social media how toIf you keep up with social media news, you may be interested in the relaunch of Myspace.

Are you wondering if Myspace is a place for your business?

In this article, I will look at what types of businesses can use the new Myspace and how to create a great profile with the new layout.

Please note that the new Myspace is in beta mode—you can request an invite here or keep an eye out for invite offers from friends.

What is the New Myspace?

In case you missed it, here is the preview video of what the new Myspace has to offer.


Myspace has rebranded itself as a social entertainment network—connecting the Gen Y audience to their favorite music, celebrities, TV, movies and games.

They are also home to Myspace Music, which helps major, independent and unsigned artists reach new audiences.

Key things you can learn about the new Myspace video include the following:

  • The new layout has a Pinterest-meets-Tumblr feel.
  • You will be able to connect your Myspace to Facebook and Twitter to find friends.
  • There’s a huge focus on music with the ability to add songs and music collections (mixes) to your profile.
  • Status updates from Myspace can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Insights will be available for certain profile types (like musicians and celebrities with fans; possibly brands as well) that show demographic data about your fans.

Not all of these features are available just yet, but they do look promising.

Who Belongs on the New Myspace

While most of Myspace’s marketing thus far has been focused on the entertainment industry—particularly the music industry—Myspace asks users signing up for the new system to identify themselves with specific roles. You can select one or more of the following:

New Myspace Profile Roles

You can see some account type definitions from the older version of Myspace.

New Myspace Profile Roles

Account type descriptions in the previous version of Myspace.

Most people and businesses will find they fit into at least one of these roles, if not more, especially since Brand is one of the options. Be sure to select your categories carefully, as Myspace will probably differentiate between account types in the future. You can change these selections later by going to your Settings and looking under Account Type.

Setting Up Your Profile

Anyone who used Myspace over the last several years knows that creating a profile was a challenge to say the least. The new Myspace has made the process much simpler.

To start with, you enter your basic information to create your account or connect with Facebook or Twitter.

New Myspace Profile Setup

Creating your new Myspace account.

Next, you add a photo and basic About bio.

New Myspace Profile Setup

Start building your profile with a photo and a bio up to 150 characters.

When you click the Take Me to Myspace button, you’re taken to your Myspace homepage, also known as your stream. To edit your profile, simply click on your profile picture in the upper-left corner.

You’ll see your basic profile information with a small pencil icon at the top right. Click on the pencil icon to edit your basic information and add a website URL.

Edit Your New Myspace Profile

Edit your new Myspace profile to add a website URL.

You also have the option to edit your cover image. This image covers a large portion of your profile, so it’s important to choose something that really represents your brand appropriately.

Here’s an example of what your completed profile will look like.

New Myspace Profile Example

Example profile in the new Myspace layout.

Additional Features for Specific Account Types

With regards to the differences in profiles, so far the only account types that offer more features are the Musician, DJ/Producer and Comedian accounts. If you select one of these, you’ll have a Manage option in your menu that allows you to upload audio files (WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC and AAC) and create albums.

New Myspace Profile Options for Musicians

Musicians, DJ/Producers and Comedians can upload audio files.

Podcasters may want to take note of this option, as it may give them the ability to upload podcasts to Myspace, assuming the files are no more than 1GB each or 2GB total.

Other features available to major artists include Events and Video Uploads.

Posting Updates

Once your profile setup is complete, you’ll want to start posting updates. To post an update, click the blue Post button on the left side of your Myspace stream.

Posting Updates to the New Myspace Profile

Use the Post button to post updates to your new Myspace profile.

When you click this button, you’ll get the option to add an update with up to 150 characters and a photo.

Posting Updates to the New Myspace Profile

Post updates to your new Myspace profile.

You can add links to your status updates; it works similarly to how you would upload a photo on Facebook as a status update and include the link in the text portion. Your updates will then look like this.

Update Format on the New Myspace

How updates posted to the new Myspace profile appear.

You can also add a song to your update if the song is on Myspace. This can help vary your updates and give your connections a better feel for your brand. Starbucks, for example, could add songs to their profile that they play in their stores.

The new Myspace profiles scroll horizontally instead of vertically. Therefore, when you’re viewing your profile, you will need to scroll to the right to see your updates. This also applies to view your stream.

Making Connections

While the new Myspace is in beta, you can only connect with those who have created their profiles in the new Myspace. To find new connections, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Myspace profile or you can use the Myspace search.

When you find people you want to connect with, you can hover over the Connect icon next to their profile to see more about them and find the option to connect.

Update Format on the New Myspace

Making connections on the new Myspace.

