I know you frequent blogs to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. I’m looking for your nomination for the Top 10 Social Media Blogs. The winners will be promoted in our 25,000 reader sister publication, the WhitePaperSource Newsletter, and announced here.

How to Nominate

Please make a single nomination by replying to this message and include why you like the blog (only your first one counts). Be sure to include a link to the blog. To make the cut, a blog must be nominated more than once.ย  Make your nomination by 12/31/2009.

The Judges: Our judges include Scott Monty (Ford), Ann Handley (MarketingProfs) and David Meerman Scott (author New Rules of Marketing and PR).

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their posts, the frequency of their posts, reader involvement and their blog’s ranking (in that order).ย  Think part readers-choice and part Oscars.

The winners will be announced here in January and also in our newsletter. Click here to see our other top 10 blog contest winners. Note that the decisions will be made by an objective third-party panel.

Go ahead and enter your nomination right now below and be sure to let your friends know about this contest.

UPDATE: Nominations are now closed.

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  • Jason

    I frequently read by Rich Becker. Good stuff and, IMHO worth a nomination.

  • I’ll nominate someone … Amber Naslund’s Altitude Branding ( Great thinking on social media, community building, higher level marketing and more. Read it regularly and learn from it, too.

  • My favorite is Jason Falls’ He always has helpful posts and even takes the time respond to every comment and email.

  • I second Jason Falls’ His quality vs. filler post ratio is excellent

  • I’d like to nominate Gray Matter Minute ( Renee’s blog is informative & her resources section is full of great info, too!

  • I nominate Adam Singer’s The Future Buzz:
    Adam writes thorough, provocative posts covering social media, marketing and PR. I find that I bookmark and retweet most of his posts because they provide enormous value.

  • I like Andrea Stenberg’s Her writing is clear, concise, entertaining, and really practical. She started originally with giving marketing advice to small businesses and morphed into specializing in social media about a year or so ago.

  • Guest

    I vote for ๐Ÿ˜€ covers social media, web design, strategy, technology & more.

  • I’d like to nominate Dave Fleet at Always solid social media and PR analysis.

  • I’m a fan of @chrisbrogan’s blog found at

  • aax A nice variety from building a facebook fan page for your small business, monetizing it, and announcing facebook updates that could have an impact on your page or application.

  • I’ll second the nominations for : I appreciate Renee’s lively and personable writing style at the end of a long day, and value the hands-on actionable ideas she comes up with for Gray Matter Minute readers.

  • I vote to they are very good, always updated with great news about the social media world.

  • I’ll nominate Jason Baer’s Convince & Convert blog His Twitter20 series, content on social media strategy and the convergence of social media and other digital marketing channels is great, but what makes Jason’s blog even better is its voice and writing style. He boils concepts down like nobody else can.

  • Thank you Sharon, my go-to SEO guru. Much appreciated.

  • stacydyer

    I nominate,

    Brian Clarke, Sonia Simone, and the rest of the crew stay on top of social media and also offer terrific online copywriting help.

  • Travis Blythe

    I like Corner6labs blog @ Their content and expertise in the industry sets them apart.

  • I nominate Especially her Fetching Friday feature.

  • Thanks Michael. I very much appreciate the nomination.

  • I’m too for Good advice, balanced posts and an extra brand inside the blog: that would be, of course, Fetching Friday.

  • I nominate . Jason’s insight on SM is absolutely fantastic. With a great mix of content including his Twitter 20 series, blog posts and video posts, it is a great mix of fantastic content. A must read!

  • I, too, would like to nominate Jason Baer’s Convince and Convert blog ( Great content, simplified concepts and always very timely.

  • anndie

    I nominate They really comeup with these fantastic tips and tricks and they only introduced me to socialmediaexaminer.

  • I nominate Olivier Blanchard’s the Brand Builder Blog

  • I nominate Meryl Evans who has been writing about social media before it was cool for business. Some of it is on her blog ( and some on Web Worker Daily (

  • I forgot the “why” part. I nominate the Brand Builder Blog because of his firm stance that social media ROI can and should be measured.

