissy’s an incredible writer and posts really interesting article and stories that give tips and encouragements for writers of all kinds.  There’s always something interesting.

  • Annie Sisk

    I second that nomination! 

  • Bernard Pcnest

    i nominate FTW! incredible SEO firm in Orange County ;)

  • Ken Wilson

    I will have to say that Pool Supply World is number 1. Their supplies and customer service are top notch. 

  • Ken Wilson

    I will have to say that Pool Supply World is number 1. Their supplies and customer service are top notch. 

  • Debklena

    facebook/aspireequineimages…..A feast for the eyes and lover of horses

  • Lacywiseman

    I nominate Red I by Chelsea! She has a very unique perspective and hand crests the most beautiful one f a kind jewelry! She can customize anything for you and I great to work with!

  • Meg

    I nominate the Night Owl. They have a great page.

  • Suzanne

     My nomination goes to ==>

  • Megan

    What a wonderful way to support small business and give them an always-appreciated extra shout-out!! Thanks for doing this!

  • Terri Wilson
  • Cassie

    I nominate

    They are a great company with great content! They are very professional and truly want to help businesses grow with their marketing efforts!

  • Ginny

    I would like to nominate, (vote) for facebook/aspireequineimages Debbie does great work, she is the complete photographer, She waits patiently for that perfect shot.  Or shoots that perfect action shot. Being in the right place at the perfect time 

  • Heather

    I nominate AWESOME advice on keeping the body healthy!

  • Katya Nova 
    Amazing woman behind an amazing business. She is brilliant and inspiring. To top that off, talent to create art and talent to make people feel infinitely special and warm & fuzzy inside. 

  • Brent has a great page with interesting content that is updated regularly. They also have an excellent product that everyone should taste.!/NutsAboutGranola

  • Cupasugar

    I nominate clean & to the point.

  • Irelandkelli

    I nominate TAD sports..www.facebook/TADsports
    They do great work with the kids!

  • Suzi

    I would like to nominate The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz…when I first found her page, she was just a chicken lady making labels for egg cartons but I’ve watched her fan base grow & seen her business page turn into a whole network of like minded folks who can learn all about keeping poultry, whether on a farm or in a tiny backyard…I am especially impressed with her “adoption” section, where she networks poultry needing to be rehomed, even finding transportation to folks who can adopt them….LOVE THIS PAGE

  • Cindy F.

    I would like to nominate Libre Tea’s Facebook page as they have always inspirational and health tips on their Facebook page, as well as tea facts and suggestions!

  • Hol0605

    I nominate-  Consistently great content and wonderful pics!

  • RepOfFreedom

    I vote for:  because she posts regularly and her content is FANTASTIC.  It really inspires the heck out of me and I’m always in awe of how she engages her audience around a product-based business.  Excellent and authentic marketing.

  • Ingrid Taillefer
  • Bigmeltz

    I would like to nominate SurfDogLA’s Facebook page. SurfDogLA is a local dog walker in Santa Monica.

  • Eric Bond

    I nominate .  Chelsea works around the clock to ensure all of her customers receive the best possible and most unique jewelry pieces around.  She is easy to work with and very responsive.

  • Irishluck

    I am nominating as my favorite small business.  We have seen so many kids take part in this athletic development and as a result, have seen them excel in many sports .  Tad is great at developing SKILL.  The kids seem to Love the trainers and the different types of training involved. and at the same time they are learning discipline, healthy choices and much more.  This is a wonderful place for kids to hang out and have fun.  Adults enjoy the personal training available.  We strongly suggest that you visit and see for yourself.  FUN FUN FUN

  • Kevin Dunegan

    I nominate The Firm Public Relations & Marketing – The site offers engaging content, helpful information and light-hearted observations.

  • April Linja Amazing products at reasonable prices. Chrisy Bossie really interacts with her fans, she has lots of repeat customers. She has us provide input on new designs and gives discount savings.

  • Gofergirl

    I am a Rep for Military Apparel Company. We take fatigues and uniforms and turn them into custom creations such as handbags and products for men, women, children, and even pets. Our facebook page is and my page is

  • John

    I nominate Palm Tree Charters.

  • Cathy Adams

    Cowboy Outfitters is awesome. It is a great source for cowboys and cowgirls.

  • Marie Montgomery

    Miss Ink is a PR, social media small business.  Her FB page is beautifully designed.  She keeps her content fresh, interesting and shares tips for her fans.

  • Barbara Warman

    I like to nominate Kim Garst

  • Myles Miller
  • Maggie van Santen   great food pics and awesome accommodation page

  • Kerry Postel

    I nominate Social Media Jen.
    Jen is awesome, she knows what she is talking about, her posts and blogs are always great and packed with great information. The person who Jen is shines through her company and she is just who she say she is. Her engagement is awesome.

  • Victoria340  Brian’s pages are strongly graphic and well thought out.

  • Jen Mathews

    I would like to nominate my Facebook page – and my client’s page – – thank you! :)

  • AStern23

    I’d like to Nominate
    I get all my beauty tips from Jen!! 

  • Nicole  You can feel Chelsea’s passion for what she does via her fan page. Its fun, colourful and showcases her business without being ‘salesy’. Its a great wealth of information for brides without alienating non-brides.  

  • Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    I nominate Top Tier Media because they are the best of the best when it comes to consulting for social media and PR!

  • lifecoach Margareth

    I nominate the facebook page of Chelsea .
    I just love her work and the way she communicates with us on her page.

  • Libby Stone

    I would like to nominate  
    She really knows how to make use of Facebook and has shared that knowledge freely and generously. In addition, her work is beautiful. 

  • Terresa Decker Kane
    Love this page! <3

  • terresal
    love this page!! <3

  • JummpinCaribbeanDeal a pioneer in bring group buying to the Caribbean – the site offers trivia and interactive games along with the offering of telephone credits to fans to reach out to family members and friends

  • Anne M. Beggs

    Anne M. Beggs

    I have several favorites–but Randi Thompson, the horse expert delivers inspiration, advise and encouragement everyday. She is a great candidate.  Altho I do wish I could nominate two more :D 

  • Ashleigh-Ann Scholarshipseekin

    I nominate because they have an excellent social media package and are always updating Jummpin fans on the latest deals right across the Caribbean. #TEAM JUMMPIN

  • Lynn

    My favorite is The couple who have developed it are doing their very best to promote tourism and the local economy and culture of the Bahamian island of Great Exuma. The page is colorful, interesting and lively, always changing.


  • Angela

    I would like to nominate They have great products that help people. They have a great online community and PJ personally takes the time to answer questions herself. 

  • Nozoo6

    I nominate!/Earthegy
    Great jewelry…. love the stones.

  • Shiloh

    I nominate They have excellent graphics on their page and are really good at responding to customers and giving good service. :)

  • Derek Coors

    i would nominate noco genius. do a great job at branding a battery charger and make it interesting.  great photos.

  • Jan Vickery Lillemo

    I would like to nominate Muller Family Theatres – Willow Creek 12:!/thewillowcreek. They post interesting movie tidbits, great trailers, and wonderful behind-the-scenes videos. Always something fresh and new. This is one of the few FB pages I actually look forward to seeing posts from!

  • Shannon s.

    I nominate

    Fitness for everyday people!

  • Salcat69


    This is Long Island’s # 1 Murder Mystery Comedy group….HANDS DOWN ….Guaranteed side splitting laughter and fun throughout the whole nigfht, with crazy character after crazy character, interacting with the crowd and always on top of their game….what a great time had by all…!!!!!

  • Lize

    I nominate: Chocolate for Breakfast, because it’s one of the most interactive facebook pages I have encountered. There are always lovely pictures and interesting discussions about chocolate. I think it’s the one page on facebook where everyone can have fun. Plus, it’s informative. Chocolate aside, there are some good pointers relating to nutrition and health. It’s a great page, and I hope people will visit it! On the surface it’s a sweet page about desserts, but there’s definitely something deeper on this page. More than it being about indulgence, it’s about allowing and making room for pleasure in life. We can all benefit from a little kindness in our lives, and a little sampling of the Chocolate for Breakfast page does just that for many of us. 

  • Dallas Knight

    genius chargers at
    cool products, great pics, and good promos

  • Olga

    I nominate Kim Garst; when you go to her page, you will see the engagement with everybody. Every post that is made, people jump on it to like it or to comment!

  • Jamie

    I nominate SEO Essential Solutions! Visit them at! Good luck SEO! : )

  • Jamie

    The link I pasted was not correct in my above post! I nominate SEO Essential Solutions! Here is the correct link! Good luck!

  • Bruce Humphries

    I would like to nominate

    These guys are a fantastic group who have captured the Kiwi spirit through the support of New Zealand small businesses based in Australia. Though only one year old the Kiwilocals team have had a big impact here in Australia and was highlighted on all the major media outlets when they organised mass Hakas to support the NZ All Blacks for the 2011 Rugby World Cup and the NZ Warriors for the NRL semi finals. A fantastic bunch of people who have helped many Kiwis turn their part time passion into a full time reality by sharing the Kiwi Vibe!!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Barbara!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Olga!

  • Karla Campos

    Kim Garst heads down her page rocks! @kimgarst:twitter 

  • Geri

    Hi Phil — will you be publishing a list of the nominees after Aug 20?

  • Cmwa

    I nominate Chocolate for Breakfast
    Great photos, recipes and pick me ups :o)

  • Kara Calannio

    www, Great Products, graphics and interaction! 

  • Vitality33

    I nominate https:/ as she has a passion for supporting women in particular to gain more freedom and joy in their business and it’s success.

  • Allison Coleman

    I would like to nominate – the company is “Energy Health & Nutrition” and they post great tips and health advice. They are a small health food shop in Kelowna, British Columbia.

  • Tiffanyduplissea

    I nominate

    Amazing place for women to grow their network and career!

  • Ellen Sarah Perry Miller

    I nominat because they are hysterically funny and creative. Knock’em Dead comedy makes you glad to be alive!!!!!!

  • Susan S. Davis

    I nominate Textbroker. They provide custom content that is created by a dedicated, well-informed team of writers, editors and administrators. 

  • K5s3

    Great site! Great people!!

  • Michelle – PinningPowerProfits

    We love Social Media Branding with Kim Garst for always providing such great content:

  • Heidikopakkala  pictures say it all ;)

  • Janice

    My nomination goes to Leneys @ only they have amazing range of products. Besides that, Leneys always sharing fashion tips to their customers

  • Becky

    I nominate Koyal.Yay!!! They’re the best for all your party/wedding/special events:

  • Pamela Botelho A social venture on the run to end illiteracy, always with nice videos improving reading and listening abilities, educational articles and fun quotes and pics curiosities.

  • Rajat Kapoor

     I nominate .
    Regular updates, engagement, Works for a social cause of giving reading practice to children and language learning to all. I would say they are at par with Khan academy in giving free educational content for children and language learners. I like the way they have integrated YouTube videos in their fb page.

  • Summer Fazzone

    I am nominating I chose this business for my nomination because the photographer takes incredible photos, photos that deserve more recognition than they receive and I believe more advertising would help get the word out there. If people in the market for a photographer could stumble upon this site they would see that sometimes a small photography business can rival a larger more expensive business and not lose the quality of a big time business and get the added bonus of having a photographer that is not only likable and honest but genuinely looks to help each individual get the most for their money. So many large businesses in this venue strip you dry for a photograph, Aspire Images is very reasonably priced and the photos are unbelievable! 

  • Thafox61

    I would love to nominate
    This page has great up to date images from clients latest catches which I love to see
    The pages includes a huge image gallery and quick short videos and latest deals
    The istays current with information
    The page makes you want to be on a houseboat holiday

  • Vegachauhan is my favorite! I love their short movies :) ! And they are significantly improving with their business plans !

  • Rachael Grieves

    I wold like to nominate A great page that keep everyone up to date with all that goes on for kids across Australia.

  • Mary O’Shea

    I nominate The Secret Garden

    The page is wonderful and they deserve some recognition for their wonderful facebook presence.

  • Wendy

    Deb Pilgrim rules at Gets my vote for growing your business!

  • Ljmclean Great, interesting updates and the online store is simple and full of great products.

  • Eleni Koi dedicated to Greece as a travel destination sharing tips, ideas and photos of places known and places yet to be discovered by the travelers

  • donna.joosten

    I would like to nominate their posts are original and their engagement rate is phenomenal.  

  • JobHop

    I nominate Because it’s my business but mainly because I’m on a mission to make Employment human gain with the power of social media … To get Employers & candiadtes to engage & not to miss out on each other because the ATS hasn’t recognised a real person within a paper CV.    

  • TalktoUs
    There are a few pages that cover this market but they’re mostly uninspired.  This page gives information but also has really great entertainment value and is a really nice little community.The content is ALWAYS copied by a dozen other pages because she’s a bit of a cool hunter…  Thought this page, I’ve met dozens of like minded people (it’s a page for mothers in the Brisbane area) and I find myself always commenting on items.  I think that’s the mark of good social engagement so I think this page would be a good candidate.  

  • Gerrard

    I nominate for the consistency of engaging content, for being funny and for inspiring parents with a vast variety of different offerings

  • Stella

    I would like to vote for great home made soaps

  • Guest
  • Sptaggart

    Color me rad! They have grown to well over 100k fans in just four months and are super engaging. Also a ton of fun and super successful!

  • Tammy

    Not only just Chelsea make stunning and unique custom jewelry for any occassion (especially travel and bridal, and destination weddings!) she runs her business with total Love and Integrity. 

    Working with her was a complete joy as communication with her was easy and delightful, the value of her work is beyond incredible, and end product ends up being even greater than you expect.  I highly recommend her for this contest because more people deserve to know about her.  She was the top vendor for me during my wedding and was the most enjoyable experience of my wedding planning.  I hope that other brides and people get to enjoy the Red-I by Chelsea wonderfulness!! 

    P.S. I still wear my wedding jewelry often and love seeing it every time in our wedding photos!  Thank you, Chelsea!! xoxoxox

  • Marie Feehan

    I nominate SEO Essential Solutions – I love that they offer great online marketing and are also affordable!  Great company!  

  • Cdog1616

    Great handmade accessories that are unique

  • April

    The Alabama Gulf Coast has embraced social media like few other brands. Our fans are incredibly loyal and conversational, and we continuously strive for ways to keep it fun and interesting. The page has also served as the hub of communications during crises such as the 2010 oil spill. The page is located at and we hope you will visit soon!

  • The Soft Landing Sisters

    I love Earth Mama Angel Baby’s page because they invest so much more time and effort in educating and supporting their fans (mostly new moms) than they do worrying about selling.  They’re clearly passionate about what they do.  They use a consistent voice for their brand, and yet they keep their fans hopping with humor and unexpected whims.  Most people actually go to their page for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding tips and end up buying their zero toxin, organic products as a secondary thought. 

  • Lesley

    I’d love to nominate Disco Duck’s page . They have a good mix of information and fun and also a great product!

  • Suzephelps1
    This is The Muscle Repair Shop page and he gives away good info that helps people get out of pain.

  • Goatgirl123

     I’d like to nominate:

    Earthegy has really got her pulse on how to market with social media, especially FB.  She’s been able to advertise with FB ads in an extremely effective manner, and use it to her business’ advantage. 

  • RoZ!/DirectlySuccessful

    I nominate Kelly Paull of Directly Successful. She has taught me HOW TO DO STUFF to promote my business thru fabulous free videos on her fb page.

  • Kerry

    I nominate

    Fun, engaging and different

  • marktufano

    I nominate

    Glide Surf Co posts great original content everyday! By doing this, they have built an active and engaged community.

  • RoZ!/ideagirlmedia

    Keri has the most interesting images, questions, posts, etc several times a day & she is helpful, smart & makes great use of her fan page.

  • Emyr Thomas

    I’d like to nominate Bon Vivant, a concierge service in London that gives great updates on hotels, restaurants and events:



  • Mel

    I nominate the Brooks Farms Facebook page because they’re constantly working on ways to actively engage their many fans. Their content is updated on a regular basis, the page is eye-catching and full of colourful pictures, they’re always putting up entertaining videos and they have contests on a regular basis for their fans to participate in.

  • Philipgbrowne

  • Sandy

    I am nominating First, because it’s my page and second because my passion is helping small business, with an emphasis on local business, to create and maintain a marketing presence in the online world and run effective administrative systems. The page has recently been revamped with a new look and feel.

  • Elaine
    I nominate Alson Jewelers.  They have done an excellent job of promoting their business through various platforms online such as facebook, pinterest, blogs and email marketing.  I always look forward to receiving their unique and interesting posts and have also enjoyed following and participating in their unique contests on facebook. They always have great content on their blogs and in their newsletters.  The jewelry happens to be amazing too!!  Good Luck!

  • Talking Finger

    My vote would be for Talking Finger. They really get it…they post continually awesome information, and most importantly, look at how they answer the questions people ask…at almost all hours of the day and night. Always engaging, and a mix of info, education, fun….everything!

  • Kaleb Van Holten

    I nominate redibychelsea.  She makes amazing custom jewelry and I know that I can count on something my wife will love every time i make a purchase from redibychelsea

  • Jess

    I would like to nominate Dog Pack Snacks because not only are the dog snacks made using human grade, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, the company donates a protion of its proceeds to a local canine rescue organization.  The Facebook link is  http:/

  • Samuel Chan

    I’d like to nominate Impressions ( for its visual appeal and depth of engagement in relative to its community size.

  • Laura Sykes deserve to win because they have a readily accessible and welcoming page which reliably does what it says. 

  • John Sweeney Jr

    I nominate Social Network Radio Station as they give us the best internet radio there is. They have 7 stations to choose from. They are commercial free 24/7 and dont ask for our personal info to listen it is just click and listen. You can listen from their website or right on their Facebook page which is really good while surfing Facebook or playing games. 

  • Elaine Karmasyn

    I highly nominate Talking Finger  It is a company that is managed by a great team of dedicated staff, who’s knowledge is absolutely amazing in terms of social media.  Their service is brilliant, they share all the latest, they offer support, they have fun, they have a sense of humour, and much more.  This company definitely deserves this award.  As a novice to social media in my early days, they were tremendous support, and this nomination is a further thank you to them.

  • Liz Soucise

    I nominate….love her pieces and her accessibility to her customers

  • Susan Can Help Me

     I nominate because Jen puts her heart and soul into giving you the best tips on how you can use Social Media to grow your business!

  • Trish Thomas

    I nominate The folks at Talking Finger provide a lot of very useful social media marketing tips and techniques for small businesses.  Their page is always my first stop when I have a question or simply want to learn about the hot topics.

  • Judy McDaniel Keeton

    I cast my vote for Social Network Radio and here’s their page:  Awesome content!  Love the variety of music.  :)

  • Jack Morgan

    Always learning great new stuff form the gang at Talking Finger

  • Llib Asored

    Talking Finger, without a doubt. Highly informational, totally engaged with audience and they answer questions most of the time within minutes of someone asking, and always with a clear definition or instruction. Also a good mix of info, humor and facts/figures as well as tips etc. Awesome page

  • Llib Asored

    Talking Finger, without a doubt. Highly informational, totally engaged with audience and they answer questions most of the time within minutes of someone asking, and always with a clear definition or instruction. Also a good mix of info, humor and facts/figures as well as tips etc. Awesome page

  • Joanne Doane

    I nominate !!
    SEVEN radio stations of commercial-free music 24/7 and a very interactive, informative loyal fan page following all genres of music !

  • Trisha M. Russon

    I nominate

    Great group of people who are in the know. They are always available to help their fans out no matter how big or how small the problem is. They have a very informative website. I love it!

  • Cgurriere

    I nominate Talking Finger.  They post great social media information and are very engaging with their fans.  Great job!

  • John Sweeney Jr

    I like Talking finger always offers great advice and the right advice to get things going. Very Informative, great staff.

  • John

    I nominate

  • Donna

    I nominate !!!!
    They have 7 radio stations that play 24/7 and are commercial free.  The owner John Sweeney keeps you informed of the all latest music news as well he helps promote new bands and artists on his Indie Station.  He  has lots of loyal fans because of his friendly and hard working  as well he is open to music suggestions for his stations and adds them to the appropriate station.  Social Network Radio Station Rocks! 

  • TeamVFM

    I nominate

    They are a small local retail home remodeling company and has never been involved in Social Media until a few months ago and have truly embraced it to make a difference in their presence and sales efforts.

  • Susan Glennon

    Connecticut’s TALKING FINGER at is by far THE BEST. Erik and Bill know what they are ‘talking’ about, are attentive and responsive to their clients AND, most important of all in my book, they are fair and extremely generous with their time.

  • Annabel Young

    I agree with Emyr about Bon Vivant’s page – lots of good updates on travel, restaurant, events and the odd style and culture article:


  • Andi Nieman McDermott A unique business with many different kinds of projects!

  • Phyllismini

    I nominate Palm Tree Charters – Captain John does a terrific job of keeping clients engaged with his daily updates, wonderful pictures and video clips, holiday messages and more!  He keeps us coming back again and again!

  • Avenueofdesign

    I nominate Spector Furniture and Home Decor in Ansonia, CT.
    They have survived for over 122 years while all these large “Big Box” furniture stores keep popping up.  Some of the families that shop there go back 4 and 5 generations
    They have recently been trying to take a step forward into the modern way of doing things.  They have been keeping customers updated on Facebook by posting happenings in their store, letting customers know when ever they have a great sale, furniture facts and tips and newsletters.  They also try to engage the customers with questions.

  • Laura Hudson

    Hallelujah Acres’ Facebook page has been featured for not only proving ROI but also for providing relevent engagement to its fans.  The page is

  • Sharon

    I nominate

    I have known Chelsea personally since she was in Jr. High School.  I love her design, inspiration and creativity.  I own quite a few of her original designed pieces, I always recommend her to anyone I know getting married, or if I need a gift that no one can replicate – I go to RedI by Chelsea.  It is a pleasure to watch her business take off, no one deserves it more. 

  • John Woodhouse

    I would like to nominate Jive Nation Poland!/JIVENATIONPOLAND for their innovative use of the FB page facilities and engaging promotions. This small business has nearly 2,500 fans in only 7-8 months.  

