social media toolsDigg has been notorious for driving a server-crashing influx of traffic to web properties worldwide. The social news site has been able to drive anywhere from 1,000 to over 1.3 million page views in mere days.

Reportedly 70% of Digg’s user base have blogs, which when promoted to popularity are picked up by other bloggers, driving additional traffic. This helps websites attain additional exposure.

Why the New Digg for Your Business?

The new Digg will allow publishers to grow a targeted following much like Twitter, without having to promote content to Digg’s front page. When you submit (or Digg) your content, it will be exposed to your following on their My News page (see below).

When people who follow you “Digg” your content, the story will be posted on the My News page of people who follow them. This will allow for viral exposure as your submission is posted on more My News pages. The submissions with the most votes, or Diggs, will appear on your following’s Top News from People You Follow widget posted on the sidebar of the My News page for added exposure.

My Top News

The new Digg is similar to Twitter, but aggregates the top news of people you follow on Digg.

The main function of Digg will be to expose news that is supported and enjoyed by people you follow.  Thus, Digg will become a viral marketing engine that facilitates the spread of your content through interested people who wish to support it, like a retweet.

Businesses could reach out to people in their immediate network’s network. Thus the proportion of a business’s following that visits its websites, subscribes to its RSS feeds and email newsletters and buys its products or services can dramatically increase with each submission.

Getting Started

The new Digg gives publishers the ability to open branded accounts that can automatically submit content from an RSS feed. Digg has opened an alpha version of its fourth iteration that will be released in the near future. The social network wants to give publishers a chance to get acclimated to the new interface before its full release. So how do you open and build a publisher account on this alpha version of Digg version 4?

For the time being, Digg is placing new registrations on a waiting list because they’re porting settings from the existing Digg platform to the new Digg.

However, if you’re already on the new Digg network, follow these instructions to build your account and import your website’s RSS feed. Digg representative Erin Ryan emailed me the instructions you should follow to open a publisher account on the new Digg:

  1. If you already have a Digg account, but are not on the new Digg, go to and leave your username and email address. You’ll receive an administrative message notifying you once your account is ready for new Digg access.
  2. If you don’t have a Digg account, go to and enter your email address. You will receive an email address once you can join the new Digg.
  3. For all of you who already have access to the new Digg, Digg administration strongly recommends you create a unique RSS feed with your best content prior to submission, so users are not inundated with every update.

Once Digg adds you to the invite list, you can log in and start tinkering and experimenting with the new platform.

Suggested Profiles

The first screen that loads prompts you to follow suggested news sources picked by Digg. You see suggested users in all topics by default. You could also see suggested users according to their topic of coverage. As on every social platform, it is best to engage with people and brands that share your niche’s focus. Exchanges in communication are points of exposure that will reach out to more people who are interested in the content you produce.

Everything you do on the new Digg does not reflect your Digg account on the old Digg interface, so I’m not saying that you should follow everybody; just experiment until you find the type of activity that works best on this platform. Act like you’re Thomas Edison and the new Digg is a strip of carbon filament.

New Digg Follow Users by Topics

A number of businesses are already using the new Digg.

You are also directed to a page that allows you to follow people with whom you are acquainted on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google. You click the Connect button beneath the logo of your favorite community, and a list of friends, followers and contacts on either network loads beneath. Click either the Twitter, Google or Facebook button on the left menu to load people from either platform. You could also disconnect Google, Facebook or Twitter from Digg by revoking access to Digg on each of the other digital networks.

Find Friends on other networks

The new Digg allows you to easily follow your friends from other social networks.

Your Digg Home Page

Your Digg home page loads all of the submissions Dugg, submitted and commented on by the people you follow. There have been complaints by the more active users in the Digg community that friends’ submissions are not given a unique page. Diggers are proficient at promoting stories to the front page of because they vote on each other’s submissions. Such reciprocity is similar to how some of the most successful people on Twitter use the @reply frequently. Each action constitutes a point of exposure that is exponentially amplified as links to each user’s profile are populated with @replies or Diggs.

New Digg Homepage

The new Digg home page.

Top News

From the home page, you can click on the Top News section. The Top News section will be the new Digg Popular section. The Popular section on the old Digg was the home page. The stories that acquire the most votes, or Diggs, are promoted and published on the front page of the Digg platform.

