Nominate Your Favorite Social Media Blog: 4th Annual Top 10 Social Media Blog Contest

social media reviewsWe are accepting nominations for our 4th annual Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest, the biggest contest for social media blogs.

We are looking for your nomination for the Top 10 Social Media Blogs. The winners will be promoted in our 186,000-reader newsletter and announced on Social Media Examiner.

How to Nominate

Please make a single nomination of your favorite social media blog by commenting below and including why you like the blog (only your first nomination counts). Be sure to include a link to the blog.

To be considered, a blog must be nominated by multiple people. Make your nomination by January 4th, 2013.

The judges: Our judges include Gini Dietrich (co-author, Marketing in the Round, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich), Marcus Sheridan (co-owner of River Pools, founder of The Sales Lion) and Michael Stelzner (author, Launch, CEO of Social Media Examiner and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast).  Judges blogs are not eligible.

contest judges

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their content, the frequency of their posts, reader involvement and their blog’s ranking (in that order). Think part readers’ choice and part Oscars.

2012 badgeThe winners will be announced here in January and also in our newsletter. Click here to see our 2012 Top 10 Blogs contest winners.

Note that our judges will decide the final winners.

Go ahead and enter your nomination right now in the box below and be sure to let your friends know about this contest.

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About the Author, Cindy King

Cindy King is the director of editorial for Social Media Examiner. She spent 25 years abroad in international business development and then built her own international business from scratch by using social business networking. Other posts by »

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  • Beat Hürlimann Always some thoughts ahead! 

  • PWatt

    Nominating for Social Media Blog of the year –
    A wide ranging design related blog with a Social Media Focus it has provided some real insight for me this year and nearly always makes me smile.

  • Karan Bhujbal

    Lighthouse Insights is the social media blog i’d like to nominate. My reasons are as follows: (1) The updates are always customized for India .i.e. even global stories are given an Indian touch (2) the stories are very frequent (3) the blog always keeps the reader in mind for e.g. they have a ‘5 social media stories to read this sunday’ every sunday which is very helpful.

  • Tmohitraj2

    Love Social Samosa!

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  • AAP Rooters

    N2ITIV Solutions. MJ Gottlieb and Gary O’Neil.
    I’ve learned more about Social Media from MJ and Gary (plus their generous links to other Social Media professionals) than I have from anyone else. 

  • Srinivas Kulkarni

    I think Social Samosa from India is a comprehensive social media blog covering a lot of content on Social Media not just within India but globally a lot of content gets shared on that platform which is very relevant to social media happenings across the globe. is certainly the place I tune in to for my daily dose of social media…

  • hardikjoshi
  • Rukmini Kunjithai

    Social Samosa would be my nomination for the favourite Social Media blog

  • silv3rglee

    I’d nominate Social Samosa for the wide-expanse of Social Media coverage they offer. For a range of different authors directly and indirectly associated with them, to contests held on their platform, and even Social Media statistics that they provide, I think they deserve a nomination.

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  • Mymadcookingfusions

    Lighthouse insights is my nomination, really active website on social media with lots of genuine in sites about social media. To me it’s a website from where I learn a lot on social media

  • jacstar

    My vote goes to Danny Brown:

    Always thought-provoking, always insightful, and one of the only blogs that doesn’t just feature social media on its own.

  • Isabel Rodriguez! So may helpful tips even for those who are just trying to lear about social media!

  • Franc Ramon

    Jason Cruz of is one of my favorite social media blog as he incorporates his positive attitudes, his passionate ways as a runner and an athlete and current concepts into social media blogs that is very entertaining to read and very informative.   I learn a lot from his blog and also feel good from his positive thoughts.

  • VinceGolangco

    Nominating one of the emerging social media experts in our side of the world! –

    Asia’s social media, in particular The Philippines, has always sort of been in a world of it’s own. Touted as the texting capital of the world and now one of the social media capitals of the world. Understanding social media here is vital and can easily help shape and understand markets throughout the globe. Reading Jason’s blog really sheds light into a lot of that online gobbilygook and help normal people like me understand it better. 

  • Jo Tan

    Definitely !!!

    Spreading so much positivism while sharing effective social media tips.

  • Pal Raine

    Jason Cruz of my favorite social media blog here in the Philippines. Why?  So simple as he delivers his post that everyone can understand it. He creates valuable content and help his readers build a distinct and unique blog.  

  • A Cole

    My vote for Social Media Blog of the year goes to for being actively engaged in Social Media  with lots of genuine insights about the world of marketing as a whole.

  • Lexi Fernando – Jason Cruz has a way of explaining technical concepts effectively for his non-techie readers like me. His posts are always engaging, understandable and full of essential information. Definitely my most favorite social media blog ever!

  • Anna M Hernandez

    I vote for Ben who writes the blog has a clear passion for social media and it shines through in everything he writes. I like that his blog is no nonsense, breaking apart cliches and examining social media for what it really is. 

  • John Lee Dumas

    My vote goes to Corbett Barr of ThinkTraffic! He’s into both content marketing and social media, and he’s rockin them!

  • Adarsh Munjal

    My vote goes to! :)

  • Aileen |

    I nominate all the way! Rarely would you see a blog that could impart such helpful tips without drowning the readers in hard-to-understand jargon. Positivity. Quality. Style. This is the blog to watch out for! :)

  • Shabaz Malik

    Quick and to the point. For me its

  • Kartik

    I’ll say is the mashable of india . Vote up !

  • Mr T

    My vote goes to, always a cracking read!

  • Rod Arnold

    By far, the best social media blog on the internet today is located at in my opinion. Kim does a great job conveying the complete social media picture from platforms to relationships, and gives excellent advice on growing your business using social media. 

  • Charlotte Siems

    Definitely nominate This blog is just like Kim–knowledgeable, friendly, practical and *real*! Social Media at its finest.

  • tess chancellor

    I nominate Jason Cruz of   His blog is informative  and full of positive thoughts. He deserves to win.

  • papaleng

    Jason Cruz of my favorite social media blog here in the Philippines.He got very timely and interesting posts.

  • Teresa Martinez

    I nominate as the best social media blog because it is informative, practical, and understandable, sometimes with a touch of humor  to make reading more interesting and fun.

  • Michelle

    I hope to see as one of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs for the many times that Jason’s blog posts have enlightened me.  He writes as if he is directly talking to me, a social media newbie.  He interacts with his readers, he answers questions and he gives good advice.  He doesn’t sugarcoat things; he can be brutally frank if needed; but you know that it’s only because he wants to genuinely help you get better in social media.  We need more blogs like that.

  • Jblaker

    Its for me, so much social media advice, but other stuff as well, so you can learn about social media but also see things that interest you. its also good to find out a bit more about the people behind the blog

  • Desktopshortcut

    A really friendly and insightful Blog I would like to nominate is when ever I read it I can’t help but want to comment / get involved.

  • Richard Lucas

    I’d like to nominate – always an informative, relevant and engaging read!

  • Journey Ni Ikoy

    I am officially nominating This site is my favorite social media blog, simply because I’ve learned a lot from his post or articles. Each post is presented intelligently in a way that not so technical person like me can easily understand.

  • Tristan.Welch

    Inspirational, knowledgeable  and avoiding the usual deluge of reposts that seem to fill other social media blogs…. it’s gotta be, you could actually build a social media strategy based on what he writes (we have) and it’s one of the few sites I keep right at the top of my favourites.

  • Kris Noble

    I nominate The What Noise ( because Ben has a clear passion for his work and writing, and an advice animal for pretty much any situation :D

  • Robi Marapao

    I’m voting (Jason Cruz of) as my favorite social media blog as he’s helpful in running thoughts with positivism and great informative articles. 

  • Luke Summerfield

    Check out – it’s not only social media, rather the entire inbound marketing process

  • Eric

    This is a pretty sweet Joomla! blog –

  • Gabe Wahhab unique and consistent blogs posts 

  • Paul Fladten This blog has helped me shape my Inbound Marketing strategies, better understand Social Media innovations, and ultimately it helped me land my dream job. Great stuff. 

  • Tara Geissinger

    I love reading all of these comments because I’ve discovered some blogs that I need to add to my reading list! I have a few social media blogs that I read regularly, but if I were to nominate one to be included in your Top 10 it would have to be  Kim does a really good job of covering ALL of the social media platforms and doing it in such a way that it makes sense. :)

  • Braden – They are a great resource for small businesses using social media.

  • Carrie Peterson
  • esta h. singer

    Paul Steele’s “The Ramblings of Paul Steele and Friends” – fantastic travel blog! Also, Paul reaches out and engages audience. Personality and attitude shines through!  

  • SheilaGreenfield

     I would like to nominate Barataria By Erik Hare

  • Dr. Bob Clarke

    Social Triggers!

  • Social_Ben

    Great content from a helpful guy

  • Devani Anjali Alderson — Love Laura Roeder’s blog!

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  • Lainimac

    I nominate Florida Hikes with author Sandra Friend. Great insight into hiking the back trails of Florida and so much more.

  • Carolyn Shmunis

    I nominate The Baochi Banter, by Baochi Nguyen –
    She offers great, easy to understand advice for practicing social media in any organization!

  • Rebecca Wardlow

    Finding changed my life.  The information she has shares has allowed me to skyrocket my personal business and find a new full-time job as a Marketing Director!  Without her and the connections I have made through her blog, I would not be where I am today!  Thank you Kim Garst & crew!

  • Lisa

    My nomination goes to Fresh Eggs Daily a blog dedicated to raising chickens naturally to be happy and healthy. Loads of chicken advice, great photos, quality sponsors, plus recipes using farm fresh eggs, DIY projects and more.  

  • Meaghan Edelstein

    I nominate The Baochi Banter, by Baochi Nguyen -

    Baochi’s blog is informative, funny and REAL! I enjoy all of her posts and insight!

  • Josh Turner … Tons of great resources for B2B companies that want to know what it REALLY takes to leverage LinkedIn.

  • Amanda Oachs Schmitz

    LOVE Fresh Eggs Daily – great information for chicken keepers and they’re always there to give advice.

  • Teresa Arsenault

    I nominate     They have lots of information about chickens!!

  • Kathie

    I nominate John Haydon His posts are varied, insightful, informative; he covers many topics using text, links, videos, guests. Has given me great insight into using social media for our non-profit!

  • Karelisa Falkner

    I nominate “Web Design, SEO and Social Media Blog by
    Liqui-Site Designs” (


    This authoritative blog by an award-winning brand activation
    firm covers social media marketing and management with an eye towards using
    social (in tandem with custom web design and SEO) to achieve real ROI.  The advice applies to SMBs, Fortune 500, non-profit
    organizations, and ecommerce sites.  The
    blog always has fresh content that is well researched and relevant.

  • chrismclaughlin

    Another vote for Farm Chick Chit Chat!

  • Travis Lodolinski


  • Baochi Nguyen

    I nominate RingCentral (full disclosure: I work there):

  • Dianne Harding

    I’m nominating for your Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest,  the biggest contest for social media blogs. Paula’s  unique down to earth blogs get down to the nitty gritty and ensure  people “rock themselves out” living in their highest vibe, at their fullest potential.  Her mission is to empower people to fully step into themselves to embody their life in a dynamic, energetic, healty way. She has worked globally with high potential executives, entrepreneurs, millionaires, celebs, and even members of a royal family to help them attain a Dynamic Lifestyle

  • Mona Andrei

    Pushing Social – hands down!

  • Becky

    I nominate Fresh Eggs Daily. If you don’t discover them, someone else will! 

  • Demarcio Washington

    I nominate Stan Smith with  Great info that’s always right on target and helpful.

  • Annalise Cudahy

    I nominate Erik Hare at  He doesn’t always write about social media but he uses it in a way that is very unique and encourages discussion about important topics that rarely find a home anywhere else.

  • Carmelo

    I nominate Pushing Social … no-nonsense advice by a down-to-earth dude: Stanford

  • Christina Pappas

    I nominate Pushing Social

  • jaybaer

  • Black Fox Homestead

    Fresh Eggs Daily.  Great practical info on farming and chickens. 

  • ellm

    I nominate “Web Design, SEO and Social Media Blog by Liqui-Site Designs” ( )

    This authoritative blog by an award-winning brand activation firm covers social media marketing and management with an eye towards using social (in tandem with custom web design and SEO) to achieve real ROI.  The advice applies to SMBs, Fortune 500, non-profit organizations, and ecommerce sites.  The blog always has fresh content that is well researched and relevant. 