  • ClearlyDerby … great content and on top of the latest trends

  • Ask Us

    Without a doubt Talking Finger! They are on top of their game and engage with all their fans, #1!

  • Jenicane

    I nominate

    These guys rock! They know their stuff and are always up to date on new technologies. Great to work with- responsive and creative. They share alot of useful tips and content.

  • Zionette Cleek

    Talking Finger without a doubt! They are on top of their game an engage with all their fans, #1!

  • M Maxwell3

    I’d like to nominate The instructors really care about everyone that walks into class, making sure that you are being safe while pushing yourself to test your limits. 

  • kittyballistic

    I would like to nominate Earthegy:

    Someone who really knows how to interact with people using social media, and who is happy to share her knowledge with others.

  • Terri Eilers

    I nominate Chocolate For Breakfast.  Every post draws my attention, after all what is not to like about a site devoted to chocolate?


    Talking Finger is a fantastic helpful business.

  • Wanda Chiles

      Talking Finger are just the BEST!!  They walked a gadzillion of us thru the change to FB Timeline, are happy to answer any questions regarding anything, no matter how trivial it may seem…They just ROCK !!!!                     

  • Mamta Mamta

    I nominate Buzzaria

    Visually delightful,great customer interaction.

    Disclosure – This is my page

  • John D

    Professional and competent company, great guys.

  • Speake Software

    I gladly nominate  Bill, Erik, and the rest of the crew have been my go-to guys (and gal) for the last couple years.  They are always on top of the latest information and trends.  Their seminars a must-attend events.

  • Dcrowt1582

    I nominate Spector Furniture and Home Decor…….  They’ve been a family owned and operated business for over 120 years and still treat customers with a personal, friendly attitude.  I’ve been a fan of their facebook page for awhile and they always fill it with interesting furniture trivia and helpful tips.

  • £ºÑ€¤¥µKºÑ

    Social Network Radio gets my nod…coz they ROCK!!!

  • Leanne Marie

    I nominate RED-I by Chelsea   – -
    She is also offering helpful info to her clients and fans!!  And beautiful photos

  • John Cothran    When it comes to the best, you can not beat CR Creative Group.  Attentive to individual marketing and business needs, and wonderful staff to work with!

  • John Cothran     Wonderful company…If ya need a website created, this is your team!

  • Cindy Braid

    There are so many businesses that I would like to nominate as many have helped me grow my page over the last year.  I would like to nominate Oretta Norris with  Oretta posts easy to learn tutorials daily and interacts with all her fans.  She has introduced me to groups that have helped me grow my page to where I am now very satisfied with it. Her page is one that I check on daily-as I never know what Oretta has posted that may improve my site.  

  • T Houser

    I nominate got a great concept of educating public about alternative health solutions without running to the drugstore.  Basic solutions of old lost or forgotten like our grandparents did before us.  

  • mtboys62 Its a new page and small business but I love the look and content.

  • Sizemore47978
    I love St. John and these folks let me get a taste of the life everyday!!

  • Joyfaubel

    Earthegy….lovely handmade jewelry with natural stones :>

  • Cdickenson

    I’d like to nominate SEO Essential Solutions.

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you Michelle!

  • Jen

    Thank you so much Kerry! 

  • Jen

    Thank you Susan!  So appreciate this! 

  • Jen

    Thanks so much Kim!  

  • Jen

    Thanks Dawn!  So grateful! 

  • Terry Williamson

    I nominate Her fan page is awesome. Lot’s of personality and engagement!

  • Jen

    Thank You Dr. Daisy!  So Thankful! 

  • Jen

    Thanks Terry! 

  • Sharonfox

    I would like to nominate this small business in Ireland, great interaction with fans and great images. 

  • Cherylsuedavis

    The Skin Spa of Wake Forest – awesome stress relief, total body relaxtion, just makes you feel good :)

  • Cheri

    I nominate Talking Finger, I interned for them this summer and they deserve to win! They are always up to date with social media news and make it so easy to learn new things.

  • Higherimage

    Hi I love Pool World, all the cool pics of all the awesome pools. I especially love the vanishing edge pool designs. We  received our bottle of pool perfect, thank you very much. The delivery was amazingly fast, even for a free bottle. Thanks again. Have a great summer, and keep those pics coming.:)

  • Patman_44 is a great page, if your a fan of cars this is a great way of staying up todate with the latest car releases and also for finding local reccommended garage services.

  • David

    I am nominating:

    A fantastic website that helps you find top rated local garages for services, repairs etc. Great updates and posts on Facebook are fun and engaging!

  • Priscilla

    I nominate solutions.  Love the user-friendly site and focus on authors.

  • Susan Kuhn

    Social Media Jen — consistent, helpful, fun:

  • Michael Williams is a favorite dive shop for the divers in New England. They keep it updated with events and articles pertaining to diving. I love them..

  • Kristi Walters Beauvais

    I nominate!/allproscience  They have GREAT products and pricing, but what I find invaluable and motitivating are the many posts to keep you going, to encourage you to live a heathier life and guide you every step along the way.  I don’t forsee ALL PRO SCIENCE falling in the “small business” catagory for long.   Kris Beauvais

  • Shaon

    Premium Website is the best. They are always willing to help their customers and give them the exact look desired. Dotty is the best.

  • Jonny Nook

    NOCO Genius. Brings a new perspective on battery chargers. Great brand, promotions, and photos.

  • Kelly Johnson

    I vote for NOCO Genius.
    Great brand with an innovative marketing plan.

  • Tonyamccarthy

    I nominate What’s For Work because they have great information and resources for women looking to re-enter the workforce!

  • Dallas Colten
    my favorite brand, great facebook content

  • Dana

    Super helpful social media marketing company. Always answering questions, giving out tips and tricks, and genuinely caring about helping others learn the best ways to utilize social media for their business!

  • Kim Murray  East Coast Divers….awesome small business with fantastic customer service. Facebook page is updated regularly with shop/activity info, plus articles and news that is relevant and interesting to divers, and reply to inquiries and fan posted content.  

  • Swagner – This company was stated by its founder Sarah Lanphier while she was still I college. She now employs 20 people and even has started a college scholarship fund…all at the ripe old age of twenty five. She has grown the company by way of her expert use of social media.

  • Ian Campbell

    My nomination:

    How to market your horse business has a wealth of information for both Horse businesses and small business in general. It is always adding new posts that are both interesting and helpful to anyone trying to promote a business online. This page is one of the few I check every day to see what new information is available to help me with my marketing.

  • Mrs. Wilson  Love the product…works wonderfully!

  • Mrs. Wilson
  • Mike Chittum

    I want to nominate CR Creative Group. Cheryl Rochefort-Rios is a true professional with a wealth of experience in all types of media marketing from television and radio, to special events, fundraisers, profit, non-profit, etc. She has combined her excellent experience and education in a very progressive career to her social media business. The team at CR Creative Group is highly efficient and very talented. Cheryl’s work ethic is second to none.

  • Maya

    Party planning/shopping is as easy as it gets with Koyal Wholesale. Their Facebook page is super informative as their daily posts show the wide selection of party supplies they carry, not to mention in a variety of colors, to suit any party planner’s needs. I love that Koyal’s Facebook page provides their customers with tons of creative ways on how to decorate your special event as well as updates on the current and upcoming trends and styles! They’re constantly asking for feedback on colors and products that proves they are interested in what customers are looking for. Many times the product photos are accompanied by a video showing how to use their products. I would like to nominate: as they are the one stop for any bride or event planner! 

  • Sanchezerik1

    I nominate All Pro Science

    The 1st and only All-Natural Sports Nutritional Supplement company in the world! Trusted by major league sports organizations and over 80 professional athletes worldwide.  

  • Wendy

    I nominate Great work Deb.

  • Rosa Conti

    SO LOVE Talking Finger! Friends turned me on to them & I posted SEVERAL questions & Bill answered all of them. Not only answered but took care of my issues/concerns that I’d had with some of my Facebook pages. I am completely hooked on their value & when my business is ready for a social media kick-ass haul, they are have my sale, hands down! 

  • Rosa Conti

    Oops! Forgot their FB page:

  • Lara Taylor

    This page is very interactive, the photos are all the owner’s own work (which are fabulous!) and the postings are intelligent, sensitive and brimming with common sense.  Not to mention the business itself is social gifting, which means it’s all about relationships, local small businesses and the environment. (plus you should check out the app itself! )   I re-post his stuff all the time!  Win, win, win. And win.

  • Lisa Brunner

    I would like to nominate How to Market Your Horse Business
    Randi of How to Market Your Horse Business has made a HUGE difference in how I manage my H Squared Wellness FB business page.  She posts great links and articles on what to do to engage “fans” and other businesses, keeps me updated on the changes and workings of Face Book, always answers my questions in a timely manner and has introduced me to the wonderful sense of community and networking that Face Book has to offer!  SHE ROCKS!! ~ Lisa

  • Lisa Brunner

    I would like to nominate How to Market Your Horse Business
    Randi had made a HUGE difference in how I manage my H Squared Wellness Face Book page.  She posts great articles and links on the changes, updates and in’s and out’s of how to work with Face Book and how to engage with “fans” and other businesses, she answers my questions in a timely fashion and most importantly she has shown me what a great resource and community social media via Face Book can be!  How to Market Your Horse Business ROCKS!! ~ Lisa

  • Voon Ming

    I would like to nominate, they are a great in interacts and engages with their Facebook fans, always make conversation with their fans.

  • Cheryl Bates

    I nominate: They are very interactive, helpful….and give some great things away! Great help to pool owners!

  • Connie Obee

    I nominate:

    The page is very interactive, great content, the business is all about relationships with businesses & their clients…the posts are intelligent, informative, entertaining, and full of common sense.  A page I always follow closely because there is always something of value.   

  • Kim

    Follow Me Social Media Consulting…. Patty has a wonderful personality and is always willing to help out.  A genuine gem!

  • Mike Mai

    I would like to nominate:

    The timeline of this page is full of information. If you like to learn about train facts and the history of communication, check it out.

  • Sherri

    I nominate because it’s colorful, inspiring and informative! :)

  • Bria

    I nominate because they ROCK! <3

  • Amanda Trombetti

    I want to nominate Enviro Safe Pest Control. Their page makes the pest control industry engaging. Awesome posts that relate directly to the field as well as posts the entire community can use. 

  • Mike 
    – Offers multiple ways for military veterans to connect with employers for their next career.

  • Seaescaped

    I nominate Kim Garst:

    Not even close. She has the most amazing engagement EVER!

  • Melyssah Jade

    I nominate Red I by Chelsea because her jewelry helps women of all shapes sizes, colors and creeds to look and feel their best. She really puts love, care and perfection into her uniquely beautiful jewelry, making her pieces more than accessories, they’re works of wearable art! 

  • amanda

    May I nominate They are a 13 person business, started from scratch, and they are trying very hard to gain audience and traction with their Facebook page. Thanks for the articles and this opportunity!

  • Shannonlefler

    I would like to nominate Happy Pets Home Care. This is a new family owned pet sitting business!     

  • Brendawhitley

    I would like to nominate a new pet sitting business. 

  • Anna

    I nominate This is my mum’s site and her store and it is the most beautiful yarn store in the states. She always has fun comments and videos to share on her facebook page.

  • Jane Thomson

    Nominating The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society

    Fun, engaging and novel way of educating and inspiring women wine consumers. Engagement rates are through the roof – PTOT mostly 150% – 200% since the page started.


  • Simon Payne

    I agree with Jane! Gotta be The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society. Thes guys have turned the wine industry on it’s head since they kicked off a few months ago and their Facebook page is rapidly developing into a strong, growing and highly engaged community. 

  • aDeSe

    I nominate Buzzaria – A retail shop based out of delhi and which girl doesn’t like shopping.. besides, amazing customer interaction and lots of activity on Facebook.. they are constantly upto something.. 

  • Nimrod Cohen – I love the way they engage with fans & how they give free gifts on a weekly basis. Another amazing thing about this creative company is that they actually let the fans be a part of their team by letting us choosing the songs and features that they upload to the site. Well done!

  • Itaywais . great content there, both fun and educating

  • Leopardrockappaloosas   Motivational, with easily applied actions.

  • Suresh Bhura™ - I like this page for amazing updates and tips on various topics.

  • Chris

    When your not sure which way is up, down, left or right when it comes to ins and outs of Social Media the folks at Talking Finger gotch’a covered!

  • Ajay I like this page as it’s different than other pages from competitors. It may look like any jobs related facebook page but the content they share is pictures, polls, career tips to name a few.

    Another page is This page started as an online campaign for atheletes in India and awareness generation among the Indian community about sports other than cricket.

  • Brian


    Always helpful tips and advice for social media marketing!

  • Dr. Shannon Reece

    I would like to nominate Social Media Jen! 

  • Fenny

    I nominate 
     It’s On Me! Social Gifting – Local Business Services because I love the concept of buying at local businesses and keeping the money in the community.

  • Fenny

    Oops the link doesn´t show!

  • Romeoromeo

    I nominate brasserie sixty6 restaurant in dublin, ireland. Constantly informative updates and unique promotions for facebook followers.

  • Anthony Nolan
  • Stacey621    Because this girl has the most amazing drive and ambitions that continue to push her to be the best everyday!  Her life is this business!  Her jewelry is amazing!!  She deserves it!!

  • Monica Roberto

    These guys not only provide great social media information and insight,
    but they also deliver it in very engaging and often funny ways. I
    nominate Talking Finger in CT!! 

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much for nominating us, Leopard Rock Appaloosa.  We appreciate your support.:)   Randi 

  • Anne Goodrich

    I nominate - Ruby Receptionists consistently add content and images that are fun, entertaining and chock full of good information. It’s obvious that they make their clients feel like family.

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much, Lisa.  I appreciate you taking the time to come here and nominate How to Market Your Horse Business… or Any Other Business.  You are an important part of our community.  :)

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you Lisa.  :) 

  • Jacquie

    I would like to nominate Michelle VandenBosch
    Michelle is a self motivated, charming and hard working entrepreneur who creates for pretty. Michelle maintains a visually stunning and engaging Facebook Page that she keeps current and updated with photos of her work. 

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much, Annie Beggs, for taking the time to nominate How to Market Your Horse Business…or any other business. You make such a difference to so many people with all that you are doing.  

  • joelcarter

    I nominate Dorien Morin-van Dam of More In Media, More In Media is dedicated to being consistently engaging and helpful to folks on a variety of social media platforms. Dorien of More In Media is the Salt of the Earth type person whose outgoing personality make her mentorship so valuable to her friends,  fans and followers. You have a real winner with Dorien of More In Media. 

  • Dallas Colten
  • M. Perrino

    I nominate Talking Finger.  Great Marketing insight and very engaging!  They truly love what they do and are so geniune in helping to make a real difference.

  • Laura Briedis

    I would like to nominate Alissa isn’t in the business of making a profit, but she’s is in the business of changing lives. She is 13 and volunteers at her local shelter, she started to page to get animals adopted. Please check it out and consider her. She has learned to take pictures, she’s teaching herself marketing-she’s amazing on so may levels. And no, I do not know her personally-I just admire her.

  • Wendy Cassera

    I second that nomination!!   Dorien of More In Media rocks!
    She is the queen of engagement and really helps people and businesses understand what works!!

  • Monicaszwabacoddington

    I would like to nominate , Every time I think I know about Facebook and then facebook throws me a cure on change. Talking finger is up to date and preps me with how to go forward with these changes. They are not only for small business but also a great inside to all the technology for the average mind, Thank you Talking Finger for being there for all of us. Love your Page and keep you post’s coming . Monica Coddington

  • Robert Myers!/PalmTreeCharters

    John and Sue Brandi are what snmall business is all about! They are very customer oriented, and will do anything to make your visit with Pam Tree Charters the best experience you can have while on vacation and visiting a small Island! Two thumbs waaaaay up for Palm Tree Charters!!

  • Tessengleson

    I’d like to nominate {Red-i} by Clelsea. Her jewelry is amazing! On top of that she is always keeping her Facebook fans engaged. For example, she will post a picture and have her fans guess where she is. She’s such a creative and talented young lady and no one deserves it more!

  • For All Intensive Porpoises

    My nomination goes to How To Market Your Horse Business.

    Randi Thompson works tirelessly to offer useful tips to help businesses use social media. And my association with her has helped me market my own business more successfully and has resulted in serious exposure for my business and lots of new customers. In addition, Randi has such an upbeat, positive attitude and really encourages interaction on her page. She has a way of making people feel special.

  • Bjcrim!/PalmTreeCharters

    Palm Tree Charters provides excellence customer service both before arriving on sland and during the charter. John and Sue Brandi wants your experience to be the best it can be and takes the extra time to customized your trip to give you the most enjoyment.

  • Toucje62

    my nomination 

  • shaundamien

    My nomination is:
    Because i was told to… haha kidding. Leneys have my support because they help people by making people look presentable ;p Main reason; Leneys interact – real face behind a cold screen

  • Tom DeRosa

    Definitely have to say – They do a great job of mixing in expert social media advice and entertainment.  I learn from them evey day and it’s really helped by social media approach.

  • Conderost

    I would like to nominate Talking Finger.

  • Marty

    I’m nominating   I like how they let us see what they are doing.  Even the mistakes, The community there makes us feel so welcome. That us where I go to get inspired. My hubby used the tips for his not horse business also. 

  • Kerry Rees

     I vote for this group…how to market your horse business they are very helpful and inspiring and they keep me motivated  towards my goal of a full horse buisness…thank you soo much!

  • Takeshi Young

    I would like to nominate Salsa By The Bay.  It is the Facebook page of a small business in the SF Bay Area about salsa dancing, and frequently engages with their fans using memes, cool images, and videos:

  • Horsesmakemesmile

    My nomination is How to Market your Horse Business:

    Randi Thompson has really reached out to the horse community and to really any business on how to make your mark in the social media drive world we now live in.  She is been great at teaching us about the contests.

  • Adele

    I nominate because they’re always so positive and uplifting! I love their designs too! 

  • Sweewin K

    Leneys: is a great example of a company that works hard to engage with their customers and fan base on a personal level

  • Janice Bagnato Green
    I like Dog Pack Snacks …  They have a colorful and informative page.  Giving people the opportunity to learn how to care for their dog with proper nutrition, and safe food.

  • Janice Bagnato Green….
    I like Dog Pack Snacks …  They have a colorful and informative page.  Giving people the opportunity to learn how to care for their dog with proper nutrition, and safe food.

  • Marie Taulbee

    I nominate because of their how well they engage others to connect and grow their horse business. 

  • Melinda

    Alissa is not in business for money. She is a humanitarian who has decided to help animals get adopted. in order to do this she earned to take pictures and self taught in her marketing skills. I do not know
    her personally but I am happy such people exist in our world. I believe they should be supported.
    Please check it out
    and consider her.

  • Carolyn Hughes

    I nominate More in Media run by 
    Dorien Morin-van-Dam. If  I want the latest most up-to-dated information on anything to do with Social Media I go this page. Run by the friendly and expert Dorien-van-Dam you are such to get the answer to your question. 
    Dorien went out of her way to encourage and help me set up my own Facebook page and within two months I have 1500 ‘Likes’! She’s a gem in the facebook world and so is More In Media!

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much, Marie.  We have all come so far since we first started using social media.  I appreciate your nomination and want to take a moment to thank you for all the good that you are doing for horse people everywhere.  

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much horsesmakemesmile.  Sending you a big virtual (((hug))) for that.  It has been such an honor to be a part of the journey with so many people like you. 

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you for nominating us Kerry.  I really like the inspiration part of what you shared here.  Together, we have inspired each other and those in our small community to stand up for our success.  Thank you for being a part of our journey.

  • Randi Thompson

    Hi, Marty.  Good marketing works for any business. Thank you for your nomination. The HTMYHB community has become what it is because of people like you!

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much for your nomination Carolynne. I consider myself very lucky to have met you in the beginning of HTMYHB. Your friendship and the amazing designs you have created for HTMYHB have made such a difference. :) 

  • Demunt
    Beautiful design and interesting posts

  • Sherie Venner

    I would like to nominate Kim Garst has a fun, engaging, informative page! 

  • Nancie Gray

    My nomination 

    The staff at Talking Finger are always available for their clients weather it’s a simple question regarding your business (even personal) social media platforms to guiding you through a complex set-up or their online tutorials. Talking Finger rocks!

  • Kim Buesing

    I would like to nominate Kim Garst over at >>>
    She is very helpful with social media!

  • Wendy

    My nomination goes to Talking Finger…all your social media needs in one place. Hey, and they are really funny too!

  • Marysue159

    I nominate… I love their stones, jewelry.

  • Jonathan Pollinger

    I’d like to nominate the Kiss Me Cake Facebook Page which is run by the sole proprietor of a cup cake business. She’s created a community through excellent engagement, conversation, unique personal style and even own language eg she calls Fans ‘cakers’. Her Fans to ‘Talking about this’ ratio is one most big brands would be proud of:

  • Jen

    Thank you so much Dr. Shannon!  I REALLY appreciate it and am so grateful! 

  • Jen

    Thank you Susan!  So appreciate this! 

  • Antony Go Diego

    i would like to nominate  because these are just three brothers who have put such incredible creativity into society through their hard work of making unique wristbands. they have helped numerous organizations and individuals with special needs and never lose their motivation to, well, motivate!

  • Naomi

    I nominate Zox Straps. They started out small and now are reaching millions of people. They raise money for charities and also make/design amazing Straps that are very inspiring. 

  • heathzx

    I nominate ! They have started from the grounds up by spreading love with a small, but highly intricate wristband, called a Zox Strap! The cool thing is, they treat their fans and VIP’s with the most love any company can – by including them in everything they do! Even designing their next Zox Straps! This kind of company is what makes helping one succeed just as much fun as being the one succeeding. 

    Love Zox!
    Love What You Do!

  • Marilena Leta

    Vote for @DonnafugataWine, a passionate interpretation of Sicily and its sensorial universe through wines

  • Petertoken

    I nominate Downing Design’s Facebook page – something creative and inspiring every day!