It will be interesting to see if the Top News page maintains its popularity. On the old, users didn’t need to click anywhere else to view the most popular stories on the aggregator. On the new Digg, users will have to click another page to view the most popular submissions. Digg aims to distribute the front page’s popularity by directing people to stories that their connections are supporting.

Top News on New Digg

The Top News page on the new Digg.

Settings Page

Time to look under the hood. Click the Settings link in the upper-right corner of the browser window. The Account page will allow you to change the email address associated with the account and your password. Remember the email address should be unique for each account you open. All communication directed at the Digg administration should be sent from this account.

New Digg Account

The new Digg Account Settings page.

New Digg Profile

Your profile allows you to enter your name, gender, location, some information about yourself and your birthday.

The Notifications page allows you to be alerted when you acquire new followers or when there are new Digg announcements. You can also choose to be left out of these communications.

New Digg Notifications

The new Digg Notifications Settings page.

Import Feeds

Pull out some lipstick and a napkin and start taking notes—this will be on your test. You can import your feed by clicking Import Feeds on the left navigation menu. Enter the exact web address of your feed in the field above the Add Feed button. The field is pre-populated with the following characters: “http://”. Triple-click the “http://” and paste your feed’s address into the field.

Enter Feed to New Digg

Import feed to new Digg.

Click the Add Feed button. A code is loaded labeled as “Verify Key.” You should see it beneath a subheading that reads “Manage Feeds.” A paragraph of instructions is also loaded on the right side of the page. The instructions say that you should copy and paste the code into your next post “in the title, body, or hidden in an HTML comment.” Once you have inserted your feed into your new post, click the link that reads “Verify Now.” Digg states that it will take about 4 hours for your feed to be imported.

Verifying Digg Feed

Feed verification page.

The Viewing Digg page allows you to set the way you view all of the platform’s communication tools. You can filter out profanity by clicking the Enable Profanity Filter checkbox. You can set how external links are opened, whether in a new or the same window. You can also set how you view comments with sort, hide and page size parameters.

Digg View

New Digg viewing settings.

Your Links section allows you to post links to your external web properties like your blog or digital publication. In the field that reads “List Name”, you type in the name of the site. For search engine optimization purposes, the link has an HTML attribute called rel=”nofollow”. That’s a good indication that the profile will be public and accessible by the search engines and probably populating vanity searches for your name. The attribute is meant for communication with an external search engine.

However, the link will not pass link equity that the search engines gauge when determining which websites are loaded on the front page of their results. Type the URL of your website in the field that reads “e.g.”; click the Add Link button and your link will load beneath. You have the option of removing the link by clicking the “X” right next to the link beneath the “Manage Links” subheading.

New Digg Profile Links

New Digg profile links.

Caveat Emptor

Do not open multiple accounts just to Digg your other accounts’ submissions. Digg has made it clear that it will terminate “serial or overlapping accounts.” Like Twitter, you may want to avoid having multiple accounts covering the same topics. Contact to inquire about management of multiple accounts.

Remember, what happens in alpha Digg stays on alpha Digg; it’s Vegas 2.0. However, whatever actions you perform on Digg senior are recorded on Digg alpha version 4. Thus you could start to publicize your Digg account by posting links with a call to action which reads “Follow me on Digg.” Any friends or fans you attain will become your followers on the new Digg.

However, the new Digg will add vanity URLs to your profiles. So your profile web address will be[username], as opposed to what it is now,[username]. Stay abreast of other changes to links, APIs controlling your widgets, buttons and feeds for Digg pages, as they have not been ported yet. Digg on!

What do you think about the new Digg?  Will you use it? Leave your comments in the box below.

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  • Neal,

    Awesome overview of what the new Digg 4.0 will look and function like. Any idea when Digg will be making the transition over?

    Personally I love the new Digg, just because it is more focused on community, than having the power users running what content reaches the front page. It levels the playing field for the regular user who wants to use Digg as a way to gain additional exposure.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Very interesting and thorough post. Thank you for the details

  • Guest

    Thank you for reading, Mark! I believe the transition should take place real soon. They have blocked access the settings page on account profiles. So it appears they are porting over feeds and API’s. They are already opening access to accounts who requested invites about a week ago.

  • Thank you for reading, Mark! I believe the transition should take place real soon. They have blocked access the settings page on account profiles. So it appears they are porting over feeds and API’s. They are already opening access to accounts who requested invites about a week ago.

  • Excellent Post, Neal. While I’m not a power user of Digg, the new features and functionality seem to cater to the average user and level the playing field as Mark mentioned.