  • Andyvitale has a great mix of tech related and social friendly blog posts.

  • Lindsay Garrison

    Stan Smith of Pushing Social []. Actionable, practical advice that can be quickly implemented. 

  • Jane Wells

    Stan at Pushing Social deserves this love. After all, I think he’s the one that introduced me to you!

  • Mulhollandjason deserves a respectful amount of votes.  The passion he puts into every post is alive and smacks you in the face – kinda like blog posts in 3D!

  • Regina

    A helpful outlook, an engaging personality, and a blog that tells you what you want to know: Stan Smith from 

  • Victoria

    I nominate stan at His assessments are spot on, and his advice works. Give him a try! You wont regret it.

  • Cassalynne

    Stan Smith at for sure! Great tips and advice. He’s my go-to!

  • Ben Foster

    TheBaochi’s social media section:

  • vdrover

    SavvyPanda rock the house. Check them out:

  • Meredith

    Here’s a vote for Farm Chick Chit Chat.  The daily newsletter always has something interesting, useful, or just plain fun

  • KenHittel

    Augie Ray’s Experience the Blog: Not just opinionated; Augie’s blog is always research-based. (Not that I don’t disagree half the time…)

  • Misty Young

    Wow, excellent contest winners last year! New York Times and #1 Small Biz blogger, Melinda Emerson, known on Twitter as @SmallBizLady:twitter is a hands down favorite for the 2013 prize! 

  • Jason Gross

    If I may be so bold, I’d like to nominate my own social media blog, Social Media Swami at  I’ve used material there to train people on best practices for social media.

  • Parth Pandya

     I would like to nominate . It is an Indian Social Media Knowledge Store house which covers Social Media Case studies, Interviews, Industry Updates, Campaign Reviews, Know Hows, Social Media news, e-books etc.  It also has a jobs portal - reason I like Social Samosa is because it is moving away from the traditional Social Media Marketing.  It has a broader perspective covering other things like Social CRM, HRM, Social Business etc. It is driving Indian Social Media Ecosystem into a direction of more advanced concepts of Social Media.

  • Alainamariebecker

    I nominate Lisa McDonell’s Blog:  It is insightful and informative.

  • Tim Grimes definitely! 

  • steve

    If I could just fit my giant ego in one comment, I’d like to nominate a blog I contribute to called Copperfox Marketing. It’s an excellent resource for social media, public relations, marketing, etc. Humility aside, it’s a fun blog to write for and a pleasure to be associated with.

  • Robert J Banach

    My nomination goes to ~ Always great, fresh content, informative, well written and excellent insights on what to look for. And, of course, Social Media Examiner is next in line.

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  • Chip

    I nominate – Stan has great advice, practical posts and a list of services to help. 

  • Maureen McKeown

  • Ryan Swearingen

    Magnet Media’s daily “Magnet Labs” blog covers social media, digital marketing, and digital video, with a focus on tech, entertainment, and media brands.

  • Brent Carnduff

     The Sales Lion – Marcus Sheridan

  • Brent Carnduff
  • Iamalex54

    I nominate
    Excellent motivation ideas.

  • Tina Anderson

    I’m for Fresh Eggs Daily, all the way. FED has always been about quality content to help the reader and help promote a healthy, happy homesteading way of life – with flair! Lisa is always open and honest with her fans and never shy’s away from taking a one on one approach to help her fans with their problems. Fresh Eggs Daily is with your votes judges! (


    WE nominate Light House Insights [ ] for their unbiased, passionate attention to detail. Their coverage of Social Media news and SM’s impact in India as well as the world provides a unique set of insights [no pun intended]. :-)

  • Nancy – Release Liners

    I can’t decide, so here is a half vote for both. and There is social media and general to advanced tips for SEOs and business owners in general.

  • Gina Schmid

    I’d like to nominate  It has loads of great value and information for active and retired military.

  • Brenda Clevenger

    I nominate Pushing Social ( for all the expert guidance Stanford Smith gives to get your blog tracking, clicking and working according to your plan.

  • Celeste

    I nominate Pushing Social  Stan is fun and informative and I always learn something new when I visit his blog.

  • Rescue Toni Klemko

    I nominate Pushing Social. Stan is above and beyond.

  • Ryan Hanley

    There are so many talented and amazing people writing in this industry… But right now I have to give it to and Mark Schaefer.  He’s creating some absolutely fantastic discussions over on his {Grow] blog.

  • Liz

    I nominate I not only find the blog interesting and insightful but it is written in a manner which is accessible for everyone. The author provides some really useful tips which I have been able to apply to my own social media strategies. 

  • Denise Jones

    I nominate Stanford Smith from Pushing Social – He provides great content and information concerning social media and places a lot of humor to make reading his material entertaining.

  • Teressa Pence Morris

    My favorite social media blog is  Alexis has loads of tips on how to succeed in social media, as well as how to take care of yourself in the process.

  • Kimberley

    Stan at Pushing Social is the bomb dot com, dot org… he’s personable, informative and he relays things for the layperson without talking down to anyone. He NEEDS to win.

  • Igor

    The #2 of last year’s contest:
    New content, new design and new zite-alike personalization engine that puts the global marketing community in control


  • Cytrevino

    I vote for Pushing Social. Mainly because Stan loves to blog, write, share, blog, share…oh and dance.

  • Aurora

    I nominate it’s a sports blog, with articles about games, every single day of the week, all written by the same person, non stop since a couple years ago. Great info about games, soccer, NBA, NFL, Nascar, Tennis, MLB, everything If you love sports, you gotta love this blog.

  • Tim Smith

    I’d like to nominate “Web Design, SEO and Social Media Blog by
    Liqui-Site Designs”. 

    This authoritative blog by an award-winning brand activation
    firm covers social media marketing and management with an eye towards using
    social (in tandem with custom web design and SEO) to achieve real ROI.  The advice applies to SMBs, Fortune 500, non-profit
    organizations, and ecommerce sites.  The
    blog always has fresh content that is well researched and relevant. 

  • cle001

    I nominate Pushing Social. Plus Stan is one handsome devil

  • Ron van Schaik

    I’d like to nominate

    This blog is very active and is full of very insightful advise on Social Media and how to maximize results from social media efforts.

  • Mark W. Bender  They do a great job of covering social media and in particular the “inbound marketing’ aspect of social media. I always learn something by reading the blog posts!

  • Stacy Roach

    I am nominating Stan Smith of Pushing Social because Lindsay told me to. Well, that and he has wicked awesome content and a lot of it. 

  • Gstuppycarlson

    I also nominate farm chick chit chat –

  • Eric

    I nominate Ryan Hanley from because you can feel the passion he has for social medial when reading his blog.  

  • D Kirk

    Melonie Dodaro Rocks! She’s not only Canada’s #1 LinkedIn specialist, (Canucks are SO nice) but she teaches – online and live!  with passion!

  • Fred

    I am nominating this blog

  • Mary  I am nominating this blog.  Top Dog Social Media is the top dog when it comes to social media!!

  • Mike N Bobbi Pack

    I nominate  They are an awesome site that is filled with valuable information for our Military families (active and retired) on Commissary/Exchange deals and discounts.  They also offer deals for our Military on travel, grocery shopping, gifts and so much more.  They have amazing contests where they give away things our Military families can actually use-such as grocery gift cards.  I love and love that they are a website I can trust!  They have a blog that actually has Military Spouses writing for them, having the Military spouses write for them is pure genius.  There is no one better then a Military spouse to write about Military things, as they live it every day themselves.  They truly care about Military families and it shows in everything they do.  They deserve to be honored for their hard work and dedication to Military families. :)

  • Elizabeth Densmore

    I am nominating Melonie Dodaro because she is the Top Dog Social Media when it comes to posting blogs 

  • Marymeckley

    I nominate Pushing Social. Stan’s information is always relevant.

  • higgy@ElectrifyMedia

    I nominate RightMixMarketing for opening my eyes to fast and easy blogging techniques to keep the content machine running.

  • Debbie White

    Hands down Top Dog social media!

    Melonie Dodaro has THE most relevant social media posts and is an expert among experts!! 

  • Dawn Comber

    Pushing Social! Stan Smith writes relevant, informative posts in an entertaining way

  • Melonie Dodaro

  • Bernadette Jiwa

    I’d like to nominate Stanford Smith at Pushing Social for his consistently relevant and positive content.

  • Peter Comrie

    I  nominate Melonie Dodaro’s Top Dog Social Media Blog. Melonie always delivers the very best information about running the Social Media side of our business. In a world where everyone hails themselves as a specialist in the field, Melonie actually is.

  • Rod Arnold

    Far and above, Kim Garst at The whole package. Platforms, relationships, engagement, her blog has it all.

  • Jennifer Bennett

    Without a doubt, Kim Garst at She provides real tips that help people get real results. She’s genuine and has a heart to see others soar and succeed! 

  • Kerry Postel for sure. She is a wealth of knowledge and is real. She has the biggest heart and makes you feel like you can do it.

  • KrisOlin

    Best social media stories on the web!

  • Indie Epbeauty

    I nominate Kim Garst she has given so much tips and strategies on how to properly market yourself on social media. She is not only “the social media strategist” but a true pioneer.

  • happysociety

    I’d like to nominate Kim Garst, Not only is her blog full of insightful and relevant information she is very engaged with helping her readers.

  • Karen Brooks

    My vote goes for Kim has one of the best sites and is on top of social Eduardo trends.

  • Stacy Stvens

    My vote goes for  Ki’m blog has one substantial amount of information!

  • creman4u

    Kim Garst is the best and the way she is Doing doing social media is outstanding. I have learnt so much from Kim and because of the valuable content in her blog and personal interaction decided to travel from Sweden to Tampa and Orlando to meet her in person two times within only a couple of months. She is coaching me now which is a direct result of her blog and I am sharing what I learn with my Swedish customers. 

    People wants to know where the new jobs will be created and here is from IBM 2012 Global CEO Study – Engaging customers as individuals “Currently, social media is the least utilized of all customer interaction methods. However, CEOs predict it will push past websites, call centers and channel partners, and become the number-two way to engage customers within the next five years.” 

    Kim is on the edge and her creativity and passion for blogging and sharing with people #1 and I have seen many blogs but not with her energy and valuable content with a genuine caring. Thanks Kim you really earn to win this contest and I know since I have worked at IBM for 7 years and met many people both IRL and on social media before I choose to learn from and follow you.

  • Kmstarry

    I would like to nominate Kim Garst at She always provides the most up to date social media news and updates.

  • MaeIlagan !!! I read his entries daily and it really helped me a lot with all the things I need to know about social media! His articles are sooo helpful and fun to read!

  • Ponggo

    Nominating :) He has always been so generous with tips and always willing to help his fellow bloggers maximize their online presence :) Hope he wins! :)

  • Kiddya

    I learned whatever I could about social media from various great blogs, but the one that connected all the dots for me was Kim Garst at Thanks for considering her for your contest!

  • David Mattichak

    I nominate Stanford Smith at Pushing Social for his consistently on message posts. Good luck Stan.

  • Carele

    I want to nominate Kim Garts from  the information she gives on her plateforme is just amazing. She is an authentic entrepreneur who cares about people. She built an amazing plateform.

  • Katrina Moody

    I adore Kim Garst and know she will be ranked in the top ten because she’s just that awesome, but I’d like to nominate someone who hasn’t received the same kind of honors despite regular posting about all kind of social media news, and understanding of social media and marketing that is bright, engaging, and deserving of recognition.

    I’m talking about Cendrine Marrouat, an amazing journalist/blogger who consistently blogs about social media news even before the big sites – she rocks as well! Her site,

  • CelestineAllen

    I nominate Cendrine Mourrant of Creative Ramblings…… Her site encompasses a broad array of subject matter, she is “on the pulse” of what is taking place in the realm of social media……life.,…..and has a grounded perspective on other life issues that she shares.

  • Janet  I love this site because all the people are so very kind and genuinely share helpful tips and fun projects.  Very inspiring.  Great information and nice people.  A win!

  • Kate in Brighton

    I nominate Farm Chick Chit Chat  This juggernaut blog has rapidly gained a loyal following, has a hopping facebook page, and boasts several outstanding contributors who are able to collectively offer readers outstanding information based on years of experience and know how, and not just self proclaimed expertise as so many other blogs do. FCCC is a winner, hands down!