With the new Myspace, you can automatically follow updates from anyone who has a public profile, regardless of whether they connect back with you. It’s similar to following people on Twitter. When you look at your profile, you’ll see the people you’ve connected with (i.e., following) vs. the people who have connected with you (i.e., followers).

Using Your Stream

Once you’ve made connections, you’ll see updates from your connections (those you follow) in your stream. You can customize your stream to show specific types of updates from your connections if you are only interested in photos, text, music, etc.

Customize Your Myspace Stream

Customize your stream to see the types of updates you want from connections.

As a brand, you should note that users have this option. It means that you’ll need to vary your update types often so that your connections always see at least some of your updates.

To interact with updates from others, you can comment. As shown in the video, you’re also able to share public updates from others with your connections.

Not many brands have jumped onto the new Myspace just yet. What are your thoughts about the new Myspace? Is it only for entertainment or could there be potential value for businesses and brands? Please share in the comments section below.

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  • Really…. I didn’t know they were still around. 🙂 Although i still hesitate, as Myspace has never really felt like a business platform form to me.  

  • I’m really liking the new look of the site but I’m really struggling to see how regular people are going to use it day to day. I feel like JT and co. should’ve stuck with what Myspace was always good for, music discovery and cut out the idea that it was a social network all together. 

  • I will check it out. I also did not know that they were still around. I was also quite shocked yesterday that Klout was still around and people are still giving one another +K without realizing how fictitious the scores are.

  • Even though The New MySpace is rather interesting, I would dare to doubt it as a business platform. At least for now. Nevertheless interface is very fascinating as well as new scrolling. New MySpace have a potential, but, again, I’m not sure if it can work for businesses.

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  • Very interesting post Kristi! It seems the relaunching of the re-branded MySpace is really something for podcasters like me to watch out for if it will really enable us to upload our podcast smoothly. I hope it will deliver on its promise of working as a business networking platform…that would be great!

    ~~John Lee Dumas

  • This is interesting, I agree with what others are saying about MySpace being primarily a music network. At this point, I’m not even sure how strong it is on that front. I’m curious if MySpace will prove to be a useful business tool or just another social network that you “should be on”.

  • Just joined the new MySpace, it does look very sleek! It is still in Beta so I guess we will have to wait to see it’s full potential! But glad to see the come back, especially now when Facebook is starting to show us a ”darker side”. I use a lot Twitter for my band’s updates as well as Pinterest Instagram and GooglePlus. Still have an old Myspace account but I was never updating it really! 🙂

  • One thing that hasn’t changed with the New Myspace is the audio quality of the music streaming. It’s as bad as it always was. Sounds like 2004, not 2013.

  • I would say that as of right now, the New Myspace will be the most useful for bands and musicians. On a secondary tier, I can also see business that cater to music lovers having some decent success with it.

    I can also see graphic designers and photographers shining on the platform. Between the large profile image and the great full-screen size of posted photos, there’s a lot of room to get noticed and show off your skills.

  • Thank you for keeping us updated on the new interface for myspace. I think the new look is chic and it will take some time for people to take it seriously as a platform for business. I have even up on myspace long ago, it was just so much noise on the site. I would be willing to give it a go.

  • Yes – I would like to see how this works for podcasters, too. If it does, I’d consider opening an account. I’ve been watching this develop for awhile and I’m still wondering if it is a site for my brand.

  • Kevin Cook

    I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s a MAJOR comeback for the music community. If you or your client is in this industry, then it’s going to be a huge must, because this is where your audience is flocking to. Not to mention it’s pulling all the great features we love from Pinterest, Facebook, and Windows 8 into it’s design and functionality. 

  • What are your thoughts for writers, bloggers, and authors? I’d love to hear your perspective on this. And are they connected to Hootsuite? 


  • Dara Khajavi

    I find every new social media site or change an exciting opportunity for my firm. Every change offers a new opportunity to communicate and connect with clients through different methods. Through Pinterest, my firm can communicate through images. With this new MySpace, I will be able to add audio as another mode of communication. 

    I remember when MySpace first popular. It was ground breaking and at the forefront of social media. Even though MySpace is no longer as popular, it did pave the way for other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Regina Carlton

    As a music instrument retail business, I find this to be a new way to connect to musicians (customers). Especially the younger audience. Thank you for your updates!

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  • Shadra Bruce

    Regardless of how effective MySpace will be for my business as a content & community manager, it’s important that I am in there using it so that I can understand how to leverage it for my clients. Not every social media venue is the right fit for everyone, but all of them have something to offer. I suspect that over the course of the year, we’ll see some platforms really gain traction and others fade quickly (and I agree with lbigfoot, wondering how klout is even still hanging on!).

  • Mia Mithu

    Very interesting, I am very tempted to join myspace now. I think might now. 