  • Roberta Leevard

    Gorgeous Jewellery Not only is it a well established page due to Michelle’s hard work, it is an awesome example of what small business pages should run like, Michelle’s work ethic is great and her friendly manner is what I like best, I believe its not a product that sells its the person behind it, So its an added bonus that Michelle’s products are also gorgeous and well sought after by many including my self


  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you Kim!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you!

  • Lisa Redemeier-Wenneman
  • Lisa Redemeier-Wenneman
  • Lisa Redemeier-Wenneman

    Please nominate

  • Lori Brashear Meyers

    Totally Beaded is my nomination.  katt does such a great job presenting the jewelry that she makes. It’s reasonably priced, the quality is great and she does special orders to customers specifications.

  • Lisa Redemeier-Wenneman
  • Kimberly

    I nominate The Baby Sleep Site page: This page consistently has good engagement on its posts as well as an active community that posts questions and comments which are answered by page administrators. There is a good level of communication among the fans. Plus, the page provides excellent information to a topic near and dear to many: baby sleep. 

  • John Marshall

    I nominate Kim Garst at Her page is inspirational and filled with great social media info. She always RESPONDS which never ceases to amaze me! 

  • @Jessclicka

    I nominate because I think blogging for business is an essential part of any SME business growth strategy, and I love the tips on content marketing & copywriting :)

  • Valeriearcuri

    I nominate – A to Z Expressions Letter Art. Love this business and business owner! My first item from her was letter art for my baby girls room adorable.. So creative and fun you’ll love her to!

  • Erina Parks

    I nominate It is the first page I go to each day when I log on, content is great, stimulating, packed with information. 

  • Terri Lawrence

    My fav is Earthegy!   Love love love their stuff!

  • Pamela Bramwell

    I nominate

    Those crazy Kiwis obviously run amazing trips and there are lots of drool worthy photos for inspiration.

  • Marhiggins

    I nominate They make eye care fun, entertaining and clever. Best frames ever!

  • Marhiggins
    I think they are awesome. Pictures of members, workouts posted daily, quotes of the day, etc. Awesome.

  • Greg Tymon
    I think our page is great because of our members.  They are awesome.  

  • Greg
    I think unique optique’s page is great because of the insightful, funny and informative info that can be found there.  It is obvious that Dr. Higgins puts her heart into each and every post.

  • carole

    i wish to nominate michelle from gorgeous jewellery nz, her page is always full of interesting reading, michelle works extremely hard to produce quality jewellery and a great facebook page, with lovely giveaways, a person who works very hard and takes pride in what she does , a real genuine down to earth kiwi,who is a lovely person as well, love to see her win this.I always look forward to reading her facebook page every day and participating as well, when i can and have something to contribute

  • Michelle

    I nominate Gorgeous Jewellery Ltd,

    Its my own page, and it was set up in July 20ll.. I have worked hard, not just to grow my fan base, but to create an engaging and exciting page that people love to “hang out” on. I have awesome and supportive fans and I get as much out of the personally as I do professionally. 

  • Michelle

    thank you Carole xx 

    here is the link to my page

  • Shenah Rowe

    I nominate Phunk My Space

    Roslyn is so creative and really know’s how to make a person’s page shine and stand out. Roslyn always does more than asked of her and put’s everything into it. She also continue’s to help you in anyway possible with advice and support. Awesome person and awesome page :)

  • Mandy Mcrobert

    I nominate
    Amazing figures and always keeps us up to date with everything they are doing and extremely friendly and helpful.

  • Aud

    Social Bee Design…nice page.

  • Michelle

    I nominate Phunk My Space

    A fantastic page, and Roslyns work is top notch. I liked the timeline cover she did for my page so much I got her to do a second one straight away.

  • Katt Stevens
  • Llm

    I nominate Assist Social Media @  Great group that really is dedicated to their clients. Their facebook page has great information and fun, uplifting and inspiring quotes. 

  • April W.
    A fun informative site that always has a daily post, replies to questions and has a fun spin on social media. They have a good mix of pictures, comments, links, etc.

  • Tllowe72

    I nominate Dr. Sarah David because she offers excellent tips to brand yourself using social media. She is also very engaging! 

  • Michael

    They have consistent updates, and not only that, they are engaging updates. The page communicates just what they do best – offering a virutal office to small businesses that dont have the resources in-house.

  • JH

    I’d like to nominate
    FUNNY posts and I swear the person who does the posts and replies is a part time comedian. 

  • JH
  • Jessica
    Skydive the Beach have a fantastic facebook page, and my nomination! They’re always posting sick pictures of skydives, run great competitions and use their page to really enhance the customer experience through interactive conversations.

  • bpowers

    I nominate  they sell cloth elastic wrist bands that are incredibly comfortable and look great. besides having a great product they help out the community and their fans as often as possible.

  • Kristy Alvarez

    Because of, I have learned so many things that have helped me in my endeavor to market my business through social media. The content provided, discussions, and resources have been truly helpful.

  • Gabriel
  • Alence4

    I would like to nominate totally beaded because katt is totally great at what she does .always showing her jewelry what she has made or made for the customers no matter if she is well or not .if you have a business you go to work and thats what she does no matter what .now that’s what I call a business. She is totally awesome.

  • Gabo

    I will like to nominate EcoLike

  • Riley Chant i choose this Facebook page because it’s fun, friendly and they have a lot of great photos! check it out!

  • Nabil Kochaji

    i would nominate this page
    one of the best dental publishers in the Middle East


  • Nbrown

    I nominate for their recent interviews and pictures!

  • webstersfinestationers  I love how they engage their community!

  • Ilovecrawford98

    In Lake Havasu City our family  just loves Scoops Ice Cream….. I nominate Scoops!

  • kcmomof5 provide tons of information and current news for parents of children within the Kansas City area. I find that I use this page because of its content and resources more than any other I have. I love the interaction with other families within our area! Many times, I am intrigued enough to actually go to their website, which to me, is the goal/purpose of an amazing & favorite small business Facebook page.

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, John!

  • Hurtle the turtle

  • Linda because they put out useful, spot on information that has helped me greatly in my marketing efforts.

  • Vicki W

    My favorite small business owner and business is
    Katt Stevens for Totally Beaded.

    Katt has taken beading to a whole new level, creating many unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Her items are well made, affordable, and her ordering and delivery times are excellent. Katt’s webpage is easy to navigate. I just love her work.
    Katt Stevens for Totally Beaded.

  • Katt Stevens
  • Pete Fullerton

    I nominate

    Gorgeous Jewellery has really embraced the concept of “the social network”. For the size of her company, Michelle, the owner, has manages to connect with a large number of her customers. She also helps others in getting the best from their Facebook pages/experience.

    Gorgeous Jewellery is a great example of a business providing value to it’s customer – not just in terms of products but also in providing quality social interaction.

  • Rd Bean

    I nominate as a small scuba diving business they have great fan engagement and there’s always something new on their page, they are a small but dedicated bunch. Always something going on there!  They bring all that’s great about scuba diving in Sydney to facebook!

  • Kristinmh99

    I would like to nominate talking finger. They have entertaining posts and the info that they provide is helpful. I have learned a lot! Here is the link to their page:

  • Michelle B.

    I would like to nominate Alison Brown Photography. Inspiring travel photographs from all over the world. She really inspires people to travel and strive to be global citizens.

  • Katt Stevens

    Thanks Vicki my luv!!!

  • Porkysgirl

    I would like to nominate for my favorite small business FB page, Scoops Ice Cream shop, we live in a resort type town and everyone knows this place.
    The ice cream is all made onsite, Denny and Edin Rudin, the owners  are the best in the ice cream world. the entire town loves them. When Ms. Rudin isn’t making or serving the ice cream, she is off doing classes and teaching anyone who wants to learn something great about Social Media.She  brings this forward into their Ice Cream shop as well. Mr. Ruden makes the best ever waffles for ice cream. The store has weekly contests, adorable kids pics posted weekly,  new ice cream flavors and all day long, Ms. Rudin is a whirlygig of Social Media tidbits, trying to assist anyone who may help with a webpage or a business.

  • TeamMissick      So dedicated and always spot on! :o)

  • Anahi Menendez

    I nominated Tintorería Impecable.Net Service's Dry Cleaning Delivery . 

  • Barbara S. King fun, factual, lush photos, thoughts, and engagement about vacations on Earth and in Space!

  • Ellen


  • Rbortins!/classicalconversations

    It is a great site for education information.  Helping people homeschool and they have some great articles and photos to share.

  • Sebi

    I have never believed in such a cause as I do ZoxStraps! I can witness that the bro’s that started that small business are successful today because of their simple yet sincere, positive impact and mission to encourage everyone to “Do what you love”.

  • Simon

    I like these guys as they always have really engaging photo’s from fans!  Always encourages me to want to get away and take the family outdoors!

  • Debbie Winn

    I would like to nominate Idea Girl Media at Keri knows how to interact with her followers on both Facebook and Twitter. She engages people and has great interaction with her followers. She offers social media tips and tricks and shares a lot of information.

  • Kimberly Devries

    SEO Essential Solutions
    They are awesome!

  • Alisonmspear

    I would like to nominate  Beautiful, high quality jewellery at affordable prices, with the amazing Michelle at the “helm”

  • Michelle

    thanks so much Alison xx 

    Cheers, Michelle :)

  • Michelle

    thanks you xx

  • Michelle

    thanks so much Roberta x

  • Nichole

    i’m nominating:

    LeadApparel’s Facebook page is informative, inspirational, runs great contests and updates their followers with smart and interesting posts.  Thank you! 

  • Camalabrooke

    I love Earthegy.  Chrisy makes the MOST beautiful jewelry! I love all of her designs!

  • Randy Lyons

    i nominate katt has worked so hard to make her business grow and she makes beautiful jewelry!

  • Kendra K.

    I nominate one of my dearest friends for her amazing custom designed jewelry that she has worked so hard to turn into a business!  Red-I By Chelsea…

    Not only is her jewelry absolutely stunning and unique in which each piece is hand crafted by Chelsea herself but she is a one woman operation who is successfully growing her passion into a really incredible business. She is dedicated and puts 150% into everything she does and i’m proud to say i’ve been able to watch her from the beginning and so excited to see where she is going to take it!  Her inspiration for the jewelry comes from her travels around the world and initially was inspired by her very own destination wedding in which she gifted her bridesmaids with the jewelry we wore on her special day. (She made each piece)  Go Red-I! 

  • Katt Stevens

    Thanks Randy!! *huggles*

  • Skinsfan1649

    I would like to nominate Zox Straps. This company was founded by three brothers and since its humble beginnings it has gained not only a huge following, but has raised money for multiple charities as well and has no plans on stopping. For most of their designs, only 1,000 straps are made with 90 chances of getting a gold stitched strap which gains you access to their Gold group, ensuring that the straps remain collectible. The bros continue to communicate directly to the fans through facebook and email, bouncing ideas off their VIPs and even taking design suggestions. Currently they are offering a limited chance for fans to design their own strap, all which will be made, with the opportunity of some designs becoming official Zox Straps and their creators getting credit on the site. find them at and be on the look out, as there have been a few celebrities sighted wearing these collectible straps.

  • Kelly Tauber

    I would like to nominate RV TECH SOLUTIONS!  There is always great info on how to use social media to improve my own small business!  Sarah, is working constantly to disperse any kind of social media knowledge to all of her clients as well as anyone who is interested in learning more on sm in general!  Please consider RV TECH SOLUTIONS for one of the Top Ten Small Business FB Pages!


  • Kelly Tauber

    I would like to nominate RV TECH SOLUTIONS!  There is always great
    info on how to use social media to improve my own small business! 
    Sarah, is working constantly to disperse any kind of social media
    knowledge to all of her clients as well as anyone who is interested in
    learning more on sm in general!  Please consider RV TECH SOLUTIONS for
    one of the Top Ten Small Business FB Pages!…

  • Smith
  • Kelly

    I am not sure if we are allowed to nominate our own pages but I have seen other people doing it, so thought I would put myself out there!

    I would like to nominate

    My business and facebook page was founded two years ago, but only recently have I dedicated time to learning how to use facebook as a tool to grow my business. Thanks to an awesome support person within the New Zealand business community I have been learning how to understand the engagement statistics etc that are part of facebook, and how to get better statistics on my page. My business is growing and I hope that one day I will be able to give up my full time job and be able to focus on my jewellery full time. My passion is to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that people will love!

  • Melissa Askren

    I nominate an innovative NEWBY in the direct sales business… not only have the re-branded themselves in the past month… they’ve acquired almost 100 LIKES shortly after… Check them out! A to Z Expressions Letterart Photography!!

  • Faketatoos

    ZOX STRAPS! This small business makes art that you can wear! I love the straps they make and they look so sick!

  • Jennifer Hurless

    I’d like to nominate my own small business page :)
    It’s pretty much awesome. 

  • Aball

    I nominate

    This group was started by 3 brothers.  The company has escalated to new heights on a daily basis.  The fans of this company not only support the brand by buying/wearing, but are also a huge part of creation/inspiration of the brand.

  • D. D. Falvo

    I would like to nominate because this group rocks– they always reply to my sos’s with accurate information and quickly. These guys are the guru’s of social media, and they genuinely care about the people they help– which makes Facebook, etc. a better place for all of us. :)

  • LeopardRockAppaloosas

    You’re welcome, Randi.  You do such a great job, and have inspired so many people, not just with their horse businesses, but in general.  Keep up the great work. 
    Michele O.

  • Theresia Wijaya
  • sheher

    I would like to nominate  They offer great deals for people who need help with writing, marketing and proof reading. So important for any business! They also offer out freelance writers for magazines etc.

  • Caroline

    I nominate Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology.  It has great on going engagement and always seems interesting and fun featuring heaps of activities.  

  • Arushi Awasthi

    I would be more than obliged to nominate–

    Now, there is something absolutely pleasing about this page. The number of brands buzzaria holds under it, The unique products it sells, the apt and timely response to messages, the brilliant interaction with customers, makes it different. 
    It has a gluing ability, i.e. if I see it ones, I am bound to repeatedly log in to this page.

  • Elie Abou Fares

    They have great visuals and posts to educate people about their service as on Online Directory.

  • Nirav Shah
    I nominate BookBox because its a lovely page with full of cute, interesting and fun stories for children to learn up to 30 different languages! Their content is mosty FREE and of the highest quality. All children, parents, bilingual learners and teachers who access this site will find a treasure trove of quality content.

  • rezha sahhilnyz

    i nominated

    because their passion and character in pre-wedding photo services in Indonesia

  • Steve Kalomeris

    I nominate Knock’em Dead Comedy!  You’ll have more fun in one night than you had the rest of the year!

  • Duncan Whyte A facebook page that promotes and tells about everything and nothing that happens on a small island in The Netherlands called Texel. Love it!

  • Christopher johnson

    I nominate

    Bookbox is a wonderful initiative which gives children, the pleasure to enjoy reading animated stories in more than 30 languages using scientifically tested fun education, Same Language Subtitling . Interactive features in Apps and android versions also available. Free youtube videos makes it more fun as recognised by great people around the world… 

  • Deb Pilgrim

    Thank YOU!

  • Tabatha

    Nominating amazing page, work and customer service!!  Also has a great following on Facebook with over 8000 likes!

  • Deb Pilgrim

    Thank YOU.

  • Maike

    Springleap always has something new happening. They know exactly how to combine informational posts and fun, engaging post in a mixture that keeps their community entertained, engaged, informed and most importantly interested all at the same time.

  • Deb Pilgrim

    Thanking YOU.

  • Michelle
  • Emilio

    I nominate
    Source of the most comprehensive events guide in Australia!

  • Magesh

    i nominate
    lots of animated stories for children in many languages and Abdul Kalam real life stories is there its really amazing story

  • Tyron Frahm
  • Cj

    I Nominate Its a fun page and the photos look amazing!!

  • Sarah Harwin

    I would like to nominate
    Their page is exciting and they have awesome photos! 

  • Tina Ellis

    I love this site , they have great affordable jewellery.

  • Meljhughes
    Really original, pretty designs, think this deserves a placehere.

  • Olive Doreen Joan Tripodi

    I nominate!/HoobynooWorld  This page is so colourful with wonderfully cute characters. The dedication of Hoobynoo HQ is second to none. The designs are unique and loved by all ages 
    young and old. The packaging compliments the range and I love the character profiles on the back.

  • Bernd Grahl

    I would like to nominate Gondwana Collection Namibia.
    Because, they always hold great Photo Competitions with top prizes and on a regular basis share amazing & inspiring content about Namibia! They are also very fast to respond to questions. Head over to their photo section, there really are some beautiful images about Namibia. Makes you want to go to this country and experience its beauty.  

  • Beth Bunn

    I nominate Branches Counseling PLLC  They also have a friend page and are always helping others by posting motivational/therapy posts that help people with thought provoking insights. Love it! They also engage each of their members with personalized birthdays every year. They are Facebook’s Best Kept Secret!

  • Tina Kahn
    Daily updates, special sales and contests, special days with hourly contests. Personal tone.

  • Vicki Jennings

    I am happy to nominate Branches Counseling PLLC 
    They use Facebook to provide invaluable tidbits of therapy through photos and inspirational words of encouragement. <3

  • Alex Smith

    I nominate about Internet Marketing & SEO

  • Michelle Fromm

    Yes! I nominate Branches Counseling PLLC
    They are simply the best! You can see how and why we all love them where we post our testimonials You can’t lose by choosing them and letting as many people as possible know about their page. It’s so helpful to everyone who reads it!! 

  • Trent Hempel

    I nominate because its the best new source for copywriting and business blogging tips I have seen in 2012. For great tips and articles check out

  • Sookie Shuen

    I’d like to nominate !! (:

    I love this page, as it has got a creative edge into it!

  • Greta Smalley

    Hi, I’d like to nominate the facebook page of my Mum and Dads bookshop:!/pages/Tin-Drum-Books/174303018459. They are both in their seventies but are still working hard and getting to grips with new tech! It’s a great page with lots of interesting and funny book news from around the world, much of which that I don’t see anywhere else.

  • LDK

    I would like to nominate Rickshaw Travel –!/rickshawtravel
    The photos really capture the essence of teh destination.  All I want to do is go on holiday!!

  • Teetsiems

    Of course I nominate THE CROSS EYED OWL In Valatie, NY. They have the most unique gifts. The staff is the BEST and I love the fact that when you walk in there they all know you and go out of their way to help. So, the nomination goes to the CROSS EYED OWL….

  • Claire-Rose Humpherson

    Thank you Tina :) xx

  • Caitlin

    My nomination is

    This page contains great information for all businesses and has a continuous flow of useful and interesting content. Tomorrow People always takes the time to engage with their fans and answer any questions with fun, creative and interesting feedback.   

  • O Tkaczyk

    I nominate
    They have always updated info on Social Media news, run their own research and managed to build an engaged and social media devoted community. The page is being run with a pinch of salt – like it a lot.

  • Melnaegeli

    I noninate the Cross Eyed Owl and I love their page because they keep us updates with what’s in the store and run great contests.

  • Daniel Owen

    I’d like to nominate Euro London Appointments – They post some great discussions and photos as well as consistently engaging with their Facebook fans.

  • Deepika Matta This page is different from other
    likeminded pages.Being related to jobs,this page doesn’t market jobs
    only but they share career tips, motivational/humour pictures, quotes
    related to daily events in life which refreshes oneself.

  • Conniehstr

    I nominate the Cross Eyed Owl Gift Shop.  They are the greatest bunch of ladies, friendly to deal with and always coming up with innovative ideas for sale and shopping enjoyment.  They keep us up-to-date on their activities (and antics) via Facebook!!

  • Nancyshone

    Great organization, takes a geniune interest and always there to help

  • Prerna Ahlawat I like this page because of the simplicity and doesn’t look like other career related pages which seems to market their company. I found the content on the page interesting, like the content they share which they have kept to a maximum of two shares per day. And in case of any query, one gets a response usually in a day. A thumbs up for this page.

  • Forrestsw

    I nominate
    – Engaging content across different topics related to literacy and education – child health, parenting, literacy news…
    – Not pushy about product 
    – Fun cover photo!

  • Melissa White Pillsbury

    Super helpful small business helping other small businesses!

  • Harriette Trevino

    I am pleased to nominate:
    Bill and Erik are generous with sharing their vast knowledge; post really good training videos; and keep it all fun and engaging. Talking Finger has really rocketed our local Chambers into Social Networking.  I wanna be like them when I grow up!

  • Doodles

    I nominate Pampered Pets – – Brilliant Facebook page, They post some lovely pictures of their pets and they really know how to engage with their customers. 

  • Sam Wilkes

    I nominate Pampered Pets –  They post really good content and they even tell you a breeds origin. They use Facebook to its advantage and they always have people booking their dogs in through it. A really good page, loads of testimonials. I would never take my dog anywhere else! 

  • Natalia Colman

    I nominate Beads Direct they are company who have an excellent range of jewellery making products and they genuinely care about their customers. Their service is second to none and they are passionate about everything that they do!

  • L&S d’zines

    I like to nominate my customer Get2iT Inc.

  • L&S d’zines

    I like to nominate my customer Get2iT Inc.

  • Kristy C. Cartier

    I like PR Daily’s page: as it is entertaining and informative. And even though this doesn’t count, I’d like to also mention 28storms: Very informative posts for us weather junkies – much better than Reed Timmer’s page…

  • Nathalie

    I nominate Euro London Appointments.!/EuroLondon 
    Really engaging, with regular, thought provoking blogs

  • Daveallen88

    Euro London Appointments!

  • Claire-Rose Humpherson

    Thanks Natalia :) xx

  • MrDistinct

    Can I nominate my own page?

    Or I guess I will just go ask my own community to nominate me.  :)

    Great newsletter, BTW!  Thank you for all the wisdom that has helped me make my page great.

  • Shatu56 Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces are gluten free. They post great articles regarding gluten free issues. Love their label!

  • Andrei Losinski
  • Peter Boisvert

    Cook’s Lobster House: Great pictures of Maine coast and posts about the restaurant/wharf/cruise activities.!/CooksLobsterHouse 

  • S0503000

    I would like to nominate because they have a comprehensive range of information for anyone with reading difficulties and some really interesting and shareable posts

  • Trikstir

    Euro London Appointments – really trying to enage with a global candidate pool with topical news and quirky stories as well as jobs posts and video jobs (some quite clever/funny ones)

  • Randi Thompson

    It is people like you who inspire me!  