  • Mimai Cabugnason

    Nominating Jason Cruz of! Very helpful social media tips and positivity :) 

  • Ellen Scherr

    I would like to cast a vote for Pushing Social. I had a conversation with Stan about the direction of my new website and he is fantastic. Stan’s blog posts are always insightful, thought provoking and contain valuable information worth reading. Stan, keep the great posts coming!

  • Mike McDonald

    I would place a vote for Kim Garst at Learning through Kim I’ve changed the direction of my career and business. I’ve received the opportunity to begin teaching social media for business and helping people to learn the different tools. Simple, practical and effective articles that are useful in the real world and business.

  • Richard Ng
  • Carolyn

    Definitely Pushing Social
    Love the format.  Fun and energizing but totally serious about his craft and helping us get better at it.

  • Disha

    My vote goes to for their amazing work and for keeping people in India updated about the on-goings in the Social Media world. It’s a must read website :)

  • Cathy Biggerstaff

    My recommendation is Edie Melson’s The Write 
    Here publishing professional, Edie Melson, helps writers reach the world through excellence, connections and technology. Her blog has been a great help to me.

    Thanks –
    Cathy Biggerstaff  

  • Angelinadom

    i’ll go with . very good helpful and learnd post there i read.

  • Nicole Carlos

    Nominating Jason Cruz (!
    As someone who’s just beginning to operate with social media, his articles are very helpful and easy to understand! :)

  • jsncruz

    Hi all, and thank you to all who nominated me at :) Every nomination is GREATLY appreciated and I’m both humbled and glad that you guys enjoy my content.

    Having said that, as a reader of Stan’s Pushing Social, I’d like to nominate him for great, informative, helpful, and practical content. If he was to win this whole thing, it would be very well-deserved indeed. 

    Again, thanks for the nominations everyone! 


  • Barbara Hauck

    My vote goes to Kim Garst The whole package. Platforms, relationships, engagement, her blog has it all.

  • Chantal Akkary
  • Carmel

    I’m nominating Jason Cruz of – a blog that dishes out practical and insightful social media articles that are helpful for bloggers like me. While his blog is mainly about social media, I like that he also integrates his other personal advocacies and interests in his blog, such as the environment, running and positivity, which for me is such a breath of fresh air among social media websites. Keep it up Jason!

  • Marian Hearne

    I nominate as they really do help small business to use social media using  big business knowledge. Highly recommend them for small businesses wanting to punch above their weight in social media.

    What stands out are all the free & useful tips they give out on FB their blog, pinterest, linkedin and utube. They also talk in a way non-technies (like me) can understand. They focus in on your business needs and ensure you get more then you expected if you pay for a consultation with them. 

  • Paulasheridan Terrific video blog, lots of good sense and easy to understand. Very helpful and quick to respond to queries.

  • Christina Giliberti

    I’d like to nominate Spiderworking Not only are her posts on trend and in-depth, but there’s always a spark of humour about them that makes for excellent reading. Spiderworking adds videos and guides alongside platform updates too…PLUS if ever you have a question, it’s answered almost instantly. Really knows their stuff and would be a worthy winner!

  • Madeleine Forrest

    I vote for Amanda’s knowledge and passion shine through,she is a very deserving winner of this award.

  • Kostas Kostalampros is a great source of really unique posts.
    http://www.socialmediaexaminer… stays also ahead of the competition. gives accurate updates regarding breaking social media news.

  • yizmo

    I nominate, ViralBlog writes insightful & unique stories (such as 50 Examples: Brands Thanking Facebook Fans) and opinion stories (like Why Web Fashion Store Zalando Is Valued €3 Billion?), they stay on top of the latest trends and ofcourse they have Viral Friday!

  • anonalabama

    I second – it has transformed things for our small business! 

  • rex – easy to read, excellent advice, superb ‘feedback loop’ from the author

  • Fi all the way – you know you want to!

  • Kerwin I really like Jason’s blog because of his posts about positive thinking, his tips really encourage people. Besides his positive thinking portion, his blog contains much interesting topics which will surely make every reader enjoy.

  • Sarah

     i nominate and want to see Cas McCullough for her content marketing blog, she has helped me in more ways then any other person i know

  • Martin

    I’d like to nominate

  • Dom

    Content Marketing Cardiology Blog at Not only does Cas (the author of the site) post great info, she also practices what she preaches. She has helped quite a  few small businesses with their social media marketing – both on and offline. 

  • Paula de los Reyes -Author Jason Cruz explains social media in a very nifty way.

  • Sally Thibault,  Cas McCullough’s blog speaks to the heart of small and micro-business owners.  It is authentic, content rick information that truly makes sense in the ‘noise’ of social media blogs

  • Kym
  • Amanda Hoffmann

    I’m nominating She works tirelessly to create content that’s value driven. Always ready to share her social media “tips” to small business owners and even hold your hand. It’s time a “real” social media diva was recognised! 

  • chris_seed

    This guy knows what he’s talking about. Worth a look.

  • Damien Carroll

    I nominate Amanda Webb for her fantastic easy to understand blogs – videos are great as well

  • kat_loveday

    So much interesting stuff on here, incredibly useful!

  • Dauntingllama – Great social media updates! They have a bit of everything but their social media focus is very helpful and written extremely well.

  • Hayesgemma
  • Callumjwatt

    Ellie who writes for gets my vote. They are always informative, relevant, well researched, well written and to the point. Regular without being intrusive and covers all areas of social media (even had blogs on Menshn and BBM)

  • Pete

    If we are ever stuck on where to go for advice as a not-for-profit organisation. always provides helpful advice in an easy to understand non-technical format, and for that reason they get my vote.

  • Ros – interesting and useful blog. :)

  • Marian Hearne

    I nominated earlier but for some reason my comment is missing from the comments above. Here goes again, I do hope you get the problem fixed to ensure the contest is a fair reflection of the votes.

    I nominate as they certainly know how to deliver on enabling small businesses punch above their weight with big business knowledge. They also provide tons of useful tips and advice about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn UTube etc all free which are available throughout their various social media channels. I can vouch for paying for their paid services as I got way more information and help than I’d agreed to pay for. All their blog posts (as with everything else) is written with the non-technie user in mind, which means for the likes of me I walk away with useable knowledge instead of being overwhelmed. 

  • Guest

    I Nominate Ellie Selby –

  • Migo

    I would like to nominate Very informative blog providing savings and lifestyle information to military families around the world.

  • Laura

    I nominate, it’s easy to understand, informative and is a great blog for learning not only for business, but for a personal experience too.

  • guest

    I’d cast my vote for Amanda Webb of

    Clear, clever insightful tips about the use of social media for small/medium enterprises delivered with charm.

  • Theresa

    My nomination is  She offers the most complete picture of social media that I have seen on the internet.  She covers these vast and changing platforms so completely that I wonder when she sleeps.

  • Kasie Whitener

    I nominate Pushing Social. 

  • Cher Tanchico

    I nominate Jason Cruz of

    I am an avid fan. He delivers the information right on the bat. Jason engages with his audience with charm and correct engagement. He is our social media king in the Philippines. Ask Jason and he will personally answers your Qs. 

  • Lorraine Ball

    I like Business Notes from Roundpeg –

  • Rebecca Connolly …. always a super read and brightens up a rainy day :-D

  • Christina Advincula because his entries are relatable, direct to the point and useful!

  • Christopher crisostomo

    Be a fighter, never give up…run run run…my vote is for

  • Iain Cognito Handy tips for coping with social networking, taught me a thing or two!

  • Monica McPherrin

    I love Jeff Bullas’ blog. I look forward to the timely information throughout the week. He has a wonderful way of explaining his topic and I always find value in his posts.

  • Golangco Cheryl

    I nominate I love his site because of the way he shares his thoughts and ideas. Reading and learning new things can sometimes be difficult because you encounter a lot of new words that often make you give up even before you start. Jason writes his articles in a way that makes readers feel excited and hopeful for all the possibilities. His articles are very insightful, helpful and just NECESSARY in our blogging life!

  • Aldous Calubad

  • Elaine Rogers

    I am nominating’s blog: a huge resource for SM tips and strategies

  • Sian Phillips

    I nominate – always very informative

  • Amit Khemchandani is the best ! Ankita Gaba, co-founder of SocialSamosa has a clarity and understanding of social media which is hard to find and which is truly admirable. The content is rich, unique and crafted with insights. My many votes to them.

  • Cde13_esq thought provoking honesty and sarcasm makes his entries a good read. :)

  • Miikka Kukkosuo Love the hands-on practical advice for getting more results from inbound marketing as a whole.

  • P. Jon Boyle

    ‘That Social Media Blog’ a.k.a @ThatSMBlog This blog has got to be my favorite for many reasons.  The variety of the content is amazing.  Everything from Vlogs to the #TSMB Quick tips.  The personality in every original post exudes character and makes me feel as though I have known the author for years.  Furthermore, when sharing content from others, the author always gives credit where credit is due.  When confronted about the content, the author is always willing to defend his work and is happy to publicly discuss on multiple forums.

  • Ivica Rae Say simple and direct to the point. :)

  • Duncan Williams
  • Brendan McCoy

    Blog of the year has to be Amanda Web of Spiderworking – great, practical, down to earth social media blog :

  • brentmkelly

    My vote goes to Ryan Hanley.  Ryan has be a leader in our industry for content marketing and has been a huge inspiration.  His content has engaging, thought provoking, and he writes with tremendous passion and energy.  He challenges you in a different way of thinking.  This guy is going places.  

  • priyanshu sahay

    Do Nominate Social Media Blog Of the Year iGadgetware

    iGadgetware is an initiative to collect and create stories from the Technology World.
    Our aim is to collect all information about #SocialMedia #Gadgets, #Mobile #Entertainment and each category of our website and post to iGadgetware. Which will be benefit for our readers.

  • shirleywilsonsocial

    I’d like to nominate One of the most amazing resources on the web about social media and the community she has built is awesome too. Definitely should be included in your best of the best this year.

  • Andy Pocock34

    Has to be always a great read! Interesting, informative and always entertaining!! :-)

  • Stev
  • Jackie de Boer

    I would have to say my favorite blog is Kim provides outstanding content on all things social media. Not only great information, but actionable tips I’ve used on my clients’ and my own social media platforms.       

  • Prints4gifts

     I would like to nominate always interesting, informative and up to date :-)

  • John Smith

    I would like to nominate it has helped me out with some great content

  • Marketing Expertise

    I humbly nominate Pamela Wilson and her fab-tastic DIY small biz marketing blog — her outstanding work never fail to amaze me!

    Simple, concise and actionable tips, tools and guidance for effective DIY marketing any small biz owner (on or offline) operating on a shoestring budget can take to the bank!

  • Jennifer Kent

    I would like to nominate Melonie Dodaro & Top Dog Social Media. Melonie consistently posts great content and I always come away with some new or a different perspective. It is one of the few social media blogs that I make time to read regularly in my very busy schedule.

  • Ryan Anys

    Stan is a Social Media Marketing genius, and his blog Pushing Social — — is the BOMB!

  • Beth Bridges

    Frank has become a leader in bringing Chambers of Commerce to know and leverage the power of social media. His is probably responsible for more CoC’s getting involved in SM than anyone else … even Mari Smith ;-)

  • Norma Davey – always up-to-date, helpful and seems written ‘just for me’! – I think I have used a tip from just about every post.

  • mazzei45 . I always turn to Frank’s blog for the latest trends in Social Media.

  • Lisa Farquharson

    I would like to nominate Frank J. Kenny,, for the Social Media Blog of the Year.  
    His insights, information and support have become essential to our Chamber’s Social Media Plan and Implementation. 

  • Hannah

    Green Buzz Agency and their Weekly Blog really grabs the audiences attention and has a multitude of great speaker. There blog post for the week- s

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks for the nod @jasonbaer:disqus . 

  • BrandonUttley

    Besides Social Media Examiner, Social Fresh is a must-read blog:

  • Jason Keath

    I’ll nominate for their high level of content. And their awesome new podcast. 

  • Greg
  • Gemma
  • Louise_Jackson

    I would like to nominate – she’s a new blogger, using blogging to counter balance her work life, she loves meeting other bloggers and promoting other bloggers through her site and brings a totally new angle to her life balance which is gardening. Opening it up to readers that are budding gardeners or already passionate. Not long after launching her blog she ran a giveaway and comments back to everyone whilst managing to stay loyal to the blogs she read before she started. Certainly makes me want to try growing vegetables and live more of an outdoor life. Unique and interesting you can really tell she loves what she does.  