  • I’d like to think they are going to change that since they have the option for Brand in the account types. 🙂

  • I’ve noticed a lot of photographers jumping into it thanks to Tom Anderson going from Myspace owner to photog. It really depends on whether they start marketing it towards people other than music lovers.

  • If you look past the scores, Klout can be kind of helpful when it comes to finding other social profiles for people you are connected with on Twitter and the topics that people are most well known for. I pretty much ignore the score.

  • It’s questionable and really depends on how attached to entertainment your business is. Or how entertaining you can make your business.

  • I think they’ll have to up the filesize and storage space they allow people for podcasting, Maybe that will be their plan to monetize in the feature – offering people more storage space.

  • I’m hoping they have some good features for writers since they offer that as an account type. It could work as a marketing tool for your Facebook book!

  • It’s definitely more streamlined for discovering music than it used to be. At least if it is just another network to be on, it is easier to setup a profile now than it used to be.

  • Since you’re in music, you should definitely stick with it. I’m sure it will be super useful for artists!

  • Hopefully that will improve, but I wonder if it is because they don’t allow for much storage space. I’m not too familiar with audio files, but maybe people are uploading lower quality files to save space?

  • I think Starbucks would be a hit there since they could promote the artists they play in their stores.

  • Definitely less noisy when you’re just mingling with the people on beta and not dealing with the crazy, flashing profiles people used to customize.

  • The design is pretty sweet and much, much easier to use than the previous setup!

  • I’m hoping that they are going to offer features specific to writers, since that is what I signed up as. So far, you can only make it portfolio like by sharing your posts on your profile, similarly to how you would on Facebook / PInterest. 

    You can add your Myspace account to HootSuite, but I don’t know if it is connected to the new profiles in beta or just the old ones. I’d guess it will connect to the new profiles once they are official and out of beta though.

  • Hopefully that means they have some great new ideas to boost themselves above the social networks out there today!

  • That’s a great business to have on Myspace. Hopefully the updated look will help you do even more!

  • Nope. I thought the same at first but I checked one of my own songs which was sourced from a high quality file. Same poor audio.

    Whatever Myspace is doing to the audio files once they’re uploaded, it’s not pretty.

  • I made one to check it out, and didn’t realize it’s “feature” was to be that wide. It’s a side scrolling Pintumblr which is a little odd to use, even though the scroll button works (a little clunky) in this way. Will have to play around with it some more!

  • Gwen Delhumeau

    Thanks for the article! Very interesting. You said you can add a song as long as it has been uploaded on myspace. Can you copy paste spotify web player links too? and do you have any insights on how mySpace plans to recruit the audience they need to get bands/music labels to be interested in this platform as a marketing tool? How much have they got today?

  • Great UI. Poor Audio Feed. I probably wouldn’t jump back onto this network after 7 years without seeing something significant that would distract my daily news streams and other social feeds.

  • mrterrellharris

     Ignore Klout scores who knew, I guess I’m behind a little…LOL

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  • Catie Ragusa

    Interesting!  I’ve always thought of Myspace solely as a social platform, so I’m excited to see how it goes this time around.  How long do you thing it will take for it to really catch back on, and be used for business  Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the look of the new MySpace, I just don’t know if anyone will spend much time on it.. We’ll see.. Oh and I heard they are out of the invite phase. Open to everyone.

  • We will see where this can go for Myspace.

    Like I have seen here in the comments, I have never felt a business sense on the site.

    Maybe this will change soon. A comeback for them?

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  • Anand Bhatt

    It’s not intuitive and takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME and EFFORT to manage/update.  Same reasons why I don’t really use Google+

  • Very disappointed that I have to start from scratch to build my artiste profile and connections and have lost all postings and comments. I am unable to upload videos. Also not a fan of having to strolling across rather than up and down. I hope it gets better.

  • rkoutrouby

    What do you think about using it for podcasts? Would that require you to make a music profile or a journalist one? 

  • So, I’m guessing we will not see a lot of funeral homes reaching out via the new MySpace…

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  • Well seeing as how most people I am in contact with have opted out of Klout, it has little use. I will check out MySpace again.

  • This is a great article. I think that the new MySpace has a lot of potential for business, many of which are still unknown and will evolve through the increased usage of this music-focused social network. Anyways, thanks for this article.

  • Well said, the score isn’t important it’s the connections. People love stats.

  • Nathan Hess

    It’s not about wether or not it’s a “brand platform” It’s about wether or not your audience has built a community on the site. You can’t wait for platforms to invite your brand to participate. If you see that potential customers have built a community – figure out hot to become part of the conversation. 

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  • They must be trying to save server space, which definitely bites when it comes to quality.

  • They would have to take a really creative angle to it, like creating playlists of appropriate funeral music. 

