Social Media Examiner is accepting nominations for its “Top 10 Small Business Facebook Page” contest.

Have you got a favorite small business Facebook page? Keep reading to learn how you can nominate them.

The winners will be promoted in our 94,000-reader newsletter and announced here.

How to Nominate

Please make a single nomination by leaving a comment below and include why you like the page (only your first nomination counts). Be sure to include a link to the Facebook page you’re nominating.

To make the cut, a Facebook page must be (1) owned by a small business and (2) receive at least two nominations.

How it Works

We track and score the nominations, then our panel of judges helps determine the top 10 small business Facebook pages.

The Judges: Our panel of Facebook experts includes Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day), Dave Kerpen (author, Likeable Social Media) and Michael Stelzner (author, Launch).

Winners will be selected based on the quality of their Facebook pages, the frequency and quality of their wall activities and fan engagement.  Think part readers’ choice and part Oscars.  The winners will be announced here in early September and also in our newsletter. Make your nomination by August 22, 2011.

In addition to amazing exposure, each of the top 10 winners will also get free tickets to Facebook Success Summit 2011—the web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference.

Note that our panel of judges will make the winning selections. Their decisions will be final. 

Enter your nomination right now in the comment box below (scroll all the way to the bottom of this page) and be sure to let your friends know about this contest.

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  • Tamaraaskew

    I like this page because it’s fairly simple but has some nice dynamic content and the news stream is used effectively – despite being a relatively stigmatic brand.

  • In my book there’s not any person or entity more worthy for providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with incredible applicable content, information, inspiration and just flat out rockin’ good, purposeful material then Extreme John of Founder of Extreme Tan and Smoothies and Insane Limos … no one! If you haven’t checked him out and you’re not following his every move, you’re missing out! A very worthy individual indeed!! Thank you!!!/extremejohnfp

  • Melanie

    I’ve been very impressed with Tammy from (Purse-a-nality). She engages multiple time a day with her audience, they talk back to her constantly (especially within her photo albums of products), AND she’s tripled her daily sales — all with her Facebook page. She uses FB Deals regularly to entice people to come IN to her store as well. She’s completely dedicated to making Facebook work for her small local business — and it is!

  • Pj Schott

    Spotlight Communications. They keep me up-to-date on the cutting edge of Social Media. And don’t post overmuch.!/spotlightcommunications

  • Daniel – I like this as it has useful tips for the day and newslinks.

    It service is also useful in helping young compaies get projects done to a high quality at a low cost.

  • Robert

    Military Spouse Magazine – they keep military spouses up to date on various topics, events and information pertinent to their life. It is also a great online community for spouses to interact around.

  • Leigh Harris

    I follow Denise Wakeman’s Blog Squad because she provides clear-cut information and takeaways for her readers. She engages her readers and provides us a chance to connect with each other.!/BlogSquad 

  • Here’s my favourite:
    Why? Mostly because they show it’s possible to present a theoretically dull branch in an interesting way. I mean it’s really nice to see something not corporate-like, but people, who share their photos from work (even when they’re having fun) and simply showing they’re human beings.
    Besides I like their fictional cartoon employee and the site in general – blogs posts, nice “tone” etc.

  • Carylh7

    Pete’s Bike & Fitness Shoppe has remained a small mom and pop bike and multisport store, yet they recognize the importance of social media and its implications. Customer service is the key to their success and you can see that by the posts on their FB page.

  • Toyota Scion of North Charleston is a great example of a local automotive dealership using Facebook right – working in the industry, it’s hard to find dealers that actively engage their customers and fan base on a personal, strictly social level.  This dealer does exactly this and engages their local community as well, reaching off their wall and connecting with other small businesses, non-profits and local events.

  • Anthony Di Domenico

    Livescribe pens built an awesome interactive community with a transparent customer feedback forum. They handle questions and complaints very professionally and their customers come away feeling like their voice is heard. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. I’m not even a customer, but I admire their platform.

  • I love Karyn Greenstreet’s page:

    It’s a great example of matching the FB Page branding to her website at
    Plus she offers the perfect giveaway of free branding videos to coach small businesses.
    Karyn’s a fun, dynamic instructor!

  • Charlie Jenkins

    Fonality is building a great community of clients, employees and VoIP enthusiasts.  Compared to their competitors their content is more helpful, engaging and fun to read.  

  • Mike G

    I like the simplicity of this page. It matches the agency website and loads the twitter feed and a simple slideshow from photo bucket.

  • Tom Tu DDS
  • Happy Planet Central
  • Jean  This is a great page that has become a community focal point.  This market, which is a small business engine for local farmers and artisans, has a great site that pushes out great local information as well as provides a place for others to get there information to the community.  I get a ton of information here every day!

  • Gscohen04

    I like the Guayeco Imports page.The products are great,and their reputation is startin to grow

  • Andy

    Hip Mountain Mama is a great example of a small business bringing people together to form a community while still focusing on the business and its products.

  • I nominate

    Page is very clean and simple, but effectively relays the message of what she does best.

  • I nominate because of the great level of activity on the page. Kim provides answers to all the questions in a very timely manner, she helped me many many times with urgent problems I ran into. Also, she helps other pages by promoting them every Friday. 

  • I nominate Kimberly Castleberry is a dynamite small business coach and she constantly shares information and insights on the latest news in social media, WordPress and all things Facebook. She’s also very generous with her time and in her support of others. She is my Go-To Gal when I have a tough question that no one else has answers too. Thanks for your consideration. 

  • I nominate Kimberly Castleberry is an amazing resource on blogging and social media. Kim uses her FB page to update, inform, share and answer questions. An additional benefit are the connections (with other bloggers) that can be made on her page.

  • I agree, is a great place for information. She’s personable, and always willing to help! 

  • Kathleen_Booth

    I’m biased because I have a business relationship with this company, but I think their page is great. Although they are a security company (which could be REALLY boring), the owner is the son of NFL Hall of Famer (and former Redskins coach) Richie Petitbon and he has done a fantastic job of bringing his love of football to the page in a way that is fun and engaging (check out the fangates!). They balance this well with lots of great safety and security tips as well as the same motivational quotes that he sends out internally to his sales people. The page was just created in March of this year, but has developed a nice, loyal following since that time.


    Thanks for the consideration!

  • Joanne Crum

    I nominate Kim is a most valuable resource on social media and all things blogging. The information that she shares has helps to educate MANY folks. She is a never ending wealth of information.

  • Please provide a link to the page

  • Marcus M

    I like this page as it is easy to follow. Keeps me up to date with what’s new and exciting. Also gives me something interesting to read every day.

  • I really enjoy Neolane’s facebook page! The company uses a good balance of videos, images, and text to engage users. Also, Neolane uploads pictures of employees at company events and funny pictures from around the office, which gives the company a more “human” feel!

  • I nominate, Kim’s page provides a lot of useful information and resources. At the same time, she helps a lot of people and answers their questions about anything from blogging to social media.

  • Daniel Cox

    I nominate

    Gunderson Direct Inc. focuses on saving time and money for your project yet giving you a clean and brilliant product.
    This full-service direct marketing agency, offers a comprehensive range of capabilities including exceptional graphic design and combines their knowledge of communication strategy, program development, and direct marketing strategy.

    Gunderson Direct has received several Communication Awards from the professional organization of labor communicators in North America.

  • My nomination is for PacificHealth Labs Inc. They do a great job of communicating with their customers on their Facebook page. I like the fact that I can purchase their products right through Facebook and I can also enter their sweepstakes through their Facebook page.

  • kristen

    My nomination is for Seaside Vacations on the Outer Banks – love their page because they update it with timely information about the Outer Banks including vacation specials, beach reports, area events, videos, contests and lots more!  Plus, they give good tips and local recommendations for a great Outer Banks vacation.

  • I nominate a small auto body shop, Some pretty good content and clean design. Pretty innovative for company within an older industry (mainly older guys more concerned with fixing cars than social media. I also second the facebook shoutlet page. Pretty nice stuff. 

  • Christine Huynh

    I’d like to nominate
    Really engaging Facebook page that makes you think about how you’re doing internet marketing geared towards small businesses. The free resources don’t hurt either!

  • Jessica

    I’d like to nominate:

    The page is clean, informative, entertaining, and all posts are relevant and not full of a bunch of clutter and personal posts like some other small business FB pages. 

  • Adam
    I would like to nominate the Seaside Vacations Facebook page. They are a vacation rental company on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, their page is great for OBX information, pictures, videos, and local tips.

  • Jack Brumm   David puts out cutting edge interviews from the top Social Media experts. Always good comments and conversations follow. 

  • Kelly

    I would like to nominate Stretch Results International. Love their page because I love the business. It is a wonderful class taught by a wonderful woman who knows her stuff! It really does have great results and I highly recommend it!!

  • Josepha Danz

    I nominate Zandbroz Variety which is a beautiful retail store in the heart of Downtown Fargo, ND and also Sioux Falls, SD.
    The store has such amazing character and is like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Somehow, they’ve managed to carry that voice and character over to their Facebook page. They do a great job sharing images of the store and keeping followers up to date on new products and asking for opinions (which is half the reason I go there, because it is so visually appealing)! They also regularly offer exclusive deals to FB followers.

  • Brendan Center

    My vote is for the bounce agency.  They highlight community, their company, and the promote interaction!

  • Shannon Palmer

    I’d like to nominate Naples Botanical Garden –
    Regular content, engaging fans, lots of visuals (both organization-shared and user-shared), and they take advantage of contests and crowd-sourcing effectively. Plus it’s a wonderful non-profit and cause.

  • Shapka

    I nominate i private university fan page from Lithuania ->ISM University of Management and Economics. This is a good example how universities, school should communicate.

  • Nikki

    I like this page because it’s simple and effective. Gunderson Direct provides innovative direct mail, collateral, marketing and communication solutions for today’s industry leaders. 

  • Lynn Daykin

    Without hesitation I nominate Kim’s page is clean, simple, easy to navigate and full of awesome, very useful content. She’s down-to-earth and takes the time to engage with her fans every single day – I’m so glad I found her!  

  • Nicole

    I would like to nominate these two company brands because although there are both niche businesses making them difficult to market, they still utilize their Facebook pages (and other social media) to engage in conversations with customers.

  • rjksn
  • Katie  <——  This is a great community for the Military Spouses.

    It's nice to see a resource and support system like this for those holding down the fort while their significant other is off fighting to keep us safe and free.

  • Ellisgh

    I live in Fargo, ND and I too would like to nominate Zandbroz Variety.
    They seriously offer a little bit of everything, but I go there mainly for the books.
    The person that does their facebook page offers good recommendations and does a great job at encouraging discussion among users.

  • Brennerckk

    This company is great because the provide relevant information and communicate very quickly to their customers.

  • Michelle

    I like Summit Business Media’s – a small B2B publisher – new corporate page.  It’s great for employees to check out photos, see success stories from around the company and connect with coworkers from other offices.

  • Alex

    Awesome stuff form this teeny brand…

  • Sally Richardson

    I nominate Naples Botanical Garden
    It’s a GARDEN!  Invites you in!  Keeps you informed…  Wonderful photos – people AND plants.  Tracks events and happenings well. 


    Excellent social media engagement. 

  • Tim

    Mike is a great designer.  He works quickly and cost-effectively. He has a great sense of humor and delivers on time and on/under budget..!

  • Chad

    I nominate
    for their use of engaging content and dedicated community of users.  

  • Do Military Non Profits count??? 

  • Jennifer Sabinash

    I would like to nominate Military Brat Boutique…!! Not only is everything custom and handmade to meet your desires, It is veteran ran and owned!!!! Nothing is better than American made by the hands and  from the heart of an American Soldier!!!!

  • Kaaselevell

    I am nominating the Eric & Kathy Morning Show Facebook Page for the best small business Fan Page. ( Eric and Kathy host the morning show on my favorite Chicago radio station, 101.9fm The MIX. The page ROCKS because it keeps me up to date with the show even when I miss it at work. It incorporates fun, interactive elements including a video bit entitled 60 Seconds of the Show in addition to interesting photos, articles and contests!

  • I like this small business page because they are constantly adding great information about events they are hosting. They also post pictures from these events to keep their fans informed and updated. Not to mention, they post great news updates, especially when it comes to social media. Whenever they get fan engagement, they always reply and interact which is a big plus in my book!

  • Guzman Jlk

    Love Fibre Space is a LYS (local yarn store) in Old Town Alexandria VA. Wonderful staff, great atmosphere!

  • Karen

    I would love to nominate! Monique Deschaine is the founder and creator of Al Dente Pasta in Ann Arbor, MI.  She writes on the facebook wall everyday to keep all her fans engaged, always updates the profile picture, and does a ton of stuff for the community which she let’s us know about on facebook. They just launched a brand new website at which looks amazing and they even had a sweepstakes on July 23rd for all their facebook fans for their 30th anniversary. The winner won a ton of free Al Dente products!

  • I nominate Quesa-D-Ya’s restaurant in Dallas, TX.  They are funny, engaging and keep their fans up to date with specials, photos and fun stuff.!/dyasdelivers  If someone has a negative comment they are not afraid to address it head on.  Looking at their page always makes me hungry.  I want a D-Ya!

  • Chris

    Whoops! The clickable link is Go E&K! I’m a big fan as well and I hope they make it into the Top 10! Their page is great for EVERYTHING Chicago plus Entertainment News and fun Polls!

  • Mike Edic

    I would like to nominate Splash Travel- Hales Corners, WI  This page is for a travel agency that doesn’t only sell travel, but shows people HOW to travel and travel in style.  Constantly updating their information, and listening to what the clients want.

  • Jamie Holdcraft

    Safe.  Educational.  Fun.  Inspiring.  Just a few reasons why I LOVE  This small business allows and inspires great conversations and friendship online.  It is such an open forum so to speak that I wake up everyday specifically  on Fridays – Their Friend Friday is PHENOMENAL and whether or not you have a horse business it is an excellent place to learn about social media and how it relates to business and networking!  I just cannot say enough great stuff about this business, their page and most of all how they have the best interest of their “likers and followers” at heart!

  • Jennifer Sabinash

    I copied the FB link and I have no idea why but for some reason when I went to post it this address popped up my apologies the actual FB link is as follows!/pages/Military-Brat-Boutique/216933081683819

  • Ian Sephton  This is simple, sleek, and informative.  makes having a website not even necessary… 

  • Actually my favorite fanpage is “The Corporate Continentalist”. As I am working with social media in my company these guys gave me precious advice several times and are always up to new possibilities in corporate social media!

  • Brandy King

    I would like to nominate Cakes for Occasions, a bakery out of Danvers, MA. They always give behind-the-scenes looks at how their gorgeous cakes are made, and when they have a surplus of something they announce it on FB then do give-a-ways to fans!

  • Mrandmrsbrill​emagazine  I love this site because it joins all branches of the military together.

  • Here is our site: it’s interactive, so make sure to scroll over with the mouse and click on the built in tabs.  Thanks!

  • Bob Ellwanger

    I love the mix of media on the site, and the engaging way it connects with students and parents.

  • Shellysch They offer tips on running injuries, nutrition, and inspiration quotes to keep us healthy in the cheapest way possible!

  • Erlantz Urresti

    My Favourite Facebook page for this year is the Facebook page of this Small Business:

  • Travis

    I too would like to nominate Military Brat Boutique the work she does is above and beyond anything we could have expected, and the price is always affordable!!!!!/pages/Military-Brat-Boutique/216933081683819

  • I love! They have taken something as ordinary as an oil change and made it fun and entertaining. They always have jokes, trivia or silly interactive questions.  

  • Momofthree

    I would love to nominate my own small business page,! I am a personal history transcriptionist helping people to document their life stories.  M-F I post a question aimed at getting people to look at their past, their history, their memories as well as sometimes where they are and where they are going.  It is a wonderful way to get people thinking, and talking – often interacting with each other.
    My website is!
    Thanks for the consideration.

  • Poonjavi

    I am nominating a Social Media Marketing company in Connecticut called “Talking Finger” To many good things to say about them, best thing to do is go there to review the page.

  • This page is the one stop for entertainment, food and fun with friends in our small community. It has opened up a great means of communication not only for the neighbors of Homer, but with all of the friends who come to visit from around the world!

  • Carolynne @PixelGraphixDesign

    While this page is geared towards the equine industry, the tips Randi Thompson provides are useful to all business owners. But what makes her page so special is her communication style and the interaction that she encourages between the other page members. That’s what social media is all about. I have benefited a great deal by being involved in her page, as I have gotten a lot of new business from it!

  • I will nominate 

    This is why:

    Although it is a simple page, it always promotes other business as much as its own. It Not only does it shares valuable information and content, but it is not spamming your wall.

    The best part is that they take the time to connect and acknowledge their followers at a personal level.

  • Great Artwork  They have great canvas art in many styles and sizes.

  • Hi my friends at SME.

    Had to add a Facebook Fan page that represent the Hotel Family. 

    I focus on Hotels that really utilize principles like serve, engage, respond and provide great apps that make it easy for the consumer to build their dream experience. 

    There are several great Hotel Facebook Fan pages. But I chose to nominate my friends from Beacon Hotel – South Beach, Miami FL –

    I think they have really captured how to effective use Facebook Fan Pages as a medium to engage with their consumers, and building a unique platform that will provide them with higher conversion ratios for bookings of their Hotel.

    Cheers.. Are

  • Lucy Felton Banta

    Got kids and live in New Jersey? is the fan page to follow, it’s packed with good info about parenting and raising a child in NJ, and what’s fun to do with kids in the area.

  • Chris M.

    I nominate Tommie Copper, makers of copper infused compression wear. Their product changes lives, and their Facebook page has become a great forum for reviews and engagement with their users. The Facebook page has guided the growth of a community in support of their product:

  • Kevin Williams

    For people who love to travel, Yuupon seems to be the ONLY
    flash-deal page that focuses solely on Travel. 
    Great offers, excellent destinations, & customer-friendly terms…even
    fair refund policies, which is rare for flash-deal sites.  Love the travel deals!!/yuupondeals

  • Liamsupple

    Great site. Great photography and events. Great community….
    Flora Grubb Gardens, San Francisco

  • txdelta30

    Passionately Rivalicious – The Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women & Children is owned my a Mother-Daughter Team from Dallas, Texas. Nothing can rival the spirit and enthusiasm of their apparel & accessories! Whether your collegiate team is the favorite or the underdog, your Rivalicious FAITH must be strong, loyal, and never-failing … Always wear your COLLEGIATE COLORS!   

    Passionately Rivalicious has searched for the finest in fabrics, workmanship, quality, and style just for their … PR Fans!  Many of their manufacturers’ clothing & accessories are “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products”, representing 25 NCAA Universities and more.  With great pride, they SPOTLIGHT their classic, specialty, and generational Collegiate Clothing Boutique for Women & Children.  Check them out at

  • I nominate Hoffbrau Steaks page They share great information, specials, communicate with fans and they are inspiring. They are about supporting the community and other businesses, not just themselves. They respond quickly to negative and positive feedback and the customer is always #1.  The fan interaction on the page is top notch.  They employees also get involved in the page because of their passion for the company.  It’s the place for learning about Hoffbrau Steaks, their mission, products and values, plus all the cool happens near their locations.

  • Deborah

    I’m proud to nominate PromoSoftInc.  Their facebook page is a valuable resource for suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry. Suppliers are able to share their products and services.  Distributors can connect, be inspired and/or learn from one another’s experiences.  I especially enjoy the Fan of the Week feature.  Fan of the Week showcases one supplier or distributor and encourages participation. It’s fun.  It’s informational.  It’s what community is all about.  Oh…and you can win stuff!  Who doesn’t like that?!

  • Christi

    I nominate Cakes for Occasions in Danvers, MA.

    They have a great interactive site, posting pictures, asking trivia questions and offering specials.  Their efforts on facebook have truly engaged the community.  And let’s not forget their mouth-watering photos of cakes and other desserts. Yum!

  • Carlos Nesci

    I like because they post at a right frequency with interesting things about the history of this ancient and attractive spirit beverage – 1st. registered brand in Argentina, created by an american guy in 1864 -. All their posts are very cretive pieces with a touch of humour and vintage.

  • I want to nominate Tikkun Ultra Shield Sunscreen.
    They make effective use of Facebook as a social media outlet, make it simple to purchase their product, and post useful information about sunscreen. Without a doubt, Tikkun is the best business I have “liked” on Facebook!

  • One of the most valuable pages for us would be as they often support our company and our Facebook page. 

    Good luck to 


    Fun, informative, interesting, and timely! 

  • I am nominating the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio!  Over 1100 fans in the first year! Very informative sight keeping fans up to date on events at the Galaxy, contests, performing groups, events etc. Stop by and join the fun!!

  • Acoh42

    I would like to nominate the Backyard Bistro. They are a restaurant in the small town I live in. They have great food and have always been very friendly. The main reason for my nomination is that they are a non- profit restaurant and and donate to various program around the town such as kids programs, homeless shelters, The United Way etc..

  • diane

    Check out!/HappyChairSR link to Happy Chair’s facebook page.  This is owned by Shawna Robinson, a well known face in the nascar industry who has turned her passion for design into a great small business designing and creating custom chairs.  Always a bright and cheerful page wtih a list of followers that grows every single day.

  • Dani

    I have to go with

    If your into customized cars and wheels then these guys have plenty of great content and info. They update on a regular basis, have plenty of giveaways to keep me interested and also don’t spam my news feed. Now, if i could only afford some of the cars they work on that would be great 😉

  • Timothy Snow
  • Craftykat05

    I would like to nominate:

    Gateways for Seniors has been very creative with their site. They have even gone as far as to include informative youtube videos and other interesting clips. They are slowly growing and are using facebook to their full advantage.

  • I like the PCG Digital Marketing page, they offer good digital marketing tips for small businesses and post a lot of stuff from their live educational events that they offer. As a small business owner myself, I follow them just to stay current!

  • Timothy Snow

    Alex and Ani’s mission is to design products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. Alex and Ani’s collections reflect a design aesthetic that celebrates each wearer’s unique essence. Owner and Designer Carolyn Rafaelian believes it is her life’s work to inspire her customers to relish what is unique and authentic about themselves. Alex and Ani’s artistry lies in drawing out the beauty that resides within.

  • Trishadmiller

    I nominate Military Spouse Magazine. They keep us military spouses up to date on everything. They have fun giveaways, and polls for there readers. ALL I CAN SAY IS THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​emagazine

  • Janet E Johnson – Fun and creative!

  • I’d rather gauge my eyes out with a spork than see Fonality’s Facebook Fan Page win this competition…. so… My vote would be for Quality Logo Products; for sure:

    Sure, I think our blog/Facebook Fan page is great, but if anything – the “social team” here at QLP slaves day in and day out to engage with our ever growing audience and they deserve some recognition of the social media kind. We don’t buy fans, and we’re NOT about the number of fans, instead, it’s all about
    engagement and this is something I feel our Fan page and our squad of 3 F/T social brains do extremely.

    Plus, our fan page features our mascot bubba. If he’s not touring the globe or being baked into cookies (long story), he’s making a difference in peoples lives one squeeze at a time!

  • I’d like to nominate as one of the best facebook small business pages.

    May the best one wins

  • – I would like to nominate Nasty Gal. The page is very engaging with it’s fan base – responding to questions in a timely basis, “liking” content that fans post, and constantly publishing new content that keeps the community excited & talking to each other. 

  • Bkane

    I nominate Design Photography because it has some of the most beautiful scenic photos of Colorado I have ever seen. There are also links to other photo albums containing photos of event in and around the Pikes Peak region. These events include sports, music, dance, fairs, carnivals, etc. You name it, he’s done it.

  • Kevpellerin

    I like this page:  It is for a local deli in Madison, WI that uses Facebook as their primary marketing tool.  They understand the importance of visuals in their postings.  They also use a lot of cool interactive ideas. Example:  They just had a contest to let Facebook fans create a sandwich for their upcoming menu.  

  • TH is a great little company.  Wonderful products and personal service!

    Great content updated regularly, and real pictures and videos of the staff and customers (not just marketing promos and logos like most pages)

  • Ryanlentz

    LOVE THIS FB PAGE!  HAS GREAT Pics of DOGS and You can buy directly from their site and check out using AMAZON!

  • Awakening Business Solutions is the most responsive page I’ve interacted with outside of SME. Kaya Singer who runs the business and the page is wonderful about offering content that is rich with valuable knowledge and resources.

  • Mary Jeannette!/pages/Mirbeau-Inn-Spa/45495557106

    A great Resort Facebook that interacts with Fans, posts updates from the properties and helps to engage them in ongoing community events and topics relative to their business!

  • Bruno Nesci

    I would like to nominate an interesting approach to argentina’s national drink!

  • I would like to nominate Balanced Hormones and Health in Austin, TX


    ChiRunning/ChiWalking are supported by ChiLiving Inc. The programs utilize simple principles of biomechanics, physics and nature to create safe and effective fitness programs. This FB page keeps us all informed on the latest news and resources in running (and walking/hiking).

  • I’d like to nominate the Facebook page for Limelight, a simple utility for musicians and bands to clear any cover song:   Limelight is being used by thousands of artists around the globe to secure a mechanical license for covers that they are recording and releasing on CD, digital download, ringtone or for interactive streaming use.  On Facebook, Limelight promotes its customers and their music as well as guest blog posts, instructional videos and helpful educational articles and links.  Limelight is powered by RightsFlow ( a technology-enabled licensing and royalty service provider based in NYC.