  • Dorien Morin-van Dam

    I’d like to nominate the Social Solutions Collective Blog.  This is a high quality social media blog with 15 contributors.  Each contributor is a social media professional and blogs about their niche and collaborates on special projects as well.  The great graphics, high quality content and amazing chemistry makes this a must-read blog!  

  • Donn

    No doubt in my mind and experience so far it’s 

    For you who haven’t been, nows the time!

  • Jessica Cunningham

    I nominate my social media mentor and friend, Frank Kenny.
    His tips, articles, and consulting sessions are so helpful – he is such a giver and a true authority in the field.

  • Kerry Armour

    I’d like to nominate the Social Solutions Collective. It’s a group blog doing social right!

  • Mandy Edwards

    I nominate the Social Solutions Collective’s site at  This is a group of ladies dedicated to doing social media right.  I think they are very deserving.

  • April Woodcock

    I nominate It is an amazing group of  professional women collaborating together sharing their expertise from content,LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Webinars, Mobile, Apps and more. Every blog post offers new insight and taps into different resources. Highly recommend checking them out! Hats off to its founder Mallie hart for creating a wealth of resources for businesses and organizations.

  • Alex

    I would like to nominate You can’t help but learn something new from these ladies. Finally a blog that reflects me AND my business.  

  • Brandienb

    Social Media Delivered’s blog rocks:

  • Robin Strohmaier

    I would like to nominate Social Solutions Collective blog at: The articles on this fairly new blog are by a “collective” group of amazing professionals that are dedicated to sharing insights about specific social niches.    

  • Richie Lewis

    Stanford’s by a cyber-mile. 

  • Sarah Garrison

    I nominate Great information provided by all the members!

  • Ross Flores Del Rosario

     Jason Cruz of is my choice! He’s very generous in sharing ideas and insights, and connects or networks with people. His site contains very useful information worth reading and applying to everyday social media interactions.

  • Anita Fiander

    My vote goes to  Kim Garst of :) Great insights, information and support from an authentic and genuine social media leader.

  • lulu jorge


    impressive articles he write for non-techie person

  • Jan Maskew

    I nominate Kim Garst If you haven’t visited her blog you should. She is the master on social media!

  • Merrin Robinson has the BEST video blogs!

  • Juho

    I nominate
    Please go and check yourself why. I’m sure you will nominate them also after
    your visit.

  • Ari

    I’d like to nominate Social Media Revolver for the Social Media Blog of the year. They are doing great job with a lot of interesting topic. All run by real passion. See

  • Kelsey Mendoza

    Nomination for for its brief yet substantive and practical entries and advices. :)

  • Jen Walker

    I would like to nominate   They are a group of women dedicated to Social Media done right!  

  • Kelly Durnell

    I’m going to nominate my all time favourite blogger at for always covering fantastic topics and keeping me in the know for all things related to social media.. 

  • Glenda

    I’d like to vote for Social Media Revolver for the Social Media Blog of the year because their subjects are always interesting and informative.  They have a genuine passion for Social Media 

  • John Garrett

    I’m going in for Social Media Revolver ( They cover the spread of social media and I always pick up a cool tip or two!

  • Eleanor Kawsek

    Nominating because not only is the content excellent, the breadth of topics covered in the articles–from running to social media–ensure that there’s always something for everyone.

  • Bob Philllips

    I nominate 

  • Andrea Walters

    I would like to nominate:  –  as the Social Media Blog of the year – this site is interesting and you’ll find helpful topics about social media.

  • Gissele Bautista-Quinajon

    Insightful and always a great read. I nominate

  • Eden Rudin

    I nominate  for top social media blog! Love Cas’s stuff

  • Eamonn O’Brien

    I’m delighted to nominate Spiderworking, who is a constant source of great information – providing a veritable mind of information and keeping us up to speed on changes in social media pretty much as they happen:

  • Alexandre Ribeiro

    I nominate Amanda Webb, cause her blog share good information and i love the irish accent :)

  • Kefen

    what about Chinese…?

  • Patjuat Juat

    I nominate – he makes understanding social media so much easier for newbies like me!

  • Faraaz Kazi

    Social Samosa anyday! It is
    The indepth analysis they manage to do do even for some of the most astonishingly simple social media campaigns is amazing!

  • Saul Fleischman

  • Elroy Serrao

    Nominating Some of the best social media case studies I have seen in recent times. Got to learn a fair bit from their timely posts and content…

  • Sarah Mendoza

    I Nominate for their understanding of how to leverage small business blogs in the marketplace

  • rosemis

    Hands down Kim Garst at ! Her information is stellar and the way she creates relationships is AHHH-mazing :) … Can you tell I’m a HUGE fan?  She is my go-to person when I have questions about what’s working now in Social Media!

  • Rob McNair 
    For All Social Media News, Views and How To’s!

  • Shane Jones

    +1 for

  • Aj Jose It’s a blog worth visiting. A lot to of help and things to learn in there~ He has his ways of reaching out to his wide range of audiences.

  • Julia Faiers

    I nominate – they’ve had some significant personnel changes but their blog continues to inspire, and is always written in a down-to-earth and accessible way. 

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  • Cool Shit

    This guy really knows what he’s talking about..

  • bea atienza

    Nominating! Great coverage and practical advice on entering social media :)

  • Sean Clanton

    The BrandBuilder Blog by Olivier Blanchard –

    One of the smartest and most useful blogs I have ever found. If you ever really want to learn how to measure social media, read this blog. 

  • Kasey S

    The only blog I continue to read is Danny Brown –

  • jameybrown

    I’m nominating – the best social media thinkers and doers who cover a wide array of applicable social topics. 

  • Jason

    Nobody is better than Ryan Hanley at  He has a huge following is the #1 leader of the insurance industry for content marketing.  He now is branching out to many different industries and is just crushing it.  His family has an agency in Albany, NY and he an insurance agent/director of marketing for them…the blog I love and the industry love the most is
    He is a dynamic writer that tells it the way it is ( this is why he wrote a book, he has two, called No Bullshit Guide to a Successful Blog …it has been well read and is a hit with many…I know Ryan personally and his passion is infinite.

  • Britton

    The Everywhere Blog is great because they talk about social happenings, platforms and B2B.

  • newcoventry

    Nominating Kane Consulting Blog: 

  • Amelia

    Nominating Sprout Insights – great content and people (Don Power) who truly and actively support/ share great businesses with their community and represent the best use of social media.

  • Tamara

    Nomination for Everywhere, Social Media Agency in Atlanta, NYC and LA !!

  • Chris Tomaszewski
  • Ange Lo

    Definitely need to nominate Top Dog Social Media. This list wouldn’t be complete without!

  • Marika Lang

    I’d like to vote Social Media Revolver for the Social Media Blog
    of the Year for the simple reason that this blog has given me many practical tips how to improve our social media marketing. I think that this blog will help many other marketers, feeling a bit overwhelmed with what´s happening on social media field. Best practices in one package!

  • Julie Mcadoo76

    I vote for! That’s where I go for all things social media. It’s fun to read, very informative, and is always on top of the latest trends in social media.

  • Darnell Koch Toth

    I nominate Top Dog Social Media –

  • Denis Baltic

    I’d like to vote Social Media Revolver for the Social Media Blog of the year
    because they cover all interesting topics on social media with passion. 

  • Mark Vincent Telan

    for the wonderful social media insights and updates i get from this blog.

    Rock on!

  • Nick Kellet

    Nominating   Cendrine Marrouat  and

  • Melonie Dodaro

    Thanks Ange Lo, here’s the link to the blog as that needs to be included:

  • Melonie Dodaro

    Thanks Jen! :)

  • Siv Rauv

    My vote goes to Social Media Revolver for their helpful articles

  • Jobert Dela Victoria


    really gives great insights and info!

  • Cas McCullough

    Thanks to everyone who voted for Content Marketing Cardiology ( Am a bit gobsmacked! You’ve made my week!

  • Donald Lim

    Nominating What a blog should be. Simple. Insightful. Informative. Down-to-earth. Light reading.

  • Nuala O’Connor

    Nominating for clear, concise and relevant social media tips & education. Refreshingly different to many other social media blogs.

  • foxglovelane

    I would like to nominate It’s the only one of the only social media blogs that I read, simple, clear, relevant and well posted on other social media so I never miss a post! Catherine

  • Paula Lydon

     Amanda Webb’s posts are always relevant, always informative and I look forward to her hints & tip.

  • Nick Cullen

    I nominate:

    Up to the minute articles, insights and tips in Social Media.

  • AndrewAllsop


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  • Stephanie Dowling

    I nominate

  • Tim Gray

    The ROI Factor is an amazing blog that keeps every level of social media user engaged from talking about How to Be Successful on YouTube to The Best Ways to Use Groupon, The ROI Factor covers it all. And then some.

  • smblake8

    My vote goes to for doing so brilliantly.  Their social media is just great!

  • Aaron Elliott

    +1 vote for Social Barrel ( – They keep me up to date with the latest social media news.

  • Francis Rey accurately provides the latest trends and breaking news on social media

  • Mike Willson

    I would like to nominate
    Amanda always provides thought provoking articles and useful tools pertaining
    to social media. It has definitely helped me improve my businesses social media

  • Molly Daly

    I nominate is a social media marketing firm full of driven, innovative thinkers with a passion for the industry.

  • Mc Richard Paglicawan

    I would like to nominate enjoy reading this blog for I am able to relate to each other. As far as design goes…. simple…. if it takes forever to load a blog because of all the extra stuff I just wont read it. I want content in the post not the blog set up. 

  • Pao_buenaventura It teaches you lessons in real life that wasn’t taught to you in school. :) 

  • Ken Davidson

    I vote for Melonie Dodaro at Top Dog Social Media

  • Vital Waters

    My vote goes to Top Dog Social Media

  • Havana Room Cigars

    I have learned a ton from Top Dog Social Media – I definitely nominate them!

  • Kelowna Women In Biz

    At KWIB we definitely would like to nominate our go-to expert Top Dog Social Media!

  • Jake Cole

    I nominate Melonie Dodaro @ Top Dog Social Media

  • Bobbi Kittle

    My nomination goes to Top Dog

  • Maxine DeHart

    Nominating Melonie Dodaro with Top Dog Social Media

  • Melonie Dodaro

    I have learned so much from Melonie Dodaro at Top Dog Social Media and what we’ve learned has been instrumental in helping us to attract a lot more business using social media!

  • Jennifermathers

     Top Dog Social Media most definitely deserves to be on the list of the Top 10 Social Media blogs!

  • Swapna Sanand

    Lighthouse Insights is my favorite reference for all types of information on social media. Their coverage is analytical, interesting, easy to read and very well written too. Given the increasing importance of trends that are emerging from India, there is no other comprehensive online resource that captures these trends with case study analysis and brand-centric reviews the way Lighthouse Insights does. Even those who aren’t interested in social media will find it an insightful experience to read the articles on their website:
    I truly want Lighthouse Insights to win this annual contest because they deserve to be there in the top slot that ranks  social media globally.

  • Elizabeth Njuguna I nominate this blog because it has super content. All the writers are up to date with techie news and the content is interesting and easy to read. Go Social Barrel!

  • exlinkevents very educational social media blog. His tips makes other blogs reach their intended audience.

  • Brooke Ballard

    I’d like to nominate the Social Solutions Collective blog, found here:

  • Jennifer G. Hanford

    I’d like to nominate the Social Solutions Collective blog.  This is a group of ladies from a variety of industries and backgrounds, but have one goal in common – doing social right!  Blogs cover various niches from platforms to tools to using social media for biz.  This is their blog:


  • dimaks | The Urban Walker

     Nominating Jason Cruz of – layman and easy to grasp social media articles and features.

  • mark pogi

    Nominating Jason Cruz of

    All of his articles are well written and very helpful.

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  • ErinRyan

    I nominate Sharocity Blog for their informative Social Media news, providing tips to help businesses and profiles to be all they can be on their social networks.  

  • Nathan J. Lauffer

    I nominate  They keep me informed about all things social media.

  • dagorret

     I nominate for excelent guide about social media news, cyberculture and geek

  • Amanda Ryan

    I nominate Socialeyezer – – for keeping me informed with what’s happening in social media and for always making their articles interesting and informative.

  • ErinRyan

     Thanks Carlos! Keep being Awesome :)

  • Amanda Ryan

    Thank you so much for the nomination!