  • Heather262143 

    I nominate RV Tech Solutions because they post great information on how to improve and manage my business’ social pages.  It’s another great tool to have in your tool box!

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much for nominating us Kristy.  Together, we do make a difference for each other.

  • Jonathan Taylor

    I would like to nominate Trantolo & Trantolo, LLC. The page consistently shows how fan interaction and community involvement can be effectively managed and showcased in different formats on Facebook:

  • Tammy Currier-Melpolder Scoops keeps our community informed! And also has the best ice cream around!! Friendly service and smiling faces and lots of fun! Not only do they help our community, they help other businesses! Eden is a very supportive person to other businesses in our community! We love Scoops! YUM!

  • Shannon Ludascher

    I nominate Red-I by Chelsea:

    Chelsea designs and HAND makes all of her jewelry with beautiful craftsmanship.  She is an absolute dream to work with and always makes sure you are getting exactly what you want.  I have purchased several pieces from her and have never been disappointed!  I get compliments all night long whenever I wear her jewelry!  Do yourself a favor and stop by this site – you will not regret it!

  • Jeniferlyn Oneil

    I nominate  

  • Deb nominate RV Tech Solutions. Sarah is amazing at keeping us informed about Social Media and local events. She has a true heart for her customers and community.

  • Judy
    I nominate Willow Valley Retirement Communities Facebook page.  Wonderful photos and engaging content! 

  • Judy

    I nominate
    She is engaging with her fans and offers great tips and advice on a regular basis on social media.

  • Blizak

    I would like to nominate Palm Tree Charters, St John, USVI. Captain Brandi is the best!  He has a FB page, just not sure how to post it here.

  • Glebe Garden Centre
    Great pictures, interesting local stories, all presented in a fun way :)

  • Heather

    I would like to nominate the People’s Janitorial Group of Lakeland, FL –  They have are an awesome business that really cares about their customers!

  • Eric Gehman

    I’d like to nominate Willow Valley Retirement Communities as well. We have a steady flow of blog content that we promote on the site, plenty of engaging photos and videos of our residents and employees, and a good base of engaged fans despite the fact that our prospects are usually in the 55+ age demo.  Give us a look –

  • Hypnopaige

    I want to nominate Stillwater Community Connections our “on the go, in the know page” for  Stillwater, OK.  This is the place to visit if you want to know what is going on in Stillwater.  Sherry does an amazing job of keeping us “in the know” about what is happening in our awesome town.  

  • Obmel2 – Not only is this page an excellent source for those planning a beach vacation to the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, Alabama area, it’s a great example of social media being used to its fullest to promote tourism and assist potential visitors every single step of the way, from the planning stage through condo/hotel checkout.

  • Robrien13

    The Spice and Tea Exchange

  • Jjensen

    Sarah’s Facebook page is great.  It is easy to follow and easy to read.  Plus as lot of great information.

  • Weronicaholdal
    I would like to nominate this page on facebook, simply because it is the best page in there ;) . Uplifting, empowering, an educating  about life

  • Tim 

    This page offers a great service, pictures, links to their website, offers, promotions, tips, videos, engages their followers, stays up to date with current events.  Niche’ Advertising Marketing is a young agency that believes that everything they do will increase their clients marketing /  advertising presence.

  • Carol Marden

    I would like to nominate, they are an old fashioned ice cream parlor in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

  • Linda

    Here is a nomination for  getting my vote any day!

  • Cait

    I nominate Bluetrain Mobile… lots of great content for fans, mixed with fun stories as well.

  • Sarah Galbraith

    Tabitha.Fitness: Great tips to be & stay healthy. Amazing motivation. Incredible interaction!

  • Sarah Galbraith

    Tabitha.Fitness: Great tips to be & stay healthy. Amazing motivation. Incredible interaction!

  • Acmarcus

    I would llke to nominate Sarah Kuglin with RV Tech Solutions!  Her page is always engaging and full of pertinent information.  The link is

  • Aurora Hernandez

    I want to nominate  I love their strapless aprons!

  • Colleen

    My nomination is for  a website, web marketing and social media management company in a small town in southwestern Minnesota.  Sarah Kuglin has been a “go to” resource since 2002 in our community and her facebook page is an excellent resource for our area.  Her link is
    thank you!

  • Jkumiega

    I nominate Talking Finger, a great social media company.  This group is knowledgeable and responsive – what more could you ask for … fun, oh yeah, that too!

  • Connie Johnson

    I nominate Kinzer Projects LLC because they are a very helpful staffing resource and tips company. They offer freelance and work at home people an opportunity to grow within their market while having great feed back and support.  

  • Christie Larsen Rudenick
    Great content, tips and news  on this page

  • Bkaschak

    Monument Wealth Management!  It has a fresh look with a great mix of important financial information, blogs from the managing partners, pictures and amazing videos to give a personal touch to a very serious business.

  • Multiservices

    i like this page for its current updates of the sales and information they have

  • Alistair Cooper

    I would like to nominate Stephen Cronk at Mirabeau Wine. Engaging, accessible and honest – super stuff.

  • Fatherknight

    I like this page because Talfen is Lebanon’s Online Directory. Talfen is Fast, Accurate, & Mobile Friendly.
    you can find any contact information (phone, mobile, address, fax, email, website, map location, …) for any business in Lebanon, in the easiest way possible

  • Fatherknight

    this not like any hotel pages there is a constant updates and there is monthly competitions for its members to enjoy and try their luck to be a winner.
    As i was last month winner of a 1 night stay for 2 and a breakfast.
    Grand Millennium Dubai is the facebook page that holds a surprise everyday and every month.

  • Chickpritchard

    I love this page….creative, entertaining, and fan-centered…..

  • Mason Niswonger

    I nominate cakes by ginger they are orignial beautiful and awesome cakes and they taste good.

  • Fatherknight

    What i like about this page that its not just an informative page but Talfen is Lebanon’s Online Directory. Talfen is Fast, Accurate, & Mobile Friendly, you can receive any contact information (phone, mobile, address, fax, email, website, map location, …) for any business in Lebanon which makes your life easier and efficient.

    one of the best pages on facebook!!!

  • Cody Welter

    I have never seen better interaction between a page and it’s fans. Not only that, but they post daily with awesome pictures, quotes, and promos. They get my vote!

  • Lkazzi

    I nominate:!/TalkingFinger
    They are super knowlegable and helpful to all their clients and friends.  I can’t think of a better Social Media company!!  AND, nobody works harder!!

  • Jon Riddick

    I would like to nominate Explore Raleigh’s Facebook page. 

    The Explore Raleigh Facebook page is very engaging. It lists local events, introduces its followers to local businesses and local charities and non-profits. It also asks questions to poll locals about what are their favorite places around town. The polls often get several hundred responses and are a good resource for people looking to try something new.

    Check it out it’s informative and entertaining.


  • David Grimstone – it’s fun, creative, brilliantly thought out and the designs are adorably cute. All that, and the owner is a mumpreneur! 

  • Sarahfwindham - Great content that includes industry news, funny posts, contests, discounts, and office shenanigans.

  • Kim Risley

    I nominate Campbell Cameras Facebook page because of their interaction with their customers and how they offer a one of a kind product and service! They integrate their blog content, website content, and other social media with their Facebook Page. The page is 

  • Amanda
    In a society where chivalry is more often that not, lost. This page explores the lives of real gentleman and creates handmade reminders for men who want other men to “get on the train” and act like a gentleman! 

  • Danielle
    This Facebook page is very visual and fuels
    interaction. As a new product that is getting attention from all over the
    world, the page administrator is patient and understanding. Yonanas is quick to
    help clarify/explain when people have questions and encourages people to share
    and discover together. Not only does this page have product information, but it provides interesting articles to help their fans live a healthier life.

  • Elis_sandnes

    I nominate RoomSketcher because they have great engagement and I love their home design inspiration photos

  • SueTen

    Spell-It-Out Photos – unique letter art photography – fun facebook photos.

  • Ginger
    Awesome Custom cakes and baked goods!!!

  • Amy Pickwick

    I nominate Hero Rush which didn’t even exist on Facebook a year ago and has grown to over 56k fans with a dedicated and engaged audience.  A portion of the event’s proceeds go to support the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) and other smaller non-profits in the communities where the events occur.

  • Dawn

    I Nominate Talking Finger:  Awesome page for up-to-the minute Social Network news and solutions!  

  • lankylarry1987

    Amazing, inspiring content (particularly the photos) and great interaction with fans!

  • Carol Jacoby

    I nominate  Sarah is always on top of the newest social media ideas

  • Sunshine

    I nominate Talking Finger ( because they are extremely helpful, are always there (like when Facebook changed into Timeline, these guys didn’t sleep until they helped all their customers), and their presentations on Social Media are up to date and even ahead of the curve while their personalities are exceptionally likable!

  • Christina

    I nominate because they are adorable!

  • Chelsea

    I nominate How To Market Your Horse Business. – HTMYHB posts informative links often and encourages small business owners to push the envelop on new and creative marketing ideas.

  • Daniel

    I love this page because they have a good mix of beautiful photos from their location, special offers, and just fun stuff. It’s a small place, but the guy running the facebook page obviously loves the location, and his enthusiasm is contagious!

  • Aleksander Szulc

    I nominate Sotrender

  • Aleksander Szulc
  • Fim16

    I nominate because they have the best way (that i have ever seen) of breeding, raising and keeping, friendly, interactive and very loving birds. They have some of the greatest fans (myself included :P!) who support what they do. 

  • Rob

    A shout out to CT’s and the Valley’s Talking Finger; go Bill & Friends!  The site is fun, easy to use and regularly updated; well done!  You can find them at:!/TalkingFinger/info

  • Fim16

    They also offer the best deals for their e-store all of which has items or products they use for their own birds!!!

  • Rendy

    I nominate ZEN Family Spa in Bandung, They have brilliant articles and excellent customer services.

  • Bryanne

    My vote it for  engaging, interesting page ran by a wonderful local small business.

  • Ashley

    I nominate Etna Interactive’s Facebook Page:
    It’s a great resource for online marketing, small businesses and healthcare professionals. Check it out!

  • Dr. Timothy Hodge

    I wish to nominate

    They have a great fan base and love the entire aspect of social media.  Facebook is their number one choice for social connection with the clients and fans.  Cross Creek Animal Medical Centre is very forward thinking and looks to social media as a tool like no other. 

  • Ryan Boye               This company is awesome! They not only make an amazing product, but their are incredibly social– always posting interesting content on their blog, facebook, and twitter.

  • Erik Granato
  • Paula Cooper

    Monument Wealth Management
    Facebook Page:
    Monument Wealth Management has the best Facebook page, because of the following reasons:
    1.  They post 2 weekly blogs from the the partners of the firm, who are highly regarded in the industry.  For example, U.S. News and World Report solicits a weekly article from them about the financial industry.  So this is why I like planning with them, because I know I can trust their financial expertise.
    2.  I really like the YouTube videos and pictures they post, because it gives me a warm personal feeling and connection with people I can trust to provide the best financial information.
    3.  They consistently post daily, so I always know I have some good information to look forward to reading.
    4.  I like that they are so advanced in using up to date social media, so I can keep highly informed in any way I choose.  (Most financial firms do not use multiple forms of social media as well as they do.
    5.  My face to face experience with all the partners has really impressed me.  They have high integrity and really care about their clients.  They are dedicated to the highest level of responsiveness and customer service, like I’ve never experienced before.  They let me do the talking about my goals and needs, and then develop a personal customized plan that assures me of short my short and long term  financial goals.

  • Liam Mbuthia

    my nomination is here, best wedding & event supplier out there:

  • Grant Miller

    I nominate Grant Miller Appraisals ( because it is very helpful, updates regularly but doesn’t flood anyone’s newsfeed and has great contests. Also, the owner is incredibly handsome. 

  • Kristina

    would like to nominate Etna Interactive. Our Facebook Page is a reflection of
    our professional portfolio, current recommendations for our clients, and the
    diverse experience and personalities of our awesome team:

  • Legendarymitch

    I nominate

    Great ideas, promotions, tips, & apparel.


  • Dan
  • Grant Miller

    Sorry. That should read

  • Monicaforan

    Talking Finger –  Reasonable pricing, GREAT YouTube videos of “How Do’s”, informative Facebook posts with helpful hints and comments, free advice, and genuine positive responses to questions and comments. These folks get it – even when they’re done helping you with social media, they don’t forget about you.

  • Kim

    I nominate Endless Entertainment! The staff is amazing and the company has been making a name for itself in the event planning industry!!!

  • Liz R 

    MiCORE Solutions is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in Oracle technologies. They have done a great job with their social media sites trying to gain awareness and share relevant articles, tips and photos. The IT Consulting industry is not the easiest to showcase via Facebook and Twitter and MiCORE does a great job keeping up with the latest and posting consistently. 

  • GinaParris

    I nominate DivaTalkRadio is not only a weekly talk show to celebrate and empower victorious women, but it’s a way to encourage women to be the best that they can be in all areas of their lives. As moms, wives, sisters, and daughters, women play a vital role in their families. As employees, employers, and entrepreneurs, women play a vital role in their sphere of influence. DivaTalkRadio’s gold is to take advantage of that “vital role” in order to motivate women to be their very best, encourage them to reach their goals, and empower them to be a confident woman…a DIVA!

    DivaTalkRadio’s FB page does just that. It encourages, inspires, motivates, and empowers. It’s a group of women, all over the world, who come together in a community of woman-hood.

  • cmarxen2010

    A family owned shoe company that has been in the Twin Cities for nearly 120 years.  The Facebook page is consistently updated with upbeat and creative promotions, product highlights, foot health and more.  Plus, Schuler Shoes has the best customers on earth!

  • Alexander

    I nominate PackIt b/c they have a wonderful product that matters to my family and they regularly update their FB page to include useful tips and suggestions.

  • D Hill

    Great content and interaction. I always see them answering questions and providing quality responses to fans.

  • Amparo Wulff

    I nominate Robbie Fox’s Public House in Tempe.  They are current, active & engaged with the community.

  • MH

    i nominate NOCO Genius Facebook Page  because Noco is always keeping their page up to date and they are interested in what their fans have to say!

  • Clare

    I nominate

    They show shoes that are in their stores and have great prizes!

  • Karen

    I nominate CityPASS! CityPASS is available in 11 destinations across the US and Canada and in total includes over 70 top attractions nationwide.  This Facebook page does such a great job of sharing exciting and relevant posts about CityPASS cities and attractions. It’s a great mix of fans re-living the things they loved about vacationing with CityPASS and being a resource for those yet to travel.

  • Jon Lewis

    Awesome pics. Seems like a cool brand.

  • Gnstewart3

    I nominate, great giveaways!

  • Editor

    Talking Finger of CT is my nominee, hands down … No pun intended!

  • Editor
  • CathyB

    I nominate:
    Great interaction with an international B2B audience, and they’ve come such a long way in the last few months. Engaging content for a market that’s difficult to target: Engineers. Most of the public won’t be interested but they are right on for their unique niche!

  • Gwenn
  • Christine

    I nominate Palm Tree Charters, St John USVI

  • Elena Patrice

    I’d looooove to nominate the inspiring, one-of-a-kind Diva Talk Radio!/DivaTalkRadio. It touches a lot of lives all for the better!

  • Bronwyn Cambridge

    Hi there,

    I would like to nominate because it is an up and coming clever marketing service that helps businesses grow using social media.  This service has benefited a couple of my closest friends businesses and they are having huge success rates.  Thank you Roslyn Ryan and Phunk Myspace for making this an affordable straight forward process.

  • Marcy McKenna

    I would like to nominate Kim Garst at She always has great info to share and is very down to earth.

  • Adele Zin

    I would like to nominate The Omphoy Ocean Resort & Spa. It’s privately owned and so many still don’t even know it exists, but once you visit, you will be floored at how beautiful it is. The facebook page always shares pretty pictures and tells us when specials and events are happening at the hotel!

  • My 2 Winos – a site that keep you wanting more.. they post the most useful tip for their followers!

  • Fredum12

    I will nominate an abstract artist who created his own business called KrispArt. 

    Check out their Facebook at or their website at

  • Alicia

    I nominate CityPASS:

    A good mix of inspiration and information…

  • Alex

    I nominate; they are doing great things for study abroad students in Europe. Their Facebook page helps engage their audience in ways that are very useful. Its use of social media connects their audience in ways that are helping the company become very successful in creating a beneficial and economically realistic study abroad experience. Not to mention, their many photo updates keep students involved and excited to travel their outside world.

  • Shawn Guetter

    I nominate

    Great content as well as blogs. Always up to date and they stay active and engaged with their followers!!

  • Chelsey Laborde

    I nominate Annie Claire Designs: – a local business started by a young woman named Annie Claire. She hand makes hair accessories and jewelry for special occasions and weddings. This Facebook page has increased activity with a creative giveaway where she gives one original piece away every single day. I’ve been watching this page grow for months now and truly admire its creativity, originality and ability to conduct personal interactions with its fans online. I love this shop because of its Facebook activity! 

  • Yo Cambridge

    I would like to nominate Plunk My Space because it keeps it’s clients engaged, keeps you informed,helpful. It promotes small to medium business well.I love the exciting design work and set up pages for various Face Book businesses.Fantastic for Social Media.

  • Karen Galvin

    I would like to nominate RecruitMilitary – – a small company making a BIG difference for our veterans!

  • Lucas Mccomas

    I nominate RecruitMilitary as the best small business page because they are the most directly interactive with their fans, they always have relative and useful updates about our military events, and i love the random facts about military vets.

  • Debby Escher Walker

    I’d like to nominate RecruitMilitary at  It’s an awesome company that helps our Veterans find jobs. 

  • Gilbert Lori

    I would like to nominate RecruitMilitary ( Besides all of the fun facts and trivia, it is great to see a veterans finding jobs!

  • Rob_walker13

    I nominate
    RecruitMilitary . I like that they keep veterans up to date on ways that they can get help with new opportunities.

  • Lucas Mccomas

    i nominate RecruitMilitary for small business page of the year. They are the most interactive with their fans, they always have up to date info on all of their events, and i love the random facts about veterans.

  • Brittany Rohrig

    I nominate RecruitMilitary!/recruitmilitary because it is the best small business with the best mission:)

  • Dayna_kocher

    I would like to nominate RecruitMilitary This organization has a great mission of helping military veterans find work or continue their education and at the same time presents an elite talent pool to the civilian market. Great resource!

  • Stephaniejohnson111

     I would like to nominate Pyramid Marketing, Design & Technology. They do a great job of being consistent with their updates and provide useful engaging material to their audience.

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you Chelsea.  As you know, I am a little “out of the box” but you have been following me long enough to see how it works.  Thank you for being a part of my journey, and for nominating How to Market Your Horse Business

  • Mike

    I nominate
    RecruitMilitary (   They are doing the a tremendous service for our military veterans!

  • Yvonne Graham

    I nominate as my favourite small business fan page because I love the blog articles!

  • Amanda Picone
  • Shes GoneGreen because they get back to you very quickly and like to “talk” lol

  • Lmszymanski

    I nominate  They are the best!

  • Sharon Moore05

    I nominate Chatter Buzz Media from Orlando, Fl. 

    Chatter Buzz Media is a small business that specializes on web design, social media marketing, and content creation. They promote their abilities through their own Facebook page: . Here they interact with their clients and followers in a variety of ways: promotions, contests, and interactions. 

  • Chris A.

    I nominate RecruitMilitary ( for being a tremendous resource to veterans, military personnel and military family members looking for employment. The page is engaging and kept current with useful information.

  • mschuler1319

    I nominate – great customer service and great products for a lots fan following.

  • Jana Lombardi

    I want to nominate –they always post items of interest to me that help me in my business. And their service has been AWESOME since I signed up 3 months ago. Go Ruby!!

  • Laura Oliver McGill

    Please consider Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism.  We are quick to respond to comments and questions. We don’t shy away from difficult topics, such as the Gulf oil spill. And we provide fun opportunities for fans to interact. I am one of the page admins. 

  • Janelle_ebersole

    I think Explore Raleigh ( should be nominated. It’s a fun and informative page for people looking to get out and do stuff in Raleigh! Its a great group of people who have fun in many different social events that introduce us to new things in Raleigh.

  • Richard Soderman

    I nominate Millicent’s Yarns & More of Cumberland, Maryland.   Beautifully organized and informative, and funny to boot!

  • Arielle Walsh

    I nominate True Love Aviary

    I love their website and their internet store. They give great advice about lovebirds (of which I own one, a peach-faced named Berri) and other birds as well, along with offering wonderful toys, treats, food, etc in their store so that everyone can get their birds something nice–even without a major bird retailer near by (yay shipping) If you have any questions about what to feed your bird, what type of food is best, how to cook for your bird, how to socialize them, train them, make toys/enclosures/playstands/areas for them, how/why they are behaving the way they are then chances are True Love Aviary has written a blog post/article about it, or answered it in a question someone sent in to them.
    They truly love and enjoy what they do, and because of that they have one of the best small business/pet hobbies out there, and really deserve more appreciation in their field.
    Thanks TLA – Tamara & Rodney

  • Alexandra C. Potora

    I’d like to nominate – they are a ‘storage facility’ out of Apache Junction, AZ.

    It’s relatively harder to have an engaged audience in their industry vertical, yet their ‘talking about this’ is over 18%. Their posts are consistent, super fun and engaging.

  • Brandon

    I want to nominate All Pro Science. They always have the most relevant, consistent, and engaging content. Their giveaways and deals are incredible and their responsiveness and customer service through social media is second to none.

  • Lukeecase, The Noco Genius Wicked Smart charger are the very best available for diagnosing, recovering, charging, and maintaining my batteries.

  • Ejm0128 Very talented abstract artist that has decorated my house as well as numerous coffee shops around my area. Very thorough and unique in his work! Highly recommend his work.

  • Kannemeinel
  • Barry Hytowitz

    I nominate
    I enjoy the format of the page and appreciate the opportunity the site/company provides to users to connect and work with other business owners/page users.

  • Shannon_pulman

    I’d like to nominate It’s an awesome way to create revenue for your business and Roz is professional and excellent to work with. 