  • I nominate Garden of the Gods Club’s page  We just launched the page in December and have already grown our fan base to over 750 based upon our frequent, engaging posts.  We respond promptly to fan comments and try to engage with other business pages in our community whenever possible.  We also promote other local businesses with event mentions in our weekly “Things to Do in Colorado Springs This Weekend” post.

  • DivineDiva2011

    Oofta! There’s a lot of comments here! My favorite facebook page is – There’s tons of great ideas they are often running promotions for discounts on their products. Plus it’s fun to see all the funny quotes and other things that they post.

  • I love this page for cat lovers
    The jewelry is perfect, looks alive…if you like cats. Kay knows her “kittys.”

  • Love !!  It’s filled with helpful, holistic information to keep us running injury-free!!

  • Debw712

    I love – they arent boring, they post frequently and it is all kinds of interesting stuff and words and news etc. The site admin has great interaction with the audience too.

  • chelsea

    i nominate Vacations does a great job of relaying important and fun information to their guest. They make it a point to make a connection with each guest online to make the most out of their Outer Banks Vacation. On Seaside Vacation’s Facebook you can find various informative post about what’s happening in the surrounding area. You truly get a great feel for the Outer Banks and all it has to offer.

  • Elizabeth Diaz

    I nominate My Daily Escape from Chicago. Not only are they awesome but the owner keeps her fans engaged by providing them with unbelievable travel deals, fun activities to do around the city, contests, free giveaways, amazing pictures from around the world, and last but not least, they have a travelling ambassador named Mason. You must check him out to see what I’m talking about 🙂 Visit to see why they rock!!!

  • Marci James

    I love this page because it’s fun, engaging, and full of great content (and I’m admin, so I hope that doesn’t dis qualify by recommendation!)

  • Dewitt93!/nomadescollection–love love love Nomades and their adroable military charms!

  • TrishM

    I am nominating the small business Facebook page for Somedia Solutions because they provide free information and insight into developing successful social media strategies.  Their layout is awesome and the graphics and images are always crisp and clean!

  • lauren

    I’d like to nominate Metro Chicago, a music venue out of Chicago. The page always has great posts on bands and upcoming shows, fan interaction, and a style that really connects the venue with its fans.

  • Nanders21

    I’d like to nominate my own facebook page, My Creations With Yarn,!/pages/My-Creations-With-Yarn/187887304567125?sk=wall. I make homemade scarves of all colors.

  • Mel_c_220!/pages/Serena-Nicole-Studios/58199158856 I'm nominating Serena Nicole Studios. She’s an Air Force spouse and mother of 3 amazing boys and has made an incredible name for herself as a professional photographer, apparently self taught! As a photographer, I’ve never worked with a more professional and organized person. As a person, she has this uncanny ability to make friends with everyone, baby up to adult and completely light up a room, no matter where she’s at. She’s amazing. I hope you consider her page.

  • Ashley Oakes Scott

    Hi, I wanted to nominate Venezia’s Pizzeria as they are constantly engaging with fans and have a great following. This is their Arizona page where they have 4 locations. They’re most recent link to success was being featured on the show Breaking Bad!

  • I really like this page from the UK

  • Damjana

    I like​ly because it is a great source of all things family-related that you could possible want to know in New Jersey–they are very responsive to fans too 🙂

  • Meee

    I like this fanpage because of the interaction, contests, and fun they are having. They always make sure it’s about the fans and not them. 

  • Blubays

    Id like to nominate   They give so much good information each day.  I like how Randi has gotten the HTMYHB fans to talk to each other and share ideas.   My husband even uses her ideas for his internet business now. Lots of folks are joining this page that are not in the horse business. 

  • Samuel – I nominate Passionately Rivalicious, a Dallas, Tx based company that has been around for a year now and supply some great collegiate clothing for women and children. They use social media tools such as facebook and twitter to expand their customer base, they post pictures of new clothing and links to college sports. Passionately Rivalicious will also start holding sweepstakes to generate growing interest in their business.

  • I run my dad’s small pizza restaurant’s social media on Facebook.  Been in my family since 1977. 

    We have a lot of cool contests to keep user engagement and tell everyone about our fundraisers to give back tot he local community.

  • Maxkmaier

    Facebook is a great destination for dog owners, there are so many people on there that you can talk to and share with. D is for Dogs is a small startup that is focusing on this target audience and has a great page where you can even buy the product!!/DisforDogs 

  • I nominate the Motor Lodge – This is a small hotel in Prescott Arizona. Run by 2 guys who are proving you don’t need a huge budget or marketing team to succeed on Facebook. They have developed a loyal following of 1400 strong. For a little hotel, in a little town that is pretty impressive.  Just read through some of their updates and you will see why. Clever, humorous with lots of engagement.

  • Rachelgirt

    I nominate Cheyenne Frontier Days facebook page . It keeps fans updated about the rodeo through video, updates and photos.

  • Lmhisle!/ontargetpartners

    Daily posts, neat information.

  • Nico G
    very amusing page, very nice people 

  • Alejandra

    Does it matters if it is in Spanish or English?

  • Galaxandar

    I like the Galaxy too!!

  • Anicelife

    i nominate they provide an excellent service of highly qualified babysitters anytime!~ the facebook page provides area families with up-to-date family friendly activities in our area!

  • Cute and creative site – try to follow your tricks!

  • I nominate this facebook.

    I found Kids Kare Schools to be increasingly informative and helpful. They are doing a great job of keeping their parents informed with references to their website and they just started a brand new Marketing Strategy to keep their parent’s involved and interacting!

  • Martha Steward

    Darby’s Story The Life of an Adopted Dog inspires pet adoption through the pages. A children and family book series. The fan page encourages hopeful happy tail stories. Drawing public awareness reading with your children helps teach the kids reading is fun and educational. Darby’s Story won the Silver recipient ward from MCA for best in animal & pet care. Darby’s sister book Bangle Bear a delightful story of adopted Manx cat shares a loving story of giving back. Visit Darby’s Story Facebook Fan Page and vote for all it matters ~ you too will encourage pet adoption through pages.

  • John
  • Get Born daily, relevant stories and their page designs are great. Check out the promo code and welcome tabs.
    You also get a coupon code just for liking them

  • Moniquer

    Big Bear Lake FB informative, fun and great photos. Best of all it is accurate information.


  • Judith D. Christensen

    I have found that Gunderson Design at Gunderson Direct is a provocative and serious business with fresh new ideas for the 21st Century.
    Everything I have seen that this company has done is awesome and this facebook page tells you everything you want to know without confusion or dozens of phone calls here and there and you can tell they know what they are doing. I nominate them because I have found them to be the greatest grahpic designers I have ever

  • Claireamorgan

    This small social profit organization has a really great facebook page. It is interactive, and shares a lot of great media with friends/followers. Building Tomorrow is a great organization that empowers young people to volunteer their time, talent, and resources towards providing education for their peers in Uganda. They develop relationship with communities there, and work together to build primary schools for their children.

  • AAK

    The hospitality industry is still slow to reach its social media potential, but W Scottsdale is a great example of a hotel doing everything right. They have conversation with their guests, use FB as a platform to improve customer service for example recognizing special occasions like birthday, bachelor parties, etc… They often have sweepstakes to give back to their fans, deals to reward people for coming on property, exclusive offers to provide fans with saving, and keep you wishing you were visiting with lots of photos and videos!

  • Joanne

    A Great example of how facebook can work for small business.

  • I nominate
    It’s a new product, a new web store and a new company. The product helps people lose weight by increasing their metabolism. It works for people that do or do not exercise – without chemicals: all natural supplement.


    Designs By DJ. Perez’s Facebook Page is excellent!! DJ. Perez, who is the founder of this studio is extremely personable and he constantly engages with his followers and clientele. He always posts interesting and valuable content, which allows his readers and followers to constantly engage with him and his studio. DJ. constantly acknowledges his new Facebook followers and allows them to feel welcome on his page.  Although, Designs By DJ. Perez has only opened its doors February 2010, they have begun to create a name for themselves through the powerful world of Social Media.

  • Kipritchett

    Wine Shield is the page I am nominating.  It keeps me informed and up to date regarding anything and everything wine… tasting, popular wines around the world, and (of course….first and foremost) wine preservation!  If you are passionate about wine you should definitely check out this page and this product!


  • Gamoinwa
  • Info
  • AC

    Would like to nominate relatively new independent restaurant Illegal Jack’s in Edinburgh, Scotland. The videos on their Facebook page ( ) are hilarious and have been made purely by and with customers, without involving any marketing agency. Such customer engagement is quite rare – the self-styled Jackaholics really want the place to succeed despite the recession which is biting the UK just now. Turn up the volume and enjoy yourselves! Best – AC

  • Susan Fredricks

    Alltech Solar small business page on Facebook consistently keeps us up to date on solar initiatives around the country.!/pages/Alltech-Solar/169428169769097


    Great site,great service,committed to customers being happy and makes business seem as if doing business w a friend!

  • Mandy K

    I have to nominate Quality Logo Products’ fan page!  Not only do they share adorable pictures of their mascot and products, but their social media manager always takes the time to respond to posts.  And their promotions are awesome!!

  • Lgainer

    I nominate the Ocean Lakes Family Campground. I work for a PR agency that manages FB pages sometimes. We do NOT manage Ocean Lakes FB page, but we do work with them on other projects. They do the FB page in-house and I am constantly impressed with it. It is lively, fun and full of photos. Ocean Lakes is great at responding to both compliments and criticisms. Every small businesses’ FB page should be so good.

  • Sarahm

    I nominate The Motor Lodge. They are a small, boutique hotel in Prescott, AZ and have a strong presence on Facebook. They post interesting facts and don’t just promote the business, but engage with their fans and educate people. My boss even wrote about them in his book!

  • Premier Guitar’s Faceook Page delivers great content for guitarists of all ages and all skill levels.  The information is fun and educational.  Plus the fan community is extremely engaged.  The editorial staff is excellent at delivering stories, reviews, images and videos of the utmost relevance and quality. If you want some ideas on how to fuel conversation check out this Facebook page!  In regards to content and conversation for musicians, this is as good as it gets!

  • Silvia M. Valles

    I want to nominate Amazon Graphics and Printing ! The best printing company in Miami. Not only they have the best service, quality, prices and friendly staff but they work with local non-profit organizations donating their time and products.  Cristina Serralta and her staff ROCK !!!!!!!/AmazonPrinters

  • Jacob Klossner

    I like this page because they are always giving good advice and information.  The company Facebook page projects the image of the owner and really cares about their clients.  This is one of the best run Facebook pages out there.!/pages/WeTidyupUSA/188145481224948


  • Ken Walls

    I would like to nominate CSI – Client Solution Innovations! CSI has quickly gained the biggest market share of marketing and website development by consistently delivering amazing results to their clients!
    Check out the Facebook Page:

  • Barbara Mcbride

    I nominate  This page is a fun and informative tool for Real Estate Marketing needs.   

  • Twoser

    I nominate for their useful event information and community building.

  • I’d like to nominate our favourite Edinburgh hangout, Illegal Jack’s South West Grill. Their videos are great fun, and in terms of social media, they interact *massively* with their customers. Awesome people, awesome social presence:

  • Karen

    I nominate Kimberly Gauthier.  She blesses my day with some beautiful photography on Facebook.  I think she is very talentented!!!/KimberlyGPhotography

  •!/pages/Bonnybabe/51772660443?sk=info  I nominate Elaine Hyland and Bonnybabe because she makes wonderful personalised products and no request is too much.  She will do her utmost to make what you request and constantly consults the customer for what they would like to see available. She also stocks other items for mum and baby.  It’s so wonderful being able to get such unique gifts.

  • Bert

    Boulder Quest Center
    Always a place to locate your daily dose of awesome!

  • Joe Gaeta

    Big big fan of Obeo Simple the Greatest Real Estate Virtual Tour Company in the World!

  • Laurent

    They have a beautiful printing issue as well as facebook page. If you want to find a good restaurant in Kansas City, this is the best resource.

  • Pkmingledorff

    I nominate Wine Shield. It is truly a treat for a wine enthusiast to visit with all of the entertaining and informative articles that they post on their page.

  • Bnastro

    I would like to nominate NJ Family   I really like how they keep their followers engaged.  They offer great information about fun things to do with your kids on a regular basis. Their followers also offer great suggestions.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who lives in NJ and has kids.

  • Jumpingjohn33

    I also nominate  (Randi Thompson)    I’ve been following this page for a year now and want to share it with the world!  Each day we get more information, including from the Social Media Examiner and Mari Smith.  Friend Friday is one of my best days as I get to see and talk to so many horse business owners from all over the world.  

  • Ewoudt Cloete

    A small textile company from South Africa with big heart:

  • I’d like to nominate and for their innovation and commitment to parents. 

  • Y2jaime4life

    I’d like to nominate My Daily Escapes, which has been providing tons of way to have fun here in Chicago and abroad.

  • Caitlin Miller

    I like the BestBuzz Facebook page: because they engage their followers on a regular basis, host lots of promotions/giveaways, and have fun content to post!

  • Tinah

    I would like to nominate They provide up to date info even after business hours if needed, provide pictures of how beautiful Big Bear is that day and engage their fans with knowledgeable info like if you were talking to a local.

  • D Lenning

    The best business and marketing page is   They even won international awards in social media.  There is so much interaction on the pages. I nominate How to Market Your Horse Business as the most valuable marketing page I am lucky enough to be a part of.  

  • I’d like to nominate rukkle, here and on it’s an entertainment website thats launched several months ago, it’s all run by one guy but already it’s content is massive and hugely distracting.

  • Chris

    I nominate Illegal Jack’s South West Grill as my favourite small buisness Facebook page. This page has regular (but not too regular) updates, as well as providing offers and competitions to those who like the page. There is real interaction between the page and the user, with the host replying to comments. The page also hosts some truly brilliant videos and is an entertaining site to visit. The facebook page is interactive, fun and gives rewards to those who follow. 

  • Destry

    I would like to nominate . This facebook page does an excellent job of updating the sports news and provides commentary on what makes that news relevant. They also do a great job of supporting local athletics and local charities. All in all a great page for keeping me up to date on events happening in sports.

  • Lisa Chidichimo

    I believe Monical’s Pizza is a good example of a facebook business page.!/MonicalsPizza
    This is a Midwest regional pizza restaurant chain and they mix coupons and general information with discussions on current events, history and community.

  • Matt is a small social media company in New Jersey and they’re doing a great job!

  • Lkmercer

    I nominate the Wine Shield! It is an AMAZING product that keeps wine fresh!! I’ve used it many times and would reccomend it to anyone. An amazing product and company; a small business I tell others about often!

  • William Bligh

    I like this page most: Good tips and hints to social media phenomena worldwide!

  • Can I nominate two … Give ’em an inch, and they take a mile 😉 > Organic site with 1K followers, “All Business is Personal” focus. Also a test bed for ideas picked up through experts such as SME, Mari, etc. > The pre-launch buzz alone rocketed past 1K followers, and the service offers EDUCATION about a problem few people know they have.

    Cheers, Mike

  • Christina Meehan

    I’m nominating  The small business is located on the island of Maui, so fishing is pretty competitive – especially when it comes to PPC.  However, once this page was created three months ago it has helped Start Me Up Sport Fishing gain a huge edge as now the company is actually engaging with current and prospective customers through content. None of the company’s competitors (all small businesses) have joined the social media world, much to the pleasure of Start Me Up.

  • Jean

    I’d like to nominate The Social Networking Academy:  Jo Barnes is so passionate about teaching social marketing and it comes out in her superb training, both free and paid.  Her fan page is filled with very happy and rabid followers, me included! 

    Jo and her partner Jared are accessible for all types of questions and they are responsible for many people getting their first fan page up and running.

  • UptownGrrl

    I nominate BestBuzz b/c they have great giveaways and special discount parties!

  • I would like to nominate Young Chefs Academy in Norfolk, VA.  Even though it is a franchise, each location is individually owned.  The owners do a lot for their community and contribute both time and service to many charities. 

  • Meagan Nordmann

    I would like to nominate the NashvilleArts Magazine facebook page. They are a small business of just three people but manage to post every bit of Art News in the town …..posts every five minutes it seems! They do a great job of promoting all of the other creative businesses in town and linking to other’s Facebook & Twitter pages and helping the other sites, galleries, artists, & museums, grow in the public, while building their own fan base as well. Not only do they provide a great print publication with glossy paper and high resolution color images that do the artwork justice, they are doing a stellar job with the online portion —a new venture for print publications trying to stay afloat in this economy AND in this technology based world we live in. They have lots of extra content on their site and social media sites, and content to go along with their printed articles. Their Facebook page has gone from 100 to 4,054 “Likes” in less than two years. The amount of information they provide the city and the way they post (never sale-sy or corporate) really reaches their fans and keep people going into the galleries and museums and excited about art, even when the economy is down. The other local newspapers and sites aren’t covering all that the art world has to offer, but this Page has really taken their Facebook seriously–as if it were a News Channel for the Local Arts. I really hope you consider this new small business! Their Facebook is just fabulous!

  • Janay

    I nominate the facebook page for Onyx Creative Consulting
    Studio ( Great Facebook page that promotes the new content on their site. They’ve
    recently done an “Onyx Sidekick Contest” that was really cool which called for
    fans to submit photos of themselves with the Onyx emblem. Very fun.

  • I nominate
    They’re in the middle of doing a complete web redesign and are kicking it off with their facebook and twitter pages. Plus, it’s a great local small business from Memphis, TN!

  • Gotworkllc!/pages/WeTidyupUSA/188145481224948
    great transparent content, tips/trick and updating. Always new content!

  • Janay

    Ugh, here’s the URL, ignore the parentheses at the end. 🙂

  • Lizcherk

    I’d like to nominate Ruche because they’re facebook page tells a story of their commitment to their customers, while managing to remain entertaining, and full of valuable content.

  • Kayla Macine
    Thoroughly researched and carefully written posts which are diverse, engaging and always interesting. 

  • The Notorious GAB
    My Daily Escape.
    I LOVE this page because EVERYDAY there is a new post with wondrous beauty of the world we live in, information about the place, information on traveling, a positive inspirational quote, and positive motivation not only to travel but to live and breathe.

  • Bestlakeever

    I nominate
    Cool Videos

  • I really can recommend “The Corporate Continentalist”. Every day good contents regarding corporate social media – from Europe to China!

  • Rachel SanMarco

    I would love to nominate Eminent SEO They are experienced experts and can do just about anything you need weather it be building awareness for your website or building you a website in general! Their Professional services include: Keyword Research, Custom Marketing Strategies, Organic Link Building On-Page SEO, Logo’s and Website Design, Writing, PPC Management, Socail Media, Dedicated Blogging, Banding and much much more. They are the best of the best and you should defiantly vote for they!!

  • James

    Facebook Page: NJ Firefighting

  • Lindsay Metter

    My page!  Growing fan base, loyal fans, a variety of posts and promotions and a lot of tips from my favorite social media resource Social Media Examiner 🙂

  • Chelsmcmanus

    I would like to nominate The Firm Public Relations and Marketing’s Facebook page.  I love reading the interesting and quirky articles they post.  It’s a mini break from the rest of my work day 🙂 

  • Ken Bradleybiz

    I nominate Blue Luna Marketing as my favorite small business Facebook page….Best overall, in my opinion

  • John Rein

    I would like to nominate CFE Federal Credit Union in Central Florida. They keep fans updated on all their campaigns, promotions, special events and credit union updates. Plus, they always remember to thank their fans.

  • Eminent Social Media |

    Why? |
    Love the monsters and the marketing/branding they have across the board with their FB, Twitter, etc. very nice color scheme and valuable posts. They provide social media solutions for small and large businesses while incorporating SEO. Great company and staff!

  • Len

    Worcester area limo company Knight’s Airport Limousine….using video, contests and posts to engage their fans.

  • Thepurplehouselady

      Voting for Doodlebugdeals – a very cool and local deal site.!/pages/Doodlebugdealscom/102804069795427

  • I would like to nominate My Baking Addiction.  I was one of the first 5 fans to their Facebook page.  The owner, Jamie Lothridge, does such an incredible job of engaging her viewers that there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t want to stop at the page to see what’s going on!

  • I nominate Devil’s Thumb Ranch ( because their posts are written with personality and wit.

    They have engaging contests (like winning an overnight stay for submitting a photo that gets chosen to go on their new key cards) and a fun spin-off page where one of the cows from the ranch posts too. (

    Super great stuff from Devil’s Thumb Ranch on Facebook!

  • My local eatery, Illegal Jacks has a great community over on its Facebook page. Jack and the gang have built their business via social media and I’ve watched with interest as they have grown. The page is at 

    Would be nice to see some UK businesses represented within the finalists.

  • Hrlovy

    I’d like to nominate Job Jenny because she’s always several steps ahead of trends, she’s smart, funny and informative … And if she can’t help you find the perfect job, no one can!

  • Erin O’Riordan

    This is my favorite small business website, because they give away gift cards in exchange for photos of their food!

  • Rachele Zinzocchi

    I like, the first social media channel of an italian Brand really always engaged with its network, in an Interactive and strong, positive dialogue with fan. It does communication, not promotion!

  • LadyLuciano

    This page is a favorite because it has a great mix of content and fun! The giveaways are brand specific and the content is helpful. Small page but very informative. 

  • I nominate Southern OB/GYN Associates because they have done a fantastic job of engaging their fans in a challenging industry (healthcare) with heavy restrictions on privacy.  They set the standard by which other medical practices on Facebook should be measured.

  • Mauricio!/obarao
    I like it because it’s a difficult topic to discuss, however, it attracts thousands of followers and has a fun and interactive approach.

  • Juliana Diniz

    I’d like to nominate Fala Bebê ( because they talk about the children universe with ease and are always doing contests that encourage interaction between fans.

  • I would like to nominate ! They interact with their fans on a daily and per post basis and post just enough content to not overwhelm their Fans. They have steadily increased their numbers by about 900 in the past 5 months. Great job.

  • love their giveaways and Fan interaction!

  • QuantumDigital’s Facebook page is loaded with information to help SMB’s effectively promote their business.

  • Robertbrendanbuchanan

    Id like to nominate Rukkle.coms facebook page, its an excellent site ,great for watercooler celeb gossip and links and every day theres always somethin to kill an hour during work.cheers !

  • Mb1177
    OnTarget Partners
    This local small business has expanded their subscribers at a rapid rate with current and relevant information pertaining to not only their scope but business strategies in general, but they also pepper it with good entertaining posts which keep readers coming back.

  • I like‘s facebook page. They are an amazing company with a killer product that is going to revolutionize marketing! They offer giveaways and always interact with fans. They are a small company that is fast moving!

  • Meredith Casey

    I nominate NavigationArts, which is a web and application
    design consultancy in Northern Virginia. It is a fast growing small business
    that was recognized by Inc. magazine last year. Their Facebook page is an
    excellent resource for a wide audience – from novice techies to experienced web
    designers and developers as well as marketers and digital enthusiasts. 
    NavigationArts has an interesting blog and regularly updates their Facebook
    page with valuable information. This is definitely a “Top 10” example of how real,
    small businesses should utilize Facebook pages!

  • I’d like to nominate

  • Amanda Tyner

    I’d like to nominate YoMama! Goodness Frozen Yogurt. Their facebook page is outstanding and informative to their customers. It follows the businesses general marketing theme too.

  • The Facebook page for BestBuzz is awesome! They seem really funny, and keep us engaged! 

  • Brandie222

    I nominate NOTST – Nights of the Sound Table  – A Mobile DJ & Entertainment Co. ( )  because they have daily music pick post that always starts my day off with some musical fun!

  • Jess

    I would like to nominate Socialbyte! We are a social media management company & we believe what we do is better than any of our competitors!

  • Noemie Coyot

    I’d like to nominate La cage aux sports de Gatineau which is a very interesting for a local restaurant.
    They also organized a contest few days ago, and they have a Twitter tab.

  • John

    I’d like to nominate PetSolutions Facebook page, because they put up interesting and fun links, post really informative articles, and they have great give aways and contests to give back to their customers.

  • I want to nominate one of the pages that I admin, as I have used tools and tip that I heard about from to optimize it. Thanks to SME for pointing me to things like the top 10 facebook apps for building custom pages.  I used that info to build the fangate on the page. We use the fanpage to try and drive traffic to the website as well which so far has worked well as people want to see more photos.

  • Paul

    Have you heard about STYLEOWNER? This online fashion start up from NYC is making the shopping experience truly social by enabling people to open their own boutiques and make money selling brand name fashions.

  • Lamproub

    I love Ginger and Tonic’s facebook page because its filled with all kinds of vintage and retro treasures.  They post quotes from old hollywood celebrities, news from the rockabilly and retro scene including videos, pictures, and links to fun vintage shops and sites all over the internet.   You can visit their website at and the facebook page is .

  • Victor Flebotte

    I nominate this page because their staff is super nice. And whether it be just graphic design or print they can do it! They have a quick turn around too!

  • J Lee

    I’m nominating ( b/c they have the best insider tips on gay travel needs!

  • Carmen

    I am nominating The Honest Kitchen ( because the quality of content, punctuality in reply and overall friendliness of the page. It’s a small pet food company that boasts almost 40,000, active fans. 

  • Lynn

    I would like to nominate  Garden Grocer continually engages their clients in conversations regarding healthy eating selections, recipes, products, their services and addresses their clients concerns in a positive and timely manner.  They put their clients’ needs first.  They don’t over-post and they utilize Facebook tabs for delivery schedules, sales and they provide other business the opportunity to become an affiliate of theirs through a Facebook tab.

  • I nominate Crystal Rhinestone Boutique:

    Great use of photos and videos.  This online retailer has also successfully opened a brick & mortar store.  