  • Thanks, Jason. ๐Ÿ™‚ And likewise. Off to recommend yours in fact.

  • I’d like to add another nomination for Jason Falls and Jason is always fresh thinking, practical, and not subject to the hype that’s prevalent in social media. On my must read list.

  • frankjovine

    I 2nd MrjWells – I nominate This is a terrific series and very unselfish.

    Fetching Friday

  • I like Words from Willow. Just because it’s quirky and fun.

  • So hard to choose only one, because I agree with almost all of the current nominations! I guess my all-time favorite have to be, with Brian and Sonia and the gang. They walk their own talk, and are unbelievably generous with practical, easy-to-understand creative solutions for anyone in business.

    I’d love to see you publish a list of ALL nominees with their URLs, as well as the top 10!

  • I nominate Cindy King’s blog due to her international perspective on social media.

  • melwriter

    I nominate the Advergirl blog, presented by Central Ohio social media expert Leigh Householder specializing in higher education, non-for-profit fundraising, and healthcare – of Ologie (,

  • Chris Brogan at His content is always great. I just finished a very informative webinar. Chris always goes the extra mile. (Thanks Chris)

  • I nominate‘s blog. Mack’s been working with companies in the 2.0/SM space for years and deserves a nomination! His blog posts touch on the realities and challenges of companies who are trying to be “social” with their customers. Mack lays everything out practically and utilizes the KISS rule very well. I also nominate Amber’s blog. It is my desktop reference to social media in business . Always thought-provoking, always real.

  • I nominate Jason Keath at He is founder of the up-and-coming social media conference, and offers a ton of great insights into current and future social media applications.

  • Although I do enjoy your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I would have to say that, by far, the number one Social Media blog out there is They have so much information on the site and are always coming out with something that is new and interesting, and most importantly, helpful to their followers. @mhillaert

  • Ava

    I nominate Cherrie at, she if very informative with a twist on reality that anyone can relate to. She is humorous and gives you thought provoking insight into the little things in daily life.

  • Rob Birgfeld

    I’ve come to be a huge fan of Jeff Jarvis. While it’s often media as a whole, his insights are often spot on and always get me thinking.

  • Very kind, Adam. Thank you!

  • Gracias, m’dear.

  • nicci

    I nominate Integrated Web Strategy’s 5 Billion Minutes ( Because they not only are tech and web savvy people with good heads, they also donate to charities and give back to their community continuously ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chris P.

    I second Brandon’s nomination for Jason at Loving his Social Fresh events as well. I will be at the Nashville one.

  • Allie

    I nominate Jason Keath at He has taken the social media conference world by storm with so he is actually taking the talk offline and helping brands better understand the industry and the tactics being used. He invites guest bloggers to share their insights and uses video in creative ways to get his messages across (most recently a finger puppet series). He brings his personality out and that is something that keeps me coming back to his blog for more!

  • Guest

    I’d like to vote for Social Media Blog the blogging forum for the International Social Media Association written by the members of the association themselves.

  • ooops…I meant and you don’t need the dot after the www either.

  • Thanks Andy. I appreciate your support. Not always as timely as I’d like, but I’m trying!

  • Thanks Josh. Indeed, content mix is a big focus for me. It’s one of the things I like best about this site, too. I appreciate the nomination!

  • I second the nomination for Olivier’s The Brand Builder Blog ( It’s a no-nonsense, enterprise-focused approach to social media that dispenses with buzzwords and discusses how to create real and valuable results.

  • donnaperugini with Sonia Simone and the gang! You all rock!!

  • Waris

    I am nominating http://www.6seconds .org/blog/ for all the hard works in promoting emotional intelligence to the world.

  • Thanks for the nominations everyone!

    By the way, I thought you might be interested in this article from about one of the winners of my last contest (on the writers side).

  • This is such a great blog!

  • This is such a great blog! Enjoy!

  • jasonlopez

    I nominate Bruna Martinuzzi’s excellent blog:

    Bruna knows Emotional Intelligence like Michael Phelps knows water, and has just as much control and power in it. Her posts are very well thought-out. But what brings me back for more is that she always finds a way to make her readers see *real ways to apply* the wisdom she brings, such that they can effect real change.