  • ErinRyan

    I nominate Soshable for its continuous informative articles that aid beginners and those who are advanced within Social Media about Social Media. 

  • Amy Sagan

    I would like to officially nominate the Sharocity Blog for Social Media news they relay to their followers, and 
    their ability to regularly provide tips to help businesses and individuals thrive in their own Social Media efforts and endeavors.

  • Laurie

    I would like to nominate 

  • Amanda Ryan

     You’re awesome Amy for always being so supportive!! Thanks for your nomination :)

  • Amanda Ryan

    I nominate Socialeyezer – – for keeping me informed with what’s happening within social media and for always making their articles interesting and informative.

  • http://www.linkedin/in/mattgentile @MattGentile

    Nominating The Social Guy. Between me and my Mom, that’s two votes!

  • Gigi Beleno

    I would like to nominate, his articles are all very interesting to read and really helps those who would like to learn more about social media.

  • papaleng

    I nominate

    His blog presents compact yet easy-to understand and well-presented tips. 

  • Cynthia Hartwig

    I nominate The Red Pen Of Doom by Guy Berglund. Funny and informative.

  • ErinRyan

     Thank you kindly for your nomination Nathan!

  • Tony Adams Sharocity – funny, witty, cheeky, unmissable, engaging – Amanda knows her space and has always got something cool to share…way before anyone else. One of my must-read daily blogs.

  • Graham Spector

    I’m a big fan of Grow Socially’s blog: Timely, funny, down to earth, and an all around fun blog to visit.

  • Whitneyt

    I always enjoy reading Grow Socially’s blog:
    It always gives tips on a variety of subjects, whether it’s an overview of a new social media network, tips and best practices on how to market a business on a network, or examples of great marketing campaigns.  They also blog a lot about email marketing, mobile marketing tools, and web design.  Great variety, and it’s updated very frequently.

  • Larry Schelckle

    Always has awesome insight into Branding, New Media and Online Video. Keeps me informed on where the future may take us.

  • Lou Cimaglia

    I’d like to nominate The blog offers practical tips on social media marketing, tutorials on how to use new features of social networks, and well-rounded advice on business. The posts are a good mix of hard and fast marketing practices as well as relatable and personalized voices.

  • Lenore Bavota

    I love this blog. Talks about Social Media, New Media, Online Video, Marketing. Super informative!

  • Lou Cimaglia

    I would like to nominate Topics such as social media marketing, tutorials on new features of social networks, and all-around marketing and business advice are all covered regularly. The posts are a nice blend of hard and fast marketing strategy and personable, relatable voices. 

  • Ben

    Hot Potato Social Media blog Newer blog I came across and was originally struck by the awesome branding! They have a lot of great tips in their blogs.

  • Barbra Collins

    I’d say for a diverse set of information on the latest updates and insights regarding Social Media and related content! Always a good read!

  • Lesli Brook Paquette

    I nominate I felt comfortable delving into social media without feeling overwhelmed and stupid. The straightforward, step by step approach has made it easy for me to learn so much!

  • Raya R

    I nominate I enjoy reading their weekly updates on social media and its related topics. Always an interesting and informative read!

  • Barbara

    I nominate the War Room Inc. blog: They are doing great job in posting updates and advices on how to do video marketing!

  • Jamie Davis

    I nominate Jon Loomers blog .
    He has by far the best actionable info on Facebook :) 

  • Kevin W.

    Love the diversity of content at this group of ladies knows their stuff! 

  • Gaynor

    I’d like to nominate It shares loads of information relevant to South African social media. 

  • Barbara Nova

    I nominate the War Room Inc. blog: They are doing great job in posting updates and advices on video marketing!

  • ChereMartin
    Jon is CONSTANTLY updating the very latest developments with social media and has become my go-to, reliably thorough location when I have any question at all. He’s excellent with interaction with his tribe.

  • Stacey Myers

    Cas McCullough from Content Marketing Cardiology

  • P3 Service

    My favorite blog is Social Solutions Collective’s blog at They provide information that is always timely, practical and informative. Their blogs have taught me about several new tools that I have been able to use to help grow my business page on several different platforms. 

  • Michael Maghsoudi

    I nominate Jon Loomer’s blog! Always great stuff there.

  • Christine Burkhart

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s blog because it’s informative, insightful, and useful.

  • Emeric Probably the most passionate Facebook Marketing blogger out there. Blogs about Facebook only but does it darn well :-)

  • Jon Loomer

    I’m a big, big fan of PostRocket ( Great tool, but I also love their content. While everyone else is freaking out, they’re coming to the table with data and facts. Love it.

  • Nancy Babcock

    I nominate the Social Solutions Collective at  The collective is a talented group of professionals who bring their unique perspectives and ideas to doing social media right.

  • Mark Pere Madrona

    My nomination goes to The articles posted on his site are extremely useful especially for relatively new bloggers like me. He’s also one approachable guy. He’s probably the only social media expert around who takes the time to answer all queries sent to him through whatever means (Facebook, Twitter, you name it). :)

  • Mischa P

    I’d like to nominate… the SSC has a very creative, diverse and intelligent group sharing amazing content which allows many new to social media to get up to speed very quickly.  They deserve to be recognized. 

  • Gables Residential Great in depth How-TOs

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  • Michael Turtz

    “ – I learn so much about social media strategy”

  • Alan

     Socialeyezer!  It’s where are the cool people hangout. Especially Erin.

  • Special Education Philippines

    I would like to nominate I like his blog because I find his suggestions for blog improvements practical and useful especially for a novice like me. 

  • Trisha Rajah
  • Jose Jimenez

    My vote goes to for all the fantastic information he publishes on Facebook.

  • Fiona Griffin

    Hi I would like to nominate

    I was faced with a Facebook business page problem for almost 4 months and with Amanda’s help it was sorted within 5 mins. She goes out of her way to help her readers and her blog is informative and easy to read. I feel my small business has been rewarded for following her tips. I especially like her blog as she spells out social media platforms in layman terms for someone “non-techie” as myself. She also has a very engaging Facebook page to support her blog. Amanda deserves to be rewarded for her hard work and good luck to her! Thank you.

  • ErinRyan

     Thank you Alan for nominating You ROCK!

  • meghasuccess

    I nominate – it cuts through a variety of myths and misinformation in our industry and provides a fresh approach on a variety of social media channels. 

  • hashmeta

    Up and coming Internet Marketing Blog ~

  • Amanda Ryan

    You’re amazing support means a lot Tony and I truly appreciate your nomination. Thank You!

  • Hmyklegard

    I would like to nominate the Social Solutions Collective. The collective is a group of  professionals who each bring something unique to the table. The blogs are tailored to doing social media the right way. They are informative and very helpful.

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  • Rocky_kenshee11

    Nominating Articles have very rich content. His site provides information that can help professional and aspiring writers as well. 

  • wayne terry

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s blog. Full of useful how-tos, tips, and updates. 

  • Sglmnn61

    I nominate socially gold at socially for its excellent advice and insight.

  • Sglmnn61


  • Steven Delin

    I nominate because he is always standing on just the spot, to see things in the right light from the right angle. Funny, informative, confident, cliche-free and unique. He’s never behind, or ahead, of any curve – he’s got his own route that he shares with us. Isn’t that what social media is all about?

  • Sheila Katz

    I vote for  The blog has simple tips that helps me to engage more people via social media!

  • Mike Crosson
  • nettaP – Regular, ritualized content with tips on tools and it deconstructs social media strategy for those who might not be experts in the space.

  • ★★LIFE at its BEST★★
  • Tyler

    My vote goes to  – it’s the dedicated blog / website community for the LinkedIn group, Social Media Marketing. With over 500,000 members and 20 niche subgroups, it’s the largest community of social media marketing professionals on the planet.

  • Donna Ryan

    I vote for Sharocity  for being one of the best Social Media blogs – for always keeping me informed about an array of social networks for businesses and profiles. 

  • Josh Krakauer

    So glad I’m not the first to reco Jon Loomer’s blog (; not for fear of “going first”, but because Jon seriously deserves the cred. Most so-called Facebook “experts” have an amazing way with words. And by way with words, I mean a way to use an impressive assortment of (buzz)words, without really saying anything at all. You’ll never find that in one of Jon’s posts. Every single entry is filled with actionable tools, insight and tips for winning on Facebook. Nominating a true FB researcher/influencer is the least I can do. 

  • Amanda Ryan

     Thank you sooo much for your support and I really appreciate the nomination :)

  • Alex

    Join the conversation and nominate here!

  • Judy Bowker

    I would like to nominate the They cover everything you need to know and best practices of social media. They are here to help and you can’t help but learn something new with every blog post! 

  • CalendarWarehouse

    Solid advice, for the lay-person to be able to execute, instead of tech speak for social media geeks.

  • STJ

    I would like to nominate… they always keep me on top of my game

  • EnergyMisers

    My vote goes to the B2 Media LLC blog called the B2 Blog- it’s insightful, the writing has a clever voice and the articles are always timely.

    Brooke (the founder) also curates content for so I like that one too ;)

  • Kathy Streeter Buono

    I’d like to nominate Social Solutions Collective This Blog is just what it implies. A collective of members who join together each with their own area of expertise. Together they work on all social media platforms giving their best on each one as well giving their best for their many collective followers. I have learned a great deal from them.

  • Warner Tech-care

    Nick Westergaard’s “Brand Driven Digital” has very well-written and helpful reviews, guidelines and current ideas for the social media buzz. Fantastic sense of humor, too.

  • Catherine

    I would like to nominate

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  • Benjamin Mach

    ShortStack’s Blog, Socially Stacked:

  • Stephanie Watanabe

    LKR Social Media –

  • Naveen Nanchari

    I would like to nominate

  • Li

    I nominate . I get great information on making my facebook business better and also when there are freebies. 

  • Mark J Daniels

    I’d have to vote for Jon Loomer’s blog  –  –  he always provides clear, concise and useful information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format.

  • Loomern

    Jon Loomer has a terrific blog at He writes daily and is both entertaining and informative. He never seems to run out of new insights on using Facebook to promote your small business or non-profit.

  • Martin Brown

    Jon Loomer with

  • Mark – always a useful for hints, tips, guides and information

  • Shane Johnston

    I probably have 10 or so Blogs that I really love and visit regularly, but the one I am really digging right now is 

    There are so many great content marketers that are much bigger and I love them all too, like Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, Andrea Vahl, Nick Unsworth and likely more I’m forgetting about right now.

    Jon is a relatively unsung hero and I think he deserves some credit here!

    What I really like, is that Jon knows how to cut through all the hype and serve up really useful & tested analysis on Facebook Marketing.

    He recently cut through the crap for us on all the negative stuff on what Facebook “Reach” and “talking about” really mean for us and what we should be focusing on.  Now he is posting about recent changes to Facebook ppc & why some ads are being rejected now.

    Thanks Jon …10+

  • Reid Rosefelt

    I never miss a single post by Jon Loomer. He works really hard to provide in-depth research with a personal touch. If you read him a lot he’s not just informative, he’s inspiring.

  • Paolo Sini

    My vote goes to Jon Loomer and his blog for the great help he gives with Facebook Marketing

  • Mike Mandis

    Jon Loomer’s blog has been invaluable to me in getting started on FB

  • Ann
    Knows FB inside and out!

  • Alba very easy to understand, reviews and gives pros and cons of changes in social media and a super nice guy!

  • Chris Has guided me through the maze of Facebook for businesses and has even answered posts when I have asked specific questions. Highly recommend!

  • Priya

    My vote goes to He is an expert in Facebook. I learnt so much from him. 

  • Lucy

    Voting for Jon Loomer at

  • Desk11desk12

    My vote goes to  Jon
    posts are edgy, keeps my interest and are exceedingly relevant to
    my business.  

  • Jeff @ Dead Tree Media

    Jon Loomer!

  • Shane Johnston

    I probably have 10 or so Blogs that I really love and visit regularly, but the
    one I am really digging right now is

    There are so
    many great content marketers that are much bigger and I love them all too, like
    Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, Andrea Vahl, Nick Unsworth and likely more I’m
    forgetting about right now.

    Jon is a relatively unsung hero and I think
    he deserves some credit here!

    What I really like, is that Jon knows how
    to cut through all the hype and serve up really useful & tested analysis on
    Facebook Marketing.

    He recently cut through the crap for us on all the
    negative stuff on what Facebook “Reach” and “talking about” really mean for us
    and what we should be focusing on. Now he is posting about recent changes to
    Facebook ppc & why some ads are being rejected now.