  • Brett Carneiro

    I would like to nominate an up-and-coming fashion and accessories company called EmersonMade. EmersonMade
    provides a unique online shopping experience that believes in
    celebrating the uniqueness of the individual, the joy of being alive and
    all the smallness that makes up the Big Beautiful. Check out their page here:

  • Can you Say Obeo… Videos, Photos, Useful links, Polls and Contest’s…. All aimed at helping Real Estate professionals in a fun and informative way! I nominate   

  • I recommend Gulf Islands Waterpark They do an excellent job of providing information, growing sales, and just plain fun for their fans.

  • EnglishSarah

    WHERE gets my vote! As a frequent traveler I rely on this mobile app to acquaint myself with the best restaurants and things to do when in a new city – 

  • I’m partial to the Page of my local coffe shop, NoKa Joe’s, here in Katonah NY:  The place itself is wonderful, and a lot of personality comes through on their page.  (Full disclosure: I help them set up their page and occasionally contribute to it, but it’s mostly the work of the owner, Jen Cook.)  They do Facebook only specials, run cute little polls, host and promote events for community groups, etc.  We’re a small town, and the shop and it’s Facebook page are very much in the center of things.

  • Margaret

    My vote goes to CoolJuice. CoolJuice is a
    modern juice that prides itself on its all-natural, 100% fruit blends.  It
    doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, added sugars or
    flavors. Their Facebook page is constantly providing fans with links to
    nutritional articles, as well as cool contests that include FREE vacations and FREE coupons.




  • Margaret

    My vote goes to CoolJuice. CoolJuice is a modern juice that prides itself on its all-natural, 100% fruit blends.  It doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, added sugars or flavors. Their Facebook page is constantly providing fans with links to nutritional articles, as well as cool contests that include FREE vacations and FREE coupons.

  • Jaime S.

    I nominate Easy Lunch Boxes!  I absolutely adore their products!  Going eco-friendly is the way of the future, and Easy Lunch Boxes make it a breeze.  Their containers are top notch, and the perfect size for packing lunch for the whole family!

  • helen bogun

    i like helz-design
    small berlin based business who is doing good designs like personal logos  – some stuff is even done for  free or pro bono!/pages/Helz-Design/355891724706

  • Gmd11390

    I vote for Where, Inc ( )! They provide interesting and fun content, stories, contests and other fun stuff. Plus the Where service is awesome! I’ve saved about 40 places on my iPhone and it always gives me sweet suggestions.

  • Michelle

    I nominate Monical’s Pizza  I LOVE Monical’s Pizza because it is the best pizza around and I love Monical’s Pizza’s facebook page because they post and interact daily with their facebook fans!

  • Melody Smith

    This is THE most awsome site for all levels of photography buffs. She has examples, tips, creative contests. The hostess of this web site is VERY tech smart too. Her friendly approach makes it easy to contact her with questions and comments. YOU have to CHECK IT OUT!

  • Ayana!/pages/Helz-Design/355891724706 – Pretty great business run by a pretty great woman. Deserves as much attention as it can get 🙂 

  • Twalker

    I would like to nominate  The pictures on this site are amazing and you can always find updated information on our “Things to do in CO Springs this weekend” post that we put out each week.  Keep in touch with this site as they also post Lodge Room specials as well.   

  • Deana

    I nominate Groovy green Glass in Myrtle Beach, SC 

    Check them out at

  • Jessica

    W2 Entertainment is a great Facebook page because they are fairly new to the  Public Relations industry and have showed their excitement and knowledge to be the best for their clients and fans through social media. 

  • SoCalMediaSurfer

    I like this page because I know and really like the woman behind it. Janett Lewis is the best at what she does. She has the work ethic and personality that gives her tagline life and really gives people a glimpse of who she is and what she can do for you. I have recommended her and will continue to every chance I get.

  • Cynthia Anderson

    I nominate River Dog Bakery
    They are the friendliest people. Love their welcoming committee of one, Cooper. They have just relocated to a new location and now have a do it yourself doggy bath/spa. I am anxious to try it with my shelties.

  • Sara_smith1276

    I vote for it’s social, local, mobile and FUN.  🙂

  • Jeffrey Reynolds

    Great patriots, great business and great FB page.

  • I love catching up with Goodleaf and what is happening on the Isle of Wight, not sure when we will make it back there again, but I really enjoy seeing the happy climbers on this page. Brings back a lot fo good memories.

  • I nominate bizznesscard – they are the online marketing solution for small businesses and just opened their doors on March 31, 2011! Here’s the link to their fan page:

  • Anna Vasalaki

    I nominate Through a Dog’s Ear:
    Their products really help improve the lives of dogs, and their people. They are also often running promotions by offering free or discounted CDs to various dog rescue organizations all over the world.

  • Tara

    bizznesscard was built by a small business owner for small business owners.  All the online solutions out there are built for “big” business, but the little guys need help too…to navigate the waters of the online world to grow their business!  Here’s their fan page:

  • Dan Kirk is my nomination, man. We’re reinventing online marketing for the little guys…a small businesses that’s proving it’s dedication to other small businesses! 

    Does this count as three nominations? Just sayin’…

  • Katelynn Bush!/silksntwigsinc

    Silks ‘N’ Twigs always keeps things personal. They do promote their product but they make it fun to come back & visit.

  • i’d like to nominate the page I LOVE HOMEOPATHY it’s a page that lets homeopaths connect from around the world, share ideas, case studies and helps students learn the art of homeopathy from experienced practitioners. It has over 5000 loyal fans in less than a year and a half, and continues to grow. 

  • Creynol9

    Summit Business Media has come a far way in a short period of time. Their welcome page is simple, yet powerful and the publications tab is a really smart way to share all of their products.

  • I really like the FB page for ModMarket in Boulder. Though I’ve never eaten in their restaurant (only at the farmer’s mkt booth) I love how they work hard to engage their customers.

  • mumby
  • Dominique

    ok self plug – we are small graphic design & print media helping small business promote themselves in every medium possible –

  • Suni

    I love the Obeo fan page:! It always has great information about Social Media and the Real Estate World, has entertaining posts, and they often conduct interactive games where you can win free products!

  • I nominate Through a Dog’s Ear because I ONLY Like pages from companies and products I truly adore. Plus, in addition to all the regular kinds of FB news, the stream includes other worthy updates, news links and notes. In other words, Through a Dog’s Ear isn’t just out there banging its own drum:

  • Nominating:
    Liz does a fantastic job recruiting and interacting with fans by posting great content!

  • Anne

    This is a great example of a medical practice utilizing Facebook effectively.  The engagement is excellent.

  • Jared Frank

    I nominate KHQ-TV’s Facebook page for its ability to engage viewers from all walks of life an many different levels. In the early days of adoption they cruised along with 3,000-or-so “Friends” on Facebook and engaged them occasionally. Since committing themselves to connecting with their viewers in the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) they’ve surged ahead to more than 19,000 “Likes”, and they’ve done without any gimmicky giveaways or tricks.

    KHQ has done a remarkable job of striking a balance between keeping followers well-informed about the day-to-day news and striking up good ole’ conversation about interesting topics – from pop culture to what everyone is having for dinner on any given night.

    If someone wants to know how social media is done right, check out KHQ Local News on Facebook!

  • Stephanie L Merrill

    I’d like to nominate Productive Balance: This new start-up has an incredibly dynamic team, amazing customer service with a can-do approach, and the product is just AWESOME! It’s an online productivity tool on fire with an accountability component built in: a very cool sponsorship feature! Check it out: 

  • I would like to nominate Sparkloft Media.
    They give great tips on how to engage customers and fans.  They also show really creative ways of making a page have a theme and feel to it.  In addition their custom tabs are really dynamic! 

  • Alex 

    Prop Store is a great small business that sells real movie props to collectors. The page is highly engaged with fans, and posts great content. 

  • Kdowning77

    For inspiration and spiritual resources and advice.

  • MegRuz

    Summit Business Media has a great Welcome Page, helping new followers navigate the site.  Plus, the company does a wonderful job of displaying career opportunities and magazines by frequently updating their Jobs and Publications tabs:

  • Carol Pacheco

    I’d like to nominate

    Their Facebook page says it all!

  • Alyson Miller

    I would love to nominate 
     This is a power house of creative thinking and class act look. Style is clean, yet creative and inviting. So easy to follow and straight to the point. I need fast, easy and great visual appeal. This FB page has it all! 


    I love this page – the monster is cute! The facebook page is clean, has nice color contrast – the black and orange really catches my eye. They are always posting about something cool, or funny – which makes for a great read. This is my favorite facebook business page.

  • This page is fun – – there is a honest feel to this page. I like the monster and the colors – their posts are always very informative. I love this business!

  • Tim Miller

    Diane’s Facebook page is not “selling product” as much as it is “selling” an extraordinary lifestyle.  Decorating, gardening, faith-walking, being a good friend and neighbor.  It’s all in there.

  • Christina_joy

    I would like to nominate Sorcerer Softball Academy as it is not only a fantastic business but it shares wonderful content and news to followers within the softball community. Many girls gain skills from the hitting and pitching lessons offered at Sorcerer which propels some to earn scholarships and even play at the Olympic level.

  • Terri O’Callaghan

    I’m nominating I Love Homeopathy as they’re an extraordinary resource, run on a shoestring and a beacon of light for the homeopathic community.

  • I nominate my favourite B&B 🙂 
    In a post on the 23 July, a Blue House Fan shared why he loves that page, I think he said it all ! 
    “Seems that there is always something fresh to show and tell…there is a story in what you do , whether it is a group visiting for a missionary event or just a family celebration, I personally commend you for keeping it about the people and times of who visits versus all about you and the resort (except for the well deserved bragging pictures of the amazing dishes that you prepare and post) …The pictures and smiles of others and the food keep it engaging, and also the dedication of taking and posting the wonderful pictures of what is going on….The pictures in this case do speak a thousand words….Seriously when I get home to Runaway Bay I (actually we) are coming knocking just to say Hi….Thanks for all that you do, it makes this Jamaican proud.”

  • I would love to nominate my own page at
    I am an active foster parent in our community and have fostered close to
    30 children. Having a home based
    business enables me to stay with these children and create a happy environment for them. They appreciate that I am
    always around , and I appreciate being able to be around for them
    because they are the magical moments in my world.

  • David B

    KHQ News Spokane Washington.  They are the leader in interactive local news for the inland northwest and the 19k+ of us the have “liked” their page are very active.  They deserve some recognition.

  • I love Dot com Diva. She is always posting words of encouragement and propelling other women entrepreneurs to push the limit and be their best.

  • Goran Marijanović

    I nominate I love Homeopathy (my favourite) because of great contribution in sphere of homeopthic education and promotion ! 

  • Kasey Kaplan

    I love the facebook page ( It is engaging, fun, and clearly gets the message of the company across.

  • Yhtak27807  I LOVE this site.  They are promoting the most beautiful place on earth!!!

  • Nyankeeblue12

    I’d like to nominate InHouse Advertising-
    There is too many good things to say about this business. The best thing to do is go to their page and check them out; very informative and many things to offer. This is by far my favorite small business facebook page!!

  • I nominate InHouse Advertising!
    Always helping Local businesses get ahead with killer graphics and designes from anything websites to business cards. InHouse Advertising, I like them, love them,and trust them!  

  • Adampurdy1

    KHQ News Spokane Washington- Why?? Because out of all the local tv news stations here, they use Facebook as an interactive way to get their viewers involved with local storries or issues. They also use Facebook post frequently as part of their daily newscasts while asking their Facebook viewers to weigh in on many different issues such as local crime all the way to the now infameous “debt crisis” faced by our government. KHQ has found a way to use Facebook to its advantage by using it in the Law Enforcement segments featured Saturday Mornings to bringing in guests to answer anything from medical questions to gardening questions. All on Facebook 🙂

  • Wanda Shapiro

    I would like to nominate GDD Interative in Dallas –!/gddinteractivedallas – they recently ran an orange stuff photo contest to promote their brand that was so much fun. They really get people involved as you’ll see if you click into the contest photos.

  • I would like to nominate The Social Networking Academys page at The team over there is quick to respond to questions, provides great helpful tips, does some fun stuff to get fans interacting PLUS they are always teaching new things and sharing that information!

  • PetitBebe CreatioNZ

    Great place for networking WAHP’s and great place to learn from.

  • Lacraftskids

    I would like to nominate!/supportawahp?sk=wall for there support & guidence when starting a new business. Also the services they offer WAHP’s are fantastic.

  • Tubby

    For me, I want to be able to get what a business is about in a few seconds so simplicity is key; convey what the USP is, make it interesting and draw me in.  I then choose to engage and invest my time in reading more.  The Blue House Ocho Rios Jamaica does just that.

  • Carla Grossini-Concha

    I’m nominating The Honest Kitchen . It’s an extremely interactive page for pet lovers.

  • Because I am Nuts About Granola!

  • Christin

    I would like to nominate The Honest Kitchen!/TheHonestKitchen. They have a great informative page that is fun and educational. Plus I love all the pictures!

  • Abbsasd

    I’d like to nominate My First Yoga because it teaches kids yoga poses and keeps us up to date on news related to keeping kids healthy!

  • Ts75

    I agree with nominating My First Yoga  they definitely post information that gets you thinking about how to keep kids healthy

  • Goran Marijanović

    I nominate I love Homeopathy (my favourite) because of great contribution in sphere of homeopathic education and promotion !

  • Goran Marijanović

    I love Homeopathy because of great contribution in sphere of homeopathic education and promotion !     

  • Goran Marijanović

    I Love Homeopathy because of great contribution in sphere of homeopathic education and promotion !    

  • Caz

    A fab Event Management company that provides useful information for putting events together aswell as being a fun page to look at…

  • Paige

    A top notch company with brilliant results! A must for anyone needing a event or wedding planned.

  • Akubicek

    I hereby nominate the cutting edge team behind the MatchPLUS eMarketing Group. Please nominate this firm as an outstanding Facebook presence!

  • Laurilee
    This page has the most creative, beautiful farm to table healthy food pictures and recipes.

  • debbievinyard

     I would like to nominate Tammy, owner of – her facebook page has grown by leaps and bounds! She uses her facebook page to post her showroom hours daily and posts new products daily. Her customers absolutely love her and her facebook page is her main place of communication. Tammy is doing an incredible job!

  • Amy Metherell

    I would like to nominate AboutOne  Tons of great information shared there and a lot of interaction between the fans and the company.

  • Dr. Clarkus
    – I nominate Passionately Rivalicious, a Dallas, Tx based company that
    has been around for a year now and supply some great collegiate clothing
    for women and children. They use social media tools such as facebook
    and twitter to expand their customer base, they post pictures of new
    clothing and links to college sports. Passionately Rivalicious will also
    start holding sweepstakes to generate growing interest in their

  • Mess America

    I would like to nominate Tracy Terry’s Trust eMedia Facebook page. There is a lot of content and freebies. There is also a lot of sharing and tips each week. 


    Match My Paint! is a promising small business!

  • Eliza

    Sounds like a great contest. How do you define a small business?

  • Farn

    I’m nominating
    It’s a fantastic community-builder reaching out to parents all over New Jersey. It’s constantly updated and always interactive. Love it!

  • I nominate
    Bramble Berry is a supplier of soapmaking supplies and does a great job of interacting on its FB page. But what I love is the interactions of the page’s fans. They help each other, answer each other’s questions and support accomplishments. It’s a great community that the company nurtures.

  • Robin Kruk

    I follow Mari Smith, followed by Social Media Examiner on Facebook, etc.

  • Camgr

    I nominate  They are awesome with their presentations and content.  The instuctors are fantastic and knowledgeable and always availble via facebook to assist with questons and always post helpful tips and facts to keep you up to date with the latest in technology!!!

  • Can I nominate my own company? I hope so!

  • Deena_deena


  • Jennifer Leighton

    The Perk, in Perkasie, PA!/ThePerk501

  • Antaresslc

    Betterliving Sunrooms of the Mahoning Valley

    Photos and videos about their products, great tips, and a wonderful local, small town focus!

  • Suer02

    I like this page because it is all about building a tight community in a big city. The company is built on community awareness, giving back and finding peace in the center! Fashionable fitted clothes, free yoga and live music. What more could you ask for?! Come check it out to find out more 🙂

  • Dan

    I nominate Small business, with a product that is growing in popularity. They work in two counties now, and still do things ‘the old fashioned way’/

  • SusanRowland

    It is not “the page” but what the page accomplishes. This online micro-giving organization helps one family each month. Click through, watch the video on Lucy Gordon from Wichita, KS this month, she needs a bone marrow transplant to live, and her sister is the transplant donor. Together they prepare for the procedure while Love Drop brings it’s support and encouragement. This is a small business, an online community that delivers.

  • Lindsay

    Passionately Rivalicious has the cutest stuff and makes the best posts.  They are always posting about games, products and cheering for our teams!  LOVE IT!

  • Tina

    I’d like to nominate – great community, valuable information and love the interaction on the page!

  • Adrian

    Outerinner club is good for fashion and dresses and I like that they keep adding many pictures and promotions to keep things fresh in a competitive marketplace

  • Hi Eliza – We leave that up to you.

  • Madiesmum!/greataussieroadtrip  this family is the best. met them on a recent trip of my own and was impressed with their set up and family and the way they are giving the kids are real life classroom with no walls to really learn in and share their experiences.

  • Hrmc Fxr

    I nominate Trust eMedia at because she is very helpful and offers guidance tips and some great content offers.

  • Sanjay

    I nominate this page this page makes me feel home 🙂

  • I would like to nominate there is always constant updates of relevant and interesting content for what they are promoting and always a bit of humour thrown in. Keeps everone coming back for more.

  • Niyogi Books

    I nominate Here you find constant updates on valuable books on Indian Heritage and culture.

  • I am here to nominate Mothers Love — Designs By Roxie ( The page has some great products at amazing prices.  There have been Bingo games to win prizes, a 1,000 fan celebration and recently a Treasure Hunt and Thanks for the Referrals event.  They are quick to respond to emails and have many fabric choices for their items.

  • Glennalou

    I bought a couple of necklaces from BLS Jewellery. I am thrilled with them. I ordered 2 more already. Amanda is doing a great job, meets her clients needs and keeps the merchendise at an affordable amount.  Good Job Amanda and BLS Jewellery.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Always has great inspiration and DIY projects, and fosters real community conversation. Great contests, too!

  • SocioTechnocrats
  • Octaviogzmn

    I would like to nominate InHouse Advertising has the best Facebook home page I’ve seen. It’s always being updated with helpful information and has an encouraging tone. Smile 🙂

  • Brett P

    For small businesses, I nominate Southern OB/GYN.  Their page is and it always has a lot of activity from their 2400+ fans.  I think it does a nice job of helping patients feel closer to their medical providers.

  • I nominate Dr. Jayesh V. Sanghvi’s NATURE CLINIC! The link to their page is .. This page provides a great information on how simple home remedies, fruits or vegetables can help achieve good health, instead of popping pills.

  • Tina G

    I nominate for InHouse Advertising. She is always on top of her game and she always posting such great little gems of knowledge & entertainment.  

  • Jfledda

    I would like to nominate!
    I think that the page is expertly designed, and has a very professional and clean look. Each tab is eye-catching and the blue bar at the top with social media plug-ins is awesome and really commands your attention. For a job board website, this is a very interesting facebook interface and really seems to help generate interest in the company. 

  • Carmen Franz

    I nominate!/pages/Lets-Party-Additive-Free/122120764485782 as she is so inspiring and working towards the awesome goal of the best foods for our biggest gift. OUR CHILDREN. Thanks Mel

  • Gita Madhu​hy. It is the best source for learning Homoeopathy-the administrator has done an excellent job of making learning about remedies challenging and fun and interactive 

  • Give a support to my fan page:
    This is a professional B2B page.
    We trust more and more suppliers and buyers will come to our page to have their deals and find the knowledge they wanna get.
    SO choose me!!!!

  • Bryan

    I’d like to nominate – An amazing company owned by 2 sisters, who are making a difference in the lives of women who spend time in the hospital.  The facebook page does a great job of sharing very inspiring stories of their customers, and allows them to share their photos, stories and inspiration as well.  More than a company, it is actually making a difference.  Lots of potential with this company and their facebook page with the right advice/blueprint.

  • Zhandii

    CC Bums!    She is a work-at-home-mom who creates the highest quality eco-friendly products for your family, at affordable prices. All manner of reusable products including cloth diapers and feminine hygiene products; tissues, wipes and bathroom tissue; children’s clothing (dresses, night shirts, fleece pants, skirts, shorts…), toys and much more. 

  • Pie
    Such hard-working. So few employees. Such a wonderful product! The best tasting chai on earth!

  • Gloria K

    I’m nominating because of all the useful travel, environmental, decorative home ideas, cooking ideas, videos and especially her beautiful pictures that she herself has taken to share.  Her blogging is easy to appeal to a wide variety of people. Her store has items from recycled materials and sea shells from the beaches of Sanibel Island Florida and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Check it out and see for yourself what this newly graduated person has ingenuied for herself in this tough economy.

  • Simon

    I would like to nominate Eshé Counselling,, for their facebook page. Sure they offer great services, and educational and therapeutic services, but their daily inspirational quotes are outstanding. They’re always just what i need at the time that i need it. Their page is great. 

  • Walkr36310

    To Shin Do/Boulder Quest Center

    A great group, an enlightened path.  All the more accessable on Facebook.

  • Trwaldo1

    My Precious Kid is a great resource for everyone! Soon-to-be-parents, grandparents, teens, toddlers…this store has it all to help you be able to take care of those you love and care for in your life! Kay runs a wonderful store! She is willing to give input from breastfeeding to helping keep your teenager safe….she and her business are amazing!

  • JMS

    Wakeup Your Makeup –
    A unique West Australian business run by a professional and passionate woman, dedicated to educating and empowering others.

  • This is our facebook fan page;

  • Laura 

    A great resource for efficient and mindful running! 

  • We, all the vendors from the Fleamarket voted for cris’creation photography She has amazing photos and is a very kind and funny person with a great personality. People love to have her as their Photographer. She always posts beautiful pix. She definitely deserves to be a winner.

  • Elie Abou Fares

    I nominate Talfen Facebook page (
    Talfen is a free business directory for Lebanon accesible at:

  • My nomination goes to the Dog’s Ear.  The link on Facebook is:
    An excellent small buiseness

  • Mubashir_brc

    please update the solid data base as some its just dded

  • Markus

    …because it’s small and fine

  • quick responses, fun, nice contests

  • Crafty Mumma`s. I love this page because this facebook page supports work at home mums! 

  • Lavanya Raja
    A free easy to use app to manage your business.Slapstart calls Apptivo as the conqueror of business applications.
    Apptivo: The Conqueror of Business Applications

  • Juana Atkins

    I can’t work out how to comment so am dong it as a reply to your comment ( sorry )

    I nominate!/Kiwicakes
    Kiwicakes is the place to go for expert friendly advice on all things cakes related as well as a business page for all products cake related.

  • nat

    I like this page because it is my dream 😀

  • I nominate Chris Brogan (But not a fan page) for the helpful news, views and insights, and the social media expertise

  • My vote goes to cris'creation photography. The page is just beautiful with all these gorgeous photos. Cris is a great Photographer and has very good offers and a project in progress where she’ll give photos for free. If you need a Photographer, I really can recommend her.

  • I nominate Punchdrunk Panda (, a hip graphic design brand from the Philippines featuring works by various graphic designer applied on unconventional canvases such as footwear, laptop sleeves, iPad sleeves, camera strap and whatnot.
    The brand is very active in updating fans on graphic design finds/trends and collaborating with other brands/organizations and individuals through their Facebook page! 😀

  • Dannica Kim

    I nominate Punchdrunk Panda because they promote original artistry in the form of various lifestyle merchandise. Their stuff are very competitive in the global market 🙂
    Nice people, too :)

  •  check out this one.. this is surely one good page on travel and provides diverse knowledge on travel and is very informative.  I like it!

  • Benandjess Mail

    I would love to nominate Crafty Mumma’s a place that promotes and supports mums that work from home and assists with networking our businesses.

  • I feel that nominating Active Ice Digital Studio is worth every vote as they are an energetic design business that is promoting social media in Southern African enterprises and has identified the future benefits of Social Media marketing.

  • Vivien travel company that promotes eco-tourism and  budget adventure travel in East africa

  • me gustaría nominar a como buen ejemplo de Pequeña Empresa haciendo un buen papel en las redes sociales.. ademas se ser la primera FanPage nominada en español

    I would like to nominate as a good example of small enterprises doing well in social networks .. In addition, be the first nominee in Spanish FanPage

  • Naturheilpraxis Meiner

    Ich nominiere Homöopathie Konkret. Es finden sich viele ausführliche und qualitativ hochwertige, fundierte Beiträge darin. Ich lese sie immer wieder gern.!/pages/Hom%C3%B6opathie-KONKRET/172594186110441

  • I would like to nomitate I have nominated i95Dev small business because they provide a very quality service.

  • Crystal

    I’d like to nomitate : They always provides many promotion sales to help us save more. Apart from it, they keep us updated the fashion trends daily, it’s really useful!

  • Juhi Sircar

    Refried Mouse is a great Web Solutions Company… I say I like… tx

  • I would like to nominate “Sell Your Mother of a Business” – it’s all about tips to help WAHMs get their business ready to sell. –

    Great page for Crafty Mumma’s 🙂 and those that love hand made

  • Jo all handmade jewellery and bits, very talented and every so cheap 🙂 p.s please like her page as when reached 500 likers shes doing a huge give-away

  • VC

    I love jewellery and I like that they share everything lifestyle – related in the FB page.!/Trisori

  • Nicole

    Nominating Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier. She’s taken her talent of photography and used her blog as a platform for photography tips, especially to those who want to go from being an amateur to a pro.

