Social Media NewsWhat if there was an online place where you could lend a helping hand, connect with peers and get help?

What if that place was free?

Well, I have good news! Social Media Examiner is proud to introduce Social Media Examiner’s Networking Clubs.

Keep reading to learn more about the Networking Clubs and how you can get in.

Why Networking Clubs?

The social media marketplace has matured to the point where it needs a gathering place, a water hole, a virtual hangout where people can share ideas and connect.

More than 450,000 people visit Social Media Examiner each month.  But there isn’t really a place for folks like you to engage.

Yes, we have our Facebook wall with 71,000 fans.  However, we don’t really have a way for those fans to interact.  Plus, after a few days, whatever activity occurred on the wall is pretty much buried forever.

Our industry needed something different.

So I got a crazy idea…  Why not hire some of the best developers I could find and build something powerful and new?

After months of hard work, I’m happy to reveal Social Media Examiner’s Networking Clubs.

Here is a screen shot of the interest page for Social Media Examiner’s Networking Clubs

What Are the Networking Clubs?

I think the best way to explain the Networking Clubs is for me to simply show you.

Watch this video for a sneak peak into the clubs!

Social Media Examiner’s Networking Clubs are a place where marketers and business owners can help others, network with peers and get their questions answered about social media.

And here’s the cool part. It’s free now and FREE FOREVER.

How Can You Get In?

We’re currently accepting folks into our private beta site. We’re looking for people who want to test out our new baby.  We expect to go live to the public in early 2012.

The first 500 people to get on our interest list will gain access to the Networking Clubs within 24 hours. The remaining will be let in over time.

CLICK HERE if you want to get on the interest list for Social Media Examiner’s Networking Clubs.

Remember this will always be free and it’s gonna be a fun ride!!

What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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  • Thanks for all of the hard work in putting this together.  I look forward to participating and learning.


  • Adi

    Nice idea.  I’ve put my email into the box.  Look forward to having a look around.

  • Admin

    at we are really keen to be part of this and to share our learning whilst gaining experience from others – great idea thank you

  • I just watched the intro video it looks super cool i cannot wait until it will go live 🙂 Great work Michael

  • Looks awesome!  Can’t wait to get a peak inside..

  • This is very exciting. I’m really looking forward to joining!

  • Bodie

    It looks nice, but…how is it any different from every other forum already out there?  They already have ranks, forum leaders, friend connections, etc.  I don’t see anything different or innovative here.  Am I missing something?

  • Just joined the mailing list! This looks really exciting and was hoping you’d do something like this eventually. 🙂 Great job and can’t wait to be apart of it!

  • Bodie,

    First, this is dedicated to social media.  Second, this goes way beyond forums by enabling social networking.  I suggest you get on the interest list and try it out.

  • Ah, worth the wait, @mikestelzner:disqus .  Thanks and I’m on the list.  Excited to have a chance at participating.

  • Amit Shrivastav

    Joined the interest list…Excited to be part of it…I guess I missed the T-500 :), still worth wait!

  • Pam Costa

    Thanks for the great idea! 

  • Sure, why not?  Social media isn’t really my thing, which is precisely why something like this might be super helpful for me, and for me to help customers. Signed up!

  • This is a great initiative, looking forward to engaging others and lending a helping hand at any given point in time. Signed Up

  • Very cool!

  • I’m finding the Clubs a great place to pick up new ideas and learn more about topics of interest in a conversational manner. Looking forward to learning more as everything develops. 🙂

  • Jesus

    GREAT idea, something that was need it. I expect to be part of it as soon as they open the door.

  • Fred

    Ok, it works for me, let’s see where it takes us, onward!

  • Tdenman6

    What a great idea!  Thanks!!  It’s hard to connect with people with similar interests in such a direct way.  You guys are genius!

  • DonnaGilliland

    Congratulations! Mike, I think your new ‘baby’ is going to grow up to BIG, STRONG and HELPFUL. This is a wonderful initiative.

  • This is quite a good implementation of an idea. When G+ had yet to establish “Pages” there were many that kept asking questions about what Google was planning to do. I put together a small networking group on LinkedIn to help keep everyone up to date about G+ for business. It worked well for that purpose, but still lacked the platform features that would have made it more effective for everyone. The fear of Spam causes sites to limit the ability of members to contact each other, and rightly so. I hope you have found a way around those boundaries so there can be an open flow of communication.
    In a Networking club, I envision the need for two types of information flow: 1) the ability of individuals of like occupations to communicate and share ideas of benefit, what is working in their industry, products, etc.
    2) the ability of groups of industries of a support nature to integrate unthought of ideas into businesses  that would normally be thought of as nominal, offering proposals that are “out-of-the-box”. Introducing social media as an effective way to market a restaurant locally, showing the advantages of SEO as an example.  

  • Tammy

    Great idea! I promote and manage rock bands as well as a
    recording studio in Dallas,
    Texas. I also collect history on
    famous musicians from my state. Keeping up with all of their social media
    profiles while staying on top of new technology is overwhelming, even with the assistance
    of street teams. Trying to teach brilliant (but aging) guitar players how and
    why social media is important to their careers in the advent of the DIY Indie
    world is even MORE challenging! This will be an amazing resource while at the
    same time allowing me to share experiences and information regarding the business
    of promoting music with things like teaching guitar clinics via Google+ Hang
    Outs. Your blog is one of few that I can actually get musicians to read because
    you present information clearly and your layout is visually interesting! It
    takes a village to raise a rock star…

  • Tammy

    and obviously I copied and pasted my comment from MS Word! Sorry… Time for more eggnog!