    Thanks Jon …10+ 

  • Juliette Rule because there is NO better resource for Facebook tutorials and Jon is very responsive to his community and clients. 

  • Rebecca Havard

    Nominating  I couldn’t make it without this guy.  He is practical and methodical in his posts.  He is continually providing me with tools and information to grow my own business and he does it in language I can understand.  

  • Paulhamrick

    I nominate Jon Loomer

  • Laura C George

    I love LKR! It’s great because it’s really accessible to people. There’s no industry language and they avoid too many numbers. Just solid advice everyone can understand and implement.

  • Sonya Pelia

    Nominating for Social Media Blog of the year –

    His posts are filled with practical tips on how to improve your B2B Facebook page. Highly highly recommended. Top tip I got from Jon’s: How to not waste your money in promoted posts but target only your followers. Amazing difference in reach.

  • Nina Gannes Great analytical tools, actionable tips and a prompt response to questions sent via comments.

  • Suzanne

    JOn Loomer

  • Susna

    I want to suggest 

  • Katie Ferguson Hetrick
    John–Social media that makes a difference
    This blog provides practical, straight-forward advice on topical subjects that make my job easier. I enjoy the tone and advice. I really hope that he starts gaining the recognition he deserves.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Zach

    Jon Loomer –

    His insights and articles are easy to understand and always informative. His infographics provide great reference materials as well for people who work in social media daily!

  • Caro

    Always interesting and useful updates for facebook and other social tools. Always open to comments (and actually respond to those who are… recurrent) and his e-mails to suscribers are so humorous I can’t help to read more.

  • Emily Thousand

    Jon Loomer –
    I read his emails and articles EVERY single day. I forward them on to everyone I know. He provides valuable resources FOR FREE and I appreciate it so much. It is one of the best social media blog discoveries I made this year. His email is truly the only email I ever read consistently. He deserves recognition!

  • StellaAdore

    I have to nominate . Jon & his blog have diverted many a hair pulling experience when it comes to facebook. The blogs articles are direct & to the point and updated. Plus he answers questions and comments and really interacts with his followers, which is something that is quite rare these days!

  • Jacob Curtis

    Nominating Over 300 individually written blog posts on Facebook marketing tips and tutorials in 2012 alone. Awesome resource and visually stunning website as well.

  • Simona R.

    I nominate Jon Loomer’s blog. He brings a fresh perspective to social media and his blogs are very honest and throughtful.

  • Natalie - This is the only blog that I have ever kept my subscription to, and return to on a regular basis. His articles are always well-researched, based on fact and are both punchy and realistic. Each statement is backed up by other professionals’ research and Jon’s own sample tests and it all make sense! It’s easy to follow, super informative and incredibly helpful to those of us starting a business and trying like mad to make it work with little or no money for marketing and advertising. Super useful stuff, I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog!

  • cgriffeth

  • J. R. Acton III

    I’d Like to nominate Jon Loomer (, whose information I find to be topical & timely…

  • Kari

    Jon Loomer at  I visit this site anytime I want to make changes to my online marketing or want to explore a new avenue of marketing.  Lots of great information in easy to understand language.

  • Jo

    Nominating Jon Loomer
    Insightful, uses easy language, generous sharing of great information, humble, honest, interactive/engaging, matter-of-fact

  • Robert Fraser

    Jon Loomer has provided tons of great ideas for me over the past year. His Facebook Page Spreadsheet is top notch!

  • jmichaelwilson

    I’m new to social media marketing and Jon’s blog has quickly gotten me up to speed, and also pointed me to other great sources.

  • Daniela Pantaleo

    I nominate I  love receiving his newsletter full of information. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the changes and regulations on FB…I truly appreciate his knowledge and love following his posts!

  • Aaron Friedman

    Hands down it’s Jon Loomer Digital –

    Jon takes such a hands-on, granular approach that no one else has been able to offer to date. Even as an expert myself in the social media space, Jon has been able to shed light in areas that has helped my business.

  • Kimberly Jimenez Where to start? First off, his content is always fresh and up to date. Whenever there’s ANY changes I hear it from Jon Loomer first! It’s amazing. His blog hasn’t been up for a long time, yet he has hundreds of posts full of top-of-the-line information. I always hit up his website whenever I have questions or concerns. Honestly? I have no idea what I would do if it somehow ceased to exist. I don’t know Jon personally, so the fact that I’m willing to write a paragraph on here just to nominate him and talk about how awesome his work really is should speak for itself. He deserves this. Period. Thanks!!!

  • Mum of Invention gets my vote.  It’s always a few steps ahead, explaining how the online world works to those of us finding our way in it, and giving us the tools for navigation.  The language is simple, and a good mix of text, video, drawings keeps me interested. 

  • Stefano Calderano

  • Donncha Hughes

    Amanda’s blog is brilliant. Very knowledgable and well written (and gives credit to her sources)

  • Eimear

    I’d like to nominate Amanda at Spiderworking. Fantastic blog. Very informative, easy to read and lots of useful up to date information which has proven invaluable to me whilst setting up my own business.

  • Mukesh
  • Prem Piyush Goyal

    I think is the most comprehensive Social media blog out there!

  • Dinesh Soni

    My vote goes for Social Samosa (

  • Nimish V Adani

    I’d like to nominate Good stories on social media.

  • Raul Pinto – Great blog for social media news

  • Mihir

    It should be 

  • Praveen Sshetty

     Nominating my daily dose of Social Media learning & updates.

  • Tracy Terry

    Thanks so much!

  • Harish Krishnan

    I would want to nominate because for me it is the one stop source of all the interesting campaigns and stories from the Indian Social Media. :)

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  • Amanda Webb because it’s a little gem in my RSS feed everyday. The best blog I’ve found this year.

  • Lauren E Delp

    Nominating Jon Loomer for tirelessly tracking, testing and teaching new developments in social media. His library of resources is the first place I check, and is usually also the last as whatever I am looking for is usually there. Hands on comparisons, image size specifications, you name it, if it’s to do with social media, especially the ever-shifting ins and outs of Facebook, Jon is on top of it.

  • Dgibson

    I’d like to nominate and their blog feature.  It is assisting the Active Duty, Retirees and Reserve Families with quality promotions and meaningful everyday savings tips and offers.

  • Hiral Bhatt! Their articles are well informed, resourceful – even for those who aren’t social media geeks, and very well executed. 

  • Karen McCarthy  Because he really does make a difference!

  • kathyshaul

    I’d like to nominate the Social Solutions Collective Blog: This active social media blog has 15 contributors each blogging about a separate niche and working together on special projects. It’s relatively new, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over. Definitely one to add to your RSS feed!

  • Jody J Steeg

    I’ll nominate he's written heaps of great articles on Facebook. 

  • Andrew

    John Loomer 

  • Shormistha

    i nominate they are fantastic.

  • Ganesan

    my nomination:

  • Madasamy

    i nominate:

  • Anusha Pinto I love how they write. Their language is simple and precise. 

  • Lalit

    awesome articles and great updates. I nominate

  • Mallika

    i nominate “SOCIAL SAMOSA” 

  • Evans Afonso Rebello

    In India, i turn to social samosa for all my digital/social media news. Aside from latest information, their web interface is just the great. Kudos @Social_Samosa:twitter 

  • Kartik Chandramouli

    I vote for Social Samosa Quick updates and helpful articles about social media.

  • Katya Cordeiro
  • Vilas

    i nominate

  • Bidisha

    i nominate ! love the website. Its my daily dose of info!

  • Raman Iyer

    Nominating for the quirky name, relevant content and simple design.

  • Mia Tan

    simple, clear, concise. everything we need to know in 3 min of online reading!

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  • Jenn Verdane

    Definitely Social Fresh, they teach me SO MUCH.

  • Jvgrigg

    I vote for Her blog is updated 3x a week. Her posts are current, timely and it shows the passion she has for social media.

  • Miriam Ortiz y Pino

    I really like LKR Social Media Blog. Laura does a great job of bottom lining it and often has the best guest posts around. Love the way she keeps it simple.

  • Anne Samoilov

    word! I love too!

  • Aprilraemokmof2
  • Gautam Ghosh

    Two nominations from my end – focusing on Social Media in India 

  • Erin

    Nominating LKR Social Media ( Always straight forward advice, trustworthy, and interesting tips!

  • Christina Wood

    Strella Social Media’s blog.

  • Devani Anjali Alderson

    I like how her content and videos and webinars always have tips you an implement right then and there (: 

  • Ellen K. Butler

    My vote goes to Laura Roeder’s blog:

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  • Kunal N Shah

    Of all the blogs I have read till date, Social Samosa, is the best. Not only does it have great info, it also is very simplified and easy to understand. 

  • Sarang Brahme

    My vote goes to This is the most buzzing blog about Social Media in India which provides a great insight about what’s happening in Social Media world from across various angles. 

  • Shrenik Gandhi

    No doubt.
    Being one of the leading portals in a country that has the size more than facebook, is an achievement in itself!

  • Priyanka Nambiar

    it gives me info abt all the latest news of trends in all different types of media. very interesting website for even non social media enthusiasts, since the articles are so well written.

  • Namitaved

    Social Samosa it’ll be! They’ve progressed so
    well as a blog since their inception that its the indefinite choice of destination
    if anyone wishes to know more about the Indian Social Media space & in
    general tips to enhance a brand’s or an individual’s online reputation. And the
    community built on Facebook & Twitter is so apt, wide & targeted. Their
    online conversations & posts are an absolute must on your timeline! 

  • Sarvamangala Chavali

    My nomination goes to social samosa.

  • Sarvamangala Chavali

    my vote goes to social samosa.

  • Pauline O’Sullivan

    I nominate Donna Moritz from for
    her visual marketing genius.


    Donna has a unique ability to simplify the complex with her
    amazingly informative and engaging infographics. Her advice is always clear,
    practical and motivating which is why her writing is popping up all over the
    place. (She was the first non-Spanish speaking writer to join the team at and is
    now a regular contributor for Amy Porterfield, and Social



  • Mudit Singhal

    I’d say my social media knowledge has been considerably helped by the content on…it‘s always been introducing some amazing articles on a regular basis..for more, see for yourself.

  • Donna Moritz

    I’d like to nominate Ching Ya at – she puts 100% into her blog posts and they are jam packed full of great tips, images, how-tos and examples…I am sure they take her a lot of love and time to write and I make sure I read them because I know each one will be quality.  I actually like that she doesn’t post many times per week. Sometimes quality over quantity makes it easier to find the good bloggers through the noise. She is one of the few that I have on my RSS Reader…I only add blogs that I don’t want to miss!  

  • Jakolien Sok

    I’d ♥ to nominate

    Jo Barnes – founder of the SNA – is a never ending source of social media marketing information and inspires her members (I am one of them) to no end! She puts her money where her mouth is by creating a successful multiple 6 figure business within 2 years (!)

    If you want to know how to implement social media as a marketing tool then the SNA NEEDS to be in your your reader! 

    Follow and VOTE ツ for Jo on the / !

    Happy Holidays!

    Jakolien Sok
    Member of the SNA and founder of

  • Cathy Pascual

    I love Laura Roeder at Her tips are instantly do-able, she is personable, down-to-earth and breaks down social media into easily digestible nuggets.

  • Fiona
    Great content, always newsy and full of great advice

  • Sonja Barisic is one of the few blogs I read religiously. Every day, Heidi provides extremely useful insights and tips on how to get the most from social media. 

  • John O’Connor

    I’m a big fan of  I’m not sure how she manages it, but she most often has stuff I can implement and use in my business – and that’s what I want from a social media blog

  • Liam D. Ferguson

    I nominate - this blog is a great source of simple practical tips that I can use in my own business.  As I’m not in the tech industry it’s helpful in that it doesn’t assume that everyone has huge technical proficiency (which I certainly don’t!). 

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  • John Germain Kim is helpful and friendly but most of all inspirational 

  • Michelan021

    Amanda is personally helpful and was very generous with her time when I was starting out on Social Media. Her blog is always interesting and the advice easy to follow – there’s always something that spurs me into action …

  • Thais Zoe

     LKR Social Media: Simple, Brief, Actionable.

  • Michelle
    Amanda was very generous with her time when I
    was starting out on Social Media – her helpful advice felt like having a savvy friend looking over my shoulder. Her blog is always interesting and the
    advice easy to follow – there’s always something that spurs me into
    action …

    and I love the name!