  • Lucie

    I would like to nominate Il Tutto’s facebook page. A brabd of luxury changing bags for mums and a great social platform for all things mums and business.

  • Kat Lucas

    Id like to nominate as its a family owned business, and they do it together with their lil baby girl 🙂 

  • Rajkumar Mohanasundaram

    Here is Apptivo Facebook page

  • I would like to nominate – a family run business with exceptional service. 

  • Katrinacarrick

    i love this page, the owner of the page is a very talented woman, she made me the most beautiful wedding posy at very short notice and a beautiful pearl bracelet, great quality and affordable prices. She has fab customer service and her products are beautiful. Love it xx

  • Fitzini!/LikeMyCase – This is a great website for personalising your phone

  • Tony

    I’d like to nominate the rukkle facebook page ( – lots of great content, well maintained with constant updates – and most importantly entertaining!

  • Pyshirname

    I am a fan of………..the content is fun,engaging & simply lovely!

  • Yashwanths

    My vote  goes to,she is very honest in her all posts & doesn’t spam her fans with promos which I like the best!

  • ShaunG

    This page is awesome because they put a lot of effort into making sure it appeals to a broad range of ages – both the applicants going to summer camp in the USA, and their parents who want to be kept up to date.  They put up regular posts and encourage interaction which some companies have yet to embrace.  Well done to them. 

  • You can’t find too many opthalmologists active on facebook as yet. But Dr. David Richardson leverages on the power of social media to educate the public about glaucoma and the importance of its early detection. His fan page has a lot of educational content! I also appreciate the fact that, despite his very busy schedule, he answers every single posted question/comment/concern with care . This is his fan page

  • Littlemissbyrnes

    Adorable Affordable in Perth the best site for mummys to buy cute clothes for their kiddlywinks without leaving the house.

  • kolive offers new military families PCSing to our area the opportunity to ask questions & get answers. From time to time, the locals learn something they didn’t already know. The page is very interactive, just visit & see for yourself…

  • Christine_percy

    I nominate Crafty Mumma’s as this is a site dedicated to helping others to promote their business.

  • Caroline Graham!/TrinketsforWomen  Hi there – I would love to nominate the Facebook page for Trinket Women – a feminine hygiene products company. The page has quickly attracted hundreds of supporters as the two young women who run the company always post lively, engaging girly content. However they  like to look beyond celebs and cupcakes too and also post about wider issues such as women’s health, particularly in the developing world. Practicality, glamour and a social conscience – what more do women need? (I am NOT one of the Trinket women owners  – just a fan). Caroline Graham, London, UK

  • I nominate
    They always answer my questions quick as.

  • tracey

    I nominate – Local lingerie company, Mother and Daughter and very friendly – their facebook pages is friendly too giving latest fashion trends and new stock alerts 

  • Susan Corrigan

    Plums Lingerie in Colomberie – they are a Mother and Daughter Company and very friendly and their site is very easy to follow. Like my daughter I like them too. 

  • Shane Franz

    I nominate as they are just amazing

  • MM

    One of my favourite pages:

  • Armystud

    Knowledge to Action

    There page has really picked up steam over the last month and they are very involved in the London Social Media Community. They also run The Knowledge to Action Foundation which supports Barnardos Childrens Charity in the UK and Ubuntu Education Fund in South Africa (of which I also support)

    They post daily questions and always seem to be accessible to answer comments on their wall!

    Ben Gull, London, UK

  • Eamonobuadhachain

    I would like to nominate because I think its great someone is doing something positive in Irish History and the Irish economy plus they have a good blog.

  • Shannon West

    Here is a great page from an Automobile Dealership who started from ground zero with FB and has not ever advertised one sale on their post, they keep it all about the people!!  

  • Scott Janca

    I would like to nominate @JimmyMackin with The MLS App.  Jimmy operates one of my favorite Facebook pages at .  If your in the hunt to learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing, safety, and the latest in techniques I highly recommend liking Jimmy’s page.  He produces daily content that won’t disappoint, and will keep you up on the latest in trends, statistics and tactics.

  • All hands up to  –  Rosh Khan consistently shares outstanding content. He gets the whole concept of relationship marketing, excellent engagement and follow through. SocialRank is definitely deserving of this award!!

  • Lisa Ziegler – Inhouse Advertising is a top notch company that is creative and understands the needs of their clients. I love their FB site – it is a reflection of their creativity, and leverages Facebook’s tools to gain a greater audience – which is what they do for their clients!

  • I would love to nominate Friendship Bread Kitchen as one of my top 10 favorite Facebook pages. The page has only been around a year and has over 66,000 kitchen friends. This page got started by author Darien Gee. I think it is amazing that an author can write a book and successfully use social media like she has. It is a fun and engaging page.

  • VANraz

    Please check Tell me if you like our landing page. Thx

  • I’d like to nominate Freado is a site for Book Lovers to Play Book Based Games and bid for over 300 Books. Its a novel concept, that helps authors promote their books directly to their reader audience and allows book lovers to have hours of fun playing games and actually getting books for their time spent playing.

  • I would love to nominate Tomorrow People | Inbound Marketing Consultancy’s Facebook business page: as it has a fresh touch and is creatively design by their Creative Director, Steven Walls with a fun approach.

  • – OnlinePianist is a one of a kind fan page of a one of a kind animated piano tutorial website.

  • James Walters

    I love the landing page of Tomorrow People Facebook page: as it is very design-led

  • SophyMav

    I nominate — Leigh is the best!!!!!

  • – very cool social gaming system

  • Megan James

    I nominate Fire-dex- they manufacture firefighter turnout gear.!/FireDex.  They have a cool landing page, a very active community, amazing stats, and recently helped to outfit Josh Duhamal and Bruce Willie for an upcoming movie. They are “on fire”.   Check it out!

  • Julie Cumberland

    Unable to nominate for the best small business Facebook page as no entry box on your site, please advise.

  • matze eddieGuest

    My vote goes to cris’creation photography. The page is beautiful and her photos are amazing. She updates her page every day. Every morning I go to her page to see new pictures. Really a very good business page …

  • I nominate Hate it? Change it? 

    She is a single person business inspiring individuals all over the country to get fit and eat better, no pressure, no yo yo diets just good advice, recipe’s (with images) and great inspiring quotes! Great interaction and for a very small business superb engagement.


  • Penny

    I nominate http;//​rs where there is a great wealth of daily ideas for ways to have fun with kids, special offers, free days out, etc. a great website.

  • Adirnn this is THE BEST piano teaching site on the web!!! always current with new songs, great design, very easy to use…highly recommended. 

  • Kissifer19

    I would like to highly recommend Alison Stoodley Enterprises. She is great at keeping people up to date and informing everyone on local businesses. Check out her page..

  • Deanne sStapleton

    I would like to nominate http;//​rs for great daily ideas about having fun with kids, great days out,  special offers and really cool fairy tale furniture! GOTTA LOVE IT!

  • I know, shameless self promotion. But I really think we do our photography page right. Would someone else be willing to throw in a second nomination for us? Pretty please?

  • I would like everyone to pay attention to this web site,
    Finally a web page that even people like me, with no experience in playing the piano can finally become piano legend. This web site not like any other web site i tried is consider, for me, as the best piano web on the internet, now i can call myself piano addict and it’s all because of this website. I can really play music hits easily then ever.
    Thank you onlinepianist for being great teacher.

  • I nominate GC Natural Family Health – great info on health and wellness and intersting articles posted everyday!!/gcnfh

  • Itay waisman

    i nominate for i just love what they did there, it looks so nice and i can practice my piano playing. its also never boring because they updating the page every day (sometimes few times a day) and they answer so fast when i post a question/

  • I would like to vote for Angs Attic as they always provide an amazing service.

  • Claire825
    Not everyone is creative so thank goodness for companies like InHouseAdvertising!!  This is a page that has proved to be a consistent resource for me these past few years.  The page appeals to many different audiences and its ease of use keeps you coming back to the page on a frequent basis.

  • Ido

    hi, i like this page because he help me to play my piano better

  • Jess_Jones567!/BumpBuddies i vote for22 bump buddies as its a fab site full of mums and mums to be who all share advise on the experiences

  • Kdubois

    Central Mass Limo company using contest videos and posts to engage their fans of facebook.  Knights Airport Limousine

  • I nominate Jackrabbit Design’s Facebook page because their “Year of the Rabbit” app is unique and effective in displaying current accomplishments. Super creative!

  • I nominate Kimberly Castleberry.
    Kimberly always provides us with fabulous up todate information & social media support, and helps us willingly with any questions we have.

  • J.Po

    Quality Logo Products all the way! 

    Not only are they helpful and friendly, but they just plain FUN!!  How many companies can say that?  Everyone is trying to promote something, but very few can make you enjoy the process.

    P.S. Fonality has to be some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.  They have single-handedly caused almost everyone at my office to work MANY unnecessary hours.

  • Jill This company gives tips, trends and information to help other small businesses succeed.

  • George48

    i vote bump buddies as its a great source of info for mums and mums to be and for sharing experiences with other mums, areally friendly site.​mpBuddies

  • I’d like 2 vote 4 Beads direct…they r great…their site lets u shop 4 beads, gives tips & tutorials, lets u share your work, meet (online) like mined people, answers questions, runs competitions etc. It is a great source of fun & encouragement. Luv the page & the online business 2!!! Colleenxx

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  •’s Facebook Page is amazing!!!

  • MYM

    I completely agree, a very useful resource and she is dedicated to her cause.

  • erin

    Not only is this my favorite online store for personalized gifts, but they do such a great job of utilizing Facebook to show new products.

  • I love Beads Direct They are lovely, friendly & helpful, have a great selection of beads & findings and regular competitions.  They also have excellent tutorial videos. Thanks BD Vidya-KizzyLou-Mowat xxx

  • Sohaib … Official Scoreloop facebook page provides an interesting, fun and informative platform for game developers, publishers and operators!

  • Closet_cleanout_monica

    I LOVE MOTHERS LOVE– DESIGNS BY ROXIE!!! why? because prices are MORE than affordable and the customer service rocks and items are of GREAT quality!!!!!

  • My Songs Designs

    I would love to nominate the following page, Teeny Weeny Store  Teeny Weeny is not only creative with their product but I can also tell that they have built wonderful relationships with their clients and other pages. This page also invites other pages and businesses over to their FB page to hold open wall games in order for them to sale, promote or interact their pages.   

  • Noelle

    I nominate i play., Inc: for offering up-to-date information on products, research, and health issues concerning babies and toddlers. i play., Inc. has offered special promotions and deals just for their facebook fans. They take feedback they receive and put it into action to make sure they are always keeping parents and babies safe and happy.

  • Hi, I’m Oded and I’m a piano teacher.

    I’d like to recommend
    It is a very cool web site for animated piano tutorials. And their facebook page is great!!!

  • Vee

    I nominate: Brenda at B’Sue Boutique she is a PHENOMENAL person…going that extra mile and providing outstanding service She offers the best USA components, tutorials and MUCH more!

  • Sagacious Marketing is my favorite by far. Very professional highly motivated and exteremely personable. great people and a great company!

  • Marina
  • Fred

    I would like to nominate Military Spouse magazine. It is a great resource and community for military spouses!

  • Laura

    I find myself looking at NavigationArts’ Facebook webpage
    on a regular basis for timely web related insight articles and enterprise web
    advice. NavigationArts is a small web consultancy in Northern Virginia and they
    have effectively optimized their Facebook page in my opinion. The
    NavigationArts Facebook page also reveals the company’s employees via
    individual blog posts and culture via photo albums and such. It is refreshing
    to see a Facebook page that is not too corporate.

  • RLG

    I love this page for the ideas and offers! – I
    nominate –!/pages/Beads-Direct-Ltd/203252745517

  • Karen Calabro!/PetCareVet

    Clients love this page ~ it’s fun and educational…..

  • Guest

    This page is a great resource for people interested in
    the tech world! NavigationArts is a small web consultancy that provides
    insightful blog posts in addition to many interesting and useful news articles.
    A great way to find out what’s happening in the online world.

  • I vote The Little Soap Company. Their natural cold pressed soaps, infused with essential oils are wonderful for all skin types. They even make a little beast bar for mucky muts. All hand made with love in the North Cotswolds by Emma in her workshop.

  • Michelle

    A great resource for all things real estate marketing at – Michelle

  • I nominate the fan page of my favourite freeware developer –

  • I nominate – great example of execution – great offers to target audience, social brand and right content to support the business.

  • G2

    W2 Entertainment is a great company that highlights the new ideas and markets of the next generation of media.  Their FB page is maintained with professionalism, a positive spirit and is just great fun! 

  • Dutch

    I nominate my favorite Design Studio Electric Medialand, I like the awesome tips they post on their page on a daily basis, it keeps me informed and connected.

  • Amber

    I love The Yogipreneur.  The quick tips for marketing and all things techy are great reminders and easy to implement. 

  • Thyra

    I nominate CLKEvents.  CLKEvents utilizes facebook in a fun & vibrant way. Welcoming people, showcasing her portfolio & introducing her team all within facebook.!/CLKevents 

  • Pat Janowiak

    My nomination is for….they are a very small LLC which meets the needs of the Home Embroidery community and offers much needed software at a price even a grandma could afford!
    Honesty and wonderful support is also offered!

  • Guest
    I would like to second the nomination for Knowledge to Action. The work they do through the Flying Trader program for charity is outstanding. They are very present on Facebook and always respond to comments and questions in a timely manner. They are absolutely a worthy contender for this award!

  • ohmydalia

    I love this page (! Richard Nicholas Hair Studio really knows what they are doing. They don’t just let people know about available appointments, they talk about trends, beauty and fashion. They are constantly connecting with their fan-base through engaging conversations and you can tell they really care about their clients.

    I’ve done a lot of research and have yet to find a salon doing what this one is.

  • I would like to nominate The Betterliving Sunrooms of the Mahoning Valley page. This is a local company who stayed above water during the hardest part of the recession by always offering a quality product and putting their customers first! While their fb page gives information about their product, it also engages their viewers by having local relavant comments as well and always likes other area businesses to help them succceed too.

  • Mrshowse703

    I nominate!/MetroFamily.  We moved to the OKC area the end of March from CA and their information has been invaluable at helping us find things to do and making us feel at home.  I look forward to their posts each day!

  • Otter914 I would like to nominate this page for it gives me great ideas on places to take my grandson in the area. I have also learned great activities to do with him. It has great contests to apply for winning super gifts. It has great articles to enhance family life-even had costume ideas for Halloween. It listed all the farmers markets in the area for good homegrown produce! They now have coupons to help families safe money on groceries. This page is a valuable tool for families! 

  • Alyssa S  The Yogipreneur does amazing work via social media – pushing out effective content on a consistent basis that is truly valued by their audience. Not only is the content useful, but easy to digest and personable!

  • MNL

    This family-owned and operated business is just not a dog fencing company. They were able to take a simple contest idea, create a Facebook landing page to promote their marketing tactic and gained over 300 “likes”!

  • – they do great competitions and I can shop directly from the face book page.

  • Illuzion2001

    This small business is inspired by the blood sweat and tears it takes to become something great! The belief that ideas+passion+work=results is what they live and die by. nominate this page in support of that belief…

    “Be One Of A Kind”

  • I would like to nominate Dinovite’s Facebook page…

  • Erinn OConnor

    I would like to nominate for the best website connecting job seekers and employers!


    Seasons Wellness Clinic, in Ruston, Louisiana, does a phenomenal job. Not only do they provide excellent care, they provide great content for their clients.  Their facebook page is a constant flow of excellent content to educate their fans about every aspect of health and wellness. 

  • RonaldCG

    What can I say? I love Dr. David Richardson’s Facebook fan page ( because it targets mostly the seniors or the elderly, which is quite uncommon.  On one hand, it promotes good eye health, educates on Glaucoma, Canaloplasty, Eye surgery, etc., and provides a venue for fans to ask eye-related questions directly  to an eye surgeon.  On the other hand, it also promotes the use of social media to seniors or the elderly to connect back to the world of no boundaries and with the younger generation..  Also, I see his fanpage substantial in content, information, and tools/plug-ins!  This is really an educational playground for the eyes!

  • knffla

    I am nominating Cris’ Creation Photography as my favorite small business facebook page. Her photography work is exceptional and outstanding, she accepts online payments, and the items are well protected in shipping. She’s a hard working entrepreneur and is growing her business daily!  

  • Nominating HiHo Home  a face book page that inspires, entertains and engages with their customers, local community and the retail industry. A small business using social media in a big way to engage fun stimulating chat. A page with a unique voice that has directly (positively) impacted sales, frequent in shop visits and has established it’s self as a resource for community information.

  • Second nomination for for their competitions, Facebook store, Customer service and customer interaction.

  • Heatherlchauvin
    Racheal Cook Rocks!!! She is always sharing GREAT content that I am implement ASAP, into my personal and business life. I love her work! If you want practice, conscious-business tips and coaching, Check this site out!

  • I am nominating VictoriaNicole Bridal ( because are making the experience about the bride not the store–  great conversations and a team of people that really love what they do..

  • EJ am nominating 3D Biomatrix in Ann Arbor, MI. They provide the most updated news and information about 3D cell culture technologies – a great resource for anyone interested in life sciences. By culturing and testing cells in 3D, researchers can find better drugs to cure diseases faster and cheaper and reduce the use of animals during drug development. 

  • EJ
  • Krys

    I nominate Eminent SEO because of their innovative ways to get new ideas out there regarding SEO, Linking, Social Media and a whole lot more. Their Monsters are not only mascots for the company but key players in their day to day interactions – they have really taken things to the next level in people interaction.

  • Ryan

    I’d like to nominate Passionately Rivalicious ( for their Facebook page The company sells women’s and children’s collegiate clothing for SEC, Big XII, and various other universities. Their status alerts and updates are always exciting and product photos are very well done. Each wall entry gets a personal response, which I’d assume is not easy to keep up with.  I make a visit back here and there, as the football season is coming up and new items are often being debuted. Great page!

  • Amy Olson

    I nominate
    Racheal is a business savy and heart oriented entrepreneur and she shows it in everything she does!!  On her page you can get a free e-book!

  • I nominate Serendipit Consulting (! They continuously keep up to date with social media and marketing news, post regularly on their blog (with interesting topics) and engage fans daily…and it’s all done by their wonderfully tiny 5-person company! 

  • Shirley Campbell

    I would like to nominate the Gateways for Seniors site:

    Because they “Make a Difference” to the lives of many senior’s! The services provided to a client by Gateways for Seniors is non-judgmental and is based upon mutual courtesy and respect. Gateways fosters an understanding and appreciation of all parties without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age, nor shall any such care be denied on account of the patient’s sexual orientation.  They honor and respect those things that make all of us different.

    They hire caring, energetic caregivers to provide non-medical consumer directed services to elderly or chronically ill individuals in their home and community.  These services may include housekeeping, helping with meals, transportation and/or personal care.

    Their site is slow growing and they are doing the best they can to use Facebook to their full advantage. They have included informative YouTube videos and other helpful and interesting tips.

    Let us not forget we will all be seniors someday…

  • Anne

    A smart concept, fun feel, and a great way to give back to the community. Sleevecandy’s facebook page keeps me entertained with a quick look at an interesting t-shirt each day.

  • De clercq lorenzo
  • Spingitore

    A fabulous yoga studio Stone Yoga in Teaneck NJ with a fabulous FB page.     Lots of info, local events & up to the minute happenings for this *hidden gem*

  • Kayla

    We LOVE Passionately Rivalicious is always coming out with new products, new ideas – and they even recently started a non-profit that gives back by focusing on the growth and development of kids through sport-related activities. They are so much fun a they are very involved with their customers and fans!

  • Healthyessence

    I would like to nominate The Yogipreneur ( I love the clarity, style and offering on the welcome page and the humanity, sincereness, and frequency of her posts. Always to the point, engaging, well written and powerful on all levels.

  • I would like to nominate Beads Direct’s facebook page as we’ve worked really hard to make sure this is a friendly and helpful community for those making their own jewellery, and encouraged interactions from the start which has made it a very active page that we’re all proud of.

  • Bethany F

    I’d like to nominate Magic Beans for their 31 Days of Giveaways contest they ran through July 2011 on their Facebook page: The contest was very well received by their fans, they gave away very nice prizes each day of the month, and they are local to the Massachusetts community with 5 stores around Boston. They keep their Facebook page very MA oriented and offer tons of info for parents/customers.

  • I nominate Indigo Works Candle Co http://www.facebook.comindigoworks because they sell quality products, interact with their fans and strive to please!

  • Simon_Templeton

    I’d like to nominate this page, it has a free multimedia course teaching page owners how to create a custom reveal tab iframe for free, very newbie friendly. the page can be found at

  • Marty

    Best Western Plus River North Hotel does a great job of engaging it’s fans with regular and innovative contests and by providing helpful information to visitors of Chicago.  They offer consistently fresh content.

  • Isaac Kiehl

    I would like to nominate a Chandler, AZ based nonprofit after school program and their FB interaction is amazing and are utilizing FB landing pages and media!

  • Daymond

    I nominate I've been going to Mac’s since they opened and have always been impressed by their food, their service, and the atmosphere of the place. When I’m there I feel more like family than just another face in the crowd. I think their Facebook page is simple, informative, and friendly. It’s easy to follow and understand, and I can always count on looking there and finding the latest specials, etc. if you haven’t tried mac’s before and are looking for a warm, friendly place to relax and enjoy good food, hit them up. You won’t be dissappointed!

  • Love, Love, Love Magic Beans–  a Boston area based baby gear store.  Great product reviews, Really timely information on topics relevant to new parents.  Great promotions like their recent 31 Days of GiveAways Sweepstakes.  Awesome blog too (“Spilling the Beans”)

  • Dinjohn1

    I can’t see a comment box either.

  • SocialFan

    I like this page because they have awesome products and post good content.

  • Jenna

    I vote for CoolJuice! they always have fun pictures and interact well with their customers on Facebook!

  • Sandi  – I thought that I would throw my page in the ring, because it’s a small business not in the internet marketing sphere (though sometimes I do put out notices about courses and the like as my fans are also small biz owners).  Thanks!

  • U/S Sports Advisors does a great job of sharing stories and news about their clients and posting their opinions and advise on exciting social media trends.  They take advantage of what Facebook technology has to offer, and they incorporate all facets of their business on the page.

  • Chanelle Lovegrove

    I would like to nominate Imagine 8 Media, because we truly have a passion for all things social media.

  • Laurel_hamilton – love the people and the mission!

  • Jo

    Hi, I would like to nominate Cactus language training as they have some really useful learning resources that help with my Spanish and always have loads of great content and articles posted as well. Gracias Cactus!!/cactuslanguagetraining

  • Megan

    U/S Sports Advisors does a great job of sharing stories and news about their clients and posting their opinions and advise on exciting social media trends.  They take advantage of what Facebook technology has to offer, and they incorporate all facets of their business on the page.

  • T P

    Mill Ave district fastest growing page out there

  • Dennis VanWye


  • Debby

    I would like to nominate Wilson Audio for the best small business Facebook page.!/pages/Wilson-Audio/297880472655

  • Tony Hudson

    I really like the Imagine 8 Media Facebook page because it is straight forward, organized and for a design and creative company, it allows for direct response to capture leads.

  • Toron_Ron

    I like this page cause the line is like the page, just starting out and very helpful.  I suffer from adult acne and after a couple of weeks have already seen great improvement.  The page has lots of helpful tips and advice to help me clear my skin.

  • Guest
  • Allison Braun

    The small business facebook page I most frequently visit (and love) is .  I nominate this page because not only can I get lots of juicy, actionable tips (via short and sweet videos) that I can apply to my own personal biz right now, but she (Racheal, the owner of The Yogipreneur) interacts personally.  I love that if I comment or ask a question that she will comment or answer back.  Overall it is a super fun, informative and professional facebook page that I think many people would benefit from checking out, especially anyone with a business of their own.

  • Tony Hudson

    Looking for a great membership Facebook page, this one has my nomination. It is World’s Finest Clubs US at It just came out but soon will be at its own domain once they get the word out about the elite exclusive membership. Mostly like it for its use of colors, video integration and also use of eCommerce to purchase the membership. 

  • Tony Hudson

    Professional cycling sports events need more of these types of Facebook pages. The Tour de Arizona Facebook page at shows the energy of the event, when the next one will begin showing a countdown, a newsletter signup form and active tweets. Make sure you go to the “About us” page.

  • Adam Henriksen
  • as its a facebook page designed to serve two purposes:

    1. As the Facebook page for the voice4charity nonprofit organisation where anyone interested in voluneering can contact the organisation

    2. AS A CHARITY COMMUNITY PAGE – bringing together charities in the Middle East region to create a network of relationships where interactions occur and solutions for great causes are born!

  • Mjburyartist

    I would like to nominate Fashionable Lore:

    They have really cute ideas when it comes to kids clothes, bags and hair accessories.  They also do a great job with invitations!  I ordered a little girls dress for my sister’s baby and I requested specific colors and they found the best fabric to make it work.  It turned out really cute and my sister loved it!

  • To submit an entry scroll all the way to the bottom of this page…  (keep on scrolling)

  • Kristy Finkelstein

    FashionableLore (!/FashionableLore) is a great site.  They offer tons of customizable items…everything from t-shirts to baby announcements to birthday party packs (that include otptions for matching invites, thank you cards, t-shirts, and felt goodie bags) to custom business logos (and many other items as well).  Whenever I’m looking for something extra special for my daughter, FashionableLore (!/FashionableLore) is the FIRST place I check.  The owner is very accomindating and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I am 110% happy with my purchase.