  • thank you for reading, Vin. I’ve been watching this transition pretty closely; so stay tuned 😉

    BTW: I love the quality of your photography! you’ll have to give me a lesson some day.

  • You are right, Ryan. The ultimate objective is to allow brands to attain exposure before a group of supporters that are interested in content they feed into their Digg streams. I know you like Twitter, so you may find the same level of targeted engagement on the new Digg.Thanks for checking it out, Ryan.

  • …so what Im hearing here is that I should contact my local gas and electric company before I Digg my next article? Cool.

    All joking aside, thnx for the heads up, I think this is a brilliant move. As a niche blogger I never saw much use from Digg, with the upcoming changes, this is shaping up for a ….change…where is my thesaurus?

    Thnx Neal…great work.

  • This is awesome, thanks!

  • The New Digg it is so easy to use and keep in touch with your followers and following.. I been using the for a bit now and I really loved!!… Great Article Neal and Thanks Digg for those update…

  • o.0

    I’m really looking forward to the new Digg, but what worries is me that will it be as gamed and unfair as before? I really hope not.

  • yes, Dino; you should contact your local gas, electric, cable, sector 7, men in black, and galactic alliance before your hit that digger, mister 😉 thank you for checking it out, Dino; btw: you have got some great images on your site; man; i love how you deliver your social media expertise with the ‘Dog’ spin! how’s Fred Flintstone 😉

  • Thank you for reading it, Mauricio.

    You’ve got great focus on Blackberries on your BBRocks site. Keep up the strong work!

  • Thanks for the compliment!

    If it wasn’t for this article I would have signed up too late :).

  • @notifyneal I have to deduct you two points for unoriginality regarding the Flintstones remark but other than that back at ya my friend 🙂

    While we’re on the topic of young preachers (not really but Im talking about your “who dat” page), are you familiar with Marjo? The 6 yr old pastor from the 60 who shot a documentary (when he was in his 20s) exposing the sham that is the preaching business?

  • Neal, this post is outstanding. Extremely comprehensive. It provided me with everything I was looking for, so thanks for posting it.Articles like this are why Socialmediaexaminer is such a great blog; applicable advice, and actionable instructions.

    I love the changes they’ve made to Digg. The previous version was great, but this makes it infinitely better. I’m looking forward to the networking opportunities afforded by this new version. Thanks again.

    Jason (follow me on Twitter for entrepreneurial advice)

  • I just got approved for a new Digg account today! I’m excited to tap into the Digg community.

    My one comment is does anyone else think it looks like the Facebook interface? I can’t wait for a social site to build out it’s UI in orange or green, or even multi colored. That being said – the UI does look amazing and so much easier to operate within than the old Digg site. Kudos for a great and informative article!

  • Marjo, as in Mary and Joseph.. (scurries to Google to see what he means, so I could sound well-read) …hell yeah! we go back 😉

    maaaan; don’t want to knock anybody’s faith, as that’s not my mo; but have i got stories.

    sincerely; however, i have got to give it to religion for pushing me to speak publicly at a young age.

    as for your site; that meditation piece off the hooook! i actually started my English finals in college with a phrase describing how manhattan traffic showed me masses of people in a rush to do nothing. i am actually a bit off spin on my meditation practices; i jump in the car, drive and blast Rihanna. i start coming up with all kinds of new ideas. another thing i do is talk to a beat until i make sense 😉 to me @ least.

  • thank you for reading it, Robert; you have got great updates on social applications on your site; keep them coming.

  • thank you for reading, Mahmoud. well I think Digg is going to get better at managing manipulation; however, every system created be humans is susceptible to gaming by other humans. But as before, solid organic participation can reap rewards as the millions of pageviews that I have been able to drive to clients’ and my websites by building heavily networked accounts without manipulation.

    thanks for the update on the ‘0 followers’ issue Twitter is experiencing right now. i noticed that earlier today too. this is like the second or third time I’ve run into this issue.

  • great to see that, Mauricio. BTW: where does the QR code on your site direct you to?

  • Thank you for reading it, Jason. Definitely put on your Thomas Edison thinking bow-tie and invent the elevator from here to the moon on Digg Alpha. They’ve made it experimental, so your activity does not register on the existing live version of Digg.

    I agree with you that brands should be making businesses as accessible and user-friendly like in your Victoria Secret article.