  • Wonkybob

    I would like to nominate Scoops!!!  They are the BEST!!! 

  • Nick R. Siepert

    I vote for Social Network Radio Station, John does a wonderful job with it and it is always a pleasure to listen to!!!

  • Eden Rudin

    Scoops – A hometown small biz (mom n pop shop) doing social media right, very active page, fun content and always look forward to their posts

  • Lex Lee

    My nomination goes to Leneys sets a great example on how small businesses should interact with their customers. They also make sure that they respond to all of their customers comment.

  • Enfp134

    This is an awesome site and company!!!!! I nominate:

  • Mcj5016
    10th ave is the best restaurant around. Ive been going there since they opened and Ill continue to come back time and time again. The last time I was in NJ I went to get a burrito before seeing my family. Just don’t tell them that

  • Aileen O’Connell

    I nominate “” these guys are so friendly and full of the information on the latest trends of social media.  They make it so simple for the rest of us.  I have not asked them a question they were unable to answer…..Great , pleasant resources to know….

  • Aliastaken

    I nominate high fan engagement, nicely varied amazing photos, clever content and twice daily updates at a minimum.

  • David Wells

    I nominate SomethingAboutSonoma Facebook page! The page has great photos, posts about events around the county, funny images and is a great resource for their fans! 

  • Melanie Simmons

    I would love to nominate Wine Cube Tours in Sonoma County!  Helmed by one of the most experienced wine industry insiders in the business, Wine Cube Tours provides everything from fully guided tours of Sonoma County wineries, local cheese makes and other out-of-the-way producers, to customized itineraries for those who want to trek on their own, but get the very best inside-look at tiny wineries etc. that are off the beaten path.  BEST way to experience Sonoma wine country!

  • Traci Conroy

    I nominate “”

  • Jwmrd

    I am nominating and their fb page is  The “girls” have a fantastic site, and they are truly marketing experts!  I’m sure that their facebook site has been responsible for a large percentage of sales!

  • Kittie at Indigo Girl

    I nominate Idea Girl Media’s page at

    Keri is someone that walks the walk in social media – the engagement and collaborative events that she organizes, the information and engagement on her page are awesome.

  • Doc

    i nominate go be social media because they have unique and helpful posts.

  • JKR

    I nominate for dog parents everywhere!

  • Neelam Chettri

    Niche Darjeeling Tea specialty Facebook page with very nice photos of Darjeeling, stories and teas.

  • Keshav Kuthiala

    My nomination is common fig: 

  • Phil Laurie

    I’d like to nominate – – for doing a great job of showcasing digital marketing / social media engagement to an industry (golf) which has hitherto placed very little emphasis on marketing, despite a rapidly declining participation base! 

  • Chel

    Love her work, Cat is so friendly .
    She will also make items to suit colour, size you name it .
    She also makes bead loomed cuffs :)

  • Joan Sheehan

    I nominate Hidden Hearing for its informative content on health care issues.

  • Andy

    I would like to nominate because of the interesting and well informative articles they list.

  • Louisebenson

    I’d like to nominate, they have great little giveaways and are always engaging with it’s fans!!

  • Vadini Ferreira, great engagement with fans.

  • Gary

    I nominate

    Great page, they do lots of competitions and interact with their customers.

  • Vadini Ferreira, great engagememt with fans.

  • NorettaBrosnan

    I would like to nominate .. Great customer service!

  • Laura Kelland-May OR – anyother business. We enjoy HTMYHB and get tips, promotions and direction on how to proceed with FB promotions, getting ‘likes’ and other SM tips. Thanks for the opportunity to share this great page with you.~Laura

  • Devesh Verma

    I Nominate

  • Mike Allen

    I nominate the Galaxy Restaurant because they always have something funny or interesting and there is always at least one contest or give-a-way going on. This page is updated at least once a day and keeps me coming back to see what is going on!

  • Sheena Gunnels

    I would like to nominate They regularly post great content and engage with their fans.

  • Ed Cafasso

    I’d like to nominate the two Facebook pages for School Family Media —  and – because of the high level of engagement both demonstrate as a resource for their audience/

  • Lorinda

    I would like to nominate Prop2Go.

  • Don Martelli

    As a parent, I find the information, community and discussion on PTO Today a “must read” for parents. Our children’s education is THE most important thing that we, as parents, should be involved in. PTO’s make that happen. They help both the parents and students enjoy a rich experience in and out of the classroom. The folks that manage the page are very attentive to the community’s needs. I nominate PTO Today:

  • Cassandra

    Galaxy Restaurant

  • Vicky Sugarbean

    Id like to nominate they are my favourite Bead suppliers and always helpful and friendly

  • Glenda

    I nominate because they do an awesome job at keeping the customers excited about the Galaxy Restaurant with games, contests, photos and special features of the day. 

  • Lucid_ann

     I’d like to nominate for their thoughtful mix of serious articles and pinterest-worthy tips.

  • Maddie Brightman

    I want to nominate SomethingAboutSonoma Facebook Page ( The page has great daily updates with awesome photos and provides helpful information about all things happening in Sonoma County! 

  • Dawn Gail

    I nominate PaperCUTS Document Solutions of KY.
    Woman small business owner providing document scanning services. Sponsors local charities & events within the community. Eco-Friendly Business!

  • Willis Williams
  • Justin
    Lead Apparel is a fun page. I enjoy the witty comments and videos along with some good deals. Right now, a raffle for $400 of Carhartt.

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much for nominating How to Market Your Horse Business, Laura.  I really appreciate that.  You are so right… this marketing works for any business and many of our fans are not in the horse world at all.  Funny how that has happened.  Thank you so much for being a part of the HTMYHB Community.  :)

  • Guest — Love the Photo of the Day, taken custom each and every day; Great tips about where to eat, shop and lodge in beautiful Sonoma County; Fun contests and quizzes with prizes for shops, restaurants and events in Sonoma

  • John Sweeney Sr.

    I nominate Social Network Radio they have a great variety of music. And Do alot for the indie bands by giving them free airplay on a worldwide platform.

  • Kevin Worby

    I nominate Social Network Radio  Because its the Best online free radio, w/mutiple genres they always have something for everyone. 

  • Chris Pape Great articles for family education.  Terrific resource for PTO’s and parents.

  • iangarstang

     I would go for:

    Great tweets, great offers, good engagement for the Indie Dev community!

  • David Bailey

    The folks at Talking Finger in Oxford, CT are experts at social media and they readily share their extensive knowledge base with anyone who simply poses a question. Much of what they know is posted directly online, so is immediately accessible to anyone with an inquisitive mindset. For further information and insights, Talking Finger’s Facebook page is here; 

  • Chris Pereira

    I nominate Putting Edge:

    Putting Edge posts relevant and informative information to its Facebook Followers. They post pictures of events that they’e at and been too, and they post pictures of their employees/office this way their followers know that they’re really people working and running the business.

    They also have a fantastic contest going on! They call it the Best Freakin’ Foto Contest, where Facebook users post a foto of their best hole-in-one reaction and within 24 to 48 hours the user gets a free pass to Putting Edge! Every day they also randomly select a picture to win 4 free passes to Putting Edge! The grand prize goes to the picture with the most votes, and the top 10 runner ups get a free $25 gift card to Putting Edge! The Grand Prize: One GoPro HD Hero 2 Camera, a private party for up to 50 people, and a VIP Prize Pack! 

    Putting Edge really knows how to run their Facebook Page!

  • James Philip Waddington

    I would like to nominate as they have a brilliant facebook fan page which is educational, entertaining and engaging (the 3 e’s!) with exciting news and reviews from the automotive industry

  • Jonathan
    Has good content and love the way they use it to show corporate culture with pics and contests!

  • Cierra Yanok

    I nominate Fresh Games app, Cake Pop Party. Their facebook page is always engaging with users and they are continually posting user’s creations.

  • Tsmcmahan

    I nominate The Galaxy Restaurant (
    Thay have got the best food and best sports bar in the area. Their
    staff are the nicest people, and it is a great place to be for food and

  • Dirk is always great info at HTMYHB to help small businesses with their social media journey. And Randi does an outstanding job at getting her fans to engage, network, and create a genuine community!

  • Stephen Horton

    I would like to nominate fb page They always have fun and entertaining car information which is quite rare for the automotive industry

  • Linda Cereceres

    Building from the ground up and would love feedback as being successful is the ONLY option! Never give up and that is why I love this page! I want a Starbucks;)

    Thank you! 

  • Annmw13

    Palm tree charters, St. John USVI

  • Jennifer Deroin

    I like Peppershock Media’s page.  They have great photos, videos, engaged followers – and they are GREAT community members!!/PeppershockMediaProductions

  • DK

    I would like to nominate RecruitMilitary because of the great information that is posted for veterans to help find jobs.!/recruitmilitary

  • Adctst

    I nominate RecruitMilitary in Loveland, OH.!/recruitmilitary

    This company helped me find a job after I seperated from the Army.

  • Joseph Little VinSolutions is a B2B software/marketing company serving automotive dealerships nationwide. Engagement is awesome. 

  • Lisa

     I would like to nominate For everything to do in Sonoma California. Great Site!

  • Jessica

    I would like to nominate the Children’s Museum of Virginia’s Facebook page:

    Awesome interactivity between the museum and visitors. It is very easy to know what the upcoming exhibits are and to speak with other mom’s about the museum’s features. The energy of the Facebook page is enough to get you excited about your next trip to the museum!

  • MissGagnon

    I’d like to nominate ( The page always has amazing photos, information on events and things to do in the area, great contests and promotes other small businesses! Fantastic!  

  • John Lamontagne

    I nominate SchoolFamily:  It provides tons of great info for parents like me who are trying to stay on top of trends and topics in our kids schools.

  • Jrdexheimer

    I nominate:  They have creative and knowledgable information that I find extremely helpful in my day to day life style.  I love the interactive updates and fun weekly posts. 

  • Brenda

    I nominate The Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth Ohio…. Fun interaction and contests, they always keep me up to date on upcoming events and whats going on at their establishment, whats for dinner, and Love seeing their latest Cowboy Steak Challenger!

  • dbinkowski

    I’d like to nominate because of their quality content and engagement!

  • Jayme Humenczuk
  • Stefan

    I nominate because they create regular engaging content and have playful conversation with their fans.

  • Reed Michael Kaufmann

    I would definitely go with Cake Pop Party.  They are always putting up cool new designs that are created by their users.

  • Sam Leach

    I nominate https:\ for it’s conversational updates, tone of voice, fast responses and hard work.

  • Sirdreamsalot

    I nominate the Chateau Avalon.  They are very interactive with their fans and followers and their fans act like they all know each other.  Not many hotels knit together people like this.  They have great loyalty and the people really have fun there.


  • Thais Vieira

    I nominate the new Skin Care brand Evologie!  ….. I have been using their products for a while now and I’ve fallen in love with how smooth the product is and how my skin looks and feels 100x better than it ever did in my life!

  • Ashley Wetmore

    I vote for intriguing and personal interviews with bloggers and great community participation! They are in the beginning of a FB comeback and it they’ve hit the ground running!  

  • Amy D.

    I would like to nominate .  Not only are they very informative and quick to get back to you with great advice, answers and tips, but they are also very engaging, interesting, and fun.  

  • Book Worm

    I nominate eBook Discovery for offering Award winning ebooks at little to no cost! Thank you eBook Discovery!

  • Sissy

    I hereby nominate AG Salesworks as the BEST small business facebook page. What other B2B company looks as much fun as this one does! 

  • Marie Houston

    I would like to nominate's Facebook Fan Page because they help so many women in all areas of their lives. Kelli Claypool started Diva Talk Radio becaaause she believes women play a vital rule in our families, society, communities, and around the world. Diva Talk Radio is all about empowering women to be their very best in business, in family life, and with their faith. I know that when I need encouragement or aa pick-me-up when I’m down, I can always count on the Divas.This is a great community and i’m positive that my business has grown simply due to the confidence Diva Talk Radio has helped me to gain. Please pick them.

  • sidasidasida

    My nomination is Spartan Race: They engage with all of their fans and consistently post great content. They have a large and dedicated fan base considering their size.

  • Michael Gillen

    I nominated fishbat!  They’re a social media marketing company that I love!

  • Ginny Leigh Bordeaux

    I nominate because they don’t flood my newsfeed with junk! Their updates are usually funny, witty, or educational!

  • Michael Dal Santo

    EatSmart Products! Love the healthy recipes and motivational posts/pictures. Very creative page!

  • Victoria Marcelous

    I am voting for eBook Discovery! They always have GREAT books at GREAT prices! :) Here is the link to their fan page!

  • Zach Dean Hamilton

    I nominate Endless Entertainment –

  • James Vacey

    I nominate fishbat inc.! These guys are incredible online marketing company that have an incredible grasp on branding and social media. You can visit their page here!/fishbatInc

  • Pmbanks2011

    I nominate Donna Lerner at She provides a great service along with a superior product!

  • Kevin J. Origoni

    I nominate EatSmart Products.
    I have been using their scales for years. The company is refreshing, offering good products and great customer service.

  • Steve
  • Emily!/hoodriver  Hood River Oregon’s Facebook fan page should be in the top-ten small business pages, because it has captured the attention of over 16,000 fans, and continues to engage the fans by sharing photos and holding contests.  Hood River County Chamber of Commerce, a small non-profit, grew the page’s fan base from 500 fans, after given the page by the city.

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Amy, we appreciate that very much!! Would you call me the most interesting man in the world? I envy that guy on the commercials.

  • Talking Finger

    Always a pleasure seeing you at our seminars and enjoying your great q’s and insights on posts. Thanks!!

  • Talking Finger

    Wow, thanks Traci…very nice of you to think of us :-)

  • Talking Finger

    So sweet, thanks Aileen! 

  • Talking Finger

    lol…we certainly like to “talk” Hey it’s even in our name! ;-)

  • Talking Finger

    Hands down! haha, love it. Thanks Editor!

  • Talking Finger

    Cool, thanks Gwenn! Much appreciated!

  • Talking Finger

    Very nice to read Monicaforan! How can we forget such awesome peeps? You all make our world fun :-)

  • Talking Finger

    Very cool, thanks Erik!

  • Talking Finger

    Woot! You all make it fun for us too! Thanks Rob!

  • Talking Finger

    What is sleep? :-) Oh yea, I remember that thing we do when you drool on your keyboard at 3 am lol. Thanks Sunshine!! We appreciate your kudos!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Dawn! We try our best…always!

  • Charlie Kondek

    This one! Because not only do parents need this, but it makes great use of the platform to accomplish its mission.

  • Talking Finger




    Hehe thanks Lkazzi!

  • Talking Finger

    Fun is our middle name. Oh wait, no it’s not. Maybe it should be? Talking Fun Finger? Hmmm…

    Thanks Jkumiega!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Jeniferlyn! Appreciate it :-)

  • Talking Finger

    Haha…when you grow up, very cute ;) Now go clean your room! 

    Thanks Harriette!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Melissa! We love helping other businesses. When we hit the big time we want our offices to be Hobbit Holes!!

  • Talking Finger

    Sweet, Nancyshone! Thanks for the super kind words

  • Talking Finger

    So nice DD! We love sos’s, by the way! Plenty of life jackets and rescue missions to go around hehe

  • Talking Finger

    If only we could break into Hollywood with our entertainment. I think I could be the next Jack Black. Time to stop dieting.

  • Syeda Anum

    I’d like to nominate because they provide useful information about human anatomy and health.

  • Talking Finger

    Tommy DeVito: What do you mean, you mean the way I talk? What? 
    Henry Hill: It’s just, you know. You’re just funny, it’s… funny, the way you tell the story and everything. 
    Tommy DeVito: [it becomes quiet] Funny how? What’s funny about it? 
    Anthony Stabile: Tommy no, You got it all wrong. 
    Tommy DeVito: Oh, oh, Anthony. He’s a big boy, he knows what he said. What did ya say? Funny how? 
    Henry Hill: Jus… 
    Tommy DeVito: What? 
    Henry Hill: Just… ya know… you’re funny. 

    Hehe…thanks Wendy!!

  • Talking Finger

    Rock on! Thanks Nancie, we appreciate it very much!!!

  • Talking Finger

    If only it was for President. Nah, I’d make a terrible President. I’m happy being nominated here :-)

  • Talking Finger

    From the mouth of my brother…who else if I can’t rely on you to support my insanity? Hehe, thanks bro! Love ya!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Monica, that’s appreciated! Even though we do focus on helping businesses reach social success, we really do try to keep EVERYONE in the loop for the changes that affect everyone. Timeline was a big one! I had 4 empty cups of coffee and half eaten food all over my desk from that 24 hour non-sleep fest lol

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Mike! Truly kind words that are very appreciated.

  • Talking Finger

    You’re very kind to say Monica, appreciate you taking the time to post that up :-)

  • Talking Finger

    Cool Brian, thanks for those kudos…ya rock!

  • Talking Finger

    We get dizzy ourselves sometimes! Thanks Chris, “mucho appreciato”. Are those words? They are now…it’s on the internet so it’s true.

  • Kim

    I nominate Stauffers of Kissel Hill Garden Center

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Rosa, you are such a great person yourself, and so willing to help others. It is a pleasure paying it forward with your inspiration!!

  • Talking Finger

    Meow. (sorry my cat jumped up on the keyboard)

  • Talking Finger

    BAM! Thanks Dana! Appreciate you taking time to post up!!

  • Talking Finger

    A great pleasure having you intern this summer. We were all highly impressed at how you were able to problem solve, create and learn so quickly. Great insights and proud to recommend you on LinkedIn. Hope to see you around here after you graduate…

  • Brent Sebold

    I nominate Endless
    Entertainment –

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Tom! From one geek to another:


  • Talking Finger

    Thanks John…very nice :)

  • Talking Finger

    Nothing is trivial! Well, trivial pursuit is…man I hate that game! Stupid brown piece…I could never answer those questions.

    Oh yea, back on track…thanks Wanda!! 

  • Talking Finger

    Awwww, thanks!!! Appreciate ya taking the time to post!!

  • Tabi

    I nominate BishBash Books for coming up with creative ways to inspire children to read:

  • Colleen

    I nominate AG Salesworks because of their clever content, informative blog posts and adorable puppy pictures :) 

  • Talking Finger

    The game is fun to play with friends an fans like YOU!! Thanks Zionette!!

  • Talking Finger

    It’s all about the sharing!! Thanks Jenicane! We truly appreciate it!

  • Talking Finger

    Engaging is too much fun not to!! Thanks for posting up!!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks ClearlyDerby, we love what we do when we have such awesome peeps! 

  • Ana Quillinan

    I nominate for their heart-warming and inspiring message to equip every child with the gift of reading! 

  • Talking Finger

    Ya made me smile, Susan. So nice to read your post. Makes me all happy inside. #appreciated

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks John…you’re kind to take time posting here. You are always one of the first to like our posts, and always give great feedback from your point of view. Make sue better for it.

  • Talking Finger

    We have all of you to thank for that!!! We are blessed to have such awesome friends and fans who love chatting with us right back :-) Thanks for taking time to post!!

  • Talking Finger

    Trisha, thanks so much!! Big or small, give u a call. Ok, that was cheesy. lol

  • Talking Finger

    Love the George Costanza pic lol Who can argue with a man who lives with his parents or picks places of work based on their bathrooms? hehe
    Thanks for posting up, very kind!!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Jack, we appreciate it!!

  • Talking Finger

    Glad to be there for you Trish!! We love questions! We love knowing an answer when we do, and we love researching if we don’t! Thanks for making us better ;-) And for taking time to post, very nice!

  • Justin Maas

    I’d like to nominate the Spartan Race: They have varied and interesting posts and also spur a lot of fan engagement. 

  • Talking Finger

    Elaine, you are such a wonderful person and so giving, that no one can help but to want to be a part of what you do. Thank you for making us better too! 

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Laura!! We appreciate you going on this journey with us, and of course for posting up such kind words!

  • Talking Finger

    Since I posted this, I am not going to thank myself. Or should I? 

    The Greatest Love of All syndrome?

  • Lezlie Wolff

    I nominate The Quarter Chute Cafe at Emerald Downs Fan page because it enables, invites and welcomes the World to share our unique and extraordinary community of race horses and their servants. Check it out, you’ll be thrilled you did!

  • NinaP
  • Electrayoung
  • Minferritauss

    I nominate Bish Bash books for bring parents and children closer!/BishBashBooks

  • Casey Grant

    Thanks Electra! 

  • Jenn

    I nominate Mobile Computing Solutions.  They give such helpful info!

  • Pat

    I would like to nominate I love how Casey keeps me updated on what’s going on in the world of computing!

  • Kraftimom

    I nominate

  • Bunny Phillips

    Cakes by Ginger

  • Faithblackwell
  • Bunny Phillips

    I nominate Cakes by Ginger!

  • Islandhopper97

    I’d like to nominate Monument Wealth Management.  They are cutting edge users of social media in the financial advisory space.  They post their videos, links to their blogs at US News and World Report as well as the blog on their web site.  They post pictures of things going on in their lives and with their employees.  Most financial firms are not even sure how to use social media and these guys are setting the standard with their consistent posting, fresh content and fun style.  Check them out for sure.

  • Jonelle
  • Jennipher
  • Cmtriplet

    I like Puts lots of valuable info in one place, easy to navigate, etc.

  • Djcatino

    If there was ever firm who that exudes passions for what they do, it is Monument Wealth Management   there Facebook page is a great balance of timely information, blogs, videos and pictures of the staff (and there dogs too!)
    Two words…… cutting edge!

  • Soulgoal

    My nomination is  It’s the Go To place for updates & insights on e-books, Kindle and more.

  • Cmtriplet

    I also like

    shares really helpful insights and articles/information sources that go beyond
    the kind of info you’re able to share at a town-based PTO level

  • Mathisod … These guys are great! They answer all of their subscribers questions quickly and accurately. A very informed place to go!

  • Talking Finger

    Thank you so much Mathisod, we love to help :-)

  • Clementine Shoes

    We’d like to nominate our page:! We love engaging with other shoe fanatics and find it a great way to keep people informed about events and new products. Sharing styling tips with fans and having fans share styling tips with us is a ton of fun, too. 