  • SusieKline

    I love Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier! I anxiously await her next camera tutorial or words of photography wisdom!

    Here’s her page

    xo Susie

  • Shirleypoulton
  • Olson

    I nominate!/sayingitsocial. Saying it Social is so awesome because it uses it’s Facebook business page to generously offer tips to other small businesses with their social media positioning. This is a business that has its social media marketing services act together and offers a full array of services (for a fee) to help others, so that they can get their act together, as well. The owner, AK, is like Mr. Macy in the original “Miracle on 34th Street.” She wants Saying it Social to be known as the friendly place..the helpful place… for all your social media marketing service needs.

  • Dean Richardson

    I nominate
    This is a very helpful and informative site.

  • Sadie Cee

    My favourite is which is all about a bed and breakfast located on the beautiful north coast of the island.  Through their Facebook page the hosts keep us informed of the activities at the Blue House through text and beautiful coloured photos of the scenery around.  From these photos we get a picture of the awesome setting and the fabulous, mouth-watering food. By recording their comments, their friends from far and away get an opportunity to indulge their feelings of nostalgia about the fun and food we used to have in our beloved island.  In many ways, visiting their home page is like a homecoming.  The folks at the Blue House also keep us updated about the many helping projects they have undertaken in the community, e.g. their literacy project.  I try to visit this page every day because I can count on the day becoming brighter as a result.   


    Danielle supports art and other artists on her page – she has created quite an active following that has grown by over 200 in the last month. Her page is unceasingly positive, interesting and she’s an expert in reciprocity. Most of all, she is just a really fantastic person and her personality shines through her page.

  • Gr4ggwoo

    I would like to nominate GoGreen Diapers FB page! I love the way they always have something interesting to share or ask and engage so many of their follower. Their products rock and their FB page is a blast.!/pages/GoGreen-Pocket-Diapers/150502178315966

  • Robbie Williford

    I would nominate

    Their site makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, and the interaction and follower support has been growing for quite some time now. Definitely a business on the rise. Check them out!

  • I want to nominate Borrow It Bindaas ( They are a new company that rents Indian outfits and accessories. They do a good job updating their community with company and industry news.

  • Fotobridge is an excellent company. They’re always posting interesting articles relating to photography and are always trying to reach out to new people.

  • Tan2010

    I would like to nominate in Birmingham, Michigan

  • I want to nominate Ultimate Health Infrared Sauna Salon ( as a Favorite Small Business Facebook Page. The owners of this page have done a superior job balancing personal with business. This page comes across as welcoming with the owner greeting you in her profile picture as well as informational, which further intrigues my interest of this business. I also applaud their ability to capture the essence and atmosphere of their salon into the page so seamlessly and without complexity. 

  • I want to nominate Ultimate Health Infrared Sauna Salon ( as a Favorite Small Business Facebook Page. The owners of this page have done a superior job balancing personal with business. This page comes across as welcoming with the owner greeting you in her profile picture as well as informational, which further intrigues my interest of this business. I also applaud their ability to capture the essence and atmosphere of their salon into the page so seamlessly and without complexity. 

  • Heidi

    I would like to nominate BEST WESTERN PLUS River North Hotel. Each Best Western hotel is independently owned and operated, many family owned as this one is. The page is

  • Whitney

    HiHo Home Market’s (a home decor store in Gardiner, NY) Facebook page is by far one of the best small business pages around. With over 1500 engaged fans on her page acquired through nothing but pure work on her (the owner, Heidi’s) end (no ads), tons of people in the area (and beyond) look at her page and posts on a regular basis. Recently, HiHo won Country Business Magazine’s Retailer of the Year. A huge contribution to her winning status has to be her Facebook page, with which she has had huge success. Other small business owners can’t wait to talk to her about her strategies for social media, because they hope to one day be as successful as Heidi. Please consider giving her page a look, you will be pleasantly surprised at her commitment and success with her business as a result of Facebook.

  • Astrid W.

    I would like to nominate – I haven’t yet seen any other fanpage owner that is so engaging and caring like Mother Duck. Apart from selling beautiful things, Dizzy Ducks Creations II helps other fellow crafters in gaining some publicity (“shout outs”) and even organises lovely multi-vendor sales. It’s one of the rare pages that does not only look after its own business!

  • I would like to nominate an amazing organisation which deserves all the recognition it receives. Such a fantastic initiative amazing how one person can do so much and it is involved in providing support and help to a number of charities. The facebook page is really informative and constantly updating with the latest information. The diverse range of charities which are helped makes sure there is always new initiatives on the facebook page. Excellent example of how an organisation is using social media and namely facebook to progress!!!! 

  • mike byrne

    As an Editor of an SME advisory magazine based in Dubai part of my job is to look out for well designed, innovative and informative online platforms which these SMEs in the region utilise. Undoubtedly a small business which has stood out above the rest for its Facebook page is voice4charity – a Dubai based non-profit business which provides an invaluable PR service and gives charities a voice in a region which, at times, often struggles to accommodate philanthropic activities.

    Not only is the purpose of this business and its Facebook page truly honourable in itself, but the logistical layout is as equally impressive. It is one of the few online pages in the region which consistently keeps abreast of the day-to-day on the ground workings of these charities, whereby there are daily updates for up and coming charitable campaigns and events and an impressive photo archive to browse through. One can also always post a comment or question safe in the knowledge that a response is forthcoming in a very short period of time. Something which a lot of businesses fail to realise is that a Facebook page needs not only to be attractive and informative, but needs to be interactive with its audience!

    What I have experienced is that a lot of small businesses in general cram their Facebook page with irrelevant, distracting links and time consuming media – in an age where time is becoming ever more valuable, this Facebook page keeps its copy short, sharp and crisp and delivers a visually healthy balance between informative dialogue and attractive media.  

  • WinderFanzz

    This page is great! They’re really good about responding to their customers as well as posting fun questions!

  • Stephanie Jhala

    Obakki is one of my favorite facebook pages. They are a locally made in Canada and their beautiful and engaging editorial campaigns are so great to look at. They also are globally conscious with their Obakki Foundation, which uses fashion, art and creativity to make positive global change.

  • Rae

    I would like to nominate Teeny Weeny!!/TeenyWeenyStore She is awesome! She holds games on her page, and she sincerely cares about getting quality products to her customers. If it’s not quite right, she won’t send you something sub-par. She is a caring small business owner, and I hope she wins!

  • I would like to Nominate An online boutique where you can rent or purchase South Asian Apparel and Accesories. They not only use their page to introduce new collections or items but they are always posting articles/links of up to date fashion news and trends.

  • visit and check out this simple but beautiful blog.  The information is helpful, the photos are beautiful and their talent is unsurpassed.

  • I love the chairs and the fun articles at  check it out

  • I like WHERE ( ) because of the way they share what’s going on with them as well as cool stuff they find and crowd-sourcing from their fans. They don’t post too much.

  • Jane Tang

    I would like to nominate Obakki Designs. Their Facebook page & blog are updated frequently and they always find the time to interact and engage with their followers. Not only do they make beautiful clothing, they also help spread awareness with Obakki Foundation, where 100% of the proceeds go toward their projects in Africa. Obakki is a fashion house with a big heart – which makes them truly unique & inspiring.

  • Sue

    can I actually write here this time? Blimey, the text box works….​sugalumps Sugalumps provide sweet message, pictures and photographs – ”
    Suga Lumps are lil’ piccies & sweet words U can pass on to friends 4 free”

  • Jessica

    I would like to nominate Monogram Lane. I have purchased from them in the past and I just love their stuff! It is all so cute and their site is so creatively put together. I can never keep myself from browsing their photos to see how other customers have used their items in their homes, as it always gives me new ideas for my own home.!/pages/Monogram-Lane/24071288211

  • Danielledavisart

    I nominate ‘Social Media and Graphic Design by RCVane’!/RachelCVane Rachel completely help transform my Facebook art page from a virtually inactive space with only 25 likes…to a fabulous daily active artistic page with 287 likes and counting! She created a brilliant welcome landing page and her frequent posts of social media tips and information are always useful in improving my page. No one is more deserving to win!!! :))))

  • maggie

    Monogram Lane is amazing!!! That’s why I’m nominating this company:)

  • Brett Goerzen

    Go Mel Hambelton Ford of Wichita, Kansas! This is a great dealership that keeps up to date and always keeps their facebook exciting!

  • Em

    I’d like to nominate Dassant Baking Mixes ( This is a company that posts often, but not so much as to overwhelm their feed. They are always posting new recipes or interesting blogs from their owner. I like their use of yummy photos as well as information. I can understand why they have so many fans!

  • I would like to Nominate Awakening Business Solutions. A small business that helps small business grow. Kaya has made a huge difference in my business.!/awakeningbusiness

    sorry I forgot to add my comment on the post before

  • Doug
  • TexasLonghorn

    I like

    I think they are higly inventive and are great at getting interaction from users. Posts are light hearted and their images are amazing!

  • Zenmn2000 is the best site out there because it delivers REAL value … AND … helps other businesses be successful as they can be!

  • Setawinter
  • Diane_at_Snapped4U

    I’m a bit biased, but I’d like to nominate my page, Snapped4U is a service for photographers that makes it easy to sell photos. Snapped4U ads land on the fb info page. After learning about Snapped4U, those interested can just click a link to continue on to the website and register. Snapped4U’s wall is mainly used to inform fans and photographers of updates to the site and post other items of interest such as tips and suggestions for making good use of the service.

    Snapped4U ads previously landed on the website, but since they began landing on the info page, the 1000 “Likes” we had in early May have grown to over 3250! So, I like because it grows both my business and my network.

  • I nominate the page Link Fairy!  She has been promoting my page since she opened in May of this year and in less than 4 months has gained over 5,000 followers and really knows her stuff. She helps promote all of us small business owners and I couldn’t be happier with the personal advertisements she creates! She comes up with something funny and witty every time and isn’t just cutting and pasting. She helps us gain customers and fans through throwing monthly auctions and giveaways at no expense to us at all! She really puts  a lot of time into her site to make sure everyone is getting what they want out of it and I love the product reviews! If anyone has a small business and is looking for great personal advertising, Link Fairy is it!

  • Brenda I would like to nominate b/c they are very helpful and have some cute bows and accessories..

  • Dinjohn1

    Thank you.

  • Schwartz Jodi Most definitely recommend.  Here’s a lady who is having a two way conversation with us.  Is listening to understand what is important and is building her business this way.

  • Megan Creaser

     Hair Blooms by Kristen is the BEST!!!!! My daughter ALWAYS look great in the fantastic blooms she makes!! Not to mention I’ve NEVER dealt with such a wonderful person, her customer service is SPOT ON! The blooms are to die for! You can even have her make custom one’s to fit your likings! She is always doing fun games on her page for free or discounted coupons to use, and I couldn’t think of a better item to spend my money on and dress my girls in! The BEST of the BEST!!!

  • Kelixpartners

    I nominate the Facebook page of Precision Paddleboards!/PrecisionPaddleboards because they interact daily with their fans and they know their fans. Every morning they post a picture of the water and give a report on conditions for paddleboarders. They really understand the meaning of engagement. And they have fun with their page.

  • JVFL

    Nominating Precision Paddleboards: They engage their customers and fans throughout the day and give useful information, like a daily SUP report. Good sense of humor and community…

  • Christina i love Link Fairy. she always has great deals and coupons to share. plus money saving tips and ways to use the coupons to save the most of my money. thanks Link Fairy for showing us the way to better savings. 

  • Smpiefer

    I would like to nominate the Facebook page for Paper Source.

    The page is great because it is always sharing images of Paper Source products at work on arts and crafts projects that anyone can do. My favorite example is the photo contest they conducted among Paper Source locations using the sock monkey character as a window display. Absolutely adorable and shows the creativity of the company and staff!

  • Emilygiebel

    Great small company with a personal touch!

  • Disc0rdia

    I nominate GoGreen Pocket Diapers. This business is helping moms save thousands of dollars in disposable diaper costs and helping keep our environment cleaner by providing top quality cloth diapers and accessories at MUCH more affordable prices for us all, especially in today’s struggling economy. Quality customer service and products! I love them!

  • Leah Leverich
    Really great resource for new moms with questions about green parenting and cloth diapering

  • Shibby

    I nominate because it always has loads of interesting information for ferret owners and others interested, The members are really helpful, if anyone has a problem they can give you advice and there’s loads of gorgeous photos. The host posts fantastic articles and asks interesting questions which create interesting conversation around numerous topics, You always learn something new when you visit the site and the members and host all tell fantastic stories about their pets and experiences. it’s like a little community, where everybody is friends and shared interests, and help each other out.

  • I would like to nominate because they show the best about my country and provide all the information that i need.

  • Varada_108
  • I nominate Fan Page Marketing Magic operated by Kimberly LeRiche, a social media enthusiast and fabulous virtual assistant. 

    Kimberly runs a clean, well-thought out site.  She is very attentive to questions and comments posted on her page. Kimberly consistently offers valuable information for small business owners seeking social media information. 
    Generous with her time and just plain ‘nice’, Kimberly goes above and beyond helping out those with social media questions by offering attachments, guides and detailed explanations. Janine Gregor

  • courtney

    i nominate miss priss gifts…shes amazing, works hard, and has great merchandise at great prices and is willing to work with everyone.!/MissPrissGifts

  • Soon2bbriggs1210

    I nominate Hair Blooms by Kristen because she is AWESOME at making blooms, very respectful towards her customers, has excellent customer service skills, always makes sure the customer is happy, and always has a lot of fun on her page! =)

  • Tod Miller61

    Classy Catering Creations is an amazing page. Through the fan page I can keep up to date with the latest in culinary news and information as well as keep up with the blog. Every day Classy Catering Creations adds content to the page that is sometimes funny and educational. This page is a must for any foodie or food lover. I have truly become a better home cook thanks to them.

  • Tod Miller61

    Oops forgot to add the link to the page, but here it is

  • Qu33nb3387

     I nominate Classy Catering Creations. The owner/chef is always right on top of things and always can answer a question you or anyone has about food. I also think that his catering is really unique as he will make anything your heart desires. His page is really easy to figure out and follow and he has contests and pics out winners for free items which I think is really cool!!

  • Princesslucky87

    I love Classy Catering Creations page because you can see the passion and the drive the team has for cooking. They do an awesome job to where I can go into their page and find anything I am looking for and if I cant I can always ask and I get an answer within 24 hours. I also won a contest on there once which I think is really cool.

  • Megan Creaser

    Bands For Arms!!!!! I can’t say ENOUGH about this page!! It is a bracelet company, and the bracelets are made from old, donated military uniforms!! Being a military wife, this just has so much signification to it!!!  All of the bracelets are unique and you will NEVER find something like this anywhere else!!!

  • I nominate Ferret World –  Such a niche and yet such passion and expertise from the owner of the page.

  • overcomingfear7

    Dot Com Diva – Always provides relevant and sage advice, very focused and to the point.

  • Richard Bishop

    Thank you Tod. We truly grateful for your nomination it means a lot to Classy Catering Creations.

  • Richard Bishop

    Thank you Qu33nb3387! Your an awesome supporter and fan. We are privileged to have a slew of fans Classy Catering Creations like you.

  • Richard Bishop

    Thank you Princesslucky87. Classy Catering Creations is excited you feel our page is worthy of a nomination.

  • JenBreitegan

    I nominate Innovative Cosmetic They provide daily affirmations every morning that get the day off to a great start. They offer health and wellness articles, and the Director of their Med Spa posts skin care tips on a regular basis. It’s a really nice mix of content, contests and Facebook discounts. And, most importantly, they engage with their fans.

  • JenBreitegan

    I’d like to nominate Arizona Natural Health Center Right on their welcome page they offer four free healthy living tips sheets for fans to request, on a wide variety of topics. They post quality health and wellness content, and the doctors within the practice each make an effort to post on the page, share content and engage with fans as well.

  • Polina

     I love Bebe Cakes! It has such unique and beautiful baby gifts, along with some fun accessories for adults as well. I have a lot of friends that are having babies and baby showers and was so happy to find this and be able to get something that is so beautifully displayed, that’s useful and affordable. I think a lot of people will like it once they see it.

  • Nathan Gregorich

    I would like to nominate the Museum Ship Valley Camp Facebook Page.  they are located at  This museum Facebook page is brand new as of this year that i have noticed.  The organization that the museum is operated under is the Sault Historic Sites (  They are a non-profit organization.  The museum itself was an old Great Lakes Bulk Carrier Freighter.  The vessel was built in 1917 and sailed a clean bill of health until 1966 when she was retired. The museum is opened since 1968.  I like the Facebook page because it keeps track of daily tours and where the groups are from, daily ship traffic that passes by in the River, as well as various projects that are going on to make the place better.   they are really working at making the page interactive by asking for a lot of input from the fans.   I highly recommend this page! 

  • I nominate FOTOBRIDGE because I can get all my old prints and slides converted into a digital file.
    So Cool!

  • Ritu Khanna

    I nominate 

    An excellent  innovation for all Homeopathy lovers………The page contributes a lot for the knowledge and awareness of Homeopathy……..Gr8 work

  • Takowals

    I pick HiredMyWay!
    Fun questions, video posts, and most importantly, FANTASTIC graphic design work.

  • Kelsey Davis

    I nominate Teeny Weeny ( She is absolutely amazing to work with and we always have the best conversations-even if its not anything regarding her work! Everything she makes is handmade out of clay in ‘teeny’ fashion(miniature pieces). All her work has exceptional detail and is great quality! She offers her pieces as charms, necklaces, or even earrings, and the buyer gets to decide! She’s always more than willing to remake an item, or if you have a custom request, she’s always willing to give it a try and get your approval before sending the item out.

  • Jlanham

    I nominate!  It’s a fun and innovative business that offers fun photography opportunities and creates wonderful memories for people on a moment to moment basis!

  • Jodimanweiler

    I would like to nominate Hair Blooms by Kristen!/hairbloomsbykristen1.
    She does beautiful work and has wonderful costumer service.

  • Aseem

    I would like to
    nominate Uptown Treehouse:
    for the interesting use of design elements used on the Facebook page. There is
    a custom landing/welcome tab that shows all of the latest blog posts and
    integrates visually with the profile picture. There is also a “Are You a Fan
    Yet?” button on the tab that triggers a pop-up menu so visitors can easily like
    the page. Additionally, you’ll find a creative photo strip above the wall that
    always works from a design standpoint no matter what order the images load in.

  • Ali Hume

    I nominate build a little biz had they always have useful content on how to help other small businesses! Hands down best article:


  • LauramKim

    I nominate Uptown Treehouse LLC, a small start-up social media marketing agency with a passionate and dedicated team –

    Laura K. 

  • steve

    Imagine 8 Media has all you need for any and all your social media needs.

  • Mab52!/pages/Bebe-Cakes/191850994166218
    I nominate Bebe Cakes!!  Awesome business! 

  • Corey Eulas because NJ is underrated and I’m a local who enjoys this page!

  • AnushankAnand

    I would like to nominate Uptown Treehouse. I think they are the new thing in the social media marketing world. They seem to be taking the idea to a whole new level.

  • My nomination also goes to

  • Get-it-together

    I nominate Dot Com Diva (  Liz is fantastic and such a joy to learn from. 

  • Kitkat_jarillas

     I nominate Teeny Weeny She has amazingly unique items and always comes up with new stuff. She engages with her fans on a daily basis which keeps her store connected to the people. She also listens to what the fans like which is rare. She’s just awesome! 

  • AmyE.

    I would like to nominate Amanda Ward!/pages/Amanda-Ward-Independent-Scentsy-Consultant/213377678687514  She is not just a business she is a friend to all of her customers. 

  • abigail jacobs

    I would like to nominate Kokopelli Winery & Bistro. Great atmosphere, wonderful food, and fantastic wine! The owners and staff are fabulous! We had our rehearsal dinner there and they made our night absolutely wonderful for us and our guests!! This is their Facebook page:

  • Stacey Mc

    I nominate Tina Pearson White and her team over at Punky Doodle Designs outstanding customer service and beautiful hand made childrens clothing for both boys and girls

    Wonderful customer service create your memories with their designs, no project is too big

  • stacey

    here is Punky Doodles Designs link please they are wonderful and great small business!/PunkyDoodleDesigns

  • Nominating Natalie Alaimo International  Natalie has been a huge help to me as I learn to swim through the social media waters for my business Lifestyle Developers International. Natalie just keeps giving and giving.  Can’t wait to get into her book…..

  • Leanne Roulent

    Nominating the very beautiful and talented Natalie Alaimo of NAI, what an inspiration

  • Yvette Lopez

    I’d like to nominate Isela Espana Design Studio. They create unique marketing tools such as websites, flyers, and business cards locally at great prices. I recently did business with Isela Espana and I was very pleased. She is very knowledgable and has years of experience in her field.

  • Claudia Curici

    I nominate!/voice4charity , a great initiative of a warm hearted friend who wants to help charities and NGOs that can’t afford the services of a PR Agency although they need it the most. Through voice4charity lots of people (or causes, or animals) found already precious help.

  • Theresa Cary Swearingen

    Teeny Weeny on Facebook.

    She has excellent Customer Service, she’s great with other businesses and Helping them expand, Has an excellent product line and reasonable prices.

  • Zoya

    I nominate – great idea and regularly updated page!

  • MM

    I nominate Soul and Spirit,!  I love their clothing line, but more importantly, I love their passion for life!  They posts are always inspiring and draw you in – and they do a great job of enticing you to visit their website, which is really the intention of social media for small businesses.  They rock!

  • Omar Othman

    My nomination goes to Voice4Charity.  The use of social media to a great cause is always a breath of fresh air… best of luck!

  • I’d like to nominate wild bubs designer baby wares because they have some really cool stuff and they are always happy to help.

  • Dimi

    I like this page because they are not flooding the wall with useless info. All the info is very much related to what they do and their stakeholders would like to know.

  • Shazy5000

    I nominate
    Valerie’s Photography is an amazing page she
    always keeps her FB page up to date with her awesome variety of photography, sharing
    current events to her national followers, she has a wonderful blog, and even
    runs competitions to reward her followers.

  • Jichel Stewart

    The graphics on this FB page are gorgeous and I happen to know they are launching tons of new stuff like contests etc in a few days…Worth it to visit often! Besides…who doesn’t like jewelry?

  • Prue

    I have many Liked pages but one that has been especially helpful to me & my business is – her regular posts about FB are very informative & I’ve recommended her page to many colleagues & friends.

  • Mandi
  • Joannefalchi

    I nominate because Natalie educates me and keeps me informed about the latest happenings with social media helping me to build my online business presence

  • Stacey
  • Brenna

    Teething Necklaces is fantastic! I nominate them!

  • Jane Mullikin

    I would like to nominate​/criscreation-photography/2479​63985878 because Cris is devoting her whole life to her pictorial portrayal of the world as she continues to move from country to country.

  • Mary Thomas

    I would like to nominate Ecco UK  Loads of engagement and tips not only about shoes but also the happenings in their local area.  

  • camcontacts We’d like to nominate it as the brand is doing something totally unique for it’s sector on Facebook, and provides a fun and refreshing look at the world of erotica.

  • I nominate Pink Kisses of Facebook page These lovely ladies are dedicated to empowering women and giving them the tools they need to feel good about themselves when they feel at their lowest. Their products and tools hit every right note when a woman needs a pick me up, their blog is honest and accessible, and their Facebook page reflects their compassion and soul, and the love and respect they have for all women. Love this page!

  • bernadette mc

    Best site for local events, tips and information on local businesses.   bernadette

  • Erinjosh3

    I like Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry because they post funny, yet relevant posts and take the “fear factor” out of going to the dentist for kids!

  • Build a little Biz has been an AWESOME tool to help me build my little biz.  I nominate

  • Lea Ann

    My nomination is for Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry,  They have informative posts for parents as well as cute jokes for the kids 🙂

  • Gloria Rand

    I nominate Coach Jenn Lee’s page. ( She is an awesome business coach, with an upbeat personality and plenty of great advice.

  • I nominate Hired MY Way,
    is the premier online recruitment website driven by results for job
    candidates, employers and referrers. The Detroit-based company launched
    in 2010 with the goal of putting people back to work.

  • Leah Johnson

    Rosemary Perdue – Arbonne Representative

  • Kim

    I nominate the Little Soap Company – Wonderful soap and outstanding customer service

  • Brittany would like to nominate Seaside Vacations of the Outer Banks. I think they are very interactive with their fans and post great information on all things related to the area. They do fun giveaways and offer daily discounts on vacation rental homes. It is a great one stop shop for all Outer Banks information and happenings. It really helped me discover the area when I moved here as well!

  • Lisa Mabe

    My fav small biz Facebook page is Saffron Road! (
    Their content is always engaging and relevant to their audiences lives — plus they’ve gained A LOT more “likes” lately for their current Ramadan campaign.

  • I nominate Loco Gringo because their Mexico related posts and fun
    contests keep me informed and in touch with my favorite vacation place –
    even when I am stuck here at work.

  • I nominate LocoGringo a fun facebook page that is engaging, and keeps everyone in vacation mode even when they are not on vacation.  We enjoy great input from our fans with about 50% of them participating monthly.  We grown to over 8,000 fans in 18 months.

  • Eva

    I nominate: . Camcontacts is succeeding to make people feel comfortable in an adult product environment by addressing the erotic subject from a rather humorous point of view.  