  • Well i like e-consultancy blog and top rank blog. These two blogs are great social media blogs for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I nominate Jefff Bullas as a quality social media reporter website of statistics and relevant ‘social media’ facts and figures to help businesses keep abreast of the changes and how businesses are using social media effectively in their niche market.

  • Stefan Halley

    I would like to nominate Methodical Madness ( They do a solid, educational twice weekly blog that provides social media advice for people in advertising and marketing.

  • Rhys

    I’ll second Methodical Madness. The reviews of Twitter applications have been really helpful and they have an interesting take on social media trends.

  • I second that nomination for Mack’s blog.

  • Iยดll nominate Methodical Madness,
    Interesting and educational posts on trends in social media

  • Thank you Martin! Much appreciated.

  • I nominate Chris Brogan blog : because it is Community and Social Media. Chris is original, entrepreneurial and has a great community spirit. His ideas and thoughts are challenging and thought provoking.

  • Thanks for the nomination!

  • For me it boils down to who delivered the most valuable content that helped me most, who i learnt the most from, results from implementing what i learned from that person…

    how many times i visit the site does not matter because sometimes we’re all just following sites because they’re up there on the AList, but it doesnt mean that the person has delivered on value.

    im deciding between Mashable .and Copyblogger, Mashable i’m on alot purely because of all the sites that link in and RT’s. Digg, Stumble etc where as copyblogger im on alot less however each time im on copyblogger im there for hours, reading and digging through the archives,

    i have learnt so much from copyblogger that looking at my business today, about 20-30% of my business is a result from applying what ive learnt. Also the site is one of few that doesn’t waste to much time and focus on design template.

    I Vote For Brian Clark of

  • ive never heard of this blog before but just had a quick read and theres some Twitter articles that are interesting and might be worth digging abit deeper. First impressions count and first impressions were good

  • I’m also going to vote for Jason Falls’ He’s been one of my top social media resources for the past couple of years.

  • hey Twitter is social media…DUH!!! i gotta back up my fellow Aussie can’t forget about him! I nominate Darren Rowse not for but for

    Darren gets kudos because of the social community that he has developed, every site that he has is not all the same following, he has the ability to ummmm its like hes a cameleon 1 moment hes problogger, the next hes blogging about tweeting about blogging, and then snap flash! he’s adding value to that 300k+ following, sometimes he can be abit American and sometimes he’s good ol Aussie Aussie oi oi!

    Darren always focuses on building the social community putting efforts into turning his usual rss subscribers into loyal social networks in his Forums. Many readers turning into social authorities from giving value in his successful forums, the most recent being ProBlogger.Community ( ) with almost 5,500paying members with a ratio of Active Members close to 2000, thats pretty Social If You Ask Me!!

  • jenniferwiley

    I also nominate This site has fantastic discussions on Emotional Intelligence whether it be regarding professional consulting for business/corporate, for educators of kids or adults (of which I know at least one teacher who has used their ideas for her own interpersonal relation classes for adults for years), or for personal relationship and parenting reflections (mostly what I use it for).

  • Sethmil

    I nominate The Blog of Shani Sammons towards the promotion of bands but applicable to almost any social media marketing campaign Shaniโ€™s new blog addresses the heart and soul of what it takes to engage fans (customers, readers) in a way I have not found elsewhere. In my studies of social media marketing I have found itโ€™s all about delivering value and Shaniโ€™s approach is through personal interaction and authenticity rather than flashy gimmicks. I think she has done a great job with the duo Sugarland as well as her own blog. Sugarland fan site:

  • the most honest, critical and accurate sm blog out there.I nominate Olivier Blanchard’s the Brand Builder Blog

  • I nominate Olivier Blanchard’s TheBrandBuilder blog (again.) It’s a wealth of information on social media marketing, program development and everyone’s favorite new topic: *real* social media ROI, without the BS, without the excuses, without the whining of why we can’t measure or provide data on this or that. His micro-site at contains the same content, but narrowly focused on just the topic of social media ROI. He created that so that it would be easy for visitors to find the information on that topic and educate themselves, which is just one more way he tries to help people. A lot of folks have told me that they appreciate his work and me pointing them toward it because it taught them so much.

