social media researchWelcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

New Facebook Business Pages:  After rolling out Timeline on personal profiles, Facebook is now rolling out Timeline for Business pages. Timeline changes the design and layout of Business pages and makes them look like personal profiles.

Facebook timeline

All Facebook Business pages will be moved to the new Timeline by the end of March. You can curate the information on your page beforehand.

Here are some important additions:

  • The new header space provides more branding possibilities. But there are restrictions on the information you share in this new header regarding pricing, promotions, contact information and various calls to action. Be sure to check out these restrictions and learn more about Facebook pages.
  • Only three Facebook apps can now highlighted directly underneath this new header. Your other apps are still available through a More button.
  • People can now message Business pages.

And here’s what’s gone:

  • Default landing tabs used by many businesses to create a Welcome tab are no longer available with the new Timeline design.

Check out this Facebook Cheat Sheet for the sizes you need to know. And look out for more soon on how Timeline impacts Facebook marketing for businesses.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Follow Company Button: Companies can now add a LinkedIn Follow button to their websites, “making it easier for any consumer on the web to begin following companies of interest on LinkedIn.”

Google+ Plugins Get Revamped: There are a couple of little changes to make it easier to share your content with the +1 button and follow Google+ business pages.  People can now create a personal Google+ badge for their web pages. And be sure to check out the new Google+ Style Guide for the recommended language to use when promoting your Google+ accounts.

google+ icon recommendations

The Google+ Style Guide shows you which Google+ icons to use and which ones not to use.

YouTube Captions Get More Options: Captions have been available for YouTube videos since 2006, but YouTube has been improving caption features. YouTube viewers can now get automatic captions in more languages, search videos with captions and modify how the captions look while viewing videos. And YouTube creators have more options to import files with closed captions to their YouTube channel.

youtube closed caption search

You can search for text in Closed Captions on YouTube.

Facebook Launches “Facebook Offers” for Businesses: A few select businesses are testing Facebook coupons that appear in the Facebook feeds.  Facebook also unveiled mobile feed ads and logout ads.

Here’s a social media tool worth noting: A place to tag yourself and your Twitter friends with endorsements for skills and search for people with the skills you need.

Check out and see the skills people have.

Here’s an interesting infographic:

Who Really Uses LinkedIn?:

linkedin infographic

Find out more about LinkedIn users.

And don’t miss this:

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What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

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  • Thanks cindy for the weekly analysis. Facebook timeline for pages and follow button for linkedin companies pages are the big changes that can change the social media marketing strategy that we have been playing with since long. Particularly, with facebook unveiling timeline for pages will really force admins to re-create entire social media strategy as the custom landing tab got disappeared. Thank you for the hardwork for the weekly report 🙂

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  • Thanks, Cindy, for the breakdown of our current social network scene, especially with the new changes to Facebook. I know I need to get on the ball to make my Page changes.  Thanks again for your weekly update.

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  • caesar castro

    thanks for informing us the freshest news on social media. This simply guide us on where to focus more and what to tackle first.

  • Hello Cindy,

    Thanks for sharing what’s hot and new in social media with us. the once changes that catches my eyes Facebook page timeline. playing with it to see what it really means…..

  • Akasha Lonsdale

    Great update Cindy – thank you.  I found it all very helpful. 

  • This analysis of Fab Page revamp came in handy as I am just reviewing my facebook pages.

    I just noticed that there a notification in my page that the new timeline for page will only take effect from  30/03/2012, it means that I have a couple of weeks to get myself familiarized with it!


  • Very helpful!   I do have mixed emotions about Facebook’s changes.  Probably just need to get used to it. Thank you.


  • 1natew

    If you don’t have a business Fan Page start one.

  • This has come in just at the right time and to be frank it makes the fan/business page look for presentable if you upload a powerful and killer picture which offers direct information for your prospects.

  • Thank you for sharing the update on the Facebook Welcome Page. I never liked them. I kinda felt like they were just one more page to get through (like a Flash Page on old websites). But I was begining to second guess myself and now..I good. Thank you so much.

  • Glad you like this, Cesar!

  • Hi Romy, we’ll have more on the new Facebook Pages this week. There are several changes impacting Facebook marketers.

  • You’re welcome, Akasha!

  • Hi Ellen, let’s see what ideas marketers come up with in this new format.

  • Elizabeth, I think we’ll see some great examples of killer pictures this week 🙂

  • Hi Richard, you should be able to adopt the new page layout now.  But all pages will be converted to the new format on March 30th.  If you have been active on your Facebook Page I suggest you go through the preview before the end of the month.  This new format changes a number of things that might impact what you’re doing.

  • These new changes do make it a good time to start a page!

  • Cindy, thanks for mentioning our Facebook Cheat sheet. We’ll be updating it regularly.

  • You’re welcome!  We’re sure to see some creative Facebook Pages over the next few weeks.

  • Hi Jon, we have until the end of March to tidy up our Pages and figure out how to take advantage of this new layout.  That gives us time to check out what the early adopters are doing.  

  • We just got finished designing a “welcome” Facebook page for our page, only to realize that Facebook will be rolling out a “Timeline” style design for businesses at the end of the month. Oops! Great info here though, thank you for the tips – as we’re going to have to design a new Facebook page for the end of the month!

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  • Cooooooool

  •  I have
    a question. I have tried to upload my cover photo. It is the correct pixels and
    the picture is not complete plus very blurry. I have tried making the image and
    I still have the same effects. What can I do?

  • SocialMediaDesigns

    Really learned a lot. Very thorough and informative. I’m glad you mentioned that there are restrictions that come with the new Facebook cover photo, i’ll definitely look into that.

    Thanks for the article!

  • HostileBacon

    Hey Cindy,  thought you might enjoy what we have created for our new cover image.  A little shop front where people can do a spot of window shopping, and we can swap around the products behind the glass.

  • One other item that is missing with the new timeline for pages, recommendations, they are gone! I hope the big FB will change this. 

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