  • Gloria Rand

    I’d like to nominate this page:  Gordon Boardway of ProTect Painters does a great job educating his fans about home decorating. He uses lots of photos, and gets quite a bit of engagement on his page.

  • potter … Limelight helps musicians and artists clear the rights to record cover songs.  They have a vibrant and engaged social media community and keep their members constantly abreast of industry trends, useful tips, and interesting events.

  • Ben

    The small business HiredMyWay is awesome!  I think its great because you have the ability to find a job, get rewarded for helping someone find a job, or post professional jobs on their site.  HiredMyWay is an overall great small business.

  • taimur

    I like the game video section on their page a lot.

  • ScottinAkumal

    I nominate Locogringo’s facebook fan page.  It’s such a great travel resource for the the Riviera Maya!

  • I nominate High Impact Designer I like the page because they have a really nice landing tab design that utilizes fan-gated content.  They also post relevant blog posts, questions, and images frequently (though not too frequently) on their news feed.  I would also like to add that they do a great job at replying to their fan base, sometimes within minutes of a post. 

    They have a total package, enticing designs and an engaged community.

  • Erik

    I’d like to nominate Limelight (, the cover song clearance service, because of the page’s great presence and links to artists’ different cover songs and related content.

  • Veronicap

    I nominate DigiStream Media- an online marketing company that offers a wealth of vital information for businesses to be competitive and profitable in today’s changing marketplace. The free eBook is awesome!

  • David

    I nominate because they use video to talk to me, much less stressful than bad grammar and poorly spelt text.

  • Angieburton!/ApplicationBling   Page for Application Bling is great because not only does it promote a great website that helps teens (or any age job applicant) get jobs, it also provides very useful, relative tips for teens, tweens, and collage kids looking to start working.  The design is professional, yet fun and they don’t overwhelm fans with too many posts, and aren’t self-promotion.  Not many fans yet – still in infancy having launched only a few months ago.

  • Jackie

    I would like to nominate the Limelight Facebook page seen here:

    The folks at RightsFlow, a licensing and royalty service provider, have an online service called “Limelight,” which streamlines and simplifies the process of obtaining mechanical licenses for musicians recording cover songs. Instead of just promoting this service, the Limelight Facebook page is really geared towards musician needs. It provides FAQs, responds to questions, supports independent artists by posting about them, and provides links to helpful resources. The page also provides daily updates of featured posts on the Limelight Blog: featured partners, “how-to” articles for musician needs, guest posts from industry professionals, articles on independent artists who have used the service, and many more. The Limelight Facebook page always tags the people and companies in its Facebook posts, helping them gain more fans and providing resources for all users.

    It is also nice to be able to put a face with the company, which is exactly what the Limelight Facebook page does. There are many pictures of employees, events the company has attended or presented, independent artists, and even a few celebrity sightings. The Limelight Facebook page makes RightsFlow and its Limelight service seem like an old pal who just wants to help the music community, rather than a company looking out for its best interests.

  • Griffindy

    everyone should check out, because not only are they a small business with a great Facebook page, it’s their business to help others make Facebook pages!

  • Arpit Roy Chowdhury

    Please visit High Impact Designer to find how you can build your Facebook page :

  • I nominate because this page is regularly updated and is the best ever page Ive ever seen on HPathy…

  • I nominate Sneak Peek Productions. Unusual, titillating, and thought provoking tidbits of historical trivia posted every day to delight and educate the friends on Facebook.. The second annual Sneak Peek Productions Trivia Game just finished with a winner receiving a wonderful gift basket.

  • ANON

    I nominate Creative Marketing Partners- Miami, Fl.

  • Bridget Willard

    I nominate ZipzShoes.
    I’m not sure if they qualify as a “small business” but they do a great job with their page.
    My blog post why is here:

  • Roxanne

    I nominate because they are a leader in their field, being the only industrial repair service that has taken Social Media seriously by actively engaging daily and providing information to their fans as well as taking a leading role in the rapidly growing trend of #FBLT (Facebook liking Tuesday) on twitter, to promote their Facebook page as well as other business fan pages.

  • Xtyruis

    I like the Hydros Bottle page . They do good work as well as have a great product!

  • GHunter3016

    I would like to elect Hydros Bottle! It is a filtering water bottle that builds water projects across the world.

  • Here’s my nomination: Thank you!

  • Ryan

    I nominate White Strobe Photography
    Their FB page is constantly updated with new images in all facets of photography…

  • nigel

    Creative, imaginative and innovative photo-taking is what cris’creation photography is all about.

    I nominate La Gazzetta Italiana, an Italian American newspaper based out of Cleveland, Ohio. The publication evokes communal pride by recognizing the strong Italian heritage, traditions and culture through articles, upcoming social events and local achievements. The readers are captivated with the many articles that highlight the Italian connection to the past, present and future. 

    They have recently tackled the social media world via Facebook and Twitter to bring the news and updates to the Italian American community more often. They are growing fast, engaging friends and followers and seeing great results! Congrats to La Gazzetta for all their hard work! I look forward to seeing what else is in store for this great publication!

  • Kdatica!/locogringomexico – Very fun, informative, and interactive!

  • JoelA
  • Ojoconnor

    I nominate because they give you all the information you need right there, are interactive with contests and questions, and the whole idea of the company is just a great idea.

  • Diana

    I nominate PARAGON Leadership International (, an Executive Coaching and Leadership Development company, because their Facebook page is vibrant, helpful and inspirational information on leadership, has a great welcome page and hosts a variety of other media outlets including YouTube, BandPage, LInkedIn and Twitter.
    Social Media Examiner’s helpful tips were instrumental to the page’s creator (a colleague of mine) in designing a great page!

  • Smealy

    Blue Star Design is a small firm in Cleveland, Ohio and their facebook page rocks!  It is very rarely a platform for their own sales — but a clearing house for all things wonderful, weird and awesome around the design world.  Something tickles their fancy, inspires them, makes them question something and they post it.  I stumble upon the most interesting things thanks to them.

    Plus, every Thursday they give away a free professionally designed flyer to a non-profit in need.  It’s a handy tool, and my nonprofit ended up investing in the program — so it’s a clever marketing tool for them, as well!

  • Thank you so much Nigel xoxo 🙂

  •, Rachel, founder of The Yogipreneur is an awesome woman. She shares her knowledge on how to create and maintain a conscious business, while still having time to devote to your personal life. She offers an incredible amount of free information in addition to her services. She is always posting extremely helpful and relevant links to other business coaches, yogis, and alternative health professionals for further tips and advice. She rocks!

  • John

    I nominate .
    Sonic Electronix FB page is a great place to get expert advice, monthly contests and share your passion with other enthusiasts.

  • Andrea

    The comment box is way at the bottom of the comments. Somewhat of a design flaw really.

  • Andrea

    It’s all the way at the bottom of the page.

  • Laura

    Loco Gringo!
    Always entertaining and always providing great information on travel to the Riviera Maya. On top of that they are just really great people!

  • Andrew Facepainting

    I recon SiteSell is a very cool business idea and the support they give is great

  • This is a really good and engaging small business page:

  • Hillary

    I’d like to nominate Cosmopolitan Medical Communications, They just celebrated their 35th anniversary! It’s an incredible company with an incredible team.

  • Jo Douglas

    This facebook page is owned by an Australian lady who promotes tried and tested, true blue, dinky di, work-first-time recipes.  She showcases these recipes on her website – and the recipes are free.  Her income is made solely by any advertising shown on her website, which is really well designed and written.

  • Definitely have to throw up for nomination. 

    Dwolla is a unique payment network, based in Des Moines, IA, bent on being social, secure and cheap from the get-go. Not only do we allow users to send and receive money via their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, but we also do it the cheapest (25 cents per transaction, no matter how high the purchase amount). We also were the first to pioneer location-based mobile payments with Dwolla Spots. It’s a heck of a product that’s good for all parties involved.We use Facebook to help build our brand, community and even the product itself. Thanks for the opportunity! 

  • Voodou is perhaps the most “liked” Hair Salon in the world 🙂

    Witty, engaging and cheeky – just like their home city of Liverpool.

  • Sue-Anne Hickey

    I’d like to nominate Natural-Health, a new Facebook page with a super useful, health tip every day.

  • Ajcanthony

    I would like to nominate Postplanner:
    for doing schedule future posts to fan pages without leaving Facebook
    > schedule photos, links, videos and status updates
    > set posts to repeat at customized intervals and durations
    > choose different time zones for different posts
    > get email notifications when posts publish
    > see all your planned posts listed chronologically

    and have an amazing customer service

  • Heather

    Because their page boasts a great combination of positive daily affirmations, information on monthly specials, sharing great online content, and hosting regular contests with awesome prizes, I nominate Dr Todd Malan’s page at!/DrToddMalan.

  • PhillipaKiripatea

    For the best natural parenting tips, I’d like to nominate

  • Momfig

    I nominate Stone Yoga for it’s wonderful job of bringing yoga to the people.

  • I’ll nominate Holiday World and their PR director Paula Werne. They are a small, family-owned amusement park with a passion for families, friendliness, and fun. Paula’s blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page were some of the first in the industry and have led the way for every other theme park to follow suit.

  • I’d like to nominate our company Facebook page (if that’s allowed):

    At PostcardMania, we keep our page simple, fun and full of helpful marketing tips for small business owners. Not only is our page a great resource for our fans, it also acts as a lead gen tool with easy subscription forms. We also like to keep things light and fun with tons of company pics and funny moments 🙂

  • Mcveymeghan

    This is a great page:
    It’s new, recently created, but has a lot of potential.  As I mentioned in my post on the site, my fiance and I got a dog from silver dog kennels and I just have fabulous things to say about the owners, dogs and treatment of the dogs.  Hopefully they can ramp up their posts before the contest is over – but maybe this contest would be a great way for them to get the exposure they deserve.

  • I really think the winner should be Illegal Jacks – We’re talking about a fantastic social media awareness campaign, all natural, all earned and all carefully balanced. There’s a reason why the social media folk of Edinburgh started to go to Illegal Jacks and that was the buzz it created. The reason why they go back? The food at atmosphere are lovely. It’s an easy SME to recommend. 

  • Anthonydublin22 as it has everything you need from pictures, videos, menus, conversations about food etc. Who needs a website. Great Restaurant in Dublin, Ireland!

    We are a family owned and operated business with a A+ rating with the BBB



  • Mary
  • Adam Weart

    I nominate the (non-profit) Elizabeth Smart Foundation – Working to help keep children safe –

  • Alan_taveras

    I love the idea of learning language with subtitled music videos, as a high school student i need practice that’s not boring.The only social network that helps you learn a new language.

  • I’d like to nominate MyLingo’s fanpage. It’s the best place to learn a new language. Rosetta Stone is old news!. Here you can watch subtitled music videos, play games and interact with people from all over the world!

  • Jill White

    I’d like to nominate Cohesive Creative and Code. They are a small business located in Hudson, IA. Check out the video they created and posted to announce their new office 🙂

  • elis

    I´d like to nominate Kabli Pagar….Its small lil shop and bakery in very small Village in Estonia….but they make most delicious cakes, churros and etc…… 

  • Mwertz

    I would like to nominate the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries’ Facebook page. It provides Pa notaries with excellent tips, news items and some fun stuff.

  • LRMoore

    Engaging, interactive Facebook page is Fire-Dex out of Medina, OH :  Nice welcome landing page, good impressions, very connected within the fire communities, AND Fire-Dex is going Hollywood in the upcoming film Fire with Fire (scheduled release 2012 starring Bruce Willis and Josh Duhamel)

  • Msalajjr

    offering step-by-step guidance on how to become a notary in Pennsylvania. Go to

  • Kelly Skellenger

    I nominate Seba Dizajn:  Awesome small business owned by a fabulous couple, making the most beautiful jewelry in Korcula, Croatia!

  • guest

    New Jersey Family is a great page!  They keep you up to date on everything in the NJ/NYC area, host fun contests and are extremely responsive to fan posts:

  •​ejefferiesphotography id like to nominate valerie jefferies photography, her photography is amazing, shes very talented in what she does and more people need to see her masterpieces. 

  • Jenn Deakins

    Love Passionately Rivalicious for all collegiate apparel and accessories! Beautiful new products always posted on the facebook page!

  • Norman

    I nominate Mike Hill’s page

  • Tucker Theresa

    I nominate Rosemary Perdue’s Arbonne small business.  She keeps everyone up to date on health and beauty products.  Her knowledge of her products is outstanding, and her care & concern for others is exceptional.  Theresa Tucker

  • CarlaMunoz

    Innovative and creative design! Truly amazing.

  • I would like to nominate Passionately Rivalicious because they are so enthusiastic about collegiate sports and love to get their clients involved as well.  Their merchandise is all modern and creative for collegiate apparel and allows people to show their school spirit in a more exciting way. 

  • Lindsey
    The givezooks! Facebook page serves as a resource for nonprofits, distributing content from around the web, providing useful tips, tricks and insights from their blog, and even finding time to have a little bit of fun with their audience. Their page is branded and they share a variety of story types including photos, links, videos and questions, all directed at their target audience of small to medium sized nonprofits. 

  • Alandoherty2011

    I like always makes me hungry with their updates and specials!

  • Great promotions for fans with this Dublin Restaurant

  • This restaurant is pretty cool at what it does!

  • Teeswan

    I’d like to nominate a FAB photographer Cristin Fischer and her photography FB. Some very stunning pics ,,,I’m sure there’s something that would appeal to everyone :0)​/criscreation-photography/2479​63985878

  • Sesliefitzpatrick

    I want to nominate @hair blooms by kristen  she is a great person and always is on time ,has great products!im a huge fan and can always depent on her …

  • Msaonika

    I would like to Nominate Obeo – they are great for virtual tours AND they are cutting edge for all of the latest in Real Estate Marketing!  Thank you –  MsAonika

  • Linda Cohen

    I would like to Nominate Obeo for this award.  Fantastic Page. 

  • I would like to nominate Sneak Peek Productions on Facebook. It is a great site for a very good company.

  • NJ Family Magazine has tons of great ideas for fun activities for kids and families throughout the state! Excellent, reliable resource.

  • Candice Reyes

    I nominate Paragon Leadership International since it has been doing a great job of updating the site, creating a bandpage and sharing relevant information.

  • Tory

    Monogram Lane is a great small business run by two fabulous ladies.  They always have great new products and love to help customers pick out products or gifts to personalize for their unique needs!

  • Ngiammarino80

    My favorite is following the W Scottsdale at!!!  They keep
    you in the know on when they have great deals and the latest fun events that
    they’re known for!

  • Cortnee Loren Brown

    Its got to be the Yogipreneur!​ipreneur


    HowToMarketYourHOrseBusiness brings social media to the business of horses. Here we have developed a niche of ‘horse-people’ who are very good at the day to day operation of their horse businesses but maybe not very  social network – savvy. HowToMarketYourHorseBusiness offers direct insight, help, community, resources and a place to share our social media triumphs with other (horse)community minded people. HowToMarketYourHorseBusiness has helped me bring my own page to new heights, developed my social networking skills, and grown my social netwwok base to international levels.~Laura

  • Chris
  • Photojack16

    I love W Scottsdale’s facebook page!  They are always doing special rates to show facebook fans their appreciation.  They keep us up to date with their events and have great prizes for giveaways. 


    I like the Facebook page for Innergy Corporate Yoga – – it’s nicely designed and you can contact them right from the page. Pretty slick! It was designed by BOOST Design + Marketing, who designed our logo:

  • I’d like to nominate the‘s  Facebook page. They always have interesting posts. They are awesome and do great work!!/pages/FotoBridge/198504754273

  • I”d like to nominate‘s website because they have some fun contests and they know how to engage their followers.

  • Jennifer Waugh

    I’d like to nominate The Yogipreneur @ where Racheal Cook gives an abundance of practical business tips to be more effective in business so you can enjoy more time doing what you love…in particular being with your family. I don’t know how she does it all as a mother of 2 young twins! She walks her talk thats for sure!

  • Vicjlewis

    I’d like to nominate Intrepid Travel

  • Susan Allen

    I would like to nominate Intrepid Travel 🙂

  • Vodka_jellys

    Intrepid Journeys.    Awesome company and brilliant service, choices etc. Love them to bits.

  • Tiffany Emigh Williams

    I nominate Intrepid Travel, they are full of great knowledge and have exciting contests! They are the BEST!!!

  • Kflintie

    I’d like to nominate Intrepid Travel!/intrepidtravel

    They provide great tips on places to travel and connect you with others that love Intrepid as much as you do!  They’re the best!!!

  • Nicole Marchment

    I nominate Intrepid Travel for their interactive content, competitions and useful travel information.

  • Caroleko

    I would like to nominate Classy Catering Creations page. It is easy to follow with new things every day: such as Word of The Day, U.S. History, and cooking tips. It also hosts trivia questions with uniques prizes. If your a foodie, this is the site for you!!/ClassyCateringCreations?sk=wall

  • Queen_dotb

    The most effective and well-thought-out tips and guidance I have found is from MOSTraining (Ms. Donna Gilliland)! She is really savvy with all forms of social media and stays ahead of the latest new ideas and products! Find her here:

    Dottie Hargrove

  • My vote is for Intrepid Travel 
    They are a very engaging company who keep you up to date with information and tips on travel all around the world. Its also a great meeting point for all like minded people who want to share their experiences and advice. The often held competitions are also a great pull for advertising and marketing of their products which attracts the interest of the consumer. 

  • Blue1eyes20

    I’d like to nominate Intrepid Travel.  They have a great page that is fun and interesting to browse.  It is also extremely educational about the many different and spectacular places that they travel to.  I have learned so much through their latest contest, which includes ten trivia questions you have to answer correctly to be entered in it.  Beautiful pictures, and down to earth interaction with those that comment and use their page!  Great small business!!

    Robin Meglio

  • Jbellson

    I love Intrepid travel competitions … the mystery, the alure of the rest of the world …anything is possible!  Julie

  • Joel

    Intrepid Travel:

    Joining their tour through Cambodia and Vietnam opened my eyes up so much more to south-east Asia than when I did it on my own.

  • Robin Williams

    I’m nominating Holiday Lanes in Bossier City, not only because it’s part of my job to keep it updated, but because the proprietor of the company encourages FUN! Bowling is fun for every one and it’s a great way to stay active. Check it out:

  • Cj Lambert

    I would like to nominate Intrepid Travel!!/intrepidtravel   They are really amazing and take the time to make every life experience special through their travel company.

  • Slickster77

    I like because I got to dine for free with them and they always have unique prices just for people linked up on facebook! 

  • Extreme content might be good. ? Don’t know, because it’s cut off on the right margin. Might want to have someone take a look, as it kind of precludes it as a good example.

  • Nicolemew

    FriscoSquare because they have amazing photos on the fb pages

  • the entrepreneurial mother

    I nominate Business Mums blog…
    Not only because it is the GO to site for business mums, but also because the quality of the content surpasses most of the other lame and inaccurate information around relating to contracting type arrangements for business mums…

    By far, one of the most universally inspiring, motivating, and powerfully function FB-pages in the webosphere!

  • Angela Vollmer

    I nominate Fort Benning Area Guide for my favorite small business. Kim Olive, the administrator, updates everyone on what is going on around Ft. Benning and Columbus, GA. Also, anyone can go to her site and find helpful info on just about any subject. The link to the site is:

    Angela Vollmer

  • Wanderer

    Intrepid Travel!  Great links to new adventures, excellent spread of pictures and info to keep you going….

  • I’m putting in a nomination for Absolutely the best FB page in my list. Not only do they offer great services and competitions, they also reply to their fans and have succeeded in creating a beautiful travel community. Go Intrepid travel! 

  • Victoria Grundle

    I nominate Intrepid Travel.!/intrepidtravel   Thanks to them, I had one of my best vacations ever!  And I love seeing photos from other people’s vacations!

  • Berni

    I’d like to nominate http://www.Aussie-True-Blue-Recipes.comThey have outstanding recipes, ideas and photo’s on their FB page. They are also very friendly and reply to all comments/questions. I wish them the very best!

  • Lilyjazz

     Intrepid Travel!  Helping people to ‘think outside the square’ and explore ‘off the beaten track’…more than just ‘cardboard-cut-out’, ‘cookie-cutter’ holidays..but adventures of a lifetime!!!

  • Becky

    I’m nominating ‘Steampunk Courture’!/steampunkcouture Kato is amazing, talented and creates the most awesome clothing and accessories!! She’s adorable.. got Kato!!

  • I’d like to nominate Literary Underground.!/pages/Literary-Underground/189217774433029
    Several independent authors combine forces to proofread, edit and advertise each others’ books and other writing projects to ready them for publication. A great cooperative effort by some talented independent authors.

  • Nitesh Nath

    I’d like to nominate DigiStream Media because their approach to online marketing is something that I find is truly unique and ingenious to a large degree. Their Facebook page also deserves the glory that DSM has and will continue to find because of it’s both helpful and engaging to their clients.

  • Andrew

    I nominate Pollini Design Accessories –!/PolliniDesign. Her facebook is very dynamic, alway changing and interacting with her customers.

  • Kristina Ferraribarrett

    My nomination is MediaBoss.  They are small video content creation house that produces big results for their clients.  They do everything from digital media, social television, to television series and music artist videos.  They are full of creative talent that knows how to have fun with their followers.  They keep their followers engaged by posting fun videos for music mondays, sending out fun useful links to articles and sharing funny thoughts that keep you waiting for the next post.   Below is there facebook page

  • Fiona

    I would like to nominate Artisan Gallery!/pages/Artisan-Gallery/438527840654 a small art gallery in Tasmania, Australia because their products are fantastic, they use their facebook page to promote up coming exhibitions and events, and they don’t overload you with constant posts. You can also make purchases through their website which is great for gifts.

  • I nominate  😉

  • Tara Choules

    Dog Training Ireland: Updates several times a day, subject specific content, lots of training info and WAY cute dog pictures!

  • Lorraine

    I would like to nominate!/DogTrainingIreland as they are just amazing. They keep you informed of how your pet is doing during the day. They give the most amazing help and are just lovely

  • I nominate They are a small English teaching company, they keep it simple and fun. The feedback is super fast and they are incredibly helpful!

  • I’d like to nominate:

    Based on the Blue Creek’s Corporate identity, it is a simple page with thought behind as it has been set up with the scope of putting people from the Page into the Website where the user can get better information without any distractions.

  • Ronan Kenny

    I nominate Dog Training Ireland ( as their Facebook page has informative articles about things that interest me, plus they keep customers up to date with what is going on and also brighten up my day with nice pictures.

  • Jeff

    Simple, to the point, gives you the right feeling of a restaurant on the sea, & inter relates perfectly with their website!

  • Dmitry Lambrianov

    I’d like to nominate this page:
    They do business very well, respond to all queries from their customers, have wonderful support on Facebook and don’t forget about promotions. 

  • alex mackay power batteries for supplying quality extended size batteries for power hungry android devices.always assist with any query you make to them,they are never to busy that they cant help you out.

    The Dog Training Ireland facebook page is what facebook should be all about, sharing information in an easy to understand, fun, accessible to all, way, promoting social responsibility, offering free advice and links to help people with their pet questions and giving people the opportunity to see photos and videos of their beloved pet in daycare, as well as training classes and general top tips such as how to care for your dog in warm weather. DTI are passionate about dogs and passionate about maximising their use of facebook as a social medium to promote responsible dog ownership and just enjoying our dogs. They are a small business with a huge heart and a very loyal and enthusiastic facebook/dogbook following, they are most deserving of the Facebook Page Award 🙂

  • alex mackay

    the link appeared broken in my initial post here is my vote

  • I wish to nominate Mugen

    My phone’s factory battery lasted hours where this one lasts days, the company packages the products they sell quite well and the instructions on battery care quite clear.

  • Mivro33

    I nominate because of their great support and quick reactions. Not the mention great products.

  • Dog Training Ireland –!/DogTrainingIreland They use their business page for the education of dog owners, as well accepting bookings for their daycare and advertising special events – and promoting other small businesses!

  • Love  the blog at Martin Pierce.  Anne and Martin create beautiful custom hardware and share freely the hows and whys of their creations.

  • Realized my vote for Happy Chair included a link to their website not facebook.  Here is the correct link

  • Anna

    I’d like to nominate “Intrepid Travel”

  • I would like to nominate BishopsMove Their facebook page is updated regularly and very informative on moving house, removal and business relocation.They are really engaged with their customers giving them tips and advice on all kinds of topics related to moving.

  • Rob 885

    I’d like to nominate The page is extremely up-to-date with the latest news and offers. It also has a facebook app integrated within the page which is in sync with the website, making navigation to restaurant menus and other areas of interest extremely easy.

  • Guest

    I would like to nominate Rush Wilson Ltd, a traditional men’s clothier located in downtown Greenville,SC. They carry all the brands you would want, have a professional and friendly sales staff, and provide excellent customer service. They want to please. This small business and the individuals themselves are involved in a variety of activities to make Greenville a great place to live and work. RW Ltd uses social media including Facebook to help market their business, provide timely and educational articles of interest, and to communicate with their friends and customers.

  • Cheryl Hart

    I nominate FREADO Their facebook page offers great book trivia that gives you points toward FREE books! Their site also offers fun games for points. It’s the perfect site for BOOK LOVERS. Who doesn’t want free books??

  • Mugen Power Batteries 

    They reply to your queries on their wall openly, and reply to your comments. They include youtube / twitter on their page for keeping you even further up to date and ofcourse discount codes which always come in handy when buying more of their products!


    Kim is a great resource for anything online, business, marketing and social media. Her page is active, available and engaging.

  • Because this is one of the coolest business concepts: Green living, promotes other small, local businesses and the owner is funny!