  • Chris

    I’d like to nominate Anvil Media, Inc from Portland OR! 

  • Jimcon

    I nominate School Family. It’s a tremendously upbeat site that is filled with practical advice. It’s supportive, and lets a parent know they aren’t alone in the challenges that they face.

  • Dan Keller

    “ is my pick ..should win because they know there stuff and are always willing to help with answers to their questions.

  • monsieurgustave

    I think the page should win. They’re great ! :) f.

  • Frangipani
  • Casey Grant

    Thanks so much Frangipani!  

  • Casey Grant

    Thanks Jonelle!  

  • Casey Grant

    Thanks Faith Blackwell – your too kind~ 

  • Casey Grant

    Thanks Kraftimom – your so krafti! 

  • Casey Grant

    Awww thanks Pat!  

  • Casey Grant

    Thanks Jenn!  Your so kind.

  • Betsy
  • Mscott0221

    I would like to nominate

  • Fantasticbookspublishing
  • Colin Knight

    I nominate

  • Fujiko

    I nominate Fantastic Books Publishing , a new publisher on the block. Their site is always interesting one to visit with a lot of fresh content, interesting posts, articles and competitions. Go and see for yourself.

  • Norma Singleton

    I would like to nominate A-Star Sports in Chester – the business is just 9 months old but I love their interesting posts and my grandson just loves everything they do:

  • Chryz

    My nomination is!/gorgeousgoodies0x0x

    Awesome goodies with even better friendly fast service … would recommend them to anyone who likes girly stuff …

  • Max

    I graciously nominate Endless Entertainment because their page shares great content that I’m always looking forward to see & engage with – especially the great music suggestions!

  • Kelly H.

    I would like to nominate Gorgeous Jewellery.

    Michelle’s facebook page is more than just a business listing.  Its a community.  People get excited about milestones together, share personal pictures with each other, get behind common causes and share their love of the amazing products created under the name Gorgeous Jewellery. 

    I don’t know many other fans off the web, but it sure feels like it when we engage in conversation about a certain piece, what its name should be, or how we should celebrate the next liker’s milestone. 

    Michelle shares a part of herself in everything she does on her facebook page, and we have all fallen in love with not only what she creates, but who she is as a person. 

    Good luck Michelle!!  We’re rooting for ya =)

  • Ceo

    I’m nominating the Career Woman, Inc. FaceBook page for its smart, strategic, and sometimes sassy career advice for women. 

  • Ankit Patni

    I Nominate Ethos Spa Skin and Laser center Page as it always updates us about new Treatments.

    Thank you,
    Ankit Patni 

  • Gbronnenberg

    I would like to nominate…they are a great small company. They also honest people who are also involved in volunteering in their community

  • Michelle

    awww thanks so much Kelly… that means alot… m-wah!! M xx

  • Yuri Jones

    I would like to nominate Jammy’s Cheesecake Delights: 

    Great pictures and relevant posts.

  • Marcelogalaz
  • Penny Grubb

    I nominate Fantastic Books Publishing for building support for charities into their business ventures, for supporting their authors and for showing that it’s possible to operate with integrity in a cut-throat world. 

  • Maddy

    I nominate Career Woman, Inc. for the great advice they give to women! 

  • Amydw1

    I nominate Raleigh Guide in Raleigh, NC.  They do an excellent job of engaging the group in a variety of activities and events throughout the area.  

  • Leann

    Yay! I love Career Woman, Inc. and also nominate them!  Great advice.

  • Amydw1

    Forgot the URL:

  • 003751

    Sorry, I forgot the URL:

  • Linda Gantz Difino

    This is a GREAT one…great content, active participation, a real sense of community!  And isn’t that what social media is all about?!?

  • Christina-clarke

    I nominate Career Woman, Inc. at!/careerwomaninc. Now more than ever, women are trying to achieve life balance while pursuing their professional and personal goals, and Lisa Quast’s Career Woman, Inc. page is a perfect match for the go-getter gal working her way up! Career Woman, Inc. on Facebook has been extremely helpful in my professional life, as well as my pageant career as Miss Washington USA 2012. Career Woman, Inc. for the win!!

  • Will Curran

    Thank you very much Max! Glad you enjoy the music!

  • Will Curran

    Thank you very much Brent!

  • Will Curran

    Thank you so much Zach!

  • Solli scissor hands….

    I want to nominate Meeo Miia The jewelry line is so cute and unique. All about love and modern day text messaging. In jewelry you ask? Check them out!!!

  • Leaanngarfias

    I would like to nominate . Jenny Herman consistently offers engaging, creative content with responsive, courteous interaction. 

  • Sarah Lockie

    I nominate !!! The social way to research, buy, or sell a car!

  • MaggieHogan

    I nominate the Home Educating Family FB page. They do such a great job of building community, encouraging folks, and posting helpful tips, advice, links. Love it!

  • Jj

    i nominate endless entertainment because their facebook page is amazing. I wish they could have played at my high school dances

  • Will Curran

    Thank you JJ! Maybe we can invent a time machine and bring Endless Entertainment back in time!

  • Ryan Gyure

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because their page is awesome and it is gets me engaged!

  • Will Curran

    Thank you Ryan- you are awesome, and the engagement wouldn’t be possible without you!

  • Austin Jankowski

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because the offer a one of a kind experience that is unmatched anywhere else!

  • $19892477

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because their page gets me engaged! Best entertainment company in Arizona!

  • Will Curran

    Thank you Austin! Hopefully we’ll keep that unmatched experience forever!

  • Will Curran

    Thank you Derek! Hopefully soon we’ll be the best in the world!

  • Jess Nichols

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because they engage their fans by use of social media and orchestrate phenomenal, memorable events!

  • Will Curran

    Thank you Jess- you rock!

  • Ascensiondj

    Great interaction, photos, deals, and more!

  • Dedee

    I nominate

  • Sue Elliot

    I nominate Intrepid Travel – their travel inspiration is great, they keep looking for new ways to engage us and they are on the ball when it comes to listening to their fans and acting in real time.

  • Bish Bash Books

    Minferritauss ~ Thank you so much for nominating us for the “Favorite Small Business Facebook Page”! We are so appreciative. Thanks for supporting us in creating entertaining, educational & engaging eBooks for all children globally.
    ~ Bish Bash Books

  • PJ

    I would like to nominate  Good engagement and information.

  • Bish Bash Books

     Ana, Thank you so much for nominating Bish Bash Books for the “Favorite Small Business Facebook Page” contest. Bish Bash Books believes that every child is entitled to the simple pleasure of reading.We appreciate your support in our journey in providing educational, engaging & entertaining books to children globally.Thank you!

  • Bish Bash Books

     Tabi ~ Thank you so much for nominating Bish Bash Books for the “Favorite Small
    Business Facebook Page” contest. Bish Bash Books believes that every
    child is entitled to the simple pleasure of reading.We appreciate your support in our journey in providing educational, engaging & entertaining books to children globally.Thank you!

  • Juli

    I’d like to nominate Bish Bash Bookd ( because they have a great mission: to instill a love of reading in every child. Plus, they’re building a great community!

  • ducks

    Harvard Book Store ( for a great mix of event updates and fascinating/fun book-related articles, photos, and recommendations.

  • Bridget W

    I nominate Bish Bash Books:!/BishBashBooks for their love of encouraging reading in children and making it an integral part of their lives. 

  • Jeremiah J. Jacks
  • BC

    I would like to nominate

    An awesome and professional company! Love them!

  • Matthew Racz

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because, well, they are quite frankly one of the coolest small businesses out there. Plus, have you checked out their memes?!  Well…you should?!

  • Chris Petroff

    I nominate Endless Entertainment –

  • Todd Van Duzer

    I nominate Endless Entertainment –

  • Robert

    Hi nominate –

    Fresh, Engaging, and overall a great layout.
    Some great cocktail recipes and a stunning business idea.
    Lovely pictures and video content.

  • Kristen Fragar

    I’d like to nominate Design Sense Kalgoorlie!
    It’s a fairly new page, but looks great and has lots of interesting stuff on it.

  • GarenThoms
  • Alex

    I nominate as one of the top 10 Facebook page.
    Reason, their page is constantly updated & their level of interaction!

  • Alex
  • Tom
  • Ricardo Delgado

    I would like to nominate and at the same time invite you all to visit the Honduran Caribbean on your next vacation, our FB fanpage is:

  • Lisa

    I am nominating John Sweeney’ Jr;’s 
    Social Network Radio  as I enjoy the music he plays and he always have a lot of hilarious jokes and comments of the day on there. He discusses topics important to himself and many others. 

  • Kyle Wiebe

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because they run the best parties.

  • Keri at Idea Girl Media


    Thank you for your nomination – I am honored, thrilled, and genuinely happy to hear that you have found my page helpful!

    My intention is to continue to provide help and support at my Facebook Page – I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

    You too do a lot for curation at Internet Billboards! :)



  • ninoe because of the amazing images and updates

  • Keri at Idea Girl Media

    Thank you for your nomination!  Your words make me smile, and I look forward to continuing with more of the same in the future – To be a resource to other small businesses!  :)


  • Keri at Idea Girl Media


    Thank you for your nomination, and for being a part of what makes me smile each day!  It has been a pleasure getting to know you first via Facebook, and also on Twitter.

    Looking forward…


  • Keri at Idea Girl Media


    Your nomination means quite a lot!  As an online digital communications professional that also walks the walk, I’ve learned a few things from you!!

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you through a handful of collaborative events now, and I’m optimistic about what the future holds!!l

    Thank you,


  • Payton Lacivita

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because they are great at giving the fans what they want! Best shows ever and great engagement! –

  • Jessica

    I’d like to nominate
    They have awesome information updated on daily basis, great conversation with fans, and good services. I hope they succeed this nomination.
    Great contest anyway, keep the good job!

  • Kashish I vote for Buzzaria… as its Concentrated Happiness, It’s a place where Dreams come True, It’s Sustainable Income for All, It’s the New Age Vision for Retail Stores. Its a Place of LOVE :)

  • Sue

    I would like to recommend:
    They have a great short story competition going on at the moment.

  • Chicks_01

    My nomination is for

    Although they dont have a following on Facebook they keep the page active and do such a good job at promoting their website via twitter.

  • Madeleine McDonald

    I nominate for an interesting, eclectic selection of books.

  • Alex Townley

    I nominate Inspiring Interns:

    Helping match graduates with internships & jobs in a time when unemployment is rife and using the Facebook page to share vacancies, silly photos and useful careers advice!

  • Frogster8

    My FAVORITE small business is the because not only is the food their great the people are all so nice and friendly – it’s a family diner! Love Sally & Joe Steiner the owners.

  • Benoy Thapa

    Thunderbolt Tea official page on facebook for Darjeeling Tea loving tea people –

  • Elaine guil

    I nominate MJ2 Marketing

  • Marcia!/howtomarketyourhorsebusiness-The best business Facebook page! And Randi Thompson is dedicated to helping others succeed! With active participation by her community!

  • Jay Feitlinger

    I nominate Endless Entertainment because they always are creative on how they engage with fans

  • janet

    I nominate the GALAXY RESTAURANT…awesome Sunday brunch, great food – everyday.

  • Maresa Russo

    I nominate for sharing great ideas using labels.

  • Jimcon

    I’m pleased to nominate . What’s great about this site is the way they are building a community of leaders who are improving their own communities.

  • Claire-Rose Humpherson

    Thank you Vicky, may I help out by adding a link to our facebook page xxx

  • Jhammerstein45

    I nominate,  It is always fun and informative!

  • Tlee15ag

    The best small business Facebook site I’ve seen is  – these guys really do a great job keeping up-to-date with what’s happening and what they are doing. 

  • Casey

    I nominate because the page is awesome! They post about the coolest luxury cars! It’s a mix of photos, news articles and cool days like “Take Your Pick Tuesday” and “Throwback Thursday”. People seem to love their posts because they always have a ton of likes and comments. Everyone should check it out!

  • Stuart Aken

    I would like to nominate Fantastic Books for their fabulous publishing services.

  • Linda Acaster

    For helping new authors achieve their dreams.

  • Mapleleaflisa

    Hallelujah Acres  is the best fb page IMHO because the information is always very, very relevant to my life & very helpful. It’s a blessing to me :)

  • BHammerstein


  • NorettaBrosnan

    I would also like to nominate INEC, Killarney Ireland

  • Talking Finger

    Woop, thanks Monsieur! You rock :-)

  • Talking Finger

    Much appreciated Dan! Willing and able anytime ya need it!

  • Amy G

    Nominating Vehlux!
    It is a great Facebook page about luxury cars and the luxury lifestyle!  It has everything from spy shots to vacation places I plan on traveling to! 

  • Jon Boyer should win because they have a great engaging page, help people continually with answers to their questions, are FUN

  • Jon Boyer should win because they have a great engaging page, help people continually with answers to their questions, are FUN

  • Jon Boyer should win because they have a great engaging page, help people continually with answers to their questions, are FUN

  • Tim Queeney

    Like to nominate: 

  • MistaBritt
  • B Newcomer
  • Rcm874

    I nominate Tour America Direct for their engaging content…

  • Peter Wood

    My nomination goes to:

    Great content, great product and loads of fun on their wall everyday.

  • Rebekah Thomas

    I would like to nominate Red-i by Chelsea ( her jewelry designs speak for themselves but her knowledge and dedication to social media for her business, her fans and her customers is unmatched!

  • Dannellmac

    I would like to nominate

    She is constantly updating, commenting, showing off her beautiful products. She stays a head of the game in sales, marketing and design. She has made many, many weddings extra special with her products and shares their stories on her FB! It is amazing watching the processes of her art.

  • guest

    I would like to nominate
    She is an excellent business woman who is very reliable and prompt.  She made jewelry for my wedding which were amazing!

  • Beth B.  Red I by Chelsea!!!  Beautiful, original work that sparkles!  I love my barefoot jewelry….which catches attention at the beach, or anywhere I wear it!  Gotta check her out…everything she creates is stunning!  :)

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Jon! You must really love us to post three times! hehe. 

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks for popping that in MistaBritt! 

  • Will Curran

    Thank you for the nomination Jay!

  • Jason Flame
  • Jay for keeping things very informative. The industry they’re in has a negative view, but with the tips and news they put out, it’s easy to see that there is still some good apples in the bunch.

  • Will Curran

    Thank you so much for the nomination Payton :)

  • Will Curran

    Thank you Kyle! Glad you enjoy our events!

  • Leiska Van Staaveren

    I nominate’s Facebook page! It has great photos from around Sonoma County, posts about upcoming events and is very informative!

  • Ruhiel9milellc

    Giving back to the community of 9 mile  words of cousin bob marley “live for other you will live again ”

  • Passionshippy

    I agree best small business giving back to those who need help

  • Becky Fontenot McCloskey

    I would like to nominate Red{I}-by Chelsea She makes amazing one-of-a-kind jewelry. She is wonderful at working with you at designing exactly what you want & works super fast! LOVE HER!

  • Madeline

    Scoops is not just an ice cream shop.  It is a leader in re-vitalizing the downtown area (physical address) in small town America as well as being a leader in social media on their facebook page (big picture cyber address).  An example of a small business doing it right!   Check them out now at

  • Jaymacohn

    I must nominate Clementine Shoes! A new post everyday with the lasted and greatest in fabulous shoes…And the post are funny and very clever~Not to mention the owner LInda Walsh is one of a kind and all the girls know there stuff, fit/hip and great ways to style your shoes…..!/clementineshoes

  • Jane Jones

    Beads Direct for just being wonderful.  Wonderful range of products and wonderful customer service


  • 4fortheking

    I nominate Spotya! for treating their FB fans like family! Fun and engaging with lots of great info!

  • Moushumi Ghosh Roy

    I would like to nominate 

  • Ed Smith

    It’s got to  be – really practical, clever way of using social media to find the right car for you.

  • Andrew Elsass

    My nomination goes to Fifth Street Brewpub ( They are a community-based initiative, and the tone and content of their updates reflects that. As they are still early on in their development phase and not yet officially open for business, they have been keeping their members filled in every step of the way. 

  • Nicole5396

    I nominate Imaginenation Social Media Marketing… They do a great job informing their followers of the latest trends and marketing tactics. Marisol Draughon (the owner) also does a wonderful job engaging her followers and discussing topics in a professional and educational manor. My vote is for Imaginenation!!

  • Shay Stenchever

    I would like to nominate the Quarter Chute Cafe at Emerald Downs because they do such an amazing job supporting the “village” of brilliant horses and the humans that adore them – promoting the superb sport of kings. They definitely deserve to be chosen. Check them out!

  • Lyn swannell

    I’d like to nominate
    They have great page content, easy to navigate links to their website and lovely quotes of inspiration. Love bishbashbooks!!

  • Susanmboyer
  • Lise Marthinsen

    I nominate the RoomSketcher Facebook page because they have awesome home design tool and great interior decorating ideas.

  • Rose

    I nominate SomethingAboutSonoma Facebook page!
    In addition to the beautiful photography & event information about the county, it is a great resource for residents & visitors to the area.

  • Will Foust

    I would like to nominate: 
    They really understand what social is about – they have a well-tailored presence and “friend” base tailored around their very distinct and unique offerings.  They engage their friends with relevant subjects and has been continually expanding the engagement in non-“spammy” ways.  They are what is good about social.  

  • Eileen Wells

    I nominate Endless Entertainment –

  • Eddie

    I nominate
    Great local neighborhood caring Vet who takes pride in helping all the furbabies that visit. Always an engaging and interestung page to read.

  • Karen whitchurch
  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you for the nomination, Marcia.  As you know, How to Market Your Horse Business.. or Any Other Business is really just me. The secret ingredient is the amazing people who have become a part of the HTMYHB community.  People like you!   Together, we make a difference for each other. 

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much for nominating HTMYHB Dirk.  It is people like you that make it such an amazing community.  Thank you for all that you share with us.  You make a difference!  

  • Kimbre is the company I nominate.  this company has an incredible mission,  it is very sad as to why the company was started but an incredible way to honor someone life.

  • Shawn Mann

    The Spice and Tea Exchange gets my nomination  The page is always up-to-date, fun and informative!

  • SC

    I nominate great content and source for people who love Ebooks

  • Lori

    I nominate
    They have great social media tips for small businesses!!!

  • D VonThaer

    I nominate eBook Discovery. They help bring obscure books to readers and offer free advertising to authors.

  • Jen G.

    I nominate Bish Bash Books. A new, innovative business with a very important mission: installing a love for reading and providing access to books for all children. This business was inspired by enjoying reading as a family. A very worthwhile pastime and one they hope to inspire in other families.

  • Lori

    I Nominate

    They have great social media advice for small businesses!!!

  • Nyx Black

    Would like to nominate

  • Ana

    I nominate …

    Very engaging and great social media advice. After all, isn’t that the best way to get your small business out there nowadays?

  • Mnkreitlow

    Glenro Spirits Shop is your one stop shopping spot.  It has the biggest selections of beer and wine.

  • Robandpenn

    I nominate

    Best Facebook page for every small business! They are the best resource for every brick and mortar store!

  • Kim Garst


  • Lori Patterson

    I would like to nominate the Fort Lauderdale Mustang Club.  The content is Mustang specific, the interaction of the fans is great.  The club uses the page the keep their members and friends up to date on what is happening and coming up in the area. 

  • brasserie sixty6

    I nominate our page as we got nominated this year for a social media award…but we didn’t win.hopefully this time. We love our social media here!

  • Des Bennett

    I believe Cinda Baxter and the 3/50 Project is a great fit for the top 10 Facebook small business pages. 3/50 Project’s whole purpose for being is to help and support small businesses. The best fit hands down.Our full FB page address (for use in nominations) is:

  • Anthony nolan because of constant updates and reshuffling of page ti stay up to date with trends.great photography too!

  • RoseC

    Thanks for thinking of us, Jim! 

  • RoseC

    Appreciate it, Chris! Thanks! 

  • RoseC

    Thanks, Chris, we’re trying! 

  • RoseC

    Thanks John! Hope we’re helping! 

  • RoseC

    thanks so much, Don! 

  • RoseC

    Hope your vote counts, honey! 

  • Sunny Singh

    I would like to nominate B&T Magazine … Australia’s leading title for Marketing, Advertising and Media industries. These guys are B2B publishers and grown from 300 fans in April 2011 to almost 4K fans this day! Love the GUESS THE LOGO component they do …

  • TiffanyBlakeney

    I would like to nominate Sarah David
    Sarah’s business offers a service of personal branding assessment to help you gain insight on what you are known for by others. With great insight her Facebook page nudges you daily to developing your brands personal best.

  • Nigel Watson

    Swamp Cartoons is about making people laugh. Have fun reading the cartoons featuring Ding Duck, Old Man Croc, Wart Frog, The Bludgerigar, Dung Beetles, The Dump Rats and many more characters in the Swamp. You can see lots more cartoons:    
    Facebook page –>!/TheSwampCartoons

  • Kayaonelove67

    I vote goes to http:/

  • Nanette Levin

    Randi’s amazing with her interaction with readers. I’m not sure how she finds the time, but she seems to respond personally to everyone who starts a thread or comments. This is a quality Page that stays on the niche topic she’s designed it for – namely business people in the equine industry – that is updated often by the minute, with relevant material and Randi’s constant eye and response. Please consider as a top ten.  

  • Gangastarz

     i vote for preserving  the jamaican roots & culture 

  • Ideasman

    Nominate:  Great resource for children’s stories & books.

  • G_benefiel
  • Angela Barbosa

    I would like to nominate

  • John Smith

    I nominate The Guitar Lounge –!/pages/The-Guitar-Lounge/140149323446 

    For a small business with only one store they have amassed a following of 26,580 fans – engagement with fans is also high with 100’s of likes and dozens of comments on their posts they engage consumers regularly. 

  • Melissa Groom

    Katrina Springer is one of Australia’s Top Bloggers and has a great blog and facebook page which she has organically grown her fans by posting great content on her page to help mums be more organised. Kat has just been sponsored to go over to The Blogher Conference in New York and would be well worth winning this competition.