  • Ron

     Got room for a newbie??

    I’m really exited by this,
    cheers Ron

  • I imagine the list filled up quickly, but I signed up and can’t wait to take part in this! I’m looking forward to meeting new people and sharing ideas.

  • This is a wonderful idea. I’m relatively new to social media so this could be a great introduction for me.

  • HUGE CONGRATS, Mike and team – this is a very, very exciting and much-needed evolution of the SME brand. Truly proud to be part of your community! 🙂 

  • @Mike: I signed up to be a part of the beta testing but it seems it is full. I just published a post ( ) in hopes to convince you in allowing me to be the 501th beta tester. Yes, I am begging, but I am working for my beg 

  • steve8897

    This is very exciting leave it to you to come up with this. Thanks

  • This is so exciting. I think this will be an amazing tool for small businesses that really need help marketing themselves.

  • Fixed your post link Paul.  Well done!

  • Nicely done. Looking forward to meeting the Social Media Examiner Community. Merry Christmas.

  • I like the video and look forward to my invitation and connecting with the Examiner Networks.

  • I am interested in the framework that will be used and the community organization. Community communication via messaging, blogs, forums, video, etc. is a tough thing to get “right”. I would be interested to see SME’s version of this.

  • Thanks Michael for this awesome initiative! Looking forward to be part of this amazing club! Merry Xmas from Sydney

  • That looks very interesting, hope i`ll see the inside soon.
    Merry Xmas from Germany

  • cynthiacosco

    Thanks…this is what I have been looking for…excited about 2012

  • The potential is incessantly great, my prayors are that the promise is realized. Best of blessings.

  • jesskupferman

    This is really exciting – can’t wait to see how it pans out! 

  • Rebekah Radice

    Very interesting…I’m looking forward to receiving my invitet!!

  • Thanks ,Very Exciting and new meaningful connections

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  • Thank
    you, great idea. As you
    say on the video it’s super-cool, super-simple but also super-useful!!



  • Great Idea, we can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • A great idea. It will be good to have the opportunity to share ideas, work with others on developing new profit making strategies for our clients, and help each other keep up to date in this rapidly changing environment.

  • You folks never cease to amaze me. You have got to be one of the greatest groups to have hit the web.  When I started webbing, back in the dark ages, the custom was that every site should make some kind of contribution to the web world, rather than just promote its own business.  Over the years that idea has sadly slipped into oblivion, and I so delighted you have stepped in.

  • Stacy_Lynn

    While I love, love, love Social Media Examiner, I am a bit dubious about this new club.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a place for people to self project and and try and hoard people to their guru websites and blogs.  But would be delighted to be proven wrong.  Note: after I registered for “chance to win” an early entry I realized what a clever way to get people to fork out their email address.  Please use the info judiciously, SME.  I like you guys and don’t want to spam-list you. 

  • Hi Stacy, thanks for bringing this up. This is the main reason why we has such strict community rules.  It’s still in Beta and we are figuring out how to execute these rules.  But if there’s one thing you can be assured of it’s that we want a place that useful and friendly to everyone.  People who are over promotional or seem to “get carried away” a bit too often are reminded that the clubs are not a place to do this. It can be a fine line, but the moderators are there keeping an eye on everyone.

  • Thank you MaryAnn!

  • I’m looking forward to following your discussions there Martin!

  • Adi

    Out of interest Cindy, what is the purpose of this new community?  To take an example, the blogging forum.  There are places like Copyblogger and Problogger that already provide some really good insight into good blogging.  I’d be looking for the forum to do something different.  For instance if we are to assume that people accepted to the clubs are of a decent standard then maybe the groups can be used to help promote one anothers blogs, to really use the network effect.

    I’d be interested to hear from yourself or Michael on what the motivation and inspiration was behind setting up the groups.

  • Ruthmorai07

    great idea. waiting to be part of it. thanks so much

  • Adi – These are actual communities where people are asking questions and getting help, as well as networking.  Our good friends over at the two blogs you mentioned either charge for such a service or do not offer this at all.

  • This sounds amazingly awesome 🙂 I love this idea – As a newer blogger {I started in late February}, the thing that helped me the most was joining a couple of blogging Groups on Facebook. Being able to ask questions, learn from other people, get feedback, and just share fun stuff has totally boosted my site! So I would love to be a part of a network like this, and meet some great new people. Can’t wait!

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  • bobgarrett

    Hey Mike – wowie I think you hit a home run for 2012 and its still 12/31/2011  Thanks for accepting into the club

  • Tasneem

    I really like Social Media Examiner, I come often to read every single article of your site.
    The Networking Club idea is great. I wanted to build such a club to my company a very long time a go, but unforinately we lack the developers thing that you mentioned at your video. I registered in your list and hope that you will go alive very soon, will be waiting 🙂

    Social Media Manager @ Jeddah Municipality

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  • I stumbled upon on this blog and the articles are very good. It caught my attention. I am also excited with the Networking Club. See you soon guys. We are in are definitely waiting for this go live.

  • Cameron Sanchez

    I really like this :)…..Pretty cool and please keep up the good work 🙂

  • Look forward to seeing this become a reality, i’ve signed up.

  • Kyle McGuffin

    Best site I have ever seen to be the one stop shop for Social Media. Congratulations and keep leading!

  • I really would like to join something like this. When will you start accepting new people?

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  • same question i would like to know. really its a best place to engage with folks.