  • Because this is an awesome place to hang out and enjoy this great community!!!

  • I second Karyn Greenstreet’s Passion for Business Page: .It’s a great blend of business with a touch of personal.  Karyn’s a great coach!

  • I like this page for their support and strong customer engagement

  • Michael Wright

    Dennis Kirk, is a world class company, top products, top service.Dennis Kirk

  • Ytzarivas

    I will like to nominate SoCo Sports – Sport and Social Club –  It’s a small family business that organizes and facilitates coed recreational sports leagues and activities for adults in Sarasota, FL.  I personally run the page, and I do my best to read and keep my self in the loop about the latest social media trend and a honest feedback will be super appreciate it! – Thank you in advance for the opportunity.

  • Savingsbreaths

    I nominate Crystal Love Jewelry’s page because it is professional, colorful and inviting.  

  • Angelhauler

    i nominate Dennis Kirks page..he always has helpful inmornmation for bikers !!
    Dennis Kirk

  • Mary Tierney

    I recommend Rush Wilson Limited – a local men’s clothing store. They provide lot’s of information on how to dress and act like a gentleman in addition to letting me know the sales and items they have in the store. They are at: 

  • Sade Tellar I'd like to nominate Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries. I really enjoy the fun graphics and tabs. The “Boardwalk TV” tab is really cool, I feel like I am at a drive through movie on the dock of the boardwalk. Their “History” tab makes me feel like I am laying on the beach towel with the sand and scope graphics. I think they do a great job with bringing the beach to the guest. I also appreciate how it is a business page that is modest. It seems to be consumer appreciation driven.Their photo albums are loaded with hundreds of pictures of guests at individual store locations and the funny pictures of the staff make me feel more connected to my local store. I like how they have contests and polls and give announcements for local store prizes and rewards as well. Thanks!

  • Holly

    I would like to nominate:
    gardengrocer of clermont, florida

  • holly
  • Singram

    I nominate Grass Roots Eco Cleaners + Market.
    My dry cleaning no longer smells like harsh chemicals thanks to their Eco Dry Cleaning and they sell wonderful soaps that are made in Texas.

  • Lara K Hansen

    Nominating Granada Theater – hip informative page providing up to date info on local concerts! witty banter included for free 🙂

  • Mavyh

    I have chosen to nominate “ABA English”‘s page because it is really interactive, funny and dynamic : they post quizz almost everyday, they interact a lot with their customers!

  • Tracey

    I’d like to nominate Intimate U.  I like the fact that they post on a regular basis, their posts let me know what’s going on at their shop, and they always bring a smile to my face.

  • Kingkris13

    I nominate

    Their focus may be to sell their businesses and lifestyle to their fans, but Frisco Square goes beyond self promotion with their Facebook page.  Frisco Square’s focus on our local community is second to none.  Whether it’s sports results, cupcake flavors of the day, or promotion for local charities Frisco Square has us covered.

  • Emily

    I’d like to nominate Intimate U for this contest!  Intimate U is a fine lingerie and makeup boutique in Lexington, VA.  Their facebook page is full of interaction with customers, photos of in-store products and events, and it always links us to their interesting blog posts!

  • I really like this page from Brisbane, Australia. The Organised Housewife
    always posts genuinely useful information,is consistent, has great content, engages
    well and is out there to help others. I just like it. Oh, and yes, we
    use ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ in our spelling of ‘organised’ 🙂

  • I nominate Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries.  One of the best Facebook initiatives I have seen.

  • Mark Neary

    I like this page becuase they are the best at looking after my dog and make him so happy.  If he’s happy, I’m happy.

  • Mark Neary

    I like this page becuase they are the best at looking after my dog and make him so happy. If he’s happy, I’m happy.!/DogTrainingIreland

  • Guest

    Well, this is a pretty poorly-designed contest.  They don’t even tell you the top 10 nominees!  How do I know who to vote for?  It only says to make a comment to cast your vote.  They couldn’t even set up a simple set of checkboxes to select and hit “submit”.  Wouldn’t this be much easier on them than having to manually go through and read all of the comments to tally up votes?

  • Running man  Its called tommie copper. they make are a small business in new york that has a great line of products! 

  • Kitten boy

    You probably didn’t read the description at all. 
    “Please make a single nomination by leaving a comment below”
    then,”We track and score the nominations, then our panel of judges helps determine the top 10 small business Facebook pages.”

    So you don’t vote, you only nominate. really couldn’t be more clear in my opinion

  • Ashton

    Thank you for your consideration

  • Dillon Bianchi

    I nominate Uptown Treehouse.

    Uptown Treehouse offers outstanding social media marketing insight through their Facebook posts.

  • Alicia M.

    I’d like to nominate
    The Frisco Square facebook page is a great resource to learn about events and happenings in the Frisco area.

  • I nominate:

    Elad rocks! 😀

  • Courtney

    Frisco Square

  • I nominate  Their facebook page is very fun and engaging…plus you can go to their welcome page a print a FREE Birthday Banner.

  • Pablo, thanks for reaching out. Extreme John is actually doing a page redesign that is set to be released before tomorrow. He was grateful for your comment when I shared it with him. He definitely is a worthy of a nomination, so I’m grateful to you for pointing this out. Have a great day! Much kindness, Elena

  • HandwrittenbyHeather
  • Abby LaDuke

       I would like to nominate because of all of the insider info on events!

  • Nykhail

    I would like to nominate Frisco Square

    One of the last independent record stores in the country. The store is like a blend of the best of Spencer’s and Hot Topic with a record store thrown in. They also have motorcycle rider accessories, and some of the best candles you could ever burn.

  • I would like to nominate The Literary Underground!/LitUnderground – which features works by up and coming authors.  The page shares informative about the publishing business and also hosts weekly LitPod interviews which are fun and enjoyable.

  • Ntxdvr

    I want to nominate Balkus Welding in Pemberton NJ – Excellent welding, metal fabrication, custom work on small engines and parts, repairs to all farm and home machinery, blade sharpening – you name it – this guy can do it. The local bike shops in the area all recommend him.

  • Jorg Junghann has my vote…well, I am a Biker and its a great site. 

  • Ssecora

    I nominate The Literary Underground.

  • My nomination goes to The ‘s facebook page at  
    They are an amazing bunch of people, lots of fun, and extremely talented! 😀
    If you like to read, you should check them out.

  • Gumbynik
  • Giedrius

    I would like to nominate – for interesting strategy engaging with local business by creating a local photo album.
    Also for the idea to engage with the local community and crowdsource content for the hard copy of the magazine.

    What a fantastic resource this has become for independent authors!  The group strives to make the independently-published/e-book movement far more polished and professional than it has been so far, all while retaining the irreverent style that has so far made the movement a revolution in publishing.  The group has celebrated the successes of several of its own authors, and even launched a pet project called Choose Or Die — and interactive blog project whereby the audience decides what direction to take the action of the story in progress, and to which multiple authors contribute.

    It’s fascinating to see the changes in the book-buying business, especially when contrasted against new and entrepreneurial groups like this one.

  • Metal Hedz is my favorite record store of all time!

  • RaShelle Workman

    I nominate Literary Underground!/LitUnderground

  • Julieoboyle

    I nominate FotoBridge!/pages/FotoBridge/198504754273   The page is fun, informative and has great pictures to look at all the time (good for a photo Site) and the offer great deals to their fans.  Take a look

  • tcrossley

    Awesome company. Shares a lot of photography tips, deals, contests & polls

  • Lost-angle

    I’d like to nominate It’s a small consulting firm with great personality that really shows on their page.

  • Mary Owen

    MacArthur OB/GYN is using Facebook to change the face of medicine. They’ve built a thriving patient community where new and expectant mothers can share their birth stories and more importantly where all women can go to learn about women’s health. They are helping patients make informed decisions before they even reach the office. Check them out at

  • I nominate Kimberly Castleberry

  • Tranghamm

    I nominate Sage Construction and Real Estate for their great social media efforts. It’s difficult to penetrate a market that is not traditionally into social media. They are doing a great job, they want to be the leader and are making it happen with appropriate resources and training for employees, customers, and partners.

  • Nikkifoley10

    I want to nominate Passionately Rivalicious!!!! What makes this small business different is the true passion they have for what they do! Their posts vary from stellar gameday outfits for all ages to whats going on in the world of Big 12 and SEC football! But I must say my favorite posts are the ones about their non profit group Passion Play Sports! This small business is doing BIG things and my news feed is always filled with fun facts, awesome football promo videos that really get me rived up for this fall, and fun ways for fans to interact!!! Love all of there products and sweepstakes!!!!! This company is about celebrate there first year and I for one am amazed as to the followers they are bringing in!! This small business is a give in for top ten!

  • jj

    BikersPost’s Fanpage Gets my nomination. They’re great for all types of info for all bikers.

  • Jenny Price Jenkins

    I nominate MacArthur OB/Fun’s Facebook page. Not only is it a great place to find out information about the practice, but it is a great community builder. From sharing pictures to having discussions with other patients, it has mad me as a patients, I feel like I am a part of something great.

  • Stephanie Jacobson

    I’d like to nominate Itsy Bitsy Bums!

  • Kate Walsh

    Love love love MediaBoss Television!!!
    Always excited to see what they come out with next!

  • Jenny Price Jenkins

    MacArthur OBGYN deserves this award. Not only is their Facebook page a convient place to research the facility, it is a great community builder. It allows everything from sharing pictures to having discussions with other patients. I am proud to say I am a patient and a fan.

  • Jenny

    I nominate  She makes awesome custom blankets!!

  • Tony Ryzinski

    I would like to nominate Macarthur OBGYN for their work in social media to engage and empower their patients. Congratulations Macarthur OBGYN!

  • Kelly

    I like this FB page because they post a nice variety of content (daily affirmations, tips and educational tidbits, and specials for fans):

  • Tony Ryzinski

    I would like to nominate MacArthur OBGYN for their work in social media to engage and empower patients.

  • I love Great information , interesting stories , beautiful pics. Of places that remind me how short life is and to get on our bikes , feel the wind in my hair , the sun on my face , and remember life is good.

  • Katie

    This is my nomiation:
    I love this page because they are a local business and so friendly!

  • Stever Meister
    These guys have saved me a butt load of money, when I finish building my device, they will be spared.

  • Jlynnt113

    I love this page!
    Whenever you post you get immediate help and they are always bringing more people by doing giveaways! And it’s a really awesome product!

  • What a fun way to promote small businesses! I would like to nominate Soy Free Sales ( because the owner provides OUTSTANDING customer service & PHENOMENAL products! The business was bred out of necessity & serves hundreds of thousands of people all over the world searching for soy & allergen free products. I myself have to purchase gluten free food products for my 6 year old son who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 years ago. I was mortified at how difficult it was (in the beginning) to find quality gluten free products, and especially treats, for occasions like Easter (for baskets) or birthdays. Soy Free Sales does a fantastic job of making those types of occasions, and everyday life as well, a whole lot easier for a busy mom like myself.   

  • Trent Deitrick

    I want to nominate Soy Free Sales ( because of the convenience & great customer service the business provides it’s customers. Some of the best chocolates we’ve tasted since we’ve had to start reading food labels for certain ingredients. The company provides soy free foods, but also provides foods free of several common allergens. It’s a gem of a company for people looking for allergen free treats for holidays & such! 

  • Michelle Fohn

    I nominate:
    They are a small business but do lots of big things!  I love seeing all the great things they do on their facebook page such as freebies and giveaways–Not to mention the great things I’ve seen them sponsor and do for other small business’s like themselves!  Check out there meet us section on their facebook page…their pictures aren’t some picture with a plain background, it looks as if they used their favorite pics and it seems a little more personal!!! There were even pictures of the kiddos and company pets!  It was neat! It’s nice to put a face with the name if you have to talk to them!

  • Trent Deitrick

    Not sure why the link didn’t work the first time, but here it is again:

  • Tabby Deitrick – The link didn’t work the first time for some reason. 

  • Actionrja10

    I nominate…  They are new to the hiring market and are revolutionalizing the way qualified people find jobs!!!/HiredMyWay  Plus my girlfriend from college got a $2,000 bonus for referring her uncle to a job on the website when he got hired.  All of the jobs on their website have bonuses attached to them for referral and hire from $1,000 – $4,000.  Never before have I seen a concept that matched job seekers to qualified positions more efficiently.  Job seekers are in a MUCH smaller candidate pool so are noticed immediately when they apply to qualified jobs. In turn, the employers who post the jobs spend MUCH less time finding the right people because only the serious/qualified job seekers apply. Moral of the story is that FINALLY both individuals seeking jobs AND those that are looking to fill postions are finding TREMENDOUS value and are ONLY PAYING FOR RESULTS! It’s all on their FB page… have a look!

  • Marcilgreen

    I want to nominate Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent!  It is a company that was started by a WAHM, her product is completely natural and bio-degradable, is endorsed by tons of different product manufacturers and associations (including the Autism Awareness group and the RDIA).  And she seriously grew the business completely through social media marketing!!!  <3
    The facebook address is


  • Tranxter

    I love
    Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper DetergentTheir detergent is wonderful on all clothes, carpets, and especially cloth diapers.  Their page is fun because they talkto us like friends, and ask our opinion on things. They run neat givaways, and share information on other products we may like.  They really Rock!!/rockingreensoap

  • Allison Getty

    I’d like to nominate Social Media and Graphic Design by RCVane.  I believe that she has embraced the exact concepts from the “Launch: How to quickly Propel your business” and made them work, as I watched how quickly and effortlessly I became her biggest fan by her simply putting herself out there to help ME, rather than the other way around.  I’ll continue to recommend her!

  • Klur12

    I’d like to nominate!/DogTrainingIreland
    I love DTI and the service they provide for my furry friend!  

  • I would like to nominate SOY FREE SALES, at  We provide chocolate, mixes, and other products that are FREE OF COMMON ALLERGENS.  We ship all over the USA even in the summer. ALL of our products are free of SOY, PEANUTS and TREE NUTS.

  • Karlie
  • CD Lover

    Cloth Diaper Market in CO Springs!

    I don’t think I ever would have made the switch if it wasn’t for their extremely helpful knowledge and guidance! They don’t just sell a product and leave you high & dry… they make sure you understand what you have, how to use it and make themselves available for anything else you might need! 

  • Gabrielle M.

    I would like to nominate For Mom and Keiki.!/ForMomandKeiki

    She is a sweet lady with wonderful customer service and fast shipping. A fantastic small business! I love her facebook page as she posts great information on breastfeeding, pregnancy, birth, parenting, etc.

  • Alex Holz

    Would love to nominate Limelight  –

  • Furgirls3

    I enjoy CLICK espresso protein drink for all the fun interactions!

  • Sarah Beesley

    I want to nominate because they are a great small business helping nonprofits learn how to more effectively utilize Facebook and other social media channels to broaden the reach for great causes.

  • TrueServe

    why? because of the imagination in the cakes and the taste.

  • Susan Low

    I’d like to nominate


    Directis always has relevant content for their target customer posted on their Facebook page, pulled from all over the web. And they keep it simple!

  • Mandy Conant!/pages/Soy-Free-Sales/263972462496 Amazing local business and delicious chocolate!

  • Mmblaess

    I love John Ledda, the designer of this awesome page. 

  • I’m nominating Her stuff is adorable and she’s one heck of a nice person.

  • Jax4java

    I nominate the Literary Underground:

    A non profit group that caters to and assists self-publishing authors, who also hosts and writes the Choose Or Die adventure books online:

    The Literary Underground is a free and great resource for any aspiring author!

  • Jen Green
  • I’d like to nominate   They sell a great, basic product that almost everybody needs (lunchboxes!)  The Kelly Lester (the Mom-CEO) uses the site to effectively inspire her customers with tons of lunch-menu ideas by sharing photos of people’s lunches on her wall.  She also shares photos of various ways to decorate the basic lunchboxes.  I love the way Kelly uses her Facebook page to keep her customers informed of nutritional news online and she always finds time to respond to each and every person who posts on her page. 

  • Dawn Verdick

    I want to nominate because not only are they promoting their online fundraising solutions for nonprofits, more often they are sharing tips, best practices and other goodies for nonprofits to help nonprofits learn from each other.  They also promote organizations who are doing a great job spreading the word and gaining support on FB for their causes.  It’s all good.

  • Blake Wright

    I guess I would like to nominate elea blake cosmetics for the obvious reason that it is my mother’s, but more importantly that her facebook goes above and beyond the call by really interacting with the people and the questions posed on the site.

  • I’d like to nominate:

  • It is my honor to nominate Piggies & Paws, Inc as one of the top small business facebook pages. The page is a place where the company, made up of 200 independent artists nationwide, comes together with the clients and fans and shares the heart of what Piggies&Paws stands for: capturing moments in life that are precious and priceless. I believe that this page and the interaction on it are the truest reflection of the heart behind the company’s product (artwork from children’s hand and footprints that leave impressions on one’s heart). The page doesn’t serve to promote or sell anything, and yet it serves as a place to celebrate life and goes even further by offering a safe place to laugh, to share, and to learn.

  • Christinecoulter

    I nominate easylunchboxes.  I love their video clips.  Sometimes cheesy but really cute and entertaining and memorable.  Love their gallery of pics.  They have so many great tips that I actually use!

  • Ashley Spilik

    I nominate easylunchboxes: product is amazing!!  The facebook page is informative and helpful.

  • Ebby

    I’d like to nominate EasyLunchboxes I find the page fun, useful and informative everything a fan page should be xx

  • Superstar_jp

    I’d like to nominate facebook page, it’s an
    excellent idea to promote events in your area. Also they are the next
    Craigslist/Meetup for listing events.


  • Sam & Dean

    Would like to nominate Dog Training Ireland –!/DogTrainingIreland  lots of great relevant content and very interactive!

  • I nominate The Literary Underground, a group of self-published authors who offer tips on how to publish your own work on the Internet. This is top quality stuff.

  • Xelia
  • Itti bitti. Great customer service, Lovely ladies and Beautiful nappies that Work. I will never buy a MCN from any where else.!/ittibitti

  • Dax

    I think is one of the best page created by Royal King and Cute Princess….You can also check out the page. Best Page to Like..:)

  • Erin Jamieson

    I nominate itti bitti for their fabulous customer service and product help, troubleshooting etc!/ittibitti

  • Mollystraw

    I nominate!/MediaBossTelevision  Media Boss’s page always has interesting links, information about current projects, and social happenings.  They are a dynamic, cutting edge group and their page show it!

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  • guest
  • Chris

    I nomiate!/EasyLunchboxes.  She has not only a wonderful product, but a real zeal to help parents get their kids fun, healthy meals.  She engages us with articles of interest and sparks creativity outside the (lunch) box.  Parents are challenged to go beyond the regular PBJ.  She links wonderful, timely articles to her site. 

  • Irishfiona202

    Doggy Day Care , taking care of pets while their owners are at work!!

  • Keaneusaf

    Love the Products and Friendly Service…especially the scented laundry detergant !!! I also like the ease of giving  A  Gift Certificate…makes it so sent a gift long distance.

  • I would like to nominate eRiver Social Media Management for all of the insightful commentary and information they provide to help me with my marketing needs:

  • I would like to nominate Mylissa’s Little Gallery (a Chicago salon) for
    all the good beauty tips I get from them on their Facebook page!

  • Kate
  • Laryssa Becker

    I would like to nominate KIDS ‘N’ PETS Facebook Page:  The Friday Funny is so much fun!   

  • Heather

    I nominate Arizona Natural Health Center’s page at:!/aznaturalhealth.  This group of naturopathic doctors share their experise by posting articles they’ve contributed to, informative videos they created regarding specific conditions, and sharing other expert sources and material with their fans. 

  • John1234

    I love KIDS N PETS! They actually let you try their stuff for FREE and I love the Friday Funnies!!/kidsnpetsbrand


  • Samantha

    Their Fcebook page is just now launching and I love the simplicity and their concept is simple event listings.

  • Omkar

    i nominate –​nerealestate
    for the bang up job they are doing!

  • I would like to nominate For Mom and Keiki.  Gloria always gives excellent service and is always there to help her customers.  When you call to order you speak with Gloria.  She really cares about what she is doing and the products she sells.

  • Melbrandes
  • Christie Dickson

    Best bottom diapers are easy cloth diapers that don’t break the bank.

  • Nicole F

    I nominate Out of Africa Wildlife Park! Theyre a totally unique experience…not a zoo at all! You can get up close and personal with the animals and can really feel the difference between this place and a zoo you simply walk through. Theyre located in Sedona Az and are privately owned. The people there are truly passionate about the animals – and the animals know their names! They wrestle and frolic with tigers, mountain lions and snakes and you can really sense the joy they have for their lives/jobs. The pictures are AMAZING so be sure to check out their  fb page: They’ve really stepped up their social media recently..with fun animal facts, pictures and now contests! I hear theyre about to do a giraffe kissing promotion which will be adorable AND the youtube videos are amazing too! I think theyre re do ing their website too so that it will be even better. You should definitely check them out.

  • Rachel O’ Gorman​ges/Doggy-Day-Care/1875111​07927777 This is the Facebook link to Doggy Day Care in Ennis. I’m voting for Doggy Day Care because it is a very well run day care facility for our dogs. Leaving our dogs there safe in the knowledge that they are being well cared for. The dogs have play time ( where they get to interact with other dogs ) by just playing or doing a obstacle course, quiet time, and of course dinner time!. There are also many courses run on a regular basis, a course for every doggy problem. I know Darren loves our dogs as much as we do so that is why Doggy Day Care gets my vote!!! Rachel O’ Gorman.

  • Chriscraft52 is the most helpful and interesting web site I have seen.  For people with allergies to soy this site is a lifesaver.  I check it daily to see what is new.  This always brightens my day!

  • Hannah

    I nominate Fuzzibunz Cloth Diaper’s facebook page. They have a great product, nicely designed graphics, and best of all their posts are really informative and relevant, not just to cloth diapering but baby care as well. And they have a personal touch.!/FuzziBunz

  • TRX Training -> – it’s one of the fastest growing fan pages with the most active fans. Is that normal in the health & fitness industry? And the TRX Suspension Trainer is being used by all the major athletes and celebs. It’s like a hidden gem that people are psyched to find in the FB Universe. Check out the TRX Photo Contest, too!

  • Heather Whitley

    I would like to nominate They have helped me to discover a TON of great products I otherwise would have never heard of, and I love that they support small businesses and work at home moms. Great product!

  • Hnreading09

    This small, eco-friendly, sustainable, mama-owned small business is an AMAZING community resource. She runs a doula-service, diaper service, cloth diaper, baby carrier and breastfeeding shop while hosting community gatherings and groups for families. The owner Karissa is INCREDIBLE and manages all of that while taking care of her 6 month old baby.

  • I nominate GardenQuest:

  • voting for gardenquest.they are building a great rapport with the people that will be participating in the game, I believe that’s a huge step in the success of their game.

  • I would like to nominate GardenQuest.  Their facebook page — — and their website — — They are developing a new game on facebook, and they have made the waiting process absolutely delightful for all.  It will be a gardening game, and will launch soon.  They are going to have real size flowers in the game, to human scale.  It has been fun to follow their page and read the progress.  It should be a really great game!  They have sought people’s input and kept them informed throughout the process.  And they have encouraged people to post pictures of their real gardens on their page too, and always comment regularly on their own page.  It has been a delight to get to know this company, and that is why I am nominating them.

  • Jamie Langton Strauch

    I would love to nominate Garden Quest at for this award! It is by far the most anticipated game on Facebook with lots of tips, beautiful pictures, and tons of social interaction for the soon to be players.

  • Love2dance524…..this is well thought out and organized….great people…:)

  • Pat Nally

    I nominate Literary Underground – Pat Nally

  • Toria4468

    i would like to nominate GardenQuest… this site is wonderful, everyone is so helpful and I love all of the pictures that are posted…they also are creating a 3D gardening game which is almost ready to launch and has many many follower waiting to play…here is a link to their page….!/gardenquest

  • Hisblond1 
    These guys have made the wait almost as enjoyable as the game is sure to be!

  • anita

    i would like to nominate gardenquest.. its gonna be awesome..

  • I nominate Stein Florist Co. They’re a local small business in my neighborhood. They’ve been there for as long as I can remember and they have a great FB page. I think their page is terrific because they share such lovely photos.

  • Nancy Thomas

    I am nominating Garden Quest ( Ever since they started posting about the new game to come, we’ve been friending people and getting ready to play! Once this gets going, I have built-in neighbors who are already teaching me more about my RL garden – and the graphics look amazing ~

  • Evalin Thomas

    I nominate Gardenquest. Innovative and different game for Facebook. I have not played any FB games but I will be playing this one since it will not REQUIRE friends to play. Also, Gardenquest has been listening and asking for readers ideas…it will truly be OUR game! In addition, the game will be a good tool to learn about new plants and their requirements but connected in a way that our real garden can have the same plant as the virtual garden by linking the real plant from the grower/nursery.

  • Gert65

    Photo’s By Sharon awesome photo’s and reasonable prices.

  • Vivianne

    Definitely nominating
    Not only are they creating what looks like a fabulously realistic gardening game but they are so great at keeping all of us updated and also we talk a lot about real world gardening as well. They seem to be a great group of people! 😀

  • Kimkuchek

    i am nominating Garden Quest! This new 3-d game is goin to change the way people see games! Amazing graffics. Awsome administrators who are activly involved in getting to know there fan base.. hope to see you all there!!

  • This page connects me to my get away place.  Such beautiful graphics  that connect me to a place of serenity.  Owned by Sneaky Games, a small company, with great talent!!  Fantasy Kingdoms, takes you beyond a “typical” plant and grow game.  It takes you to where your creativity is endless!!