  • That’s what I use it for at least. 🙂

  • It’s not a bad idea to personally use a network – that can help you discover if your target audience is really there or not for your business.

  • It took me a bit to figure that out too… it’s definitely a unique feature compared to the other main social networks.

  • I haven’t seen any association with Spotify so far… I would think Myspace will want to keep people using their music system and players. You can add playlists to get music on your profile so long as the music is already on Myspace – the songs do not necessarily have to be uploaded by you. I don’t know their recruiting plan, but so far there are a lot of artists in the new version, so whatever they are doing is working.

  • Hopefully the audio will improve in the future. That or we’re just too spoiled by other high quality audio sources.

  • It really depends on if they start marketing it for more than just artists and entertainers. 🙂

  • Yep, it does look like they are letting everyone in now! 

  • The new look is definitely more professional than the old one. They are visually moving in the right direction to attract businesses.

  • I thought that about the old version, but the new version is much better.

  • That part is a little irritating – I had to do the same, but it wasn’t as bad because I didn’t have anything uploaded like an artist would. I have seen some people with videos uploaded – not sure why it’s not available to everyone yet.

  • You can select multiple account types, so you could set yourself up as a journalist and a musician to get the upload feature.

  • You’re welcome Michal!

  • Anna Gray

    Thank you for the detailed description of the new layout! MySpace used to be basically open architecture profiles, where you could use the code to customize them, was one heck of the thing to do, I agree :). I used to have a personal MySpace profile a few years ago, with about 5,000 connections. It got to the point where I’d spend something like 2 hours a day to just reply to the messages and comments from the connections :). Now I was thinking about creating an account for our design business, but haven’t decided yet, so your article was very helpful in terms of highlighting the features business owners can use.  

  • Clyde Erwin Barretto

    I love the new design for “New MySpace.” It’s clean and linear. There may still have to be some UI upgrades, otherwise it looks great. My only gripe as a BIG music person is that well – there AREN’T too many new artists on there or even a slew of indie/independent artists that have gone back to using MySpac as their platform to share music. On top of that there’s already a case by a label which handles a slew of indie labels that is suing for MySpace not clearing the rights.

    Now if they can sort that out and maybe develop a smooth app that’ll work like Pandora/Spotify on some level then maybe they can start to attract some great “independent” artists back into their library.

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  • Alessandro Restagno

    If I am a Dj/producer, why should I switch from Soundcloud to MySpace?

    For the Podcasters there is MixCloud that it’s offering a great service. I’ll give a try to the New MySpace, but I don’t see anything different from something that already exists.

    Anyway, We’ll see in the next months.

    Thanks for this article.

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  • Jennifer Agrazada-Schreiner

    Oh no. Someone please create a social media scheduler/manager that includes MySpace too.

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  • Just to mention, the current terms of service that I just read said commercial promotion was not allowed except for artists promoting their work – fyi

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  • fred

    I just registered in this new myspace . Looks nice , practical , effectictive..well !
    my problem is – what’s my url adress ? – How can someone find my new page ?
    with the classic myspace you could write ” ……..” Now it doesn’t work.
    How to proceed to get to the artist you want to see ?

  • Emmali18

    Hey Kristi! Thanks for the article. Do you know of any retail brands that have a presence on the new Myspace and are using it well? Thanks!

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  • Alessandro Arcuri

    Really? Events will be available only to “major artists”?!?
    I hope I got that wrong because it would SUCK beyond imaginable….

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  • Samantha

    how do i get to my photos

  • ashish

    Hi Kristi i really like your visually presentation on this site it’s easily learning to anyone.

  • Louise Ring Vangsgaard

    Does anybody here know how to ADD an EVENT on the Myspace? It is very annoying and frustrating not to know it. I know it has bin a problem for many, but maybe it is sorted now – and I just still can´t figure out how to do please heeeeelp;0)

  • stephobs

    I’m still having problems figuring out how the site works.
    It is still complicated to edit text (apostrophes look weird in hypertext), things happen with no reason (i.e uploading a film while doing something else on another page of the site is still impossible). The help pages are useless when you look for precise know how details, there’s no blog nor any forum to explain you stuff, it’s all beta, like good all time.
    Now, I’m on apple safari 5.0.6, might be a reason. Should I go to firefox???
    It’s all so fuzzy & time consuming, despite an obvious effort to modernize things…

  • mandy

    Not liking it, I finally got my photos back and now I have no idea how to use my photo album to view all my pictures, I only have 6 an album. I don’t have a working desktop, and the Mobil app is no help. I use to love being able to design my own page.I liked MySpace over FB. Being able to share animations with your friends, ad posting pics, now its just as dull as DB, unless your a musician I guess.

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