  • Umang Detroja

    I love and follow Social Samosa ( for their Real Case Studies and post campaign analysis of any Brand. Their Insights and reviews have being proved wonderful.

  • JUNA

    I would like to nominate One of the leading movie blogs in Indonesia. Just won Most Favorite Movie Blogs at 2012 Axis Blog Awards and really helpful in providing movie news and critics.

  • TobyRae

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s blog!!!! It’s informative, insightful, and useful!!!!!!!

  • Mike Mann

    I nominate . They write about social media in such interesting ways and make some really original analogies. If you want to see what I’m talking about, just read their post yesterday on why teenage girls should run facebook. They also interview fascinating people like Walt Mossberg of AllthingsD, and they do thorough research. Once they found a clip of Mark Zuckerberg explaining why he thought facebook wasn’t a social network. They don’t always write about social media, but when they do, they do it well.

  • Susan K. Daniels

    I Nominate by Stanford Smith.

  • Jane

    I would like to nominate a fantastic site : Socially Sorted

    The content is always full of practical tips that are doable and being a novice in social media I feel that Socially Sorted has helped me understand and be able to interact with the world in a new and innovative way.  Socially Sorted provides me with great advice, case studies and examples from real small businesses!       The best bit of all is their visual marketing tips !  Just love it when a picture paints a thousand words (and I don’t have to write a thousand words !) 

  • Michael Pinto

    I’d like to nominate Heidi Cohen of — what I love about her work is that week after week she presents data driven marketing insights into social media, in addition to her creative insights which are A+ in my book.  

  • Porceliandolll

    I nominate my blog entitled “Lolita” which discusses issues dealing with self-esteem, eating disorders, suicide, and self-harm.

  • Lord Hebakshyla is who get me vote.

  • Hich Tb

    alright, I love LKR Social Media because they’re focused on how to USE social media to make more money…

    …not just hype or social media (useless) news. Here is a link to their site:

  • Katya Barry

    I vote for  Laura Roeder rocks!

  • kcurriden

    Lkr. Laura is consistent in her blogging and info always timely

  • Eve NewYears

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s blog for their awesome updates and tutorials. 

  • Gridiron Greats

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s blog for keeping us up to date on current trends, changes, and processes. 

  • Built by Ted

    The Inbound Marketing Spot by Trust eMedia.  Great step by steps.

  • Shelleysweet

    I nominate Social Strand Media .  I like the content info and style of the blog too.

  • Christien Eramiha Jo Barnes does a great job in delivering her message in simple to understand language that even those who are totally new to Social Media Marketing would find easy to follow. Always great content, tips that one can always take away and implement themselves.

  • Lotoftravel28

    I nominate Social Strand Media

  • Shannonj

     I nominate Tracy Terry and Trustemedia – she has helped our charity grow immensely.

  • Shannon Jordan11

    I nominate Trust eMedia’s blog because it’s informative, insightful, and useful.   

  • CS Langaer

    Nominating God’s Flesh I like it because it always presents new ideas on God and spirituality.

  • Prashanth Challapalli

    My vote goes to

  • Bubba Oustalet

    I nominate Social Strand Media

  • Terry Williamson

    Kim Garst’s blog is definitely one of the top blogs. She gives great information on a wide variety of social media related subject in a way that is easy to understand. I feel like she is always at the front edge of the information flow.

  • Dawn Shafer Wilkerson

    Hands down, I nominate Kim Garst at The knowledge that she shares, the how to’s are amazing… she is not a coach that only says what to do, but she shows you how to do it AND she is doing it herself! Hard to find that. 

  • Meg  hands down!

  • Clara M Lenis

    I nominate because she does a great job inspiring people to move with their business and mostly to get results with social media. 

  • Cazbaawools

    My vote goes to Amanda Webb I find Amanda’s tips and hints for social media networking, very effective and easy to use. She deserves to win as her blogs are a great read & amusing. I like the way Amanda explains it as it is. Hope you win!!! 

  • Erica

    I would like to nominate Richard Wade Harman at he has some great social media tips to build online relationships and leads.

  • Lahaul Seth

    I nominate by Wade Harman … It’s a great blog .. I visit it almost everyday … It’s a great blog to learn some techniques on how to attract visitors from social media and how to make money from blogging ..

  • quakerninja The lady who runs it is very nice and even helped walk me thru setting up social buttons on my website I’m a total webtard and had no clue, she was very patient with me. That kind of going the extra mile for your readers like that should be rewarded. That’s why I would like Socialeyezer to be considered. Thank you

  • ErinRyan

    Thank you very much for your nomination Daniel, I am always happy to help and grateful to have people like you within the Socialeyezer community :)

    Socially Yours,
    Erin Ryan

  • Sylvia Adams

    I nominate aka SMM. They have a great set of courses and a great blog. The community is very supportive and Laura Roeder gives FANTASTIC webinars. I always tell people if they know nothing about social media or how to use it for their business – she’s the go to girl.

  • Carla J Gardiner

    My favorite blogger is by far Kim Garst with Social Boom. Kim always provides timely tips and vital information for anyone using attraction marketing online to build their business. She is genuine with no hidden agenda and always, always over delivers. If the Fiery Grandma can learn and implement her techniques, anyone can.

  • Helena Bowers

    I nominate ~ Kim has an honest and open teaching style, and walks her talk every day. I learn something new every time I visit her blog!

  • avgjoegeek

    I nominate Wade Harmin from over at Not only is he an all around nice guy. His enthusiasm and knowledge on his blog is awesome!

  • Richard Harman

    Thanks for the votes guys

  • Richard Harman

    Thanks Lahaul!

  • prateek bansal
  • Cody

    I would like to nominate Wade Harman and his social media posts are amazing and have really helped my site!

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  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Carla! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings your way!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you Helena!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Clara!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Appreciate you, Terry!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Dawn!!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Meg!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, John!

  • Neisha

    Natalie Gouche @ Hardworking mama, shares ideas, promotes networking for small businesses.

  • Richard Harman

    Thanks Cody!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Jennifer!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Kerry!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Indie!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Pamela!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Karen!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Stacy! 

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Rod!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Rebecca!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Tara!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Charlotte!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Kim ;-)

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Totally appreciate you, Christer!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Barbara, thanks for the vote!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Appreciate you, Mike! 

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Carele!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Jackie!!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Shirley, thanks much!!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    You are the best, Theresa! Thanks for the vote!

  • Julie Wade Harman.  A great resource for all things blogging and social media.

  • Richard Harman

    Thanks Julie!

  • Galen Morgigno

    My Vote goes to Wade Hardman at Wade always provides relevant and helpful information. He is very active in social media and enjoys helping others. 

  • Sandra Wallace

    I would like to officially nominate Wade Harmon His posts are always current and very helpful to others trying to make the most of blogging, from those just getting started to those who have experience, Wade is always there for me as he is everyone who wants to succeed, he goes the extra mile for his readers and followers.

  • Christine OKelly

    Very excited to check out all of these blogs that people are recommending! I’d also like to recommend Kim Garst ( What I love about Kim is that the info she posts is practical — not just theoretical. More importantly, it’s first hand information. I’ve personally spoken with many of the people that read her blog and that coach under her, and seen much their lives and businesses have been impacted. That’s why my vote goes to Kim!

  • Ephramar Telog

    I would like to nominate

    This blog rocks!

  • Joel B (Joeyboy)

    Voting for I enjoy reading his running events reviews and tips on social media. 

  • Sheena Ramos

    Nominating Began my journey as a social media strategist by reading articles in the website. It has also a cool jobs board, something that has made so much difference in the lives of jobseekers who want to get into digital marketing.

  • Jude Ower – Razor Social is one of the best places to find Social Media and tech information on the web. The owners are true experts in their field and I trust their opinions. The blog is great knowledgable content and is also laid out in a clear format, simple to find specific items you are looking for. Big vote to Razor Social!

  • Miko Medina

    I’d like to nominate 

    Not only do they write about social media, thenewmedia also offers unique services like the job board where companies can post job openings. They also hold seminars and events for the community to learn more about social media.

  • Redi Mendoza

    My vote goes to 

  • Kevin Orr

    I like to nominate

    I’m new to the whole social media thing but have found their
    articles, discussions and tools very informative and helpful.

    Also, I was very impressed at just how quickly they responded to
    queries I made about their own site and social media issues in general – that’s always a
    good sign of a great company! 

  • Maria Estrella Ledesma

     I nominate Jason Cruz of   His blog is very helpful and full of practical tips.

  • elizabeth Maness One of the best sites and best people I know!

  • Dianne Salonga

     I vote for as my favorite social media blog because I learned a lot of tips about social media in his blog. Very interesting and I learned many tips. Now, I’m using it too! 

  • dennyhagel

    No doubt about it, if you are looking for the best of the BEST I vote for every time!  Over-deliver should be her middle name! Kim has the knowledge and skills and shares all from her heart, she genuinely cares and it shows.

  • Hans Roxas-Chua

    Nominating as the blog not only has relevant content for the industry it serves (digital marketing), it also has other value added services like a job board that has helped various companies and individuals in job placement — and it’s a free service too! :)

  • Jamie Turner

    I’d like to nominate by Ian Cleary. It’s a top-notch blog with some great tips in it.

  • Michele Weisman

    I’d like to nominate the Likeable Daily (

  • Deborah819

    Nominating: 60 Second Marketer

  • Kristy Slimmer

    60 Second Marketer/Jamie Turner.  Clear, concise, relevant & sometimes entertaining.  :)

  • EVener
  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you, Denny!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thank you Christine!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Jan!

  • Jemiah Battle

    I nominate the 60 Second Marketing Group

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Appreciate you, Rose!!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Julie!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Anita!

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks Liz!

  • Mike Wittenstein

    I’m a 60 Second Marketer fan. Just enough detail. Perfect timing. Two thumbs up!

  • Lee Deacon – 60 Second Marketer is what I read to be kept up to date and get my fix of quick and easy tips etc. I don’t have an awful lot of time spare to read, so thats why 60 second marketer fits my need. Jamie’s blog is great and to the point.

  • Ccanna

    my vote is for this gem:

  • Guest
  • James Row

    I nominate  It has fresh, informative content and suggestions that are typically immediately actionable!

  • Hocoanatl - Great information with practical application.  Always a good read.

  • Shelley Loader
    This blog has great up-to-date info in short articles. This is handy for the typically busy social media professional.

  • Chelsea Moss

    Definitely Jamie Turner’s 60 Second Marketer! Always helpful on keeping me up-to-date with the latest social media trends. Check it out:

  • Markdresser

    60 Second Marketer is always one of the best. Consistently has timely posts that help me do better work and understand the changes in Marketing around us.

  • Cory Smith
  • Bo Simmons

      60 Second Marketer – Jamie Turner

  • Csalinas93

    I nominate the 60 Second Marketer b/c I always gain valuable information!

  • Barbara

    I want nominate my favorite social media blog, really useful, easy and interesting:

  • kfranco12

    A good friend and a good social media mentor – what I know about social media, I learned from Jamie!  I nominate!

  • Jenni Hilton

    I’m a fan of 60 Second Marketer!

  • Guest
  • Tom Jones Actionable insights delivered concisely. A must-read for marketers today!

  • BM

    60 Second Marketer!

  • Maribett

    Love 60 Second Marketer.  Always find something I can use.

  • MM

    The 60 Second Marketer has an amazing blog: 

    Tons of useful and fresh content!

  • Gordon – Jamie Turner really knows his stuff and writes in a really engaging, accessible style.  I liked the blog so much, that I’ve bought two of his books, which are equally good!

  • Pat Carroll

    I wish to nominate for the consistently useful tips that this blog offers. Prior to asking myself a question on Social or Tech issues, this Spider is always busily Working out solutions. If it’s Web-related Spiderworking has the answers !

  • Rich Goidel

    I love The 60 Second Marketer –

  • Lillian Leon

    Happy New Year guys! Must say this is a great place to find good blogs to follow :)

    My nomination goes to: Donna’s articles are always practical and informative – and her blog has helped me tremendously as a newbie in the social media space. Plus she’s a good connector who’s genuine in her approach – which I reckon is super important in the online space. Go Socially Sorted!

  • TommyRector

    60-second Marketer

  • Bloggero Kuno

    Nominating His social media tips and topics are very straightforward, useful and timely. Learning a lot from his posts. Kudos to his works!