  • I nominate @thebrandbuilder: Always depth to the content and he’s not afraid to ask hard questions and topple clay pedestals in the process. Olivier is a standup guy who delivers on his blog.

  • I second the nomination for Olivier Blanchard*. He has a great branding blog and makes a point of addressing the measuring of Social Media. I learn a lot when reading & listening to Olivier.* Because I cannot nominate my other 2 favorites Ann Handley & David Meerman Scott!

  • I second Michael’s recommendation of Jay’s blog.

  • wow what a list, I love Ambers,, Jason’s and Olivier’s But think that… probably does that best job of aggregating all of these great writers in one place..

  • Mack is absolutely one of my favorite bloggers. He is so good at building community, he is positive, and he is darn smart! I have used his blog as a model for how my blog (and others) should be.

    Amber’s blog is great because it is straight-up good info – no messing around.

    I second them both.

  • Tough to pick one but I’ll go with Copyblogger They have great content, post frequently, have tons of reader involvement. Don’t know about the blog’s ranking–but it has to be up there with the biggest and best.

    I picked Copyblogger over other sites because it doesn’t just list a ton of links and catapult me into cyberspace to face the new social media monsters on my own. Copyblogger gives practical information with commentary to help me make sense of what is going on in the world of social media.

    Mary E. Ulrich

  • There are so many amazingly awesome blogs out there but the one that stands out from the crowd in my opinion is Olivier Blanchard’s blog His writing is engaging. His message is poignant. And, he isn’t afraid to break from the social media pack.

  • Jennifer Neisse

    Amber Naslund’s Altitude Branding blog is great- always informative with a fun edge-

  • I nominate up and coming why: great content, super initiatives and loads of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So many great ones. Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Jason Falls, Mack Collier, Amber Naslund, Olivier Blanchard, Mitch Joel and Jason Keath.Since I can only nominate one, I’ll go with Chris Brogan at but they are all amazing and worthy of recognition. Keep leading.

  • I’ll have to go with I look forward to their Facebook fan page posts all day long. They are very consistent with bringing cool tips and tools for managing your brand online using social media.

  • Laura Demeo

    This is a great contest! There are so many awesome blogs and amazing people.
    But I have to nominate Katie Freiling No question!

    Katie provides huge value for her subscribers and she is very interactive and engaging with the community. She just taught a hugely successful blog mastery Intensive course and delivered outstanding content and value for all her students. She is truly an inspiring thought leader and teacher!

  • My nomination goes to Cherri Ward for Words from Willow Cherri is a great writer, anyone can easily relate to what she is writing about, and be apart of it! Cherri writes from the heart! Julie

  • Rodika Tchintcjlei

    I would like to nominate Bruna Martinuzzi’s blog on Emotional Intelligence:

    Her blog always has in-depth, wise and sometimes provocative information that can open you to real change in your life. It is actually more than a blog, it is a collection of very interesting and well-thought articles that should go into a new book! ( I much enjoyed Bruna’s book “Leader as a Mensch”)

  • victoriaipri

    I think Chris Tompkins at Go! Media International is doing a great job with his blog:

    Lots of meaningful, timely information that can be put to use right away.

  • Rob Murray

    I nominate my own blog (can I do that?) It concentrates on social media news in the UK specifically as well as some good ideas and self proposed theories. Updated and interacted with regularly.

  • I nominate @adamcohen’s, A Thousand Cuts : http:/ Unlike many “pundits”, Adam has the experience to back up his excellent analysis and point of view. Always depth to the content with brilliant takeaways – a must read.

  • Not sure if I saw anyone else nominate this but Jeremiah Owyang’s blog should be included here: I would also add Aaron Strout’s:, Adam Cohen’s, and Michael Troiano’s: They all share some great perspectives.

  • I nominate Peter Kim at He is a friggin genius, thinks very differently from others that I follow-is relevant and incredibly insightful.

  • Only your first one counts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BJ, Becky and Anna, thanks for the mentions! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Maybe I missed it, but how is Shannon Paul’s Very Official Blog not mentioned?