  • Infotainer

    I Nominate

    I like their articles and they are frequent enough but not crazy frequent that it becomes annoying, The content is relevant to their business- so you don’t get the rubbish waste my time kind of posts (like heres a funny photo we found” which would have nothing to do with B&T.  The content is new- and they respond when I post a topic or comment on a post which makes me feel good as opposed to being ignored by other facebook pages.

  • CoolerMaster Tim because I work for them and they’ll beat me to death if I don’t promote. 

  • Lauri

    Greenfield tea Estonia
    Great efforts on building the audience and very nice images (especially the header images).
    Consider, that this business is operating within a very small market (Estonia, population ca 1,5 mil)

  • Kim Õun
  • Christelle

    I nominate Kim Garst
    Very good tips on social media, nice personality and very giving!

  • Danny Nyberg

    I nominate my own small biz page I love making art glass and i love to feature other artists on my page as well as my first website i launched recently. Come see all the good stuff on the page you’ll see why i think im a good nominee

  • Lindsay Marshall

    I’d also like to nominate School Outfitters, Great engagement, great community.

  • Anita
  • Josephd

    I nominate Stong Point Graphics.  SPG is dedicated to providing clear and eye catching designs for a variety of clinets,   An impressive company

  • Ann Schnorrenberg

    I would like to nominate Monument Wealth Management at as a Top 10 Small Business Facebook page for its awesome blogs.

  • Stingraybiz

    How about the 3/50 Project? Love their passion for small business. 

  • Linda Stockert

    I would like to nominate The 3 / 50 Project because they support locally owned businesses all over the county.

  • Massagebyj

    I would like to nominate Miesen Color Center which just celebrated it’s 50th year in business.!/pages/Miesens-Color-Center/101627386543781
    Small town personality in decorating with Big City style.

  • Pjdcottage

    Keeping it real in her own community!

  • Joan Roby-Davison

    Project 3/50:
    Also a wonderful resource for small businesses, in addition to being a small business themselves!

  • Katrina

    I nominate  Because supporting local, small businesses  is good for communities. And they provide great resources to help do just that.

  • Elaine Reed

    I would like to nominate Desert Bride.  Love the constant updates.

  • Eddy

    I would love to nominate Leneys: 
    They are the go-to business for apparels and tips on fashion

  • Elaine Reed

    Desert Bride

  • Kat Jones

    I nominate Antiques Attic because their page is educational,informative,entertaining and all about the local community in which they serve.

  • Rob

    Top Tails Pet Center

    They are an all natural and holistic store for pets.
    They put their customers and the well being of their pets first and rescue dogs from kill shelters.

  • Ksharpe — they post really engaging content regularly,  the car pictures (new models, future models, throwback models) are really cool and the fans are loyal and fun.

  • Mimihyso

    I am nominating Desert Bride. I love their daily posts and their celebration of their customers!

  • Samantha Waelde

    I nominate the”Bus2Alps” student travel agency! The company really made
    my study abroad experience even more enjoyable by providing
    extraordinary and cheap weekend trips for students studying abroad all
    over Europe (and they have an American branch too)! The Bus2Alps
    Facebook Page is engaging because it posts many trip photos and stories
    for students to get involved in. They also post a lot of valuable
    travel related content, inspiring videos, and photos. The company also
    has incredible deals for their trips that they promote quite well.

    Here is the Facebook link:

    Here is the link to the official Bus2Alps website:

    I studied abroad in Florence, Italy the summer of 2011. I
    went on 5 trips with Bus2Alps that summer! It was by far the most
    popular travel company among all of the hundreds of students I met in
    Italy that summer. I made an official
    Italy blog that was published on the study abroad website at Central
    Michigan University. The link for the blog is below. I has a ton of
    photos from the 5 trips I went on right there on
    the first page. The text is short and sweet and there are
    loads of pics!

  • Samthewiseman

    I nominate Best Western Plus River North. They have a really cool facebook community with a ton of facebook fan engagement and lots of unique, targeted content. For a small-time, independently owned hotel, they’re really pulling it off on Facebook!

  • Yvette

    I would like to nominate 3/50 project for their geat efforts in informing the public about the benefits of shopping locally.

  • Jane Epple

    I would LOVE to nominate

    Cinda is such an advocate for the small, independent, mom and pop business. Always current and up-to-date. Motivated, great ideas, cool tools ;) Check it out and “like” it.

  • Jennifer

    I would like to nominate as they are an amazing family owned business who cares about each customer as if they were family, and each project as if it were their own!

  • Julie

    I would like to nominate the ever fantastic 3/50 Project Endlessly (and tirelessly) shouting it out for the little guy, the 3/50 Project has championed the cause of the shop local movement by making it so easy to share. Through a constant source of free resources in the form of flyers and data, our customer base was eager to join in, choosing their 3 favorite local independent stores to spend $50 in a month, total. Were it not for the voice of this movement, several small businesses would not have survived the recession as we so gloriously did. Thank you 3/50 Project!

  • Lauree Griffis

    I’d like to nominate QuicWeb Solutions. Their posts are a great balance between useful information that we can really use for our website and Facebook, and entertaining posts about fun things they do… things the dog does…and other craziness that makes me laugh. Plus I really love the light-hearted graphics that Bingxin creates herself. It really captures who they are.

  • Annette

    I am nominating RecruitMilitary’s Facebook Page,,
    as one of the Top Ten Small Business FaceBook Pages out there!  GREAT information regarding veteran employment opportunities – along with some pretty awesome photos of “our” heroes – the men, women & families, who have sacrificed and given so much for this great country.  What a better way to give back to these special, well-deserving veterans!

  • Lowery

    I nominate this one! They are great about answering questions and engaging users. 

  • Jonathan Beltran

    I want to nominate Aerocasillas. These guys are just great! People from latin america is buying online and receiving in their hands thanks to this company. it´s like we all live in Usa!

  • anindiesupporter

    I nominate the American Independent Business Alliance –  they are a small non-profit that helps out small business owners on an individual and group basis.!/theAMIBA - This is their mission statement (from their FB page):
    AMIBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities and independent businesses thrive. We help citizens, independent businesses and communities prevent the displacement of locally-owned businesses, ensure ongoing opportunities for entrepreneurs, and advance citizen engagement in directing the development of their community.

  • Gram

    I am nominating  This wish list/registry helps you shop online so you give everyone you love the perfect gift.  They also partner with Charities to raise funds and awareness for worthy causes.  Every gift should come from the heart.

  • Melissakellyortega

    I would like to nominate The Downtown Life Magazine / The DLM because it is a publication that provides great stories of Merced’s downtown community, The University of California – Merced and connects the UC to the Downtown area which boosts our economy.  It also provides other small businesses a great way to get high quality advertisements in a publication that is read by many for a very reasonable rate.  I’ve heard many community members say, “I only read the DLM anymore because it’s positive, it tells me what I want to know about, it keeps me informed of all the cool events in our community, and it’s the only publication where I actually pay attention to the ads.”  
    The DLM is the best publication in town and most likely in the Central Valley / California! 

  • Randi Thompson

    WOW.  Thank you so much Nanette.  I have found that time is an illusion on this mountain. Funny thing is that HTMYHB has a lot of non horse people joining our ranks.  Good marketing works anywhere it seems…..or is it good horse sense?

  • Feathers Dominique should win because they have an engaging page, they are fun and very resourceful

  • DM4real

    I would like to nominate – We are a homeschool family, and Classical Conversations offers a ton of valuable homeschool resources, and has an extremely supportive and engaging Facebook community.  We love it!

  • LW
  • Leesa Munger

    I am nominating Something About Sonoma Great information about whats going on as well as contests and amazing feedback!

  • Justin Hicks

    My nomination is:
    BECAUSE: Awesome healthy food, great ambiance, entirely about serving the community. 

  • Shawna Hicks-Cranston
  • Lisadebruin

    I because I LOVE giving and receiving the Perfect Gift!   And this registry site does that for our friends and family!  

  • Jumpingjohn33

    I’d like to nominate HTMYHB (   My wife and I both follow this page. We’ve seen our business grow and we’re making more money.  By the way, we’re not in the horse business.   HTMYHB has won more awards for what Randi is doing.  She is the driving force behind it.  This is a small business. One person who believes in us and shows us what to do. 

  • Tami Rawr

    My nomination is for Retrospect Dry Goods love perusing their retro reproduction products. It’s like taking a step back in time. They always respond quickly to my questions and post lots of pictures of their products for sale on their website. They also sponsor fun Pin-up contests and car shows.

  • Spiraleaves

    My nomination is:
    BECAUSE they always have something useful up, whether it be what’s yummy that day, specials, coupons, or just a random recommendation.

  • Jake

    I nominate Chatter Buzz Media. They are a digital marketing firm out of Orlando, FL that started up this June. In 2 months they have managed to consistently pump out great (and free!) content, gaining them followers on all social media platforms as well as helping them rise in terms of SEO. They won the Business Journal’s Social Media Madness competition in the Orlando Small Business bracket. They do really great work and are an example of small business done the right way. Check them out on Facebook:

  • Meg

    I’d like to nominate the site that helps all of us small businesses the 3/50 Project at

  • Leah

    I nominate Madd Style Cosmetics: and their fan forum:

    Madd Style has great interaction with its customers, serves a unique fan base, promotes indie products and constantly gives links to blogs and pages that are of interest to its customers! Please check them out!

  • NFarella

    Nominating Patrick Cadillac:

    They are doing social media in a way that not many car dealers can! Their posts are fun and engaging, and it seems like fans are interacting on every post!

  • Jazmine

    Chicago’s Best Western Plus River North Hotel has a great Facebook page!!! I love their contests and daily updates on what’s going in the city!

  • Lauren Elowson
    A great resource for law enforcement and a high level of engagement.

  • pk

    My nomination is:
    BECAUSE: Janna and Oscar are awesome people who welcome you into their restaurant like they would welcome you into their home.  And, the food is hands down the best ever!

  • Wendy Magnan

    I nominate Happy Nest Photography run by Aimee Gollihur. Aimee is a hard-working mother of four. She has 3 triplets, one  who is severely disabled. The triplets will be 5 soon and their big brother is 8.
    She got interested in photography through taking photos of her own children and wanted to help others by charging a lower fee, so that more families could afford professional pictures.
    She is a talented photographer and wonderful mom.

  • Linden Tree
  • Robert

     I’d like to nominate CustomerLink
    Great content, great fan engagement.

  • Josh

    I nominate Endless Entertainment!!! –

  • Ben Heath

    I would nominate Retrospect Dry Goods 
    They have the coolest little store full of some awesome candy and toys from my childhood… and beyond my childhood!

  • Meg Mueller

    I nominate The 3/50 Project (

    Their frequent posts regarding small business keeps me up-to-date and provides lot of ideas and inspiration that I can use in my own business!

  • Will Russell

    I nominate They have one of the highest consistent “Talking About This’ metric of all the pages I am a fan of.

  • Alina

    I’d like to nominate!/BigBoysToysStorageCondos for top 10 Facebook pages.

  • La’Daska Mechelle Powell

    I would like to nominate LADASKA MECHELLE. Totally biased nomination, however, we are new to Dallas and are small.

  • Veezey
    Those guys are awesome and are always helpful

  • Talking Finger

    Awesome! We like being awesome :-) Thanks Veezy! Appreciate it :-)

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Feathers! We love to keep it fun. Appreciate you taking the time to post up

  • Ann Streckfus

    I nominate our local antique store, Antiques Attic. Fantastic locally-owned independent business in New Albany IN.

  • Steve T.

    I nominate Bish Bash Books – They are doing some wonderful things to help kids read.

  • Lisa Brunner

    You are more than welcome Randi!  I hope you soar to the top 20!!
    ~ Lisa of H. Squared Wellness

  • Kimameissner

    CRAVE has the most amazing food, and atmosphere.  Their web page shows some of the most amazing foods…

  • Susie Casas
    Imagine-nation offers great tips and advice to help small businesses make the most of social media marketing.  Also provides thought provoking questions and insights on a daily basis!

  • Matthewbrentsmith1984

    I vote for ebookdiscovery because they run awesome promotions and I get to read great romance novels!!!

  • Hollyluisi

    I would like to nominate The Bohemian Baker…they offer baking/cooking tips, they always have special offers and do many philanthropic events for many Central Florida charities…

  • Shwetali

    I would like to nominate Motivating Mum, Alli Price’s Facebook page. Her page is crystal clear about what motivating mum is all about. Plus she is an amazing person herself, helping mums in business at all levels. Its Check it out and you’ll know why I am nominating her ;) 

  • Brandon Bailey

    I nominate the Bailey Boy A.D.E. Foundation:
    This is a new company doing big things in the community

  • Suenitz

    I would like to nominate Mumtopia.
    I have rarely met somebody with such a heart for what she does. Even though I am no longer a new mum, far from it, I regularly visit her page to get encouraged and spurred on.
    Well done Cas. Love you

  • Cas McCullough

    I would like to nominate Black Milk Clothing and Their engagement is phenomenal!

  • Cas McCullough

    Aww thanks Sue! By the way, they want my Facebook page addy which is:

  • Webkotsos

    I would like to nominate this page, as I feel it makes you want to  travel more…

  • Jose Peleco

    Hello! Is it possible to ask our Facebook fans to leave a comment and nominate us here?

  • Jose Peleco

    I would like to
    nominate this page
    The programs they offer are awesome and absolutely free. Its
    just wow!

  • Caroline Gooding

    I would like to nominate Beads Direct I thoroughly enjoy participating in the Facebook parties that they run, but one of the things I love most about this page is that they actually take the time to  respond to comments and queries.

  • Bruce

    I would like to nominate Plumbing & Heating Depot
    Small family owned and operated plumbing and heating supply in the city of Revere MA. Catering to smaller service companies and retail customers as well. Most replacement parts used in the area in stock ,and can be ordered in timely fashion as needed. Good people to know when it’s cold outside and you got no heat. 

  • Sarah

    I would like to nominate cas is an amazing supporter with a great heart to all engage in her page .. all the best cas 

  • Lisa_a_19

    I would like to nominate Clayton Automotive

  • Ilya Boryakov
    Free Studio is the best FREE multimedia solution in the world!

  • Anthony Nolan

    I would like to nominate our restaurant page in Dublin Ireland. as we got into the list last time around and since then have strived to improve our efforts with apps for competitions, menu updates, great photography for our users to look at and more interaction and behind the scenes info! 

  • M Panty

    Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth Ohio………..

  • Megan

    I would like to nominate Harold Import Company. They are always sharing great recipes and links to awesome cooking products and products for entertaining guests!

  • Andrea Miller

    I would like to nominate AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior ( They use their Facebook page to engage their clients, inform Chicago of area dog-friendly events, pass along training tips and spread fun news for all dog lovers.

  • Driomena

    I’d like to nominate the Brazilian brand Reserva
    ( They’re present in the biggest and
    most relevant online channels. The Facebook page, today, is the most
    important channel to talk with their fans. They offer a truly and
    complete brand experience using information and entertainment. Their
    updates walks between art, bullshits, culture and sells without being

  • J Prismall 
    should win because they have a great engaging page, help people continually with answers to their questions  

  • Rooky Studios

    Nomination; Shares all of their expertise with a welcoming and friendly nature to everyone that engages.

  • WebNode should win because they have a great engaging
    page, help people continually with answers to their questions, are FUN….

  • WebNode should win because they have a great engaging
    page, help people continually with answers to their questions, are FUN…

  • Marcia

    I nominate the 350 Project facebook page at  It is a small business that helps small businesses.  I have used much of the information that I found on the page in my business.

  • Alamantra

    I nominate because they are engaging and social-media savvy.

  • Veryrichmond

    I nominate  Excellent and informative for small businesses

  • Caitlin S

    I nominate WalkJogRun because I love all the relevant articles and interviews they post that relate to me, a runner.

  • Jantiques

    Love the 3/50 Project. A small business that helps small businesses.

  • Andy Emory
  • Michael S. Humphreys

    Apologies for the second comment, but original comment contained an error in the address. I nominate Frog on a Limb Primitive, for engaging fans, great photos and offers, interacting with neighboring small business and with the community, humor and Whimsy. 

  • BigG !!!!  Great products!  User friendly site, good colors!

  • Johnsshau

    I nominate Randi’s page How To Market Your Horse Business as Randi’s page, HTMYHB, is a weekly go to to learn more about FB marketing and is a community in which we can share and support each others business page. I look forward to my Friday mornings chat and usually check in during the week as well. There are webinars, chats, video tutorials, etc,

  • Hans J Bang

    I nominate RoomSketcher – they have the most awesome home design tool and the people working the Facebook page are so incredibly friendly and helpful. Their updates are really fun and inspiring, anyone who loves interior design and home decorating should check them out.

  • Stalla1210
    They always keep us up to date on whats going on at the resturant and whats happening in town.

  • Even Olsen

    I nominate RoomSketcher I used this tool to redecorate my kitchen. Now all my friends are using it too. Their facebook page always have fun and inspiring updates, I newer get tired of looking at their photos. Check it out!

  • Carol Pendagast

    I would like to nominate Talking Finger:!/TalkingFinger
    This company has grown quickly into one of the best Social Media Companies on the internet. Nice people own the business and they are always willing to help. The conduct free seminars so we can learn how to take our businesses to the next level. I can’t say enough about Talking Finger!

  • Tylerfam

    I nominate Sippers Coffeehouse.  They are community focused and eager to accommodate special dietary needs, innovative and support their fellow local businesses. 

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Carol! So nice to read your post! We really love that you are taking time to give us some kudos! It is a pleasure to have met you :-)

  • Talking Finger

    Awesome, we love being savvy :-) Thanks Alamantra

  • Talking Finger

    Woohoo! Thanks for taking the time to post up! We are having a ton of fun right now with our “replace a word in a movie title with “bacon”…some funny stuff there!

  • Talking Finger

    Always…we love answering questions. Thanks for posting!!

  • Nhouz1

    I eagerly nominate:

    because their page always offers some fresh insight; it generally appears to be an organic effort, the staff posting pictures of “before & after” pictures & humorious comments; & most importantly, they are a great locally owned family business!

  • Sonya Kerr

    I would like to nominate The 3/50 Project’s facebook page.  Cinda Baxter and her company have truly brought out the best information and thought provoking commentary on her facebook page regarding small independently owned companies.  I keep up with her daily!  Here facebook page is:

    Thanks for considering her!

  • Rony

    I nominate

  • Tim Berkesch should win because they have a great engaging page, help people continually with answers to their questions, and are FUN! 

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks so much Tim, means a lot to us that so many people are posting up here for us. I think we hit 40 now or so, we really appreciate our fans taking the time to share our page with the world.

  • Adrienne Hughes
  • John Ranes II

    I’d like to nominate The 3/50 Project, the ultimate Facebook Page that supports all independent small businesses with the simplist of all concepts:  Consumer Awarness!  Created by Cinda Baxter, the simple message protects us from becoming a cookie-cutter society and encourages the individual character of the communities where we live and work.  Respectfully, John Ranes II

  • Sarah Kuglin

    I nominate the Easystand Facebook page!  I think it’s wonderful how they tell the amazing story of those who use wheelchairs to stand.  They have great conversations with their fans, share photos and videos, and educate people on how they can use wheelchairs to stand too!

  • Gladys A Casas

    I nominate imagine-nation social media marketing They always provide great tips and fun facts for online marketing and host giveaways for the people they work with’s products! Love it!

  • Natasha

    I would like to nominate Beads Direct.


    I love the interaction between the beaders and the Beads
    Direct Facebook Fan Page. So many fans upload their pictures, happy to share
    what they’ve recently made- which is a really great way to gain some fantastic
    inspiration. Not only that, I have also made some great friends from being a
    fan on their Facebook.



    I also love the designs they upload and the special vouchers
    they offer to their Facebook fans. Their competitions are also great fun-sometimes
    they even run them up until 10 at night!! They put so much effort into their
    Facebook Fans, and this feels like a great way to say thank you!  I nominate Beads Direct Ltd


  • Bellaroseboston

    I would like to nominate:

    The 350 Project is my favorite small business facebook page because Cinda is able to give us insight, updates and all around good information to help our small business grow by sharing the buy local message.  And it’s all done in a sometimes light, fun and direct way.  It’s easy to navigate and always chock full of useful info and links.  Please choose a deserving small business like hers!

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you John.  I really appreciate you nominating HTMYHB.  As you know, my goal is simple.  To find ways for people like you to market their business.  Since most of us love what we do…  this is a gift for all of us as we are on this journey together.  :) 

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much, Rooky Studios.  You are so right.  HTMYHB has an amazing community of people.  We are all looking for ways to market what we love to do as a business.  I am so inspired by each of you. :)  Together, we make a difference for each other. 

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you so much for nominating HTMYHB.  You are so right!  I do believe in the possiblities.  Good marketing works for any business.  We have won a few awards (which always surprise me!) and I know that they are because of the people like you who have made HTMYHB what it is.  I may be the driving force, but you and our fans are what drives me.  :) 

  • Kerryanne Farrer

    I’m nominating  – great resource, professional development and support for people who work at home. 

  • Kerryanne Farrer

    I’m nominating…  – great resource, professional development and support for people who work at home. 

  • Elaine Mawhinney

    ‘Support A WAHP’ is doing an amazing job of supporting people who are running their small businesses from home.  Generous with support and information through their Facebook page and members group, run by a work-at-home Mum who has a husband, family and ‘other business’ to support as well – it is support and help which comes from someone who is walking the talk! I personally have received so much practical help that I’m glad to give back by making this nomination.  Elaine Mawhinney.  

  • Victoria Muller

    I would like to nominate Hatchlings – Their posts are FUN, Interactive and most importantly VERY Informative!!!

  • Victoria Muller
    I would like to nominate HATCHLINGS – Their posts are FUN INTERACTIVE and most importantly VERY INFORMATIVE!!!

    EDIT – Posted twice because I wanted to send it to Facebook.

  • Michelle Norkin

    The Facebook page I am nominating is Raw Basics. 