  • Larry

    I nominate Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog. .
    Heidi publishes high quality posts interpreting the latest research on social media, content marketing, blogging and business. Her blog is nicely designed and easy to read. I love the way she uses photographs to visually comment on her topics.

  • Donna Moritz

    Thanks Lillian!  You rock!  Your last two posts were awesome too just sayin’! 

  • Ian Cleary

    Jamie Turner – 60 second marketer.  Great tips on social media / mobile.

  • Karthik
    Great read. Always simple and concise. Great tips offered regularly.

  • Elena Elraie

    My nomination is where I always find great tips!

  • Andy Brown – Jamie gets right to the heart of social media. Everyone of his blogs is right on the money and relevant to my business. There’s also a great guy behind those blogs who responds personally to any questions I have.

  • Clement Yeung

    Jason Cruz making waves in the Filipino digital marketing scene. He’s one of the few voices of a smart combination of fact, reason and insight in Asia when it comes to social media marketing. He manages social media accounts over at MRM; a company of the Universal McCann group. A very astute, transparent individual with forward-thinking and a big heart. I think he deserves to be short-listed.


  • Omkar Mishra

    LightHouse Insights for Indian Social Media and Insights

  • Iyer Premkumar
  • Manveer Singh Malhi

    My votes goes to Social Samosa : Indian Social Media Knowledge Storehouse. Covering best practices, tips, expert advice, case studies, jobs and events –

  • Vijay S Paul

    That I would say without any doubts would be . 

    Not restricting to “one of the best”, I’d say its “The Best” Social Media Blog in India and also a great source of insights for all readers across the globe. They don’t just evaluate campaigns held in India. More than that, they analyse how campaigns held in the US or abroad would be received from an Indian perspective, how similar campaigns work out in US and not in India, how same brand employs different strategies abroad and in the Indian Market… etc.
    Its one of the few blogs I have seen yet that has maintained its quality of articles. In my humble opinion, if there is one blog which should definitely make the list, this is one.

  • Sprekik

    I love the as it gives me lots of info on digital job postings

  • Yacine Baroudi

    Nominating the high on mobile and always delivering great practical info 

  • Tasnim Ahmed

    I love

    the information the blog provides is very concise

  • Andrewfield3

    Jamie Turner’s 60 Second Marketer is the stand out blog on social media – easy to digest, relevant and always pertinent.

  • Carpe Diem

    Social samosa in India caters best to one of the best socially growing communities in India

  • Aditya Gupta

    My vote goes to 

  • Karan S Kumar is the best for me!!… Amazing insights and also have created an awesome platform targeting everyone from the social media novice to the expert! Kudos!!

  • robibanerjee
  • Kunjal Kamdar

    My vote goes to . I always end up visiting their site for latest updates about Social Media and they have a unique set of authors who share interesting blogs and views.

  • Ankur Gupta Is Different and is the place to be.
    Probably one of the first site in its category in India.
    Carries local and foreign topics with equal vigour.

  • Jayaram
  • Deepan Siddhu (India) is the best :-)

  • digital_marketer

    I’m nominating Relevant, insightful and content-driven! Check This has helped a lot of brands and applicants in terms of job openings in the digital marketing industry. 

  • Miqdaad

    Social Samosa!

  • Anirudh

    Social Samosa for their quality research and and India insights ..

  • Peter => really great blog that focuses on case studies and dissecting social media campaigns of top brands in India. They also have some laugh out loud takes of the various stereotypes you’ll find in social media in India. One of my daily reads for sure!

  • Barca Kumar

    Social Samosa – my nomination for the favourite Social Media blog 

  • Lakshmi Kumar

    my vote for cheerz!!

  • deepesh surve

    Quick pick & vote –

  • Kapistalam

    Most interesting and updated site.. my best wishes to them!! :-)

  • Barca Kumar

  • Rick Clark

    My vote is for Great and timely information.

  • Christos

    i like for their ebooks and tips

  • Shawn Stroud

    Jamie Turner at 60 second marketer always has interesting, relevant content.

  • Donna

    Second Marketer!  The best!

  • Guest

    Definitely Social Samosa – An end to end quality social media blog 

  • Satish S for everything India. :)

  • Davidvining

    I nominate  
    It’s a great resource with fresh content and good discussions.

  • Ninad Vardam

    social samosa is so far the best log..!! (Y) …it should definitely win..! :)

  • Rick S

    Another vote for Jamie Turner at the 60 Second Marketer. Jamie brings ideas that you can put into use immediately for your business. He boils it all down to actionable steps.

  • Parichay Mehta

    Social Samosa all the way! :)

  • WherevaIi’ego Yourshadow’follo

    http:// | Reff :- Nirali

    { Ankiit }

  • Variadevang
    Precise and solid content. It has to be among the top one’s for sure

  • J Ferguson

    I nominate 60 second marketer  I love the tidbits provided vs. the dissertations you get from some blogs.  Plus, Jamie has a great sense of humor!

  • Dhanya092

    my vote to social samosa from India…Realistic and ahead always… 

  • Yashganeriwala

    i like

  • Flo Bayer

    Nominating :) With this blog, you’re sure to get your hands full with great ideas on social media, running, and positive thinking; very insightful and inspiring, indeed! 

  • Rob

    I nominate the 60 Second Marketer (

  • Naheed M.

    Social Samosa definitely :

  • Mayank Gupta would be my choice. When it comes to Indian social media… this is the blog I look forward to.

  • Don Crow

    Verge Pipe Media – focused on the intersection of Social Media and Mobile in Higher Ed and large non-profits,

  • Ojas Chaugule
    they are doing really good job by covering India social media agencies, startups and other news

  • Arif Khan

    I nominate as they cover everything from the social media space in India.

  • Gaurav A Kohli – It’s not just a news portal, but a true marketer’s resource. Lots of case studies to learn from & tips on managing social media for noobs.

  • Kalpesh Shah

    Social Samosa everyday and twice on Sunday

  • Mobitech Marketing

    I would like to nominate as that is one of my  favorite Social Media blog. I learned a lot  from them

  • Richard Ong

    My favorite social media blog:

    Why? Simple. You can tell by reading his blog that he really knows what he’s talking about. It’s really helpful to have that kind of assurance when gathering new info ;).

  • Jay Jaboneta

    I nominate Jason Cruz and his blog for being the top social media blog in the Philippines, featuring practical tips for users, bloggers, and digital marketers. You can check the results in his social shares and engagement, as well as his work with top digital agency McCann Worldgroup.

  • Cdouglass
  • Cholo Isungga hands down the expert in social media managing!

  • myrna roman

    For the best and most favorite social media blog, my vote goes to >>> ! I admire him for giving us valuable , effective tips and advices ! :)

  • Amment

    social samosa for all the news on the Indian social media industry 

  • Sam Norman

    I would like to nominate Heidi Cohen, she really understands all aspects of marketing. I find that everything she writes about as useful to my understanding of marketing , and effort in developing on line website development. Sam Norman

  • Ankit Kumar

    I would not only like to nominate Social Samosa ( but would want it to win for a number of simple reasons. It’s best social media blog because a) It’s relevant and reflects on real issues (hence it’s extremely social), b) the quality and frequency of content is always up to date(hence it works as perfect media), c) it creates a stage where a large and diverse view points on social media converge in appropriation(hence it’s a perfect blog). In totality it becomes a perfect “social media blog”. There is another reason for it, I love samosa and in case you don’t, just give it a try!   

  • CMP

    I vote for Great content & love their tips for social media.

  • Clint A. Butler

    I nominate

  • Phyllis Khare

    I don’t know if Jamie Turner’s 60 Second Marketer blog has been mentioned yet (wow – close to 700 entries!!) I read his well-imformed, well-researched posts all the time. 

  • Richard Harman

    Thank you for the kind words Sandra

  • Richard Harman

    Youre the man Galen!

  • jrplaza

    My year as a blogger was never been that good – 2012. I
    recommend, daily
    dose of Social Media stuff other than mashable and techcrunch. Jason Cruz has been
    keen in explaining anything about social media and its influence to our modern

  • Rhedjersey

    I nominate as the best social media blog. Very informative  and Interesting post.

  • Patriciafajardo87

    Goodify makes it easy for your organization to track, reward, and promote its good doings:

  • Miqmiq15
    It is straight to the point and all the articles have substance. The topics tackled in the blog are relevant.

  • Marcelo Santos III

    I nominate  – informative blog. easy to understand. full of creative ideas. :)

  • Gautam Goswami

    This is a great site for Social Media enthusiasts:

  • Wendi Rasmussen

    Http:/ very good social media spot.

  • swatidwivedi

    Lighthouse Insights. Relevant to India and the present times, frequent and useful posts. 

  • Simon Fawkes

    The 60 Second Marketer, great information and easy to digest.

  • RG …it’s a comprehensive blog with exceptionally good, relevant content. 

  • Waleed

    I vote to 60 second marketer
    Consistently useful resources

  • Shweta

    Has to be

    1.Social Media Q&A Forum r helpful
    2.Well written content

  • Dapsky No doubt. Just because his insights are awesome. :)

  • Tom Rather

    I nominate 60 second marketer because of the depth and breadth of subjects covered

  • Jennifer Illustre

    Social Strand Media by Tracy Sestili! Love the personal, concerned touch to giving advice.

  • Jennifer Illustre I forgot to add the URL. Sorry.

  • Manju

    love to check my vote for them! Good luck :-)

  • Bstritt

    Nominating …Trust E Media…..very informative and professional!

  • Kel_asakura911  I always look up to that site for inspiration, those posts about positive thinking really hits the spot!

  • Gayle Peñaranda

    Helpful and updated articles

  • Gayle Peñaranda

    His blog is very helpful and updated with the latest buzz about lifestyle, politics, etc.

  • ProjectSocial

    I nominate  Jamie Turner writes in a light-hearted, easy-to-understand way, and he writes about many subjects in marketing.

  • Patrick Montgomery

    I vote for 60 Second Marketer!

  • David Xotlanihua

    I like a lot Jamie Turner’s “60 Second Marketer”,


  • Ron Mcmurtrie

    Great blog…informative, timely and relevant.   News I can use.

  • S Sahu is the blog that has, in my knowledge, the maximum number of useful social media posts.

  • Becky

    hands down – 60 second Marketer!

  • Smnptt

    I would like to nominate


  • PFNeuman

    I nominate – good, practical and easy to read content. 

  • Built by Ted

    Trust eMedia has best demonstrations and updates 

  • Mark4323

    Concise, relevant and useful information and tips. 

  • Kelly Hungerford Mack cuts through the fluff and provides marketers actionable tips and advice on how social can achieve goals. Great resource. Highly recommend the blog — and Mack. 

  • Lconrads

    I nominate 60 second marketer for top blog, for their insightful and very helpful white pages and broadcasts. I use the information I get from they to educate the companies I deal with to get them up to speed on internet marketing.

  • Catherine
  • Catherine

    I nominate The Dash by Laura Roeder. She’s incredible! 

  • Erin Ledford

    Nominating 60 Second Marketer!!

  • Leah Borski

    Nominating for Top 10 Social Media Blogs
    For Cas’ extraordinary support & encouragement to female small business owners such as myself & proving solid tips for sorting out business building & marketing strategies!

  • Helen Lindop

    I would like to nominate Content Marketing Cardiology

  • Celina Johnson because I just love her style of writing plus she’s an Aussie!

    Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! :)

  • J-Mi . Jason covers various topics and writes it in a way where it is easy to read and understand. He talks about anything from simple lessons that you can take away from say a certain event to reviews about running shoes. 

  • Felicity O’Donohue simple yet effective advice in every blog

  • Miss_Megan

    Content Marketing Cardiology Blog

  • David

    Razor social is the best blog
    Clear consisce information.ensuring we are always up to date.

    Webinars also brilliant.

  • John Cosstick

    I nominate
    Cas has built a well deserved reputation as a champion of Work At Home People and microbusinesses.  Her blogging articles, training courses and mentorship  has started many people on the road to success online.

  • Miakoda Ray

    My favorite Blog is  Very informative articles from all over the world, non-biased, truth and honesty. Great Blog!

  • Jules Webb

    I like Jamie Turner’s 60 Second Marketer Blog. He offers great info on social media and mobile marketing.

  • Michelle Nichols

     Cas from Australia, might only be small but a great resource 

  • Florenz Trinidad 

    It offers real life lessons + tips on how to be simply better.

  • Jasani Sanjeev

    The 60 second marketer is the best blog that I have come across. Rocking and very helpful.

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