    Shannon is one of the few bloggers that always makes me think ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!?’ when I read her posts. Beth Harte does a great job with this as well.

    Great list and recommendations, thanks Michael!

  • I nominate Viralblog ( a cool blog that focuses on viral marketing and social media and offers the best of both worlds: campaigns and different takes on trends.

  • mflaherty

    OK, this is tough. There are so many awesome folks in the social media space. But, I’ll nominate Valeria Maltoni, The Conversation Agent: Consistently rock solid!

  • Lucy Davies

    What a lot of terrific blogs that have been recommended.

    I would add to that list Krishna De’s – she chares practical insights and great depth of commercial and international experience.

  • Mitch Meyerson

    So many great choices. But at this moment I have to tip my hat to Brian Clark at
    for such useful and well organized content. And I have to say Social Media Examiner is really interesting and engaging.

  • Nominating the Web 2.0 Blog –

  • Dino White

    I nominate WebStudio13,

  • There are some real “giants” among these nominees, and I’ve learned from — and been inspired by — many of them: Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, Darren Rowse (Problogger), Michael Martine (Remarkablogger). Denise Wakeman’s (Blogsquad) blogs are among my must-reads for being relevant and practical. The endorsements have given me some more to check out.

    I’m casting my vote for Copyblogger Brian, Simone, and the other contributors offer breadth, depth, and a great balance of heart and head.

  • I nominate @JeffBullas ( for offering fresh insight and helpful case studies, tools, lists, and tips.

  • I nominate Cindy King’s blog – the best international social media person out there to follow

  • zed1

    Ann Margrain`s Heroin and Cornflakes ( one of the best blogs out there.

  • May

    The blog I nominate for is from Malaysia.
    It might not be the best one around, but I found it interesting and straight forward.

  • dalans

    I can provide another nomination for nominate
    Bruna Martinuzzi’s blog:
    Bruna covers a wide range of topics and has deep insight into them. I always take a little something from her site.

  • I nominate

  • I nominate the eMarketerBlog: for its valuable research and insight. We continue to see more and more valuable and relevant data on social media.

    Honerable mention to another KY boy, for constant, up-to-date content!

  • I nominate as Mack did Shannon Paul. She is so insightful and you learn something new each time she posts something.

  • Thanks Warren, much appreciated!

  • Thanks for the shoutout Rachel!

  • Just adding support for Jason Falls’ and Jay Baer’s Both tremendous examples of value-add insight on a consistent basis.

    If you’re looking for a new addition (so far in the comments) I’d nominate Beth Kanter’s blog, she is relentlessly advancing cause marketing

  • Hey Adam – Friendly note that only your first nomination counts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Firm but fair. Thanks Michael ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I nominate by Francisco Rosales @socialmouths – because he is fresh, innovative and generous with sharing his knowledge and findings.

  • I nominate blog of food industry publisher and social media maven Paul Barron. Amazing thinker and has been at it for a long time. Saw Paul in 2006 while he tried to convince me that Facebook and Twitter were coming as powers. Hmm maybe should listen to him now!

  • Bethany Miller

    I nominate the dynamic Shani Sammons and her blog about social media. You won’t believe the energy and insight from this fun woman. She’s on target every time. This is the one that will change the world!

  • Thank you Mari, for your kind words and for the nomination.

  • I would have to vote for as they are very informative and have been very helpful for SEO and social media

  • I also must agree that is a great resource and has been very helpful. I would definitely put my vote to them

  • Miriam

    I like ~ very informative and up to date information ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It’s between Mashable and Chris Brogan for me and since I’ve been reading more of Chris Brogan with his book and his life online, I’ll have to agree with many who have already nominated the number one-Chris Brogan.

  • for the focus on the human side of SM – Even though I’m tempted to mention a couple more…

  • Me and Francisco have collaborated in the past and he has showed to deliver turn key solutions in the social media realm; Therefore, I nominate as a reliable and credible source.

  • Many excellent social media blogs have been nominated so far but let me nominate Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Blog Toby has been writing insightful, innovative social media posts consistently since 2004. Her blog has been an inspiration and a resource for many of us as we started learning social media and her writing continues to provide sound analysis and challenging dialogue as social media continues to expand and grow….and she does it day after day.