  • Jeffrey Simons

    “The new Digg gives publishers the ability to open branded accounts that can automatically submit content from an RSS feed.” Thanks for the heads up, Neal. This changes my perception of Digg. Clearly, it’s okay to self promote.

  • Yes, I do believe that Digg adopted some of the best features from Facebook and Twitter to allow their users more engagement with their target communities. Thank you for reading, Taylor.

    And, I do agree with you; social media does make us better writers. I have been using forums for story ideas for centuries :p like i’ve got a guest appearance in True Blood – I am just now reviewing responses on a LinkedIn thread for a piece I am writing on Facebook: Crowdsourcery!

  • Ah, quality post Neal – thanks for the info..Have been using the old Digg for a while but never really “got it” or saw any value in it (meaning traffic)..I do like the idea of having it more community based and the chance to foster community on it…Needless to say have signed up..cheers…

  • The QR code in the left sidebar takes you to the download page for the BBRocks! Superstore application.

  • absolutely, Jeffrey! you could build your own following and cater your feed to its interests.

    oh and in terms of retargeted ads; i knew it wasn’t a coincidence when a airline ad offered me a special on airline tickets to a location for which I just bought tickets and was querying just a few weeks ago. thanks for bringing that to my attention, man. creepy indeed; i haven’t work on those type of media buys recently; i wonder how its working for marketers.

  • nice! I applaud your adoption of it, Mauricio. If your willing, I would love to hear sometime how it has helped your business.

  • Thank you for checking out the story, LadyUmbrella. You could now perform a query for keywords describing the theme of your site, like “clothes,” and a list of stories related to your topic of interest populates your page on the middle, and a number of profiles that also cover your niche populate the right sidebar.

  • Sure! The store or incorporating barcodes?

  • Neal, if you’ll forgive the plug, I recently took a look at the response so far to mainstream news site profiles on the new Digg, which may be of interest to everyone: News Sites on the New Digg: Who is Active, Who is Gaining Followers? It’s still early days but a number of sites have attracted a decent number of followers.

  • The new digg will cause the site to plummet in my opinion. Digg is popular and has been popular for a reason, the front page. Visitors like to browse the front page and those privileged enough to be featured there enjoy a nice traffic spike. People complain that power users control digg, well, anyone can be a power user if they decide to work at it. I really don’t see why there is so much fuss on people having control over what hits front page. Just like any other social network or anything in life really, if you want to achieve success you have to work at it. Anyone can hit front page digg, its not rocket science. It just takes time and effort. Front page is the reward for your hard work.

    Now they are going to change digg to make it more like Twitter, why? We already have Twitter, why reinvent the wheel? I think that digg will be fine for a few months while folks try it out because it is new, then they will move on. Turning your back on the community that made your site popular is a poor decision in my opinion. I think digg will reconsider in a few months when their traffic dives. I just don’t see people really logging into digg for a my news aggregator. That’s what RSS feeds are for.

    Not knocking your post by any means, the post was very well written and well researched. I just don’t feel the new digg is the right move.

  • Great, informative post, Neil–thanks for outlining the New Digg so well! I think it’s interesting that social bookmarking is adopting some of the better features of social networks, and your article brought that out. Have to admit that I’m new to Digg, but can’t wait to tinker around to see what works.

    Thanks again!

  • Brad

    You may have heard heavy social media users complaining about the upcoming Digg release, but if you are a business owner, you may actually like what’s coming. Neal Rodriguez explains what the new Digg offers for businesses.

  • Thanks for a great overview, Neal.
    Soon after I read your post, I came across one by TechCrunch – with 1000 invites (yes, they were still available till 10min ago). Your readers may be interested:

    Lux, Founder,

  • I am a active digg user & i was using digg to promote my blog. I don’t think so it will be good for small publishers like us…. We have to spend so much time on digg to make our account popular…. so if it will not give me any benefits then I’ll leave this & focus on SEO to derive more traffic for my blog….. If i have to read good news then i have already subscribed good twitter users, top news sites & i don’t need digg just for top rss feeds….

  • The New Digg looks like a hybrid of Old Digg and Amplify.

  • until now i got very bad feeling about new digg….but with this useful information u gave about new digg am feeling much better…thanq 🙂

  • Great overview about the New Digg. You have elaborated its features very nicely. I am going to try the new digg immediately – I don’t know what others think but i believe it is going be even more interesting.