    Raw basics has and is constantly updating their clients and fans. Their articles posted range anywhere from food recalls, ways to improve your pets health and the latest news ANY pet owner needs to know in order to care for their pet! Raw Basic’s owner is a selfless person who will discuss any questions or concerns when it comes to your pet. She loves what she does and thrives on educating others how to properly enhance your cat or dogs life.
    Raw Basics has helped to  save countless dogs (and cats) by discussing ways on how to change their diet. Sometimes it just takes a little faith and trust to take that step and listen to someone other than a doctor, who opts for shots as a solution. Raw Basics whole heartily believes in ‘raw’ meats, and other alternatives to maintain a healthy organic lifestyle.

    If anyone deserves a chance to win this contest, it’s Raw Basics!! 

    -Michelle Norkin 

  • Rosa Perry

    Absolutely adore – so my nomination goes to them. Leney engages with her fans and customers, fantastic customer service and her business is growing by leaps and bounds.  I love her Facebook page.

  • Sharon Brown

    I would like to nominate the Inn on the Alameda Facebook page.  I find that it helps me stay informed of the variety of events and interesting things to see and do or links to follow.  The pictures and comments of the events also give added interest.  They get my vote.

  • Tanja Rsvp
    It supports all local brick and miter stores, what could be better?!

  • Womblejan

    I would like to nominate Beads Direct.  Their service is very fast and professional and if there is a problem on that rare occasion they are extremely helpful.

    Kind regards

    Janet Murray

  • Jacqueline Harvey

    Great Content regular tutorials and updates to their website

  • Jacqueline Harvey

    Great  content regular updates and How to do projects.

  • Bee
    Lot’s of interaction and pics…Fun!

  • Janice Brooks

    I nominate Beads for the small business award.  They are just the greatest team and supply all my beading needs (which are great).  From fabulous beads, findings, stringing materials, crystals to semi-precious beads – they have them all.  Delivery is fantastic and they never quibble if you want to return something (which is very rare).  They are just the best.

  • Alex S.

    I nominate

    We need people like this in the publishing world!

  • soror Nishi should win as they help people continually with answers to their questions, are FUN… and…because they have a superb page.

  • rykjan should win… they are the bomb…!!!

  • Kathleen O’Malley Keleher

    I would like to nominate Winterfest
    This community event engages people – encourages charity connections and creates one of the most beautiful holiday events in the world while offering boaters the opportunity to be involved for a small entry fee ($35)! It truly is the “Greatest Show on H2O”.

  • Kathleen O’Malley Keleher

    I would like to nominate Winterfest
    This community event engages people – encourages charity connections and creates one of the most beautiful holiday events in the world while offering boaters the opportunity to be involved for a small entry fee ($35)!  The parade route is 12-miles giving residents and visitors of Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas a variety of places to view (many of the Downtown areas, parks and bridges are free viewing locaations) It truly is the “Greatest Show on H2O”.

  • RKQ – chock full of all the winterfestivities all year round!

  • Talking Finger

    Hehe, love it! Thanks Rykjan…u r da bomb!

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Soror, appreciate ya coming to post about us. Glad we could help ya with the YouTube stuff

  • GClubR…Volunteer & Fan

    We nominate the organization who has advocated and supported our downtown Fort Lauderdale community for the past 25 years…Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale:
    Along with their companion page, Go Riverwalk Magazine — this small business and not for profit delivers the message, activates the park and engages the community.

  • Kelixpartners

    I nominate Precision Paddleboards. Great engagement and word of mouth by their customers. Every morning they take a picture of the ocean to give the SUP (stand up paddleboard) report to their fans.

  • JVFL

    What a great idea – I nominate – consistent morning sunrise “stand up paddle” reports that engage fans and provide useful information, good use of events to pull like-minded community members together, and very responsive.

  • Ftlreikimassage
  • Greggsonia

    I would like to nominate Precision Paddleboards for their great customer service and for giving back to the community.

  • Ashley Johnston!/pages/Paint-by-the-Glass/117397438315373

    Paint studio and wine bar!!!  All canvas is pre sketched out so it’s like paint by numbers!!  Super fun and friendly atmosphere!

  • Cinthya Guillen

    I nominate Precision Paddleboards

  • Cinthya Guillen

    I nominate Precision Paddleboards

  • Kristen Kelly

    I would like to nominate  They have great posts and the owners are amazing at answering any questions you may have!  Love them!

  • Dsmiracle

    I nominate Precision Paddleboards!/PrecisionPaddleboards

  • Landisgeneral

    I nominate the 3/50 project, which is a small business about small businesses and for small businesses.  Wonderfully helpful to so many small businesses.

  • Cátia Marta


    They are a micro small business but have:

    1. Massive Brand Page Design

    2. Great engagement with fans on the timeline

    3. great talking about this (vs) Fans  metrics, normaly 15% up

  • Kelly Alvarez Vitale

    I’m nominating: PrecisionPaddleboards –  They funny, personable and always have the latest info!  

  • Jeff Korhan

    I’m nominating Sublime Garden Design for the exceptionally high level of engagement.  It’s the result of consistently sharing high quality and unique images, and engaging the community with comments and questions that earns a high level of response.

  • Kathleen O’Malley Keleher

    Spread the word and nominate:
    The “Greatest Show on H2O”.

  • jean
  • Chrisallarsen
  • Tracy Schuldiner

    I would like to nominate:

  • Carlos Eduardo

    I nominate Reserva (

  • Jstpumpkin
    I would like to nominate Red i by Chelsea because she always has something new and exciting going on and she is amazing with her customers. Such a fun, upbeat personality and her business page really shows that off! 

  • Yvonnerenee

    I would like to nominated She is fabulous!

  • Tanamaree updates and their online store is easy and full of great products.

  • Shannon – Not only is her Facebook page enjoyable, humerous and forever interesting, but what she does as a business is interesting. She tows around a vintage caravan that she’s converted into a shop selling vintage wares.  Amazing. I hope she wins.

  • Gareth

    I have to nominate Trish Hunter Finds – You’ll love it. Creative, Genius, Inspirational, all the great combination of a great business and a great interactive FB Page. GO TRISH!

  • Jen
    they have covered industry news with fun and cheek. Fans engage with the site

  • Dan Sherman

    I nominate Scoops They’re the only ice cream store in the city (county?) which makes their ice cream on site. I love how they use their FB page. They show up in my newsfeed almost daily and it’s always a welcome treat.

  • Pam77

    I would
    like to nominate Winterfest Boat Parade. 
     Awesome festivities, family friendly.

    Bravos to
    those who work at putting this on, they do a fantastic job.

  • Rosh Khan
  • Priya Khopade

    I would like to nominate my page :

  • Felix5389 I would recommend this page since they, unlike other pages, have some really interesting little situations attached to each post.

  • Igor Pozumentov – amazing software in the World. These guys really do a great job.

  • Claire-Rose Humpherson

    Thank you Janice, we really appreciate you taking the time to nominate us. I would just like to add a link to our facebook page: xx

  • Claire-Rose Humpherson

    Thanks Janet, your nomination means a lot. Here’s a link to our facebook page:

  • Claire-Rose Humpherson

    Thanks so much Natasha :) xx

  • Greta Holmberg

    Happy to nominate Intrepid Travel ( Their page hits the mark with engaging content and real two way conversations. 

  • Dominique Le Dude

    I nominate:!/dvdvideosoft
    cos the guys do a very, very good job and give their software for free, chapeau !

  • Iheb Braiek

    I’d like to nominate Dvdvideosoft( offer the best program suit that I have used to convert very fast,easy and practical.

  • Dennis Gali

    Why? Because I use the software they give on a daily basis! No other software can compete with them on the level they bring. I’ve tried many, but I stick with them.

  • Donovan Wynter

    I nominate  they develope nice software for windows 
    and have 1 of the best customer service 

  • Admin Alex

    Rockford Scanner provides Rockford citizens and businesses with an online scanner so they can hear breaking news as it happens. Also read about local news events on their website(, news events, that the local media do not cover! Plus you can get the frequencies for your own scanners, get help programming your scanner, even see …the list of the police codes!

  • Michael
  • Taylor Persky McMahan

    i nominate dvdvideosoft. always updating great products that are free to use and are all extremely helpful and pain free

  • Sue is a great page with fantastic engagement and a great community :)

  • Will Armstrong

    I love me DVD Video Soft 

  • Criss13istra

    i nominated​dvdvideosoft. the best program

  • Marie Hattersley

    I would like to nominate as they have a great page with lots of advice and FUN for beaders :D 

  • Leigh James

    I would like to nominate Beads Direct,   Their products are excellent quality, value for money and great selections. They have fantastic customer service and I have loved everything Ive bought from them. An award would be Highly deserved

  • Jlydiate1

    Dvdvideosoft gets my nomination for excellent customer service and interaction via their page

  • Aleš Malneršič
  • Walkerjathome

    I would like to nominate as they offer lots of good advice, tutorials and special offers.  They encourage people to send pics of the pieces they have created and they have loads of great competitions.

  • Sharon Houghton95

    i would like to nominate her jeweelery is good prices and fast delivery

  • Andrew Jenkinson

    i would like to choose

    i have used this woman a couple of times and she has supported me in making my designs into jewellery 

  • Kurt Rösch

    and the winner is:
    These peoples are Genies for all video-freeks

  • Ana Bubinaitė


  • Ana Bubinaitė

    I would like to nominate Angel’s DecoStudio . I just adore all that lovely, handmade things they do.

  • Beldie Gabriel Sorin

    My nomination:

    Great product, great facebook page with periodic posts and tips for using their product.

  • Aleksej Kalev

    I want to nominate their handmade designs are owesome! I really love it! :)

  • Jorgecristino

    I would like to nominate

  • Mofkont

    I nominate
    because those guys make wonder- ánd usefull software!

  • Tatiana-san

    I nominate – very useful content and great soft !!!

  • Brockmark

    I am nominating DVDsoft, they give excellent software programs for free, typically these programs might cost you £22 aprox from others, any one that gives , then they deserve the karma of getting back. Many Thanks

  • Cindy Irwin

    Scoops has the best Homemade IceCream EVER.

  • Rebecca Becki Shaw

    I’d like to nominate Their page is not only a great business page but a wonderful source of help and inspiration. They run lots of competitions and give great ideas to use their products in new and inventive ways. Also the community using the page is great if you need advice or just to showcase your creations.

  • Igor Nassif

    I nominate Reserva (

  • Sinéad

    I nominate, great team and fantastic software;

  • Ellisjazz

    We love Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale – kindlyl vote to support them!

  • Iain

    I’d like to nominate They're products are outstanding and best of all free!

  • Ernesto David Lazalde

    I would like to nominate DVDVideoSoft:

    They provide a variety of useful software tools. As for social media, I follow them because they keep fans updated on their software development and fixes, and they have good interaction with their followers.

  • Stacy-Emerald Hunt

    Thank you Rebecca! We really appreciate your nomination. xx :)

  • Stacy-Emerald Hunt

    Hi Jorgecristion! Thank you so much for your nomination. Is there something in particular that you like about the Beads Direct Fan Page? xx

  • Stacy-Emerald Hunt

    Thank you for the nomination! We (The BD Facebook team)
    are really grateful for your support xxx

  • Abby from Charlestown, MA Nominate the 3/50 Project!  

  • Stacy-Emerald Hunt

    Thank You Marie! Fingers Crossed xxx

  • Stacy-Emerald Hunt

    Thank you Leigh xx

  • Miller family

    I nominate RecruitMilitary —

    In addition to linking veterans to great civilian employment opportunities (which alone is AMAZING!!), the page posts interesting, entertaining, patriotic, and informative posts about our military and history.  Love this page!

  • Tom Maley

     I would like to nominate DVDVideosoft their Faceebook page is 

    This is my favorite company on the internet.

  • Tom Maley

     I would like to nominate DVDVideosoft, their Facebook page is programs are the greatest on the internet.

  • Jayne

    I would like to nominate Beads Direct I love the community they have built up through their facebook page :)

  • Lauren

    I would like to nominate

  • Tom Steeves

    I’d Like to nominate Talking Finger.  The team over at TF always have great insight and content that keep social media fresh in my mind.  Also…they’re always quick to respond to questions that I may have regarding social media.

  • Cbell014

    I’d like to nominate

    They have great prices on vitamins and supplements and are growing as a company. Their facebook interaction is also growing and I can see positive changes with social media. I think they could really benefit from the prize.  

  • Talking Finger

    Thanks Tom! You rock for posting up here…we really appreciate it :-)

  • Acain Control is not a “glamorous” industry but Northwest Exterminating stills continues to grow and serve their customers via social media sites.

  • Pam weathered

    I would like to nominate Beads Direct. Their page gives information about their fantastic sales and the great competitions they run. They have a great beading community to swap ideas and post photos of things made. There are lots of projects too to give inspiration to new and experienced beaders .

  • Aaron

    I nominate
    Great engagement and advice on careers

  • Jenn

  • Sdhmhandbags

    I’d like to nominate FOR THE LOVE OF SCARVES…
    She was also featured locally as a new home business, her product and page following is awesome

  • Jan

    Simply the best.
    It’s good, it’s easy and it’s free. GREAT.

  • Lisa

    I am happy to nominate Roscoe Bed Bug Dog’s Facebook Page! The page is a bed bug company and Roscoe is the mascot dog for the company. The page produces great engagement with its fans. They also post fun and humorous engaging pictures, which makes the page more inviting. The best is when they post “Where is Roscoe?” This is a weekly post and it describes where Roscoe is around the tri-state area. –

  • Venus

    I would like to nominate Ana –
    Her work is so beautiful with lots of special little touches. ^_^
    Venus ^_^

  • Ishtar Tomar

    I would like to nominate Theses guys are awesome. They came up with a cool product and support some cool charities like “Big Brothers & Big sisters” and “Autisim Awareness” and many more. Every time I turn arround they are helping someone else.  They always reply to even the smallest question I have for them. Hats off to the Zox Bros!

  • Ishtar Tomar

    Thank you!

  • Abandes

    I nominate

    They have interesting and enjoyable content, fun contests and great interaction! I really look forward to reading their posts!

  • Broling

    I’d like to nominate Bell Environmental’s Facebook page found here:

    I love the fresh take on a seemingly discrete business. When you want to get rid of bed bugs, you don’t usually shout it from the mountaintops, but Roscoe does a great job of bringing the brand fun content with canine humor and a dog’s view on certain news stories.

  • Vince Perriello

    My vote goes to because of their timely social media updates, their humor and engaging commentary, and great turnaround on our questions

  • Lauriecosta88

    I nominate bishbash books. Nothing is more important to me than being an awesome Mom. And bishbash helps me to to that!

  • Colleenstrube

    My nomination is:

    Love the questions she asks and the great information she provides

  • Lisa Dutra

    I nominate for the informative articles and great pictures

  • Ilyamikov
  • Guest

    I would like to nominate

  • © MrBill

    My vote goes to because they continually keep us up to date on social media, are fun and engaging, and answer questions from people all day.

  • Syarif S. Arman

    My vote goes to because they continually keep us up to date on social media, are fun and engaging. They deserve it!

  • Annika

    My nomination is Have been using this exellent software for quite a long time and it never disappointed me since then! All the tools are quite easy to use, save your time and just give you more possibility for creating! Keep working like this!

  • Peter

    I would like to nominate This company promotes educational reading for children. They also have a wonderful blog which interacts with parents on different ways in getting kids involved to read more and how important it is.  

  • Fiza Malik

    My nomination is for my page

  • Hannah Lawrence

    I vote for… 

    Great mix of fun, engaging and humorous content with career advice and job opportunities! 
    Innovative Facebook page for a recruitment company targeting a young and social media savvy generation.

  • Talking Finger

    Hey Syarif, glad to see ya here! Thanks so much for coming here to comment, I know you are incredibly busy.

  • Talking Finger

    Oh No Mr. Bill! Does anyone still get that reference? Anway, thanks for dropping in, much appreciated!

  • Talking Finger

    Hey there Vince, glad you found the thread! Thanks so much for posting up, it is very appreciated!

  • Bormanator

    I like for all my media needs, especially Youtube downloads.

  • Bmuse27

    Ongoing updates in the SUP world and great ocean pics – love these updates

  • Emily M.

    I would like to nominate Single Throw Inc. They are always posting about the latest in social media, SEO, and it looks like they have a lot of fun!

  • Randi Thompson

    Thank you for nominating HTMYHB.  It took me awhile to realize how much people like those photos on social media.  Now, all of our fans are having more fun and interaction on their pages by adding them. :)

  • Dabeyer33 Great marketing company in the MIlwaukee area that posts fun content to interact with.

  • Dabeyer33 Great marketing company in the MIlwaukee area that posts fun content to interact with.

  • Aaron Chrislip

    I am nominating Super Dave’s Comics and Games, Inc. They are comic book and hobby game store trying to come to Norwalk, Ohio. They have many wonderful ways in which they will help the community.

  • Dhemenway23

    I nominate
    Randi always has up to date info and insight that makes it fun to use social media. Thanks HYMYHB

  • Sam – Engaging, invaluable and inspiration information for travel-loving parents

  • Lisa Derby Oden

    I”m nominating How To Market Your Horse Business at – she is so motivational with others and encouraging for them to experiment with social media, as well as sharing best practices to really rock and roll with it. She’s always experimenting and sharing what the experiment yields. Very practical, easy to understand and just plain fun! Very engaging, which is the point of it all really, isn’t it?!

  • Lisa Derby Oden

    And at How To Market Your Horse Business – other businesses can benefit from the information that she provides as well! Focused on horses but can be used by others too.

  • Fran White

    I would like to nominate  for this contest.  In the past year since Back and Bodyworks has been religiously doing Social Media they have more than doubled their LIKES and raised their possible reach from 12K to over 100K.

    Back and Bodyworks Massage will be celebrating their 13 year in business Sept.2, 2012.  Owned and operated by Sharon Schneider who is a registered nurse and Licensed Massage therapist. 

    Back and Bodyworks is small mid-west business at it’s best!  Four massage therapist make many local residents smile by giving quality massages and above the norm customer service.

    In a world where big business dominates, Back and Bodyworks Massage was just voted #1 for massage in Kansas City’s Northland, which made us extremely proud.  We are small but mighty!

    Clients LIKE Back and Bodyworks on Facebook because they are supplying them with quality content that could help to improve their lives and lifestyle.

  • Krystalina

    I would like to nominate Totally Beaded because there is such a nice variety of Jewelry, and its a very fun and  enjoyable page :)

  • KMiller

    I nominate
    Great daily, weekly tips on marketing ANY business! 

  • Up Up Pixel Designs

    I’m nominating Back and Bodyworks!
    They do an amazing job keeping all of their fans engaged in what’s going on! They really have created a page where you know you can visit everyday and learn something new and interact with others who care about their health! Their Social Media person does an excellent job and always posts great things and gets great feedback from the fans, and she is super friendly too! Back and Bodyworks has successfully opened my eyes to my health and wellness with their posts! They have definitely created a  family not only on their fan page but also at their place of business! Back and Bodyworks deserves an award for one of the “Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages”! Please help me to acknowledge such an excellent small business that truly cares about their fans and customers!

  • Hgonzo13

    My nomination is: J and R Tacos holds a special place in many Mercedians Hearts because the owners are incredibly active in our community supporting local farms, the arts, and a healthy enviornment. Also, no matter what walk of life, J and R Tacos nurtures a sense of family for community members by embracing their customers with warmth and caring while offering healthy, fresh, and delicious food.

  • Cindy W.

    I nominate

    They are a wonderful small business that promotes reading for children. They also keep parents informed and connected though their engaging blog! Check them out!

  • Bob

    I nominate Randi Thompson!! Her knowledge of the horse business is expansive an matches her zeal for helping us promote our Equine related businesses . Her advice has already help my FB Fan grow and her social media insight is exceptional!!

  • KateColorSmith

    I would like to nominate How To Market Your Horse Business

    The page owner, Randi Thompson, gives excellent information to her readers and stays focused on the topic. The tips and techniques are clearly spelled out so that even a novice can begin using the ideas right away. Randi also is very candid about her own learning process quickly putting everyone at ease about figuring out how to use all of the tools and tips available for marketing their own small business on and off line. Randi walks the walk when it comes to showing others how to be successful even if startting with little more than their Facebook page and desire to get more business. Is it any wonder that this page has a very active and engaged community?

  • Mutt9000

    We would like to nominate HTMYHB,  Fresh ideas, easy to follow tips, supportive community and more. Good luck !

  • Harrison McDowall

    My nomination is:

    Because: Their page is a merger of traditional print and social media. Placing a personal face to local businesses, attracting local talent for events, and keeping downtown business fresh every month with consistent coverage of services for patrons is what they specialize in.

    All for the cost of free to the consumer. :-)

  • Lisa Miro

    I’d like to nominate:!/classicalconversations.  It’s a very informative and a great ressource for homeschoolers!

  • Michael

    My nomination is:
    Because: Tom rocks.  Janna rocks.  Merced rocks and the DLM is a big part of it.  It ties downtown together and makes it a fantastic place.

  • Staywme4eva

    I nominate Bish Bash Books!

    They are changing the way our kids will view books! 

  • Sheri Wilson

    Vote Talking Finger : )

  • Olivia Lynch

    I nominate The DLM is a kick ass monthly that highlights what is special about Downtown Merced, CA. It shares information about local bands and events. I would be lost without it!

  • Tracey

    I would like to nominate Design Sense Kalgoorlie Design Sense is a fantastic small business and their Facebook Page keeps you updated with relevant info!  Great colourful, fun facebook page!!  Well done guys!!

  • A Proctor

    We love this page as it keeps us up to date with local classes as well as issues that positively impact on us and our family.  It’s a local business (A-Star Sports), tailored brilliantly to local families 

  • Oceane S

    My nomination is:
    J and R Tacos is a great restaurant inDowntown Merced, CA that offers fresh, local awesome food and is a great asset to the community. 

  • Herda van Elk – Hutabarat

    I would like to nominate Beads Direct.  They run lots of competitions for their fans and upload design ideas. They have been an endless source of inspiration for my jewellery making hobby! 

  • Magda Woodhouse

    I would like to second the nomination JiveNationPoland Page . This small business uses all of the facilities available to engage its potential customers and fans.

  • Stacy-Emerald Hunt

    Thank you Herda van Elk! We’re glad that you like the Beads Direct Facebook Fan Page. Thank you for your nomination xxx