  • I’m a fan of Diva marketing –

  • Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing blog is a must read for anyone in the blogosphere, or newbies just starting to blog. I think of her as the ultimate blogging mentor, and she is equally generous and effective offline in seminars, conferences, one-on-one mentoring. Her relationship approach suits the times. Thanks and happy holidays.

  • what a great list of blogs this contest is creating. thanks for the nominations; even more I appreciate your kind words. diva marketing has def been a work from the heart.

    i’d like to add my vote to beth kanter. beth is one of the pioneers who have helped nonprofits understand how & why they should leverage the social web. her content is not only of value to nps but to for profits as well.

  • I second the nomination for by Francisco Rosales @socialmouths. His tips are very informative and easy to implement.

  • Tom Lynch

    I’d like to nominate the Diva Marketing blog As someone who is active in for-profit and non-profit work, Toby is one of the few that is relevant to my work all the time. She’s great, and she gets it.

  • I agree with Dana and Marianne – Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing blog ( often doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Toby was talking about social media before most ever heard of it. She pioneered the discussions around using blogs and social networks to create better relationships with your customers and has traveled around the country since 2004 educating small business to Fortune 500 executives on the very subject.

  • carriekish

    I nominate
    Francisco’s articles are always about exactly the thing I’m thinking about this week and provide simple, practical, useful tips for taking my social media exposure to the next level.

  • Toby Bloomberg, “the Marketing Diva,” has taught us so much about practical applications of social media in business in her Diva Marketing Blog ( She totally belongs in this esteemed group!

  • I nominate for its commitment to being a dynamic, easy to read, well designed site full of topical and timely “Common Sense” all relevant to being successful in the business and work of one’s choice and doing so wisely, creatively, with the easiest to use tools and the newest applications and the mini-tutorials ROCK!

    Francisco is clearly a passionate evangelist and skilled marketeer.

  • Thanks for the nominations – I nominate Louis Gray’s blog: – . He writes on far more than social media but definitely enough to be included here.

  • I third this nomination ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow, some great suggestions above…I echo many of the mentions (Mitch Joel, Darren Rowse/Problogger, Chris Brogan) …bit of a tough choice to boil it down to one. Social Media Examiner aside, I nominate He’s a communications professional who is clearly fully engaged in social media, and his blog (among the others I’ve mentioned above) always has meaningful and useful information. Prolific and always insightful.

  • I nominate for its original satirical content and for its swipe at institutions.

  • I nominate one of my favorite women bloggers, Michele Miller of WonderBranding.

  • I tried to look for it. I can’t believe nobody has nominated yet. I read it constantlu.

  • It seems way too obvious to go with Mashable so I’ll go with Nick O’ Neill’s , which consistently provides top Facebook content.

  • Thanks for the shoutout, Adam. You rule! There are so many amazing blogs listed here- I’ve found a few new great ones already just from this post!

  • annettefrey

    My fav:

    Changed (& corrected) my entire social media marketing! With the first post I read on 1/1/09 — almost a whole year, and it’s come a long way. Thank you kBuzz!

  • Is it okay if I’m plainly biased? ๐Ÿ™‚ I nominate theKbuzz’s blog/Buzz Marketing Daily!

  • Cara

    I second this nomination!

  • Thanks Devin, Cara and Annette! Disclosure: Devin is a staff member of theKbuzz and regular blogger on Buzz Marketing Daily.

  • I’ll also nominate Jason Falls Social Media Explorer. It just rocks!

  • srinivasnjay

    “Bringing Ideas To Life. With Love!” what Mr. Rajesh Setty’s blog is all about ( He is trying to bring out the world, which is a better place to live by motivating people to share knowledge. I think if people start sharing their knowledge or instead of being selfish, devoting a little time for the betterment of others and world, the world would be a fabulous place to live. I sincerely believe, his blog posts can leverage the people to do the same. The blog has got all the characteristics to be one among top 10 social media blog. – Srinivas N Jay

  • I nominate outspokenmedia!