  • Absolutely nice post and great information! But tell me one thing I’m not a power user with 1000’s of digg “friends” so how can I bring more attention to articles that I submit to digg?

  • Digg’s traffic has been declining for almost 2 years now. I am not sure “New” Digg will fix that. The reason is, they are trying to become more of a social network, and the majority of people already have enough of them. Between facebook and twitter, I am not sure people need another social network that doesn’t offer anything new and innovative.

    Digg can still drive insane traffic to your website from time to time, but the system to get something on the main page has been flawed and exploited for some time, and Digg has done nothing to fix it. Over time, Digg will die off, it’s a decent news aggregater, but facebook and twitter are taking it’s place, and already so deeply ingrained in our daily life, I am not sure this change will make any difference in Diggs downward trend.

    I am not telling people to stop using Digg, because it can provide some good traffic to your site, but I wouldn’t put near as much into it as your do with your facebook and twitter campaigns.

  • Dave Eaves

    Is digg now going to be allowing commercial sites? My client websites never end up on the digg homepage despite them doing very well on other social sites. In some cases my clients have been banned altogether. Is this going to change?

  • Robbie Kal

    Excellent look into the features of the New Digg .. I’ve been looking forward to this and really excited that it’s finally happening.

  • RealTraffic

    I think the new digg will set the social bookmarking endeavors on high. My joint broker just got approved on the New Digg and He’s so glad. Thanks for this helpful insight.

  • well both; how has incorporating the barcodes helped get more sales through the store?

  • Thank you for the invites, Adam. Absolutely, you could definitely start developing that follower count as of now. You could search for people interested in your brand’s topics, and Digg populates your feeds with relevant stories, linking you to there submitters. You also get a list of people to follow on the right sidebar.

  • Zack, I am in agreement that any one can organically build a Digg account to increase the chances of promoting content to popularity on Digg. I actually list the step-by-step methods I take to build and maintain an account on my website’s newsletter, which anybody can apply. I am not sure whether it’s clear that “power users” will lose their influence, nonetheless. There will still be a “Top News” section that will post submissions that are voted to popularity by the Digg majority. There is not a friends’ submission page on which active users vote for each other’s stories; however, Digg administration has told me they are not sure whether that will be the case once the Digg 4 launches. There are still APIs that can allow for reciprocity on the platform; so the lack of a Friends’ submission page may not pose a issue.

    I have been through many iterations of the Digg interface and every one threatened to kill power users. I find that the most active users among us find ways to adapt to changes and still manage to successfully and organically promote content without manipulation. I am pretty sure that will be the case this time once we are all acclimated. “Diggers don’t die we multiply!”

    Thank you for your feedback, Zack.

  • Thank you for reading it, Apryl. Definitely get a feel for the platform, and you may find yourself Adiggted 😉
    A lot of the principles that rely on reciprocity, which worked on the existing version of Digg, can be applied to the use of the new Digg and any social platform.

  • Thank you for the invites, Lux. Love your focus on geo-location.

  • Thank you for reading, Sachin. If the Top News page still works like the existing homepage, I think you will still be able to promote your blog through a influential account. Further, if traffic will be only driven from a targeted following, you may want to consider driving traffic for conversions such as subscriptions to RSS feeds and email lists, as opposed to a raw traffic spike that the existing Digg offers. Lastly keep in mind that roughly 70% of Digg’s users have websites; so exposing your content to them helps boost your site’s link equity and bolster your search engine exposure.

  • Thank you for checking it out, Thomas. As noted above, you may be able to use it as another distribution tool for your ebooks.

  • Thank you, Sunsacredten. Always here to help. Reach out anytime.

  • Thank you, Malik; much appreciated.

  • I share your enthusiasm, Varinder; thank you for reading.

  • As of now, Quick Loans, you could still build an account in about 1 to 2 week’s time with about 30 minutes of participation daily. I draw out my step-by-step process in my newsletter. However, now that the new Digg release approaches, perform a search for your website’s targeted keywords on the new Digg. You will get a list of people you may want to follow that share your interests. A proportion of those people may follow you back, and you will have a community of people with whom you could communicate with your content and that are very interested in what you produce.

  • Great article on the new Digg. I’m looking forward to the import feed feature. As always, your screenshots are a plus. I’ll be pointing others to this post.