  • Heidi

    I like this page because it brings mamas together to chat and learn about new products.  It’s such a friendly atmosphere moms are comfortable asking for advice.

  • Graingerblest Promises to be a great game. The developers hope to launch within a couple of weeks now. For a couple of months they have been keeping us entertained with witty comments on the development along with keeping us up to speed with progress. Hundreds of fans gagging to get going.

  • This page connects me to my get away place.  Such beautiful graphics  that connect me to a place of serenity.  Owned by Sneaky Games, a small company, with great talent!!  Fantasy Kingdoms, takes you beyond a “typical” plant and grow game.  It takes you to where your creativity is endless!!

  • Penny

    Garden Quest is keeeping so many on the edge of their wheelbarrows just waiting for it to begin.

  • Sharon elliott

    I want to nominate GardenQuest.

  • I would like to nominate Garden Quest. It sounds like it is going to be  marvelous game.

  • I nominate the What a great place to get a quick 1 hour work then get back to your day. If, you haven’t tried it yet, you have no idea what you are missing!


    I love this page and know I will love the game as well when it comes out.  They are really listening to their fans and are incorporating what the fans tell them they want into the game as best they can.  They are always on to answer questions pretty much immediately.  They are a great group of people!

  • 2kitkat

    I nominate GardenQuest

  • Adelle1

    i want to nominate crystal rhinestone boutique i think its an amazing business and love all there work they have done, they have video tutorials wich help everyday people to create beautiful items and if u send her an email she gives you a discount on her crystals

  • Holden Brewer
  • Adelle1

    sorry didnt realise u had to put a link to the nomination, crystal rhinestone boutique

  • Chrissy

    I’d like to nominate because the cutest dog in Promotional Products does all of the modeling!!  

  • owner
  • Kim
  • Klainrob

    I like facebook page because of Abby who does all of their modeling. 

  • Jennifer
    Gift and Accessory Shop
    Quick and to the point posts showcasing lovely gifts. Also linked to home dec blog.

  • Sweet_connie!/gardenquest?sk=wall

    I nominate the new GardenQuest game on face book!!

  • Jeymy!/FriscoSquaremy vote is for Frisco Square!

  • Andy

    I’d like to nominate for the mix of resources and company personality.

  • Lmg317

    My nomination:​ges/Doggy-Day-Care/1875111​07927777

  • Brad

    I’d also like to nominate It’s engaging!

  • Juanitacrawford9

    I nominate Garden Quest because of the beauty and knowledge they bring about gardening.
    Their site will not only please your eyes but also your soul.

  • Dwlammy  I love the hard-to-find products that they carry….especially Apply Cheeks.  Plus, they have some of the best customer service in the business :)!

  • I nominate Bundles and Buzz! have a great community of moms who help with any random parenting (or non parenting) question you have and they provide a great way of marketing for other companies/work at home moms that have products targeting babies, toddlers and mamas. They have great value for your money and it’s always a surprise what you’ll get in your “Bundle”. They are also very eco friendly. For instance every bundle they sell comes in a reusable shopping bag and they have “Bundles” that specifically are for the cloth diapering family. I particularly like the excitement that builds towards when each set of “Bundles” stock for purchase. There’s even a little friendly rivalry that goes on because they sell so quick that it’s sometimes hard to get your hands on a “Bundle”. 
    Love B&B

  • Lisamclarty

    I nominate Awesome place to get unique gifts!!!!!

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  • Neekerbreeker81
    I am a huge fan of Fuzzibunz and their facebook page.  Their response to customer feedback is fantastic, and they stand behind their product 100%. 

  • Paw Pourri

    Paw Pourri nominate Doggy Day Care in Ennis, Co. Clare!/pages/Doggy-Day-Care/187511107927777 because they do wonderful work with all the dogs and are so so good with all the dogs whilst in their care and they also help local Animal Rescue groups, such as organising and hosting a 5K Doggie Walk in Ennis recently. 

  • LisaB and Buzz is a fabulous company owned and run by two amazing women (who are both Moms)!  Their facebook page is an awesome place for mamas to chat, have fun, and learn about new and unique businesses, many of which are also run by WAHMs!

  • CristiMessersmith

    I’m here to nominate Easy Lunchboxes Not only do they have a fabulous product, but they are a source of inspiration for anyone interested in packing healthy, economical, planet-friendly lunches. 

  • Melstofka

    Nominating Piggies&Paws Brand Page!  This is a company with HEART!  They strive to reply to each and every post, and share their enthusiasm with all who visit!  Piggies&Paws chooses to communicate with their fans, and instead of constantly promoting their product, they share uplifting stories and content encouraging fans to visit again and again!

  • Rob Gribbin

    I would like to nominate Little Bums envrio nappies, they are an awesome page, and the owner is always so helpful and willing to answer a million questions, she is always very quick to reply and does so in a friendly happy way 🙂!/pages/Little-Bums-enviro-Nappies/351752869341

  • MLee

    I like the Specialist Dental Group facebook page ( because it presents a potentially anxiety-inducing topic in a friendly, professional and reassuring manner. The personality of the clinic comes through and Facebook fans can get to know the individuals better through the newsfeeds of the blog posts, photos and other news of interest. There are also great videos available on the site.

  • I would like to nominate Landshark Promotions for Small Business Facebook Page. They’re a great company!!/LandsharkPromos

  • I nominate Live Unchained, a woman-centered art and entrepreneurship initiative:

  • Shirley Diana Widjaja

    I’d like to nominate . Great updates and they always provide latest information on dental health 🙂

  • Nursemurph
  • Shelby

    The Red Hat Society:
    We are just now starting to pay attention to Social Media. I have a lot of work to do, but I thought that it would be worth a try to nominate our page.!/RedHatSocietyPage

  • Nutshell54
  • shirley

    I would loke to nominate Eco Nuts

  • S Webb

    I like – it has loads of relevant information, including links to hear the music being played. Although very focused on music, the page also feels very personal and Keri’s personality comes through. Finally, it makes you aware of what is on offer without EVER being too salesy!

  • Dawn Cooper Mckenny

    Nomination for
    Designed for you !!!

  • Sioux Benjamin

    I’d like to nominate

  • Taylorphotographs

    i want to nominate snapped4u.

  • Jaw619

    I’m nominating
    This page is great because it promotes and provides information on starting a business in photography, how to be successful and how to use Snapped4U to raise money for charity–all if which is great for the economy!  They also feature new products from other small businesses and camera equipment companies–which helps keep me up-to-date.  I look forward to seeing their posts in my FB stream!!

  • Chrissy Randazzo Graves

    I nominate:​pressions These ladies at Hip Expressions are the most amazing women that I have ever met. They make all of their classes fun and make everyone feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin! They all work so hard whether it is performing, teaching, sharing or raising money to keep their business growing or just having fun! And always with a lovely smile on their face….they all give back to their communities in so many ways! Their FB page is always full of information and great videos, aways sharing what is going on in the local Bellydancing community and positive energy!

  • Matt

    I’d like to nomainate because it is a small family run business with a newish facebook page and they constantly update it with new information.

  • Kristin Utterback

    I nominate Military Spouse Magazine’s Facebook Page!

  • I nominate NostalgiaGemstoneCollections. Amazing products,and even more amazing service.  Very helpful and friendly service, they get back to you quickly, and they ship your products within days.  I definately recomment this page if you are looking for eye catching jewelry!

  • Sandra Hennessy

    I would like to nominate, they really understand the art of having conversations with their fans and not going in for the heavy sell all the time, also great recipes and lots more

  • wendyherndon

    I nominate Jimmy Mackin and the MLS App:

  • I would like to nominate Mega R. Mease offers daily advice, commentary and information to help all of her fans live, work and relate better. It’s helped me dramatically.

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  • Angella

    I like to nominate – We have a great community in supporting each other in a life after cancer, share information and talk about things that happen ‘post cancer’ treatments. We like to focus on health, not our disease and provide the tools to do it 🙂

  • I nominate Articlesmoz is an amazing resource of articles submission directory. i use FB page to update, inform, share and answer questions. 

  • I would like to nominate
    They engage, contribute, and educate their fans about BBQ, have funny jokes, and they are very entertaining !

  • Kristin Johnson

    They’re pictures are saliva-inducingly good! The owners do a great job of interacting with their customer base. I envy their page!

  • Presentsandgifts

    I would like to nominate

    because they keep us updated with photos, info, prices, and most importantly offers. Its a pleasing and exciting page that always brings a smile to my face!

  • I nominate

    Reason: Relevant and up to date content for Entrepreneurs looking to increase their exposure online.

  • Karla Chiles

    I like Mingle Marine because they offer content  geared towards the marine industry.

  • I nominate Mingle Marine! They post content about Social Media just for the Marine Industry. Their Facebook page is:

  • Ejaneh

    I nominate this site:

    not only is it a fantastic shop in our Town but the website is a treat to behold and the Facebook is the direct link – their shop, website and Facebook page scream their Pink Branding!

  • Frances Mitchell

    I’d like to nominate The Jewellery Junkee, in the UK. It’s a retail outlet selling gifts, jewellery, cards etc run by a lady called Liz, who has designed a Facebook page to advertise & sell from. I found the business on Facebook when I was looking online for birthday gifts. I’ve bought several items from Liz over the past year or so, as gifts and also for myself, and I am always impressed with Liz’s attention to detail in packing the items, her friendly communication and her determination to ‘go the extra mile’ for her customers which in the current economic climate is to be applauded.​/The-Jewellery-Junkee-Pembroke​-Dock/116662833589

  • Bec McDorman

    Jessica McDorman Photography & Retouching is a small wedding photography company. It’s a one-woman show, and her work is consistently amazing. Her passion for weddings radiates into her images. Her friendly, outgoing personality makes her an instant favorite among brides, and her confidence and ability to have fun help sooth and relax even the most nervous of grooms. She has a very creative mind and each new wedding she photographs easily becomes my new favorite. She is simply amazing, and definitely deserves to win.

  • Paulwolfyuk

    I would like to nominate THE FAIR TRADE STORE, which includes a well designed Welcome Page and a Payvment shop :-

  • Victoria Noe

    St. Andrews restaurant and bar in NYC. They read your posts and comment back. Once I inquired about whether I could get in for dinner before the theatre. When I walked in that night, they asked if I had a reservation. I said no, that I’d been on Facebook to check, and the hostess asked “Are you Viki? Will you be having the trout?” Recently they asked me for recommendations for a trip to Chicago.  They even told me who was waiting on a friend of mine while she was there!  They’re incredibly resonsive, knowledgeable and fun. Looking foward to dinner there next week!!/profile.php?id=100000350259819

  • Qlybee

    I love Enduracom’s page!  It is so useful, helpful, and extremely informational!  Enduracom is a for-sure winner for me!!!!

  • Msmamevona

    I nominate Enduracom because of the great tips & useful strategies provided.

  • hdlolo

    The High Desert loves Alyssa Penman and Rely Local​orville for all they do to keep small businesses alive in the High Desert area of Southern California.

  • mwebster

    I’d like to nominate Small Northwest Florida winery.

  • i would love to nominate Liz with her lovely small business – Jewellery Junkee​/The-Jewellery-Junkee-Pembroke​-Dock/116662833589

    i like this place, as she displays her page just as simple as her website, and she also have a small premises in Pembroke Dock, which is in Pembrokeshire in south west Wales in UK.

    Liz is so approachable and will help you with anything within reason,  on facebook and her website, as well as in her shop, when it is open!

    I think the jewellery is fabulous so much i think i need to get a huge jewellery box to fit it all in, i have to say, she allows people to inspect the jewellery before buying face to face of seeing the jewellery is better at times, incase it isn’t the right colour or something else, as the pictures that has been taken to be put on facebook and her website sometimes doesn’t do justice due to the colours that are displayed on the items of jewellery on her facebook page and her website, the jewellery prices are so reasonable priced too, i get bargains as she always getting new items in all the time and as per usual they are all gorgeous!  x

  • I am nominating Carol Dodsley aka Carol always provides great free value for her audience and is always willing to answer questions and help people with their problems.

  • Peteranna​/The-Jewellery-Junkee-Pembroke​-Dock/116662833589
    id like to nominate the jewellery junkee as it has absolutely amazing jewellery and are just amazingly talented people!!!  something for everyone, reasonable prices and very unique items available 

  • Nathan

    I nominate “Jessica McDorman Photography & Retouching” at
    because it is a very artistic display of work for all to enjoy and inquire.
    It is an expanding small business in which I look forward to seeing it in the future.

  • Lilly

    just   the best advice for single women on the internet!!!!

    /competition  😀

  • I nominate, which is one of the Mexican´s Fanpage that helps small business to make properly marketing on Facebook. And all the tranings, courses and written material are in English, so they have to translate and share with all the spanish world.

  • I’d like to nominate!/pages/Brookes-Batchellor-LLP/206904592678638 but I have to admit an interest – I created it.  A long way to go, I think.  Who can work out what the invention of the month is?

  • Pshrealtor

    I would like to nominate
    Jimmy Mackin of Tech Support for Real Estate Agents Facebook Group

  • EcoQueen
  • Johnndi

    i nominate great concept, user friendly. facebook page has good updates and tips and generates enthusiasm.

  • A well designed welcome page. Very personal content and good share of video content. What you can’t see on this page is that the page generates about 5-10 new leads (potential personal training clients) every month! So it’s very effective!

  • A lead generated Facebook page, what I really like about this page is that it serves the audience every day with fresh content. It generates leads (people who want to do a test drive), and also people who respond to the ads that we post on the wall.

  • Karen Gordon

    Our local bike share program’s facebook page. Besides the fact that they have a lot of Miami celebs (and beautiful women) who do events for them, they’re always friendly and helpful. It’s a nice community page.

  • Fabrizio Faraco

    I’m nominating a local business. It’s an Italian start up which is developping a mobile application, quite smart.

  • bacchus

    I´d like to nominate Negociosenfb because they are doing the right marketing on Facebook, and helping small business to achieve their goals and giving them an awesome design presence.

  • Ernesto

    I would like to nominate:
    Because of the great level of activity on the page. Negociosenfb provides answers to all the questions in a very timely manner.
    Appreciate your support and advice

  • I’d like to nominate Liz is always really quick to respond to any comments made on her page or about any of the images she posts. Having ordered from her, she is friendly and professional and happy to give the personal touch to gifts. Fantastic photos, straightforward, honest service and prices and beautiful stock items which are ideal for gifts or for yourself… whats NOT to like??

  • Niki Tierney

    I wish to nominate Dog Training Ireland As a new client I have found it easy to use, efficient, attractive and does what I expect a well designed CRM system to deliver. They gave acheived this by webiste design and smart use of social networking. For example, all my courses, blogs, new people, all related material and website, lecturer material from their own websites, are easily managed and visible to the end user. It is a pleasure to use.

  • Kim

    Nominate Eco Glo Minerals!

  • Deanna

    I’d like to nominate
    It’s a great little shop in a smallish town and Eric has done wonderful things in helping to support the community.

    Build your Business with Cindy

    I like this page because she has what she does and all of her links where you can find them easily.

  • Dpenman
  • Yosimite1 Vineyards
    and Winery Vineyards
    and Winery

  • Holly

    Nominate The Primitive Home, LLC they offer quick and worth wild post and great photos!

  • Holly!/pages/The-Primitive-Home-LLC/91134702101 Wonderful updates and great decorating idea photo’s! Local business in New Milford, CT

  • Lacey Lane

    I nominate​edenergytherapeutics#!/insight​s/?sk=po_143291012353519 It is a great center filled with people that do breath taking work!

  • My favorite page is Advanced Energy Therapeutics.  It has constant and consistent updates that are enriching and spiritual.

  • Mary G

    My nomination is for

    The store/website with a large variety of merchandise, friendly atmosphere and workers. They are always going out of the way to help you to make sure you have just what you are looking for. I also love that they carry several specially made products for the home and Goatboy soap which is my favorite. Love the local honey they carry also. It’s always a pleasure to do business with them.

  • I nominate!/greataussieroadtrip These guys do a lot to promote Family Adventure throughout Australia. they give families the opportunity to share their experiences with others as they travel Australia. They also allow families to road test products through sponsorship and believe they are doing a fantastic job of getting Families (particularly the kids) off their backsides and to adventure more outdoors. Not only are they promoting Outdoor Adventure but also Family interaction and togetherness which is important as this generation seems to lack a little of the family closeness/togetherness while educating them on what we have here in Australia. The Great Aussie Road Trip deserves to be recognised for changing the way families stay play together and together.

  • is Spanish but I guess it counts!

  • Anna

    I nominate Piggies & Paws as the best small business page.  There is an amazing level of connectedness between the artists and the dedicated clients who love the product.  Clients are given the opportunity to mingle and personally interact with the other clients, the artists and the owner/CEO of the company.   This site truly demonstrates the heart behind Piggies & Paws.

  • Josh

    I nominate Main Line Real Estate-Radnor, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Wayne, and more!​inlinerealestate    The reason I like this page is because it posts great videos about the community and keeps me informed.

  • Chris Garber
  • Bupers7

    I nominate Main Line Real Estate-Radnor, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Wayne, and more!​inlinerealestate

    I nominate Main Line Real Estate because I can really get a taste of the community through this site with all the awesome videos and links to other websites.

  • Diane Everitt

    I would like to nominate: Hearts Design at Needful Things.  This is a great little shop that does embroidery. It’s also a gift store.  And its true —  Come in as strangers, leave as friends.  A wonderful small business in a small community.  We would miss them if they were not there.  They also help the community when they can.

  • Gspitnale
  • Dan P.  Been using Snapped almost since it started.  A lot of good changes have taken place to make posting simple and professional.  Also, they listen to your suggestions and respond to emails very quickly.  Customer service is top notch! 

    Great site..First found about this site on a Facebook ad. Love it.

  • madaboutstampin

    I would like to nominate Piggies & Paws!  I love the interaction on facebook that connects the artist and customers in a way I have never witnessed before!​ggiesandpaws

  • Sharonporter
    I like this site because it is always updated with something new going on all the time.  An I like that they constantly add pictures of new items and ideas.  This business is also a very caring business.  They love there customers and it shows.

  • tracysestili

    I think Time To Play Mag does a great job with their FB page because they are very engaging, always respond to posts (good or bad), post regularly, offer transparency and offer a lot of giveaways and contests – which I like!


    this is my favourite small business on facebook :​anner

  • Monty Page

    I would like to nominate Piggies & Paws. I have so many reasons for suggesting this company, but I’ll narrow it to three.  1.)  The company is very family oriented in both their business practices and in their product.  2.)  The Facebook page is interactive!  They engage with “fans” on a daily basis asking interesting questions, sharing fun information, and encouraging one another.  (both artists and fans alike)  3.)  The product itself is one of a kind.  There are very few opportunities to purchase a one of a kind, customized, captured moment in time.  I love this company, and I hope you do too.

  • Samantha

    I nominate Piggies and Pase​ggiesandpaws
    Not only is the product Amazing but the is genuine interaction on the page is great to be a part of. 

  • Maryfaerron

    I would love to nominate Cafe Pura Vida, specialty coffee from Costa Rica. Entrepreneurs believing in what specialty coffee means and sharing that with everybody here in California!! They just got their new shipment, and the coffees will soon be available in the market 😉

  • Thomas Goepel

    I want to nominate Cafe Pura Vida – Premium Costa Rica coffee. They are the small business of the year for me! Best coffee ever which makes the best start in the day. Their product touches the lives and give pure life – Pura Vida! 

  • Anonymous

    I love this page because her photography is absolutely beautiful and her passion shines through her pictures.
    Jessica McDorman Photography (or Jessica McDorman Photography & Retouching)

  • my2girls18  is who id like to nominate.  Great site, very informative & up to date!

  • Yann Shukor
  • Arismawan

    I nominate because it is just cool!

  • Ida Young-Bondi​anner
    I love the style, the engaging posts and the freshness!

  • Self_68

    I would like to nominate 

  • Alexbensabath​annerThe best for business com, and i really enjoy it for my company!

  • Lylas214

    my favorite and sooooo useful​anner

  • Would also like to nominate’s Facebook page at
    This company has thousands of solutions, tips and tricks for Entrepreneurs to get exposure on the Internet.

  • Jacardy

    i would like to nominate​/The-Jewellery-Junkee-Pembroke​-Dock/116662833589 liz is friendly and honest,she is very professional at her job.the website is straightforward,the photos’ are as beautiful as her gifts…which i find hard to part with when bought for other people as gifts’.each item big or small are wrapped and finished with a personal touch you would only get from liz.i have bought many items from jewellery junkie’s…handmade soaps and candles to handemade jewellery to my latest buy of handmade cushions….what is there not to like?

  • Ptex Group
    Ptex Group is a premier business solutions agency specializing in the fields of advertising, marketing, graphic design, print, Web and office solutions.

  • Jameswadebrooks

    My nomination is for Chef Cindy’s Full Plate Marketing @ for being a TRUE pay it forward-full service marketing specialist. Dedicated to complete engagement, follow-up & referrals, she will help find & maintain  client relations as well as anyone in the market. She’s The Go-to-Gal of Northern California engaging business to business!

  • Jessica Sneller
    I nominate The Primitive Home LLC’s Facebook page because of the regular updates of news and sales going on in store and online and due to the wide selection and excellent prices of the sales available!

  • Nath ROLLAND

    POSTPLANNER on facebook is the best way to win time ….go ahead and share this application​anner

    Nathalie R

    They take care to bring the best quality coffee to their customers

  • Tim Lawrence

    Please accept this nomination of Sanpped4U, .This innovative photo service company has been well organized, provides excellent service, promoting social interaction on and off of the web.
    Tim Lawrence

  • Grateful Businessman 
    These guys have it figured out. They are already helping thousands of small businesses grow and expand their businesses by providing transactional assistance, lending and even free marketing services. They understand small business is the backbone of this nation. They also know that our backbone is in trouble and no one is stepping up to save it. So they are. Please support their effort by telling the rest of the world. Thank you. 

  • Stefan Hofmann

    I would like to nominate PostPlanner:​anner.

    I like the product and it comes from my neighborhood Nice in France 🙂

  • Martine

    I passionately nominate Cafe Pura Vida ! Not only offer they the best selection of ‘fair trade’ Costa Rican coffee, they offer sublime customer service, engage on almost daily basis with their customers through FB, send out a very informative newsletter, and did I tell you that I really love their coffee ?

  • Andy Gonzalez Is one amazing site. I have not seen another like it.

  • Cristina V

    Cafe Pura Vida
    I like being up to date in what’s new in one of Costa Rica’s best international product: COFFEE!
    CPV is a small booming business that allows me to have a piece of home, even though I’m thousands of miles away.

  • Bjkbrady​els my nomination is for Mickey Travels. She posts updates daily and has great info. available for customers looking to go to WDW. Keeps you very current on everything you need to know.

  • Samara Encke

    Sweet Spot Skirts gets my nomination!  They engage their audience with frequent, relevant posts bundled up with surprise gifts and a fun attitude that is extremely personal.  Sweet Spot Skirts has what many sites desire:  fans who are interested, engaged and responsive!  The site connects viewers to their blog and website, as well.  Having an amazing product is one thing (check!), but creating and facilitating fabulous social media is another (check two!) 
    Check it out:!/Sweetspotskirts

  • I nominate Manchester Libraries Facebook page because it’s a great example of libraries connecting to their community and the design is lovely!

  • Paulettejamrog

    I nominate​els 

  • Penny Calvert Alibertis

    I nominate Night Fate’s Facebook page because the owner of this page has given away many great Photoshop actions and has uploaded great tutorials that I have used on a regular basis. This is definitely a page that a Photographer and active Photoshopper will enjoy!

  • Kristyanna

    I nominate Piggies and Paws​ggiesandpaws this is a great company that puts wonderful heart and soul into their company and works together as one big family.

  • I would like to nominate Speak Social, LLC in Austin, TX.  The team is a social meda powerhouse with a group with imaginative insight in the market today.  If you want your business to be in the mainstream, these are the folks to call.  Their head writer was just published in and the owners have been on guest panels and spoken on the social media subject from Texas to Los Angeles, CA.  They are ones to watch.

  • Elizabeth Skufca

    I would like to nominate
    She has amazing product. She is also very professional, every time I talk to her she is very nice and is very helpful. She does not push anything on anyone and allows is always available for questions/comments. It is really hard to find people like that

  • Jen Brown — the number one resource for Disney Vacation planning!!!  Great posts with lots of fan interaction.  Check it out!  website is

  • Kaleah Forrest

    I would like to nominate T-N-T Fashion Accessories. Candis is a kind and caring person who takes great care of all her customers. I met her on Facebook through her company and in the three months we have known each other we have become best friends. She has amazing products at unbeatable prices (I have price compared with other businesses on FB). Please visit and you’ll want to nominate her too <3

  • Brenda

    I nominate The Miller House.  A wonderful family owned and operated business.  The site offers information regarding upcoming events and information about the furniture that they offer.  All the furniture is handbuilt and Made in the USA!!!!!! 

  • Summer Ward

    TNT fashion accessories is the IT place to be on facebook to get the newest and coolest purses and accessories… i nominate them because they are the first page i check every morning and the last one before bed.

    This is a great way to let fans of mushing movies know when dvds are available, promote my music maker and post short video clips for friends.

  • Renaat just because I love this small hotel, and they keep me informed about the events in the city of Bruges!

  • Shirjones12

    I would like to nominate Teeny Weeny, because she has such special talent. ALL of her creations have special meanings. Love, love, love Teeny Weeny

  • Doreen