  • Hey Mike; first off, let me applaud you for Lawson White Heat! I saw the first few minutes until the guy getting chased gets stabbed in the neck; it looks sick! Great job! I’m a film buff myself, and I honor anybody that could put together a cast and organize scenery and a screenplay like that. I agree that Digg is adopting some of the features used on Twitter and Facebook; however, they will still be a news-based aggregator. All the activity will revolve around the content being submitted; where with Twitter and Facebook, there are more message based components that are designed to keep the conversation on the networks. I knock neither because they all serve distinct purposes. Through Digg many web properties have been built into mini-media conglomerates with hundreds of thousands of RSS subscribers and millions monthly and daily pageviews. This is no exaggeration. I drove over 1.3 million pageviews to a web property in 4 days for over $90k in ad revenue. I managed to repeat that feat 4 more times with higher traffic numbers. That said, I seriously doubt Twitter or Facebook will be replacing Digg anytime soon. In fact, Digg actually bolsters exposure on other networks. I promoted this article to the front page of Digg and retweets jumped to over 500 from over 200 yesterday. Remember Digg users are active users of other social platforms, so sharing of content exponentially grows upon a front page promotion. I have promoted content on Digg that has been then been retweeted by people with over a million followers like Ashton Kutcher, to drive anywhere from 15K to over 20,000 additional pageviews.

    Digg was just behind one of the biggest social campaigns being discussed online: the white board woman quitting her job. The story was submitted and given it’s initial momentum on; it reportedly drove over 400,000 visitors from Digg and all the web properties that placed the piece after viewing it on Digg’s front page.

  • Thanks for responding to my comment, Neil. Not to many people do that this day and age. Most are either too “busy” or too arrogant to reply to their readers, or “followers”, whatever you want to call us. Personally, I don’t like that at all. In fact, with Twitter as an example, I will not follow anybody who won’t follow me back. Anyway, it’s refreshing to know that there are still some down to earth Bloggers out there who read and respond to their comments.

  • Digg will be lifting bans on all domains. Thank you for reading Dave.

  • And I share your excitement, Robbie. Thank you for reading.

  • And thank you for reading, RealTraffic. Reach out if you ever need assistance.

  • hey it’s my pleasure, Thomas. I not only do this for myself, but for you. The way I see it, if after speaking to you for a few minutes, you were kind enough to respond to me at a party, per se, how would I look if I turned around and walked away?

    Thanks again, man! have a great weekend!

  • Thanks for replying to my reply’s reply! Ha, we could do this all day, but I did just want to ad, that you have moved up on my list of respected people and respected Bloggers. In fact, as a result to your being sociable, I am going to follow your blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter (as @assetebooks). Let this be a lesson for all those not so sociable, arrogant, snobby, self-centered Bloggers out there.

  • Great post! I love using Digg and this will be the best thing that will happen for businesses. Thank you for sharing.

  • David

    You may have heard heavy social media users complaining about the upcoming Digg release, but if you are a business owner, you may actually

  • theblogismine

    Great article!

  • I agree with everyone else. The new Digg totally sucks!

  • Hey Neal, I was looking for a clear, concise, easy to understand explanation of how New Digg works (and how to work it) and your article is required reading IMHO! I was about to give up on Digg entirely but thanks to you I’ll wait & see.

  • I would like to give it a try.

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  • Just want to say what a great blog you got here!I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

  • Target could have use Digg last week. When their new Missoni line was shown on line, their site crashed. Here is a blog post I wrote about the Missoni and Target™ marriage in relationship to the history of web design. Yes, you read that right. So read on . . .
    The reason I am writing to you about this is that coincidentally and without any knowledge of my beloved Missoni fashions going in this direction, I wrote a blog post this week as a contributing author to Digital Brand Marketing Education. It is on a seemingly totally different topic, the history of World Wide Web. It took on a life of its own and segued into a discussion about form versus function relating the web design industry to other design industries. I happened to feature the Missionis as an example of high end form functioning in a mainstream venue. Low and behold, Missoni has been the hottest news on the fashion scene this week having made their mainstream debut at Target.

    Please take a look at this blog post, I hope you will have the opportunity to glance over it if not read it and even pass it on to others who may be inspired by the connection of two seemingly unrelated topics. I would like very much to hear what you think (in the comments section at the end of the blog) and have you rate it (the stars at the top of the page). Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • A disclaimer needs to be added to this article. There is no longer a v.4.0 Digg or any Digg as it used to be

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  • Neal,
    Thanks, This is very interesting article about new Digg 4.0 . And this is very helpful for me. hope everyone get benefit on it.